A Church Becomes a Cult

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A reader sent in an account of his church’s decision to double-down on Sickness Kabuki by ending all “in-person” activities, because the cases! the cases! I reprint his saddening story, with my comments following:

I wrote you the original email that prompted your article back in May. Since that time, I have not participated in any church activities, but held out some faint hope that they might “come to their senses.” However, today I received this letter from the church in my email:

Dear Members and Friends –

“Your Board of Trustees and Minister had a difficult decision to make at the regular board meeting on Sunday, October 18. In an effort to protect all of us and our families from the spread of COVID-19, back in March your board of trustees made the decision to close our building to gatherings, including official meetings and worship. After months of isolation in the spring and early Summer, the Governor opened up businesses, schools and other organizations. Many of you, began asking for smaller, safer, outdoor gatherings, so in August the board voted to allow them on the grounds, including up to 20 for the Facebook Live portion of coffee hour, and up to 50 for First Wednesday Night and special events, all outdoors, masked, and socially distanced. Now, as infection numbers rise alarmingly, and as many of us — tired of isolation — begin taking more calculated risks of exposure in order to be with friends and family, public health officials have said that the most frequent places of transmission are smaller gatherings of 10 to 50 with close family and friends.

With all of this in mind, the Board has made another milestone decision to protect health and safety by voting unanimously on October 18 that “outdoor in-person events will continue only if all 3 counties (Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga) are at level 1 or 2.  If any county is at level 3 or 4 will gather only remotely. Recommended process for reconvening in person is to wait 10 days after all counties are back at level 1 or 2.” This means that in a very short time we may have to cancel non-essential in-person events like Trunk or Treat, Thanksgiving, Beverages and Banter, and small group meetings. The Sunday morning Facebook Live portion of the service may no longer be open to in-person participation. Of course, the Board will make exceptions for events like the blood drive scheduled for November, a response to emergency needs directed by a global organization dedicated to public health and safety.

This was not a decision made lightly or easily.  While everyone agreed that it is the only responsible thing to do, we were also mindful that many folks, especially those who live alone, have come to count on our small, safer gatherings as a major tool for preserving mental health and spiritual connectedness. We want to encourage you to reach out to each other. Call a couple friends, and encourage each of them to call a couple more. Send postcards and greetings cards. Chat by email. Preserve the connections that keep our church thriving. They are the connections that will keep you sane and healthy as we move through this latest phase of the pandemic.”

 . . .

I find this disheartening for many reasons — it perpetuates the WuFlu/face-diaper culture, gives credence to “The Cases!” (which we know how cooked the books are on that) admits the effect of the shutdowns on mental health yet takes steps to worsen it, promotes fear of gathering with friends and family, and gives control to government officials and “global organizations” to make church decisions. I can’t say I’m surprised, but still disappointed — and have made the decision to not return to the church even if they ever truly “reopen.” I realize this is more of a rant than a question but I feel your site and forums are one of the few places where things that go “against the Party line” can still be discussed openly and without censorship. Thank you for keeping it that way!

. . .

You’ve anticipated much of what I will say, especially in response to the acceptance of misinformed, hysterical nonsense – the cases! the cases!

It is nothing shy of tragic that people are surrendering their lives – and the lives of others – over something as meaningless as a “case”  . . .without the context. As has been explained here and in other redoubts of sanity, the WuFlu isn’t a threat to most people. Therefore, it is absurd to impose these obscene measures on most people.

It would be reasonable for your church to advise the elderly and people with serious health problems to avoid in-person activities if they are worried about getting sick. Just as it used to be practice to warn the elderly about a very hot summer day – or a very cold winter day.

It is unreasonable in the extreme to insist that people who aren’t elderly or suffering from serious health problems that make them vulnerable to the common cold pretend as if they were in fact elderly and suffering from serious health problems.

Some will say: But it is the kind thing to do to accept these restrictions for the sake of those who are elderly and chronically sick. This is in fact vicious. It is no different than insisting no one may go near the water because there are people who cannot swim – or that highway speed limits must be reduced to 20 MPH so that those who can’t see very well will be able to safely merge and keep up with the flow of traffic.

Life is unfair. But it is more than unfair to limit the lives of everyone on that basis.

