The Orange Snipe Hunt

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Back when I was a Boy Scout, I experienced something called a Snipe Hunt. It was a hunt for a nonexistent beast – a way to divert and occupy boys otherwise bored. So long as the boys believed in the reality of the Snipe – and the possibility of a glorious kill – they were happy.

And kept busy.

It was harmless fun.

The Orange One looks increasingly like a real snipe. He is certainly being hunted for real.

It’s his “crimes” which appear to be nonexistent.

And that is not a harmless diversion.

What follows is not a defense, per se, of the Orange One, his person or his policies. It’s an expression of disgust with what appears to be a kind of slow-motion putsch to remove Trump from office by whatever means necessary, by those who do not like him personally and disapprove of his politics and cannot abide that he was duly elected.

It must not be allowed to stand!

There is ominous-sounding by very hazy talk of “collusion” with “the Russians.” But what is meant by this, exactly?

And what has been proved?

It’s been said that “Russians” – which Russians is not altogether clear – confected anti-Hillary “content” (as anything online is called) during the election and placed this content  – using fake identities – on social media sites such as the data-mining operation, Facebook.

Let’s assume for discussion’s sake that this is true.


Unless Mueller can prove that Trump (or someone acting on his behalf, with Trump’s knowledge) authorized/paid foreign nationals to act on Trump’s behalf, where is the crime?

Maybe “the Russians” like Trump.

So what if they do?

They are free to like him, last time I checked. And even to post “content” online in support of him, too. Regardless, it is not a crime chargeable to Trump if they do so – unless it can be proved they did so because Trump or his proxies paid/urged them to do so.

Mueller has so far been unable to come up with any proof of such “collusion” with “the Russians.” The Snipe hunt has been going on for a year-and-a-half.

Where’s the beef?

Apparently, there isn’t any. Not even a really small patty. Just buns and mayo – and maybe not even that.

And so, instead, he deploys the equivalent of “officer safety” – the catch-all used to justify summary execution in the street: The charge – not yet formally, but seems to be clearly coming – of “obstruction.” That is to say, of not cooperating with sufficient obsequious enthusiasm in his own persecution. If Trump refuses, for instance, to endure being questioned by this Mueller character, that becomes the crime.

Even if Mueller can’t prove a got-damned thing as regards the original crime he was supposedly investigating. Obstruction becomes the ersatz crime. The sentence – and jail – are however very real and very much the same.

This is what they did to Martha Stewart. It annoyed the Feds that they could not get her on the charges asserted. So they got her on “obstruction.”

Point being, they were determined to get her.

As it increasingly appears to be the case with regard to Trump.

One greasy assertion after the next, but no crime proved or even evidence of criminality adduced.

This is playing with fire.

The man was duly elected. Ballot boxes were not “hacked.” No one is even claiming this. The election results are what they are, like them or not.

Mueller does not like them.

Hillary’s supporters do not like them. Rather than accept them, they are determined to negate them.

To remove from office a president whom they personally do not like and whose politics they disagree with, using any pretext and all the power at their disposal.

This will not end well, if it does not end soon.


  1. Nunzio,

    “But yeah- I agree- redeployment. It’s happening”

    My bad.

    I was thinking more along the lines of redeployment to heaven.

  2. I just came across this and thought everyone here would want to know about it. Richard Dreyfuss rightly points out “civics” hasn’t been taught in public school since 1970. He created this website to inform those who don’t know about the Preamble to the Constitution.

    • Hey, 8, maybe it’s good that they no longer teach civics- that was where they’d spew all of the BS about the mythical “social contract”, and all of that crapola.

      Or garbage like “The people got together and agreed that you shouldn’t be allowed to drive till you’re 16….” Oh, really? Funny- I never met one person who was consulted about that; never heard of an election about said issue; and even if it were true, why should their decision obligate me or anyone else?

      I think the onlyu mention ever made of the Constitution in those civics classes, was how one was guaranteed certain rights when charged with a crime. Apparently the innocent have no such rights.

    • He is wrong 8. I do not know about the other states, but in Missouri back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s we had to study the state and national CONstitutions and pass the tests before graduating elementary and high school. I do not know if Missouri still has the same requirements today.

      • Yeah, Brian- used to be (but I’m sure it no longer is) that the more rural and conservative states hung on to some of the precepts of real edumacation longer than the urbanized areas and blue states.

        I did a year of skool (8th grade) in MO. c.1976- and it was the very first time in my life that I was exposed to an acual history class, which also included geography- as opposed to the commie “social studies” I had always known in NY. It was the only year of school that I actuially learned some real history!

        But alas….they’ve now further federalized the skools, and gotten after the ones which still actually taught anything of actual value- labeling them as ‘sub par’ for not keeping up with all the latest socialist crap, and imposing group-think, and treaching kids how to be faggots or deny their genders….which is what they seem to think skools are all about now.

        Perish the thought that they should actually teach them any real history now, as the sprogs might learn that what the Founders stood for, and what this country used to be about was the total opposite of what it is today. Instead they villfiy those people- they were “raciss”, ya know- and teach as gospel the diametric opposite of everything they stood for.

        Just like they don’t show really old movies on TV anymore- lest the young’uns see what life used to really be like decades ago- when a one income-earner family could live in a big house in a beautiful setting, and have a stay-at-home mom and three or four kids….and do things that we’d be put in jail for today.

  3. Would it really be a bad thing if Israel or Russia or Iran or some other Vietnamistan regime started setting off nukes here, there, or everywhere?

    Even if advanced warnings were given, the people who don’t know how to open the hood or turn on their headlights would just stand around with their cellphone taking pictures and sending tweets.

    The time has come to cull the heard.

    Always look on the bright side of death. Just before you draw your terminal breath.

    • Hi T,

      There is some morbid truth to this. The Renaissance developed arguably because half of the population of Medieval Europe had been wiped out by the plague. This opened up opportunities; the people left earned more money for less work. They began to have time to read and resources to indulge in more than mere survival.

  4. Trump does one thing really well. Which is suck jew dick. What an embarrassment and joke. He really has no idea what he’s doing. His campaign was based on getting out of Afghanistan – “total disaster” – making fun of the Saudis – taking another look at 9/11 – jailing Hilary – being a balanced person between the Zionists and Palestinians. Getting out of Iraq and Syria. Ending illegal immigration which is at decade highs. All lies. Lies lies lies. We elected president kushner not trump. Im really embarrassed for my support for this buffoon

    • Right on, Mark! It seems that the whole purpose for America’s existence these days is to serve the friggin jews! Might as well the Jew-S-A “West Israel”! Our politicians are destroying our own country to do THEIR will.

      No matter who is elected, they all do the very same thing. Vote for one who promises to do the opposite of the other, and when they get in, they do the very things the other vowed to do. It’s a joke.

      As was that whole Brett Kavanaugh thing- the Dems constructing that whole rape thing to make believe that they opposed him- and meanwhile, he was one of the architects of the “Patriot Act”; helped pass Obozocare, and always sides with the Liberals in his decisions, because he is just another Swamp creature, loved by the deep state. They just had to construct that little charade, because if both sides would have admitted that he was loved by ALL of them, Conservatives would have been outraged; but this way, the spotlight was taken off of his political deeds, and all the morons rallied behind them because they thought he was one of their own and was being attacked by the other side.

      And speaking of The Orange Ass, what ever happened to all his rhetoric about eliminating all of the strangulating regulations and red-tape hindering business- especially small business? And how about how he appointed that Second Amendment-hating prick to head the ATF?! And…and…

      I have to admit, I didn’t have high hopes- but I was a little happy when he won- but I certainly would never soil myself by voting for any of these lying pricks. Youi could accomplish more by taking a good shit- and have cleaner hands.

      • I am with you Nunzio on the pre-election low expectations (but not low enough) of Trump and the issue of not voting. I have recently discovered a site with a lot of historic information covering the late 1800’s, WW1, and WW2 with vastly different takes from what I have read at even Lew Rockwell’s site, and even more so than what I was taught in government school! This source paints a different picture about the origins of fascism, communism, and socialism than what I have heard previously. I haven’t watched all of the video’s yet, but I suspect that the conclusion of the producers will be a different form of statism than what Europe and the U.S. now have. I already knew that certain Jews were and are very evil, and I of course remain solidly anti-state! It is hard to know genuine history, but my take is that all sides were liars and we had globally an abundance of evil rulers including F.D.R. back then! Here is the site:

      • That does sound pretty awful! Bad, nasty old Joooos!!

        If indeed the purpose of America today is to “serve the frigging jews” or “to suck jew dick” one would expect to find Israel receiving a huge percentage of our military budget, if not our GDP, and certainly to be on top of the heap when it comes to foreign aid. Here is a chart that clearly brings this to light:

        But, wait a minute – Afghanistan and Iraq each receive more in aid than Israel? And out of about $50 billion in total foreign aid, Israel receives only about 6.4%? WTF? How can this be? There must be some kind of talmudic jewish trick going on here!

