What About The Children?

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A child just died – but not because of the ‘Rona. Essentially no children have died because of the ‘Rona.

But a 15-year-old Colorado boy just died from the “cure.” Which apparently triggered a heart attack – a thing that rarely-to-almost-never kills healthy 15-year-olds. His heart was fine on April 18, when he received the Pfizer “cure” for the ‘Rona that stood a next-to-nil chance of killing him or any other healthy child. He was dead on April 20, two days after receiving his Holy Needling.

If this is a coincidence, then so is the tide.

It’s also not the only such “coincidence.”

Another child – this time a 16-year-old girl who lived in Wisconsin – is no longer living, anywhere. She also died within 48 hours of receiving the “cure” for a sickness she didn’t have, that she wasn’t likely to get and which – if she did get it – was as likely to kill her as a cheerleading accident.

This isn’t “conspiracy theory.” It is admitted to fact, by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which keeps track of such things. Two dead kids constitutes quite an “adverse event” – given that kids are as close to being immortal as it gets. Accidents being the greatest risk of death they face.

But this was deliberate.

Perhaps not intentionally so – but does that matter? If some fool doesn’t intend to run a red light but does anyway – and kills you – does the intent matter to your now-dead self?

And this “cure” is intentional.

It is being intentionally pushed on kids, all the way through college – as the condition of being allowed within a college. It is being required in order to be schooled at the lower levels, too. And it is being done notwithstanding the fact that kids – those college-aged and younger – are effectively immune from the ‘Rona, in terms of the ‘Rona being able to hurt them.

But they are not immune from “adverse events.”

Which is interesting, given the general parental and societal obsession with “the children” – and their putative “safety.” It is cause for Great Concern if a kid is seen riding a tricycle without a helmet – or riding in a car without a seatbelt on. They aren’t permitted to walk home from school alone – or even stand by the road, alone, waiting for the school bus.

But injecting a kid with a strange concoction – literally; this “vaccine” is not like any previous one and for that reason comes with new, as-yet-unknown risks – because of a threat so trivially small it amounts to nonexistent . . . somehow, that’s acceptable to these same parents. Who willingly bring their kids in for the “cure.”

Which could – which has – proved to be permanent in at least the two above “cases.”

Why aren’t these “cases” – about 4,000 deaths since December – as well as the many more and counting “cases” of permanent “adverse events” being reported with even a degree of the bug-eyed hysteria devoted to “cases”  . . . of positive tests? The vast majority of those “cases” not even loosely correlating with deaths?

It smacks of something ugly – of something evil.

So also the general lack of reporting about the fact that the purveyors of the “cure” are immune to the legal consequences that would otherwise be headed their way in the event of “adverse effects” such as death – and life-destroying permanent problems, such as the whole-body paralysis that aafflicted Brandy Parker McFadden of Tennessee after she received her “cure” for the sickness she didn’t have.

“I woke up. I can’t move my arms. I can’t move my legs.”

She also can’t sue. No one can, lawmakers being in the pockets of the pharmaceutical cartel, which got them to pass a law excusing them from liability for the adverse effects of their “cures.”

Which would be obnoxious enough if their “cures” were merely there – for the foolish to assume the risks thereof, in the manner of a defective car no one was forced to buy.

But the populace is being forced to “buy” the Jab, in order to be allowed to live. In order to be allowed to work, or to travel.

In order for their kid to be allowed to attend classes.

Even if it costs them their lives.

This says something about the nature of the “concern” for lives, supposedly the reason for all of this heavy-pressuring. Granny might die – so kids must die.

And maybe more than just them, too,

.  . .

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  1. Well this is interesting. Clearly trying to stop any doctor from questioning the “cure”, by force not reason.


    **Physicians hold a unique position of trust with the public and have a professional responsibility to not communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing and anti-lockdown statements and/or promoting unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19.**

    “and/or promoting unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19”

    Are any of the offered jabs “proven”? Looks like an own goal there.

  2. “Essentially no children have died because of the ‘Rona.”
    Are you sure? Because if you call my 103yo mother, she’ll give you names of babies she heard about who have died from it.
    Then again, she hates her governor (DeSantis) and refers to her local NBC outlet as “that Republican station.”

  3. Reply to Jeremy as none available in thread. Thanks for the link, I’ll try to find some time to check it out. What strikes me about the timing of Rand’s talk (‘73) is that it is a decade or so later than the essay in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal and her philosophical departure may have been influenced by the Operation Condor in Chile zeitgeist of that immediate era. I’ll have to admit, despite the very non-libertarian aspects of that operation by the US gov’t and its agents in Chile, there is a part of me that could see the allure of those tactics being used to defeat communists or collectivists of any stripe in the name of capitalism, freedom, and liberty. Of course that’s exactly what happened but I think those involved and observing, Rand herself perhaps, may have believed their cause was just. Jacob Hornberger’s stuff on that era describes the reality of what took place and, on balance, it was little different than any of the regime change operations undertaken before or since.

    One does wonder at what point does ends justifies the means collectivism need to be dispatched by the use of aggression that some would describe as defensive but others offensive. It’s a weakness in libertarianism in the era we are living in.

  4. What about the children?

    Will they become informers?

    Is there a DARE style program in use today pushing for 100% vaccination?

    Mommy and daddy didn’t really get their shots. They used a fake passport to…

  5. Recommend theses articles On Dr Vernon Coleman’s site:
    1. “How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?” This links to many reports.
    2. “A Syringe Full of Death” This article includes a big list of lawsuits against the vax manufacturers for damages and deaths related to their prior products
    3. “Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good”

  6. A manager at my employer, and my former boss died last Friday unexpectedly. I wonder if he recently had the jab.

    • Mattacks,


      Did you expect him to live forever?

      What does your company do? Sell immortality?

      • Unexpectedly, as in no known medical issues, and at an age about half the life expectancy in the US. Thanks for the smart ass comment though. Really shows class.

        • Mattacks,

          “Thanks for the smart ass comment though. Really shows class.”

          You’re very welcome. I strive for class.

          You have a lot of death to look forward to. You might want to harden your heart and get used to it.

          Memento mori.

          The smart money is on you having an appointment with the mortician/necrophiliac as well.

          Alternatively, you could follow Govco guidelines and diktats and maybe, just maybe, live forever.

          • Living forever, and living close to your life expectancy are two very different things. Especially when someone died under mysterious circumstances. Especially when random young people are dieing from heart attacks after receiving the jab. Of course replying with nothing to further the conversation, and just show yourself to be a classless troll is your MO anyway. Why would I be surprised.

            • Mattacks,

              Do I detect a bit of pussyfication?

              People die Mattacks. That is what they do.

              Expecting some to live to their government decreed life expectancy is just silly.

              And mysterious circumstances?!?

              Come on! No mystery, heart stops pumping blood to the brain and you’re dead. Happens all the time. Every day. Sans the few who get vaporized.

              Does whining about the people making appointments and lining up to get the shot ADD to the conversation? Let them enjoy the results.

              Am I somehow beholden to you to ADD to the conversation? By what right do you get to make that claim on me?

              Because your boss died? Boo fucking hoo. How does his death effect me.

              If I were to properly ADD to the conversation and comment according to your wants will your boss be less dead?

              Harden your heart.

              You get to see a bunch of people die. Friends, family, neighbors all gonna end up dead.

              But in the meantime, if you find any of your fellow employees that need a ride to get their shot, I’ll drive them. Gratis.

              I’m actually a nice guy.

              But do me a favor, yesterday I was showing class, today I’m classless, could you tone down the dissonance a little bit. I’m having trouble keeping up with what I am.

    • There have been at least 2 of my coworkers’ spouses that have had to be hospitalized due to clots within the last month or 2. I can’t confirm if they had recently been jabbed, but that is my guess.

