No Oil Change For You!

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California has become – ironically – the most anti-car state in the country. Fifty years ago, the Beach Boys sang about the The Little Old Lady From Pasadena.oil change pic

Today, the state government wants to restrict how often you’re allowed to change your car’s oil.

And also, who’s allowed to do it.

A bill (S. 778) is working its way through the California Assembly Committee (of all things) on Privacy and Consumer Protection that would impose new bureaucratic rigmarole on shops that perform oil changes and reclassify the procedure for regulatory purposes as a repair rather than routine maintenance.

Repairs being subject to stricter regulations than maintenance.

It would also formally characterize any person who performs an oil change as an “automotive technician.”

Technicians, of course, being subject to regulations.soup nazi image

Initially, any shop that performs oil changes will be required to pressure customers to adhere to the maximum oil/filter change intervals listed in their vehicle’s owners manual via oral or written “recommendations.”

This might not seem objectionable at first glance. But the maximum oil/filter change intervals listed in your owner’s manual probably don’t apply to your car – because they don’t apply to most cars.

Because most cars do not experience what the manufactures typically refer to somewhat disingenuously as “normal” driving – especially in California.

“Normal” driving excludes periods of prolonged idling, stop-and-go-driving, driving in high heat (and also extreme cold).

If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving (which never happens in LA) or drive when it’s really hot (or really cold) or pull a trailer or drive at high speed as well as a number of other things you’ll also find listed in your owner’s manual, your driving is considered heavy duty or severe – and (usually) the recommended oil/filter change intervals are more tightly spaced.change image

The car companies tout the maximum intervals as an advertising point – to help them sell you a car based on (supposed) lower maintenance (whoops – repair) costs. Which is kinda-sorta technically true in that you may only need to change the oil/filter once every 10,000 miles (as an example) rather than once every 5,000.

But probably not.

By pressuring customers to adhere to the maximum intervals, the shops – which will henceforth have to register with the state as Automotive Repair Dealers (even though changing oil is not a “repair” any more than you are a “customer” of the DMV’s) – would be opening themselves up to lawsuits filed by people who abided by the erroneous, state-pushed “recommendations” and whose cars subsequently experienced an oil-related mechanical failure, which might not be covered by the warranty since the customer did not follow the proper maintenance (er, repair) schedule.

Which, not surprisingly, accounts for the soon-to-be ARDs’ strenuous opposition to the legislation.

The end goal seems to be to reduce the frequency of oil changes – for the usual “environmental” reasons.    

First, by “nudging” the car owner (via the ARDs).nudge

Then, inevitably, by forcing him.

By classifying routine maintenance as a repair, the state can micromanage when and how those repairs may be performed. This is how it was done years ago with regard to pollution control equipment installed on cars. And more recently, with regard to working on automotive air conditioning systems that use Freon as a refrigerant. There are ultra-strict requirements in place that anyone turning a wrench must adhere to – or risk a SWAT-style raid by state “environmental” storm troopers.

And not just in CA, either.

If you follow things regulatory, what starts in California often migrates to the rest of the country. Or at least, to the major parts of it.

“California” emissions, for example, now apply to many northeastern states.   monitor pic

What’s likely going to congeal is a new monitoring program, the state keeping track of how often you “repair” your vehicle and – likely – fining you if you “repair” it more often than the state decrees to be acceptable. With a modern car, such monitoring could easily be done (is being done in the case of Tesla electric cars) because the car’s computer stores such information and that information can be (and is) accessed whenever the car is taken in for the already mandatory emissions check. Bet your bippie whatever service you have done is already kept track of.

Maybe not oil changes – yet.

But once they are officially classified as repairs – you bet.  

And this business about classifying anyone who performs an oil change as a “technician” opens the door to prohibiting anyone who isn’t a technician (duly registered and licensed) from performing an oil change. This is precisely how it was done with AC work. Only “authorized technicians” can buy Freon, or service Freon-based automotive air conditioning systems. You used to be able to buy a can of the stuff for about $5 at any auto parts place – and recharge the system yourself, for free.

California used to be the car-friendliest place in the country. Fifty years down the road, it has become the epicenter of hostility toward the car.

