Latest Reader Question (April 15, 2018)

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

David asks: My first car was an Austin A-40, made in England, our first car after marriage was a Morris Mini-Minor, also made in England. It pioneered the transverse engine above the transmission driving the front wheels. Your article about the new hybrid leads me to a question. My wife is currently leasing a Honda Odyssey  for three years. It is larger than we need, but it replaced a Chrysler Town & Country, T-boned in Florida last year in February. Could we possibly lease a Countryman in the near future?

My reply: I don’t see why not; Mini (which is owned by BMW) leases its cars, just like most other automakers.  Have a look here for the latest offers.

The Countryman is possibly roomy enough for your needs; it’s also got the personality that Mini People (I’m guessing you’re one) like and which makes it a very distinctive car vs. others in its class.

Keep us posted!

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