If that doctrine is accepted, there is no logical end to the limits which could be imposed on everyone. A popular British Face Diaperer named Gary Lineker actually said: “How can there be any debate about whether we should be wearing a mask? Even if it’s only a one percent chance of making you safer. Even if it is only a one percent chance of stopping you giving it to someone else. Even if it only saves one life then it has to be beneficial.”

Italics added.

Yes, it is beneficial – to the one (hypothetical/abstract) life saved. At the cost of everyone else’s life restricted – to whatever degree necessary to “save that one life.” The selfishness of this is halting. Even more so that such selfishness is presented as a virtue – by a church!

As you observe in your own comments, the church board concedes that its decision will impose alienation, isolation and loneliness on all of its members. This is “writ large” across the entire country. Hundreds of millions of people are scolded for not wanting to shut themselves away like recluses, deny themselves contact with their friends and families, efface their faces . ..  because “someone” might get sick.

It does not matter whether anyone actually does get sick. The might is enough to justify the presumption. That might is dangerous because it curb stomps the presumption of innocence. You’re not sick; no one in your circle is sick. But because someone might be – or become – sick, everything must be locked down/shut down as if people were actually sick.

This is nothing less than weaponized hypochondria, which I’ve written about already. This is not editorializing. It is DSM diagnosis. A person who isn’t sick who lives in constant dread of sickness is a hypochondriac. When a hypochondriac imposes his illness on others, his illness has been weaponized.

I amen your decision to leave this church – which has become a cultic organization, as evidence by its hysterical insistence upon belief in a dogma that cannot be questioned and obedience to which must be confirmed by the wearing of the necessary accoutrement.

These people cannot be reached any more than one could reach the people who followed Jim Jones into the jungle. Attempting to divine and diagnose the mental defect that led them down this path is ultimately neither here nor there. They are quite literally out of their minds but – and this is the dangerous part – believe they are righteous and that anyone who does not share their faith is not just misguided but  . . . dangerous.

This is not going to end well.

Two such irreconcilable viewpoints cannot coexist. It will be us – or it will be them. Either we will be forced to join their cult, including the wearing of the cultic symbol of their faith, the Face Diaper and play Sickness Kabuki from this day forward, forever  – or we do what is necessary to contain this disease.

We can start by forming our own circles of sanity, as by getting together among ourselves to practice our religion. Anyone’s private home can be a church – and in a sense more meaningful than the building which houses what used to be yours. And if these diseased freaks will not leave us be, even then, then we have but one option left to preserve our sanity as well as our lives.

And that is to fight for them.

. . .

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  1. Pastor Chuck Baldwin: “Without a doubt, Satan is using the purveyors of fear of the coronavirus to destroy the moral and spiritual courage of the American people (including Christians) to fight for and defend Liberty.”


    “…non 501c3 fellowship–meaning LF is NOT a non-profit organization and, therefore, is NOT tax-exempt.”

  2. Hi Eric,

    In my own case, my church stopped in-person meetings back in March, and switched us over to ‘in-home’ worship, which was great because we got to decide when, how, etc.

    They’ve started having us come back, but I refuse to wear a mask or “social distance”, so I’ve just indicated that I’ll be back when they knock off the funny business with this stuff. Otherwise, I’ll stay at home, sleep in a bit on Sundays and worship as I see fit.

    I have been immensely disappointed in most of the Christian faiths who have refuse to stand up for their First Amendment rights. In fact, it’s just flat-out disgusting.

    Best wishes.

    • Amen, Jim –

      Mass hysteria is bad enough but this one’s salted with a kind of unctuous righteousness and that’s for me the mots insufferable aspect. This idea that we’re good people if we pretend everyone’s sick and treat those who refuse to pretend they’re sick as bad people.

  3. Someone has to say it… if your church is so dumb to fall for this sucker scam which is obviously stupid on steroids, and to throw your religion/etc under the bus for this… basically nothing at all… nevermind to follow a scam run by the Devil & the worst devils in the universe here on Earth… then you have to wonder if your church is even qualified to guide you on your spiritual path to God.

