Questions about 911 (or criticism of government) Soon to Qualify You as a “Domestic Terrorist”

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In the last few weeks the FBI, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, have sent out 25 flyers that label normal everyday activities as possible terrorist indicators.

These flyers also specifically target political speech and the belief that the CIA and others had a part in 9/11 in order to justify, among other things, multiple foreign wars.

That’s right, our government is teaching state and local law enforcement nationwide that 9/11 truthers should be immediately looked at as possible terrorists.

In an FBI, Bureau of Justice document on spotting potential sleeper cells within the United States it specifically states that someone may be a terrorist sleeper agent if they believe that the CIA had a hand in 9/11. (A fact that has been heavily documented by thousands of experts. Rogue elements does not mean the entire CIA)

Late last week Intel Hub contributing writer Madison Ruppert wrote an extensive article that highlighted the details of all the 25 flyers that were sent out:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has routinely released their “Communities Against Terrorism” advisories in the form of fliers which encourage the public to report suspicious activity, something which the DHS has heavily promoted under their “See Something, Say Something” citizen spying program.

Through releasing these fliers, the FBI has effectively made most activities possible indicators of terrorism. Many of these are so innocuous it is almost laughable to think of them as hints of terrorist activity.

These are intended to make the people of the United States live in a constant state of fear, constantly on the lookout for non-existent terrorists lurking behind every corner.

This also helps create a culture of citizen spying in which neighbors are reporting each other for what would otherwise never be considered noteworthy activities.

Thus, it makes it much easier for the government to track down supposed dissidents since just about everything they do is likely to be considered suspicious when applying all of the absurd guidelines promoted by the FBI.

Although all the supposed possible terrorists indicators are absolutely absurd, the fact that the FBI chose to specifically target 9/11 truthers shows how important, even after ten years, covering up the truth of the horrendous 9/11 attacks is to the powers that be.


  1. As a patriotic and taxpaying consumer, I am horrified by the idea that the plane crashing into 2 World Trade Center was anything other than what I saw on the 6 World Conglomerate Media Corporations that program 95% of my Cox Cablevision deluxe package channels.

    Sure there was always an extra long time on the elevator between the 104th and the 105th floor, but surely there wasn’t a service elevator with a special key, isn’t it illegal to misnumber floors.

    Having to blow up your own building to avoid a political surveillance embarassment. Those poor peacekeepers. Nah.

    I’m sure those security cams we see are the same technology any guy can buy at Best Buy. Mirrored buildings are always honest two way glass for energy conservation.

    Certainly, we didn’t kill the original Obama and replace him with a plastic surgery analog or cloned duplicate. We only clone sheep, right? There are no military cosmetic surgeons.

    I get offtrack ever since some kid left a book laying around my blast compound called “The Hunger Games.” I don’t know why a movie is coming out about it sometime in the month of Aries. Who needs more Brave New World teabagger dystopia fantasy stories, right.

    Anyway Dom, New Guy, Eric, Methyl, Brent, just wanted to apologize for all those silly misleading posts I put on this site using my new WordPress spoofer to make it look like you did them, Aries Fools Day Joke from your favorite script kiddie.

    Happy Presidents Everyone!

    What in the name of Nikola Tesla is that RQ-12 drone doing away from the Air Base, my kids are outside…!”£$&*^%$(&*,,,

    IP Jenny Jenny Who Can I Turn To has timed out —

    • S’all good. Keep the spoofer going, mang! No reason to stop now. Things are getting pretty tight around these parts. Got in my EPAUTOS mobile the other day with two pigs sitting real close like, just chilling. Then on the way home went through a road block with about 15+ pigs running it. The funny thing is I run this road four days a week. My radar detector told me of the upcoming road block, but it also told me they were hiding on all the sides of the road and shit. Only thing is there is no place to pull a car on the sides of the road. Fucking scum bags had people on foot in the woods. Shit is getting tight round these here parts. Oh, this was all before 10 pm on a Saturday. Both main roads to my house have fucking road blocks NOW. Pretty sweet. I have extra clips and the .45 has one in the hole.