  7. For some reason – people int he UK think these shots wont be mandated (directly or indirectly) on kids. They say stupid stuff like “we’ll take them if we need to travel”. but then when I ask “will you let your kids take them” they say no but they wont. I say what do you think after all the adults take them – they will say ok fine we’ll leave the kids out of it ?? where do you think this is going ? Thankfully – many have woken up and re-considered taking the jab when I explain it like that to them….. as I think for most people their kids being fucked with is where they draw the line…

  8. A diaper report via my wife who shopped diaperless and ran into another diaperless friend (not a jab taker, either) so not alone for the first time for her in over 6 months. The two loudly testified in the store as to the stupidity of all the diaper wearers. What she said disturbed her the most was all the grown men were 100% diapered, most now with sports team logo diapers.

    • Hi Zek,

      Excellent – and, sad. I also see “men” Diapered. The most pathetic of the bunch being “law enforcement.” I never had much respect for them before. Now it’s in the negative!

      • Hi Anon,

        That sort of thing makes my teeth ache. It is even worse than listening to that awful song they play at Republican gatherings about how “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m freeeeeee…..”

        The urge to vomit cannot be suppressed.

        • I have the urge to vomit, but it could be that I have had three cocktails. Florida is great. I think we should all move here. I am going to have a bad headache in the morning. Did I mention I love Florida?

          • Morning, RG!

            Having been burnt by the Orange Sun, I am now leery of saying anything positive about any politician. DeSantis seems like he got religion. Unlike Orange, who allowed and enabled the weaponization of hypochondria, DeSantis has been opposing it once he (apparently) understood the whole thing to be a deliberate exercise in mass hysteria. I like this, a lot. But will he turn out to be another Trickster? Get people thinking there might be some hope, get their support – and then do an Orange Fail on them?

            Once bitten, twice shy.

            • Hi Eric,

              I don’t want DeSantis to run for President. I want him to stay in Florida as Governor. He is able to accomplish more in that position than anything as a national figure. The one thing I have noticed with this Covid debacle is everything comes down to the state. The Fed can mandate what goes on in federal buildings and land, but they really don’t have too much say on anything else. The state one lives in is going to dictate the level of freedom.

              After spending time in FL, GA, and SC it was pretty damn hard to come back to my VA jail cell.

              • Morning, RG!

                Yup; you make a sound point in re the states (and governors). VA used to be ok – until Northern Virginia came to dominate the state, politically. Now it is Coonman Country. Even though the Coonman himself is leaving soon, it is probable another carpetbagger of the McAuliffe type will ascend to the purple, because that’s what the government workers in Northern Virginia want.

      • I had a neighbor tell me he wore one of those to “trigger the libs”, which he told me it did, for some irrelevant reasons. He really didn’t get the irony. At the very beginning, I had thoughts of trying to “make a statement” with some pithy saying on a mask but I quickly realized that most people are too intellectually comatose to “get it” and those on the “other side” that “get it” remain smug in their satisfaction that you capitulated. Only NO diaper makes a statement. My state of NC even came up with a propaganda campaign advising people to wear a diaper “whatever your reason.” So science-y, right?

        • “NO!” is the best statement – hear, hear!

          Anything other message, whether it be a flag, Bible verse, Jesus Loves Me, or whatever, is lost when it is displayed on a face rag.

          “Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

        • Hi Hatteraszek,

          I’ve seen those online — things like “This mask is as useless as the governor”, “If masks work, why are we still wearing them?”, etc. On the one hand, I like the sayings, but on the other, I don’t want to buy something made specifically for the farcical purpose of “mask wearing”, and I’m not sure those I’d be trying to reach would even get the irony.

  9. My county now reports the number of “breakthrough” cases, meaning people who were vaxxed and test positive. Pretty rigorous standard of 14 days after 2nd dose or single, depending on brand. 5/44 “cases” in roughly a week (in a county of 37,000 residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors each month 9/12 months of the year so read with a big hunk of salt) were “breakthroughs.” That’s 11%. 4/5 exhibited “mild to moderate symptoms.” So, kinda sick as well. One, no symptoms. Also interesting to note was that each brand of vax was noted to have been “broken through.”

  10. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/tucker-carlson-shatters-media-silence-why-are-thousands-of-people-dying-from-covid-vaccine/

    *Every flu season, we give influenza shots to more than 160 million Americans. Every year, a relatively small number of people seem to die after getting those shots. To be precise, in 2019, that number was 203 people. The year before, it was 119. In 2017, a total of 85 people died from the flu shot.*

    *Between late December of 2020, and last month, a total of 3,362 people apparently died after getting the COVID vaccines in the United States. Three thousand, three hundred and sixty-two — that’s an average of 30 people every day. So, what does that add up to? By the way, that reporting period ended on April 23. We don’t have numbers past that, we’re not quite up to date. But we can assume that another 360 people have died in the 12 days since. That is a total of 3,722 deaths. Almost four thousand people died after getting the COVID vaccines. The actual number is almost certainly much higher than that — perhaps vastly higher.*

    “perhaps vastly higher.”

    *A report submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2010 concluded that “fewer than one percent of vaccine adverse events are reported” by the VARES system.* (2010. so I am sure they are at least 100% better at reporting by now….)

    Do the math.

  11. https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM

    Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.

    Apparently, Operation Northwoods is now on full display.

    The customer is always right. Mandating or requiring anyone to wear a mask is offensive, downright wrong. You have the right to refuse to shop at place that requires masks, no mask, no money for you.

    See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.


  12. None of this makes any sense; covid is similar to the flu, both in experience and lethality. Yet nobody has ever been arm-twisted or threatened or boxed out of society because they elect to not get a flu shot.

    I think everyone here knows the answer: it doesn’t make sense, and that’s the point. It’s about compliance and submission to authority. It’s disturbing and sad. This is personal; family members have received this shot, I just pray that long term consequences are mild and few. I can’t listen to some of these doctors who predict wide spread carnage down the road, because, well – we just have to wait. But I do not put ANYthing beyond these cretins in government who have instituted this paranoia. I distrust Trump as well, even though I voted for him and supported him in the past. His cheerleading for this covid shot is vile to me.

    • Agree with everything you said, incl. the Trump reality check. I never thought he was the “best” candidate, he was instead the one chosen by TPTB to vote for.

      Re submission to authority – that has always been the goal of TPTB. It is now much more blatant, as they are openly trying to bar the doors and lock us inside their cage. A person would have to be blind or brain dead not to see this – yet there are so many still operating under the delusion that govco is somehow going to fix everything. Not recognizing that govco and the satanic powers behind it are the ones creating this living nightmare.

      The submission to authority that is now being required is in the form of submitting to something that is guaranteed to worsen your life and possibly take it. The battle is no longer just about “liberty,” it is about life itself. It is demonic and evil.


      • I agree, resisting is the only option. Last Spring, when the first mandatory orders went out here in Michigan on masks, my heart sunk. I knew at that moment that this THING, this demand that we erase our faces, this abhorrent practice had the potential to take root and grow. But I always believed we would emerge from it, at least within a year. Satanic, yes, that word has been at the forefront of my thoughts from the beginning; I haven’t used it because it’s so strong and not for everyone. At this point I can come to no other conclusion.

    • Snap, it makes perfect sense if you watch the TED talk Gill Bates made before event 201. Jason Bermas got a friend to find the unedited version where he says “The world population is 8.8billion but once every person on earth has been vaccinated it will be 6.8billion”. Does that make sense? Yes, it certainly does since this covid thing is a plandemic, not a pandemic. Read the first article in LRC today by Bill Sardi and everything that’s happened makes sense.
      Read this and it soon becomes clear along with the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation gave vaccinations that killed nearly half a million children in India.

      In March of last year when the covid 1984 was ramping up James Bullard, the head of the St. Louis Fed said “Things are going as planned”. Read this: https://lewrockwell.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6ad24f4cd1574f1f7b8a0a03a&id=6e6d4ef14c&e=62e95e6f13

    • Randy, this plandemic was made primarily to kill people my age. The vaccine is made to kill everyone, even children who are immune to the wild virus.

    • I am conflicted.

      Bad that they are likely covering up the deaths.

      Good that this may finally wake the stupid from their slumber and they may actually understand that government lies to them and is their enemy.

      Depressed that the good is unlikely to happen, ever. The stupid and incurious is deeply rooted and widespread.

