Roving Ronamaniacs

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By now, everyone who is willing to assume the risks – and they are serious and several – of the cure for what doesn’t ail them has done so. The rest aren’t “hesitant,” as it is oilily styled. They aren’t interested. Chiefly on account of the increasing awareness – among the thinking – of the serious and several risks. As opposed to the non-rewards attending the assuming thereof.

This thinking is, of course, unacceptable – to those interested in making sure everyone is forced to assume the risks of the cure for what doesn’t ail them.

To assure that everyone submits, to put it more accurately.

It is why Joe Biden will – according to news reports – send swarms of officers hither to harass the “hesitant,” in person – by having pushy strangers show up at the homes of the “hesitant” to implicitly threaten them for being “hesitant.” This being implicitly threatening because it is always an implied threat when anyone associated with the government shows up, unasked for, at one’s home.

It is not a friendly visit from a neighbor who is just stopping by to exchange pleasantries.

It is minions of the state, armed with (for now) clipboards and big noses, tasked with  identifying and documenting the “hesitant” so that later, perhaps, a more overt threat than clipboards can be used to cure further “hesitancy.”

Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and, oftentimes, door to door – literally knocking on doors – to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” says Uncle Joe. Who is becoming very much like another Uncle Joe, who also sent minions door-to-door.

Uncle Joe added that “surge response” teams” (which sounds a lot like the other Uncle Joe’s Shock Armies) would be “mobilized” to “combat”  – interesting word choice – “outbreaks among the unvaccinated.” 

How will these “outbreaks” among the “unvaccinated” by detected given that the government doesn’t know who is “unvaccinated”?

Enter the minions, whose job it will be to find out. First by asking. If you refuse to say, it will likely be presumed you aren’t “vaccinated” – and the next minions who appear at your door may be telling  . . . using more than clipboards to back it up.

Of course, it is likely the minions already know the answer to their supposed question – as the government already knows who has been “vaccinated.” Everyone who’s been Jabbed has been logged.

Consider what that implies about what Joe is doing. Like a kind of evil Santa, he knows who’s been “naughty” – and he isn’t playing nice.

This is an unprecedented baring of federal teeth. It is like receiving a visit from a member of Tony Soprano’s crew. Nice place you’ve got here. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it.

With the difference being that it’s not your windows they’re going to smash. It’s your will they intend to break.

Their mere showing up is alarming to anyone who has already decided no thanks to being injected with something the government is obviously determined to see that everyone is injected with, including most especially – and most oddly – children. Why this should be the case is an understandable source of parental alarm, given that after-school football practice presents more tangible risk to most kids than a might-get-sickness that stands literally almost no chance (less than 0.03 percent) of killing them, if they actually do get sick  . . . while the supposed cure for what doesn’t ail them comes with known and very real risks that are much greater – as well as unknown-as-yet risks that only a parent who didn’t care about their kids would willingly subject them to.

It is reasonable to be “hesitant” – given what we know about the attenuated danger of the sickness and what we don’t know (and do know) about the risks of the putative cure for what doesn’t ail most of us.

And not just as regards kids.

Of course, the current “asking” is of a piece with the prior “masking” – the latter universally imposed because leaving anyone free to say no, thanks was an expression of disbelief as well as disobedience.

And it showed.

That couldn’t be allowed.

Now the disbelievers are – gasp – free (for the most part) to show their faces again. Without having taken the cure for what does not ail them. This is even more intolerable to certain people – like Uncle Joe – who may not even know what year it is but knows for sure he wants to cure you of your “hesitancy” – to do what he says.

First, by mocking you – via the use of that term, “hesitancy.” Which is meant to imply a kind of not-very-bright, not-very-informed superstitious fear of That Which is Good For You.

So says Joe and Joe knows best.

So don’t ask.

That you may think otherwise, based on careful consideration of the known facts as regards your particular risk profile (and that of your children) as it relates to the minor risk of a sickness which doesn’t even ail you – and your reasonable concerns about getting injected with an unvetted “vaccine” that’s being pushed rather than offered on its merits by an oily, politically powerful cartel with a massive financial interest (and god-only-knows what other interests) in forcing its “vaccines” – plural – on a population that it clearly hopes will shortly no longer be permitted to say no thanks to them and which has immunized itself from liability for harming them is something other than “hesitancy.”

It is due diligence.

Anyone who bought a used car without exercising it would be regarded as the fool they obviously are. But people who exercise due diligence as regards their health and that of their children are styled “foolish” – by styling them “hesitant.”

By a man who can barely speak coherently.

The big noses with clipboards will, of course, be self-selected for their militancy. Who else would sign up for this sort of thing? They will be the worst sort – busybodies with authority.

Not yet much, but give it time.

