Reader Question: The Anti-Car Car Club?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Greg writes: I enjoy watching your appearances on David Knight’s show and checking out your articles online. Here in the Police State of Victoria our main automobile and road assistance / insurance etc.  association is the RACV ( Royal Auto Club of Victoria). They send out newsletters to members on a regular basis. These things really are something to see. They contain everything you could imagine…..except articles on cars, although electric cars make regular appearances. Public transport, bicycles, skate boards, etc. etc. are very popular of course. In a nutshell they hate cars. I nearly always reply to these idiotic newsletters beginning with “Hello comrades” and fly into tyrade of discontent. I never receive a reply. I have saved most of these things and if you are interested I would be happy to pass a few on for your dismay and entertainment.

My reply: Our version of this is the American Automobile Association (AAA) which also hates cars. Heck, the car industry seems to hate cars. They love saaaaaaaaaaafety! And “climate change.” Lately, they have been making more Face Diapers than cars. The jist is we’re in a kind of cold war with people who hate cars because cars are a proxy for freedom, which is what they really hate. They seek the sovietization of transportation; i.e., to get most of the proles into public – read, government – transportation and eliminate the individually owned and controlled private car. The preening about “the environment” is just their virtue-signaling window dressing.

They’ve gotten as far as they have because those of us who don’t hate freedom – and so love cars – have not pushed back hard enough. That time is now – both Down Under and here!

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