      • Hi Anon,

        A few will see it – as a the few always do. They are the Remnant AJ Nock wrote about 100 years ago. If each of us reaches a few such it will serve to preserve the flickering light and perhaps even propagate it.

  13. Any organization that requires participation in a medical experiment is in violation of both US law, and international law. Be it a place of employment, a school, whatever. A total of seven NAZIs were hung at Nuremburg for exactly that. Though the NAZIs were a bit more “forceful” in their requirement, the result is the same. Since these vaccines have NOT been granted FDA approval, only Emergency Use Authorization, usually reserved for things like drugs to treat terminally ill cancer patients, they are indeed nothing more nor less than a medical experiment.
    I’m hopeful that law suits will abound against these organizations when their victims start suffering extensive damages.

  14. I will not allow the jab of any experimental drug, especially one that might have a deleterious effect on my genetic makeup.

    Why? I am reading more and more articles that discuss…

    “Between Dec. 14 and April 23, there were 3,544 deaths reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS], along with 12,619 serious injuries.”


  15. I was the one warning everyone here about the death shot. This is not for curing anything other than you living for much longer, as you and I are the disease to the 1 percent in control of the world. This is not hyperbole.

    Eric…have you seen the one where a mom took the death shot and was breastfeeding her child and the child died 5 days later. It was born perfectly normal and healthy and did not get the death shot…but the mom did.

    Folks, within the next couple of months you will see everyone who’s taken this shot, become so severely ill as to no longer function normally and then die. It’s already happening…some die within several minutes of the shot.

    • Hi Anon,

      It’s certainly inarguable that the “cure’ has actually killed; even if it hypothetically saves some. In this way, the “cure” is like air bags, also forced on people – who are denied the risk to weigh the risks vs. the benefits for themselves. This, I think, is the essence of the problem – in both and all similar cases.

      If it is true – and it may well be – that the “cure” is permanent; i.e., meant to kill/sterilize/cripple – the problem is one of comprehension. Such an evil being so monstrous as to defy believe. . . until it’s too late.

      • eric, Anon is exactly correct. This plandemic was the new style of ridding the useless and old(me). I haven’t caught it and will burn my barrel down to not have it given to me. I haven’t had a hospital stay since I had back shoulder surgery and that was in and out in one day. I’ll go home to die if the hospital is the alternative.

        • You ain’t useless Eight. Just take your vitamins and find yourself a real doctor who’s not afraid of prescribing the stuff that’s already been proven to work, and then if ya do get sick, you’re covered 👍

          • Moose, thanks for the kind words. The wife and I have upped our amount of vitamins and minerals and use a better source. We have received a good (we hope) alternative to shitty food and it is good to the taste. We had our first round this morning. I think it will take a bit of getting used to via our stomachs(who knows?”)but there are no chemicals in it via normal food supply with all sorts of big Pharma crap like Roundup, a chemical used on nearly every food crop including wheat so it’s all ready to harvest at the same time regardless of how sick it will make you. Hang in there patriots. They (govt. and the 1 percenters)are intent on killing the old(and the young. They’re doing everything they can to not let the cat out of the bag that vaccines create super-spreaders. Don’t take that jab.

            • It’s next to impossible to buy uncontaminated food or water now. Even growing your own food without bug spray, the soil they are growing in often carries harmful chemicals. If you use store bought seeds, they too will have been treated. Then there’s ‘acid rain’ and the wind can carry all sorts of contaminated dust, like asbestos, for example. Sorry to be a ‘killjoy’ we all sat on our hands and let our earth become defiled in the name of greed.

              • Eight, Nicole. Very true . Its like the fruit and veg in the west are something completely different.

                My parents now in Pakistan for over 25 years. Fine there are problems there but the food is mostly real, and goes from the farm to the plate in a couple days. Whenever she comes to the UK to visit she falls quite ill after a couple weeks – starts with sever nausea and acidity, unable to eat having a knock on effect on sleep and causing other issues to flare up. The Drs could never diagnose it.

                After much experimenting we discovered it was due to the fresh fruit and vegetables she would eat – as long as she avoids (or reduces) she’s fine. Now I dont know what exactly it is – but clearly they are spraying/adding something here that her body is reacting to – and cant handle. Perhaps it was so gradual most here didnt notice, and as im younger I can deal with it fine. But when someone like her comes out- her body feels the impact and therefore cant deal with it….

                • Hi Nasir,

                  I sympathize with your mom for I share the same issue. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new country, but can just be a different part of the US. The pesticides can be a problem, but even when I switched to a pretty tried and true organic diet I would have problems. What I have found out is it is usually the water. Different areas of the world (and country) have various chemicals that affect the taste and smell of the water supply.

                  I stick to brand name bottled spring water when I travel, yes, I even travel with my own 24 pack, most of the time. I make coffee and tea with it, wash my fruits and vegetables with it, and drink it. I have found by doing this my travel ailments seem to subside.

                  • Hi RG – yeh i think the water may also play a part, but we noticed if we kept her off the veggies, mostly greens it really helped. We always joked about how the veggies here look picture perfect on the supermarket shelf and then in the fridge for weeks – whereas back in Pakistan it would basically start getting soggy in a matter of days. God knows what it is (and this is considering most of the veggies here are from North Africa or Brazil, it seems fresh for months potentially).

                    Since moving out of London however we’ve found some pick your own farms where you can get proper fresh stuff – I suspect if she comes down will also do most of the shopping from there. But as you say – will also watch out for water as well (as the water in the UK is mostly hard anyways, which is probably not ideal).

                  • “I stick to brand name bottled spring water”

                    May I ask which brand?

                    If it works for you, keep doing it.

                    But. You might want to look into where most “bottled spring water” actually comes from.

                    • I prefer Zephyrhills. I avoid such brands as Dasani because it is tap water and second it is a Coke product.

                      Poland Springs is also good and I buy it when I can’t find Zephyrhills, which is sometimes difficult in the Mid Atlantic.

                    • Thanks.

                      Both Nestlé owned. Not your fault, and massive corporations are hard to avoid. But Nestlé.

                    • Nestle owns almost all of the water bottle companies…. Deerpark, Arrowhead, Perrier, etc. I have a well at home with delicious water, but when I travel it is what it is. At least i am not aiding Coca Cola. 🙂

              • Hi Nicole,

                Indeed; it’s a mess. But one can still buy organic seeds, yes? And while it’s true you can’t do much about the rain, if you live in a rural area, the soil is probably still ok – or at least, not as bad as on a depleted Mega Farm. Are you familiar with Joel Salatin?

              • When I first met my now fortunately ex-wife, she was doing organic gardening in the city. When we moved out into the county, she was utterly shocked by the pest predation on her garden. I explained, “in the city, you may not put pesticides on your garden, but the ground is saturated with them. You get a halo effect from that. No pests can GET to your garden.”

                • My gardens used to have ~50% insect and disease/mold/mildew loss.

                  Switched mostly greenhouse semi-hydroponic growing. Now, in greenhouse, almost zero disease/mold/mildew loss and nearly no insect issues. The few insects that find their way in, find the fly paper and tacky sheets pretty quick.

                  Stuff I move outside still occasionally has issues but is much better than direct in-ground planting. I suspect because they have had time to get strong and healthy in the greenhouse before getting attacked outdoors.

    • I personally think it will take longer to kill, enough time so they can say it wasn’t the “vaccine”.

      I heard one government talking head let the cat out of the bag when they were justifying exempting Big Pharm from lawsuits, “what if something goes wrong 4 years from now?”.

      • Hi J,

        Well, we are already seeing “cases” of people dying – young, healthy people. Teenagers. This may be the leading edge of more; I suspect it is because I suspect the “cases” are being under-reported this time. In any event, we’ll soon know…

      • J, im hoping it comes out sooner so this nightmare can end. The way they keep pushing people (especially the young) to hurry up and take this vaccine makes me feel this is what they are afraid of…. and its become a case of Jim Jones telling people to hurry up and drink the cool aid….. they want as many jabbed as possible before the backlash… Look on any open (or less monitored forum like the daily mail at times) and you will find many comments of people having had side effects after the vaccines….. The mainstream media completely covers it up but im hoping its only a matter of time before the sheep out 2+2 together.

