Diaper Report 4/28/21

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Have you ever “practiced” Reverse Diapering?

We are all used to the opposite. To being pressured to Diaper by the Diaper-pushers, who leverage their having something we need – such as food or our job – to get us to wear the disgusting rag and thus become part of their horrible lie.

I was able to turn the tables on the Diaperers – because for once I had something they needed.

Which they thoughtfully provided, albeit accidentally.

The day prior, I visited my bank. Well, I visited the drive-thru, which I dislike doing but have been forced to do for the past year-plus because no one is allowed to show their face within the bank.

The faceless will shriek if they see yours.

So I roll through the drive-thru.

As is my habit, I cashed a couple of checks so as to not have to use credit cards – which I have but avoid using because it’s very easy to over-use a piece of plastic that doesn’t disappear from your wallet no matter how many times you use it whereas you’ve got only so much cash in your wallet and once it’s gone, the worst you are is out of cash.

As opposed to being in debt.

Anyhow, I wanted to get some cash in order to buy some things. Per my usual, I put the signed checks in the pneumatic tube and waited. The tube returned after an interval with the usual envelope, which I tossed into the center console of the car I was driving and headed home.

At home I opened the envelope and found my money – plus some more. The teller had made an error. And having done so, gave me some power. They want their money back? Of course, naturally.

I am happy to return it.

But I’m not happy much less willing to spend 15 minutes of my time sitting at the drive-thru again, because of their mistake.

I’ll be walking through the front door, just me and the money – and no Face Diaper. They will see my face and deal with it – or I will walk right back out that same door, with their money.

Which I’ll hang onto until I can return it – on my terms.

And that’s just what I “practiced.” I returned next day and walked right through the doors previously closed to me and every other soul unwilling to become an adjuvant to the sickness of weaponized hypochondria.

Holding that envelope. It worked like Willie Wonka’s golden ticket.

They said nothing, notwithstanding their “policy.” Notwithstanding the several BLOCK LETTER signs on the door warning that MASKS ARE REQUIRED OF ALL CUSTOMERS. All it took was the magic words. Before they could say anything I told them why I was there. Not to withdraw but to return.

It is amazing what an incentive money can be.

Also, interesting. In that the sum involved – $1,500 – was apparently worth more than the “safety” of the people within the bank, supposedly the reason for the “policy” regarding the effacing of faces.

With exceptions. For the money.

But would you expose yourself to a serious threat of lethal infection for the sake of $1,500?

To ask this question is to answer it.

They are not afraid of getting sick. They are afraid of anyone saying – by showing – that the emperor has no clothes. Afraid of getting in trouble if they don’t insist that everyone plays along.

They know it’s a farce; a thing I know for a fact because I happen to know some of the people who work at this bank and have asked them – and they’ve told me. But they are obliged to play Sickness Kabuki – because it is the policy of the bank, which they must abide by in order to remain employed by the bank.

So, I feel for them.

And it is why I did it for them – as much as for myself. Their inadvertence gave me the opportunity to help these poor people by putting them in the position of having to accommodate me by not saying anything to me about the disgusting Face Diaper they are forced to wear but which I am not.

At least, not if they want their money back.

They are required by the bank to demand that customers wear the loathsome apparatus if they wish to transact business face-to-face rather than via a pneumatic tube. But for once, the tables were turned.

What could they do?

If they refused to take the money then they’d be in trouble with the bank. If any Karens complained to the bank because of my Undiapered face, the tellers could plausibly say: He was returning a large sum of money; there wasn’t anything we could do. He wouldn’t go through the drive-thru; we asked – he said no.

What could we do?  

It is doubtful the bank would have fired anyone for accepting money. But there would have been trouble, probably, if they’d refused to accept it by refusing to let me in.


This doesn’t have to be an isolated turning-of-the-tables, either. We all have the power to practice normalcy. To refuse to deal with sick people who need something from us. Insist on sanity.

No more Kabuki.

You want my business? Take off the damned “mask.” And don’t you dare open your yap about me not wearing one.

.  . .

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  1. SIL jabbed, BIL, jabbed. SIL was more than willing to greet and meet and hug. I said to her, ‘We’re all infected now.” I don’t think she caught the draft. I said they should wear masks when in the presence of the unvaccinated, but insisted that they were now immune, no longer wear masks, but are infected with the vax.. Totally brainwashed Covidiots like they are now protected, no worries. The temerity makes me power barf.