They are the same kinds of people who kicked the Undiapered out of stores – or squealed on store owners who didn’t militantly enforce the “mandates” and “guidelines” of the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

The same kinds of people who joined the SA or the NKVD.

Solzhenitsyn warned us about such people.

These kinds of people – who are on their way to your home – are certain to be among the truest of believers, the kind unwilling to take no for an answer. If that answer is given to them, it is certain to anger them.

Just as it angered the face-effacers when anyone dared to show their face.

And angry people with the power to do something about it to those who make them angry are the most dangerous weapon of all; one now being pointed at the “hesitant,” whose homes are no longer sacrosanct.

It is getting serious.

We ought to take it that way.

. . .

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  1. In other news, sending government workers door to door to root out illegal aliens “still absolutely impractical.”

  2. I think I am most afraid of an e- verify type of system that would ban you from work or other necessary activities for political purposes, whether it be for declining the jab or other instances of what TPTB would consider to be “wrong think”. Just because a system has one stated purpose, that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed to be used for another… terrifying thoughts

    • Hi La Gordita,

      I think this is where the biometric passports come in. After listening to the Commie Psaki speak yesterday stating that she favored businesses using vaccine passports to verify status the government is going to institute that companies head into this direction. Those of us that won’t get the jab will be on the outside perimeters of society. I am fine with that as long as they will leave us alone. That is all I ask, realizing my feelings and wants will likely be ignored by TPTB.

  3. I agree with the other posters that this is just a bluff. A final Hail Mary play of desperation by a senile, mid-level functionary that failed to appease its handlers.

    That said, we’re not up against an army of stooges. Three letter agencies have been perfecting propaganda, manipulation, social engineering, and mind control for decades. Just look at the past eighteen months for proof. As much as I would love to…umm…remove the cancer that shows up on my doorstep, there’s never been a more important time to keep our wits about us. You can bet that the handlers controlling these low level goons have set up a trap. Think of the field day they’d have with footage of liberty loving Americans exercising their inalienable right to defend themselves from someone trying to stab them while claiming “We’re all in this together!” Don’t get me wrong. I’m ready to die on this hill. But I’m not going to die because I let myself get worked up into a frenzy and overreacted to the bloviations of a glorified sock puppet.

    The article below is over a month old, and pretty out there. My instinct is to write it off as click bait. And maybe it is. But given what I’ve witnessed over the past year and a half, my modus operandi has become, hope for the best and plan for the worst. Take it for what it’s worth.

    EXCLUSIVE: Deep state planning false flag attack in order to blame “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners

    • Hi Anon,

      I’m taking this very seriously because I believe this is a game for all the marbles. They – the interests behind Rona Mania, which can be subsumed under the heading, corporate-government nexus – have invested hugely in this and cannot just let it go. Among other problems – for them – is that of losing face, which is intolerable to them. And there is also the problem of the awakening of a large portion of the population – I think at least a third to half or more of it – to what is going on. It has to be suppressed – hard.

      Take note, also, of what is happening elsewhere in the world – especially in “western” countries such as Canada and Australia – where body-armored goons are Hut! Hut! Hutting! people right now for refusing to Face Diaper.

      This is no game. Or rather, it is – but not a kid’s game.

      That said, I agree with you about being wise. And I think I will write something about what might be the sound policy as regards these door-to-door Needle Pushers.

    • And why not? That’s been their foreign policy for decades. Back people into a corner and poke them with a sharp stick until they lash out, then hammer the crap out of them and call it “defense”. Dying empires go home, and take their baggage with them.

  4. This is all illegal crap and Solzhenitsyn was right… but right now, I ‘d like to know where that sweet 63 Grand Prix is on a lot at that price?!!? I’ll take it!

  5. “it is always an implied threat when anyone associated with the government shows up”
    Governments are founded on the notion they have the authority to kill you if you don’t go along. They’re a threat anytime one of the members open their mouths.
    I would have put the whole line about “swarms of officers” in there, but that’s just me. It’s a perfect description of how our government works now. One of the complaints against King George:
    “He has erected a multitude of offices, and sent forth swarms of officers, to harass our people and eat out their substance”

  6. President Judas Iscariot, aka Joe Biden, whoever that is, Judas Goat Inquisitor Nonpareil, supersedes the Grim Reaper, needs your support to unite us all to death, death is super cool, just what the big gov spotlighted deep state shitheads want most of all. The evil bastards that they are.

    Go get your death jab before it is too late!

    God is a comedian playing to a Stockholm Syndrome-ed audience too stupid to laugh. lol

    Make America Gag Again

  7. I need to update my gun permit updated for my current house (use my parents address for work purposes) so I can bring a Boomstick home.