        Also, on a slightly separate note – is it only me who’s thinking the whole gates divorce thing is a ploy to hide the money before people realise whats going on with either this vaccine thing (or something else), and well basically the rope and pitchforks come out….

        • Morning, Nasir!

          I agree with your analysis – and am also hoping (if, indeed, the “vaccine” was meant to kill/harm people) that it becomes apparent sooner rather than later. The degree of urgency is interesting. It suggests what we suspect. We’ll soon see.

        • I am with you, Nasir! I think Gates divorcing (especially now) is to keep the assets protected. The timing is too consequential. I find it hard to fathom that Bill, all of a sudden, has a sweetie on the side and Melinda has had enough. Which then leads to the question….what the hell do they know?

                • Hardly. Touching a 460 volt, 3 phase, piece of machinery has consequences.

                  Most people don’t take my posts that seriously or read that deep into them.

                  • I meant the divorce and financial actions likely have consequences.

                    In other words I was trying to gently excuse what you typed.

                    But by all means, become indignant and insulted. It seems you thrive on it.

                    • Oh, simmer down. I wasn’t being insulting or indignant just tongue in cheek.

                      I don’t know why I rile you so. I feel like I have to constantly be on guard with you.

                      I don’t know if our thinking is that many moons apart or we make it a point to get each’s goat at any available time.

                      We have a weird relationship, A.

                    • “I don’t know why I rile you so”

                      I have explained why on several occasions.

                      Mainly because you act like your shit does not stinks as you befoul the place.

                    • Aww, A. You wound me.

                      I think deep down you secretly like me.

                      Have you ever watched Moonlighting? We are like Maddie and David. On the outskirts they despise each other, but everybody around them knows they don’t.

                      From now on I deem you David, unless of course, you wish to be Maddie.

                    • It is going to be fun, David. I shall look forward to our titillating conversations. 🥂

          • RG – Im wondering – either its the vaccine thing, or Epsteines bird is about to sing in prison…. and as we know gates was apparently friends with him….

            • Nasir,

              Epstein is sunning himself in a beach in Tahiti. There will be no singing. The problem is the rich never do their time. They create some of the most horrific situations that the world has ever seen and they never pay for the destruction that they cause. I hate them. Not because they are rich, but that they get away with everything. Thousands of lives will be lost under Gates vaccines and nothing will become of him. He has screwed so many people and he will never pay the pauper.

        • I would like for this to come out sooner as well. But if you are going to pull off a genocide this huge, you gotta figure they thought this out.

          As to the side effects, my mother took the second jab after I begged her not to and she ended up in ICU with blood clots in both of her lungs and in one of her legs. She is gonna live for now, but I figure she is a dead woman walking now.

          As to Gates’, I suppose hiding money would be good, but this dude has been running around in Mr Rogers’ sweaters for the longest trying to look good to fools. This might be a “royal” move to get themselves on TMZ and other media all the time and push the jab in process of appearing to be in the battle royale of divorces to rival Bezos’.

          • You know J – I was thinking the other day. The media here tells us there have been only 40 or so cases of blood clots from these vaccines. Yet every open forum, twitter group, even dailymail comments when they cant moderate fast enough…. a kid on my team in India…. all talk about stories of someone close who has had blood clots from the jab.

            Which tells me either these 40 people have BIG mounths and spend a lot of time online…. or the media is full of shit….

            • I doubt my mother’s case was even logged or reported to the proper registry.

              What’s worse: My mother said she doesn’t even think the jab did it to her. She said she was feeling something long before the jab. I know she only said it because I warned her not to and she ended up in the hospital. Sorry mom- you taught me to see through BS when you saw through my BS as a child.

              • Hi J,

                Very sorry about your mom. I empathize with you because I expect my mom to be “vaccinated” – she may already have been – and when she dies (she’s 84) it’ll be just because she’s old, not because she got the Jab. Of course, if she had died six months ago, she’d surely have been a “case” and added to the ‘Rona Death Count.

  16. You can multiply the incidence of the VAERS numbers by nearly 100 because a Harvard Medical School study found that fewer than 1% of events are reported.

    Electronic Support for Public Health–Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS)

    “Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”

  17. It smacks of something ugly – of something evil.

    Or the mother of all coverups. Trying to close the Pandora’s box that was in that damn lab in Wuhan? A chest cold is an act of God or nature. A genetically manipulated cold virus, in a world where anyone can sequence DNA for a few bucks? When that gets into the wild is a liability, not an ugly mistake.

    The story keeps bubbling up, about that damn lab in Wuhan. Funded by the WHO, by the US and other countries. That damn lab in Wuhan. Where they engineered viruses. And locked them up in Pandora’s box. Until she opened it. Oh she didn’t mean to open it, but nobody’s perfect, not even the CCP.

      • Thanks for that link RK, good read. Glad they mentioned Saint Fauci’s involvement in all this. “Gain of function”, taking something bad and making it worse – what a great idea. We need to burn the Wuhan lab (and all the other ones working on germ warfare) to the ground, then string up Fauci and his cohorts.

      • I use pandora’s box quite a bit. I especially like that the greatest evil, if it being stuffed all the way down into the box bottom is any indication (it is), was hope.

        But maybe even better than an oldie-goodie greek myth is pan troglodyte’s barrel of wise(guy) monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Da’ nile.

        And if a levee breaks, or a dam gives way, just do like the headshrinkers permission for pay: reframe it. There, all better now.

        Feelin’ good was good enough for me & my bobby mcferrin mcgee.

  18. If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.

    No, you can’t sue the manufacturer. But if your place of employment requires it you can bankrupt them. Employers will test the waters but once they realize they are responsible for ‘adverse reactions’ it will end rather quickly.

    • Hi Cheddar,

      I wonder. I expect these corporations will have their puppet politicians change that law, too. A creature such as Mittens Romney, for example, will be happy to help.

  19. I think there must be a self-affirming genetic memory that the jab is something to run towards, kinda like women’s breasts – a life-giving serum that was essential to activate a human life.

    Or else it conferred a kind of protection as a last step in the human making assembly line.

    Something about the joy in getting the jab makes me suspicious. Maybe in mankind’s early creation a pleasant association was made with the needle in order to later sub-consciously attract the zombies homeward toward decommissioning.

    • Your suspicion is warranted, but probably not for the reasons you think:


      The department is using the reach of local Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube influencers.

      “The goal is we hope that you would trust them with their advice on the vaccine as well,” said Fleming.

      This is the second time the health department is pushing its message out through paid social media posts. The first time being at the end of last year, to try and deter people from gathering and traveling for the holidays. Fleming said it worked.

      “We reached 55% of Oklahoma County residents who are aged 13 to 45 which is huge. We reached more than 200,000 people,” she explained.

      This time, the influencer campaign is aimed at people 18 to 35 years old; a group Fleming said has some hesitations about the shots.

      I would guess that most of the extremely happy people are getting compensated for getting the shot. Oh sure there are always the useful idiots, but they’re just emulating their leaders.

      • Morning, RK!

        There is a term for people who get paid to sell something without making it clear they’re being paid to sell it: Shill.

        • Mooch was what some salespeople used to call those they sold to. Whether sellers getting paid is explicit, or not, Sysiphus’hills the boulder all by themselves…& Atlas can’t convince any of them to shrug, not even by example.

          The mooches were worrisome enough. The prospect of shedding spike proteins & infecting-“vaccinating” others thereby, if true, would be much worse.

  20. The state has pretty much obtained ownership of children and weaponized them against us.

    What would possess someone to become a parent today?!?

    • Handler,

      Too lazy to pull out.

      Too lazy to go to the abortion clinic.

      Just motivated enough to gather the government largesse.

    • “What would possess someone to become a parent today?!?”

      In most cases, a woman demanding a child. My dad admitted it to me in my twenties. Many of my (now not) friends in the past told me the same. The wife wanted a child and they caved. Idiots.

      That is the ones that did not get trapped by the ‘unexpected’ pregnancy of their ‘on the pill’ girlfriends. Amazing how many couples (no longer) I knew that the pill failed. Even more amazing, the guys believed it the second time it happened with the next wife/GF.

