Diaper Report 9/20/21

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Today, a Face Diapered juxtaposition.

On the one hand, this enraging video of a toddler being practically suffocated by his handlers at a day-care center. The Diaper – for his face – being repeatedly forced on the kid’s face, because every kid must be trained to wear the Rag of Submission.

On the other hand, the Emmys – and nary a face-effaced. It was a true Marie Antoinette Moment. The poor French queen may have never actually said, “let them eat cake.”  But the elites without question expect us to efface our faces – and tolerate the abuse of children.

Keep in mind that kids like the one being tormented in the video above face about the same risk of dying from the ‘Rona as they do of being struck by lightning. The odds are literally on the order of one in a million.

As contrasted with the much greater risk presented by a crowd of middle-aged and older Hollywood celebrities, many of them overweight (some morbidly so) gathered together in close quarters, indoors – celebrating their own narcissistic wonderfulness. Many of these celebrities (e.g., Jennifer Anniston, Tom Cruise) having publicly lectured the little people about the importance of “masking” and Jabbing.

Which may be why We, the Little People are expressing our opinion of it – as in Australia the other day. The mercenaries of the Sickness Regime – the metastasized iteration of what was once upon a time the police, the people who dealt with criminals – as opposed to being the enforcers of criminality – were on the receiving end of some palliative treatment, at the hands – and fists – of the little people.

Who are finally beginning to show signs of having had enough. In Melbourne and Sydney, thousands showed the courage to not be “locked down” – or wear the ritualistic garment of the Sickness Cult – even though they were unarmed and faced armed mercenaries empowered to arrest them and worse.

People will endure – up to a point. But once that point is reached, they will endure no more – and God help those on the other side.

It is hard to pin down exactly when that point is reached – except in retrospect. In one of the many letters of their later correspondence, John Adams expressed to his friend Thomas Jefferson that the Revolution – they preferred the more accurate term, independency – occurred long before the fighting actually commenced, much less before it was over. It occurred, said Adams, in the hearts and minds of the people – who had come to realize there was no possibility of rapprochement with the King and Parliament of England, which had evinced a determination to subjugate the colonies to arbitrary authority.

The taxes often discussed as the proximate cause of the colonists’ resolve to become independent of King and Parliament were in fact incidentals. They made clear to the colonists that taxes were the least of it. That the problem was the authority which imposed them – not the taxes, as such.

The same revolution – of hearts and minds – is already well under way. People begin to see that it is not the face-effacing and other strange rituals that are primarily the problem but rather the authority – arbitrary, capricious and hypocritical – that enforces them. That authority has grossly overstepped its legitimate boundaries – if it ever had any, to begin with – and for that reason has lost any claim to legitimacy it may once have enjoyed.

People are done with it. The kabuki, the idiocy – the gaslighting/shaming for not pretending to believe in the tenets of a Sickness Cult.

The abuse visited upon children, especially – many of whom will be damaged for life as a result of it.

Not all people, of course. But the rest do not determine the course of human events – now or in the past. It isn’t much taught – because of the lesson it would impart – but the fact is that what secured the independence of the American states (plural, as in these United States) was a cohort of determined people who’d not only had enough but realized they had no other choice.

Give me liberty – or give me death.

These were not idle words. They were words of revolutionary understanding. That – much as it is to be hoped for a peaceful coming to terms – a point is reached beyond which such may prove to be impossible – given people who cannot abide the idea of leaving other people in peace.

Well then, let it come.

There may be no other way to cure what ails us.

And as for them – well, may God have mercy upon them.

For we will not.

. . .

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  1. After the great culling, what are the “rulers” next moves? I’d imagine they’d come on TV and say, “congratulations, you just survived the greatest threat to mankind….stupidity.” But that would be wishful thinking, as they are far more evil than that.

  2. Now here’s something interesting that I have expected might happen:
    “Black Lives Matter Is Threatening An ‘Uprising’ Against ‘Racist’ Vaccine Mandates”

    Guess the leftists forgot that some of the voting blocks they pander too have been subject to government medical experiments in the past. It’s not just military people that have been experimented on.

    • Hi Brent,

      The enemy of my enemy… indeed! I think they – the people behind this – may have unleashed forces they can no longer control. That is my hope, at any rate.

  3. More females than males are ‘hesitant’ in Arizona:

    ‘The OH Predictive Insights poll shows 22% of Arizonans surveyed would not get the COVID-19 vaccine right now if it were offered to them at no cost. Among female respondents, that number is 25%, and it’s 19% among men.’


    No breakdown by age is reported. But my own sampling of people with 20 and 30-something daughters reveals that young women take reports of menstrual cycle disruption very seriously, and fear the ‘vaccine’ will damage their fertility.

    Obviously, this incipient distaff rebellion has to be quelled with brazen official lies:

    ‘Those who have either already been vaccinated or who are willing to get vaccinated add up to 70%, a number that could get us closer to herd immunity, said Senior COVID-19 advisor for Arizona, Dr. Richard Carmona.

    “But, if I can capture 80, 90% of the people, then the rest of us will be protected and we can curtail the spread of this disease,” Dr. Carmona said.’

    With failing efficacy of leaky ‘vaccines’, herd immunity CANNOT be reached even with 100 percent vaccination, as Israel, Singapore, and several other small countries already have demonstrated.