    Just plain stupid.

  2. I went to the Asian grocery store today to buy some jackfruit and apple bananas – complete diaper compliance. The cashier was wearing goddamn gloves. It’s funny. They’re known for having the worst food handling standards, yet they’re so afraid of catching Corona.

    There was another white couple in the store bare-faced. I did see one Asian dude walk in without a face diaper – appeared more masculine than the others. Probably less soy in his diet. I must say it’s fun being a tall white guy around a bunch of little neurotic Asians!

    • I’ll amen, that Handler – and add a short story:

      There is a Chinese restaurant/buffet in my area that I love, even though – as you say – the food handling procedures aren’t exactly up to Teutonic standards; but what the hell… the food is delicious! I took my girlfriend there just before the advent of weaponized hypochondria. As we’re sitting there, talking over our meal, I notice something swimming in her drink. Guess who came to dinner? I called the waiter over and showed him the live roach doing the six-legged breaststroke. He murmured apologies, brought a fresh drink – probably after sieving it for roaches this time – and that was that. We kept on eating, because what the hell… the food is great there!

      I don’t worry about germs because I grew up marinating them, as most people in my generation (Gen X) and before did. We’re generally healthy as a result of exposure to such and our bodies developing resistance to such. I cannot prove this, but I am solidly persuaded by the much lower apparent frequency of such things as severe allergy issues and so on.

      I’ve had the flu. It didn’t kill me. I just made me feel like death for a few days. I’ll take that over the death of life – or a “vaccine” that could end mine.

  3. Diaper Report from the Midwest
    I had not been inside a store in almost six months until yesterday, when I visited six: Tractor Supply, two Walmart Supercenters, Lowe’s, Orscheln Farm & Home, and Aldi.
    All had signs saying masks were required, and employees all wore them, but none had a pest at the door to check compliance or hand them out.
    Tractor Supply and the first Walmart are in what I consider more of a working-class town. Hardly any customers were diapered in TS, and I’d say it was about 50/50 at Walmart.
    The other town is more like a suburb, and “voluntary compliance” there was nearly universal. Interesting that in the more upscale Walmart, the only place where I saw no customer masks at all was the gun counter.
    Despite the continuing sickness theater, it was heartening to see how friendly most people still are when engaged in voluntary exchange instead of arguing politics on Facebook.

  4. I’m sad right now. One of my best friends, we’ve been friends for 45 years, since high school, stopped by my shop today (haven’t seen him for over a year) At first he didn’t want to shake my hand, but he did, said he didn’t want to be on a ventilator. He is in the construction business and has done many jobs for not just me but for my father (decking and cement, and I have done many repairs for his vehicles) What he told me, “The TV said that he’s going to die” Not in those exact words, but i think you all know what I mean. I never thought in a million years that he would act this way. This is a dude that you would want on your side in a bar fight (and he can back it up!) He said I’m reading bullshit stuff off the internet. This is a dude that I would never think that he could be influenced by the media, but he has been. I stopped right there and said “let’s just agree to not agree”. I offered him a beer, he declined (he’s NEVER done that) This bullshit sucks!!! I’m losing one of my best friendships. And before someone here says “fuck that guy”, no, i don’t want to do that. Help me change his mind.

    • Hi William,

      Yup; it sucks. I’ve lost two of my oldest friends over this as well. Are these damaged relationships recoverable? Maybe, but it will take a lot of reconciliation and forgiveness – all of it premised on an eventual “come to Jesus” moment when the people who’ve been fooled realize it, admit it and apologize for it. We – the people who have not been fooled – have been and are being treated as pariahs; worse, we have been and are characterized as a biological threat to others. This is nothing shy of evil. It is the sort of thing of which pogroms are made. Anyone willingly involved in such a thing is quite literally the enemy of anyone who is not – to say nothing of the objects of the pogrom-in-the-making.

      Can such a thing be forgiven? Can such people ever be truly regarded as friends again?

      Anything is possible. I’ve read of former enemies becoming friends after a war in which they were trying to kill each other. But this situation is not quite the same. The closest analog that I can think of is the situation of “good Germans” and Germans of Jewish background in the days of you-know-who. I’ve read stories about close friendships that were torn asunder because the “good German” became convinced that The Jew was his biological enemy. Even though Karl the good German had been friends with Hans, who happened to be Jewish, for decades. Even though they’d fought together in the last war.