        Certainly since America is sucking jew dick, we must be giving Israel a huge percentage of our military budget. Hey, they’re scheduled to get about $3.8 billion for 2019, out of a military budget of… about $686 billion. So aid to Israel comprises about .0055 of our military budget. Hmmm, not a lot of suckage overall, I guess those jew dicks are pretty small – must have cut too much off the top!

        Since America exists to do the bidding of the Jews, certainly Israel must be receiving a huge amount of America’s GDP as tribute funneled to them by the Zionist Occupied Government. So we find that the U.S. is estimated to product a GDP of $21.3 trillion, or $21,300 billion, for 2019. Subtracted from this as we saw is the princely tribute to the jews of $3.8 billion, or about .0018 of the total. That jew dick is getting smaller by the minute, the moyle must really have been sloppy as all hell!

        There is an old saying, based in fundamental truth, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Or to crib a different way of saying it from Lawrence of Arabia “It is the servant who takes the wages.”

        Following the money it seems most likely that the governments of the U.S. and Israel are partners in crime with the intent of Israel being paid to do the dirty work of the U.S. in the Middle East. The Military-Industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about derives huge profits from unending, continual war. Paying Israel to foment unrest and violence in the Mideast returns big profits relative to the amount invested.

        (Note that I do not approve of stealing money from Americans at gunpoint to send to Israel or anywhere else and see the government of Israel as just another corrupt criminal enterprise. This is just an examination of the claim that the purpose of America is to serve the frigging jews and/or to suck jew dick. At first blush the numbers do not appear to support this assertion.)

        • I tried posting 9 facts about Israel including what congress did just two days ago. WP won’t let me, funny that.

          Remember the Liberty? I do. I was 17 at the time and it was covered up very well. Not well enough for the guys I knew in the navy and air force to be ignorant of it.

          I had 9 articles that are fact about Israel and how they’ve used the US to gain power but WP is a bitch that won’t let me post it. You could educate yourself….if you could stand it.

          • Of course I remember the Liberty. I suspect that either it was a false flag operation being conducted by Israel on behalf of the U.S. that went wrong, or the Liberty stumbled upon some Israeli troops performing some kind of atrocity – for which they wanted no witnesses.

            Undoubtedly those wiley hebes over there have found ways to use the U.S. relationship to the benefit of their own power. That’s what governments do, it’s the nature of the beast. (The U.S. does not exactly have clean hands in all its dealings either.) However, particularly given the overall figures, the idea put forward that the U.S. exists to “serve the frigging jews” is absurd on its face.

            • Good god man, educate yourself. You could find out every single thing there is to know about the USS Liberty but you’d rather give a bunch of middle-east terrorists a bye for whatever reason.

              • I am not giving anyone a “bye”. I have merely pointed out that the relative amounts sent to Israel do not support the idea that we exist to service them. Quite the opposite – the amounts are a pittance for us, a huge amount for them. Stopping support to Israel (which I have clearly stated I am in favor of, I don’t know what the hell else you want to hear on that) would barely be a blip on the radar economically for us, but would likely be disastrous for them.

                Follow the money. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

                • And like I tried to tell you, congress just vote, 410 to 1 to give Israeli citizens more freedom in the US than we have(I say “we”….I guess “we” means real US Citizens even though I’d be a Texan in a heartbeat and never cross the border of OUR republic.

                  We have the old lying rail splitter and the people behind him to thank for our current plight.

                  Growing up the Feds didn’t fuck with Texas. In fact they courted Texas. People here then were fiercely independent but we’ve had such an influx of yankees we no longer resemble “Texas”. Here, in “west” Texas, is where you’ll find the most nationalist Texas movement, here and NE Texas is certain enclaves.

                  The thing I’m most trying to get across is that “Texans” would have never suffered the shit Israel has pawned off onto this country. And it was a “Texan”, and I say this with all the disrespect I can, he was a NE Texan and the sorriest, poor boy dick sucking dollar seeking POS power seeking vermin we’ve ever produced, LBJ.

                  I detest Nixon for being almost the exact thing(not from Texas) as LBJ. They were two of a kind, sorry, pieces of shit with absolutely no morals, much like the Israeli’s that stole our military forces, our nuclear secrets, and made genocide on the people who occupied the “land they wanted”. And they did it all with American military might they stole and pay -offs to the politicians who would allow such to happen.

                  They want world war and to occupy and control the US when it’s occupiable again. I can guarantee they won’t be using the Texas border to initiate the take-over. We have many groups, not the least of which is the Tenth Amendment Center. Can you imagine, even though we’ve been greatly weakened “politically” by the influx of yankees, when it comes right down to it, Texans give up shit to the federal govt.? You wouldn’t if you only knew of how many groups of rebels there are in this state. And I doubt Texas has the largest amount of groups dedicated to staying American or whatever their state may be. I bring up Texas but you can damn well bet every other state has groups ready to go to war with anyone foreign, including Israel.

                  BTW, when Trump went to Israel, I could barely see the pics and vids without becoming nauseous watching Trump waiting for a chance to give Bibi a reacharound. Shit!!!!

                  • Then the problem lies (as it usually does) with the political class.

                    The idea that Israel has as its goal the occupation the U.S. is utterly ludicrous on its face.

                    Speaking of genocide, the U.S. does not exactly have clean hands in that area. In fact our own government is guilty of many if not all of the things you bring up. That doesn’t excuse bad actions on the part of another, but Matthew 7:5 applies.

                    The power in a relationship between nations is determined by force of arms and economics. In this case the U.S. is vastly superior on both counts.

                • Amen, Jason.

                  I object to all “foreign aid” – not just aid to Israel. Bad enough we’re mulcted to finance American parasites. But far worse to finance parasites who don’t even live here!

        • We’re not “aiding” Iraq and Afghanistan – we’re invading and occupying them. Slight difference! Israel is rich why are we giving them billions? All they do is egg us on into stupid wars. We can give away 4 billion to Israel a year – and they just asked for more! – but we cant build a stupid border fence. By the way they have a great border wall and allow no non jewish immigration. At all. But they sure do use that money to bust up defenseless Palestinians and steal their land. And bomb syria if a bottle rocket comes close to the stolen Golan. Besides us theyre the number one terrorist state in the world.

          • And don’t ya love how our tyrants spew all this nonsense about “fighting terrorism”….while aiding and defending the biggest terrorists on earth- Israel?!

            Our “aid” to most of those other nations is to destabilize and control them. Notice how “we” always end up invading; overthrowing the governments of; or otherwise screw-over virtually every nation we “aid”- except Israel of course.

            The Zionist Jews want to rule the world. In addition to already controlling many of the major institutions of society which directly affect people’s thinking and behavior (e.g. the media; banking; military-industrial complex; politics; medicine; psychiatry; etc.) when one looks at what the US and it’s military does (and has been doing for 100 years now); things which have virtually nothing to do with our own interests, but rather, are contrary toi them- one sees that their actions coincide perfectly with Israel’s desire to conquer every continent.

            • Israel was recently caught selling US high tech military equipment to China. Israel also got into the nuclear game by stealing enriched uranium from a Pennsylvania company in the 60’s.

              I thought it strange during the attacks of 911 a bunch of “journalists” were dancing and cheering. It turned out to be Mossad and they were quickly removed to Israel since the first week and esp. the first few days the FBI was all over everyone involved and then suddenly, the FBI is a non-player.

              I don’t understand how the destruction of the USS Liberty could have been a false flag event when it was covered up by LBJ himself.

              If you do a search, and don’t use the G word, you’ll find all sorts of illegal things done by Israel in the US and stolen weapons since day one. But to now sell China our latest high tech military weapons should be grounds for war and definitely should cut off aid and make sure every politician in DC gets no money from companies know to be Israel fronts.

              It’s been my thoughts for a great while now Israel wishes to get the US in a nuclear war with other countries and take over with so many high-placed people in DC and the military and Pentagon. They’ll really be dancing in the streets then. No on e will be able to stop them from using slaves at that point to enter “hot” areas in this country and guess where they’ll get the “slaves”.

              • As far as the Liberty, if it was a false flag event it clearly did not work out as planned. In such a case it would not be surprising that LBJ would move to cover it up.

                As I’ve said previously I have no problem with the idea of stopping “aid” to Israel (and everyone else). If someone wants to send aid to another country they can do so out of their own wallet.

                All governments (including our own) are criminal organizations. The United States has also engaged in genocide, spying on allies (and being spied upon by them), destabilizing other countries, and the rest of it. It is what governments do.

                However, I don’t buy this paranoid fantasy about Israel planning to rule the entire world. It simply makes no sense. Not going to happen.

                Now, there is another country that U.S. politicians routinely kiss up to and express a “special relationship” and eternal friendship with. They might as well be swearing an oath of fealty to the British Crown! (BTW, there are people who believe that the Queen owns the United States lock, stock, and barrel, and is responsible for our current situation and effectively rules the world in secret.)

                Of course we are not currently sending them “aid” as far as I know, though I do note they did not pay back their war debt until 2006. This is tantamount to over sixty years of financial aid/tribute to the Crown!

                This is a country that we had to fight a protracted war against to stop them from doing things like forcibly quartering troops in American homes, then later they burned the White House. During their empire period, England screwed over a good portion of the world. This is a description of a dangerous enemy nation if there ever was one.