  4. Was just in three airports, Charlotte, Newark, and Des Moines.
    Charlotte was 99% masks, and it seemed anyone that was not masking was happy to see others that weren’t.
    Newark was 100% masked except my wife and I. We got one comment from a young sheep and my wife wanted to attack him (her usual response to conflict). Twice he commented, twice we ignored, problem went away. Was waiting for the sheep to report us to someone, and I would have enjoyed the conflict, but it never happened.
    Des Moines was 95% masked.

    • It really is amazing how many have bought the scam hook, line and sinker. Even a passing thought using common sense would tell you that it is a fools errand….and then if you look at any of the scientific studies before 2020 you would be validated in knowing scientifically that they don’t work.

  5. Off the church subject, but I went to a local gun store yesterday. They did have the locally obligatory posting that “all customers must wear a mask”. I did not, but as I was perusing the gun rack I noticed a sign above the checkout that said “Masks must be removed to corroborate photo ID at point of sale”. Apparently, like eating, drinking, Marxist protesting, etc., there are activities that make us immune to the corona flu. So, let the world know, I’m constantly in the process of purchasing a fire arm. Therefore, I am immune to corona flu.

  6. The church has become an agent of the state, much like practically any organization. I’m constantly amazed that the general population is willfully abiding by the dictates of politicians. You can ask these sheeple if they believe politicians, and they are quite likely to say “no”, and yet there they stand, with me struggling to hear their answer because they wear the diaper.

    Politician: One who is most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often.

    • I know that is definitely true for the United Methodist Church which I am unfortunately a member of. The Communist bishops seem to show up at every SJW sanctioned event….especailly the ones that are trying to get the government to do the work the Church should be doing. I will never forget our bishop marching with that fat slob Bully William Barber back when we had the Moron Monday marches.

  7. I told two cashiers, both women, who “are getting tired of this” and “just hope things get back to normal” to grow a spine and start fighting back against it.

    I’ve also found that if someone is harassing you, yelling out “Quit following me/talking to me, you freak!” gets them to stop. It hits home, because that’s what the truth does.

    • Excellent, Michael!

      So far, I’ve only had one furtive Diaperer say anything to me… mumbled in passing as it schlepped past me while I was checking out. I didn’t have time to respond to the creature before it exited the store.

    • Hi Max,

      My position is that everyone has the right to believe literally anything they want to believe. This right inheres in their ownership of themselves, which cannot be denied objectively. But the right to act is limited by the imposition it causes on others. Thus, I have no right to tell a person addled by hypochondria – who believes I might be sick – that they cannot wear a Face Diaper and gloves. But they have no right to impose their beliefs on me.

      • Walter Williams once upon a time presented a clear boundary to what are rights and what are not. I paraphrase, “A true right does not require action by anyone else”.

        Any “right” that DOES require action by someone else instantly makes a slave of whomever must act to provide that right.

  8. Well, last night I had some shopping to do in Grand Junction. Because I went on call today I like to head into town and have a little fun. At my age a little fun isn’t much more than eating too much at the buffet. Since opening after the start of the troubles, the Golden Corral has been running “cafeteria style,” where their limited menu is doled out by the employees who formerly would try to keep the trays full. Of course they aren’t on board with what and how I like to eat, so if I want an entire plate of broccoli or beans mixed with pulled pork I have to attempt to explain it to them. Up until last night the Chinese place was pretty much as normal but you had to glove up before running the line. However now they’re running “cafeteria” too, with the same problems and reduced menu.

    My guess is that the days of the all-you-can eat buffet are done. Business was way down at GC after they implemented the new serving style, and it all has a Soviet feel to it. There’s an Italian buffet called Cinzettis in Denver, who’s web site says they’re closed until further notice. None of the buffets in Las Vegas are running. In the long run I probably won’t really miss going to them (and I’m certain my waistline will benefit), but it does feel like the end of an era.

    • A cafeteria isn’t a terrible concept. I was young, 1985, at the time this cafeteria was dated certainly, but it was clean and had a constantly running kitchen.

      • Portion sizes seem to be a little light at most of the cafeterias I’ve been to. And they aren’t all that cheap either, at least compared to other options. I imagine the quality might be a little better, for sure the selection is better than fast food, but like a buffet unless the food gets turned over often, what you get probably isn’t worth the cost.

