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Don’t let the Diaper Demented get away with controlling the debate by controlling the language.

It wasn’t WuFlu that shut down the economy and threw tens of millions out of work and psychoticized the public, creating via a kind of national Milgram Experiment, 30 or 50 or maybe even 150 million weaponized Michael Jacksons who will need years of therapy to return to a normal state of mind.

It was the government – and its cackling hyena, the corporate media, which has deliberately terrorized the populace by deliberately not providing any context in its coverage of the cases! the cases!

There would have been no lockdowns, no house-arrest and no “crisis” were it not for these two symbiotic serpents. Life would be normal.

Similarly, it’s not “your” Face Diaper – unless you actually went out and bought one (here’s hoping not). It is a Face Diaper. Which they are trying to pressure everyone to wear.

Yet the bullying signs one encounters on the doors of practically every store – and within the store – urge the donning of “your” Diaper.

It gets worse.

We are all in this together.

Excepting the Gesundheitsfuhrers, who have the power to declare themselves “essential” and also the power to force the “unessential” to pay their salaries. Who won’t miss a meal or get cold this winter when the power is shut off, because it won’t be – theirs, that is – because “we” are not “all in this together.

Which also implies a kind of universal agreement, or seeks it by the saying of it. The phrase is a form of what is known to ad men as suggestive selling, as when a purchase is pressured via something along the lines of “and that’s when you go ahead and buy it, ok?

Unless the beleaguered buyer specifically says no – which he may feel awkward about saying, which is exactly the object of the exercise.

But in this case, it’s not Time-Life history books being sold.

Language works both ways, though. Hence the importance of using this weapon in reply.

Not “masks.” Face Diapers. If people use the latter rather than the former, it becomes a great deal harder to maintain the fiction of seriousness necessary to get people to submit to being Diapered. When the conversation comes up, always refer to these awful things by the derisive term rather than a term that helps to legitimize the Diapering of America.

Also anti-social distancing – which is accurate and so honest. Unlike “Social Distancing,” which isn’t. The latter term inverts the actuality. How can one be social at a distance?  The concept is Byzantine and Kafkaesque. It bends the brain. Physical closeness – physical contact, as in the shaking of hands, a hug – is the defining essence of social interaction. Never let these evil etymologicalists invert the meaning of words, and thereby invert the meaning of conversation.

They have gotten away with it for far too long.

This Corona virus or WuFlu (not “COVID-19” – a term of a piece with “911,” both designed to market a “crisis”) hasn’t done more damage than medical malpractice, which could just as readily be transformed into a “crisis” by endless repetition, too.

The way to stop such “crisis” is by not repeating the words those fomenting the “crisis” use and thereby agreeing that there is a “crisis.”

And – in the case of this “crisis” – not letting the government and hyena media get away with laying the blame for the terror and alienation they’ve inflicted, the lives they have ruined, the businesses they have destroyed on a virus that never had the power, on its own, to do any of those things.

. . .

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  1. Totally agree on both fronts. I have always taken offense at the idea that “covid” has shut down businesses, churches, and schools, as well as “public services”, required people to awkwardly dance around each other, avoid hugs, handshakes, etc. etc. My daughter graduated high school this year (homeschool) and the local rag newspaper asked graduates to submit an online statement about how “covid” has affected them. So…she and I together identified the missing prom, ROTC military ball, graduation trip, hangouts with friends, and even graduation ceremonies. Then identified the culprit – to quote from her submission “the government made it harder for me to hang out with friends, go to the mall, work my job., etc.”

    There was even an essay contest. Although not all essays were published, the rag did promise to publish all graduates’ remarks that weren’t offensive, vulgar, etc., in the interest of “celebrating” the graduates. I noticed that the essays that were published had a similar theme – we’re all in this together, it was hard but we got through and will persevere (not sure if they understand what will be necessary to do this)…and my daughter’s simple remarks were NOT published.

    Re the “pandemic” – would we have even noticed a “pandemic” if we had not been told from day one of the “whistleblower” in China who mysteriously died (of course, of covid)?

    Also, agree re the face diaper. I do not own a mask, so when the store lady says “oh, you forgot your mask” – I don’t respond.

      • Hi Eric,

        Thanks. Yes, please use it far and wide. Here is S. Korea, there’s a new panic this week over some news cases of convid 1984 in Seoul, etc. Even here in Busan there’s a bit more fear. I was basically kicked out of a bakery the other day for refusing to wear a mask. Koreans and other Asians tend to wear masks when they’re sick or when they think the air is bad anyway, so they are used to wearing them. Plus, they tend to be quite submissive to the government in general, perhaps because there was a military dictatorship here not too long ago. Cheers!

  2. Which is why I always refer to government with the more accurate description, Psychopaths In Charge. It continues to amaze me how anyone with two or more brain cells that get along is able to determine that the Psychopaths In Charge have any consideration for your well being. They do not. We are not “all in this together”, since the psychopaths are completely separate from the rest of us, and will do whatever their amoral character decides to keep it that way.

  3. Here’s a little anecdote from 2009-2010 or so…

    A buddy of mine and I were having a beer. This buddy was against the Bush wars of 2001-2008. “Blood for oil” and all of that. After 2009, when his team had the white house, it was “I’m glad we’re over there…” (actual quotation). My response was, “We’re not over there. We’re sitting here having a beer. Our neighbors’ kids are over there.”

