Chief of Police Harassed by Feds, Placed on Leave After Signing Pledge to Uphold Constitution

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Sheriff orders Shane Harger to disband entire police department due to “political affiliations”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 30, 2014

UPDATE: Police Chief Shane Harger and Sheriff Richard Mack will both appear on Infowars Nightly News tonight to discuss this story. Harger is meeting with other Jemez Springs law enforcement officials tonight to discuss his position.shane_harger

A police chief was detained and harassed by federal agents while traveling to a constitutional convention before returning home to be told he was being placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his police department after signing a pledge to uphold the bill of rights.

Police Chief Shane Harger of the Jemez Springs, NM Police Department was flying out of Albuquerque Airport last week on his way to a Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) convention taking place in Las Vegas. CSPOA is an organization headed up by Sheriff Richard Mack under which law enforcement officers gather to re-affirm their commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Before passing security, Harger was approached by a TSA agent who asked the police chief to show his credentials. Moments later, a man claiming to be a “federal agent” also asked to see Harger’s credentials before telling him he was a “person of interest.” The federal agent then demanded to know where Harger was traveling to and why.

When Harger told the federal agent he was attending the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention in Las Vegas, he was detained for 35 minutes before finally being allowed to board the airplane.

On Tuesday January 28, a day after his return, Harger was placed on administrative leave and ordered by Sandoval County, NM, Sheriff Douglas C. Wood to disband his entire police department due to his “political affiliations”.

What were his political affiliations? While attending the convention, Harger, along with 38 other police officers, signed a declaration affirming their pledge to “obey and observe” the U.S. Constitution, in addition to refusing to carry out unconstitutional orders such as gun confiscation without constitutionally compliant warrants, violations of the 4th amendment without probable cause, detainment or incarceration of citizens without probable cause, or working with the military for domestic law enforcement.

In other words, Harger was targeted for federal harassment and subsequently suspended for re-affirming his belief in the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold and protect in order to become a police officer in the first place.

“Despite having received a meritorious commendation from the Mayor of Jemez Springs on January 22, 2014, it seems that no one in the village government is willing to come to the assistance of Harger. It appears that Harger’s stance to defend and uphold the Constitution has put him and his entire department of ten part-time and volunteers out of business,” writes Vincent Finelli.

“I was at the convention and I never saw nor heard anyone say nor do anything that was a violation of any law. The CSPOA convention was an assembly of peace-loving Americans who just wanted to uphold their oath of office, that being to support and defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for all of us, We The People,” adds Finelli.

Harger’s treatment is yet another disturbing indication that the federal government, in addition to law enforcement authorities, view Americans who support the bill of rights as domestic extremists. Harger’s position as Chief of Police also shows that they are desperate to prevent citizens who identify as constitutionalists, tea partiers or libertarians from holding any position of influence within law enforcement or society in general.

Harger’s potential dismissal for his patriotic and constitutional “political affiliations” is a chilling reminder that such positions are not only not welcomed but actively discriminated against by the federal government.

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  1. This is a very dangerous precedent. When the government openly targets people for their political affiliations (a Constitutionally protected right), when it no longer even pays lip service to the Constitution and the rights of the people, then it has announced that it is in open hostility against the Constitution and anyone who dares to assert their rights. If you can find a neutral or semi-neutral country where at least your right to property is protected, now is the time to move. Very much longer and it will be too late. May heaven help the rest of us as the next 4-6 years (or longer) will be a very bumpy road.

    • Indeed, but is it not of a piece with the open, blatant contempt now routinely expressed by cops (and courts) for the 4th Amendment? And, frankly, for statutory law – the obvious example being lawful open carriers “proned” at gunpoint merely for walking down the street with their firearm legally open carried. Or for video/audio recording – even taking pictures – of “heroes”? Perfectly legal – but often, the thugs who are supposed to “enforce the law” (and one must assume, know the law) ignore the law – and do whatever the hell they want to, without any repercussions.

      America is literally lawless. Or rather, the law is whatever the thugs with guns say it is, at their whim.

      • Correction: ‘The Law’ is whatever the thugs with gavels, say it is.

        The thugs with guns are just second guessers.

        Of course, it’s also true that the law is whatever the thugs with guns say it is… for a very brief time, that is, until the subject reaches the bench. The whole might makes right and punches are what counts, applies… until you reach, The Bench.

        Life on Mars is not exactly smoothly consistent, don’tch’ya know?

  2. All Feds themselves take an oath to “uphold and defend the constitution of the United States…etc.” This shows what a crock that is, anyone who really does adhere to the constitution is marginalized and punished. How pathetic for Amerika.

    • My thoughts, exactly, Mike in Boston.

      That’s why I’m a Panarchist.

      …But all our overlords see in me is a Helot.

      As you say, what a crock that is.

    • It’s a fact that the actual Constitution has been a nullity for at least 100 years. “Case law” – whatever the judges decide the law to be – supersedes the Constitution’s plain language.

      We are now routinely – and legally – subject to random (and thus, inherently unreasonable) searches.

      Free speech is routinely – and legally – limited, even punished.

      The absolute individual right to possess firearms elucidated in the Second Amendment is heavily qualified everywhere – and rescinded outright in many areas.

      We do not enjoy the right of free association – or free movement.

      We are denied even the possibility of ownership – free and clear – of anything more substantive than the clothes on our backs and whatever small baubles we can carry in our pockets.

      Privately controlled banks issue fiat currency at interest – in flagrant violation of the Constitution, which specifies that only Congress may coin/issue currency.

      The Constitution is, quite literally, just a godamned piece of paper – in the immortal words of George W. Bush.

      • The Constitution of the voluntary union of free and independent States has been dead at least since Lee surrendered at Appomattox, 1865.
        Even Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, and one of the better Presidents in history, succumbed to the tempatation of the Louisiana Purchase when in ‘power.’


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