    • Until maybe a couple of months ago GJ was bucking the state but it seems we’ve gone full stupid. I even had my first mask comment at the Safeway in the Redlands the other day, which I ignored and didn’t acknowledge. It really bums me out that the insanity took root here.

    • Hi RK,

      One of my favorite places to eat was also a buffet – Red Palace, a Chinese cholesterol factory. I miss it immensely. As you say, it now has a Soviet feel to it. The place is “open” but the buffet isn’t. A handful of sadly “socially distanced” tables and they bring you a plate of whatever’s available, which of course isn’t as much and not the same as it used to be.

      My hatred for the Diaper Cult waxes.

  9. Esther, I wasn’t advocating violence. I left a job in the “defense” industry and took a $25k/yr salary cut to do so, just to fully live out Christian principles and the NAP.

    Civil disobedience is peaceful, at least how I view it.

  10. I’m generally agnostic about masks; I have other lines in the sand that matter more to me. However, my newspaper column this past week was arguing against the panic-demic and the dangerous shutdowns. So a reader emailed to tell me I’m “inconsiderate” to tell people to not live in fear when “doctors” are advising the opposite.
    And some have told me the word “sheeple” isn’t nice…

    • Hi Kent,

      With no offense meant, agnosticism about Face Diaper is dangerous. The premise is – other people’s fear that you might be sick entitles them to compel you to pretend that you are. If this is reasonable, then why not their fear of guns? Their fear of … anything? Fear not being either objectively deniable or even quantifiable.

      It also creates a dangerous visual – that there is a “crisis” – when there isn’t. A virus that poses almost no lethal threat to people who aren’t very elderly or very sick already (and usually both) does not justify pretending otherwise.

      “Inconsiderate? That’s an interesting inversion. It’s of a piece with the Clover drivers who get mad when you pass them because they’re driving 43 MPH in a 55 zone.

      • Face diapering implies a willingness to submit. Once the Psychopaths In Charge can claim a satisfactory level of submission, they will go on to the next stage, and the next, and the next, ad infinitum.

      • This common refrain of “inconsiderate” and “selfish” is loathsome. A form of gaslighting. It’s somehow not inconsiderate or selfish to force me to alter my life to accommodate someone else’s neurosis. It’s infuriating.

  11. As a follower of the teachings and principles of Jesus myself I have distanced myself from churches and churchians for just such reasons as your article points out.

    Spineless cowards like 98% of the rest of the population. I realized after trying to force it for over a decade I had very little in common philsophically and morally with churchians. Talk like Jesus you get high fives and amens even attempt to walk somewhat like him and you see right quick who their
    real master is. Generally some form of pastor, troop, government, or money worshippers.

  12. My mask update from the west central coast of FL:

    People in my neck of the proverbial urban woods are still buying the giant hoax unfortunately.

    Got geared up and took the Chopper down to Publix for groceries a few days back. (Still no cage to drive yet; sitrep changed so not rushing now.) I walked right in with my bike’s tail bag, sans mask. Before I was able to go down a single isle, employee activist “Soyboy Kenny” interrupted the music playing and lit up the store P/A system saying to the effect of, “Attention…all customers are required to wear masks in the store…we are all in this together…please cooperate…blah, blah, blah…and thank you for shopping at Publix.”

    I ignored him.

    What sounded like two older Karen’s in the next isle started jabbering like a small flock of birds, briefly, about “how inconsiderate people are.” (Roll eyes.) However, nobody approached me or interfered while I was shopping. This includes Mr. Soyboy, other employees who did greet me in the produce section, or brainwashed herd members. Sad to report, again, nobody else was going mask-less besides me. (!) Still, I got my items, paid, and left without further incident.

    So, it seems things down here haven’t improved since the first time I gave a report last week; might even be a little worse. Ya know, this might just become the bridge I’m willing to die on because I refuse to live in a society full of people this stupid and I’m growing weary.

    Currently wishing I was out where Charles lives, who posted earlier, as it seems people there still have some brains.

    • SW,
      It truly is about the disparate thought patterns of urban and rural peoples. Here in Phoenix, it’s Diaper “mandates” all around and ~98% compliance overall. But, in other areas of Arizona, especially those with a flair for independence of life and thought, the diapers are merely a suggestion to be often disregarded.