And, the canker is spreading. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. “If you follow things regulatory, what starts in California often migrates to the rest of the country. Or at least, to the major parts of it.”

    Kali has a state government run by unspeakably evil entities. A handful of other states do too. And they will be delighted to look west for inspiration.

    As you inferred, Cali used to be car nirvana, plus looked up to for cultural leadership too. That time has long passed.

    Kali now has its head so far up its ass that it is viewed by the majority of other states as a joke…. an abomination….the perfect example of what “not” to do. The things they do are too sick for even the feds to impose across the land.

  2. I don’t think they really care about the driving. This is about stimulating the economy by getting the Stockholm Syndromed populace to do what their told. This will be followed by penalties (more money extraction) for not doing what you’re told. As everybody wants my VIN number now, I surmise that a auto version of the electronic medical records database is being assembled. “3rd party information provider” is how I think my insurance company delicately put it.

  3. In California they have billboards exhorting people not to change their oil. They even suggest it’s consumer fraud to advise people otherwise. Part of the problem out here is the existence of a huge demographic entirely wedded to the idea of unbridled personal freedom ( personal license to some) and these people by the hundreds of thousands in the LA basin will change their oil on the street and dump the used oil in the storm sewers. There’s a lot of related stuff that happens in Southern California.

    You can buy Freon to charge your AC yourself, even in California where there is a $10 deposit on each can. But of course I mean R134A, not R12. R12 is gone from the market, though I still have a quantity of the stuff I’ve hoarded (I have several pre 1992 model cars which still have tight systems).

    California is often rightly criticized for its nanny state regulations, but I have observed that the state has an enormous scum bag population whose behaviors are so bad that everyone else has to pay. You might assume I refer to “Mexicans” and it’s true to an extent. They have a strong work ethic and they are very devoted to their families, but it ends there. Beyond there, they have no sense whatsoever of civic duty or “Noblesse Oblige”. But the real problem down here is white trash collected from the rest of the country who feel entitled to do whatever suits their convenience. I see people pulling into parking lots of grocery stores, getting out of their cars and openly pissing beside their cars before going into the store. I see it all the time and nobody dares to interfere; the cops don’t care.
    Overpopulation and total ambiguity over community standards has a lot to do with California regulatory behavior.
    I have a home in Virginia as well and things are mostly much nicer there.

    • Hi Erik, You seem to think that CA needs more laws than VA. I would suggest that the opposite is true. You have acknowledged that the scumbags do their thing even with the CA laws. Clearly throwing more laws at the problem solved nothing. Perhaps VA has less scumbags because the business owners have not been stripped of their power to react to problem customers without being charged with racism. Perhaps the CA police do nothing about urinating in business parking lots so that they can continue to claim a lack of enough cops as being the problem. I am sure that the local P.D. would love to expand their operations. Perhaps all of the above is true. Statism never solves problems and nearly always causes more problems.

    • Our puritan heritage and those anal water phobes(and they may have a good point for some things)wouldn’t allow an open air bano’ like in Mexico but pissing in a trough and letting it run with the water doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me. I learned almost instantly to have my back to several, or dozens or hundreds of people while I pissed. My only problem with some Mexican banos’ was their width was a might small. Then again, after enough beer and horchata and other delicious cactus juice the small size allowed me to jam myself in there negating the need for good balance. Of course a bano is no substitute for the facilities here on el rancho where we just pee anywhere we like(no wheels…doddammit).

      It’s good fertilizer mixed in with the wash water. I would even still use an outhouse if it was necessary….my window faces the south, and though I’m so far from that Swanee, I’m never frownin or down in the mouth, my window faces the south.

  4. The sad part is I think most folks will laud this idiocy.

    A young man in a Business Law class I’m attending did not know HOW TO INFLATE A TIRE. He actually told us that he went to a tire shop and asked them to do it for him instead of buying a gauge and using a air pump at the gas station like I suggested.

    I’m not as handy as I’d like to be but that’s just pathetic.

  5. As a youngster I saved money by changing my own oil using parts store generic oil and filters. It cost less than 10 bucks and I was strong enough that I didn’t even need a filter wrench. I guess now young men without much money will have to pay the government-approved price for a government-approved oil change performed by a government-approved technician.

