Gun Control… For “The Children”

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Pediatricians Call for Rolling Back Second Amendment to Protect Kids

Kurt Nimmo
October 18, 2012

The American Academy of Pediatrics is calling for “the strictest possible regulation of gun sales, as well as more education for parents on the dangers of having a gun at home” to prevent the death of children, according to Reuters.

The organization released its recommendation to coincide with the AAP National Conference that will be held on October 20-23 in New Orleans. The conference works on the “psychosocial needs of child disaster victims” and liaisons with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

A statement by researchers published in the journal Pediatrics admits that gun-related deaths among children has dropped since the mid-1990s, but states that the rate “is still many times higher than rates in other wealthy countries.”

Most “wealthy nations” either ban citizen ownership of firearms or impose other restrictions and this is the primary reason the death rate by firearms is significantly lower.

“Most children who get injured or killed from firearms get their firearms from home,” said Dr. Robert Sege from Boston Medical Center.

David Hemenway, head of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center in Boston, told Reuters the consensus among injury researchers is that the best thing to do for a child’s safety is to keep guns out of the house.

However, if parents are concerned about the safety of their children, they should not allow them to ride bicycles.

In 2009, the NRA-ILA published a report on firearm safety. It rated accidental death from firearms for children as low.

More children died as a result of accidents in motor vehicles (41%), suffocation (21%), drowning (15%), fires (8%), pedal cycles (2%), poisoning (2%), falls (1.9%), and environmental factors (1.5%). Only medical mistakes ranked lower (1%) than death from firearms (1.5%), according to the study.

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  1. Well, it’s always for the children isn’t it? How many children ended up dead, enslaved and in camps after the National Socialists took away the German people’s guns? Registration leads to confiscation and some form of democide almost invariably follows. One of the things that is telling about the whole Ferguson, MO fluster cluck is that no cops were gunned down by “Black Panther” or “Nation of Islam” snipers. If there were a real threat from these groups, instead of agents provocateur trying to create a problem for public display, I strongly suspect there would already be a bunch of dead cops around St. Louis. But that’s not the case, because undercover shit-stirrers don’t shoot their own, now do they?

  2. There are many risks in the world we live in today. It is impossible to eliminate all risk from our lives. (One reason why we have actuaries.) People are able to take actions that will minimize the risks people have to face in their lives.

    Should running water be banned from peoples’ homes? People can drown in the bathtub.

    Should the sale of household cleaners be banned? Someone might be poisoned or otherwise harmed by misuse of a household cleaner.

    Should all homes have no stairs? People can fall while using the stairs.

    Should all homes not be heated? Natural gas, oil, and/or firewood are dangerous when not handled properly.

    Education about the risks in our world and how to minimize our exposure to risk can help minimize the likelihood of a negative result.

    If one chooses to have weapons in the home, it does not automatically mean that everyone in the house will die. I have read many articles in which an armed individual was able to defend themselves and/or others against would be assailants in the home, work or other public areas.

    In many cases, help was far away and would take too long to arrive to make a difference. A properly used weapon can make the difference between one thwarting an attaker or being injured/killed.