                Our “special friend” has been in the forefront of Western nations finding new and innovative ways to conduct surveillance against their subjects, techniques that having been tested there manage to find their way here. The British spy agency GCHQ has tapped international communications lines to an extent even greater than our NSA and has been spying on the activities of American citizens and others.

                This describes a partner in crime at best, a dangerous enemy at worst. It was nauseating when Trump in 2018 expressed that his relationship with Theresa May was “the highest level of special.” Those that died in the Revolutionary War to free us from that tyranny must have been spinning in their graves.

            • It is even worse than that Nunzio. About 50% to 80% of that so-called aide is not really in cash form. Its more like a voucher with strings attached. The string is that only U.S. made goods can be purchased with the funds. In other words: the aide program is yet another example of corporate welfare. Ain’t it funny how Republicans are always in favor of corporate welfare while at the same time always bitching about poor people on the dole?

              • Wow! I never knew that, Brian. Doesn’t surprise me a bit though- these evil bastards are truly evil geniuses. Give our money away, and specify where it be spent (And you can be sure it only goes to major “campaign contributors” and fambly members businesses of the politicians)

                I like how Trump is selling BILLIONS of dollars in weapons to the Saudi’s too (I’ll bet that money came from us too)- In a few years, I guess we’ll be villifying them as the next “terrorists”, like we did with all the other little countries we sold arms. “They have ‘weapons of mass destruction’-we know, we ’cause we sold them to them!)

  5. Trump can’t be controlled 100% of the time and isn’t a deep state member. That’s why they’re so eager to remove him. However, his ignorance and naïveté is letting these creeps take advantage of him.

    It is disappointing he’s not the revolutionary we saw during the campaign, but I can’t say I’m surprised it turned out this way.

    • Yep, Handler. He’s not deep state….just as Hitler wasn’t. That doesn’t really matter though- it’s like electing someone who belongs to La Raza, and then being happy because they’re not in the Mafia. It’s one brand of tyranny vs. another; one band of thieves vs. another…

      “Support La Raza because the Mafia doesn’t like them!” 😉

      I said when Trump was campaigning, when I saw the people whom he was surrounding himself with, “Either he is stupid, or the things he is saying in his campaign speeches are insincere, and he’s just saying them because he knows that that’s what those who don’t support Hitlery want to hear”.

      I was right…more than I knew. He’s stupid, AND insincere.

      Picking an establishment Repugnantcan such as Pense was the real tip-off. If I were Trump, I would have been sure to pick someone whom the establishment hated even more they hate me, -if for nothing else, as insurance against getting knocked off or impeached.

      Picking Pense as VP was either utter stupidity, or Trumps true colors coming through. Or a combination of both. If I were running, I’d pick Ron Paul!

      I never saw Trump as a revolutionary. He’s a man who has dealed with the system all of his life, and has had no qualms about it. Like most such people- even those with only a few million, such as ones I’ve known/do know, their attitude is “It’s just a cost of doing business”. Pay to play. Conform to whatever regs you must, and use whatever other regs you can [like bankruptcy] to your advantage. Grease what palms you have to. They don’t care about liberty or fairness or who gets screwed…it’s just about the bottom line and getting whatever advantage they can (Which sadly is the way MOST people operate these days- from welfare recipients, on up ).

      Of the rich people I’ve known, virtually every one of them has gone bankrupt at least once. They didn’t go broke, or lose anything…their creditors were the only ones who lost anything- and they all look at it as “part of the game” (Including the creditors- who ultimately more than make up for any losses on the backs of those who pay the full amount).

      Such people can never be revolutionaries, because they are moral relativists, who ultimately have no absolutes- and certainly not when it comes to the basis of all liberty: Property rights. Property rights are vague, not absolute and not essential to people who deal in bankruptcies and eminent domain and who will gladly advocate and use “zoning and planning” to their advantage and to their competitor’s detriment [Rather than advocate that there be no such laws governing what one can do with his own property].

      They’d sooner use their money to get a law changed to benefit them at the cost of their neighbor, than to use their money to get restrictive laws abolished…..

      Such are not revolutionaries…they are players. And they are used to being manipulated by the system-…pay to play….hire enough attorneys and lobbyists to change a law to allow them to do what they should just be able to do naturally; …negotiate with the overlords- “You can build your hotel here, BUT it has to be yay high instead of…”….

      Anyone who can spend their life happily operating within the confines of such a system, and thrive and prosper and use that system to their advantage with no qualms….is about as far from a revolutionary as one can get.

      His one saving grace was that he was better than Hitlery. Now it appears that he is almost the same as Hitlery.

      • I was curious about Trump picking Mike Pence for his VP. Though I like Ron Paul, he’s too old now; that would only ENCOURAGE Trump’s enemies to knock him off, since Paul is old enough to die from natural causes. Or, the Deep State could knock him off like they did Andrew Breitbart, and it would be more PLAUSIBLE, given Paul’s advanced age.

          • I can give you one reason Ron will never serve in a high office, Dr. No. No war, no revised tax code to benefit the well to do, no legislation that benefits other countries such as Israel and takes away from the people of the US. The auditing of the Fed. He’d be pro-gun instead of anti-gun like Trump. Reduction of the military/industrial complex….etc. etc. plus the fact he wouldn’t lie. No govt. transparency is allowed in this country.

          • I would recommend one Penn Gillette for “fucking” President. The frog-voiced satirist and well-known Libertarian would be a breath of fresh air. Ron Paul would make one hell of either a Chief of Staff or Surgeon General (he IS a doctor). Keep Rand Paul in the Senate as MAJORITY leader where he does the best service.

            • Gillette is not a real Libertarian. I posted a video here before where advocates public schools and welfare programs and such, and the taxation to fund them. (Don’t have time to look for the vid now…not even sure iffin I bookmarked it).

              Lots of people are “Libertarian” when it comes to wanting to be left alone to do what they want to do…..but in reality, those types are really just your classic Liberals, in that they also want a government to force others to support programs which they deem necessary to support the causes they believe in- rather than merely supporting those causes themselves and with others who choose to do so voluntarily.

              • Eechh…Nunzio, I have little time for ill-substantiated “No True Scotsman” arguments. Look, as a Mormon I don’t care for Gillette’s avowed atheism, but the man is about as “real” as any Libertarian that amounts to a damn thing. Two years many were decrying Gary Johnson as not being “really” a Libertarian as well, considering that he selected Bill Weld as his running mate.

                However, what you point out about those with Libertarian “Tendencies” is correct…it’s become simply a matter of some things they think the “Gubmint” should leave alone, and on that basis they try to appeal to LP sentiment, but on other matters, they’re as coercive and statist as any one else. As for myself, I do my best to advocate freedom for those that will do with it what I DON’T like, not simply those that think as I do.

                • I need ya to ‘splain that to me a li’l better, Doug, ’cause i think I’m missing something. If Gillette advocates maintaining government schools and a welfare state, how he can he be a true Libertarian? He is as you go on to describe: Someone with Libertarian tendencies.

                  I’m with ya; I want people to have the freedom to do what ever they want- even if it’s stuff I abhor or consider wrong- like taking a dick in the ass- but I also want them to have economic freedom.

                  Gillette and Johnson advocate minarchy- which really is not even very minimal, because the infrastructure and tyranny necessary to have things like schools and welfare…and gov’t-constructed roads…and a thousand other things that they and those like them would like to retain, pretty much puts us right back where we already are.

                  Maybe I’m missing your point…..

                  Here, I found that vid:

                  He starts out good….but “I’ll give you schools, welfare and infrastructure”….”I just don’t believe we should take money from poor people and middle class people and give it to rich people”(But it’s perfectly O-K to take from rich people and give it to poor people. And I guess the middle class cease to exist- as is the case with such economics)

                  • Meaning that no one who’s even vaguely electable will satisfy YOUR ideology…nor MINE. I’m sure that Mr. Gillette would like to see the Government out of the schooling business altogether, but for sake of selling it to the boobsie, will let that one go…for NOW. I’d do the same…tame the cancer-ridden beast that is our overall educational ‘system’, as if it had ANY design to it, by gradually dismantling the Federal leviathan that is the US Department of (Mis)Education. so pardon me if that’s not idelogically “pure” enough for you, the first thing, in order to accomplish thing one, is to GET ELECTED in the first place. Else we’re just pontificating at each other while the grifters and scam artists with an agenda (usually to fatten their wallets and/or aggrandize, as Palpatine put it…”UN-LIMITED…POWERRR!”, keep sticking it to us all.

                    • Did you watch the video? Jillette likes bernie Sanders and thinks that Hitlery Clinton is motivated by a good heart!!!!

                      He just wants the “freedom to smoke dope, and love who we want…and maybe a LITTLE less control…”- which is fine- but he is fine with all the other stuff- and that other stuff is the very infrastructure of tyranny.

                      It’s like i said above- such people want the freedom to practice their vices 9which is fine) but they just don’t care about the freedom of most others. They don’t care if the richj and middle class are looted; they don’t care if their is an infrastructure of tyranny, as long as you have ‘a way to take care of people” [Menaing the state, via extorted money- as opposed to voluntary charity].

