KY Heroes Murder Teen Girl During “Raid” of Underage Drinking Party

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Kentucky cops raid teenagers’ field party, kill girl who tried to escape

Deputy faces no charges after shooting girl 4 times.

The final moments before Deputy Tyler Brockman killed Samantha Ramsey while fleeing from a party.  (Image: YouTube)

HEBRON, KY — Police charged into a darkened field trying to arrest teenagers for consuming alcohol without government permission, and killed a young woman in the process.

Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Tyler Brockman

The deadly raid occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 26th, 2014. After witnessing “cars full of juveniles” and “hear[ing] loud music and people screaming,” Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman radioed for “several patrol cars for assistance, as it seem[ed] like a large party with underage drinking was going on,” according to an official report.

Deputies responded in force and attempted to surround the party, which was taking place on a rural road in Hebron, Kentucky.

As red and blue lights approached, the teens scrambled to escape the government agents. One girl, 19-year-old Samantha Ramsey, got behind the wheel of her 2001 white Subaru, along with 3 of her friends.

Dashcam video from a police cruiser depicted the moment Ms. Ramsey, who worked as a preschool teacher, tried to escape. As her car pulled onto the street, the teen passed Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman, who can be seen clearly standing to the side of her vehicle on the driver’s side. He was shining a flashlight at her and barking orders to stop.

“…after she kept moving is when the cop jumped on top of the car and he just opened fire.”

Intent on imprisoning the girl for her beverage consumption, Deputy Brockman confronted Ms. Ramsey and tried to position himself in the forward trajectory of the vehicle.

The vehicle slid out of view just as the deputy closed in on the driver’s window; Ms. Ramsey had not stopped her vehicle. There is some dispute about events that followed, but the confrontation ended when Deputy Brockman fired four shots through the windshield, fatally striking the teen.

The shooting itself occurred off-camera, but several of the young partygoers were filmed reacting hysterically to bloody encounter; flailing arms and crying. The victim’s car ended up in a ditch and a cloud of smoke billowed forth, along with a passenger who stumbled out and collapsed onto the road.

The incident occurred at 2:13 a.m., according to the timestamp on the video. Watch it below:

The shooting was viewed by multiple witnesses, who disputed the officer’s report, according to LEX-18 News:

“She stopped for a second, but then she kept moving and then after she kept moving is when the cop jumped on top of the car and he just opened fire,” said Ibrahim Komate, a witness to the shooting.

“She wasn’t even going fast she was just easing along and like he jumped on top of the car,” said witness Isiah Edwards.

“We were leaving the party and the cop approached right here. As he approached the girl was trying to leave the party, and she was trying to make a turn and leave the party, and he jumped on the car. Then pulled his gun out, shot four times through the window and hit the girl,” said Josh Pitts, who also witnessed the incident.

Ms. Ramsey was struck by four bullets to the chest, ripping through her liver, spleen, and heart, as well as both of her arms as she clutched the steering wheel.

The three passengers in the car managed to survive, although Ms. Ramsey, a recent high school graduate and aspiring teacher, did not.

* * * * *


Deputy Tyler Brockman will not face any consequences for killing Samantha Ramsey. In November 2014, agrand jury issued him a “no bill” and effectively cleared him from legal responsibility for his actions.

Brockman claimed that Ms. Ramsey tried to run him over and that he was the victim. According to his version of events, he clung to the hood of Ms. Ramsey’s car in an attempt to enforce the law upon the fleeing suspect. In doing so, he feared for his life and had to open fire with his pistol.

“The shots were fired not only to save his life, but also the pedestrians walking on the road and the officers currently just down the road initiating other arrests,” the police report stated.

Although Deputy Brockman asserted that he “had no choice” but to kill the girl, it is evident that she would be alive had the police not arrived at the party in the first place. Samantha Ramsey’s untimely death was needless; her life was taken as collateral damage in the government’s overbearing control over a beverage. Fatalities like this are guaranteed when the law encourages armed enforcers to interject themselves incessantly into the lives of citizens.

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  1. Shoot, when the cops used to catch us for drinking on the jetty @ Manaquan Inlet, the worst they’d do is confiscate our liquor and simply empty the bottles in front of us. Usually what would happen is that, as word spread that the cops were there, you’d hear bottles being smashed against the rocks; it was comical! Some of us wouldn’t get rid of our bottles in time. In that case, the cops would walk up; ask who the bottles belonged to; since we were underage, no one claimed the open, partially drunk bottles; the cops would then empty our bottles and order us off the jetty. No one was ticketed, arrested, or anything else. We simply lost our liquor and were told to leave. That was the end of it. No one got shot or anything like that; hell, there wasn’t even the HINT of it…

    • Morning, Mark!

