Reader Question: A Room Full of Faces?

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Here’s the latest reader question – more of a report, actually – along with my reply!

Peter writes: Last Wednesday evening, my wife and I went to a meeting of our town’s Republican club. The headline event was the two Republican candidates running in a primary race for a judgeship position were to speak. The small hall was filled with about 200 people. Seating was six to eight at as table. Some people had no seats and had to stand along the wall. In attendance were mayors from two neighboring towns and a number of town councilmen. Not a single person in the room had a Face Diaper on! Not one. Not the young, not the old. Not the ones running for judge, not the mayors, not the guy running the meeting. And nor did anybody seem to pay any attention to social distancing. And nobody said a word about it. It was like normal times again.

I think Diaper Mania is fading. Only fools believe Face Diapers are effective. I think those that wear them fall into two categories. First are the sheeple. They wear Diapers because everyone else does and the “authorities” tell them to. The second group are those who mostly want to avoid hassles. Left to their own devices, this second group would tear the Diaper off in a second. I contrast our town meeting with the speech J.O. Biden gave to congress last week. I saw photos. All the elected idiots there were spaced far apart and all had their dumb-ass Diapers on. Those representatives with any sense stayed away. And that’s what’s leading America. God help us …. but why should He?

My reply: This is happy news, to which I’ll add one small correction. It’s not that Face Diapers aren’t “effective.” It’s that it’s sick to presume everyone is sick and treat everyone as if they are sickness-spreaders. This is crucially important – to identify it and reject it. Because if it is accepted as a legitimate basis for controlling – for punishing – people, then why not also control and punish them for (among the endless possibilities) the rape they might commit? The gun they might shoot? The car they might drive “too fast”?

Where does it end?

The answer is, it doesn’t. Unless we end it, first.

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  1. This is certainly encouraging news. I have talked with several people who seem to be skeptical of most things but aren’t yet ready to go all in on the skepticism about the convid narrative.

    Glad to see that there are plenty who are throwing off their shackles.

  2. Could it be that a significant number of those embracing the mask are doing nothing more nor less than hiding one of the most effective aspects of communication, in order to hide their intent? Too keep from having to accurately communicate? It is a fact that about half of our communication is by facial expression. I could call an acquaintance a mother effer, and depending on my facial expression it could be a term of endearment, or a grave insult. If one is wearing a mask, the acquaintance has no idea what they mean.


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