Diaper Report 1/26/21

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We’ll soon be transitioning to Needle Reports, probably.

People accepted the Holy Rag; now they’ll be “asked” – coerced – to submit to the Holy Needle. But it won’t be just the one Needle. And it won’t be just for the “deadly China virus,” as the Orange Fail styled it.

Precedents matter.

There is a reason why you pay taxes on practically everything. It is because once a tax is accepted, it is hard to object to other taxes; the precedent has been set and the principle accepted.

People are being conditioned to accept this vaccine. If they accept it, they will be “asked” – compelled – to accept any vaccine the government or their employer demands they accept.

People say the government is incompetent – and they’re right, when it comes to productive effort. But the government excels at increasing its power – probably because the psychopathic personalities who are “the government” excel at manipulation. These people have succeeded in coercing most of the population to wear a Holy Rag – holy, literally as well as figuratively. It literally is holy – in terms of viral particles having no difficulty transiting the holes in the fabric. And it is also holy for the same reason, in that people have faith in its effectiveness, no different than clasping a crucifix to ward off vampires.

At any rate, they are Holy – and soon will be Needled.

The two go together like the pope and his funny hat.

So don’t wear the funny hat – or the “mask” – unless you have faith – and want to be Needled.

Repeatedly. Regularly.

. . . .

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  1. As the push on the diapers is now “two diapers is what you should be doing”, I have to giggle and say “So that means one was doing the job?”
    What I’m waiting on with the injection experiment is the rash of second doses, which I don’t think has really started. In all the trials I saw, the second dose was the knockout for people; it caused the most negative impacts on the very healthy guinea pigs with up to 40 percent needing assistance to do even basic tasks depending on which trial it was, so while the first dose has certainly started killing people off (they just killed Hank Aaron with it), the second is the one to watch.

  2. It appears that we are indeed “all in this together”, just not necessarily by choice. Kneel or be outcast (silenced, caged, disposed of) is the current mantra, and it appears it will soon be enforced at gunpoint. There isn’t a damn thing any government can do without holding a gun to people’s heads and forcing them to comply with whatever insanity they come up with. There comes a point where compliance is suicide, and we’re fast approaching it. Which may neutralize the threat posed by the gun to your head. There is a bill on the table in congress which will make roughly half of the US population instant criminal suspects. Live and let live is not a concept they’re even aware of, much less agreeable to. My way or the highway, which currently substitutes silence, prison or the cemetery for highway.

  3. A clerk at the local convenience store hit me up about masks yesterday. I turned it down, of course, and had a long conversation with her outside the store. Apparently, a do-gooder claims that she sat outside the store and took notes on mask compliance for two hours and reported the store. That’s what the clerk claims that a do-gooder claimed. I was told that they didn’t want me taking my business elsewhere (I asked) but they would be offering masks routinely, and I was free to turn them down. I’ve been in that store several times (without mask) while the police have been there. Never had a problem. So AGWs aside, be sure and thank your neighbor for some of this BS. The cops answer to the politicians who appoint the people responding to the busybodies.

    Oh, and I was called a science denier the other day. LOL. I cite peer-reviewed journal articles to back up my positions and my challengers typically have nothing more than repeated edicts and claims. And on the rare occasion that they cite some kind of scientific publication, I defeat them with their own citation because it’s usually full of holes and just a propaganda piece (no isolation of variables, statistical significance, etc). Good times.

    • The Biden exec order federalization of everything WuFlu related just took a nasty turn. In an exec order he declared workers can refuse “unsafe” work and still get unemployment. The exact example involved an employer that didn’t require “universal” diapering. The employee is to confront employer and, if the employer declines to comply with the “measures”, the employee can quit and go on bennies. Weaponized worker bees. Also new “temporary” emergency OSHA workplace requirements regarding diapers, socialist distancing, and Howard Hughes-ian hand washing. It will be interesting, to say the least, when the new emergency rules contradict existing rules on masks that I’m sure Old Joe has no idea exist. It won’t stop them, that’s for sure.

      • I swung by that same convenience store earlier today. No mention of masks. I was the only one there at the time, so maybe enforcement will be tied to number of witnesses?

  4. ** Chiden actually said publicly the other day that, “..we can’t change the course of the virus.” **

    After the “Salute the Marines” moment, I suspect Bidet did not say that. The animitronic operators from Boston Dynamics and The Jim Henson Company did.

  5. That’s it! If it gets just a little bit worse, I’ll leave this prison……..tomorrow….always a day away.

    When catastrophe is imminent, better to be early or late in your escape?

  6. Prior to that visit, Sear and Garrigus stopped at White House Tavern, to check on the restaurant and ensure it was following the 25% capacity rule, everyone was wearing masks, and temperatures and names were being collected by the greeter, all requirements of the business safety plan that’s filed with Pitkin County.


    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    ― Upton Sinclair

    Of course this isn’t over. Not by a long shot. The government has an excuse to feel important and needed, so they’re going to take advantage. “We” ask them for this. “We” told them to do this. Now that there’s an established beachhead it is only a matter of time until the next crisis or pandemic or whatever comes along. Lord help us if the Consumer Health Protection Specialist becomes a permanent position, which is likely to be the case. Soon there will be more li’l Hitlers in towns all over the country, piling on more rules and compliance costs to small businesses. Want to open a coffee shop? Better subscribe to the Heath and Safety package from Sysco or you might not be in compliance. What’s that? You didn’t know that you have to consult with a molecular biologist to make sure that stain on counter isn’t going to aggravate someone’s allergies? Oh, so sorry. Maybe you should be a manger at Starbucks instead. They have a corporate VP of public health compliance…

    • Soon, just like the ignoble HR position, filled by people who can’t do real work, a consumer health protection specialist position will be created and added on to the bloat businesses face. Another hat small businessman will be forced to wear, and another cost passed on to consumers.

      In a couple years, little twats will be majoring in Consumer Health Protection from Dickhead State University. Engineering departments will be closed due to lack of funding and interest.

      • Michael,

        It’s like people who take corporate compliance jobs. They know there will always be a market for compliance because the govt, with only the last 4 yrs as a very brief exception, never reduces rules on business it just piles on more.


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