                      THAT is what gives Libertarianism a bad name, because people just then see it as a desire to legalize “vice” and little else- which is really what that brand of Libertarianism is.

                      You can’t have a bastardized system that will satisfy the boobs and yet allow indivudal freedom, because as long as there is a gov’t infrastructure, and taxation, all the boobs will want the infrastructure to provide their favorite services and “protections”- and thus you still have the military; welfare; CPS; NEA; FDA (“Gotta protect the food, man!”); NHTSA, IRS; etc. etc. Nothing changes…except maybe those who care to can legally use drugs and patronize hookers…..

                      That is actually why I resisted formal Libertarianism for many years, though I knew of it- because I thought that THAT was what it was about- and to many, like Jillette, who call themselves Libertarians, that IS what it is about.

                      I used to call it the “Party of Druggies, Faggots and Johns”- and while that might be a part of it- it is, as I later would find out, just a small part of it; just an ancillary part- as the iprimary idea in Libertarianism, is that we ALL be left alone to do what we want- including the rich and middle class and everyone else, until and if such time as we initiate or threaten unprovoked violence.

                      While drug legalization and such would be nice, the thing is, a country such as we have now, just where drugs and prostitution are legal, is really no better than what we have now, ’cause throwing people in cages for not paying their taxes, and subsidizing loafers procreation…and police and speeding tickets and gun control and all that other BS affects me and mosty other people far more than drug prohibition and prostitution laws…..

  6. The “elephant in the room” is the dual-nationality Israelis who run our foreign and domestic policy.
    You see, the USA s Israel’s b!tch…

    The United States government gets its “marching orders” from Israel. THAT is a major problem, with dual-nationality Israelis running our government and formulating both our foreign and domestic policy.

    “Cleaning the swamp” should involve getting rid of ALL dual-nationality types. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for anyone having “dual loyalties” in MY country.

    In addition, Israel holds a “Damocles sword” over the rest of the world with its “undocumented nukes”…
    If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.

    In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”.

    The “power outage” in Atlanta was a convenient excuse for Israel to perform a logistical “sleight of hand”, as an Israeli plane was allowed to land and take off during the “power outage” without receiving customs clearance or inspection. Just maybe another one of Israel’s nukes was just being pre-positioned, getting ready for “the big one”. As most Americans are tired of all of the foreign wars being fought for Israel’s benefit, another “incident” on American soil would be enough to galvanize the American public, once again, (just like WTC 9-11) to support another war for Israel’s benefit. Israel’s “samson option” is a real threat to “light one off” in a European or American city, if Israel’s interests are not taken seriously.

    Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper. No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already “in place”. Look for another “false flag” operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.

    Israel also threatens to detonate nuclear devices in several US cities. Talk about total INSANITY; the so-called “Samson Option” is it.

    As an aside, American “foreign aid” is prohibited from being given to any country that has not signed the “Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty” or refuses to abide by “International Atomic Energy Agency” (IAEA) guidelines regarding its nuclear devices. Guess what?? Israel does not abide by EITHER and still gets the majority of American “foreign aid”. This prohibition also applies to countries that do not register their “agents of a foreign government” with the U S State Department. Guess what?? Israel (again) with its “American Israel Political Action Committee” (AIPAC) still gets “foreign aid” in contravention of American law..

    There are forty or so congressmen, senators and thousands of high-level policy “wonks” infecting the U S government who hold “dual citizenship” with Israel. Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited. Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with loss of American citizenship. Present and former holders of dual citizenship should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.

    When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel…just who the hell do they work for? Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States…they should renounce their United States citizenship and be deported to Israel…

    • Pretty much an updated version of what Ben Franklin said about the Jews…. He wanted to keep them out of America. He knew what he was talking about. Now America is the garbage can for the Ashkenazi. or rather, a slot machine, that always pays off.

    • When ol Bibi addressed the entire congress in their house he and they committed a treasonous crime. Notice no MSM reported anything

    • Netanyahu supposedly said to the Knesset, “Don’t worry about what the Americans do, or THINK they’ll do…we, the Israeli people, control the US Government, and the Americans KNOW it!”.

      All the stink about Iran, or, back when he was alive, “Sodom” (Sadaam) Hussein developing or simply acquiring nukes, Israel has had nuclear weapons since the mid-1960s. I don’t necessarily believe that to be a problem, as long as Syria, Egypt, and any other Middle Eastern country can freely arm itself with whatever it can afford an competently man. Where it’s gotten off the rails is that Israel has gone from theater tactical nukes, to Intermediate Range missiles (which they had by the late 1970s that could hit Moscow and every city in Pakistan), to now INTERCONTINENTAL range missiles. One might ask where the hell in the Americas that Israel need target a nuke, unless of course it’s been THEY and not the “Russkies” that have held a nuclear Sword of Damocles over the US?

      • IF Netanyahu said that (a big “IF”) I would say he is delusional. The “Israeli people” can barely keep their Arab neighbors at bay, let alone control the US government.

        The Russkies had atomic weapons well before Israel had any power on the international scene, let alone nukes of its own. Having lived through the Cold War it is ridiculous in the extreme to believe that it was Israel we were worried about while kids were hiding under their desks during air raid drills.

        • Hey, though the “duck and cover” thing happened shortly before I was born, OF COURSE it was them “dirty, Russki Commie Rats” that we feared would lob nukes on our cities back in the day.

          Israel only gained ICBMs and warheads that they could carry since about when the Cold War ended, and, of course, their existence is publicly denied and few Americans even know or want to know of any potential danger that Israel would throw nukes at us. My concern about the ‘Sword of Damocles’ is over our so-called leaders whom mostly are already in thrall to the Jewish state anyway.

      • Israel does not need missiles as “delivery systems” as their nukes are already “in place”. THIS is the reason why they will not allow on-site inspections. They could not produce them if they wanted to as they are in “forward” positions in the world’s major cities.
        IF an Israeli nuke is “lit off” it will be blamed on an arab country. You can bet that Iranian or Syrian passports will (conveniently) be found in the rubble…

        • I’m certain that delusion is real in your mind. However extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If you have such evidence you have failed to produce it. Add to that the fact that practically the entire country of Israel can be wiped out with one or two bombs the assertion becomes even more ludicrous.

          The reality of course is that the underpants gnomes have placed nuclear weapons in all of the world’s major population centers and when ready will use them hold the world ransom for all its underpants so they can make huge profits. (There is just as much evidence for that as there is for Israel having done so.)

          • The Arab countries are not stupid and KNOW that nuclear detonations do not respect borders. Any nuclear detonation would be hazardous to the whole area, and the Arab countries are aware of that fact.
            As I have previously, nuclear blackmail is exclusively an israeli position…

            • You still have not provided any evidence to back up your assertion. Unless you can do so, I’m going with the underpants gnomes since they make a heck of a lot more sense.

          • I would highly doubt that these pre-positioned nukes exist, Anarchyst. Nukes aren’t all that easy to conceal unless you’re willing to construct bunkers that shield the radiation they give off. Attempting to do so in some city in a foreign country is risky to a point that stretches credulity. If Israel wants to play nuclear blackmail, they’d do so only with a delivery system in place, already tested, which they do have. Leave the “cloak-and-dagger” stuff to the next James Bond flick.

            • Nukes don’t need “bunkers” for storage.
              Nukes don’t give off radiation until they are detonated, and are one of the easiest items to hide. Most people are unaware that israel possesses a special customs “exemption” that allows it to move materials into and out of the USA without American government inspection.
              The only thing that nukes need periodic replacement is the tritium “triggers” which do degrade after time.

          • The guy sounds like a fanatical religionist. I consider all religion to be bullshit – another thing George Carlin got right. (This means I actually do reject the idea that anyone has a “biblical claim” to Israel.)

            What Israel is doing is no more and no less evil that what the U.S. did to the native population here in pursuit of its manifest destiny, what it did to Dresden, what it did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, what it did to the Vietnamese; the list goes on and on and on.

            It’s not right, it should stop, and we should not be supporting them. Unfortunately such activities are common amongst nations and not unique to Israel. Matthew 7:5 strikes again. (Although I don’t believe in the divinity of the bible, it does contain a lot of wisdom regarding the human condition and the ways that we deal with each other.)

            • Carlin had his good points, especially when comparing baseball and football.

              Not ALL religion is “Bullshit”…and atheism is a ‘religion’ of itself, though more accurately it’s ANTI-religion. However, one has to distinguish between matters of faith, which by definition don’t lend themselves entirely to human logic and understanding, versus science, which is human reasoning. As Dr. Zaius put it, there’s NO contradiction between faith and science…er, “true” science.


              Would the good “doctor” make a “monkey” out of ME? Who knows…

              • They are all bullshit in the sense that they depend on faith rather than evidence, experiment, and observation. As Archie Bunker put it, “Faith is something that you believe that nobody in his right mind would believe.”


                Religion is also responsible for a hell of a lot of bloodshed even between different sects of what is supposed to be essentially the same religion (such as Protestant versus Catholic).