      Yup; same experience here. What’s changed is that “law enforcement” is about dominance and its corollary, submission, now. We must obey – immediately, no matter how trivial the infraction or offense. Any failure to immediately obey is, of course, “resisting”- and that must be met with crushing force.

      • I think the reason why AGWs are trained to make us submit is to make an example of the wrongdoer/wrongthinker. It’s to train us. This way, they can make us submit and not engage in mass protests, mass civil disobedience, etc. They know that we outnumber them, so they have to go over the top to punish us for even minor infractions.

  2. What would jail do to help the situation?

    Angel Rehtaeh

    Reflections on the Day…
    Rehtaeh’s name was certainly heard by everyone in the Spring Garden Road area yesterday and all over social media.

    The sentencing has many upset at the outcome but we have to be grateful for the type of judge we had yesterday. His points and perspectives showed he truly understood the many layers of suffering Rehtaeh endured.He made his points that I hope hit an emotional chord for the male.

    Here are some of the points he made and he did “get” it. He said that every time that photo was shared Rehtaeh was victimized all over again. He stated that the photo was vile and degrading. That is was NOT a “trophy” moment. The judge asked the accused if it was the accused that walked in and saw his sister in that type of situation to ask himself how that would feel to him. We should not have to place it in that context for people to understand that we are all someone’s child/friend/sister cousin etc but sometimes context works.

    The judge also understood that the out of “character” portion that the defense mentioned is not true because character is what we do when no one is watching.

    I disagreed that he acted in a moment of stupidity. If he was 11yrs old and took a photo and shared maybe..just maybe they dont have the insight to understand the ramifications but at 17yrs old he did know that would ruin Rehtaeh’s emotional being on many levels.

    I honestly will never know if what the judge said will impact the male or not but we can only pray something did. The judge was constrained in what he was able to do. When I ask myself what would justice look like for me to make this right?

    There is nothing that will bring my daughter back. I cant go back in time so what is justice? A jail cell? What would jail do to help the situation? We need to pray for that male that he becomes the type of person the judge hoped he would become.

    One that values women and feels remorse, one that moves on in his life to reflect his lessons. We dont need more angry males out there for another female to cross paths with and be assaulted. We need less.

    There was no justice in the courtroom as there rarely is for youth crimes but that does not mean we can not rise up to make justice in our own communities by making it a safe place for victims of sexualized violence. Rehtaeh is doing that everyday. Justice does need to remove the publication ban because that MATTERS.When we say there was no justice we have to ask ourselves what does justice look like to you?

    – Right. Laws and judges will help. Just keep feeding the violent parasites, and everything will go swimmingly.

  3. “I don’t believe in the hypocritical, moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized society….You maggots make me sick! Hypocrites one and all…I don’t need to hear all of society’s rationalizations. I’ve heard them all before. “I believe in evil as a powerful force that transcends us, and that we just have to let it in.”

    “Evil has always existed, the perfect world most people seek shall never come to pass and it’s only gonna get worse.”

    I need not look beyond this room to see all the liars, haters, the killers, the crooks, the paranoid cowards—the true trematodes of the Earth, each one in his own rotting legal profession. You maggots make me sick— hypocrites one and all.

    And no one knows that better than those who kill for policy, clandestinely or openly, as do the governments of the world, which kill in the name of God and country or for whatever reason the deem appropriate.

    “Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. Each are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times.”

    “Killing is killing whether done for duty, profit,or fun. Those like me, or those in government, all gave up on love and happiness a long time ago.”

    Evil is a stabilizing force in my life. It gives me a reason to be; it gives me an excuse to rationalize. “You don’t understand me. You are not capable. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil.

    “I love to kill people. I love to watch them die. I would shoot them in the head and they would wiggle and squirm all over the place, and then just stop. I would cut them with a knife and watch their faces turn real white. I love all that blood.”

    – Richard Ramirez Quotes;

    Richard Ramirez; Hitler’s accomplices; Stalin’s accomplices; American Police State Heroes; Deputy Tyler Brockman; it’s uncanny how much alike they all sound; there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between any of them.

    • Trematoda: a class within the phylum Platyhelminthes. It includes two groups of parasitic flatworms, known as flukes.

      I had to look that one up.

      Crap, and I was just discussing those things just the other day.
      Nasty creatures. They are all around us and infect many of us.
      Perfect use of the word.

