Red Zone Hero

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Here’s a Hero (Heroine?) who uses her special costume and car to do with impunity what none of us dare to do – or would risk a ticket (and possibly a Tazering) if we did:

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  1. The Jeff4Justice YouTuber is living in a van down by the river, may Gitche-Manitou protect him.

    Steven Seagal – Prodigal Son of Gitche-Manitou

    Jeff4Justice Video of Jesse Ventura. Not advocating Jesse politically. But if you follow politics, at least listen to the one’s like Ron Paul who speak without teleprompter, speechwriters, Harvard Juris Doctorates, or a lifetime membership key to the Decepticon Dungeon Club.

    Gitche Manitou means “Great Spirit” in Algonquian languages. It’s also utilized to signify God by Christian missionaries, Manitou is a common Algonquian term for spirit, mystery, or deity.

    – Gitche Manitou aka Great Mystery. I think all levels of belief, non-belief, and indifference can agree on the term Great Mystery to describe how everything came to be. Why we all come together to Pow Wow in this world-spanning agglomeration of EM Plasma Matter known as the Internet.


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