                As one pundit that I read quite a few years ago stated, there have been thousands of gods throughout history and not one of them has produced so much as a flush toilet.

                (I have no problem with anyone’s religion, by the way, as long as they don’t try to forcibly impose it on me or anyone else.)

                • Actually, Jason, properly understood, faith is something that comes AFTER evidence.

                  Much of what is called ‘science’ today (really unsubstantiated and unproveable theories) requires blind faith- like when some retard who can’t walk or talk pontificates abouit what happened in space 80 billion years ago.

                  God; creation; the Food; prophecy; the very days we’;re living in…….there’s so much evidence when one looks at it with an unjaundiced eye, that it’s overwhelming.

                  Even the very subject we’ve been discussin- Is-ra-hell and the Joos- After God condemned and rejected the Jews and had them banished from Palestine, and their temple destroyed, He prophesied that that very land- the land which has been quiet for almost 2000 years- would, at the end time be the focal point of the world, and the place from whence the worldwide government and it’s evils flow.

                  And here we are….

                  • As I said, I really have no problem with anyone’s faith or beliefs as long as they leave me alone to do my own thing. That’s the whole point of being a libertarian!

                    • Amen, Jason.

                      That is why I’m disheartened to see quite a few articles on LRC and other Libertarian venues lately, trying to smooth-over the atrocities of the Calf-licks.

                      There have been at least 3 articles just lately on LRC trying to justify the freaking Crusades! This is disturbing.

                      The calf-licks don’t want us to be left alone. Thery may no longer have the political clout to burn us at the stake for not attending ‘mass’, but in my lifetime they held tremendous political power even in NYC- and they are seeking to get that, and more, power back- hence their ‘reformatting’ and adopting of the socialist/greenie agenda.

                      Moe Hommid wanted converts by the sword through the heart….Jesus wants converts by the heart through love.

                    • Amen, Nunz!

                      If the Church had the power, I have no doubt it would torture/murder (horribly, as by public burning) people like myself and yourself, for not “believing.” It’s only been a few hundred years since the last witch hunts here, in this country. It could very easily happen again, if the wrong sort ever acquire the power to inflict it.

                      To be clear: I am not anti-religion, just as I am not anti-EV. I am anti force. I believe lots of probably crazy things – including that we humans are very possibly engineered creatures and not by god. But I don’t force my views on anyone and only ask the same courtesy in return.

                      The problem with so many religious people is they’re not content to worship as they please. They insist you worship as they please.

                    • Yes, it truly is scary, Eric, how much power the Calf-lick church has had even recently. Their bishops used to go on TV in places like NY and Boston, and give political speeches, and essentially tell their parishioners (millions of them!) how to vote.

                      What we see in the Northeast today, is largely a result of Catholic political action brought about in the 50’s and 60’s.

                      even in the late 70’s, I knew a Calf-lick fambly…. (speaking of force)- and one of the muckity-mucks from their church would actually come by their house and look at their tax returns to make sure that they weren’t “cheating” on their tithing!!!!

                      This, they mistake for the teachings of Christ?!

                      That is how they treat their own…so yeah, imagine how they’d treat you or I, if given the opportunity?

                      The Catholics appear less powerful now…but they are working behind the scenes. Their Jesuits are masters at infiltrating and corrupting organizations- even more so than the FBI. This is why I’m very concerned about seeing Catholic apologetics now appearing even in the Libertarian community.

                      The Catholic church is every bit as bad- probably much worse even, than Uncle. They may seem quiet now…..but one day they will suddenly emerge from behind the scenes again.

                      One thing that most of America’s Founders got right- whether Christian, theist or otherwise, is that the God of the Bible nowhere compels the general public to worship Him or abide by His laws- nor does He deputize men to require such of others- hence the understanding of our natural God-given rights- such as that of freedom of speech; and privacy; and association, etc. And that is something that all should be able to agree upon- Christians and atheists, and many others (Well, not Muslims…) because it is readily apparent that we are born into this world under obligation to no one but those who provide our nurture and sustenance (No wonder the state tries to set itself up in that position!)

                • Ah, someone else that appreciates the ‘wisdom and wit’ of one Archibald Bunker of 704 Hauser St, Brooklyn, New York, NY!

                  I’ve always appreciated his overall explanation for the Supreme Being permitting human suffering (and staving off over-population):

                  “Gawd, in His infinoot Moicy, gave us yer wars, and famines, and pestilences, dere..”

                  • I love Archie’s view of segregation:

                    Archie: ” Now, no prejudice intended, but, you know, I always check with the Bible on these here things. I think that, I mean if God had meant for us to be together, he’da put us together. But look what he done. He put you over in Africa, and put the rest of us in all the white countries.

                    Sambo Davis Jr. : Well, he must’ve told ’em where we were because somebody came and got us.

              • Interesting too, how of all the religions, it is only “Christianity” which they are seeking to destroy through “hate-speech” and discrimination laws.

                THEY (The Kikes) can discriminate all they want; and practice “racism” and say whatever they want; They let the Moozlims and the Hindis and every other practitioner of idiotic superstition do whatever they want- and discriminate against whomever they want and say whatever they want- but if anything resembling any semblance of Christain morality is practiced by a straight white person….watch out!

                WHY are there now LAWS on the books in the USA (I mean Jew-S-A) in some states already, that make it a crime to even so much as criticize Is-ra-hell?!

                If THAT fact doesn’t wake up the deniers…nothing will.

                Why is it a crime in many countries- non-Jew countries, like Canada and Germany, to deny or dispute the accuracy of the Holocaust narrative?!

                You can deny that 2+2=4 and no one will bother you; hell, they’ll even let you write textbooks- but dispute the Holocaust story…and watch out!

                • The bizarre thing is that those anti-Christian laws are being passed mainly by Christians!

                  Of course the idea that any avenue of discussion should be banned is repellent in the extreme. The line should be drawn at violence, not speech. Certainly any historical event should be open to close examination – let the arguments on both sides fly and the best one win.

                  Actually these days Muslims seem to be a protected group as well (Islam being taught in public skools!), and lord help you no matter what your background if you let the word “nigger” slip out!

                  • Yeah, Jason, that’s the absurdity of it- there are more “Christian” Zionists in the world [mainly America] than there are Jews in total!

                    Many years ago, the majority of Christians recognized Jews as being hostile to everything they stood for; and there was a significant outcry against establishing a phony UN-created “state” for Jews (A state by it’s very nature that is racist!)- Actually, there was a significant outcry against establishing the League Of Nations/UN, because Christians recognized it for what it was- the foundation of the prophesied Satanic world government.

                    Then came the 501c3 churches; Jesuit infiltration of Protestant religious institutions/Bible “colleges” etc.; and the usual school and media propaganda over the years….and voila- now most “Christians” crap all over the Bible and Christ, and kiss the Jews asses.

                    Meanwhile, Christains are not even allowed to proseltyze in Israel; and even Jews who migrate there, if they have accepted Christ, must renounce Him in order to acquire citizenship! -Could you imagine a Muslim supporting a nation or people who forbade the preaching of their religion or required the renunciation of Allah/Moe Hommid?!

                    And yes- they can bring the Koran to school, and even teach about it- but they will not even countenance a Bible; or even a T-shirt with the mention of Jesus on it.

                    My cousin had to get a Christian legal group to go to his daughter’s school and straighten them out, because they were forbidding her from reading her Bible on the playground!!! (Why he’d send her to such a place…I don’t know)

                • Self-explanatory, Signore Nunzio…

                  The TRUTH is its own defense, and wouldn’t need a censorship law.

                  I’ve long been satisfied that although certainly Nazi persecution of Jews did happen, with many casualties, the “denial” is disputing goals, motives, and ultimately body count. I’m certain the Nazis would have slaughtered every Jew they could get their hands on had it suited their purposes. However, they needed their labor, badly. Also, the very story surrounding Anne Frank would alone question some of the common notions about the “Holohoax”…for example, Otto Frank was a sickly man, and when apprehended, sent with Mrs. Frank to Thieresenstadt (which was for important Jewish prisoners and old folks), and his bookeeping skills weren’t employed. Why, pray tell, was this “useless” eater able to survive at all, if the Nazis were indeed hell-bent on wiping out any Jews not of use to them? But he did survive, certainly long enough to write the last part of his daughter’s purported ‘diary’ with a BALLPOINT PEN (which weren’t available until postwar in Europe). Also, Anne herself, though originally sent to Auschwitz, ended up at Bergen-Belsen, perishing of typhoid, of which there was an epidemic in the camp, only a few weeks prior to its liberation, not gassed at Auschwitz as is commonly thought.

                  If I’d written that while in Canada or Germany, I’d be liable to a fine and jail sentence, and certainly be deported. In fact, who is to say that even though I just wrote this tome in the good ol’ USA, where there’s at least some respect for the First Amendment, that IF I were to travel to “Goimany” or Soviet Canuckistan, that I wouldn’t be arrested and charged anyway? After all, look at what became of Ernst Zundel, jailed by Germany even though he’d not engaged in any “Denial” activity on German soil.


                  • Exactly Doug.