  2. The whole idea is to maintain a low level of fear – fear of our neighbors as well as the ubiquitous militarized praetorian overseers. It diverts attention from things like corruption, idiotic wars, rising debt, and high unemployment.

    • Agree.

      Two items in re that:

      Mid-1990s. Soviet Union gone; the growing “militia” movement (that is, the growing anti-government movement). Boom. OKC bombing. Anyone who wears cammo, likes to own/shoot guns and doesn’t like the government is now highly suspect. A possible “terrorist.”

      The new Fear.

      That ebbs. Soviet Union now a memory. People relaxing; wondering why we need all these aircraft carriers, ballistic missile submarines and hundreds of thousands of “troops.” 911. The new Fear. Only this one is permanent. No government to topple; no nation to defeat. Just a formless ideology, constantly shifting and omnipresent.

  3. I got some news for you Eric. Sure you know this already, but they are watching YOU. I’ve been doing this website stuff for a long time now, almost 10 years. This is not the sort of site that attracts weird bot attacks and hackers/crackers. Lately though we’ve had some weird shit happening here. The strangest thing is all the bots we are getting come from China. Honestly, I don’t believe anyone in China gives a fuck about this site. Which leads me to thinks it is not China REALLY doing it. I’ve never in my life been blocked from a site I work on by my ISP. Guess what, it has happened to me with this site more than once! We being watched brother!

    • I know it!

      I decided it’s worth taking a stand, even if it’s just an online stand. I had the option of going corporate – safe, politically correct and well-paid. It made me choke; I just couldn’t do it.

      So, damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead!

  4. @ekrampitzjr:

    That’s a terrible thing to say about Mormons! Most of them are not psychopaths.
    Totally accurate re: “dull-normal” and FBI agents; the ones I’ve met are walking Ken dolls, right down to the pull-string at the back. Yank it, and out spouts some syllogism of legalese. And the crotch part is about right, too.


    Glad to see you touching on 9/11 truth. 9/11 is the Red Pill; it’s hard to swallow, and once it’s down there’s no turning back. The illusion shatters and you’re suddenly aware of how much you’ve been lied to.

    It’s difficult to convince people of this one. I had lunch with my family and aged uncle a week ago, and the topic came up. My highly-educated, extremely smart sister won’t hear of it. My uncle–who’s had run-ins with his home country’s secret service (he was told to leave, or else) is only slowly coming to accept it.

    But plant the seeds; don’t be pedantic, strident, or irritating…but say what needs to be said.

    Between 9/11 and the Federal Reserve (the real seat of power of the PTB), I don’t know which one is more important to reveal; but truly understanding either one opens the window to true perception.

    • whoops sorry for the bold font on the last post…forgot to close my <b> tag. Maybe Dom can correct it? End bold after “Red Pill”.


    • Once I learned about Operation Northwoods (years ago) I learned that it’s no “theory” to postulate false-flag conspiracies. They are a fact. And if it the government has done it even once – or at least, elements within the government contemplated it/advocated for doing it – then it is absolutely reasonable to suspect these same elements might do it again.

      There’s just too much happy coincidence (prior calls in certain quarters for a “new Pearl Harbor,” a “Patriot” Act waiting in the wings before the event itself; the psychologically interesting date of the event itself, etc.) and too may weird/unanswered questions (WTC 7; the absence of any sizable wreckage in PA; the disconnect between the known marginal flying abilities of the supposed pilot of the Pentagon plane and the extreme maneuvers supposedly executed by this individual) for me to swallow without a lot more ‘splainin – which to date has not been provided. Indeed, the opposite. Every step possible has been taken to shut up discussion, destroy evidence and smear questioners – which really sets off my BS detector.