    Nothing dissuades a Jabber like a Big Iron or Boomstick, and half my neighbors are retired or current AGW’s, so I’ll be fine if the Jabbers try to retaliate

    • Are you serious, Zane? Not sure where you live, but that sucks. Az is a great place for gun ownership. No gun permits, no concealed carry permit necessary. Open carry, concealed carry. Keep your guns in your house, car, wherever.

      • I’m guessing zane may be stuck in the people’s republic of new jersistan like me. Because that sounda like the jersistan rules.

        • Ouch. No such thing here (do have weapons license requirement for concealed carry but being armed at home is normal and customary). I can go outside and go Pow Pow Pow all I want.

          Once had the sheriff show up and ask if we were shooting. We replied in the affirmative. The he said, “must be some yankees who don’t know they are in the country” and drove away.

          Sheriff must have set the complainers straight or they didn’t stick around, one of the two. I had a big pow wow at my place after that where there were a lot of people and a crap ton of ammo shot (Pre-Obama). Neighbor remarked afterwards that if that didn’t get the sheriff to come back out again, then he figured we were good to go.

  8. In the St. Louis area, Christian pastors are “called to help their communities believe in the science of the shots…”

    Funny, I thought their calling was to lead people to believe in Jesus Christ.

    “Our job as faith-based believers and pastors is to try to eliminate the doubt,” said Pastor Zachary Lee of Mount Paran Baptist Church in East St. Louis.

    “I hope they have a hard time saying no to the message,” a Baptist bishop chimed in.

    • I thought faith leaders needed to stay out of politics to keep their tax exempt status…. i get it, they only need to stay outnof politicts the left disagrees with. If the left agrees with the politicts all is good. And beleive me this whole convid issue is as much political if not more so than it is science based.

    • Abraham Lincoln invited members of the black clergy to the White House to encourage them to sell the boat ride to Liberia to their flocks.

      Abolition wasn’t about slavery to the North. It was about eradication, except the reservation for black folks was supposed to be outside the USA.

  9. The assassination of Haiti’s president is all over the MSM right now. I clicked on a single article (by Reuters) and scrolled to the bottom to read this key piece of info: “The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) expressed concern on Wednesday that the violence could deal a setback to efforts to fight COVID-19 in Haiti – one of only a handful of countries worldwide that has yet to administer a single shot of coronavirus vaccine.”

    Well, now we know the likely reason he was killed. These guys are playing for keeps with this vax.

    • What was his stance on the vax? Was he public with it? Did he say one way or the other where he stood? Tanzania’s former president was assasinated too, but he was quite PUBLIC about where he stood! Did Haiti’s now deceased president do the same? Or was he assasinated as a part of another coup attempt? It wouldn’t be their first, you know…

      • You’re right, the Tanzanian premier was an anti-Covidian. I’m not sure where the Haitian president stood on the Covid cult, but he obviously wasn’t pushing the needle on his people — at least not hard enough for the world health mafia’s liking.

      • FYI, I just read that the Haitian government refused an initial shipment of the AstraZeneca vax earlier this year, “citing concerns over adverse side effects like blood clotting associated with the AstraZeneca brand.”

      • I hesitate to attribute Moise’s assassination to the COVID vaccination. Yes, Haiti did not share their rollout attempt for vaccination, but Moise was pretty quiet on the issue. It seems they were awaiting shipments, but even if they did receive them the Haitian people are very distrustful of their government and are even more apprehensive of vaccines. Haiti has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the world (diphtheria, malaria, etc.).

        Moise was a corrupt leader. The Haitian people have been calling for him to resign since his fraud election in 2016/2017. He embezzled over $2 billion of government money. His people were starving with no work. He was not a well liked or respected leader and gut tells me his own people probably took him out. That, or the Dominican Republic is looking to expand their land reserves.

        • Perhaps you’re right, though I think it’s also worth mentioning that Moise was very lax about enforcing masks and other restrictions, allowing his people to visit nightclubs, etc.

      • Think Salvador Allende. 10 years ago, I listened to a couple who lived in Santiago the night the CIA took out Allende. They spoke for 2 hours on just this event.

    • News reports that stated the kill team spoke Spanish and English with American accents and appeared to be “mercenaries” seems like another good ol’ fashioned Public/Private Partnership courtesy of Rome on the Potomac.

  10. Keep your Sheriff’s phone number handy. Not 911, but the office number. If you get a dedicated true believer that refuses to leave, call your Sheriff and tell him you have a trespasser that refuses to leave. Which is effective against any such government agent without a warrant. How fun it will be to watch them escorted off your property by men with guns that answer to you. Some blue city blue state areas may not qualify for this method.

