The Inscrutable God

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I get periodic emails from Goo-guhl, the deity who lords over the online universe. He is – apparently – angered by something I’ve posted on my web site. He threatens repercussions, as vengeful deities tend to do.

But I have no idea why Goo-guhl is angered.

He merely tells me that he is

“New violations were detected,” I am advised. “As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the Adsense Program Policies were found.”

I am further advised that I may “resolve” these issues if I ” . . . remove the violating content and request a review or remove the ad code from the violating pages.” 

But the deity dose not deign to tell me what the “issues” are.

Which leaves me in a conundrum as regards how to “resolve” them.

I find myself in the position of a savage supplicating before an online totem pole or digital Htzlopochtli. How many hearts must I cut out of the chests of sacrificial victims with my obsidian dagger?

Htzlopochli is mute.

But, polite.

The deity has the effrontery to send his (its?) “kind regards.”

Thankfully – thanks to you, the readers of EPautos – I am not in thrall to Goo-guhl. This site is almost entirely supported by the readers and a few real ads (Valentine1, the National Motorists Association, Ecuador Freedom Bikes, AMSOIl) who will do me the courtesy of letting me know if there is a problem as well as what the problem is. 

Most independent media, however, is in thrall to Goo-guhl – which is powerful not just because of the near-total control it has over online advertising but also because of its inscrutability.

Like the government, it can punish you at its whim, according to its own unknowable criteria. The victim is rendered defenseless by the ineffability of the deity. How does one please Htzlopochli when one cannot know with any certainty what it is that angers him?

The one thing which can be known in both the case of government and Htzlopochli-Goo-guhl is that they can drop the hammer at any time, for any reason.

And we’ll never be privileged to know why.

. . .

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  1. Time to switch to WordPress. Frankly, I was wondering if this was a WordPress site. It looks too nice/slick for me to have taken it for a Blogger/Blogspot site. But you must be good at working the magic levers.

    However, I can assure you that WordPress is much easier to make pretty. And the commenting system is better too, though I am VERY thankful that you don’t have that “Prove you’re not a robot” thing turned on.

    (As an aside, Telmex, Mexico’s national phone company uses the “prove you’re not a robot” thing on their website, and it asks you in English to do things like click all the images with crosswalks. The poor Mexicans not only have to prove they aren’t robots, but that they read English too!)

    Anyway, interesting blog. Today is my first day here.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we’re a pretty shameless advocate of WordPress. And not too fond of Google these days.

    • This is a wordpress site. I generally dislike word press sites because they are hard to follow for discussions. What makes this one easy to follow is that Eric allows accounts where we can login and get date ordered display of comments. It’s not of course nice threading but at least its serviceable for discussion purposes.

    • Hi Kim,

      We are WordPress! This is a fairly shoestring operation, due to the realities (exigencies) of being heretical media. If this site were not heretical – had not been de-listed/e-blackballed and whatever else the Mannis who control the Internet due to heretical media to cut its legs off, financially – we’d have the money for staff and I would not be an eight-armed jack-of-all-trades trying to do the jobs of writing, editing, formatting, marketing and computer’ing with just my two (and 24 in the day).

      Sigh. The headers glow red. But hopefully, the bearings won’t spin.

  2. Well, the free [as in free speech] internet has just shrunk, yet again 🙁

    Topix forums (Forums that existed for virtually every town and city in America, and many places around the world, on which one could post completely anonymously, and get an idea of the real opinions of those around you.) have gone the way of the Do-do.

    This represents yet another step in the squelching of free anonymous speech on the internet, and another step in the march of the web toward mass-media control. 🙁

  3. Eric, never do business with Gog. Note they used to have a motto: “don’t be evil.” I guess it became such a joke they had to abandon it. You should open up your site to accept BAT tokens from the Brave browser. More and more people are using it.

    • Hi RJ,

      I hear you; the site is not dependent on Goo-guhl ads (thankfully) but Goo-guhl can “del-list” us an wreak havoc that way. What is BAT? I am not “hip” and “with it,” so this is all new to me…

  4. Eric, Me Boy!

    I’m wondering if perhaps their unspecified problem is with thier bots picking up some of the politically-incorrect wording that some of us insensitive clods use here in the comments?

    A convenient way of getting sites to enforce PC censorship on their commentors!

    Bet that’s often what it is, because ya know no human is reading everything- some bot just picks up a trigger word…and generates the ‘warning’- hence the vagueness- ’cause if it were an actual person, it would be easy enough for them to specify “Your wording “…”.

    ‘Cause you know that no bot is going to actually understand the things you say in the articles…..they’re likely just triggered by certain “bad words” [cue George Carlin], and I don’t think the words which you typically use would necessarily fit the bill!

    Google’s new slogan should be: “Google. We’re almost as evil as th government”.

    • “I don’t think the words which you typically use would necessarily fit the bill!”
      Umm… what about “libertarian”, “goo-guhl”, “Uncle”, “fatwa”, “bayonet”, “clover” etc?! 😉

    • Another website I follow, theoldmotor has a no link policy for the comments because certain links can offend Vaal. Some websites only allow links as text. Manual copy and paste. That does not seem to offend Vaal.

      For the reference see Star Trek TOS “The Apple”.

  5. At least you didn’t violate the ultra-vaigue rules of the DHS, where you aren’t even permitted to tell anyone, including your counsel, that a letter was received.

    Christmas bonus contribution is on the way!

    • Fuck the DHS thugs and their gang rules. If I were ever to receive a letter from them it would be posted here and elsewhere!

      • Ditto, Jason!

        We’ve already given up enough for these pricks! (Flying, for one).

        I will not let them infringe on my most basic rights!
        I will not comply nor conform!

        If they mess with me before I get out of here, well, the only thing that will silence me is the bullet they’ll put in my head. (And hopefully, the cost of doing that will cost them a few “assets” too).

        %^$# them! I don’t play by their rules, and never will!

  6. It’s about as vague as most federal laws. Conspiracy to commit a crime, resisting arrest, public disturbance, and non law crimes of suspicious person.

    • Ah yes, the fake crimes. Such as Watergate, which was a small crime carried on by CIA people in an attempt to bring down, for some odd reason, Richard Nixon. Nixon was a willing servant of the deep state and gave us such absurdities as the 55 mph speed limit and price controls. But, for some reason, they wanted him gone. He was ran out of town on process charges that mean nothing. Nixon was framed by a trial by fake media and sentencing by vague prosecutorial process.

      • Nixon sinned greatly against the deep state by opening up relations with China and agreeing to strategic arms limitations with the Soviets. Whatever else he did, those overtures could have hurt the M-I-C. He had to be dealt with, though fortunately for him less violently than JFK.

        Note the sequence of events in the early 70s: Agnew is removed as VP and Gerald Ford is appointed in his place. Then Nixon is removed from office and Ford becomes POTUS. The same Gerald Ford who was a member of the Warren Whitewash…I mean, Warren Commission. I believe the action against Agnew and Nixon was a two-fer for the deep state: get rid of a president who was threatening to make the world more peaceful and at the same time reward a loyal soldier who helped cover up the deep state’s murder of JFK.


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