    Where do they find these uninformed, bent ‘doctors’ to propagandize the public with absurd claims?

    • “Where do they find these uninformed, bent ‘doctors’ to propagandize the public with absurd claims?”

      You can find them everywhere. The educational system is designed in a very specific way, to repeat back what authority says. Anyone who is sufficiently good at school can be anything they want. Being a doctor does not sort for skills in being a doctor, it sorts for being good at school. Now throw in the centralized nature of the medical industry and the training systems installed and developed since 1910. Most doctors are going to be people who do what authority tells them to do.

      Authority says the vaccines will lead us out of this. Therefore they will. The fact that these mRNA and viral vector vaccines do not stop the spread or even slow it does not matter. Most doctors will repeat what authority says.

      • ‘Most doctors will repeat what authority says.’ — BrentP

        Months ago, I saw a video by an American male MD who mentioned Dr Paul Marik’s pioneering acute treatments for covid. The doctor’s MD wife asked where Dr Marik is from.

        ‘South Africa,’ her husband answered.

        ‘It figures,’ replied the wife.

        She fully recognized that American MDs are trained to follow inflexible treatment scripts dictated by the health insurance mafia. Deviate from the script, claim denied.

        Science, and the intellectual skepticism that necessarily underlies it, are being systematically extirpated from braindead, bureaucratized, gov-whipped America.

        We coulda been a contendah …

        • It’s funny how this disease strikes most and lasts the longest where there is wealth to extract and power to be gained.

          Where it’s just another virus and treated as such outcomes seem to be much better.

      • That’s right up there with this bit, Jim:

        “And for the future, we need to create a new mechanism to finance global health security that builds on our existing development assistance, and Global Health Thr- — and a Global Health Threat Counc- — Council that is armed with the tools we need to monitor and identify emerging pandemics so that we can take immediate action.” …


        Via, merriam-webster:

        Definition of tool (Entry 1 of 3)

        1a: a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task

        C: a means to an end

        3a: one who is used or manipulated by another

      • See also:

        Mainstream Conservatives to the Left: “Please, Eat Us Last!”


        Ain’t that somethin’? Please, Eat Us Last!

        For some reason, Idk, though much of the day I had that baseball tune in my head, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

        Only, it was this remix:

        “Don’t take – me out to the ballgame. I won’t ever get that damn shot! …

        Don’t take – me out to the ballgame, I don’t Ever wanna go back!…

        You might wanna buy me some peanuts & crackerjack – … I won’t be your injection whore.

        Take – all your cardboard cutout fans & mindless fans – I don’t wanna ever say I knew you back then.

        …Wrap – all your brains in cello-phane, cheer for your rulers,… all that you want.

        Don’t take – me out to the ballgame, I don’t Ever wanna go back!…

        • I’ll confess that at least I WATCH the games of my once-“beloved” San Francisco Giants, since they’re doing so well this season.

          BUT – I won’t buy any more licensed merchandise, not even a “2021 World Series Champions” if they get that far. As for attending the games…WHY?

          1. MLB policy is to demand PROOF of vaccination to enter a ballpark. My health is my own fucking business, thank you very much, not THEIRS. I say “no” to any attempts to impose a “Vax Pass”, akin to those passes issue by the former South African Apartheid regime.

          2. Until the overbearing and unscientifically-supported requirements for the “Jab” are lifted, I don’t intend to give even my Giants one more thin dime.

          3. I don’t care for the way MLB has genuflected to Black Lives Matter. I thought baseball was to be an ESCAPE from the cares of the world, politics included, and bring us TOGETHER. That PC, kowtowing bullshit doesn’t soothe my jagged never for Gott-damned sure!

          4 Finally, I’d have to get into “Sin Francisco”, and that means I either drive in, park somewhere, and risk being accosted by bums, derelicts, or criminals, and since I can’t legally “carry”, I can’t properly defend myself Fuck that. Also, I don’t want to encounter piles of human shit, rotting everywhere and stinking up the place. Seems that concerns about public health are non-existent when it comes to transients and the mentally ill on the “Streets of San Francisco”. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, where the fuck are you?

          • Indeed, Doug –

            I stopped flying for similar reasons. This meant (ad means) I don’t get to attend new car “long leads” – the programs put on by the car companies for journalists to try out the new cars before they become production cars. But I won’t participate willingly in my own degradation and enslavement. If they can force me to spread my legs and let a government creep heft my bits and pieces, then they can force me to wear a mask and roll up my sleeve… and now, here we are. If people accept this latest, they might as well accept that they are livestock.

  4. A startling admission of vaccination failure by the CDC:

    ‘The fast-spreading delta variant ripped through a federal prison in Texas over the summer, infecting both the unvaccinated and fully vaccinated populations, but few were hospitalized, according to a report published Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    ‘Among the 233 incarcerated people at the prison, which wasn’t named, 185, or 79%, were fully vaccinated against Covid19, according to the new report, published in the agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

    ‘From July through August, 172 incarcerated people, or 74% of the federal prison’s population, were infected with Covid, according to the CDC. The delta variant hit the unvaccinated harder, the agency said, infecting 39 out of the 42 prisoners who hadn’t gotten the shots. That compares with the 129 infections out of 185 fully vaccinated people.’