                    I don’t deny that the Nazis did heinous things and slaughtered many Jews- I personally knew one who barely escaped their clutches when they invaded Hungary, by hiding in an out-house. But the numbers in the popular narrative have been wildly exaggerated.

                    In order for it to have been as they commonly claim- 6 million Jews exterminated- or even three million- they would have had to have been marching lines of Jews 5 abroad, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, into the ovens- and that clearly was not the case, nor could it have been, ’cause the ovens couldn’t handle it.

                    And if they have to exaggerate, that leads one to question much more, because in reality, even if the scope of it was 1/1000th of what they commonly claim, that would be bad enough- so what need is there to exaggerate?

                    And to CIMINALIZE honest inquiry, or one’s belief- whether realistic or totally absurd, is just the height of insanity- but does show the lengths to which the Yarmulke-licking Jew-worshipers will go to please their masters. Much like the nonsense in New Zealand where they made it a crime to possess or show videos of the moque shooting….

                    Total insanity, which should alert any conscious human being that something is terribly wrong with the political system in they believe, participate in, and serve. -But no- like rats in a maze, most people just accept whatever their god, the State, decrees.

                    • Nunzio,

                      “’cause the ovens couldn’t handle it”

                      You familiar with J.A. Topf & Söhne?

                      I remember reading some of the engineer’s interrogations after they were captured by the Russians.

                      Hell, Eric might even remember. I started reading his stuff back then. I subscribed to the paper edition of the Detroit News, but on weekends we got the combined Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. Courtesy of the government joint operating agreement.

                      So one weekend I’m reading the freep option/editorial (which is mandatorily included in my subscription to the Detroit News) and they print the translation of “why” and “what” was done to improve the efficiency of the cremas.

                      I don’t know what it takes to turn 1,050,000,000 pounds of human tissue into ash, but the employees at Topf & Söhne sure did. And they worked their asses off to try and achieve it.

                      For the Fatherland of course. Always for the Fatherland.

                      To be honest, I don’t care how many died in the Easy-Bake ovens of the Third Reich. Because they pretty much went to the shower
                      ReDeployment by making choices.


                      You could get someone at Shul to announce, “All Jews must report to the local rail yard at noon tomorrow.” Plenty takers, I’d wager a fancy sum.

                      Gonna be a lot of redeployment in the future Nunzio.

                    • Hi T,

                      Yes, I’m hip. I’ve also heard (and read) Himmler’s speech to his men in which he speaks of the same things. Have numbers been exaggerated? Probably. But the numbers are still considerable – as well as beside the point. The thing which disturbs me is the general disinterest in the other victims – not just of the Hitler regime but of the Soviet. Which by any objective measure was far worse because it lasted far longer and far more were murdered. There is also the general point, perpetually missed, that authoritarianism inevitably leads to the same result.

                      How many Southerners did Uncle slaughter? Filipinos? Germans? Japanese? Vietnamese? Iraqis? Including some just for fun (see Wikileaks).

                      Eastasia, Eurasia… it’s all the same place.

                    • Hey, Tu,

                      Never heard of Topf & Sohne. Admittedly, I’m not well-read on the Nazis/Holocaust. (Ironically, my black friend is though- She was actually planning on moving to Germany to further study the subject and write a book- but unfortunately, a health crisis prevented that from happening). I also have a cousin who lives in Germany and is married to….[gasp] a German!

                      Like I said though- the numbers just don’t work- if you take the amount of time the camps were operational vs. the number of claimed victims- you literally would have had to have had lines of ’em marching 5 abreast CONTINUALLY 24/7 in Prescott Bush’s Mercedes chambers- not to mention the logistics of the disposal of the remains, etc. It just doesn’t work.

                      When I see stuff purporting to justify the artificially high numbers, it usually concentrates on just one aspect to the exclusion of everything else- and picks and chooses what it quotes or otherwise uses, to arrive at a desired point- which is always to justify the “official story”.

                      But yeah- I agree- redeployment. It’s happening already, right here- as we seem to have no lack of conscienceless rabble who will do what ever they are commanded to, and even beyond- only we call them cops and deputies and SWAT teams and Guardsmen and Park Rangers, ad infinitu8m.

                      But yeah, I agree with Eric- the numbers have been exaggerated. Makes ya wonder why, because even if the real numbers were a tenth of what is claimed…or even 1/100th, it is still a terrible thing; So why exaggerate it?

                      Funny, how governments always seem to have to find someone to kill; they must always have an “enemy” to justify their aggregation of power and use of violence.

                      What did Hitler say to his unexpected company?

                      “If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a kike!”

                    • T, I,m gonna come kick your ass. You done pidded me off. Don’t you know thd jews if israel, esp. the current jews have in store for you. You wton’t be long for this wordl

                      And her’s the reason I post. I bear no ill will toward anyone. I will defend myself however.

                      Let us speak of realities. Israel is not our ally, in any way. We are a means to them controlling the word. I say this with heavy heart. This is not what I’d like. But keep in mind, I am a west Texan. I’m not keen on lettin one kick my ass around. And I don’t mean just Isaeili’s. I look look at the badged thugs in this country and see we’re being set up.

                      That’s fine. Let them set us up. When they fucked us around with their ‘Armoral” , the troops of no conscience or no matter, Next time they want to use the TSA to fuck with people of west Texas, let them have their way. WE have our own militia.

                      Even though I’m’ old…..wanta take me on in the brush of this country?

                      You might wants to think so….but the trueth of it is, we ain’t havining it, just try us. Even my young cousin when he said “We don’t own shit”. Good boy, now grab that AR and do some good.I’lll lead. Probably eric is shitting a brick or something less firm. MY best friend just called. He was awakened early this morning with a bad case of AOC. He said it was projectile.

                • Archie Bunker was right. The slave trade and todays mass immigration is all financed and supported by jews. It just is. Easy to search. But the Soros taxis off the coasts of Libya are flooding Europe with millions of stone age barbarians. Hell we have africans crossing in from Mexico. How the hell did they cross the frigging Atlantic?

            • But it sorta is worse, Jason, than what the US did to the poor Injuns, etc. because, in the case of Israel, they keep on doing it; and they are not content to merely do it to themselves, to their neighbors- but rather, they enlist the help of other nations [especially the US] to do their dirty-work; and they are not content to merely concern themselves with their own land or that immediately around them, but they also gain control of the politics and major institutions of society of many other nations [such as the US], as they seek to not only control the Mid East, but the whole world.

              And the US is just as culpable of the continuing atrocities it commits- only instead of against Injuns on this continent, we now are guilty of the continuing genocide of Iraqies and Palestinians, et al which we practice in the name of Israel.

              Such a far-reaching and unholy alliance exists nowhere else on earth. It is the epitome of statism, tyranny and the evil of government- which is why I have trouble understanding why it is that you seem critical of those of us who point it out, and seem to minimize the nature of what that evil alliance continues to do.

              The Catholic church is a close second on the list of evil tyrant conspirators- but NOTHING in the present world has the power and violence and tyranny of Israel and her unholy alliance with the US. If Israel did not exist, this world would be a different (and better) place; and half of the problems we face here in the US would not exist. You can not say that about any other nation- especially one that has a smaller population than many US states.

              [Note: I do not endorse the theological or political views of Ted Pike]

              • The fundamental problem I believe comes down to the existence of the State. Governments will always attract the worst power-hungry, thieving, murderous maggots on the face of the planet.

                I agree with you that the U.S. and Israel are partners in crime, however I see the U.S. intending to be the “boss” of the criminal gang. (Follow the money!) The Israelis may have other ideas (criminal bosses fighting over turf and loot). However given the disparity in size and power I have to conclude that the U.S. is and will remain in charge of the arrangement and will continue to use Israel to accomplish its deviltry in the middle east by proxy. (Remember it was the Rockefellers, through their puppet the U.N., that created Israel in the first place. It likely was not for any benevolent purpose.)

                In its relatively short existence the U.S. has committed many acts of terror and violence against innocents in order to further the interests of its elites. It continues to do so through others as it sees fit.

                • Good observations, Jason- and I largely agree.

                  Funny thing is, Israel has a history of this very thing- relying on other large empires (Egypt; Babylon) and then inciting protectors to turn against them and become their enemy.

                  Their relationship[ with the US has been atypical though- as they have never had such control of another country/empire and it’s institutions as they do with the US; nor were they ever so lavishly financially served and militarily protected by any other.

                  The time will soon come when Babylon will eat her flesh.

                  • Let me run this by you – a thought I’ve sometimes had is that we convince the Yids that the “holy land” is actually Boro Park! Let them rename that “Israel” (they already run the place), move as many as possible there, and let the Arabs have that miserable strip of desert the size of NJ that they are all endlessly squabbling over. (Of course aside from the obvious logistical problems, that would not suit the “forever war” desires of the elites.)

                    • LOL!!! I think they’ve actually been pursuing that plan, Jason! Only trouble is, the schvatzes in Borough Park proved to be more objectionable and more tenacious than the A-rabs!

                      Besides, the bus service in Israel is better than Brooklyn- even if the bus blows up once in a while, you still stand a better chance of getting where you’re going than in NY!

