TSA Heroes Toss Cremated Remains

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TSA desecrates woman’s ashen remains during warrantless urn search

Unapologetic blueshirts dump ashes into a man’s suitcase and send it on its way.

(Source: AP / Getty Images)

CLEVELAND, OH — A man is suing the Transportation Security Administration because he says that TSA agents opened up a sealed urn and spilled his mother’s ashen remains into his suitcase.

On Friday, October 5, 2012, Mr. Shannon Thomas made a scheduled airline trip from Cleveland to Puerto Rico, with an intermediate stop in Washington, D.C.  The Ohio man was making the trip to fulfill his deceased mother’s wishes of spreading her cremated ashes into the Caribbean Sea.

Mr. Thomas alleges that prior to making the trip, he purchased a “very heavy and sturdy” urn, placed his mother’s ashes inside, and diligently ensured that the urn was sealed.  He even “applied force” and “repeatedly tested” the urn to ensure that it was sealed, according to his complaint.  He then packed the urn in his suitcase, carefully surrounding it with clothing.

The bereaved man alleged that after handing his suitcase off to the baggage check station at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, TSA agents “detained, opened, and inspected” his luggage and opened it up.  During the warrantless search, federal agents unpacked his things, unscrewed the urn, and “negligently, carelessly, and recklessly replaced the lid,” then repacked it, the lawsuit states.

Mr. Thomas only learned of the act of desecration when he arrived in Puerto Rico, opened his suitcase, and found his mother’s ashes “spilled on his clothing and interior of his suitcase.”  The disturbing mess was accompanied by a TSA baggage inspection notice.

To top off his mental anguish, Mr. Thomas alleged that “no person speaking on behalf of the United States or TSA has ever issued an apology” in the two years since the incident occurred.   In October 2014, Thomas filed his lawsuit against the TSA in federal court, alleging emotional distress, property damage, and “outrageous disturbance of human remains.”

SOURCE: Thomas v. the Transportation Security Administration

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  2. Time to burn these brownshirts out….
    But there are no American men any more – only a few “metrosexuals”, and lots of women. (No offense intended to anyone here.)

    That’s an old truism, though: Where wealth accumulates, men decay.
    There’s a big difference between being hungry, knowing you have to go hunt and trap something to eat it, and then gut it, and dress it, and cook it…
    Vs. Go to McDonalds and get mystery meat, but the tummy feels better…

    It makes for a complete LACK of character.

    • I agree, Jean.


      What keeps me from doing more than trying to call attention to the erupting police state (and why it’s erupting)?

      I have – to paraphrase Lewis in Deliverance: A nice wife, nice job (well sort) of…

      • Yeah, pot, meet kettle, you’re black. 😛

        Still mulling.

        Most people want to wait… Wait…. Wait….. Consider some more, surrender some more, and then wait… And wait, etc, etc, etc.
        And incrementally, they turn into Clovers…. Gerneationally, mind, not individually.
        But they won’t see it, they’re children who have no depth nor understanding beyond their make-work position.

        How many have smelled their own flesh burning? Likely few. (I f*cked up, it was NOT fun.)
        It does NOT smell like BBQ.

        But such knowledge changes your viewpoint.
        As does getting sliced open by a screwdriver – no sharpening, not a makeshift weapon – just turned the wrong way, at a bad angle, and a while later – you notice blood all over…. But you never felt anything…

        But there’s the cut! 😛

        clover has lived an insulated life, and is happy that way. Has not been down 42nd street when it was the red-light district. Can’t see the difference between 42nd street and Lincoln Center, because Lincoln Center is the only place he’s ever been. (Think Sex and the City girls. No clue of real life, but lots of ideas on how to define Mr. Right. He’s tall, strong, brilliant, a multi-billionaire who lives on the interest of his self-created wealth, no restrictions on what he wants to do, he’s socially approved, high-status, a “handyman,” salt-of-the-earth, but a gentleman, refined tastes, could have any woman he wanted, and yet he wants her (and must prove himself to her, but finally wins her over.)

        Anyway: Point was, fantasy vs. reality. Don’t think I can withdraw from reality enough – too much charred flesh, scars, injuries (Still steady at only 43 stitches to date! Which is still more than years I’ve been alive. :-P)

        Can’t ask fire to be wet, or water to burn… 😉 a thing is what it is, and we’re subject to the mores of our time.

        But I’m becoming more and more a Rebel without a care.
        Example: Dad died last year, December, I think – no, I can’t recall, it’s all one big blur.
        His estate is still being held up by the fucking state government, when it all went to my Mom – the state wants to see if it can tax the estate.
        For spousal survival, mind!

        When surrounded by incompetence, one can make allowances.
        When surrounded by evil, one either responds, fights, and survives or dies trying to prevail. There is NO middle ground, NO tolerance. You can’t be a “little bit pregnant.”
        Government can’t be a “little bit” evil.

        It’s evil to the core.
        The problem is opening the willfully blind’s eyes, and they don’t WANT to see….

  3. Nothing is safe from these blue shirted parasites, they were probably hoping there was cash or jewels they could then confiscate,as in steal, for themselves. I got one of those notes in one of my bags a few years ago, didn’t have any valuables in there since I’d read about how much stuff vanishes thanks to these maggots but I pack very specifically (ok, I admit it, analy) and was quite pissed to find everything tossed around. Should pack a suitcase real tightly with dogshit and put that on the belt for them to “inspect”.

    • I have a friend who travels frequently who leaves soiled underwear with “skid marks” on top for the maglees (maggots/leeches) to paw through.

      • They’re tryin’ real hard to stop you guys from flying anywhere in the USSA. Here in outback Oz, we get on a plane to a major city, no checks of any kind until we land, then BAM!

        Immediate bomb check. WTF?

        Just beware that feces may be considered a controlled substance, especially in large amounts liberally smeared inside the suitcase maliciously, but in that case, your rebuttal should be that every TSA agent is full of it.. 😉

        • Hi Rev,

          That’s bizarre!

          But, only from a certain (naive) point of view – i.e., that the object of the exercise is “preventing terrorism.” We know, of course, that the true object is terrorizing the citizenry. To habituate them to arbitrary searches and violations of their personal space by government goons.


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