      • She lived near me and was red on the head hence the nickname, RedHot, cause she was wild as a March hare and most ready, made any Baptist preacher’s daughter work hard to keep up. Wrecked a lot of cars too.

        Then there was the new preacher’s 16 year old daughter I couldn’t run fast enough to stay away from although I did. Luckily, my name was never brought up.

        Something about the time when hormones gone wild are going wild with preacher’s daughters they try to exorcise their daddy’s demons. The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking to make a deal. He had a Baptist preacher’s daughter hot on his trail and his next stop might be New Deal.

  6. I guess they need new auto businesses to regulate since they drove out most of the car painting shops there with tons of regulations. I’ve heard that many people take their cars to Nevada to get them painted, since getting them done in California is so expensive. Wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising person would set up car painting showrooms in California, load the cars on a truck and take them out of state to actually do the work.

      • Not just chrome either. Can’t even get a decent nickel plate, it’s all ‘electroless’ unless you have a big enough batch to sent to China.

        • PhilipTheBruce,

          Please tell more about the nickel plating. What are the benefits to zapping it on?

          I plated a bunch of stuff as a kid, including guns, with no electricity.

          I was quite proud of the results and we had a lot of repeat customers.

          We zapped the hard chrome, so I would imagine we could have done nickel like that if it was necessary.

          But I was just a kid and I assumed electroless was the better method.

          • We used to be able to buy nickel plated brass thumb nuts off the shelf to use w/our products. Most sizes are not even available anymore unless you buy a buttload of them from China. We had to buy plain brass and have them electroless plated. They don’t shine like the old ones did.

            • Phillip the Bruce,

              Like I said, I was only a kid, started plating when I was around 8.

              But if I remember correctly, all you need is a clear plastic 6 or 7 gallon rubbermaid type container and a 5 gallon bucket of solution. Test strips included.

              You could probably do your own and save a ton of money. Not rocket surgery if a little kid can do it.

              My stuff always came out shiny if that was what the customer ordered. They also had a “satin nickel” mix. I remember doing 1911’s with hard chrome for the rifling, shiny nickel outside the barrel, grip safety, trigger and pins, then satin for the frame and mags.

              Didn’t get to fire one until I was 12, but even then, they were a lot easier to plate than they were to shoot. LOL

      • I still haven’t figured out how Edelbrock casts their parts in Ca. They must use fairy farts to blow the slag.

      • Eric,

        Outlawed, regulated out of existence, or gone because of supply and demand laws?

        The company my family started in the sixty’s just went bankrupt a year or two ago. We did hard industrial chrome, not the shiny stuff, but the new owners simply ran out of customers when Detroit went tits up.

        • Hi Tuanorea,


          Chrome shops are few and far between. Most people don’t grok that there’s an underlying economic/regulatory reason for the disappearance of chrome bumpers, the use of plastic “chrome” for grills and surrounds and so and so on…

    • The irony of that, its the over regulation that causes this type of dumping. Make it so expensive to get rid of something legally, you get that.

      Many streets in semi abandoned neighborhoods in the US get constant fly dumping. Construction junk, lots of old tires, old furniture and the like. Why, because its gotten so expensive to throw things out. Other places in the country they burn everything due to the high cost of trash pickup.

      A local nearby town recently did a free trash dump day and got ten times the amount of junk they were planning on.

      • Hi Rich,


        And (related): I am convinced the chief reason one sees so many beer bottles alongside the road is because of “open container” laws. One risks a “drunk” driving charge (or its equivalent) if pulled over for some other thing and the oink sees an “empty.” So, the incentive is to throw the thing out the window as soon as you’re finished drinking. Some will say: “Well, you shouldn’t be drinking and driving.” But that’s not the same thing as “drunk” driving, is it? And how is a person any more (or less) “drunk” if they get in their car and drive after having stopped for a beer at a bar vs. drinking the beer on the way home?

        I feel a rant rising….

        • Its got to be. What else would it be?