                      😀 😉 😀

    • More unsubstantiated nonsense. The idea that Israel controls the U.S. is bullshit of the highest order. Our so-called “leaders” also bend over backwards to kiss the ass of Great Britain. Does that make the U.S. the Queen’s bitch? (There are actually people who think so!) “Dual Citizenship” is a red herring, externally claimed by Israel and all it really means is that any hebe can move there if they want to. Similar arguments used to be made against Catholics, that the papists should not be permitted to hold political office due to their loyalty to the Vatican; that they would serve the Pope’s interests.

      • A Mel Brooks gem:

        “I was sitting in the temple, minding mine own business, listening to a lovely Hebrew mass…
        Then these PAPIST persons plunged in, and they threw me in a dungeon, and…
        Shoved a red-hot poker up my ass!
        Is that considerate? Is that polite? And not a tube of “Preparation H” in sight!”

      • We don’t have any laws criminalizing criticism of Britain.
        We don’t punish people for denying/disputing the events surrounding Guy Fawkes.
        We don’t send Britain billions in aid.
        We don’t overthrow the governments of, invade, and destroy the nations surrounding Britain.
        Britian doesn’t train our police; control our media, etc.

        Actually, Britian used to kiss Jew ass more than we now do. They did more to establish the state of Is-ra-hell than anyone.

        And at least when we kissed Britain’s ass, and that rat bastard Abe Lincoln [Abe? Edith Bunker:L “I didn’t know Lincoln was Jewish”] waged war on the South to keep the cotton and taxes flowing to the North and to Britian, it wasn’t totally to our detriment (only to the detriment of the South!)- whereas our ass-kissery is so thorough to the Jews, that what we do for them is to our own financial, political and social detriment. That is completely unheard of in any other scenario, and totally nonsensical. There is no rational justification for it- so when faced with the question of why do we do it then?, there can only be one answer….and that is because we are doing service to a foreign power, rathjer than ‘we the people’.

        • An equivalent action would be jailing and/or fining Mel Gibson for his “slander” of the Crown, defaming Edward I “Longshanks” and making his son, Edward II (not Longshanks’ first-born, among the many historical errors of the otherwise awesome epic) an effeminate “poofter”. One thing they did get sorta right (though the real timing was all wrong for Princess Isabella to have an affair with William Wallace and bear his child who would become Edward III) was in Sophie Marceau’s character, as the real Princess Isabella, , the “She-Wolf of France”, could definitely take care of herself!.

          I’m all in favor of maintaining the “Jewish State, and hell, putting money into a fund to send every Jew in the world on a one-way trip there!

  7. What’s funny is that this whole Russians skewed the election thing hinges on a bunch of Russian trolls and thousands of dollars having a bigger effect in manipulating the american public than the whole of the mainstream media and internet giants combined.

    And a good hunk of the public believes it.

  8. Now The Orange Asshat has a real crime on his hands- i.e. the bombing of Syria, on what of course will prove to be false info. This will likely be used as the pinnacle of evidence against him, to declare that he is unfit for office- assuming his actions don’t cause WW3 to start first.

    So yet again, he does the very thing Hilary had been saying she would od; and once again, our politicians do the bidding of Israel instead of the American people whom they are supposed to be representing.

    This douche had an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity to do good and accomplish something which no other modern presidents have been privy to, by reason of the fact that he was elected by half of the nation whom normally are never represented in politics, and who realized that this election was their last opportunity to maintain any semblance to traditional America- but he BLEW IT!

    The snowflake liberals must be celebrating, because now, this country is officially theirs. Trump handed it to them.

    • Pretty much a no win situation: stay calm and stay out of Syria, and Trump is “colluding with the Russians to protect a brutal dictator.” Bomb the hell out of Syria and it goes as you suggest, presuming we all don’t die in a nuclear holocaust first.

      Hold onto your family and tell them you love them.

    • Nunz, why do you think Trump had any control over the Syria situation? The deep state wants war. Trump talked about pulling out, then coincidentally, a day later we get another “gas attack”, and now Trump is all for war. Like flipping a switch. Wouldn’t it be easy to threaten the life of a president’s family?

      But the war party always wins, no question there.

      As for the Russian interference bullshit, that is how they’re going to write history. That is what will be taught in the schools. That is what will be mentioned in the documentaries. They just keep saying it over and over again, and half the people run with it because that is what they want to and choose to believe.

      • BJ, If Trump had actually been sincere about the things he had pretended to support while he was campaigning, and had surrounded himself with likeminded people instead of warmonger Neocons and generals, he could have really neutralized the deep state, at least for the time being.

        Threats to his family would not have carried any weight, because had anything actually happened to them, it would have exposed the deep state on a mass level which would have effectively destroyed their power- as they can not control hundreds of millions of people who then realize that they are being controlled.

        Trump’s words are meaningless- one minute he says one thing; the next minute he says or does the opposite. His actions are his own. Just like with North Korea. There is a video on Youtube of interview of Trump which took place 20 years ago, with him saying “We must do something about North Korea”.

        He knows exactly what he is doing, and doesn’t need any prodding. And he is easily manipulated- not by threats, but by the narratives of his enemies- such as how they are using the “Russian collusion” narrative to keep Trump from making nice with the Russians, for fear that it might lend credence to their false charges.

        He’d rather start WW3 than endure the blow to his image that false accusations would bring. And maybe that is the true plan of the deep state, as I’ve long surmised- because there is no way out of the massive debt and dysfunctional unsustainable economy and culture which they have created- and a massive war would enable them to start over and still remain in charge, whereas just letting America die from within likely wouldn’t.

        Trump is dangerous, because he can be easily manipulated, and because he is a megalomaniac. And surely, someone of his stature who has played with politicians for decades, knows their tactics- as even you and I do- so if he were afraid of threats, he should not have taken the office- it’s not as if he’s some naive bumpkin who actually thinks that the president really calls all of the shots.

        Think of all the men who lost their families, fortunes and lives in the Revolutionary War……but now we’re supposed to tolerate men who destroy their own country and sovereign nations the world over, because they are threatened?

        • These are all good points Nunz. He has been part of that class for a long time, and knows the game. I believe the argument made regarding the people Trump surrounded himself with, was that he would not have been allowed to win if he chose outsiders.

          “Threats to his family would not have carried any weight, because had anything actually happened to them, it would have exposed the deep state on a mass level which would have effectively destroyed their power- as they can not control hundreds of millions of people who then realize that they are being controlled.”

          To play devil’s advocate, if you can convince millions of people that Russians “hacked” the election, that Assad gassed his own people, that more “sensible” gun control is needed, would it be so hard to convince these same people that a president’s family all died because Trump himself killed them, or that they all happened to kill themselves at the same time?

          Again, most of these people will choose to believe whatever the supposed narrative is, because that is what they want to believe. They choose to believe that Seth Rich was killed in a robbery. These people will happily accept whatever CNN tells them happened to a president’s family, or whatever the situation may be.

          I suppose if this did happen though, they would have to do something to the president too, because there would be no need to keep silent at that point.

          • Ah, you make some good points too, BJ.

            But I do think they did do all they could to try and keep Trump from winning- if for no other reason than that he is an outsider, and an unknown quantity, and possibly not as easily controlled as their own players (A fear of theirs which turned out to be unfounded! ) -but the fact is “they” do not have as much control over everything as some tend to think- if they did, they would not need all of these elaborate charades.

            I think too, that that is the only reason we even know of “them”. If they truly wanted to remain secret, they could- but the fact is, by putting out limited info, and making people think that they already have total control over everything, they actually gain more control than they actually have, because many people end up believing that “they” control everything that happens, and so essentially give up, and offer no resistance- but the election of t5he Donald is a prime example of how fragile their control is- which is why I say that Trump, with the backing of so many supporters, could truly have accomplished something, had his campaign promises been sincere, and had he not been just another statist Neocon, egomaniac and lunatic.

            • Nunz I was so sure that elections were rigged, and they kinda are, but him winning really surprised me. So you may be right on the fragility of their control. The whole system seems pretty fragile right now, to be honest. Maybe when we get a guy like Ron Paul elected we’ll get some real change…

              • The election definitely was rigged- like: Bussing in illegals in the big cities to vote multiple times in different precints for Hillary; and 376 votes in one ballot box in Detroit for Hillary, in a precinct that only had 75 registered voters….

                I guess they just got cocky, and under-estimated the true support Trump had.

                But it really doesn’t matter who gets in, as I’ve said many times- not even the great Ron Paul can save us, because our people are already corrupted.

                They gladly sign-up to fight in “their” wars; to staff “their” offices; to be cops and cage people for possessing the wrong plant. Jurors gladly convict anyone who doesn’t report and pay taxes on every financial transaction; they gladly pay a tax for the privilege of earning a living and creating wealth and supporting their own families…only to have those taxes given to those who spend their lives sitting on a couch and making illegitimate babies….

                They send their kids off the government schools where they are brainwashed, and learn to submit; and then pay good money to send them to some university where they learn every perversion, subversion, cultural Marxism and communism….

                And they demand “universal healthcare”, and the destruction of their own right to protect themselves from tyranny and crime…..etc. etc.