    By any rational standard, covid ‘vaccines’ are an abject failure.

    If their manufacturers weren’t corruptly shielded from liability by the US fedgov, these ‘vaccines’ would be promptly sued off the market, and their manufacturers likely bankrupted to pay the claims.

    • Agree that the “vaccines” are a failure if one is trying to apply truth and logic to the situation. But the jabs were never intended to be “vaccines” (in the true sense).

      And what is the point of ID’ing how many allegedly had convid when “few were hospitalized”? Isn’t that (hospitalization/death) the only metric that should matter?

      It’s weird how that number “233” keeps popping up around the convid story.

      • In numerology 233 is considered the angel number. It is supposed to be a sign from one’s guardian angels. It is meant to construe positivity and harmony.

        If one does not believe in numerology it is also the area code for Ghana. 😉

      • And what is the point of ID’ing how many allegedly had convid when “few were hospitalized”? — Anon

        Probably just the data generated by regular PCR testing in prison. Many mild ‘cases’ spread, almost regardless of vax status.

        Here is a devastating (if repetitively edited) video of a whistleblower nurse from Phoenix Indian Health Center, staffed by federal HHS employees.

        She says there is NO reporting of vaccine adverse events to VAERS, because it takes half an hour to fill out the form. One of her colleagues died last month, after being coerced into taking the jab or being fired.


        • Yes, my question was kind of rhetorical. This whole thing is such bs. I’m surprised that any “testing” is done at all. It must be for appearances, as the PCR is certainly not even a test of anything. By hook or by crook, the “cases” will never end.

          I was thinking today, what are they going to do next? Will it be a “co[n]vid-21”? Or some other raging, invisible threat (that of course will require a jab or 2 or 3….)

          One of the 5 people that I know personally who died after the jab was a retired RN. (I’m not sure if she got the jab before or after her recent retirement.) Just learned that her sister and husband (who were semi-resistant to masking) both also got the jab this spring. The RN died this summer, after much suffering and hospitalization. Maybe they are feeling just a bit paranoid right now…

          • Interestingly, their teenage son is anti-mask, anti-jab. I believe some of the students at his high school are noncompliant with the “policies.”

            I try to encourage our young people whenever I can 🙂

            • Yes, let us encourage young people by setting a good example. They imitate what they admire.

              I was delighted when my teen sons joined me in walking bare-faced past mask mandate signs. We never discussed it; we just did it because it was silly to wear the face burqa.

              • Love it! Same here, my son is more apt to go with me freefacing everywhere and anywhere. We’ve been yelled at (by maskhole customers, usually), but that seems to embolden him.

                Still working on daughter, but she is starting to come around…

                • Fortunately, things are trending well. In my suburban church, only young children and a few sad sacks still cover their faces. Probably yet fewer in the coming weeks.

                  • Very good news. I try to catch the eye of any youngsters, masked or not, and smile broadly, wave, etc. I don’t want them to be afraid of another human face.

        • I don’t consider it deceptively edited, there’s really nothing exciting there to those who already know the officially known issues. They have patient suffering from exactly what the insert with the mRNA jabs says can happen. It’s not exactly a surprise. You can go the relevant government websites and find the warnings in the fine print. Maybe it’s remarkable they don’t report to some people but again it is par for the course for those of us who understand these corporate-government systems. I just don’t see anything deceptive about the editing. I see a production value to it so that it keeps the viewers watching but to the knowledgeable there’s no new information and nothing that government and corporations haven’t released officially.

          With regard to what is covered in that video it comes down to people who inform themselves being called “conspiracy theorists” for reading official documents fully. Nothing captured is anything we didn’t already know.

    • Wait a minute.
      Government math deception detected.
      129/185 * 100 = 69.7% That means the vax is 30.3% effective.
      233-185=48 Not 42. So 39/48*100 = 81.25% So no vaccine with prison nutrition is 18.75% effective.
      This means the vax gave these prisoners a wopping 11.55% advantage at not being infected in a prison environment eating prison food with no vitamin supplements.

      Now if we consider prisoners in solitary and so on what would the advantage decay to?

      This advantage could very well be within the realm of noise in the data. Even if it survives further analysis it will be essentially of so little value the unknown long term risks alone wouldn’t be worth it for most people. Even at just under 12% it isn’t worth an unknown risk for most everyone.

    • Is there anything about this that isn’t arbitrary, fabricated, and/or made up as they go? The advice changes monthly, if not more frequently, and it has nothing to do with science (though they certainly act like they are just discovering things that have been well known for years). Why did some things just quietly disappear – like the need to put cardboard cutouts in lieu of fans at baseball games, or arrows on the supermarket floor, or closing playgrounds, or canceling weddings and family gatherings, or limiting funeral attendees, or wearing a face diaper to your table at a restaurant, and other assorted crap they peddled as containment and control mechanisms just a few months ago? Nobody notices this??? How it is that people’s bullshit meters haven’t redlined?

      • Yeah, like the quackcines needed to be kept in cryogenic freezers at -90 Celsius or whatever. Like they’re doing that at the local Mickey D’s where you get your vax and a free McDouble. It’s the “whatever your reason” thing. Anything goes then. A substitute for any grievance you had/have and an official reason to hate the “other” while reveling vicariously in gov’t tyranny. Technology, demons, fallen angels, etc., take your pick.

