New York Heroes Choke Hold – And Murder – Man…

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For selling cigarettes “illegally” …


Eric Garner begged for air 8 times before falling silent.  (Source: Ramsey Orta)

STATEN ISLAND, NY — A man died following a brutal arrest in which NYPD choked him and slammed his head against the sidewalk. Police say they suspected him of selling cigarettes without government permission.

The violence occurred on July 17th, when NYPD officers approached Eric Garner, 43. Late that afternoon, witnesses said that Garner, described as a “gentle giant,” was standing on the sidewalk and had played peacekeeper by breaking up a scuffle between two parties.

But police weren’t interested in taking a report about the fight.

NYPD was evidently investigating one of New York’s most egregious crimes — face-to-face cigarette sales on the sidewalk. With New York City’s oppressive “sin taxes,” packs of smokes cost as much as $12 to $14 each. Mr. Garner had in the past been arrested for selling cigarettes for 50 cents apiece. NYPD believed that he was doing it again.

“Every time you see me you want to mess with me,” Garner told NYPD. “I’m tired of it. It stops today!”

“Why you touching me? I didn’t sell anything!” Garner insisted. “I was breaking up a fight,” he added. Witnesses corroborated the account.

“[Garner] tried to break up the fight — the two guys fighting, they saw the cops coming and walked away,” said Valencia Griffin, who saw the confrontation. Mr. Garner was the only one still on the sidewalk moments later when the police walked up.

Garner’s objections were not taken kindly. Five officers abruptly rushed him and commenced their assault. One cop proceeded to wrap his arm around Garner’s neck in a choke hold, causing the large man physical distress and obstructed breathing. Garner’s head was slammed against the sidewalk, a cell phone video indicates.

Eric Garner is confronted by NYPD. (Source: Ramsey Orta)

Mr. Garner is placed in a chokehold. (Source: Ramsey Orta)

He begged for air 8 times before falling silent.  (Source: Ramsey Orta)

“All I kept hearing from him was, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,’” recalled Ms. Griffin. “He never fought back — he didn’t know why they were arresting him.”

“The cops slammed him to the ground and threw the handcuff on him,” said Taisha Allen, who saw the confrontation. “I saw saliva and blood coming out the side of his mouth. It was awful that something like this had to happen.”

“When he was on the ground, they kept holding him by the neck,” witness Gordon Benson recalled. “He just gasped and then stopped moving.”

Upset onlookers gathered around after witnessing the choking. One officer shooed them back, ironically telling the crowd, “Please try to give him some air.” Garner was then carted away on a gurney and pronounced dead.

Later that evening, NYPD’s press office released the following statement:

“On Thursday, July 17, 2014 at approximately 1648 hours, police observed a 43-year-old male selling untaxed cigarettes in front of 202 Bay Street within the confines of the 120 Precinct. Upon attempting to arrest the suspect for the violation, the suspect went into cardiac arrest and was transported by EMS to Richmond University Medical Center where he was pronounced DOA. The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death. The investigation is ongoing.”


  1. Kansas heroes murder kidnapped girl during gunbattle with kidnappers.

    Dashcam captures hero responding to a call of a loose dog saying: “The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it. I do not like dogs.”

    California homeowners complying with water rules, beiing fined for having a brown lawn

    During 6 years of accidental decriminalization of prostitution, Rhode Island’s rape cases dropped dramatically

    Florida jury awards $24 Billion to wife of a man who voluntarily chose to smoke cigarettes

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  3. More evidence, as if any was needed, that

    limited government+time=totalitarian dictatorship

    The monopolistic nature of government ensures that it can never be limited.

    As long as people believe they must obey “authority,” such abuses will increase in both frequency and severity until no freedom whatsoever remains.

  4. The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.

    Shall I guess: CD — Cop Death or DBT — Death by Thug

    This and other similar incidents do not give me (and I suspect others) a good feeling for law enforcement. It erodes any respect I may have had for them as a whole. It also makes me wish to minimize my contact with them. Rarely does anything positive happen during interactions with the LEOs.