      It did not matter. When push came to shove, Hans got pushed – by Karl.

      This is hard to accept, but it’s what these “good Germans” are not only willing to do but in many cases are demanding be done – to us. Can we ever reconcile with such people?

      I don’t know. I don’t think so, speaking just for myself.

      I like to think I can forgive a lot. But does forgiveness mean resurrected closeness? I can let go of my anger toward someone who has done me wrong; but can I ever feel the same about them?

      It’s a very hard thing, for all of us. We have each lost the other. The difference, though, is that we never sought to harm them – their fears notwithstanding – while they have actively sought to harm us, or amen’d it.

      That truly freaks me out.

    • Hi William, so sorry to hear that. What exactly set him off? The handshake? Your exposed face? Since you already tried beer, I don’t know what else you can do for now. Perhaps time will heal.
      Tom Woods had an interesting episode yesterday with the author of a book about curiosity. Quite a coincidence, since I’ve been thinking that the essence of this mass acceptance of superstition is that most people just are not very curious.

    • I also have a long-time friend of nearly 50 years who at first told me we couldn’t be around one another unless I wore a mask. After a few episodes of this (of course I am and will continue to be diaperless by the grace of God), we stopped communicating last year. Have spoken a bit since. I have also been wrestling with this – can this friendship be saved, and how? Could I not have known that we weren’t really friends the way I thought? Is what is left enough to continue a friendship?

      I don’t have any answers at this time. Every time I have recently thought, “I’m fine with whatever they say – we can just talk about other stuff,” I realize that this poison affects EVERYTHING. I guess I am saying just be open and friendly and ready to be supportive when/if they finally realize their error. It will take a lot for them to change, to paraphrase the Mark Twain saying. Meanwhile, go on with your life as best you can.

    • My brothers are the same. It’s the tale of two brothers at this point. One is a tree hugging environmentalist liberal and the other is a recovering neocon. I have been increasingly disgusted with both over the last year, if it were possible.

      The liberal wears a mask, so does the neocon. The liberals girlfriend/spouse got jabbed. The neocon, hiss wife and “son” got the jab as well. They all wear masks and they all make me sick. The liberal kept sending me messages about Dump getting the CV and the neocon banned me from seeing some property that we all jointly own in Texas because I “refuse” to get the “vaccine.”

      I view their weaponized hypochondria as a threat to my well being. They and their stupid women are carriers of an unknown biological agent that will be administered on a yearly basis as it loses it’s “effectiveness.” In reality, it is like the cheap handcremes that dry your skin out as you apply moreit. (I have told many women about that phenomenon)

      Yes, they are my biological brothers. And yes, I speak with them. I have always known that they are like that, but it pisses me off even more now. They can both pound sand or pound their women. I don’t care. They have done their part to help turn this country into a toilet to live in.

      • Sound like my uncles. One of them is also a commie environmentalist – lives in Massachusetts. He bragged about making face diapers “for the community”. I never thought he’d buy into any mainstream narrative as he used to be an anti-establishment leftist, or so I thought. What a shame. They used to be my favorite aunt and uncle. I don’t hate them; I pity them.

    • Long term friendships are very tricky. If the other is not on an ascending plane, and you are, it is terminal.

      Every relationship that I have decided was no longer worth the effort ended (IMO) because I was continuing to question, continuing to challenge and basically not settling for TPTB supplied propaganda. They did unquestioningly accept the easy answers and felt sanctimonious when ‘”correcting” me because the “officials” said same thing. Once you see that they are static and propaganda regurgitating drones, while you are continuing to grow and question, it is pretty much over IMO.

      I am down to my last high school friend. Even he is doing the kabuki, though he claims to do so “for work”. Not sure as plenty of signs he is of the body now too. There have been a few signs recently.

  5. I’m having fun pushing the limit on masking whenever I have the opportunity. I’m finding more and more small business owners relaxing in the presence of my bare face. They drop their guard even if they don’t drop their mask.

    A couple days ago I stopped by the lumber yard and put in for a big order to be delivered. I sat next to a woman who was typing in my order. We were both sitting on stools. She asked me where my mask was and I said I was done with masks. She jumped with surprise, and then said, “well, ok then.” I like to think I am helping people see that it is possible to do straightforward business without playing the masking game.