  11. This is my Hayfever season….When the kind and wonderful vaccinistas show up at the front door, I’ll be coughing, sneezing and spewing green snot in their direction.

    • Just a thought which might help ya: for decades I used to suffer from Hayfever as well. Then, I started taking vitamins. I don’t know which vitamins have proven to be effective for me, all I can say is, for about ten years now, I no longer suffer from Hayfever. AS in, zero. Nada. None.
      Que: Mercola & Bill Sardi.

      I’m an outdoors person, grew up in the country, was living in The City for quite some time, and now I’m not. Location was not a factor, imho.

      That said. Carry on.

  12. “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis

  13. This is part and parcel with the goal of eliminating the control group. If everyone gets sick and has longterm damage from the “vaccine” then no one can benefit from having made the “right” decision.

    Covid was (is) a minor illness that is a serious threat to a small set of at-risk individuals. It was blown up out of proportion as an election year tactic that got out of control. The “vaccine” is just a drug designed to mask the symptoms and assuage the fears of the true believers. But they cannot let some people get by without having been “vaccinated” because then that will belie the truth that Covid itself wasn’t a big deal to most people. Government must take credit for “vaccinating” the population and no one can be allowed to go untouched.

    The “vaccine” is just an attempt to get the genie back into the bottle. If everyone is at equal risk from the vaccine, if government gets credit for “ending the pandemic”, then no one can blame the government for causing the original calamity in the first place.

    There cannot be a control group. There cannot be nonbelievers. Everyone must kneel to the benevolence of the government and pretend that 2020 was the most dangerous year EVAR!

  14. Why doesn’t anyone mention “Natural Immunity”? There has to be millions of us who got the Rona, and recovered, and now have natural immunity. My 100 year old grandma tested positive for it, if that means anything, and recovered. Probably because I was feeding her vitamins A, B, C, D, K and zinc everyday when Rona first showed up. My wife, , grandma, daughter and I were all sick at the same time. Wife and grandma were the only ones who lost their sense of smell/taste. What happens when I tell Uncle Joe’s door knockers that I have natural immunity? LOL! Not that I would ever answer the door and let them in for them to ask me, but still, what would they say? Once you have natural immunity to mumps, chicken pox, measles etc, there is no need to get a jab. Why is Rona different? We all have a feeling why. Is it to kill us off? Sterilize us? Or, just get us prepared for Rona Part II starting some time later this year?

    • They just pretend it doesn’t exist, Rush. Worse, they try to argue that you need the jab due to the different strains emerging, which makes no sense, as you probably were infected with newer strains than that which they used as an mRNA template for the vaccines.

    • Every time i bring up natural immunity i’m met with an, “oh that only lasts 3 months from when you were sick.” Each time i point out how that has never been the case before and how the convid reinfection rate is like less than 2% i get blank stares or worse, you just don’t understand the science.

  15. Hmmm, the ‘Rona sign distribution taking place a while back in my neighborhood might make more sense now. At that time, it seemed that doubling down on obsolete misinformation was an act of desperation from the Holy Cult, as it was finally declared at that time that the diapering was optional statewide.

    But now, it would be an easy task to see who posted the signs they were given. They are like lamb’s blood over your doorway, and those who display them will be passed over, leaving the remaining heretics to suffer the Creeping Death.

        • I started reading through the track list before I typed that. The other songs as well, Ride the Lightning, Fade to Black, Fight Fire With Fire, Escape, Trapped Under Ice, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Call of Ktulu. All incredibly appropriate themes for what has and appears to be unfolding…

          • I would say Enter Sandman as well. Lars and James were prophecies ahead of their time. I would throw in Megadeth as well…..Symphony of Destruction or the Threat is Real.

            • I think an appropriate song to be blasted as the federal jab squad approaches your front door would be Don’t Tread On Me.

            • I hear Metallica’s Eye of the Beholder playing in my head a lot these days. Regarding Megadeth, Dystopia (with the Threat is Real on it) is one of maybe three full newly issued records I’ve bought in the past decade. There are few misses on it for sure but it’s Dave M.’s best stuff since my all time favorite, Rust in Peace.

                    • Oh, don’t tell me that. I like to believe we are drawing no one’s attention and they don’t give a flying fig what we say. I do hope though that TPTB reading this do learn something. Maybe through education and very valid and well established arguments we will change their stance.

            • Also from that album, perhaps “Countdown to Extinction” (for humans this time?), or maybe “Foreclosure of a Dream”.

              • Oh, as a thrash aside, I’ve often heard Sepultura’s “Dead Embryonic Cells” in my head in the times of ‘Rona:

                Laboratory sickness
                Infects humanity
                No hope for a cure
                Die by technology!