      • What is different? Now they have to pretend the jabs work and keep the case numbers up for a virus that would have burned out by now. Everything that has been done has been exactly what would be done to prolong the issue and the fear.

        Radio this morning said that case numbers in the people’s republic of Illinois are back to July levels. Remember July when it was ‘back to normal’? Not so much now.

        Anyway I found most people don’t understand that the edicts are internally contradictory.

  5. I attended the Cass County Michigan (rural SW Mich) public comment meeting on mask and vax mandates last week.
    Here is what I saw and heard:
    About 100 in attendance.
    4 mask wearers
    One StopBeingSoSelfish mask Karen
    One Romans 13 ListenToTheEXPERTS dork
    Dozens of polite, civil (for now), Hell NO we’re done with this crap speakers.

    Be of good cheer. We’re out here and this shit will end.

  6. I just read an article about alot of container ships off West coast of CA being unable to dock at the ports. But the article didn’t even answer why! Why aren’t they allowed to dock??? This is madness. Entire world is under attack from evil dictators.

  7. For a slightly more light-hearted take on the horrors of the last 18 months, I encourage everyone to have a read of this article, especially if you are a disciple of Dionysus such as I:


    “…Generally speaking, I found that the non-drinkers were much more likely to 1.) feel traumatized and afraid, 2.) want and expect the government to fix things, 3.) express anger at others, and 4.) feel depressed.

    The drinkers, on the other hand, came across as much more light-hearted, roll-with-punches types. They joked about COVID. They seemed tougher, harder, possessed of more grit. Which dovetailed perfectly with all my preconceived notions, namely that hard drinkers are a tougher breed of cat. The ritual hangovers we endure have made us veterans of pain, expert endurers. We take the pain and move on, knowing it will eventually fade.”

    • “There’s nothing wrong with drinking before noon. Especially if you’re supposed to be at work.”

      … enthused a soused Kongress Klown, as an indulgent lobbyist whistled up another round.

    • As I’ve mentioned often since this circus began, the sober world has little to offer me as I approach my maximum expiration date. Liver failure? Does it really matter what does you in? I smoke too, just in case the liver thing doesn’t happen. Or, I could just fold up into a little ball of terror and stress, and pop like a balloon. I’ll pass.

      • John,

        I sometimes wonder whether the constant anxiety and worry inherent in the teetotaler lifestyle is actually more detrimental that that experienced by those who occasionally remedy the onslaught of fear marketing with a good drunkening.

        I find it to be a nice reset, myself. Otherwise, I have a tendency to endlessly push myself to try and complete the list of infinite tasks.

        • Dim lights, thick smoke (and loud, loud music) used to work for me.

          But now all the clubs in PHX have banded together to demand proof of vaccination.

          Screw them … give the old home audio system a workout instead.

  8. Haven’t read all the comments yet, but I KNEW I would seethe with rage at the video of the helpless toddler trying desperately to do what he knew he must do – BREATHE. My rage is directed at the idiot who continued to try to force this abuse on him, but also her supervisor, anyone else who encouraged this, and most of all the PARENTS. Is it really worth it to have the “career” at such a high cost to your precious child?

    • Hi Anon,

      I’m seeing a lot of Diapered kids being towed by unDiapered parents. I suspect this is because the kids are under the most pressure, including psychological, to wear the loathsome devices.

      • Last weekend, I fed the Mormon missionaries assigned to my LDS ward at a “Smoosh-Burger”, good boys, they are. Per directive of their mission president (likely this is a Church policy for missionaries in North America, at least), they had to wear their face diapers while waiting in line to place an order, but they removed them once we sat down to eat. When we left, they put theirs back on, I didn’t bother with mine as I was just leaving, quickly. There was a family, parents appeared to be mid-30ish, with two sweet little girls, also masked (cat pattern), the Dad gives me the “stank” eye and pulls his little girls away as I pass by (with about SIX FEET of clearance already, which he makes about TEN with his panicky action). I had to suppress the urge to give that ding-dong the “universal good luck sign”, which I wouldn’t have anyway in front of his wife and especially his small children, and certainly not the two missionaries who were exiting the door at the moment, but I thought…what a deluded, VIRTUE-SIGNALING, panicked FOOL. I mean, IF there was a significant possibility that, if I took my grandchildren (mine youngest is about fifteen years older than the older girl, and my other kids are as old or older than the couple appeared to be) out, and someone that wouldn’t mask, casually passing by at several feet, could give my precious little ones a potentially deadly disease, they’d be sitting in the car, or we’d just use the drive-thru and eat in the park in the shade! Or I’d fire up the stupid GRILL, and make them burgers “safely” at home!

        What’s interesting is that the best info, i.e., “THE Science”, indicates that if anyone was the most in “danger” in that particular “encounter”, it was this 62 y.o. grandfather. No, I’m still not “jabbed”, and AFAIC, if the Phony POTUS PRESUMES to substitute his demagoguery over the inherent right to PRIVACY for tens of millions of WORKING Americans, he can go “pound sand”.