          I like going to the Indiana Dunes to lay out on the beach. But prohibition is still enforced there by the feds. Once day on a hot day the entrance is backed up due to the rangers being too lazy to open the second lane booth (they NEVER use the second booth, and I have been going there over 20 years). However as everyone is cooling their heels waiting to get in, hero rangers decide to check for alcohol (instead of doing something about the huge line that is now backing up onto local roads)! So i am looking in my mirror as its clear that’s what their doing, and people are throwing bottles into the woods!!!!! It was the ultimate WTF moment.

          And they weren’t even asking to actually look in your car, they were just asking if you had booze and reminding that drinking was verboten in the park.

          Why as a so called 42 year old adult have to hide my brandy in a mallox bottle so i can have my nip when relaxing on my tax funded beach?

          We also have the problem in my area of truckers filling soda pop bottles with urine and then tossing them out on the interstate because there are so few legal places for them to to even stop. Got to pee, don’t get off on my exit, you will get a ticket because commercial vehicles (aka large semi’s) are not allowed. I feel bad for truckers and understand why they hate my area.

          • I have worked for companies that offer different parts of the country to haul in. I always opted for the southwest. I hated going east, not only because of bad roads but yankeeism seems to have mandated itself in LE land and Nazi uniforms are the style of the day plus the fact that everybody hated Texas and anything from there so a Tx. truck was fair game. They had to make shit up since Tx. laws for trucks have always been the most stringent and our lights/plates/mirror/ turn signal laws have always been to have plenty either side and in the back. Go to La. and see trucks with no doors hauling logs. Worry about what’s behind you? Naw, I don’t even have a door to stick a mirror on and I’m proud of it. It was a concept I found unbelieveable in the 70’s. But don’t let a Tx. truck even think of being in La. without every sort of permit they could think of and so it went anywhere east. North was the same way and the NE was really full of Nazi’s. I went, I saw, I left and didn’t go back.

        • eric, right on the edge of the access road right before the turn to the pit I’m hauling from right now there’s two twelve packs of bottles left standing in their sacks. You see it everywhere and I’m guilty myself.

          My wife and I have always been a bit anal about throwing anything out, trash receptacles everywhere so why litter?

          Along comes Texas’ no open container law and we’re tossing left and right. We’d make a long trip and have every bottle or can with us ready to toss when we got to our destination but that went out the window so to speak with that stupid law. I knew a guy who got a ticket for it when you could barely read the label of the can it had been in the bed of his pickup so long. That’s reaching for a ticket now. H was stopped for something that he shouldn’t have been, totally unworthy of mention(why I can’t remember it) and ticketed for that.

          Back when the patch was booming there might be 4-6 of us in a crew cab coming back from a job, one where I left a truck to not bring back and we’d be doing 90 down the highway, all four windows down and everything you can think of…..and some you don’t want to, going out the windows. It was just Shiner bottles for my part. I’m still not hot on throwing everything within reach out the window but it was the open container laws that brought this shit on.

      • As you turn off the state hwy onto the road that leads to my house, there is a sign that reads “No dumping by order of the BOCC (Board of County Commissioners)” So where do the low lifes dump? You guessed it.
        Why do they even need such a sign? My dad used to say “I teach my kids not to litter. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the floor of my car.” But it was our car, not someone else’s property.

      • Used motor oil has value though. Not a lot, but enough to be collected.

        I used to dump my used oil at a friend’s workplace into their waste/used oil tank. They had a guy who would come by and empty it for free. He just wanted the oil.

        Used tires aren’t even a problem if they are cut up so they don’t take up so much space or hold water. My guess is that’s all that happens to most of them.

    • According to the MSDS there’s nothing toxic or hazardous in Hocut 795 H but, granted, I don’t know what the company had done with it.

  7. It isn’t just oil changes! The People’s Republic of Kalifornia has been spreading their self proclaimed wisdom through their feeble minded followers in most areas of basic automotive repair and maintenance.

    Having recently been “blessed” with a pair of LA’s finest fruitbats deciding to nest in my neighborhood, I’ve been subjected to looks of derision that I had never before catalogued in my research of fruitbat annoyance techniques. As I was undergoing the routine task of CLEANING the A-bone the other night (utilizing Quik-detailer, rags, and a spray bottle of distilled water) the female of the species screeched to me that there are “shops that do that sort of thing”. Being as I am a sensitive individual, I responded only with calm silence and finished my task before grabbing the kid and disrupting their evening “sitting at a patio table under the carport” routine with an open headered cruise to Sonic for a root beer float.