  16. I think it’s great. Uncle Joe is going to find a way to make sure you are discovered and then will be vaccinated. Forced compliance has to take place, there can’t be people walking around thinking that they don’t have to participate in the vaccination program. Seems kind of childish for a grownup to behave in such a way.

    There’s probably about 100 million recalcitrant immature humans In the US out there that need to be contacted and vaccinated, an outreach program is the only possible way to make these good folks come to realize that they need to be in with the in crowd.

    For gosh sakes, please do your part, help in any way you can to make this right. Your cooperation is necessary.

    Of course it is sarcasm, sardonic.

    What it really is? A hunt down and a roundup. Gulags R US, all your body to us belong.

    Get ready, it is coming.

    More than obvious it is a pre-planned long term plan.

  17. In my neck of the woods, those vaccine busy bodies will get a less than warm reception. There are plenty of big dogs, shotguns behind the doors and people who don’t want to be disturbed and will get pissed if they are.

  18. This is the beauty of a video feed at your front door. 1. it tends to keep those dash and grab pukes from messing with packages. 2. It allows me to pre-screen who is at my front door and if i really want to speak with them. This is the nicest way this can go, any interaction with these creatures and they are going to get an earful. Starting with if this bogus delta variant is so dangerous why the f**k hasn’t the pedo in chief shut down the souther border? I’m guessing it will go downhill from there so best if i don’t answer at all.

    I like Eric expect that this time it will be clipboards and masks, next time it will be body armor and M4’s.

  19. “Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and, oftentimes, door to door – literally knocking on doors – to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” says Uncle Joe.

    Is this his actual quote? To “get help to the remaining people protected from the virus”? (presuming there is such a virus)

    Pretty sure if anyone needed help they’d be more than able to request it themselves…it’s not as if there aren’t busses and churches(!) and all kinds of “vaccine” pop-up centers, not to mention FEMA and military “assistance” to be sure everyone has a jab in their arm.

    Remember Solzhenitsyn’s quote, the one about burning in the camps later…

    • Forgot to mention that if someone is “protected from the virus” they don’t need help!

      Meanwhile, I am already inoculated against stupidity of all kinds, thanks in no small part to Big Brother’s shenanigans.

  20. I have read the comments and I just don’t think it’s time to panic or get too worked up over this. This should be expected by now. I know I’ve said this many times before, but ultimately saying no is a very powerful force. This situation is really no different. Over the past 1.5 years, when entering any public space that “demanded” a face diaper, I simply ignored it and walked in sans diaper. Only in a handful of situations did I ever get any pushback, in which case I simply said no and walked in anyway. I think maybe 3 or 4 times was I refused entry.

    This situation is even easier. If and when somebody comes to your door, just don’t answer it. After 30 seconds that person will move on and you needn’t even have to have a discussion about your “hesitancy.” If by chance you do answer the door, once you realize it’s a gene therapy pusher, just cut him off, say “I gave at the office” and shut the door. Problem solved!

    You don’t even have to say no in this situation. Non-engagement is really the answer.

    • “Over the past 1.5 years, when entering any public space that “demanded” a face diaper, I simply ignored it and walked in sans diaper. Only in a handful of situations did I ever get any pushback, in which case I simply said no and walked in anyway. I think maybe 3 or 4 times was I refused entry.”

      Me, too.

      “This situation is even easier. If and when somebody comes to your door, just don’t answer it. ”

      Exactly. Somehow, I thought of those who leave their car doors unlocked, engine running, and next thing you know the car is gone. Better to make it more difficult for the evildoer than to give them full access. It’s a start, anyway.

    • In fact, a lot of lawyers will tell you if a badge carrying criminal knocks, and you did not call them, don’t answer the door. If the badge carrying criminals have a warrant, they will not be knocking on the door.

    • Simple.
      Secure the perimeter.
      Press button at perimeter gate to activate intercom & video camera, and ring doorbell.
      Unauthorized persons are not admitted to premises.
      Not required to answer to strangers.
      Breach of locked gate @ outer perimeter is criminal trespass.

      I’ve not been bothered by nosy or obnoxious strangers in many years. 🙂

    • Amen, Meister Liberty.

      This bullshit is typical of many of Uncle’s other propaganda campaigns- words used to imply or make people think that a certain scenario is going to be imposed- and maybe a photo-op of it even being done in one locale for 10 minutes…but the idea of it actually being implemented is totally absurd. It’s just a part of the “Make them think that getting vaxxed is inevitable so that they’ll figure that they may as well just do because they’ll have to sooner or later” campaign.

      The logistics of actually doing such a fiendish thing (Even my 96 year-old mother, who is “waking up” politically even at such an age because of the sheer absurdity of what is taking place on the political stage- and even she asks ‘How would they even know that we are not vaccinated?’) are just ridiculous- akin to taking another census, with all of it’s requisite preparations and resources.

