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Some of you may have noticed that every single got-damned video I’ve posted over the past couple of months from Rumble has suddenly disappeared. The “embed” code is copied and pasted per usual but the video does not show.

I have not been able to determine why but am working on it.

Please bear with…


  1. One of the things that sucks about big tech (or even smaller tech firms) is the complete lack of “customer service”. Most companies like Facebook (granted, we aren’t the real customers), don’t even have public phone numbers to call. Others, like At&t have numbers, but good luck talking with someone in under an hour and a half. I think they do it on purpose to decrease calls, because few people have two hours to sit and wait for what should be a simple answer.

    It doesn’t help that most tech isn’t particular reliable, is glitchy or isn’t terribly easy to use. Software just stops working for no particular reason. At least with most mechanical things you can often tell something is about to fail. It makes weird noises, gets hot, smokes, runs poorly or whatever. Tech stuff can be working fine one minute, do something normal and it’s dead. The other day I save a pic from a web browser by dragging it on the desktop of my mac. It made the finder crash….. One little tiny 40k pic. So annoying.

    Hopefully the videos return soon and you don’t have to re-upload them.


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