    • Hey, I went to Food Lion the other day. Of course no mask and all the lemmings inside pretty much masked as far as I even really looked at any of the rural goobers there. I walked out the “one way” door (as if a virus cares where you enter or exit a store SMH) and someone yells at me “hey you went out the wrong door”. Luckily I looked up before replying, it was actually another anti-masker fake scolding me. I just said ” wear your mask when you talk at me like that” and we laughed and went our merry way.

  13. I invite everyone to worship Dionysus with me from the comfort of their own home! Inebriation and debauchery is, of course, encouraged.

    Also, I look upon all of this in light of what I call the “Batman Decorum”, though you libertarians might just see it as a manifestation of the Non-Aggression Principle. If I consciously have a sickness and attempt to give it to you, that could be thought of as an assault upon you. If I have a deadly illness, I would then be guilty of attempted murder. BUT, if I don’t have any perceived illness, then even if I get you sick, it is NOT assault in the least.
    Refusing to get a vaccine or wear a mask to prevent the spread of some illness is NOT assault or malice in the same way that refusing to wear a ballistic vest to save people from mass shootings is not assault or malice. “But there might be a mass shooter, and you must wear a vest to save those who can’t!” Poppycock.

    “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you.” -Batman (Batman Begins)

  14. As an atheist I was incredibly disappointed by the reaction to the lockdowns and general fascism by virtually every church and religious organization in the country. I really thought that if anyone stood up to this crap it would be the churches. Not because they cared about the science as much as they cared about their First Amendment rights. So much for that. I would have supported any churches that defied the fatwas even if it was just through letters to politicians. But the churches didn’t just cave, they rode shotgun for the state. A barber and a gym here and there stood up, but the churches laid down. They betrayed themselves and their congregations. They proudly stand on the wrong side of history, science, and morality.

    • Hi D,

      Indeed. It is very interesting how many churches are not merely supine but actively doing all they can to outdo what the gesundheitsfuhrers decree. I think it’s a function of their general leftism – apparent for decades – and also their fear of losing their cash-cow tax-exempt status.

    • Unfortunately I fully expected a majority of churches to cower to the possi ble threat of losing 501c3 tax exemption.

      I wished I was wrong with the exception of a few holdouts a majority of 501c3 tax havens disguised as churches cowered to their master, the state.

      Churchianity 101

      • Exactly right. And many churches run food banks and other aid that get some funding from Uncle too. Not to mention donations from United Way and other enterprises that are more concerned with keeping their mainstream image than actually helping people.

    • One should not be surprised. Churches became agents of the state some time ago. Case in point, but far from the only one, they will celebrate war at every opportunity. They will militarize their service on any holiday they can, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, etc.

    • I agree with you, it is extremely disappointing to see how many churches are going full-on mask, “social distance,”etc. It seems that this made-up crisis has sifted the faithful from the frauds. I feel very blessed that our Independent Bible Church has not fallen into the pit of pretense and obsequiousness. In the beginning, we stopped services, for the last 2 weeks of March, but by Easter were meeting in the parking lot, and by June were back inside. No masks required, no social distancing. I can’t see us falling for another made-up crisis and shutting our doors ever again. Fool me once…

      There are a few that wear masks, but that is their choice. II Cor. 3:17 “Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty.”

  15. I honestly don’t know how much longer people are going to go along with these restrictions. Arkansas never locked down like some parts of the country still are (there are restrictions, but not a hard lockdown). True story…I took a vehicle yesterday to the tire shop to get a flat fixed. I was unaware that I had walked into the shop without a mask until I got inside and realized no one was wearing a mask. Not the owner, not the employees, not the customers. No effort was made for social distancing. On top of it, no one seemed to care. For a few minutes, everything was back to normal even if it was only a few minutes.

    • Hi Charles,

      Good stuff! I just got back from a trip to Kroger and met some Undiapered there; spoke with two of them – and it jump started my heart, which has been down in the dumps all week. Don’t let the bastards get you down!