      Like many things, it’s the implied threat, and the “news”/talk of the threatened event that is the actual objective- rather than the actual physical action. Not only can such propaganda campaigns as these be very effective amongst those who do not possess strong convictions, but they also have the added “benefit” of discrediting those who warn of them- “Well, remember when Alex Jones warned of roving vaccine enforcers going door-to-door and it never happened? He must therefore be full of crap!”.

      Satan is extremely clever, and one can certainly see that cleverness manifesting itself in so much of what is transpiring lately….. One really would do well to adopt a Mark-Twainsian attitude now-a-days; listen to what they say, and fear the evil that it represents, but don’t count on them doing what they say. In-fact, quite the opposite: If they say it, they likely won’t do it. The stuff they actually do, the usually will not warn you about. I think often the stuff they say is just meant to distract; to keep us from noticing what is really going on.

      • I don’t know, Nunz. Ordinarily, I would agree with you there is nothing more disorganized than the government, but this is too enforced, too structured, not to be a little discerning to the unjabbed. Those of us that haven’t taken it by this point aren’t going to take it without force. I don’t expect anyone on this site just to throw up their hands and say, “I might as well just go get it because they are going to come for me.” All I can hope is that the CDC moves as slow as the IRS when it comes to processing anything and they really don’t know who has it and who doesn’t.

        • RG,

          I have and have seen the official CDC and state health department docs about the vax rollout, and trust me, it’s quite detailed. They have record fields for where the shot was given; to whom; vax mfg.; batch #; lot #; who administered the shot; who got the shot; and so on. They also have a provision in their records for those who HAVEN’T gotten the shot! The docs I have were issued October, 2020.

          Furthermore, I think that COVID was planned. The CDC docs, even last year, were just too damn detailed. This vax passport stuff is global too. I can show you OFFICIAL EU docs that show that they were working on this before COVID! I’ll put the link below.

          Before I put the link in, you’ll need to scroll down to the paragraph just above the Apple ad. There, you will find the links. One takes you to an official EU pdf, while the other takes you to an official EU web page. You don’t have to look hard, either; just look for the date tables and charts. Without any further ado, here’s the link:

        • You could well be right too, RG- But just given the wording that they’re using; the publicity they’re generating, etc. I tend to think it’s a psychological/propaganda campaign.

          I mean think of it: What federal agency would do this, and would have the info and manpower to do do it? What would give them legal jurisdiction to do it? (Yes, they don;t obey their own laws…but when it comes to various political entities, like states vs. the feds, they tend to be careful about legalities); and if they were to use state or local personnel, just how would they coordinate it on such short notice? And how many locales would be willing to participate? -etc.

          But…things are so crazy these days, ya just never know. Never say never, right?

  21. Boy, lobbying really works! Big pharma has gotten the federal government to become its door-to-door salesmen. As if every major media outlet and the Ad Council were not enough for them. Imagine having all the benefit of unlimited federal dollars to develop and create your “product,” a massive blackmail operation to create demand, free advertising everywhere and now a door-to-door sales campaign. Meanwhile, schleps like us have to create actual value and promote it on our own to make a living.

  22. I wonder how many close encounters of the 2A kind these federal “surge teems” will generate?
    So somehow, being reluctant to take a vaccine that has only 6 months of long term testing, thanks to the kneeling public Guinea Pigs participating in the test, is not justified? No one on the planet has any idea what effects from the vaccines may appear in a year or two. NONE!! We’ve been constantly lied to ever since this psyop began. In fact, moments of truth from the “experts” and “officials” are as rare as an honest politician. I’m getting tired of pointing out the lies. So I’ve decided to point out the truths that the agents of the psyop tell. If I could ever find one.

    • Looks like my home State of Missouri is going to be a prime target of the “surge teams”. We’ve had a high case count, so we obviously need a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection to correct that, right?

      • Ah yes a surge of govt stooges and holy zealots of the sickness cult attempting to get everyone to take an experimental dna altering drug that has death as one of its side effects. And pedo joe is going to start this surge in a constitutional carry state like Missouri. What could possibly go wrong here?

  23. This is my line in the sand and the hill I would die on. I was willing to tolerate, occasionally, the muzzles, health questions, temperature taking, and other nonsense. Notice that I said “occasionally”. I quit not one, but two jobs over covid nonsense that wasn’t occasional, but a constant. While I did walk around stores without a muzzle on when they were mandated, I did usually have one with me that I could put on if push came to shove. But this, the shots, that’s where I’ve always drawn the line. This is why I won’t work a “normal” job right now, because I refuse to take their poison. I’m doing Instacart for as long as I can, until either they or the stores demand proof of “vaccination” before I can work. Then I’d quit. I’m also studying web development so that when the time comes, I can still freelance from home without having to answer to an employer who mandates shots. Fortunately my financial needs are few, and I still have some savings in the bank.