      • Undiapered parents with diapered kids is peak virtue signaling. It says you are a member of the commiecrat party in good standing. You will go along with any edict passed down by uncle and his collection of mini tyrants.

      • A product of the helicopter parent thing. “Baby on board”, like I would just run you over without that sign. A few years ago, I read a piece, I know not where, which noted that some parents were going to job interviews with their now grown children! Which of course will guarantee you WON’T get the job. Perhaps the most destructive thing perpetrated on children since child sacrifice. Which the Sociopaths In Charge are now in the process of reviving with vaccines the children have no need of, even if they worked.

        • Parents accompanying their GROWN children to a job interview? RU shitting me?

          If that doesn’t portend utter DOOM for this nation, I don’t what else can suffice as a “Danger, Danger, WIll Robinson!” event. Sheesh. Y’know, I care about my kids, and I’ll give them advice IF they ask, but as they’re are quite grown and capable of fending for themselves, I’ve long cut the apron strings and just ENJOY being “Grandpa”.

          AFAIC, the best sign that you’ve succeeded as a parent is when you’re NOT “needed” but wanted around anyway. It’s nice to HELP #1 son, for example, in that 1966 Plymouth Fury II restoration, but HE is the one literally driving it. I help with what skills I’ve acquired, like running a project management program to help schedule our work and stay within budget, but that too is a TEACHING opportunity, which could benefit him in his professional pursuits as well. Else, it’s HIS project car, and (mostly) his MONEY, and the purpose is simply to do something as father and son.


      • Actually, it’s because the parents are “vaxxinated” but the children are not yet “allowed to be vaxxinated” and therefore must continue wearing a mask.

        Faced-parents-with-muzzled-kid is actually square with “CDC guidelines.”

    • I see a future libertarian in the making. I can only hope he is able to convince the other two year olds.

      If I see an adult in a mask I just roll my eyes and think “wimp”. If I see a child in a mask I seethe. The child has no choice, they are being dictated by some unthinking adult. The child in the video knows having a mask on his face is not normal. It is obvious that mom and dad aren’t pushing it at home since the child is not comfortable with it. Now mom and dad need to pull their child from this preschool and place him in an environment where he feels relaxed and free.

      • I struck up a conversation with an undiapered man with his 2 yr old son (also undiapered) at the supermarket today. He mentioned his 6 yr old just started kindergarten at the gov’t school. I mentioned my anger at how the gov’t schools are psychologically torturing the kids with diapers. He shuddered for a second then went blank and mumbled something about his wife wanting the kid to go to gov’t school so she could have more time for herself or something. I made the obligatory homeschool suggestion. While acknowledging disliking diapers and how the gov’t school was teaching things he disagreed with, the guy said his kid couldn’t learn anything from him because he isn’t that bright (guy runs a local restaurant). Seriously. I told him he was smarter than he thought and he could do it if he tried but it would take buy in and teamwork with his wife. On a positive note, he did also say that he didn’t own or watch a TeeVee, so there may be hope…

        • I am very surprised on how few decisions are made by men concerning their children’s education. I don’t know if many men have no interest in it or it is just considered “mom’s” choice.

          When I wanted to homeschool our rugrats, hubby was iffy about it. I did a lot of research and convinced him it would be the best thing for our kids. As the years went by he agreed that homeschooling ended up being the right choice. Many people don’t have the patience. What I am also surprised about is many people don’t like their kids. They send them to summer camps when school ends and bring them back right before school begins. They have no idea who their friends are or what they are learning. They aren’t participating in their children’s lives and are surprised when the kid moves across the country and doesn’t speak to them for years.

          • I only really know my own experience and that is my wife and I see eye to eye on a lot of things. Been that way since the beginning and we’ve grown together in liberty since meeting 27 years ago. One of our very first convos was about Ayn Rand. Without that, I can’t even imagine. That being said, my wife is the dominant actor in our homeschooling adventures. I support and advise and when I have a concern or question, she listens. I can only think that this is traditional child rearing activity. Women have a lot of power in this regard.

  9. “And as for them – well, may god have mercy upon them.

    For we will not.”

    Epic, Eric. You are a true scribe of the New Revolution.

  10. Problem is that the average Joe is totally unaware of these protests in other countries because they’re completely ignored by the major “news” organizations. Thank God for the internet, though I wonder how much longer the PTB will allow it to go uncensored .

    • The problem the censors face is the sheer quantity of opposing views. Which are growing, and coming from ever more “accepted” sources. Much like the surveillance state. If you collect ALL the digital communication, how the hell can you, or your AI, sort through it all?

      • The mass surveillance system was designed such that when a particular person becomes a problem they could go in and use the information on that person. Nobody even looks at it until then. Nobody even cares. It wasn’t really meant in real time to go after and crush wrong thinkers. They use ridicule, lies, and so on for that through the mass media and the newest tool of corporate deplatforming. It has been very effective to program people into rejecting all which does not come from the state and its toadies rather than go after the wrong thinkers. That’s what has made the US empire special among other things.

  11. Trust the science, folks. If you’re having a hard time quitting smoking those cigarettes that certain doctors once recommended (and were also marketed to women by Edward Bernays as “torches of freedom”), you should consider using the FDA approved Pfizer drug, Chantix, which was advertised as a safe and effective means of quitting. Ask your doctor if Chantix is right for you!

