Why Government Matters

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Ron Swanson is many things; and all of those things are great.


ron swanson skim milk

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Ron/Ron 2016


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    • bevin,
      i jsut recently started watching the show, the first few episodes can be hard to watch but by the end of season 1 gets pretty good (s1 is only 6 eps) and s2 2 & 3 are awesome.
      ron swanson makes the show, i think they try to show how “crazy” libertarians are but it really just comes out that he is strong, smart, skilled and stubborn. which makes him a real man, which is becoming rare in our world.
      One of his funnier lines is;
      “Most of the people I work with are women, and so are most of the men.”

      i dont’ think it means to do this but i think this show is one of hte most anti-govt shows out there.

      • Dear Harry,

        This is a curious phenomenon that has many precedents.

        Any attempt by a statist author to depict libertarianism in a negative light must of logical necessity, backfire, and end up discrediting statism.

        I noticed that when I was living in LA and writing a gun rights themed screenplay. It dawned on me that to a considerable degree, the truth will speak for itself.

        Some libertarians wring their hands over “predictive programming.” I don’t worry quite so much. I think “predictive programming” intended to desensitize people to tyranny, often wind up doing the opposite. It provides the public with a frightening cautionary tale instead. It backfires.

        I really don’t know whether the writers who created Ron Swanson had the same intention as Norman Lear when he created Archie Bunker. All I know is that if it was their intent, it too has backfired, badly.

        For example, Swanson give the little girl a Claymore Mine, “for protection.” Ironically given the militarization of the police, including the Waco massacre, it ironically makes perfect sense!

  1. Thanks for the post about Ron Swanson. A Libertarian Realist relentlessly mocking the government hand that feed him.

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