    So what would I do if the Gestapo shows up at my door? Well, first of all, I have a bumper sticker on my car that says “No Mandatory Covid Vaccine”, so I think they’d already have their answer before they knock. Second, I’d be prepared literally to fight any forced door-to-door shots. As far as I’m concerned, they’re unwelcome invaders trying to injure or kill me. Do they know if I’m allergic to PEG or any other ingredient in the shots? No, they don’t. So they have no business mandating or attempting to force their poison on me. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

      • Oh my gosh, that video is ludicrous! If I were the guy I would take the 5 year probation. It is unlikely he will live that long if he takes the judge ordered jab.

    • JMO, but “bumper sticker on my car” (*any* bumper sticker) is likely not a good idea.
      “It was a medium sized white sedan, officer,” is a great way to blend into the background.
      No vanity plates, no bumper stickers, no fancy wheels, etc.
      And, yes, I’ve had all of those, various and severally, in the past.
      Not today, though. Radar absorbing paint might be more appropriate, along with body panel mods to reduce the radar cross section (is any of that illegal…yet?).

      Tip o’ the hat to Eric and his “Great Pumpkin” with the screaming chicken hood decal. 🙂
      Memories of days gone by….

      • This is true, Turtle! They have enoiugh ways to identify us already…don’t need to make their job even easier. At least give ourselves a chance of blending in and slipping by unnoticed. I ditched my “So many pedestrians, so little time” bumpersticker ages ago!

      • Indeed, going grey is a very wise tactic right now. Even having a mismatched panel on a nondescript old car makes it distinctive. If you replace a rusty fender, get a match or paint it.

  24. According to opposition scientists this vaccine is not a *vaccine* but gene therapy. It is software instructions that can never be reversed nor rid from your body. What could come of this is another disease or organ failures, or uncontrolled blood clotting,, etc. Next could be the antidote that the government will provide to keep you alive which you’ll have to take the rest of your life.
    How’s that for government dependency.

  25. Your article reminded me of this this bit from Martin Armstrong:

    Spain Revealing the Totalitarian Future for All

    “Spain is just putting it all out there. There is new legislation that effectively allows the total end of democracy and All freedom in Spain and this is just the beginning. Any person of legal age will be obliged to carry out the “personal benefits” required by the government, following the guidelines of the National Security Council, whenever the government declares a state of crisis for any reason whatsoever including health. Spain is declaring that all citizens are really slaves of the state without human rights. There is to be no exception and everyone MUST comply with the orders and instructions issued by the government.” …

    And, Man, have you seen this spooky sheet:

    Is Graphene Oxide Causing What Is Falsely Being Referred to as ‘Covid-19?’

    “The masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

    The COVID vaccines in all their variants, AstraZeca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, etc., also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. This has been the result of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques used by various public universities in our country.” …

    Does this mean someone who wore a certain type of mask, even if only very briefly, is soon to be a gonner? It seems that way. Idk.

    I find myself saying, “I don’t know” a lot these days.

  26. I am waiting for those cocksuckers to come by my place. They will be schooled in the 4th Amendment as well as the 2nd if necessary. It will continue. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    • I see no way this does not end in blood. Personally I would prefer to die from my “hesitance” than from who the hell knows what, that would require me to kneel to receive.

    • Unfortunately, it seems like forever when there was any steward that abides by their Article VI Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. And it just gets worse when one considers how much power We The People ceded to the government over a vast ocean of time. It’s down to just one man on their own island of property within a world of corruption.

  27. Tsk, tsk, we already know that they know who we are. Covid is the biggest data collection scam in history. I wouldn’t be surprised if every Covid test given doesn’t have ones DNA banked at the CDC or NSA for future reference. Every jab requires name, address, DOB, email, phone number, and a specialized serial number for every shot that is given. This information is forwarded to the DOD to be held for at least two years. Why? They tell us because the jab has not yet been approved and is for our “safety”. I am sorry, but I cannot be convinced that this data is driven for anything other than biometric passports. How else would Big Brother compile so much intelligence on the majority of Americans.

    The ones that will be arriving at our doors know we don’t have it….maybe not us personally, but a person at said address. Maybe if we are unfortunate to come face to face with a jab pusher we actually should inquire who they are searching for.

    I am starting to contemplate that a PO Box may be well worth the $50 a year. At least make it a bit harder to track one down.

    • PO Boxes are now $150 a year. There’s a reason for that besides the fact that they have been closing post offices since 2010.

