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If the government can force you to wear a face diaper because you might be – or might get – sick, then surely on the same basis it can – and probably will – force you to buy a breathalyzer interlock with your next new car.

After all, you might be drunk. Lives could be saved!

Isn’t it a bird of the same feather? An asserted generalized risk – a mandatory one-size-fits all mandate. The German national socialists – who never referred to themselves as “Nazis” – called it gleichschaltung, which translates as “coordination” or – better – marching in step.

Most people don’t see it, though – because most people have been raised (in the manner of veal calves) to not see the wider principles – which are conceptual things – but only the immediate item within their deliberately restricted view.

This – the crippling of people’s ability think conceptually – is the secret of the success of the slow-motion transformation over – roughly – the past 50 years from a largely free country to one that isn’t.

There was, of course, an income tax in 1965. But aside from taxes, the government was a comparatively remote presence in the day to day lives of most Americans. You generally had to be a criminal – a real one, someone who hurt someone – as distinct from a law-breaker – to arouse the interest of the government.

Consider, as a small example of this truth, the fact that not just Lee Harvey Oswald but anyone who wanted to could order a rifle through the mail. This was perfectly legal and no one considered it terrifying, either. It was common, 50 years ago, to see 12-year-old boys walking along the side of the road with .22 rifles, too.

No one called the SWAT team. There was no such thing as a SWAT team.

The idea that cops would be used to make adults “buckle up” would have been regarded as insufferable and idiotic by the Americans of 1965, who smoked indoors and used slide rules to put a man on the Moon. One could go for a drive – unbuckled – and not worry about “checkpoints”  . . . in America.

If you wanted to experience that in the ‘60s, you had to go outside America – to East Germany, for instance.

You were generally held responsible for what you did – not what someone else did. Never for what someone else might do. While America was imperfectly individualistic 50 years ago, it wasn’t reflexively collectivist, as it has become.

Group everything, especially guilt – and always presumptive.

So, according to this principle, it is inevitable that new cars will soon be fitted with alcohol detectors. You will probably not have to blow into a clumsy apparatus – this being hard to do while wearing your mandatory face diaper. Instead your body chemistry will be “sampled” by sensors built into the steering wheel – although a possible conflict arises here; Sickness Kabuki gloves make it difficult to “sample” your skin. Perhaps even finer sensors that can detect alcohol leaching out of your pores without the need for any direct contact.

These things are already in development. Who can stand athwart and call a halt? On what principled basis would one object, the principle that what you do or don’t do in terms of causing harm being irrelevant having long ago been accepted by at least half and possible two-thirds of the country?

All to the good, you say – as no one ought to be driving “drunk.”

But how is “drunk” defined?

It is already defined as any trace amount of alcohol in the body – or the car (see laws regarding open containers) irrespective of the driver’s actual performance. It is presumed he is “drunk” if there is alcohol present – which is taken as being synonymous with severely impaired.

Note the common thread of principle with face-diapering and sickness kabuki – also based on the presumption of sickness, defined as possible. Defined as “testing positive,” even in the absence of symptoms. Even when it is known that asymptomatic people are by definition not sick – and cannot get others sick.

Nonetheless, diapers for everyone.

Which is why there’ll soon by alcohol detectors for everyone and probably also speech detectors and perhaps even facial expression detectors. Orwell foresaw both of those much longer ago than 1965. Any deviation from the collective orthodoxy immediately detected and the marcher-out-of-step punished, even if he hasn’t actually done anything except fail to march in step.

That is all the justification needed by the keepers of the veal calves, which calves are destined to never become bulls or even cows for that matter. Their lot is to shelter in place  . . . until the time arrives for making wiener schnitzel.

. . .

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  1. Nope.
    Eisenhower was on the dollar coin.
    JFK was on the half dollar.
    Both were silver, as were quarters & dimes.
    Silver coins rapidly disappeared when the U.S. began minting “sandwich” coins which contained no silver.
    Bad money drives out the good.