    The fruitbats have had similar reactions to the following: Oil changes, trailer bearing packing, trailer painting, engine installation, wiper blade changes, tuneups, bicycle tire installation, mailbox installation and weedeater operation (They do give the look of approval when I mow my grass with the ancient Great States push mower, but I think that is primarily due to Ralph Nader’s failure to demonize this machine properly).

    My research has shown that fruitbats as a species are completely intolerant of anything resembling individual liberty, and they harbor a particular animosity toward the freedom of individuals to move from point to point without the involvement of A) expensive, inefficient “alternative” cars B) bicycles or C) “Clean” public transportation that typically reaches the sanitary levels of stuffing one’s body into a giant herpetic vagina along with the entire population of a poorly run 3rd world prison colony.

    As a concerned gearhead and devotee of all things liberty, I will continue my research into the reintroduction of “logic” and “reasoning” to the American people. Seeing as the fruitbat is a very effective predator, we will have to rely on strength in numbers, and do what it takes to ensure that sufficient numbers of true freedom loving gearheads are present in the ecosystem to re-establish balance. With that, I’m going to take the kids out and put the Ecoboost through its paces.

    • Wasnt going to say anything till I read El Guapo’s hilarious post.Fruit bat indeed a couple from the left coast moved in the county and “ugh ” we had the pleasure of doing some work for them ,we built a rock wall ,with the rounded stones they were so adamant on us using and of course they stay pretty much in their clique of well off transplants.Brother and I basically put up two hoop houses for them (I’ll clue you in ,I dont want to build any more) which was fortunate for their organic farm because thats the only way due to the weather this year they were able to grow anything.
      Anyway when I suggested to the better half ,that we could build some nice gravel steps utilizing locust trees ,I thought she was going to eject me from the premises”We dont cut trees!” well everybody (around here anyway) knows the Locusts are basically weed trees(cut one and twenty comes up in its place ) It just showed me the mindset of these Folks and of course they have theirs and they proudly show the “No natural gas pipeline ” on the border of their property ,without for one second considering that natural gas is a partial solution for some of the problems that so concern people of that mindset.
      Are people so feeble minded ,as to believe that that Earth will vanish when they are gone ? Sure I advocate taking care of old spaceship Gaia,but please ,use your Mark 1000 computer and put things in perspective.
      About the open container laws (bureaucratic BS for sure ) but that is one of the reasons that 90% of the litter along the backroads now is alcoholic beverage containers,with fast food wrappers making up the balance,I do maintain a mile of road litter wise and have a pretty good handle on what gets chucked.
      In conclusion ,beware the well off eco nuts ,they already have theirs and would really be happy if you disappeared.(what ecological advantage to buying a Prius if you start driving triple the mileage ?)

      • I’ve been guilty of this myself – tossing an empty out the window. I hate doing it – because I do not like to litter. But having an “open container” in the car invites severe (and for me, life-altering) consequences. Clover would tell me I simply ought not to drink alcohol while driving, ever, regardless of the amount. But why not? Is he really going to insist that any alcohol whatsoever in one’s system constitutes “drunk” driving? If so, then having a beer or glass of wine with a meal and then driving home is just as much “drunk” driving.


        Clover favors “zero tolerance” – that is, he/she equates the presence of any alcohol whatever in one’s system with “drunk” driving and is positively itching to imprison people for this “offense.” The “open container” thing is simply a step in that direction.

        After all, they are literally imprisoning people who’d pass any of the current standards by which “impairment” is measured; who have nil or practically nil BAC levels.

        But they have an open container.

        Doesn’t matter whether they had just as sip. Just that it is open.

        In other words, the mere presence of alcohol is the thing. Not whether the driver is – by any measure – “impaired” much less “drunk.”

        In court, it is irrelevant (legally, as regards the charge) whether there was any indication whatsoever that the driver’s abilities were in any way impaired, whether he was within the legal limit as regards BAC levels.