      • For the bigger ones, yes. In the city or suburbs it wouldn’t surprise me that they were this expensive, but in the country a small box is running between $50-70 for the year. The XL ones are almost $500 annually!

    • When I used a P.O. Box decades ago, it didn’t stop the Census Bureau from showing up at my door. I fail to see how a P.O. Box would do anything in this situation, either.

      • Were you filing tax docs under the PO Box or your home address? I am thinking I may move it all over….there are also virtual addresses that FedEx, UPS, and others have that can be used even for DLs. I don’t know too much about them, but I will give it some research.

        • Both USPS and providers of PMBs (Private Mail Boxes) such as UPS are required to obtain identification tying the box holder to a physical address.

          Process servers don’t have much difficulty piercing the veil to obtain the street address on a p.o. box application.

          Uncle Joe’s knock-on-doors campaign almost surely would use the Census database of physical street addresses. Even those having only a p.o. box mailing address, such as myself, were nevertheless visited by Census workers last year.

          The only real defense, if you absolutely don’t want to get visited, is to stay on the road — go nomadic, with no fixed place of abode.

          • Thanks, Jim. I didn’t know that. The Census Bureau came by mine as well, but I didn’t answer so they just left nasty notes. 😊. They also showed up at my work office 4x to which I had to explain to them that no one lives here and it is a commercial business. It is owned by a trust, managed by a partnership, and only contains commercial tenants so they just show up not really knowing who is there or why.

            • Hi RG,

              The Census Creature showed up at my place several times… after the first time, when I told it that two adults (at the time) live here and that is all a census is supposed to be about. The thing would not take that for an answer. It kept returning. I kept telling it the same. It actually threatened me – telling me that I was “required” to answer its questions.

              It almost got the hose….

              • I think there are times where a fence and a very large gate is probably the best defense. It takes a really ballsy person to open a closed gate and then show up in the driveway unannounced.

                • So true, RG! I keep my gate closed…it keeps the riff-raff (Gov’t and civilian) out.

                  It’s amazing….it’s just too much trouble for people to get out of their car and open an unlocked gate. Imagine if I were to install a lock?! 😀

                  I know it works, ’cause the few times I’ve left it open- even just briefly- someone usually shows up! Like the time I ran across to my neighbor’s to help him with his tractor- across the street for less than 20 minutes, and some dirtbag drove up to my mother’s and asked for directions! -Or the time I came home and left the gate open ’cause I’d be going back down for the mail in less than an hour…and that time, some half senile old douche who was running for a county government position showed up to solicit “my vote” -His wife did all the talking (Could that have been Biden?!). -Of course, my vote is like “my mask” or “my vaccine”- non-existant.

              • The Constitutionally specified purpose of the census is to determine the number of representatives a State gets. Any other question is invalid. As in not part of the census. The number of people living at the residence is the only question I have EVER answered on a census in my 67 years. No one has ever come back on me about it.

          • OR you could have a very good fake ID for the PMB. Or have multiple addresses. Neither are very hard or expensive. Of course they’ve been pushing Real ID for ever, but some of us are still holding out.

      • Here’s a tip – open the PO Box from one address, then move but keep the PO Box and don’t tell them your new address. Or open a box at the UPS Store or wherever and play the same game, if the post office won’t let you get away with it. Of course, that only works if you rent rather than own your home.

        Of course, you could live out of an RV and open the box, they’d never find you that way as you could be anywhere.

        • ‘open a box at the UPS Store or wherever and play the same game’

          I did that for state income tax purposes, after moving out of state but needing to maintain an in-state tax filing address to avoid an ‘exit tax.’

          UPS would forward the contents of my in-state box to my new out-of-state address every couple of weeks. Costly, but served its purpose.

          Recently my town was evacuated owing to a nearby forest fire. Sheriff’s deputies knocked on every door, and tied either a white ribbon (unoccupied) or blue ribbon (still occupied) in front of every residence.

          That’s how Gov conducts physical address campaigns. After the evacuation, they visited every address in town within 48 hours. Mailing addresses and p.o. box numbers were irrelevant, not used at all.

          • Yep. If the property you live on is on the county tax rolls (and what property isn’t today in the Joo-S-A?*) they know where you are…or if they just see a driveway, path or structure….

            (*=Waiting for Vonu Bill to show up and say something about alloidal titles! -which are virtually non-existant today. Hey, how come he doesn’t play with us anymore?)

    • RG, those who get tested get their test samples sent to China. That way the chinks, who will share this with the WHO, can target biowarfare to specific races for elimination.

  28. Jen “Raggedy Ann” Psaki says they are going door to door to educate those that haven’t been vaccinated.


    She really means they are going door to door to vaccinate those that haven’t been educated.


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