      My favorite though was my oldest friend. He was sterile. No swimmers at all. His girlfriend did not know this until she told him she was pregnant with ‘his’ child. Her excuses and rationalizations were hilarious. To this day, she still claims it is his child but won’t allow a paternity test.

    • I am fighting the left’s anti family and climate change agenda by having had 3 kids. My wife and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 25 years. I teach my kids libertarian values, and my wife is even mostly on board with that (although she is more practically concerned with day to day operations than with long term political challenges). We mesh well because we are different, but have a lot in common if that makes sense. I wish everyone who wanted to could find such a compatible spouse as I was lucky enough to find.

      If you choose not to reproduce (due to choice or inability) that is your business, but I chose to help overpopulate the earth with little free thinking, carbon emitting, independent, rebellious questioners of authority.

      But by denigrating the traditional family, you are siding with the radical left to further their agenda of satanic state worship and dependence.

      As for the side effects of the jab on children, my kids will not have the jab administered if I can help it. I would commit great violent atrocities on anyone who would dare to try.

      Parents who allow their children to get these unknown toxins injected are in my opinion human cattle who do not possess the slightest shred of common sense or critical thinking skills.

      • For the last year or so I keep hearing about tradition and fighting socialists with fetuses.

        From a moral argument it is always wrong to drag extra humans into this shitshow just so that they can be made tax slaves for the State and be forced to suffer a far worse existence than we already are. It’s selfish to hold any expectation for a new human to put up with this shit especially as some kind of righteous means of combatting the assholes we are personally faced with. Man that doesn’t even make sense. The kids didn’t ask to be dropped into dealing with our problems that we’ve thus far failed to correct.

        I’m not even trying to be a dick here, I’m just saying, holding that position actively causes harm, and it’s sad to see people continue stubbornly rationalizing it.

        Even if you think you can raise them right or provide better, there’s no guarantee that some horrible tragedy doesn’t befall you as a parent only to see them sent into the foster care system and brainwashed by socialists.

        Nevermind all the other horrors the State’s got in store for individuals regardless of natural rights. This life ain’t a gift.

        • Hi Moose,

          Indeed. In a sad way, I’m glad I haven’t got kids – because it means they can’t be used against me. A person in my position – propagator and practitioner of Wrongthink – is more easily brought to heel via the leverage of family. On the other hand, without kids, the race dies. And that’s even sadder.

        • Life was never a gift. There was a period of ~50 years in the late 20th century-early 21st century, where it was much better by several metrics for people on certain tax slave plantations, primarily due to the amount of freedom those slaves were allowed to have. Perhaps it was better because the sociopaths in charge were fattening us up for the kill, but by and large it was an easier life for some people. Outside of that period, life has been mostly miserable for the majority of the human race with early deaths, wars, disease, unassailable leaders, exposure to the elements, etc. But using that as an excuse for not creating children is synonymous with suicide. Unless they let you have a fleet of robots to make your cushy lifestyle continue for a microscopically-small cosmic period, more humans are necessary. Especially, if the monstrous ghouls that plague us in their positions of power argue against that. Out of spite, their wet dreams should be defied and every step.

          That doesn’t mean it will be easy or even “good” for any kids. Good times create weak men, soft men create hard times, and the hard times will turn the coming children into barbarians to survive, many of which will make Mao and Stalin look like amateurs. Hopefully, they’ll, at least accidentally, get justice for some of their forbears. I’ll be dead soon enough, so I won’t see it.

          The real fear is that the untouchables on top of this slave pyramid have found a way to lock in their dream of universal slavery for decades, if not centuries. The weakness of our fellow slaves has certainly made it more possible. My personal level of misanthropy has reached critical levels over the past several years, making old relationships seem like time-wasting liabilities considering the voting patterns, decadent proclivities, and philosophical leanings of “friends” and mindless family. Hating the prospect of children is understandable, but it’s all we have. A empty house full of video games, automobiles, and pornography is a pathetic legacy for any man to leave in his wake. I’d hate to see a world like that in “Children of Men,” which will make our current troubles look like the “cakewalk” the Chimp promised us in hapless Babylon. Granted, that’s a movie from the coastal propaganda pushers, but I can’t help but think certain people see that as Utopia and not the final slide into Hell.

          • Hi Meggido,

            I find your post fascinating from a psychological angle. I agree with you to stop producing children dissolves the human population (at least those of developed countries). Currently, the US and Europe are suffering from the lowest birth rates in a century, where mass childbearing is accelerating in developing countries. It is a turning point in history – the Anglo Saxon will be depleted and another culture/society will take its place. We are approaching interesting times.

            • Hi RG,

              Indeed. I know very few people who’ve had more kids than necessary to increase the sum and most have had only one – or none – insufficient to replace themselves. The why is quite understandable. While it is possible to have kids and not go broke, it is not easy. Then there’s divorce and all that portends – a 50 percent chance for first marriages, too. I never thought it’d happen to me. It did. Then add government – the myriad laws that apply to parents – and kids. A huge disincentive for the liberty-minded to have them.

              It’s all very sad, though.

            • RG, in 1947, Caucasians numbered 660 million, out of a population of 2 billions. In 2005, Caucasians numbered 700 millions out of population of 6.5 billions. Caucasians went from 1/3 of population to 12% of the world’s population.

              • Hi to5,

                There is no doubt that the Protestant Anglo Saxon is becoming a thing of the past. History is evolving and the new focus will be in African countries including the Middle East for population growth. I think world migration will end up being one of the largest impacts (and something rarely discussed) relating to our changing world.

      • Amen, Philo. It is wonderful to read posts like yours. The destruction of the nuclear family is how the government has been able to retain a hold on the youngest minds and their ability to control them. Speaking with many millennials and older Gen Zers I am not surprised how several have no desire to marry or start a family. I find this sad. Many have already thrown up their hands and declared the war has been lost before the first shot has been fired.

        • I agree, RG –

          If I’d met my gf ten years ago, I’d probably have been up for kids – with her. She’s squared away. But now? I’m too damned tired and there’s just too much government, everywhere – and creatures who worship it like Stalin’s chicken. So, I do my best to corrupt the youth in my circle!

          • Don’t throw in the towel, Eric! Charlie Chaplin had his 11th at the tender age of 73. You still have two decades to make up your mind.

            • In Australia a few years ago, a 92 year old man impregnated his 36 year old Fijian wife. The old man passed away at 98.

              • Hi To5,

                Biologically capable of fathering children is one thing – being a father (and husband) another. I’m still capable of all three, I suppose – but the clock ticks inexorably and the main deterrent for me is being chained to the system. Were it not for such outrages as being forced to pay rent to the government on the house I paid for years ago and all the rest of it, I could support myself and a wife/kid without having to constantly worry about money. But that worry is impossible to not have unless you are rich and can easily afford to avoid all the taxes – and have enough money, regardless, to pay the ones you can’t avoid without needing to earn more money.

          • Eric,

            As RG mentions, it is very important that the herd of human livestock is not only replenished but continues to grow.

            You don’t want to be responsible for dissolving the human livestock population.

            The US and Europa are suffering Eric. Suffering from the lowest birth rates in the past 100 years.

            The road to serfdom is paved with the bodies of the Liberty minded. It’s time for you to make the sacrifice and lay down a couple of bricks from your loins.

            Besides Eric you can take advantage of the many tax benefits of being a parent. Ask your professional accountant for more details.

        • Thank you RG. It saddens me to hear people in this forum seemingly sliding down the slippery slope of nihilism. It leads to hell on earth for all involved.

          I hate to sound like one of those damned feminist abortion advocates who say “if you don’t have a uterus, you can’t have an opinion on abortion”, but really, the fact is, if you do not have kids, you can not fully know or take part in the joys that this gift we call life has to offer. And THEY know this. The left, those haters of humanity KNOW that the family unit, a strong, healthy family unit is the single biggest threat to their agenda, and everything they do is based on destroying that.

          I still have some selfish motivations for fighting the fight for freedom, but mostly it is for my kids and their future. I can’t imagine that I’d be even 1% as motivated without the need to love and protect someone other than myself.