    Here in Hawaii, people are still of the plantation mentality, which has them saying “yes boss” in their heads. The tourists all virtue signal with their masks for a different reason, so the result is I am sadly the only one not wearing a mask inside businesses. Only once in the past year did I see one other person in a paint store not wearing a mask. Home Depot never bothers me, but EVERYONE is still masking! Stupid sheep…

    • “Here in Hawaii, people are still of the plantation mentality, which has them saying “yes boss” in their heads.”

      Dakine was more of a Indian reservation mentality uncle.

      Can get one cigarette?

  6. I’ve been using N95 masks for 30 years – for what they are designed for. They are meant to be particulate filters. Being retired, I no longer need them for deburring and blending aircraft parts, but yesterday I put one on to sharpen half a dozen lawnmower blades that I’ve neglected for two seasons.
    Coincidentally, later in the day I decided to check the website of our local “primary care clinic” to see if they are still on the diaper bandwagon. Yep:

    – Everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public, for example to the grocery store or to pick up other necessities.
    – The cloth face cover is meant to protect other people in case you are infected.
    – Do NOT use a facemask meant for a health care worker, i.e. an N95 mask.

    So they order me to wear a worse-than-useless rag to mollify their superstition, but all-caps forbid me from using a proven, reliable filter to keep deadly grinding dust out of my lungs. Nice science.

  7. From Tucker Carlson:

    ‘…So the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate, ask politely, but firmly, “Would you please take off your mask? Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing it. Your mask is making me uncomfortable.” We should do that and we should keep doing it until wearing a mask outside is roughly as socially accepted as lighting a Marlboro in an elevator. It’s repulsive, don’t do it around other people.’

    I imagine, though, like me, most of you here aren’t dicks, and thus don’t demand that people do or do not things because they make you uncomfortable. But face diapers ARE repulsive, and much more so than lighting a Marlboro.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I feel disgust, pity – and anger – when I see a Face Diaper. But I will not say anything unless provoked. I regard the Diapered much as I do any other mentally ill person. They should be avoided to the extent possible.

  8. Brilliant, Eric!

    Here in Kanada the big motorcycle shops are all diapered up with the silly signs. But the small independents renting a back alley garage are all mask free and less costly. The independents get my $$$ and not a mask in sight. I only vote with my dollars.

    • Excellent, Rodko – and thanks for the kind words!

      I’m glad you mentioned bikes. I need to service my ZRX for the season. All this Freak-battling is taking up too much time!

  9. One thing to remember is they aren’t worried about you. You proved that today by returning the money. They’re worried about the people who aren’t so honest, who are going to attempt a settlement through the government run civil courts for alleged damages. Someone gets sick, they claim it was because the bank was negligent in protecting them from harm, cha-ching! In most cases, the bank just hands off the case to the insurance company to deal with. Except that the insurance company said they aren’t going to pay out in a pandemic. Doesn’t matter to the “victim,” nor the victim’s lawyer. Someone’s responsible for this victim’s illness and it sure as hell isn’t their boyfriend on the side (who’s broke anyway), or their drug dealer, or that family member who can’t stay out of the strip club. Couldn’t possibly be random chance encounters with literally anyone. Someone was responsible for the illness that doesn’t make you ill. Someone must PAY!

    It’s not the bank, BTW. They just followed the CDC guidelines. Good luck suing the CDC, although someone is probably working on the class action now. If everyone is responsible for this, then no one is, but that’s not good enough for the lawyers. Can we sue God? Oh wait, God is dead…

    • I’m sure the evil penny-pinching Republicans will completely defund the Carter-era big government CDC any day now…

  10. Every advantage must be utilized to non-comply with the foolishness.

    JK’s story below is excellent. Pay their insanity no mind, just like an interrupting child or an insane person claiming they are Jesus Christ.

    Lebanon County, Pa is closing their vaccination center due to lack of interest. Getting the stab is a personal choice, but maybe the people in Lebanon have done some research on the experimental medicines being delivered by 2 of 3 companies that have never offered a vax to the public before, who are immune from liability.

  11. Our (Republican) governor just lifted the mask mandate for outdoors – which I can’t believe people followed anyway – and the Karens are all foaming at the mouth about it being too soon. What an idiocracy we are cursed with. I bet a large portion of these people will wear face diapers for the rest of their lives since they’ve all been brainwashed to believe every other human is a walking disease factory spewing viruses wherever they go. Hey, you want to cower in fear and diaper up wherever you go that’s fine with me, just mind your own damn business and leave me the hell alone.