    Oh wait, Pfizer just pulled it from the market because it causes cancer. Oops, sorry for the cancer. Nonetheless, “the FDA advised patients to continue taking their prescribed medicine until their pharmacists provide a replacement or their doctors prescribe a different treatment.” I suspect because abruptly ceasing this medication causes a touch of “suicidal ideation.”

    None of us should ever question the safety or efficacy of any Pfizer pharmaceutical. If the FDA approved it, I’m sure it’s just fine.


    • Mr. L,

      It’s pretty much gotten to the point where you should probably do the opposite of whatever the FDA recommends.

      Heckuva job, guys.

    • ‘Pfizer just pulled [Chantix] from the market because it causes cancer.’ — Mister Liberty

      And Pfizer proactively did this WHY?

      Because Pfizer is liable if Chantix causes harm, and could face a devastating judgment if such harm is proven to the satisfaction of a civil jury.

      But Pfizer faces no such liability for covid ‘vaccine.’ Consequently, Pfizer is now subjecting six-month-old infants to Nazi-style medical experiments.

      Under the FDA’s pre-covid definition of ‘vaccine’ as ‘produces immunity,’ Pfizer’s COMIRNATY doesn’t qualify as a vaccine, and therefore shouldn’t be eligible for liability protection under the PREP Act of 2005.

      My next letter to Kongress Klowns will demand that they repeal the HHS declaration of Feb 4, 2020 which set Pfizer, Moderna and J&J loose on their current reign of Mengelian pharmaceutical terror.

      • Indeed, precisely where is any government granted the privilege of removing liability? Their ability to IMPOSE liability is supposed to be strictly limited by a jury of peers.

  12. Went to Luckenbach yesterday (yes, that Luckenbach). Live music, good bar food. I saw one person in a mask for the hour and a half I was there – a kid, looked to be about 13. Not even his parents (or whoever brought him) were wearing masks. He’s probably been conditioned by that government school hell hole he’s sent to; this has completely screwed up kids. If people let their kids get messed up without taking some action (mine is home schooled), there’s not much hope for most of them. IMO, we’re well past time for Nuremberg 2.

  13. In the inescapable inevitable confrontation, we are probably outnumbered. Which still leaves us a distinct advantage. We are capable of critical thought and critical examination. They aren’t. The very few of them that are, suffer mental illness., being sociopaths or worse.

  14. I hope youre right Mr peters; personally, I have lost all hope for all but a small remnant. Dont know if we will be enough. But when TSHTF, I and many I know will be there, and mercy will not be one of our highest qualities to these enemies of all that is Right. And God will not have much mercy either, for they stand in rebellion to Him.

  15. Haha – man that kid is a hero…. wish adults learn from him….

    did you hear that your dear leader is now allowing “vaccinated” people to travel from the UK to the US ?! Bastards… so pissed man. Was about to book tickets to Pakistan to see parents, and learnt the bastards there now require the rona jab to enter…. its crazy how well coordinated this thing is… the day the UK allows travel to Pakistan, Pakistan requires the Jab to enter… its almost as if we are being herded in a direction like animals….

  16. Jersistan update. Took the boys to a youth shoot with the cnjfo and as I was leaving my wife throws diapers at me and says you probably need these. I said, no I don’t and left them in the car. She got to watch the shoot as they went live on the cnjfo facistbook page and she comments after I get home that not one person is wearing a diaper. I asked her what did she expect. Gun clubs and people who shoot tend to be pretty conservative, they are not into mandates or dicktats from the govt. She spends too much time in her circle of mostly liberal friends and coworkers that she has no concept of how many normal people feel. Also she hates that I pointed out how all these celebrities are having their yearly back patting events undiapered yet those same celebrities love to lecture us on the importance of diapering and jabbing. I have yet to get even a sideways glance at the supermarket or any other store for my undiapered face and I have gotten some very big smiles and nods from the others walking around breathing the free air.

    One thing that is concerning me, one of our friend’s has a daughter the same age as my son, both are 12 (he is sweet on her but don’t you dare point it out). She has been getting calls almost daily from the state about the vaccination status of her daughter and they specifically mention the convid vax is what they are calling on. We have not received the same calls about our son but this is worrying to me.

    • Is your friend taking the calls? Are they leaving messages? Was any reason given for the targeting/harassment? Has she asked that they stop?

      • They were leaving messages, then she started taking the calls to tell them to stop calling. Sunday she screamed and cursed at them then hung up.

        • My response to any such calls is LIE TO THEM. “Hell yes she’s vaccinated, do you think I’m a neglectful parent?”
          The last time I took a political poll on line, I qualified myself as a 70 year old black man with 5 kids, and 20 grandchildren, that always votes Republican, and was most definitely conservative Christian. None of which was true of course.

      • Hatt,

        I was getting texts from my state about it, not too long after the shot became available. I have no idea where or how they got my info, but my guess was from my car registration and/or hunting/fishing license.

        I told them to screw off, in no uncertain terms. So far, they have, but I do think I had to tell them twice.

        I suspect (although I don’t know for sure because I didn’t answer the phone) that a state where I formerly lived 5 years ago was trying to call me about the shots, as well.