          • “if you do not have kids, you can not fully know or take part in the joys that this gift we call life has to offer”

            Did you mean to sound so superior and sanctimonious?
            I would be curious as to how you could even make this determination. Have you lived both sides?

          • Philo,

            “my kids and their future”

            Judging from what I see, your kids are jolly well fucked.

            However, if you encourage them to become a licensed professional and serve at the pleasure of Govco, they may be able to eke out a living.

            Who knows, maybe your grandkids will be born with ten fingers too.

            • “Judging from what I see, your kids are jolly well fucked.”

              People of every age throughout history no doubt said the same. Yet we go on. Life uh… finds a way. LOL

              • “Life uh… finds a way”

                I never said man was not resilient.

                Look at all the bullshit we are currently tolerating.

          • Hi Philo,

            I agree with your assessment….when there is someone more important than one’s self I believe we fight harder whether that be children, spouse, parent, or even the family pet.

            My kids are teenagers now, but never once in my life have I regretted having them or felt their life was anything but a gift. I would put myself between them and a bullet (or a jab) any day. I would say the same about my husband. We are a unit and we stick together come hell or high water.

            I don’t share some people’s view of eternal pessimism. I believe the next few years will be rough going not only as a country, but on the world stage as well. Americans have always had tenacity to make it through tough times. People are natural survivors and animal instinct kicks in when it must. We may have been coddled for the last generation or two and are due for a wake up call, but we will pull through this and brighter days are ahead.

            • RG,

              “when there is someone more important than one’s self”

              Someone has been watching Triumph of the Will again.

              Have you ever read The Virtue of Selfishness?

              • Hi T,

                I admire Rand for a number of reasons, but she was also – I submit – a profoundly disturbed person. Her treatment of her “circle” is one obvious example. No one’s perfect – me included – but the point as regards Rand is she seemed to think she was.

                • Morning Eric,

                  Rand gave us Mr. Gold Standard so that in itself speaks volumes about her circle.

                  Have you read The Virtue of Selfishness? Or Introduction To Objectivist Epistemology?

                  RG is a very astute propagandist for the state. She parrots Goebbels and the various and sundry economists who publish for the Federal Reserve.

                  I am just curious to see if she has ever been exposed to anything that wasn’t pro state, pro corporation, or pro selflessness.

                  The possibility exists, however remotely, that she doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know she doesn’t know.

                  But I’ve never read anyone else on your website that has been so consistently and “perfectly” anti life.

                  • Hi T,

                    I’ve read all of Rand’s works, I’m pretty sure. Also Leonard Peikoff’s. Rand’s circle was more like a cult – with Rand playing the role of the leader not to be questioned rather than a teacher. She also embraced the militarist/warfare state – a major contradiction in her thinking; much of her work (and her heroes) has a Leni Riefenstahl vibe. Her contribution to awakening people, especially as regards the importance of being precise with terms and consistent with regard to principles, are nonetheless of great value.

                    But I take her with a gran of salt!

                    • Eric-just curious but do you have a cite for Rand’s embrace of the militarist warfare state? I recall from her Capitalism: The Unkown Ideal Chapter 2 “The Roots of War” quite the opposite. To quote “Laissez-faire capitalism is the only social system based on the recognition of individual rights and, therefore, the only system that bans force from social relationships. By the nature of its basic principles and interests, it is the only system fundamentally opposed to war.”

                    • Hi Zek,

                      It’s been a long while, but I recall her writing in support of “America’s rights” and “national interest” – which of course flies in the face of the individualism espoused by libertarians. Whom she regarded as “hippies” – just of the right….

                    • Morning Eric,

                      “Rand’s circle was more like a cult – with Rand playing the role of the leader”.

                      According to Joey Rothbard, Rand sent one of her underlings to inform Murray Rothbard that, if he wished to remain in “the collective”, he must divorce Joey because she was a Christian.


                    • Replying here because thread ran out: I agree Rand is complicated and know that she derided libertarianism and split with the likes of Rothbard. She also argues for the existence of gov’t and against “anarcho” as well as some other pet libertarian theories like competing gov’ts.

                      If you’ve read Garet Garret’s stuff (an acknowledged friend, contemporary of and influence on Rand) you may notice some interesting parallels, even maybe some unacknowledged borrowings by Rand. Justin Raimondo, now deceased and formerly of antiwar.com, wrote an essay or two about this. Of course, mainline Rand types dispute it vigorously. What does it mean? I don’t really know other than for the Liberty minded, Garret’s works are worth reading as well.

                    • Hi Hatteraszek,

                      Rand’s position on war is pretty incoherent. In the abstract she condemned it unambiguously, calling it the “second greatest evil that human societies can perpetrate”, but she sometimes supported particular instances of it.

                      She believed that merely being born somewhere was not sufficient to establish a right to live there. She also believed that those living under a dictatorship or in a “primitive” society had no property rights and that it was acceptable, even proper, for an advanced society, that respects property rights, to conquer the “lesser” society.

                      She claimed to be guided solely by Reason, but her position on war is rationally incoherent and driven by her overwhelming cultural bias against those she deemed “savages”.

                      In 1974 she addressed students at West Point. In the Q & A session, she commented on Native American genocide. The views she expresses are impossible to reconcile with the NAP (which she supported). They are also not confined specifically to Native Americans, but offer a twisted Randian “Just War theory”. The theory she presents would effectively justify any US invasion of any country deemed insufficiently protective of advanced Western civilization, especially individual rights.

                      The relevant portion begins at the 9:30 mark of this video.


                      Here is a link, that includes the text, to just that part, though it comes from a site called “Reich-Wing Watch”. So decide for yourselves whether the text is worth increasing his click count.



            • I second – and amen – this, RG.

              Never give up – and never give in. It’s not that we’re necessarily better.It’s that we’re not losers – defined by giving in and giving up.

              • Right now I am sitting on the back porch of a beach house watching the sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean with a coffee in my hand. Nothing but water can be seen for miles on end, the waves are calm, not a cloud in the sky, and it smells like sea and salt. There are days like this that I can be at peace and realize that nature is one of the most beautiful and pristine God given graces that we take for granted.

                • Hatteraszek,

                  Greenspan was also a big proponent of foreign entanglements.

                  CFR member and all that goes along with that.

                  Someone once said (when talking about Rand and Greenspan), “While I don’t condone the Jewish genocide, I do understand it.”

                • Must be, unless I’m missing something. As you probably know, there are a few Greenspan essays in that same book. All trenchant, including his famous defense of gold. Truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. BTW, I agree that The Virtue of Selfishness is powerful, mind altering stuff that cuts through conditioning. I’d put it in my top 5 most influential Liberty oriented texts.

                  • Jeremy and Hat,

                    I think Rand is an example of “giving us a leader who will lead us to defeat.”

                    How many great minds withdrew their talents after reading Atlas?

                    What could have been?

                    How many said fuck it I’ll have a beer instead of taking Westinghouse to the next level. (Trying to keep it railroad related.)

                    Remember the original title was The Strike. How many minds actually went on strike?

                    • The Jetsons came out 5 years or so after Atlas.

                      What became of the aerocar?

                      Instead of the aerocar we have the A-380. Essentially a giant cattle trailer with wings.

                      Rosie the robot? Well we do have the Roomba to clean and surveil our homes.

                      And we did get FaceTime. Attached to our 24/7 personal surveillance device.

                      What happened to the next Preston Tucker? He must be working in Galt’s gulch.

                      They say Atlas is the second best selling book of all time.

                      I’m hard pressed to find an example of an “advancement” since then that hasn’t been used to kill, monitor, or otherwise retard the progress of the human race

                    • T: this is an expansive topic. Here’s my 2 cents. I don’t see Rand offering a leader, rather I see her offering 2 options to secure Liberty. The first is her most prominent and well known, passivity, or a strike by producers to collapse the parasitical class. IMHO, this may be happening now even if not motivated ideologically by Rand but rather as a felicitous outcome in response to the human tendency towards hubris, i.e., printing money endlessly and believing it will retain value. The second, which appears to be a much later and more minor aspect of Rand’s views, was via aggression by a State dedicated to Liberty and staying true to original principles by decisively acting against the enemies of liberty in a sort of perpetual self defense. I think by now this avenue has been fully foreclosed beyond the severe (and this does not constitute an endorsement by this commenter) measures of secession and/or a contest over control of the State.