    • “every other human is a walking disease factory spewing viruses wherever they go.”
      Is true to some degree. But attempting to avoid any pathogen whatsoever is a sure fire way to dispense with your immune system. Like a muscle, if not challenged it will stop working. Which could make the common cold a lethal threat to those so engaged.

      • I was told at the beginning of this, before the two weeks of masking began, that the logistics of this were going to be huge and given three words of advice.

        Harden your heart.

        Fuck all those people. Friends don’t call for this! They can’t be trusted.

        Harden your heart.

        You think they will let you hide in their homes after zero tolerance has been declared upon your ass?

        “No quarter for you pal, should have taken the vaccination.”

        Harden your heart.

        And who the fuck’s name do you think they’re giving when told the ration du jour is being doubled for those keeping everyone safe?

        That’s right motherfucker, they givin’ up your name. Sellin’ your ass for an extra scoop. Because “the millet really ain’t that bad”.

        Harden your heart.

        Fuck those former friends. When you have been declared the emergency, who will be the first responders?

        Your lifelong friends. Fuck ‘em.

        Harden your heart.

        This is just starting to get interesting.

        And it won’t end until the long pork is on every dinner plate.

  12. Picked up my 03 Expedition from a new to me repair shop today. Not a diaper in sight. No signs either. Got a new independent transmission cooler/lines after the old lines corroded and puked. Shifts fine but now there’s a weird whine/rattle occasionally between 50-60 mph. Supermarket on the way home saw 5 other non-diapered. Two were Mexicans who were laughing at the diaper heads scurrying around. It was pretty funny.

  13. I had two contrasting experiences yesterday. On the first, I’ve been doing my enforced business with the local branch of the Minnesota DMV by email and mail. They finally got exasperated by my frequent and often unusual transactions and emailed several times that “we are open for business, you have to wear a mask”. I replied that I’d be glad to but I cannot and WILL not wear a mask. The lady immediately replied with a no problem- come on in!

    In the second, I was looking at some business at a local International airport (How’s that for a contradiction?) I have an old friend who works there and we went through all the “secure/sterile” areas including the TSA lair and checked out the project and a few upcoming ones. As we were driving down the flight line (this airport is a major pilot training hub with lots of university airplanes) I noticed a student and instructor WEARING FACE DIAPERS while taxiing… I laughed in disgust and my buddy said,”Yep, they actually do…”. So you’re flight training where communication is critical and potentially deadly, and you’re wearing a cloth mask under your headgear, in a noisy little cabin with a bunch of radio traffic.

    Words fail me- how brainwashed do you have to be?

    • Ernie,

      David Clark’s don’t come with the mask?

      I figured they could keep the mask close to the mouth.

      At least ATC should be muzzled.

  14. Finally bought a truck and at the end of the sale process i told the salesman he did 4 things right none of which mattered to the actual vehicle, but they mattered to me, which made my decision easier. 1. He actually came over and talked with me when i was looking at a truck(amazing how many salesmen refuse to do that now)
    2. He approached me undiapered. 3. He didn’t diaper or request i diaper as a prerequisite of talking business. 4. At the conclusion of our conversation when i was considering his offer, he actually shook my hand.
    At that point i didn’t care if his truck was slightly more than another i was considering at another dealer, he won the business with those 4 simple things.

      • I was shocked when it happened. 3 times i visited dealerships where salesmen saw me looking at and under trucks yet they failed to even come over to me. 2 dealers requested that i diaper outside as a prerequisite for speaking at all. 1 wanted me diapered on a test drive, and 1 was taking advantage of the chip shortage by marking up all of their new and used trucks with a Market Value Adjustment of between $1500 & $5000.
        This process took longer than it should have just weeding out all of the sickness kabuki dealers.

        • As if the actions of the evil ones in charge over the past year haven’t caused enough damage, now businesses are voluntarily committing harakiri. SMH

  15. Just got back from hitting up 4 different stores today. Saw a guy in the last store barefaced, like me. Made a point to tell him how good it was to see another smiling face. Then added, loudly enough for the maskers to hear, “The only way this is going to end is if we keep showing our faces.”

  16. Eric,

    I’m happy to hear you’re a man of integrity. Also delightful that you leveraged their mistake.