    • Hi Antilles,

      My sister received a few phones calls from the health department after she got tested for Covid. My aunt (who has not been tested for Covid, but has recently been to the ER (for a non COVID incident) also received a few. My sister ignored them and my aunt told them to f’ off…..they eventually stopped after a week. My guess is the daughter has been tested for Covid and they have her in the system. I am also guessing they told the urgent care/ER/doctor that she was unvaccinated. I really don’t want to believe the doctors are sending the list to the local health departments of children that have not been “vaxxed”, but I can’t say it would surprise me.

      • RG,

        Urgent care by me asked me the last time I went in if I wanted to have my and my family’s vax status reported to the health department. I said absolutely not. My friend said her daughter hasn’t been to the doctor in months and has never been tested.

        I would have expected us to be harassed for my son testing positive in June when he was in the hospital for appendicitis and not being jabbed but we have received no calls. I’m wondering if the girl scouts shared her status with the health department. That seems like something that ultra woke organization would do.

        • Hi Antilles,

          If she hasn’t been tested for Covid or hasn’t been to an urgent care/ER recently it was likely her doctor that sent the list of 12+ year olds that have not been vaccinated to the health department.

          My kiddos do not have a doctor. I have always taken them to the walk in urgent care, if needed. Fortunately, this was well before Covid started.

          Are the Girl Scouts asking about vaccination status?

          • Just like Boy scouts if you do any type of camping trip you need a medical form filled out to do any event. There is a vaccination disclosure section. Now for the Boy scout forms I always leave that section blank and dare them to ask me. There is also no specific convid option yet. You would have to put that in other. I could see the Girls Scouts providing that form to the govt. I could see the boy scouts doing it too, but not unless requested by court order. The boy scouts have already had enough heat on them that they try and not bring any more down voluntarily

            • Oops didn’t finish. You are probably right that their pediatrician probably sent a list to the state with all of their 12 & over children that are not jabbed and now the state is harassing them. We also use urgent care for the kids but they do have a pediatrician just for check up’s. Not sure how much longer we will use them though. They are getting pushy with the vax’s also and not just the convid vax.

              • If this shit keeps up, remove your child from the public school and HOME SCHOOL him/her.

                When the schools got shut down over the ‘Rona, many parents had no other choice but to educate their kids themselves. That’s when they learned how ineffective the “pube-lick” schools really are. Many have NOT sent their kids back.

                What part of “Fuck OFF!” do these nitwits not understand?

  17. Biden’s onslaught of the therapeutic state escalates:

    ‘All foreign travelers flying to the U.S. will need to demonstrate proof of vaccination before boarding, as well as proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of flight, said White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients, who announced the new policy on Monday.’ — AP News

    Note the redundant vaccine + test requirement, since vaccines don’t work no more, as the dimmest bulb has grokked by now.

    Historically, moves such as this by the US provoke reciprocal, retaliatory action by foreign governments.

    Biden’s executive decree probably marks the beginning end of freedom to travel internationally, as an Iron Curtain of neofeudal darkness falls on human liberty.

    Clowngress — what is it goooooood for? Absolutely nuthin’!

    Say it again …

    • But which vaccines? Only the ones the FDA has decided count or the countless vaccines that other nations have approved? That could get interesting.

      • Indeed. The AUKUS axis already is denouncing Russian and Chinese covid vaccines as worthless.

        What could be more entertaining than a full-on food fight — backed by high-alert nuclear missiles — asserting that ‘your vaccine is shittier than mine’?

        BRING IT ON.

          • One could avoid wasting valuable straps by installing the warhead in said politician’s prison wallet. Just a helpful thought- wouldn’t want to offend lovely Gaia by wasting straps…

  18. Let’s get crunchy…

    In the past, I have mentioned to Eric some metaphysical insights into his now healed shoulder injury from “Heal Your Body” author Louise Hay. Today, I was randomly perusing this book and came across the metaphysical reasons Ms. Hay listed for “influenza.” Mind you this book was originally written in 1976.

    Problem: Influenza (see also respiratory ailments)

    Probable Cause: Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. Belief in statistics.

    New Thought Pattern: I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence.

    Problem: Respiratory Ailments

    Probable Cause: Fear of taking in life fully.

    New Thought Pattern: I am safe. I love my life.

  19. Agreed, Eric, especially the last few sentences.

    Indeed, the government has no such right to do any of this infringing and denying of our rights. This includes the declarations of emergency by Trump and the governors last year and the continuation of that this year. The CONstitution is the foundational law of the land OR there is none. (I spelled it correctly, including the “CON,” about which I have written elsewhere.)

    The People tell the government how much power it has. Not the other way around.

    The CONstitution does NOT say the people retain the rights of Assembly (which necessarily includes Travel), Commerce, Free Speech, Bearing Arms, etc., EXCEPT when government workers declare (falsely) a bad flu.

    Have mercy on them? As you said, “We will not.” The question is, how many are “We”? In my neck of the woods, it seems I’m the only one.

    • No good man wants to do bad until all other options run out. That is the true sleeping giant talked about years ago. It’s still resting, but waking up pretty darn fast. Good men are out here.

      • “do bad”. It is NOT doing bad to kill the enemy. It is doing GOOD. The enemy, quite naturally, disagrees. Many of our own people disagree, too, because they have been duped by the (((enemy))) mostly through the tv most of our people are addicted to.