                    • Hat,

                      I’ll have to don my New Balance/peripatetics and saunter about the local tax farm.

                      Let’s see how far your 7 grams of copper plated zinc will get me.

  21. OSHA Just weighed in:


    “If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.”

    Karl Denninger has a good write up over at Market-Ticker:


    • This just made my day. I’ve been thinking for a while that, while Pharma can kill as many as they want without any repercussions, employers won’t get that same immunity. Now it’s in the books.

  22. I’m pretty sure each of these teens, and also the recently vaccinated and now dead two year old, died of anxiety.

    • All of Eric’s posts have been on point, you just for some insane reason support face diapering but not needling, so you find half of them unpleasant. Eric has already explained that diapering leads to needling and he’s 100% right.

      • Thanks, Robert!

        It seems obvious to me that Diapering sets the predicate for Needling. It lends visual legitimacy to the whole narrative of weaponized hypochondria. There’s a crisis! We must take steps!

        If it is reasonable rather than deranged for people to walk around with those things on their faces – then it is necessary for them to get a thing injected in them.

  23. “Why aren’t these “cases” – as well as the roughly 4,000 and counting “cases” of permanent “adverse effects” since December”

    Please re-check your numbers. As I understand it, around 4000 DEATHS. Though I will grant death falls under *permanent “adverse effects”*

  24. I’ve been reading a lot of the research results in peer reviewed journals about the ‘rona, and I’ve decided that for me, it’s a net win to get the vaccine, while for my young kid, it’s a net loss, so I won’t be vaccinating him, and my wife thankfully is on board with that. He’s in an age group where vaccines aren’t available yet, so the school can’t require it.

    What I fear, though, is that schools will require a ‘rona vaccine to attend. Here in CA, it doesn’t matter if it’s public or private, it’s up to the state. So, this mandate will come, and I’m sure the vaccine will be approved for all kids because of politics and a culture of fear of the wrong thing. What do I do then? Do my wife and I give up our jobs and try to start our lives anew in a new state? It’s not easy for middle aged people, but certainly doable. What if this new state requires vaccinations? Home school? School from home has taught me that my son needs companionship, and gets depressed alone.

    • In re homeschool: We have homeschooled for years, and the second reaction we get (first is “I could never do that!”) is “do they get around other kids” (or some variation of it).

      Besides being involved in homeschool co-ops where parents (computer scientists, nurses, economists, chemists, etc.) teach groups of kids, our kids are or were involved in baseball, basketball, golf, swim, cheer, 4H, church, mission trips, field trips, drama, music, debate, and on and on. They have had no limit to “socialization.”

      Don’t let myths get in the way of the reality for your son. Vaxxing him in order to keep him in “school” would be a poor trade-off, IMO.

        • I’m not on FB or social media, but that might be a place to start. Also, our county’s Board of Ed maintains a list of homeschool co-ops, believe it or not. (They do homeschool oversight and are fairly supportive of hs families.) Christian schools or other private schools also often maintain relationships with and even oversight of homeschool co-ops.

          Speaking of oversight, I don’t know how much or little your county gets involved in these things. The bottom line, however, is that your son is YOUR child, not theirs.

          • and I should add that our family is under a private school for advice and support, and as long as our child meets their requirements, will receive a high school diploma from the school itself at graduation. We do NOT share our homeschool info with our county’s public school program.

        • OL,


          Did it with one of my ex’s kids.

          They were out of Ann Arbor (yes, she still is a whore), now I believe they are international.

    • OppositeLock:

      Let’s try this together: NO!

      The vaccines are experimental and not yet approved by the FDA. Federal law prohibits medical experiments without consent. You also might want to consider the Dutch Reformist church as one of its tenants is opposition to vaccinations. You can assert a religious exemption.

      It’s not difficult. Put your fear aside and say NO! NO! NO! NO! Don’t give in to the bastards. If an adverse effect were to happen, could you live with yourself?

    • Hi OL,

      I have homeschooled mine since kindergarten. A good place to first try is https://hslda.org/legal. This will give you a run down of your state’s homeschooling requirements. In VA we have something called HEAV, which is the Homeschoolers Educators Association of Virginia. Your state may have something similar. This is an excellent place to start because it provides you how to get started, what your county can and cannot require, various curriculums, etc.

      Many parents concerns are socialization. It is a bit overblown because as long as you get the kids out of the house there is constant interaction taking place. I believe it is important to have children mingling with other children, which can be handled by participation in almost anything: sports, music, arts, etc.

      I am more of an unschooler, because my kids learn the best that way, but you can tailor the structure on what works for your individual child.

      If you have any questions I am happy to help.

      • RG,

        “ This will give you a run down of your state’s homeschooling requirements. ”

        Why is that important RG?

        It seems to me the most important goal of the parent would be a proper education.

        Why are you constantly shilling for Govco RG?

      • RG,

        “If you have any questions I am happy to help.”

        I’m sure you are happy to help.


        What is you motivation?

        Why must you lead the way in the compliance industry?

        • Tuan:

          Perhaps you’re being a bit over-critical of RG. I think she’s just trying to help, even providing some direction as to “what [OL’s] county can and cannot require.”

      • I second the HSLDA as a source for scanning thru your state’s reporting requirements. You need to keep the state at bay concerning truancy laws. Part of the evil of public (i.e. to say government) schools, is confiscatory taxes, forced attendance and tenured teachers. the wedge they drive into the homeschooling movement is reporting regulations and truancy laws.

        I would also recommend a correspondence-type school, (ala Mother of Divine Grace, and others) as they are a tremendous help. You pay for their service, of course, but you get a curriculum, they keep the records, the student is accountable to a 3rd party (they always try real hard to pull stuff on Mom!), and with computer technology (zoom meetings, etc.), it is not just the parents alone, fending for themselves.

      • Morning, RG!

        I’ve mentioned this before, but I thunk it bears mentioning again: If a person chooses to have children, going forward, it might be sound to have them off the books. Home birth, no Social Security number. What the government does not know about it cannot Jab or sic CPS on. I submit things are so bad that such a measure is justified. Why is a couple’s decision to have children any of the government’s business at all?

        • Eric,

          “ If a person chooses to have children, going forward, it might be sound to have them off the books. Home birth, no Social Security number. ”

          What a horrible idea to express to RG Eric.

          Besides the obvious fact that no child could survive a home birth, let alone a life untagged without a SSN.

          But geez-o-Peters!

          How is RG going to be able to help the parents? Her forms require a SSN.

          How can the parent’s tithe be adjusted without a deduction?

          What about the trust funds?

          The earned income credits?

          You ask us to be civil on your website Eric. How can you make such terrible statement?

          While I agree that it is not Govco‘s business, it IS RG’s business to see that everyone is accounted for.

          Why are you being so mean to RG Eric?

          Can’t you think of the forms? How will the parents of these untagged children possibly be able to allocute without RG’s help?

        • John (the) Savage?

          “it might be sound to have them off the books”

          Probably not. Encounter an AGW and they demand ‘proof of purchase’ they will CPS your ass immediately. Then probably lock you up for ‘kidnapping’ as you have nothing to prove it is your child. Sounds crazy but anyone think it is not going to happen?

          Having kids in the West is now the same as welding the shackles to your own ankles. They are the lever the government will use to move you, like it or not.

          My advice to young men today, (sadly)

          1. Don’t marry.
          2. Get a vasectomy.
          3. Don’t let a woman move in.

          • Hi Anon,

            I don’t dispute anything you say; however, I disagree with your conclusions – because to agree with them amounts to a solitary, dead-end life and (ultimately) the death of the race. Or at least, the death of the better parts thereof. I’m getting too old – and tired – to have kids. But I often regret it.

            • “to agree with them amounts to a solitary, dead-end life”

              Strange assumption.

              Many married folks I know are leading “a solitary, dead-end life”, while still living with the other parent of the children. They are no longer in love and are only together for the children and appearances.