  16. Great points all, but – as one who hopes someday to be elderly – i do wish that advanced age were not viewed as a pathology, or as an excuse for condescension. Do the elderly really need us (the incipient-elderly) to warn them that they may be at increased risk for death? I just can’t see that. Are not ‘the elderly’ just part of society? and is it not just as much a case of ‘giving an inch’ to use over-65 in years, as in mph?

    In other words, why specifically put out warnings for ‘the elderly’? If they are capable of understanding such a warning, they can also understand that it’s very hot, very cold, or flu season.

    I understand that no one here is advocating actually telling older people what they can or can’t do, but such is the general trend (see the Great Barrington Abomination… er, Declaration), and it should be resisted. Just as the whole nanny state and snowflake mentality should be resisted. The elderly used to be venerated, not coddled, but oh, how times have changed.

    I promise that when I’m old and feeble I’ll be one of two things: either wiser than the spring chickens, and unwilling to submit to their strictures (whether those are ‘for my own good’ or not); or ready to die free, with dignity intact.

    • Agreed. Unfortunately too many have bought into the lie that the “public” has “health” and that politicians and bureaucrats are the ones to ensure it.

      Unless we get back to the understanding that health is at the individual level, we will not escape this condescension and tyranny.

    • I’m curious what your problem is with the Great Barrington Declaration? I made a point of signing it. Not that they have any business telling the aged and experienced what to do, but that thye need to quit driving a panic where there is NO reason for one.

    • Hi Penny,

      I hope I did not give that impression! This isn’t about dismissing or trivializing the particular issues which tend to affect the elderly (and the chronically sick). It is, simply, to stand fast to the fact that these are not issues affecting people who aren’t elderly and chronically sick and that, accordingly, it is wrong – morally wrong – to treat the not-elderly and chronically sick as though they are elderly and chronically sick.

      My gym is arguably “not safe” for elderly and chronically sick people, too – as such people are at a higher risk of dropping dead from even moderate exertion. Does that mean the gym should be closed – or that everyone there should be forced to avoid “strenuous” activity? Some will say – but that’s different because your working out hard doesn’t put the elderly/sick person at risk. And neither does my going about without a Face Diaper because I’m not sick (first point) and your fear that I might be doesn’t impose any obligation on me to assuage your neurotic fears (point two) and even if I were sick, an dirty old bandana or neck sleeve pulled up over my pie hole is not going to “stop the spread” of anything.

      PS: The above was not directed at you; I was merely making the argument…

      • Being a member of that old fart demographic, “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”. If I so choose to go out among the masses and get sick and die, that’s my business, none of yours. If I choose to live as a recluse, that’s also my business. If I choose to drink a bottle of Gin every day, the same applies. If anything, the resulting depression I experience seeing most of the population submitting to the propaganda is likely far more dangerous to my health than any flu. It has increased my Gin consumption.

        • Hi JWK,

          This is exactly it. Each of us – regardless of age or whatever the factor is – has the inalienable right to assess risk for ourselves. But none of us has the right to impose our assessment of risk on others.

          Remember “swim at your own risk”? I miss the moral code that embodied.

    • You bring up an interesting point, Penny.

      In the upcoming election we have 2 70+ guys battling for the top spot in the Executive Branch. However, if you look at advertising and most other media, anyone over 60 is considered “elderly” and portrayed at a doddering old fool. Unlike in the past when someone was “older and wiser” now it’s flipped. Just because I don’t feel like wasting my time trying to decode all the contrived complexity of the latest electronic gizmo doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Maybe I’ve got better things to do, like work on rebuilding the trans for my racecar and figuring out how to make the money needed for entry fees, race gas and tires. I don’t snapchat/instagram/tweet, so what? You don’t know which end of a dipstick to hold if it doesn’t come with pictographs.

      I’ve been around long enough to know a con-job when I see one and Covidiocy 1984 is it, in spades. I also know life is risk and without it we’d still be huddled in caves around the mysterious thing that put off heat and could burn us if the shaman didn’t control it.

      Grow up, you pansies.

      Whew…I feel better now.

    • Penny, it was so WONDERFUL to see you pointing out that “protecting” the elderly by denying us THE ONE THING THAT CORRELATES MOST WITH LONGEVITY–A SOCIAL LIFE is giving an inch.