      • Parasites like government don’t just take without giving. They also alter and manipulate their hosts to create an ideal environment where they can thrive.

        Parasites in nature, and government in society, they’re both master manipulators.

        see #3 Schistosomiasis

        Parasites: the master manipulators

        The trematode parasite Schistosoma mansoni is a blood fluke that infects approximately 200 million people.

        The adults live in the veins between the liver and gut. Females produce eggs that become trapped in the liver, promoting an inflammatory response that eventually leads to a form of hepatic fibrosis and portal hypertension.

        The eggs pass through the gut wall, each puncture causing a small amount of blood to be lost. As the worm burden increases with repeated exposure, so the number of eggs in both the liver and gut increases, leading to ever more severe disease.

        Although treatment is available, re-infection occurs rapidly, especially in children. The lack of effective, non-toxic medicine, and the success of vaccination programmes against bacterial diseases, led to the emergence of renewed research efforts aimed at understanding the biology of the worm and its relationship with the human host.

        There is still no vaccine available, because we don’t yet understand the biology of the schistosome worm. Such is the intimate relationship between host and parasite, study schistosome parasites to understand how humans work.

        One of the key questions is how schistosomes manage to evade the immune response for extended periods. It has been estimated that adult worms live for up to 10 years in their human host.

        To make this possible, the worms have evolved several mechanisms for diverting, blocking and repressing the immune response.

        The adult worms coat themselves in host proteins to appear invisible to the immune system. They induce the host to produce ineffective immune responses and they manipulate host cells to produce molecules that signal a general downregulation of the host’s response.

        This essentially produces a drowsy immune response with impaired vision against a camouflaged target – perfect conditions for the parasite to thrive and reproduce

        That’s why we have to wake up people infected by statist parasites. Their drowsy immune response and impaired vision makes it difficult for them to realize they are riddled with untold scores of writhing, dirty, statist parasites of the worst sort.

  4. If we were to accept cop rules of engagement with regards to motor vehicles moving towards them and apply that to what has happened to me as a bicyclist, the number of people I’ve encountered that would have been shootable is well into the double digits. Probably John Wayne Gacy type numbers. Then if we boil that down to what I consider outright vehicular assault, there are good half dozen I probably could have shot in rightful self defense. About half of those were probably homicidal the other half just looking to cause me to wreck.

    • I found this Cloverific concatenation in the document you found:

      “Dep. Brockrnan has excelient officer safety due to his handiing of suspects,
      suspicious subjects, and actions during crimes in progress with a K9 unit. I
      have been able to observe him on many cails as he shows the utmost officer
      safety during critical calis. i”

      • Vegas is nearly dead last in education and literacy, but I’ve never seen such clusterfuckery. Even among Mexifornians with barely 6 grades under their belts.

        How can this be anyone’s personnel file? WTF?

        It summarizes mostly as follows

        “Tyler puts the polish on the badge of tin or else he gets the demerits again”

        Well, okay, here’s the actual words repeated over and over…

        Maintains a well kept unifon’n, well groomed
        Keeps brass shined and polished-edge dressed

        sure he does!

        also there’s many mentions of Tyler’s “well written” reports

        Dep. Brockrnan has always been one of the best when it comes to writing reports. His K9 reports are no exception. He has very detailed, well written, and concise reports. His documentation is used to teach other its handiiers the proper wording of reports. His time card and K9 documentation are aivvays turned in on time.

        handiiers? aivvays? this is the best? hate to see the worst.

        Deputy Broclcman conducted a avehicle regarding several violations. He immediately became suspicioiislofthe”vehicle as it took longer than to stop. Thorough investigation on his part revealed that the ve_hicles_cargo, large conunercial motors were stolen

        avehicle, suspicioiis, conunercial?

        These cretins are making life and death decisions. How is anyone to review this incoherent bucolic babble?

        redneck murders r hard 2 solve

  5. #OpPigRoast

    Reason For Dox: On April 27, 2014, an employee of the Boone County Sheriff, Tyler Brockman, murdered a girl simply for driving away from him. He deliberately jumped on top of her car to make the shooting look justified. He has not even been arrested.

    Disclaimer: all information public and legally obtained.