              You were married. You escaped mostly unscathed, which is extremely rare.

              Would a vasectomy make any difference to you?

              Does your girlfriend live with you? Would you have her move in? ( I would not expect you to wish to publicly answer this, but think about it )

              ” and (ultimately) the death of the race” – IMO, I don’t care. Moreover I think bringing children into the world in the state it is in to be cruel.

              I did say “My advice to young men today, (**sadly**)”
              I don’t like my advice and wish I did not feel it required, but I think it is good advice.

              Have a girlfriend, see people, live life….. just avoid the waiting traps (my point).

            • Eric,

              “a solitary, dead-end life”

              You come into this world alone.

              Birth carries with it a death sentence.

              As a general rule, when you die you’re the solitary dead person in the room.

              Afterwards you visit your local friendly licensed professional necrophiliac/mortician. Get neatly packaged and disposed of.

              Unless you’re of the body Eric…

              • All true, T –

                The thing – for me – is to try to find some light, some joy. And not just for myself. I say this as a natural cynic and skeptic. Life can be beautiful – including the propagation of life. Someone brought us all into this world and cared for us. We – as the Greeks used to say – owe a cock to Asclepius – do we not?

                • Eric,

                  “We – as the Greeks used to say – owe a cock to Asclepius – do we not?”

                  I think we have been sacrificing a few hens as well

                  What is the annual body count from iatrogenesis?

                • Eric,

                  “ The thing – for me – is to try to find some light, some joy. ”

                  The cunning linguist that you are, you probably know the word for what you describe.


          • “ My advice to young men today, (sadly)

            1. Don’t marry.
            2. Get a vasectomy.
            3. Don’t let a woman move in.”

            Numero uno.

            Would you continue to climb ladders if the chance of falling off was greater than 50%?

            Vasectomy? Good luck getting a doctor to approve/perform one if you are childless. Like all licensed professionals, doc owes his allegiance to the state.

            As to your tertiary, a vagina will likely turn out to be one of the most annoying and and costly things in a home.

            Marriage is a mental illness.

            Children are a sexually transmitted disease.

            • Like my friend married to a bi-polar used to say, I love three of my wives, two not so much and one is a complete C….

              Women are great, sometimes. Sometimes they are awful. Men are the same.

              The concept of forever binding yourself (in theory) to another, when anyone paying attention knows peoples personalities and values often change drastically with time, seems weird to me. Watching several marriages (including my parents) dissolve, educated me plenty.

              One girlfriend a few years back pushed hard for marriage. I asked why she would want to bring another party into our relationship. She didn’t get it. She didn’t last either. Partly because she wanted things but was not aware of why enough to explain. It was like dealing with a 5 year old.

            • Hi T,

              Marriage is definitely problematic when 50 percent of them fail. Even if it were only 20 percent, those odds are not appealing. Would you take a vaccine with a 20 percent chance of bad side effects? Of course, the main problem with marriage isn’t the institution. It’s the government. I think a commitment between two people is laudable. In a way, we all do this with friends – and even pets. A commitment between a man and a woman, especially if they intend to produce children, can benefit all parties to the contract. But the problem with the government-anointed contract is it’s not really a contract at all but more like at-will employment. Either party can “fire” the other almost at whim. And in many cases, this can have enormous financial as well as emotional repercussions.

              When the culture respected marriage – and family – marriage was less ephemeral. I don’t suggest that it is good for people no longer compatible or happy to remain married. I merely suggest that respect for marriage is so low as to make it far less meaningful than it used to be. And I think it’s not unrelated that the decline of respect for marriage and family has tracked with the decline of civility, generally.

              • Eric,

                “Marriage is definitely problematic when 50 percent of them fail.”

                Something, something, and expecting a different result.

              • Do we believe marriage was any better a generation or two ago? Were people happier? IMHO, the answer is no. Divorce was considered unacceptable to most cultures and one would “suck it up.” They looked for satisfaction outside of the marriage. Today, the divorce rate is hovering around 42% with 70% of all divorces initiated by women. The average age of divorce is 30 years of age with an average span of 8 years.

                What makes some marriages successful and others not? Is there a fundamental requirement to make a marriage survivable or is it as simple as the two people involved? We know an individual changes over time. What we think at 20 rarely mirrors what we think at 40 or 50.

                I remember asking my mother what made a marriage work. I remember her answer word for word “Both people have to have the same goals. They can have opposite interests, but at the end of the day they must share the same values and strive for the same future.”

                I have been with the same guy for almost 25 years. We have differing opinions, different interests, but our view of the future and what we want from it is the same.

                I think many people live for the day and don’t put a lot of thought on what tomorrow holds. It is about getting through the current issue or trouble and thoughts aren’t usually concentrated on 5, 10, or 30 years down the road. When a couple stops thinking about “us” and starts thinking about “me” is when problems occur because the fundamentals and goals have changed.

    • If you do end up leaving, please remember why you left and don’t attempt to recreate the foul place you left in your new home.

      • x1000

        As someone in a free state being invaded, I’m disheartened by the very real possibility that these people are bringing their cancer with them.

        • Haha, as someone who grew up in a communist country, my anti-communist blood runs hot. I live in CA, but I have never voted for any Democrat, and actively lobbied against them.

    • Senor Liberty,

      The Sonderkommandos were just trying to help as well.

      “what [OL’s] county can and cannot require.”

      Funny RG didn’t mention what the county can do.

      So I’ll tell you what the county can do.

      Anything up to an including the killing of OL and the children. That’s the reality of what the county can do.

      It doesn’t really matter if OL and the family is in compliance with the dictats that RG wants everyone to be educated about. If the county has deemed OL to be out of compliance, the county will make whatever adjustments to OL, et al, that the county sees fit.

      OL knows this.

      OL is trying to avoid compliance in order to provide the best learning environment for the progeny.

      RG is the helper, Hilflinge, who will help one to defeat.

      Perhaps you are being a bit too kind to the person who consistently directs her fellow travelers down the road to serfdom?

      Seriously Liberty, how is it going to work out for OL?

      “The county can’t do that. I’m well within my rights…”

      So Child Services show up, strip the kids naked, and put them in foster care.

      And guess what is required at the foster home Mr. Liberty?

      Can you tell us what the message is in the messenger RNA?

        • Hi Mister,

          I’d advise anyone to very carefully consider the unknown risks of taking this “vaccine” – produced by known-to-be untrustworthy pharmaceutical cartels, who’ve immunized themselves from liability – against the well-known risks of the ‘Rona, which are slight unless you are elderly and in poor health. Even then, it’s arguably less risky for those people to just take precautions, as people used to do before hypochondria was weaponized.

        • Mister Liberty,

          “Tuan: So what’s your advice for OL then?”


          I can’t attest to what it is today, but 25-30 years ago it kicked ass.

      • Tuanorea…If you want to know what the message is in messenger RNA, try taking a biology class at your local community college…This message will self destruct in *** minutes.

        • Semper fidelis,

          I more inclined to think the messenger RNA might be individualized.

          Why the by appointment?

          I know that a lethal gene as well as a fluorescent gene have been successfully introduced in some species.

          Little disappointed John. Was expecting a bit more “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome” than take a biology class.

          • Oooorrraaaah T.
            Sometimes that old acronym KISS is the best road traveled. Plus, took me 5 hours to come up with that suggestion! I thought it a good one…..From a Jarhead of course.

          • Semper fidelis,

            Even some of us chAir Force folk picked up a rudimentary knowledge of biology.

            I even read the Boys From Brazil and saw the movie.

            But I can’t help but wonder why the need for an appointment. Perhaps there are different shots for different people.

            Only 5 hours?

  25. Any parent who pushes this poison, because that is what it is, poison, on their children should be thown under the jail for child abuse. This is disgusting that these parents are so brainwashed they would do this to their kids. I will not allow my family to become lab rats for the government and pharmaceutical industry!

  26. That’s why it’s foolish to wait for govco to say it’s OK NOT to have the jab, diapers, businesses operating at 25% capacity, etc.

    NO is the most powerful weapon an individual has.


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