      At 68 and undiapered mostly because the unGodly things are germ concentrators, and assisted by the fact that I do have a medical reason I cannot wear the things safely (beyond “jest” being an oxygen-breathing mammal). I am very concerned by the constant attack by the gullibillies (sheeple) on elderly. Fools are tools for the real enemies and I think this saccharine concern for over-60’s is intended to KILL social security recipients as useless eaters.

      We cannot win this fight by guns and hate. That kills people and our enemies WANT that. God’s soldiers must use love. Check out Hugs Not Masks and The Healthy American https://www.thehealthyamerican.org

    • First, as stated above, I realize that no one here wants to restrict anyone’s freedoms, regardless of age. I just cringe when ‘the elderly’ are mentioned as even needing extra attention.

      Here is some background. I have 2 sisters who, 12 years ago, wanted me to join them in pushing my mother into a nursing home “for her own good.” Had I agreed, she’d undoubtedly be there, but instead she’s had 12 great years in her own home. Now, FHOG, she’s wearing a diaper and killing herself (fell flat on her face while out walking the other day; doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong…) I told her it’s the mask, but she keeps hearing that ‘the elderly are at risk’, so… The nursing home looms large for her, and for too many like her.

      My problem with the GBD is precisely that it singles out a certain group as lacking the same basic rights as every other. First they came for the socialists, etc.

      Eric, I absolutely agree that the gym should be open to all, and without warning labels. IMO, the assumption that people decay with age is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and is mostly BS. I’m pushing 60, but have the same blood pressure, heart rate, and weight as when I was 20… and forget why the heck I came into the kitchen when I did, just like when I was 20….

      Certainly didn’t mean to ca

  17. As our church has limited its capacity, and required face diapers and signing up (what better to contact trace you with, my pretty) we said “peace out” and formed a small group that meets in person. It’s been comforting and stands as a form of corporate worship without diapers.

    But I realized this week how dangerous it can be, when certain members discussed their getting tested. It dawned on me that while they may be my brothers and sisters in Christ, they will send my name to the contact tracer in a heartbeat in the event their test comes back positive. They are not my brothers and sisters in self ownership and personal liberty and privacy. See, and therein lies the rub: it’s going to be damn hard to align your shared religious beliefs and libertarian desire to be left alone. Because it is we, in this latter category, who stand alone at the end of the day.

    So yes, form a samizdat church group. But proceed with caution. Beware of those with whom you associate. They may not share your belief in physical “science” and social “science.” Ultimately, they may tell where the Jews are hiding.

  18. Sounds like the correspondent lives in Ohio, like I do. I would say he should prepare for his church to be closed, possibly forever if it is based on the color coded BS.

    Gov. DipShit sharpened his crayons and came up with the “public health advisory system” with 8 (i think) indicators, several of which can be tripped for reasons unrelated to covid. It is also inherently biased against counties with small populations.

    I follow Jack Windsor from the Ohio Star, who is the only honest journalist in the state, near as I can tell. He at least asks the gov and health dept real questions, though I don’t think he goes far enough.


    Apparently DipShit has been going on tours of the state, basically campaigning for covid, drumming up fear of the latest “wave” of “cases.”

    I fear for my children…

    • Hi Dave,

      It’s disgusting; serial abuse of the population – made more offensive by the gaslighting “caring” crap. Why not just treat everyone like a quadriplegic since some people are quadriplegics? Oh! But you can’t transmit quadriplegia. Well, you can’t transmit a sickness you haven’t got, either – and as for the getting, that’s my risk to assume just as it is everyone else’s right to decide whether to assume the risk and what measure they think are appropriate to take for themselves.

          • Hi Esther,

            I’d love to win this battle with words and logic; using facts and persuasion. I’d even be willing – very much so – to just let them live their Diapered lives, among their own kind. But they will not stop. They won’t let us alone. Everyone must join their cult. The only response to this is to say – no – and back it up with whatever means are required.

            I am a libertarian – in temperament as well as my politics (morals). Which means I loath violence. However, defensive violence is sometimes necessary and when necessary it is morally justified.

        • Yes, it’s true… “be the change you want to see”. Continue bravely setting an example for others to see. (Funny how not wearing a mask is “brave” now-a-days.)


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