        They will arrest and convict you over a single “open” (even empty and been there for weeks) container.

        It’s tyrannical.

        • As a bicyclist I get to see what people have tossed from their cars. I don’t see many beer cans and bottles littering the road side. Not even that many drink containers period. They are out there, just not that many and beer etc doesn’t make up an undo proportion either. Where I find beer bottles and other containers is out in front of my house and I believe 90%+ are from people walking to and from the park.

          What I do see everywhere are cigarette butts. Smokers seem not to like the smoke or smell either and love dangling the things outside their windows and tossing them out of the car. Yeah yeah no more ashtrays in the car…. buy one.

          • “Yeah yeah no more ashtrays in the car…. buy one.”
            That will work until the gunvermin outlaws smoking in cars. ‘Distracted Driving,’ don’t you know. Even if it’s not the driver who is smoking.

        • Have you ever wondered why cops aren’t held to the same .03 BAC standard as CDL holders, on or off the clock, just like CDL? Just curious – I’d like to see a push for that, then we might see the pendulum swing back the other way a little. Like you, I occasionally like a cold one on my way home from work after a hard day. It stops at the one, I’m not impaired, but also wouldn’t dream of holding onto the evidence any longer than necessary after said cold one has been depleted. It’s the only thing I ever throw out of my car.

          • Hi DrOtto,


            It’s another example of the Us and Them standard. Us always held to a higher standard than Them.

      • How are we conditioned?
        Who are the “smart” kids in school? The ones that accurately repeat what the class was told. What are these people doing? They repeat what they are told. They don’t think. The media tells people what to say. The political class tells them what they are supposed to believe. They repeat it. They don’t even latch on to ideas of others. Try to get them to explain their ideas or defend them. They can’t. They just repeat. Then insult those who don’t believe. They are superficial and their reasoning is generally social in nature.

    • “fruitbats as a species are completely intolerant of anything resembling individual liberty, ”

      Hell yeah. And fruitbats sounds better than clovers, too.

    • Why not just stuff a few shells into their tailpipes one night?
      The exhaust will set it off, and with some luck, you’ll assist in cleansing the gene pool…
      But you’ll never even know for sure. 🙂 So no guilt, no guilty mind.
      And even if there were: Their “social contract” was signed in mala fide (which negates any contract instantly.)

  8. I often drive vehicles loosely connected or absolutely unconnected to whatever categorical/imperative system identifiers I’m required to submit to authorities. Just some dude who doesn’t know the petrol sled’s life story and wouldn’t want to tell it to some service writer if I did.

    I’m just not interested in submitting to the oil changers interrogations, or any other retailer’s. I just hand my keys to him and give him verbal instructions on what he needs to do.

    This doesn’t always go smoothly for the cash register czar but I don’t care. If they don’t want my business unless I provide their answers, I’ll just go somewhere else. The whole fake nice thing is exactly like the soothing calls of the hog farmer as he commands you to come, to perform, and then to move to wherever he wants you to go next. Even if it’s to your demise.

    I don’t see any positive purpose to this cult of fake niceness. I’m not trying to be uncivilized. I’m trying to live outside of all categorical imperatives of all kinds. In the simplest terms possible, I don’t “have” to do anything. To hell with whatever is customary or common. Especially in modern times of the rule of law evisceration.

    Sitting there waiting for an oil change and maintenance on some vehicle or other. Some people submitted to 5, 10, maybe even 15 minutes of questions and form filling out and standing and delivering the required responses.

    Also sitting there, I looked thru a Sports Illustrated. Holy crap is that thing anti male and police statey. I wouldn’t be surprised if the editors were North Koreans or Stalins grandchildren. What a lot of metrosexualizing mindfucks the “sports jornos” have become.

    Kant’s categorical imperative and the trial of Adolf Eichmann

    In 1961, discussion of Kant’s categorical imperative included even the trial of the infamous SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem.

    As Hannah Arendt wrote in her book on the trial, Eichmann declared “with great emphasis that he had lived his whole life … according to a Kantian definition of duty”.

    Arendt considered this so “incomprehensible on the face of it” that it confirmed her sense that he wasn’t really thinking at all, just mouthing accepted formulae, thereby establishing his banality.