    Now, grocery stores here in SoCal are whining about not having enough coins to make change.
    I’ll guess they will start rounding cash transactions to the nearest dollar, eliminating coins altogether.
    At the same time, I expect they will charge “to the penny($0.01) ” for those who use a debit card, thus discouraging the use of cash. Attempting to scare people with “filthy cash because Coronavirus” didn’t seem to work. Awww,

    (Oh, and the Effing-Thompsons were real classics, BTW:)

  2. Well, when we’re talking about government mandated mask wearing, I’m on your side. I’ve always opposed coercion from either side that might deprive people of the right to decide for themselves.

    There is even talk that Trump might federally mandate masks. If so, he will destroy any chance he still has for re-election.

    But all of this is only small potatoes compared to the soon to arrive, mandatory vaccinations, which could become the end of the human race as we know it. Why not talk about that while there still might be some time to avoid it?

    • Hi Mike,

      It is precisely to avoid the mandated vaccines that I rant about the Face Diapers. My reasoning being that if one accepts that Face Diapering is reasonable and even necessary then one has already implicitly accepted that vaccinations are, too. Both being premised on the idea that WuFlu is a danger of death to other-than-old/already very sick people.

      • Time wise, the alcohol detectors are much farther down the road than mandatory vaccinations. But you’re warning us about them already.

        Whatcha waiting for?

        • Hi Mike,

          Right now, at this moment, it’s the Face Diapering that’s the crux of well, everything. It is the physical symbol of acceptance of the “new normal,” of the lies this is based on. If Face Diapering can be … unmasked, it may be possible to stop everything.

          If, by the way, Orange Man comes out in favor of mandatory Face Diapering he will have proved himself far worse an executioner of whatever remains of liberty in this country than The Chimp – and I will never forgive him.

          • He put Faauci in charge. An unelected smarmy little fuck. He hired john fucking bolton. And allowed weirdo kushner to run his foreign policy. TWO whole new miles of border fence have been constructed.
            he’s a complete moron. he ta;ked a good game once but he never expected to win and was completely unprepared when he did, Shame. He hired these traitors thinking they would protect him and instead they laugh at him and plunge the knife in his back. He had many business people he worked with over the years and could have hired instead but he gets the swamp creatures instead. He deserves every fucking thing he gets. including prison.

            • Hi Mark,

              I’m hanging by a thread at this point with regard to my qualified supporting of the Orange Man. If he “Diapers Up” – or rather, orders us to – then I’m done with him forever, as I’m guessing will also be true for most of his supporters. Might as well have Biden at that point and get what you paid for, as it were.

              If only Orange Man would disparage the Diapers. If only Orange Man would ridicule the WuFlu hoax as he has the Russian Election Buying hoax and the other hoaxes engineered by the left. He could rouse the half – maybe more – of the country that wants America back.

              And maybe we could take it back.

            • I’m almost beginning to think that they ran Trump The Buffoon just to make the more sensible among his supporters look ridiculous, ’cause he’s doing a darn good job of that- if nothing else.

              They say he’s afraid now that if he gets Corona, it will kill his re-election chances…so I wouldn’t doubt if we see him wearing a mask any day now….and probably mandating that everyone do the same.

              It’s sad- He had an unprecedented opportunity to do good and roll back some of the evils of past admins…..but as has been the case with every admin, tyranny has increased under his reign….and to an absurd level at that.

              One could tolerate his boorish oafery if he had been sincere and done good….but all we got was that boorish oafery, and more tyranny/militarization/debt for ccronyism, and surveillance.

          • in addition normally presidents give a televised address to the nation in times of crisis. has trump? I cant recall the last one.

  3. Of course, of course. Once govt got its foot in the door there was no stopping it, because if you dare give them an inch they’ll take a mile.

    Govt opened this Pandora’s box of auto safety regulation essentially during the era of “Light-Bulb” Lyndon Johnson in the 60’s. As a kid back then I remember it started with the mandate that required all new cars come with seat belts. Luckily, in those days sanity & common sense still ruled and nobody paid any attention to whether you buckled up or not. And not too many did. If a cop told you you had to wear your safety belt, he would have been fired immediately and vilified by the public for violating your (constitutional) rights. Can you imagine that happening in today’s world? It took govt some time to program the populace to use them with those silly & stupid “buckle up for safety” TV ads – paid for with taxpayer money of course.