    Name: Boone County Sheriff
    Official e-mail:
    Official phone: (859) 334-2175

    Name: Tyler D. Brockman
    Age: 28
    Address: 6159 Antique Court, Burlington KY 41005 [confirmed]
    Possible past address: 3842 Brookview, Burlington, KY 41005
    Possible phone: (859) 689-5552
    Personnel file: Personnel file:

    Graduated Conner High School (Hebron, KY) in 2003
    Got bachelor’s at Thomas More College
    Working on masters at University of Cincinnati

    Deputy Tyler Brockman had a prescription for alprazolam[xanax] for “sleeping” at the time of shooting


  6. “I think she’s going to stop, like the first car,” said Brockman. “I shine my light… when she looked at me her eyes were glassy, watery, she looked back she starts to slow down, I’m trying to run up to the car put the window down… I’m telling her… I remember she looks at me, looks forward, takes off, and goes off camera… I was at the front of the car… [[clearly a lie, see video. he was to the side of the car, when she didn’t obey he became enraged, jumped on the hood. when she still didn’t stop. he shot her 4 times and killed her, even with passengers in the car, he then jumped off the car]]I didn’t want to get pinned. I jumped, landed right on the hood”

    Ramsey evidence released

    Top comment;
    Rob Spencer · Top Commenter
    Sorry folks1 been in Police work my entire life, and he was totally wrong, he put himself in that position, he should have just let her drive on by instead he wanted to be a hard azz, I have a son and son-in-law that are police officers, so don’t tell me I don’t know or sympathize with them, I do, but not this 19 year old child killer. boy she was dangerous, knowing she was drinking, he said he smelled it, get out of her way, he was walking next to her car, then as she pulled away, he ran after it and jumped on the hood, are you blind.

  7. No indictment for deputy who killed Samantha Ramsey

    Kenny Murphy · Team leader at None of Facebook’s business

    Sad state of affairs. I watched the dashcam footage. The car passed him while he was on the side of the car, the only way he could have ended up on the hood is if he ran in front of it while it was moving. Pre-school teacher gunned down for not stopping her car immediately. Make sure the deputy is in our prayers, for killing a 20 year old girl. It’s amazing when video evidence and eye-witness testimony negates the official story, yet they still get away with it.

    Chad Bons · Top Commenter · Head Judge at Switchfoot Bro-Am Surf Contest 2010
    100% AGREED

    Joe Doscher · Cincinnati, Ohio
    It is OUTRAGIOUS that Deadly force was used for a minor crime. Police are free to defend themselves when put in harms way. When they Put Themselves in Harms way. (Jumping on the hood of a barely moving vehicle) then take your bumps and bruises and get the License number and radio for backup. This isn’t the old west. This reckless behavior diminishes the public trust. Shame on you Karen and your cold hearted comment. Express your stupidity to the Ramsey Family.

    Charles Moakler · Top Commenter · Louisville, Kentucky
    We were all there just like you were there to see what you are trying to sell here. Officers can’t kill people because they have a panic attack. Our bias is that we saw much of the event and the rest could not have happened as the killer says it did. All I can say is that this decision needs to be backed up by a public expose of the facts used to get this grand jury no bill. Police do not protect anybody. The prisons protect us. Cops are just the clerks in the system.

    Christopher J Wald · Top Commenter · Kentucky
    This officer made poor judgment calls that night and he put his own life on the line because of those stupid decisions… Sam was only trying to leave the party, just like the car that was in front of her that officer Bockman just let leave before he tries to stop her…

    Toby Webster · Top Commenter · Gateway Community and Technical College
    Her life needs to be avenged, her family can not let her murder go unpunished!

    Kyle Glenn · Follow · Hamilton, Ohio

    Steven Luecke · Kaplan University
    Where’s his injuries from being struck by a car? That was the only way he could of detained a 19 year old? Firing his weapon into a car full of teenagers is not a sensible act. Shoot the damn tires to stop her! Another example of abuse of power by police/government.

    Matthew Korte · Top Commenter · Lecturer at Qatar University
    The injury to his foot or leg happened when he jumped back off the hood. His words.

    Karl Kauffman · Top Commenter · Owner and Founder at Paramount Orthotics, LLC
    “… the heavy burden of doing what he had to do to protect himself and others.”
    I’m not sure how shooting and incapacitating the driver of a moving vehicle is the best option to protect himself and those who were in the car. He should be thankful the car was barely moving or killing the driver very well could have sent that car barreling down Rt 8 toward Elijah Creek, with a very different outcome for those who survived

    Karl Kauffman · Top Commenter · Owner and Founder at Paramount Orthotics, LLC
    Considering the speed of the vehicle at the time of the contact I would have gotten off of that hood, as opposed to firing into the vehicle and killing the driver with me on it(not to mention several passengers inside).