                The people who made it possible for Obozo to rule for two terms…would rebel if a good man who actually makes sense- like Ron Paul- somehow got in.

                No worries though, as in ’08, he only garned three percent of the votes among his own Republicans in the primary- so imagine how much lower that percentage would be in the general election?!

                Americans hate liberty…they love communism.

                Funny, I was watching a video last night by this Westerner who was living in China, and he said that people sometimes ask him how the government there can get away with banning the all internet content except for China’s own…and he said “They get away with it simply mosty people just don’t care”.

                Give ’em bread and circuses, and they won’t care about what’s important.

                • Morning, Nunz!

                  I’m depressed – and exasperated. Depressed about Trump being Bolton-ized (becoming a warmonger, after egging on by that moustachio’d psychopath John Bolton) and depressed by the relentless juggernaut aimed at Trump’s removal by any means necessary.

                  He will have to double down to remain in office. And I am betting that means more war.

                  • G’day Eric!

                    Meh….I don’t think The Donald needed to be Boltonized. He hand-picked these people. And just look at his personality- the way he acts; the things he says… Trump IS a warmonger.

                    The nice stuff he said while campaigning- about making nice with the Russians, and staying out of other people’s wars, and getting out of NATO, etc. was just BS. to make it appear to voters as if they had a choice- someone who would not do the same things Hillary was openly proclaiming that she’d do.

                    But of course, as soon as the election was over…he does the exact things Hillary said that she would do. And what ever happened to “Jail her”? A year and a half later…and much more new info about the Clinton Crime Family has come to live…and another reporter dies….and she’s still free as a bird.

                    In retrospect, it probably would have better had Trump not won. If Hillary were in, as disgusting as that prospect is, I’m sure more people would be “waking up” and a good part of America would have been rebelling by now (Not in the Libertarian/anarchist sense, but at least in a way which would challenge Federal power, and at least cause many conservatives to stop participating- which is really the first necessary step- and the only thing which will actually accomplish something).

                    I hate to say it, but at this point, I hope they do remove Trump; and I believe they will now. Not that his replacement will be any better- but this guy should be removed for betraying all those who supported him, and really, for being a dangerous nut- despite the one or two token little good things he’s done.

                    I’m embarrassed for having defended him to relatives and acquaintances. Even though the defense usually came down to not much more than “He’s better than Hitlery”…. Now it’s more like “He’s pretty much the same as Hitlery…he just tries to appeal to a different crowd”.

                    The saddest thing is though, that now, any inkling of liberty that may still be represented by conservatism, is doomed forever- as from here on out, the liberal-socilaist-Regressives[soc] will be in control- even if there is war, because I think enough people are sick of the constant wars, so pulling another George Bush isn’t going to help Trump, but rather will hurt him.

                    Sorry to say it my friend, but I believe he is done. Don’t be depressed though. He represents the injustice and violence of the authoritarian-collectivist state just as much as anyone else- and what he is doing now is proof of that. His political fall will be another crack in the dam; another step in the coming apart of the empire- and will cause more people to become disaffected, and ultimately contribute to the crumbling of Wurshington’s power…and that is a GOOD thing!

                    • I believe any one of us here could have written the script to get him elected. He just lied and said what the people wanted to hear plus the fact of who the alternative would have been.

                      I really am afraid he won’t be reelected and that’s the shits or the AOC’s as I call them.

                  • What makes you guys believe that the President actually RUNS the Government? Judging by it’s sheer size and competing factions, I’d say that it’s manifestly impossible for the President to “drive” it, he can, at best, vaguely attempt to steer, akin to a hapless, inexperienced driver trying to control a runaway deuce-and-a-half down a steep grade with sharp turns, with shot brakes, loose steering, and ball joints about ready to lose the wheel!

                    • I agree with you, Doug. Just the fact that no matter who is elected, the same plan is followed, and the same goals are always pursued; and at the end of every four years, we are always the worse for it and our liberties further eroded, says a lot.

                      Thing is, the recent presidents haven’t even done a good job of acting the part.

                      Then again, why should they? The idots go out and vote every four years, just the same- as if it really mattered.

  9. After the Russians announced that they would acquire stakes in Uranium One, and while the Kremlin was promoting the purchase, Bill Clinton received $500,000 in 2010 for a speech in Moscow from a Russian investment bank that had ties to the Kremlin. Putin personally thanked Clinton, the Wall Street Journal reported, adding that a review of Bill Clinton’s speeches “found no evidence that speaking fees were paid to the former president in exchange for any action by Mrs. Clinton.”

    “Trump could have avoided so many Pinocchios* had he been more careful with the language. For example: “Hillary Clinton’s State Department was one of nine agencies that approved the deal.” Words matter.”

    Intentionally went to the WAPO story instead of some of the sites with less pretzel logic. Yes, there’s no hard evidence that the Clinton family knowingly did anything wrong. Just like there’s no evidence that Capone ever knew of anyone getting whacked. Are these journalists that naive’ as to think that someone up to no good at that level would leave an obvious smoking gun? (apparently, yes they are) You don’t get that high in the system by leaving a lot of loose ends and blatant activity. It’s called working the system, and between Bill’s 8 years and her time I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would be happy to cover for her (and as long as everyone gets a piece of the action, who cares if some Russians get a sweetheart uranium deal?).

    *WTF is that? Are we all 6 year old schoolgirls now?

  10. Let’s face it: we no longer live in the Republic of the Founders.

    We live in an Empire — an empire of endless, undeclared war; an empire of domestic spying and surveillance; an empire of endless, incomprehensible regulations; an empire of endless, unpayable debt; and empire of gluttony and obesity and pornography and football. Panem et circenses — “bread and circuses.”

    I realize that it has become cliché to say this, but it really IS like the decline of the Roman Republic (upon which the Founders consciously modeled OUR late republic). Just as in ancient Rome the forms of government — the Senate, the Tribunes — remained, as the Empire took shape it was increasingly characterized by private wars and partisans fighting for dominance — the way Caesar fought Pompey and Crassius. Does anyone really think that what is going on in the D.C. (which, in the post-9/11 world, looks like an armed camp, more akin to the Kremlin than a city that its namesake would approve of) is anything less that a quiet, subterranean civil war between the partisans of Hillary and the partisans of Trump?

    This will go on and on, until it cannot. And it will get a lot worse before it gets better. They’ll be using the NSA to spy on each other — if they haven’t already. (How did those ultra top-secret transcripts of Trump’s phone calls to foreign leaders get leaked if not by the NSA?)

    And of course they spying on YOU will get worse and worse, too.

    The Hillary partisans are more ruthless and Machiavellian than the Trump people, who mistakenly think that the Old Republic and its “constitutional rights” still exist. Just wait until they ban all your guns and pack the Supreme Court with justices who will uphold it. The shit will REALLY hit the fan then.

    And they WILL do it, too.

    Someday, the financial Ponzi scheme on Wall Street will collapse. Or the currency will collapse. Or the power grid will go out. Or there’ll be a racial incident and you’ll have L.A.-style riots from coast-to-coast.

    This country WILL burn — unfortunately, probably not soon enough for any of us to try to build something better in its aftermath… if such a feat is even possible.

  11. The American Bolshevik cousins are lusting to kill an American czar and all his family and then to exterminate as many American kulaks by every means necessary as they can.

    The assault on the US Constitution’s most exhaustive guarantees in preserving life and liberty: Amendments 1 and 2 are the necessary front for ensuring that once the American czar has been dutifully murdered, the kulaks will have no choice but to go to into the Forbidden Forest and disappear from history as the 100 Million Eastern European Christians did a century ago. Without a voice and without a means of resisting.

    Make no mistake, we are without a nation and are now strangers in very strange lands. I wouldn’t expect to survive what is to come nor would I, but I am damn certain of partaking in as much partisan retribution before I go off to the Forbidden Forrest. Die gloriously

    • Brazos, it would appear you and I have both been victims of the good old Tx. system of inventing shit. The wife and I have been raided 4 times since 2002. We had a single charge(bullshit)that stuck against us since it was all lies by the Just us system.

      The last time was 2017, Aug. 1st. It was a fluke I was home but I had just be let go due to no work. Otherwise the wife would have been home by herself and I would have been on the road, a typical places for a trucker.

      Of course the denizens didn’t give a shit, not needing anything even resembling truth. They came, they raided(big helo and then ground troops)and left empty handed because my renters ex was facing 5 felony charges involving taking kids across state line so she was desperate to give them her ex and me and the wife for total made up shit. When the pigs left, the head honcho was seeking succor and (following the Ft. Worth shootings of cops)said “And now they’re shooting at us”. I didn’t think they were good enough marksmen since these pieces of shit were still alive. I corrected him and said, “You mean shooting back” since there had been several murder by cops in Ft. Worth that year.

      I checked the numbers on what this, once again, unsuccessful raid costs. The helo was $2,000/hr not including the overpaid POS in it and then the ground troops, all driving their own unmarked cars and trucks. Yeah, we live in a great country….and you can thank all those POS in congress, US and State for this sorry state of affairs.


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