    I only wish I had some kind of leverage. The best I can do is to frequent the places that “tolerate” my bare-facedness. The numbers of dissenters here are pitifully weak. There was a guy a few days ago walking back and forth down my street in the hot Arizona Sun, wearing a dirty bandana over his face. Truly sad.

    • Thanks, as always, for the kind words! And – addendum:

      The nice lady at the bank who made the error? I spoke with her again today; guess who is “feeling foggy” and “having trouble concentrating”?

      Guess why.

      • Eric,

        “Guess why”

        If she was UAW, she would be looking to win the “lottery”.

        I cashed a $40 check back in the day. When asked how I wanted the bills I said, “All hundreds please.”

        Imagine my surprise at lunch when I opened the envelope and found $400.

        Went back to the bank to return the extra $360. Was treated so bad, I closed the account the next day.

        Bankers never make mistakes.

      • Eric,

        Perhaps too much CO2 in the blood causing acidosis? Maybe a fungal or bacterial infection from her constant facial imprisonment?

        Just a guess though. Otherwise, I’m sure she got the ‘Rona from simply viewing your naked face. 😉

      • Sounds like the bank manager should have allowed for time off after the “jabbing.” Could have been a pretty costly mistake, and if there had been disciplinary action taken the teller would be in her right to go to HR, especially if the bank encouraged employees to get the vaccine, then didn’t allow for recovery time off. Hell, what am I saying? OF COURSE the bank encouraged her to get the vaccine.

        I’m still on the fence WRT the vaccine. I fit a risk factor or two, but then again I normally don’t get the annual flu vaccine. Aging parents, whom I think it was a very good idea for them to get it BTW, had no ill effects aside from “feeling foggy” after the second shot, so I doubt it will do much to me. But I don’t like the full-on media campaign and coercion, it is a major turn off. If this thing is so fantastic, why the media blitz unseen since the old Viagra campaign back in the 1990s?

        If I do get it I will take full advantage of the “free” time off. And I’ll get it on Monday so if I do have ANY ill effects I will be able to take advantage of the extra allocation of sick time too. Even just “My arm hurts where the mean man stabbed me” side effects. I never take sick time (because I’m never sick enough), and schedule doctors’ appointments on Saturdays or when I’m not scheduled, because we’re an N-1 staff and I don’t want to leave people short handed. But in this case, I’ll make an exception.

        Everyone is pretty lucky you’re honest.

        • Yes, the relentless “soft” coercion is what is most alarming about the jab campaign. Firstly, it’s “free” (not really of course, but…), which already arouses suspicion in other circumstances. Then, the needle has been buried on the social and media driven pressure (see what I’ve done there?).

          Truly, the only people I’ve seen trying this hard to sell something “free” before have been TV evangelists and other religious zealots.

          One thing people have been saying, though, is that you should take a couple days off for after your jab, so if this broad just took it and went right back to work… Well, I guess she’s functional at least, and hopefully remains so.

  17. If I mistakenly handed Eric 1500 dollars and have it kindly returned, I wouldn’t accept it. Eric can have the money.

    I had a repair shop rebuild the differential on my old Suburban, paid 1238 dollars for the work. They forgot a washer, spacer, between the driveshaft and the differential, it went to hell again. The old differential leaked the gear lube out, ended up with ‘rear end howl’.

    Bought a used whole new differential and fixed it in five hours. I mistakenly handed the repair business 1238 dollars and fixed it all for a 375 dollar investment.

    The mechanic did the work, flawed, but still got paid. Didn’t want the money back, better ways to get some more money.

    It’s a funny old ride.

    I walk into the local Home Depot with no mask on, greeted, asked if I need help, nobody says a word, not even boo.

    I find the items, pay for them, get a little cash, better than going to a bank, on my way for more work to be done.

    Any kind of work, doesn’t stop, everything you do is work. When you chew your food, it is work.

    • Home Depot has been a “good sport” this entire time. Suppose they should be, with lumber prices the way they are. Just wish they’d finally take down the BS signs.

  18. Two pieces of diaper good news from my corner of suburban Houston:

    1.) Our local school district announced that as of June 1, they were going back to “normal business” with no restrictions at all, including eliminating “close contact” suspensions and making face coverings optional for summer activities and next school year. This is about 6 weeks too late for my liking, but the good guys seem to have finally won the battle. This means, among other things, my current 8th grader will get to start high school football practice normally next August and we will be able to attend the games without following nonsensical rules outside in the bleachers.