    2 basic Yes/No questions:
    1) Was she a fleeing felon, who would pose harm to persons or property? NO
    2) Could the officer not get the license plate number, visually ID the driver, to be apprehended later? YES
    3) If the responses to the above questions are rational, did the deputy have to jump on the hood?
    Something does not make sense here? Am I missing something?

    Thomas M. Atkinson · Top Commenter
    “His survival came with the heavy burden of doing what he had to do to protect himself and others.” That would be laughable if Samatha Ramsey wasn’t dead. He put himself in harm’s way, then discharged his weapon multiple times into a car full of people (three of whom weren’t driving). So he was protecting others by firing his weapon indiscriminately at them. Here’s hoping they get this loose cannon off the streets and civil court provides the Ramseys with the justice the Grand Jury lacked the courage to provide.

    Ron Hamilton · Top Commenter · Works at An Emergency Department in Cincinnati
    “Tyler asks for privacy for himself and his family”? He, his family, and everyone on that “grand jury” should be totally shunned by that community; THAT will give them the level of privacy they deserve! What a SHAM!

    Winston M. Child · Top Commenter · San Diego, California
    Hopefully the deputy gets a taste of street justice. Lady justice may be blind, but karma sure isn’t!

    Vic Pittman · Top Commenter · Malverde
    Brockman may have escaped justice, but he will always be a murdering POS. If that were my daughter, I’d kill the trigger happy pig.

    Brett Sammons · Top Commenter
    River Road is a 10 mile dead end road. Only 2 ways out. Cop should have thought about that before he murdered her.

    Thomas M. Atkinson · Top Commenter
    Kristine, so the other three kids in this car WHO WEREN’T DRIVING, deserve to be shot at with lethal force because you think (?) they were up to no good? Being in a car with someone else driving = justifiable summary execution? Being up to “no good” is an executable offense? Tyler is a police officer (and not a good one), not a judge, jury or executioner – that’s not how we do things in America.

  8. der tag kommt

    Chelsey Pendleton, 20, was in the back seat of Ramsey’s car.

    She told the Cincinnati Enquirer Brockman wasn’t hit; he leapt onto the car and opened fire.

    “The cop was in the wrong. I was there. I was in the back seat,” she said. “That was unnecessary force. He had no right to do that.”

    Pendleton also said Brockman shot first, striking Ramsey and causing her to speed up.

    “That was dead body weight on the gas pedal after she was shot,” Pendleton told the newspaper.

    KY Community Outraged

    Official lies and falsified evidence

    Statement of Samantha’s mother

    Metro Cincinnati – Boone County Murderer – Tyler Brockman

    Tyler Brockman personnel file info

    Sheriff’s request denied

    On liveleak

    Justice for Samantha

    Remembering Samantha

    Justice for Samantha Ramsey

  9. Too bad she wasn’t going fast enough to knock the maggot under the wheels and end his sorry ass. Where do they find the copsuckers for these grand juries that always give these parasites a license to kill? Wish I’d get put on a jury for one of these costumed thugs – death penalty for the mf!

  10. How could he cling to the hood and fire a gun at the same time? You would need 2 hands and some to hold onto the hood, especially if the car was moving.

    Cops lie so much how can they be trusted for anything?

    • “She wasn’t even going fast she was just easing along”

      That’s probably, how. Likely didn’t even take one hand to stay on. He probably used the suckers on his elbows for stability.
      Don’t all Boogie Monsters have suckers on their elbows?

  11. It would seem a dashcam would have been in good stead here. Was looking to buy a cheap one for my car but was a little overwhelmed by the options. I’m looking for a cheap one and would probably have to wire it to something as my ’99 corolla has, unfortunately, only one cigarette lighter; although I’m not sure I know how to do that. Any suggestions?

  12. It’s crap like this that is starting to awaken a few (very few, unfortunately) people to the evil that is our gunvermin.
    And Escher, I hear what you are saying about the enlistees. Back in the ’30s, when corporatists like John Rockfeller (oil) and William Randolph Hearst (pulp wood) were working to get hemp illegalized, they hired doctors to testify that smokers of the plant (I started to say weed, but back then it was a crop, not a weed) were violent and dangerous. Along came WW II and the sergeants were complaining that the Mary Jane smokers would NOT fight.

  13. What next: cops shooting kids for carrying toy guns? Wait, that has already happened.
    Stupid law and insane enforcers. 18 year olds can be cannon fodder and vote for ‘hope and change’, but cannot consume government sanctioned drugs. You would think they would want drunk teenagers signing up to fight for freedom.


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