Hero Cops Spray Woman’s Vagina With Mace To “Punish” Her After Drug Arrest

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Kristin Tate
November 25, 2013

Cops in New Mexico repeatedly sprayed a woman’s vagina with mace after she was arrested for drugs. They allegedly did this to “punish” her.

The woman, Marlene Tapia, was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center after her arrest. Next, officers stripped her to search for drugs. They made her bend over and then claimed she had a plastic bag containing drugs in her vagina.

Officers should have subsequently had medical staff remove the bag from Tapia — but they did not do this.

Instead, an officer “punished” the woman by spraying her vagina with mace. That officer, Blanca Zapater, allegedly did this several times in a row.

Tapia is being represented by an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Peter Simonson, the Executive Director of New Mexico’s ACLU branch, is disgusted by what happened. He said, “It’s tantamount to torture. It’s just the maliciousness, the wanton disregard, wanton maliciousness that the corrections officer demonstrated. This is the kind of chemical that is intended to be sprayed on other parts of the body, to cause pain, but to spray it on the very most sensitive part of a person’s body only doubles the pain.”

After being sprayed, Tapia suffered from immense pain and severely swollen genitals.

Zapater has been punished. Although her specific punishment is unknown, Zapater remains on staff at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

The ACLU is bringing their lawsuit is to “ensure that these sorts of things don’t happen to another person.”

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  1. What the hell is up with New Mexico? Sheesh! They’ve got some twisted preoccupation with checking peoples asses and now even womens vaginas. Those are some sick twisted bastards running loose in that state.

  2. 8 Toronto, Canada heroes execute Michael Eligon, a 29 year old man in a hospital gown walking slowly with scissors

    Heroes-to-be shoot hero in the back and kill him while being trained by him in the heroic mysteries of the heroic arts

    Removing an SUV from a frozen lake without advanced tech or calling the sticky-fingered thugs of state . Glimpse of the future USSA.

  3. Useless Ontario, Canada hero watches people rescue lady trapped upside down in a car in water for at least six minutes. The 62 year old woman later died.

    In his defense he did have taser, pepper spray, and gun at the ready in case she was rescued and then started resisting.

    Sudbury Star Article

    * * * * *

    Bradley Lake, OH – Hero – Officer Webster

    Brave Officer Webster forces him out of the car, slamming him against the car and arrests him for a number plate falling off.

    Portage County, OH – Sheriff’s Dept. South Post
    Sheriff David W. Doak
    ddoak @ portageco . com

    • Dear Tor,

      In his defense he did have taser, pepper spray, and gun at the ready in case she was rescued and then started resisting.

      You see, “saving lives” was his concern after all.

      His own life that is. Not the woman’s.

      “To Serve and Protect” is not a lie. After all, they never specified whom they were serving and protecting.

      Protecting themselves. Being self-serving. Covering their own asses. All part of “To Serve and Protect.”

      • So true. The lady dying of hypothermia before his eyes, might also be a drug crazed cop killer viciously trying to thaw out and continue her lawless rampage. Safety first. Officer safety, that is.

        Proof Yankee Values are not American Values:

        Gayflower jumps the shark and sucks plymouth cock:
        Macy’s Thanksgiving Day 2013 Gay Pride Transsexual Crossdress Parade entertainment for the whole twisted Yankee family.

  4. KOB4 Video. Inmate suffered for weeks after a Bernalillo County corrections officer strip-searched her and sprayed mace in her vagina.

    Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center

    Located at 100 Deputy Dean Miera Dr. SW in Albuquerque on the far West Side.

    It is ranked 39th in size and considered a mega jail among the 3,300 jails in the United States. On average, 40,000 inmates are processed annually.

    More than 11 million people are processed through the U.S. jail system each year.

    USSA Adults Dumber Than Average Human

    The upside of all the uncontrolled immigration is the USSA’s overall level of stupidity should decline.

    • No. They’ll come here and:
      * drink the fluoride
      * eat the GMO’s
      * eat food bereft of iodine and trace minerals
      * partake of our “medicine”

      And in short order become as stupid and docile as the average American.

      • Yep. Not to mention that, with the help of “free” money incentives (welfare, unemployment, disability, etc.) they will learn all of the “smart” ways to take advantage of the system and, while thinking they are “taking of advantage” of the system, fall prey to its enslavement.

      • Si. Si something. Se something.

        El Imperdonado

        Sangre nueva se une esta Tierra. Y rapidamente él es sometido. A través de constante desgracia dolorosa. El joven aprende las reglas de ellos.

        Con el tiempo el chico se acerca. Este muchacho azotador lo hizo mal. Privado de todos sus pensamientos. El joven lucha y lucha, él conoce. Una promesa para él mismo
        Que nunca a partir de hoy. Le quitarán su voluntdad

        Lo que sentí, lo que supe. Nunca brilló a través de lo que mostré. Nunca existo, nunca yo. No veré lo que pudo haber sido. Nunca libre, nunca yo. Entonces os nombro imperdonado.

        Dedicaron sus vidas. A dirigir todo lo de él. Él trata de complacerlos a todos. Él es este hombre amargo.

        Durante todo su vida lo mismo. Constantemente combatió
        Esta lucha que no puede ganar. Ellos ven un hombre cansado que ya no se preocupa. El viejo entonces se prepara. Para morir arrepentido. Ese viejo de aquí soy yo.

        Tu me rotulaste. Yo te rotularé. Entonces os nombro imperdonado.


        – Los estadounidenses. El mundo no se ha perdonado ti.

  5. What is it with all these NM cops with Spanish surnames and their torturing of drug suspects? This whole thing is rather strange, don’t you think?

    • Morning, Ed –

      Yup. It’s all the more galling to see an obviously first-generation (if that) costumed thug with an obviously Hispanic name on his little tag (and often, poor command of English) hassling an obviously white American with an Anglo-Saxon name and perfect command of English.

      I suspect us pale faces will soon get to experience what was done to the Cherokee and other tribes.

      White Americans are the new “Indians” – and niggers, too.

      It doesn’t matter, of course, that neither you nor I ever oppressed anyone “of color.” We’ll be group-guilted and Karma-kicked for the sake of revenge upon long-dead pale faces not even related to us.

      • May I suggest the trilogy here:

        Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy goes into “detail” (fictional, of course) – but it’s amazingly close. Max Velocity also has some books that look good, but I haven’t gotten to buy & read them yet.

        The prison section from the second book? Is exactly what you’re talking about. Non-whites are all the enforcers, whites are all “enemies of the state.” (Whites, BTW, includes any patriot type. Mulatto, Hispanic, etc – they’re “white” if they oppose tyranny, and “Oppressed” if the support the regime. Takes you through the breakup of the Union. And BTW: La Raza owns the Southwest. Texas makes it, mostly. Eastern seaboard goes full communist, but still calls it democracy.)

        Still working on the third book, but – it’s easy reading, they all are.

      • @Eric – If you were to design and build a police state, would you hire and train someone who knows and understands the U.S. constitution and bill of rights? Or would you want someone who only knows a socialist state and have their bosses approve of “proper public protection” activities? I thought so. 🙂


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