    The point is we (the whole of society) needed to take firm action back then by putting our collective foot down and demanding the seat belt mandate be nullified and, even more importantly, vilifying with extreme prejudice the idiots who proposed such an affront to our freedom. These authoritarians should have been named, defamed and denounced so that any future wanna-be dictators would receive the same treatment. Too bad because it’s too late now – that ship has already left port and sailed.

  4. Morning Eric,

    “– force you to buy a breathalyzer interlock with your next new car”.

    It’s already been proposed:

    “Dingell’s legislation calls for the standardization of The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADDS) – a passive alcohol detection system – to be installed in all new cars. The system passively tests all drivers for intoxication, and immobilizes the vehicle if the driver tests positive for a BAC higher than .08, which is the legal limit in every US state except Utah. If passed, Dingell’s legislation would force DADSS out of the development stages and into use, requiring that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) begin the process of regulating its use and installment”.


  5. You know how everyone got $1200? It seems that the US Treasury made some error because I only got that ONCE. But I need $1200 every single DAY (at least for the next year or so). So, does anyone know who I can talk to about this?

    • Give it time. More fiat stimulus will be forthcoming as the stock market falters. Soon that daily $1200’ll get you a loaf of bread and an orange.

  6. Not only could you mail order a gun, but a number of years earlier you could mail order an effing Thompson Sub Machine Gun! In fact, for a number of years after its introduction, more were sold to the public than to the military. Guess what, there weren’t mass killings every weekend.
    I distinctly remember about 60 years ago, that it was quite common to see boys walking down the street I lived on to go hunting on land that is now a dying shopping mall, with rifles over their shoulder. And that was in a predominantly poor black neighborhood, in which I was a member of the poor white minority. I don’t recall anyone even looking twice at them, much less calling the cops. At about that same time, silver dollars, of the JFK variety, were in circulation. They were worth a dollar.

    • Almost seems unreal today, but before the c. mid 70’s, you could get on a plane without your body or luggage being searched!

      The thought of being killed or physically abused by a cop if your weren’t a bank-robber or crazed hostage-taker was utterly inconceivable.

      If a person had the audacity to call the fuzz because of something their spouse or parent did in their own home, they were simply told “There’s nothing we can do”. (Unless they were literally being murdered)

      I remember c. 1980 walking in Queens, NYC, and this cop (Who then bore no resemblence to the buzz-cut bastards one sees today) has the audacity to look at this teen who was walking maybe 30 feet ahead of me. The teen turns his head and looks at the cop and says “FUCK YOU!!”. The cop doesn’t say a word and continues on his merry way, as does the teen. Imagine that scenario today! That memory has always stuck with me as a symbol of how it used to be, when this was America- and a good deal of normal life and liberty could still be had even in NYC!

    • Thomas Sowell tells of his high school days in Harlem in the 1940s, when kids brought rifles to school. They kept them in their lockers until after school, when they met for a shooting club. It’s just a wee bit different now, I think.

      • Hi Mike,

        When I was in high school in the ’80s, kids routinely brought/carried pocket knives. It was nothing. Or rather, it wasn’t cause for anything. The “freaks” – what we called the heavy metal/stoner dudes – would have them on their belts and no one worried… because nothing happened.

  7. Looks like a business opportunity to me. Imagine buying new cars and ripping out all the baby sitter tech and replacing it with, well normal components. Could even incorporate spoofing tech to emulate a “compliant” car. Resell to willing buyers. Maybe not a white or even gray market business idea, but that’s what happens when the ‘crats regulate everything.

    • Good idea in theory; in practice it would never get past state saaaaaaafety inspection. Every year I have to remember to re-connect the ABS before going for my annual sticker, then unplug that sucker as soon as I get back home.

  8. It appears that self-hatred is the new national pastime. “I’m so evil I deserve this, and so are you.” Aside from that, I’m not sure it matters if new cars are even more fully loaded with self incriminating devices. I’m getting the ever stronger impression that it won’t be long before we find it quite difficult to feed ourselves, much less buy a car, or even drive one for that matter.


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