    • The medical examiner will probably come up with some bullshit story that it was a heart attack, after all the ME’s are part of the thugocracy establishment. All those witnesses who saw this poor guy choked to death don’t count, being mundanes like the rest of us. I hope I live to see the day when a crowd surrounds the cops after an incident like this and beats the fuckers to death.

      • Me too, Mike.

        It is getting depressingly out of hand.

        And this guy’s “crime”?

        Selling cigarettes.

        I assume he owned the cigarettes, so the actual “crime” is tax evasion.

        Sentence? Summary execution.

        The NKVD at least had the decency to just shoot you.

      • This guy clearly posed no threat to “officer safety.” No aggressive move was made… by the victim. And given the context – a non-violent/statutory and very small potatoes “offense” – it is beyond egregious that a violent takedown was involved.

        These thug cops were clearly just looking for a pretext – an excuse – to rain blows and do harm.

        The fuckers enjoy their “work.”

        • Dear Eric,

          We all know the joke about the difference between the mafia and the government being a flag.

          We’ve all talked about how a thin veneer of civilization conceals government’s kinship with organized crime.

          Well that veneer that never fooled the perceptive, is currently being stripped away entirely.

          The mob boss wanted his “cut” from cigarette sales. In his eyes, the street hawker was “cheating him.” So he sent his goons to “teach him a lesson.” So the schmuck croaked. Big fucking deal. Dump his body in the East River.

          How is this in any way different from The Sopranos? Except for the flag of course.

          • It’s worse than the Sopranos!

            At least Tony isn’t going to tell you he’s “keeping you safe” – nor has he the effrontery to suggest you “consented” to be “governed.”

            He just wants the fucking money. Or else.

            I respect that.

            Or at least, I respect it more than the mewlings of such as Clover.

          • Here’s yet another incident.

            From Zero to Murder in Minutes: The Latent Lethality of Every Police Encounter
            William Norman Grigg

            Whitehall, Pennsylvania resident Kevin McCullers may be crippled for life after being shot repeatedly in the back by a Pennsylvania State Constable trying to serve a warrant for unpaid parking tickets. At the time of the assault McCullers was backing out of his driveway on his way to Dunkin’ Donuts. The officer insisted — let’s all say it together — that he acted out of fear for his life, a condition that is diligently cultivated within the state’s enforcement caste.

            “They never knocked on the door! No nothing! I just heard the gunshots!” exclaimed Hafeezah Muhammad, a neighbor who witnessed the attempted homicide.

            It’s no illusion. They are getting to be more and more frequent. They are becoming “normalized.”

            Text: “I’m from the government. I’m here to help.”
            Subtext: “Where’s my fucking money?”

          • Dear Eric,

            Another citizen, served and protected by the courageous heroes of the Thin Blue Line, the only thing standing between us and “anarchy.”

            How many incidents like this is it going to take before the schaffenmenschen wake up?

            Hopefully we are moving toward critical mass at least. A majority of fully awaken individuals is probably too much to hope for.

        • eric, these guys live in their own weird world. Last time I had an encounter was with a deputy sheriff who pulled up in front of my KW while I was blowing the horn to alert a couple guys on a construction site to some caliche that had been dropped on the highway. He pulls up in his SUV with lights going and parks as if to block me. It was funny in a way, as if I couldn’t have shoved that thing with him in it into next year. I was obviously trying to get someone’s attention but he still got out with his hand on his gun. I got out and just told him he needed to go speak to “those guys right there”. He ended up saying he was allergic before our conversation was over. Allergic to what? I asked. Pain, he replied. Such a strange thing to say. Oh hell occifer, I love pain myself and that’s the reason I drive that rig. I don’t know if he ever did contact “those guys” since I just got back in the truck, backed up and went around him and left. I was probably lucky but there’s not much glory in shooting an old man I thought at that time. I have reconsidered that since but don’t know I’d do any different. I can get pissed too. Blocking me with a puny car, Jeezus.

          • Dear 8sm,

            “these guys live in their own weird world.”

            “Blocking me with a puny car, Jeezus.”

            Exactly right. These ass clowns are legends in their own minds. To him he could block you with his cruiser because he had the “weight of authoritay” behind him. That plus the weight of his swelled head, he probably figured his “gross vehicle weight” had you way outmatched!


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