  4. A biggie lately is the “autonomous” cars. The computer controlled “self” driving car. But they are far from being “autonomous”. They will be very controlled. And not by you.

    We actually have autonomous cars today. The ones you’re driving today. Autonomous cars are going to go away if the uncles of the world have their way. Autonomous cars aren’t coming in, they are actually going out.

    What they should be calling them is AUTOMATED cars.

    You will have very little control or autonomy over it. Most people won’t believe that until they are denied their ride for the first time. And at that point it will be too late.

    Just think of all those days when the “pollution” is bad, and they are recommending you don’t drive. When they control the automated cars, you won’t be going anywhere. They will say no.

    • How about “range anxiety” in the context of EVs – a clever way of moving the problem from the car to the human. The problem of limited range / long charge times / short battery life gets transformed into a mental health defect in the human – for which there is likely a new and dangerous Big Pharma solution in the works.

  5. Here’s one I like… “Don’t forget to pay ‘your’ taxes”. Arg!

    Went to Walmart yesterday. The nice bimbos in charge asked me if I had my mask. I pulled out my handkerchief and said ” I use a handkerchief,,, much safer. ” smiled and kept right on walking. Got a very bewildered look. Sadly everyone but me was muffled. amazingly many,,, and I mean many,,, including employees,,, had their diaper pulled down, some all the way. This dissonance doesn’t seem to bother them. Some with their mask down below their nose gave ME a dirty look. I just smirked. If it’s one thing Americans got down, it’s hypocrisy.

    I actually have a medical condition,,, high blood pressure and had a heart attack years ago but when I used that I got that “Sure you do” look. Kind of pathetic. This is much better,,, it confuses them… because IT MAKES SENSE!

    • Explore the concept of unenrolling from Social Security(SS). Most towns around me, allow for removing oneself from the enrolled voter listing either in person or giving notice to the town clerk, a political disengagement or divorce. The reason you can’t “divorce” social security is you don’t own the file cabinet and any of the files within. as employees they are barred from destroying them, to do so would be destruction of government property. Their hands are tied. While the enforcement of SS is farmed out to the IRS. who has their own codes and narrative they bring to the table.

      Imagine a young couple in a hospital, handed a folder of legal boilerplate to be signed, indexed and filed. Some take the SS dealy knowingly, some ignorantly, while the individual who it most effects is actually legitimately oblivious to this fraud and a minor who can’t legitimately give or withhold consent to any of it.

      • Hi Max,

        Yup. In law, the principle is that a contract is only valid if signed by both parties, consensually and neither under duress. My parents signed me up for SS when I was incapable of giving my consent, informed or otherwise – my being an infant at the time. Yet I am somehow bound by this contract, according to the terms of which I am relieved of large sums of money annually, in exchange for literally nothing – as I am not owed anything. SS “benefits” are merely alms, which the government can adjust at its pleasure and which neither I nor my heirs have any ownership stake in.

        Another interesting thing: I’m a Gen X’er and remember my original card stating, “not to be used for identification.”

        So much for that “contract” also.

        • Hi Eric….

          Just another nudge toward authoritarian, yes?

          I never “signed” up until I was 17 and it wasn’t required even then. That came after LBJ’s “War on Poverty” and the great giveaway! (Still ongoing)
          One had to prove the existence of little johnny so they made the parents that wanted the “free stuff” sign them up at birth. After awhile,,, like everything they do,,, (the masks),,, it became “required” for everyone.
          Back in the day,,, they put up with corpgov’s BS like they do today. The unconstitutional Federal reserve, the fake ratifying of the 16th and 17th. The illegal elimination of the State Militias. All that within one generation, that could have been easily stopped,,, the banking cartel took control.
          If you have ever put a puzzle together, notice at some point it all just seems to come together at once. This is what is happening today.
          Today the masks, tomorrow the injections. Note the plurality. It will not be just one injection,,, it will be several and every year,,, all mandatory of course. Then the dying begins in a big way. Of course it will be blamed on the 3rd 4th or whatever wave but Americans will be obedient till death.
          Anyone ever check out deagel dot com. Click on the country of choice and check out the population forecast for 2025. Understand “this is no wacko site”. Population for the USA in 2025 is 100 million…. wonder where the other 226 million went? Several theories are possible,,, none good. Same for the UK, Germany and others.
          Stand by for stand by as we used to say when “serving” in the USMC.
          The best is yet to come!

        • Try this angle for an interesting turn in logic: No one was ever obligated to give these people even the time of day. Most parents probably wanted the deduction and so baby was signed up, if the parents were even aware that they didn’t even have nexus with this “system”. At some point employers pressured workers into compliance with SS and withholding, and then sweetening the offer with a deduction on these taxes for an enrolled dependent. Maybe those first generations interacting with SS saw an actual upside to this arrangement, I know of no agreement that follows inter-generational like this except for slavery and conscription, slavery is done and never chosen, even with conscription one can refuse the oath, what do you actually owe them?

  6. Another gut buster in my neck of the dunes in NC, “we’re all in this together.” Says the locker down to the lockdownee. The taxpayer funded livelihood destroyer to the livelihood destroyed. The diaper wearer orderer in chief to the serf. And on and on. A complete 180 from the truth.

    • Social responsibility, Collective guilt, Systemic racism

      Responsibilty is borne by individuals, as is guilt, who designs racist lunch counters or racist honda production lines?


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