  5. Eric, your post leads directly to one of the big issues with the Tea Party types. Many of them have harshly criticized President Obama for his actions on the national debt, deficits, War on Terror™, government monitoring and surveillance, etc. But many of these same people not only did NOT criticize President George W. Bush for the very same things, but actually tried to claim that such criticism of Bush after 9/11 was unpatriotic and supported terrorism.

    Get a black President, and the tune changed 180 degrees, hence the (somewhat justifiable) charges of racism against the Tea Partiers and their positions. Okay if W. did it, but not if Obama continues to do it…

    If W. were still President, his administration would be issuing similar instructions about who could be a “domestic terrorist”. No difference.

    I disagree with the 9/11 Truthers, but that isn’t the subject here. Nonetheless, they aren’t “domestic terrorists” and have a full First Amendment right to make their case without government scrutiny, interference, or attempted punishment. That kind of reaction simply causes others to wonder whether the Truthers might not be on to something after all. And therefore it backfires on the FBI and other such idiots in the government.

    Bruce Anderson, the firebrand former editor of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, more than once characterized FBI agents as “dull-normal Mormons”. With this kind of silliness, he looks to be correct.

    • It is nothing special with regards to Obama. Back with Clinton it was the same thing about Clinton building a police state. Reverse the roles for republicans in power and democrats out of power.

      The team that is out of power tends to get all libertarian and is concerned about the team in power building up the police state, trampling people’s rights, etc and so forth. Once in power they forget about all that and go about doing it. Same thing over and over again.

      • That’s absolutely by design, BrentP.

        If you have a spare month or two, read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope…he spells it out. The Power Elite set up two “opposing” team to provide the illusion of choice.

        Every four years, we can “throw the bums out”.

        The agenda remains the same.

        • This is entirely credible. It explains the otherwise unfathomable selection of a zero like Kerry to run opposite Baby Bush. Not for the first time I asked, “Why would they do such a thing? Do they *want* to lose, or what?” Oh, wait …

          How the heck do you make italics in this thing?

          • The evil genius of our time is “democracy” – which creates the illusion of consensual government but which in fact exchanges a single tyranny (monarch or dictator) for the tyranny of many.

          • Gail you have to use HTML tags.

            To start a block of italics, type <i>. To end it, type </&i>.

            Same thing for bold; use a “b” in place of the “i”.

            Next lesson: embedding malicious javascript to enable cross site scripting attacks. Fun for the whole family!


          • “Fun for the whole family!”

            LOL.. Yes indeed..

            I had thought about including an html WYSIWYG editor for quick posts, but I don’t want people getting all tied up with it.

      • “The team that is out of power tends to get all libertarian and is concerned about the team in power building up the police state, trampling people’s rights, etc and so forth. Once in power they forget about all that and go about doing it. Same thing over and over again.”

        This is one of the big reasons that caused me to throw the GOP in the woods. The Democrats openly subvert liberty. Republicans are far more egregious because of their prattling about “protecting our freedoms” and priapic flag-humping.

    • Regarding Obama, you could view it exactly opposite. That is, people who are sitting on a hair-trigger ready to see racism under every rock and behind every bush will jump on criticism of Obama as OMG EVIL REACTIONARY WHITE RACISM!!!!!!, where they never would have accepted his shenanigans from a white president.

      Rapper KRS ONE calls it “putting a black face on the New World Order.” Now the squeamish white guilt types are ready to lay down and take it all up the rear end because they think it will absolve them of blame for things that happened hundreds of years ago before most of their ancestors even landed on our shores.

      • This is very true – and in my opinion, perhaps the chief reason Obama was selected from out of nowhere to be the nominee. His blackness made (and makes) him bulletproof, or nearly so. Also, I agree with Brent that much of the criticism is just political posturing anyhow. That is, the left-liberals who (rightly) denounced The Chimp over his wars and assaults on civil liberties are silent now because it’s their chimp in office. And vice-versa.


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