    Judge Raveh indeed had asked Eichmann whether he thought he had really lived according to the categorical imperative during the war. Eichmann acknowledged he did not “live entirely according to it, although I would like to do so.”

    Deborah Lipstadt, in her book on the trial, takes this as evidence that evil is not banal, but is in fact self-aware.

    – that Judge and these statist dingbats are also slaves to artificial categorical thinking and inhumane demandings of imperatives.

    Application of the universalizability principle to the ethics of consumption

    Pope Francis, in his 2015 Encyclical, applies the first formulation of the universalizability principle to the issue of consumption:

    Instead of resolving the problems of the poor and thinking of how the world can be different, some can only propose a reduction in the birth rate. …

    To blame population growth instead of extreme and selective consumerism on the part of some, is one way of refusing to face the issues.

    It is an attempt to legitimize the present model of distribution, where a minority believes that it has the right to consume in a way which can never be universalized, since the planet could not even contain the waste products of such consumption.

    – What a tool, oily scumbag pope jetting around and then saying you can’t point fingers, since not many can consume at his high rate of consumption and non-existant rate of production

    • “I wouldn’t be surprised if the editors were North Koreans or Stalins grandchildren.” Actually, Stalin has a granddaughter living in Portland, OR. She is Buddhist.

    • “Also sitting there, I looked thru a Sports Illustrated. Holy crap is that thing anti male and police statey. I wouldn’t be surprised if the editors were North Koreans or Stalins grandchildren. What a lot of metrosexualizing mindfucks the “sports jornos” have become.”

      This is the “war on manliness”. What category of people is the biggest threat to the government’s power? Who would be the first to put up a fight in the event of all out war against “it’s” people by government? That would be the real men. The strong men, the men that enjoy watching sports, driving fast cars, the rebels, the cowboys. It’s the reason why Sports Illustrated’s athlete of the year was a fucking queer. It’s why they make gay cowboy movies. It’s why Valvoline has a commercial with a “car guy” sporting a man bun. It’s all out war on the strong willed, independent thinking, rebellious, government distrusting man.

      • Hi Brian,

        I have harped on this before… but, what the hell…

        I submit that the country has become less masculine in parallel with the ascension of the Cult of Sports. It’s as though by design men now experience manliness by proxy. By watching other men play a game and obsessing about the success or failure of “their” team – as if they were on the roster themselves.

        Most of the guys I know who spend the entire weekend watching various games and have little to say other than “did you see the game?” are flabby, don’t do much of anything themselves – especially physically demanding things.

        In a very real sense, they are cucks.

        • Even the idea of “professional” athletes has changed over the last century. Unless you were a huge star like Babe Ruth, you didn’t make big money playing sports. My great uncle played for the White Sox back in the 30’s for a few years. Did he do it for a living? No, it didn’t pay enough, the off season he sold shoes, something he was still doing when I met him as a little kid in the late 70’s (remember when people still sold shoes as a real job as well?). Other teammates drove trucks, pored concrete, taught high school etc. You didn’t do it for a living, but many more guys actually did play club sports at least at the semi professional level then.

          I imagine if he was living today he probably wouldn’t have been good enough to even play minor league ball. The level of play has increase, blocking most people from actually getting to play. That’s why we are a nation of watchers.

          • 20 some years ago I played on a church league softball team. As the season was drawing to a close, one of the guys suggested that we do something together “as a team.” One of the suggestions was to go to a game of the local minor league baseball team (High A league). The guy who had organized the team said that didn’t appeal to him, as he would spend the evening thinking that he was as good as most of the kids on the field. I replied, “Gary, that won’t be a problem for most of us.”

  9. If you don’t change your oil, your car breaks. It becomes your problem to fix or you have no running car. It’s not going to suddenly seize up the engine on the highway causing a rollover or anything after all.

    Why does the gouvernment care at all about this? It’s not a safety issue, as a non-running car is no danger to the public, and it’s not a pollution issue, as a small amount of burnt oil isn’t going to make any difference when industries measure their emissions by the tonnes!

    This really is a silly regulation. You’d think they have better things to follow up on!


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