    2.) My local convenience store, which has been something of a barometer of coronadoom public opinion around here, finally took down their “masks required” signs that were plastered all over the doors and windows. They never really enforced anything, even last fall and winter when the mandate was in place, but most sheep just obediently put one on when going inside. Then, after the mandate was lifted 6 weeks ago, I’ve seen more and more bare faces in there every day and now it’s about a 50/50 split. I guess they decided the signs just made them look weak, so down they came.

    Victory for normalcy. For now.

  19. I had a nice experience in the small chain grocery store I frequent yesterday. As usual, I wear no mask and no employee even bats an eye (it’s company policy not to enforce any ‘orders’ of the governor). Normally I’m the only one bare faced, but yesterday there were 2 younger men and one woman who was in her 60s shopping unmasked…it was refreshing to see, especially the older gal. This store is in a city where a large Adventist hospital is located and I see people in medical garb in there all the time. No encounters with any ‘Karens’ I’m happy to report also.

  20. A couple of months ago, I was compelled to go into a bank to create a trust account to hold my lately deceased father’s assets until probate is concluded. My daughter in law went with me to act as my interpreter, since I’m hearing impaired and CANNOT understand one in ten words one of the masked says. Neither of us wore a mask. At this point in time, I fell in love with my daughter in law, as she simply ignored two guardians at the gate trying to insist we had to wear masks, and we simply proceeded to meet with the agent responsible for trust accounts. Who also insisted we mask up. My now quite beloved daughter in law simply started talking business, and the agent started talking business back at us. We concluded our business in about half an hour and left. Later, we had to go back, because the agent had made a mistake. Same results. So, I suppose beginning my son’s libertarian education when he turned thirty (I don’t think one can understand it without 30+/- years of life experience), 20 years ago, has paid off, handsomely. He educated his wife, and they both educated adamant libertarian children, ages 5 and 11.

    • John,

      “I’m hearing impaired and CANNOT understand one in ten words one of the masked says.”

      One of the blessings nowadays.

      • I’m slightly hearing impaired myself, and can’t much understand the muffled SOBs either. “Mmmfff fffmmmff mummff!” They say, as their horrid muzzles pulse out and in. All disgusting and disturbing.

      • Indeed there are some advantages to being hearing impaired. I do have hearing aids, but it doesn’t matter how loud you make 10khz if you can’t hear 10khz. If I don’t like what I’m hearing, I can turn them off, and can’t understand a single word unless I can read lips, which is a bit hard to do when someone is wearing a mask.

        • Hi John,

          “If I don’t like what I’m hearing, I can turn them off, and can’t understand a single word unless I can read lips, which is a bit hard to do when someone is wearing a mask.“

          That is one thing I really like about the masks!

          I would get jealous of my sister when she turned her hearing aids off.

          She could always read lips as far back as I remember. Went to school to learn before I was born.

          If she didn’t want to know what someone was saying, she had the technique down. Pull her hair back as she switched them off and stare right into your eyes.

          I don’t think my parents ever caught on. She would look so attentive but was completely oblivious to anything being said.

          When she had the old school necklace type she wasn’t so lucky.

  21. I have mentioned this before, but last year we bought two cars, returned one, and sold a house without a diaper. Each time of course, we had the upper hand. If they wanted our $ for the cars they needed to “accommodate” us. If the realtor wanted to sell our house, she knew she wasn’t going to get us to agree to provide booties(!), gloves, diapers, and hand sanitizer and sign 4 “co[n]vid addenda.”

    We didn’t attempt to go in to the car dealers w/o mask, although I make it my practice now to do so everywhere. I did walk in sans diaper to the settlement attorney’s office. His staff and I were on the same page, no diapers for them either. Too bad the law expert didn’t know that it is “unConstitutional” to require the diaper. /sarc

    I have never worn a diaper.

    • I did that in August when I bought a car. The salesman knew I was committed and it had been a slow Q2 at the BMW dealership, so I showed up to buy it without the mask. Not a word from anyone despite the signs plastered everywhere and all of the employees and customersheep wandering around.

  22. Nice to hear Eric.

    One step forward three or four steps back.

    “TSA says travelers screened by the canine unit will move faster through the security line because they won’t have to take off their shoes and jackets.”

    Good they are using dogs for their livestock.

    Removes any doubt as to what we are.

    I wonder if they use the Temple Grandin model when laying out those lines.


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