        Glad to hear your confidence in the “waking up” and the (many?) good men you know of.

        • Your comment reminds me of the film, ‘They Live’.

          And, various & many WWII films & of course Westerns,… and a buncha Sci-Fi flicks.

          It’s kind of amazing to me how the themes in all those types of films from the past are So Very at odds with the thinking of the Woke crowd & the talking heads on the TeeVee,… and most politicians.

          Two Americas, indeed.

          • Hi Helot,

            Those old sci-fi and Western shows were much more thoughtful – as opposed to smug and preachy.I find “modern” TeeVee shows unbearably insipid, the programming being attempted so tiresome (and obvious). Hence I do not watch much TeeVee.

        • Just to be clear, the admonition, “Thou Shalt Not Murder” IS absolute.

          “Self Defense” is simply the process of defending the self in some aspect- the perpetrator who ends up injured or dead is considered by decent civilized men as having done it to themselves.

    • Ah, yes, the Constitution.

      “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” Lysander Spooner

    • Yes, indeed the STATES established the Federal Government, and IN THEORY they can convene and ABOLISH it, or REFORM it when it’s no longer serving them or the PEOPLE.

      And any state-level politician that calls for such a Constitutional Convention will IMMEDIATELY find himself “cancelled’ on (anti)Social Media, and when he attempts to board an aircraft, he’ll be informed he’s on a TSA “no fly” list as a “Domestic TERRORISM” suspect!

      I don’t see a pandemic disclaimer in the Bill of Rights. Of course, who says those psychopaths in charge in the “District of Criminals” (thanks to the late G. Gordon Liddy) give a shit about the BoR?

      • Key phrase there, ‘IN THEORY’.

        There’s something to that there. A whole lot, imho.

        Unfortunately, I’m beat, & ain’t got the energy to add to it.

    • Orange man, warp speed, from the morgue a live feed.
      Fauci and that Brix bitch, choke her with that scarf.
      Big Pharma bailout, “ITS JUST THE FLU” you want to shout.
      UBI, mountain of lies, makes you want to barf.

      Mild flu, micro-chip, queue up for Moderna drip.
      Weaponized hypochondria, Every. Single. Time.
      Fake news, sickness blues, Biden doesn’t have a clue.
      Vaxx Passports, anal Schwab’s, tow the uni-party line.

      Don’t fall for the lie.
      Just a mild bat flu, probably won’t even kill you.
      Don’t fall for the lie.
      Wake up, get a clue, we’re in a human petting zoo.

      Empty shelves, shut downs, except essential personnel.
      Face diapers, all the rage, illegal children in a cage.
      Dollar falls, market stalls, shot required for sports ball.
      Death tolls, cases, variants, and mask holes.
      Dumb c**t nurses make another tic tock.

      Nikki Manaaj, Joy Reid, testicular torsion twitter feed.
      Vaxx-tards, Joe Rogan, horse de-wormer hoax.
      Social distance, kill small business, one percenters greed.
      White supremest Taliban, trouble in shit Stan is Stan, waiting for the next trick, filthy Fauci, evil prick.

      Don’t fall for the lie.
      Just a mild bat flu, probably won’t even kill you.
      Don’t fall for the lie.
      Wake up get a clue, we’re in a human petting zoo.

      “Doctor” Jill. Klaus Swab, Kamila da ho is a whack job.
      Zuckerberg, deep state, Republicants suck.
      Get sick, get well, life becomes a living hell.
      Sick demand to feeeeel safe, we don’t give a f**k.

      Anderson Pooper, Nancy Pee, Don Lemon, low T.
      Diseased corpse thrown in the square, watch them Shut It Down.
      All lies, all the time, someone ought to drop a dime.
      Homosexual movie stars, a world run by clowns.
      AOC, Cuomo, the nursing homes are shit shows.
      Bill Gates, Soros, Davos is a horror show, everyday a new low, Why cant they just let it go?

      Don’t fall for the lie.
      Just a mild bat flu, probably won’t even kill you.
      Don’t fall for the lie.
      Wake up, get a clue, we’re in a human petting zoo.

      Sickness cult, unclean, we will never quarantine.
      Health department blob-ohs, goulish men in girly clothes.
      boomer flu, orange goo, jabbed with the voodoo ju-ju.
      Election fraud, Wuhan, no clot shots in Afghanistan.

      My body, my choice, face diaper kill joys.
      Day care workers, no shame, Mason is his name.
      Needle rape, Hell scape, Police state now taking shape.
      Crime scene, trust the science, obscene, unholy alliance.
      Big Gov, big Pharma, new world order plot.
      War crimes, co enzymes, Arizona wind chimes, testing is a waste of time, Satan’s working overtime.

      We didn’t start the madness.
      It was always rampant, part of life’s rich pageant.
      We didn’t start the madness.
      The sickos had better chill, or tainted blood will spill.

        • Thats where I got the idea. Hearing the song on the radio yesterday, followed by the shameless PSA from the DJ reminding us how we’re all in this together and to stop hesitating and ‘get protected.’

          • Man, I didn’t read the poem the first time I saw it.
            Then I backed up & read it after I saw RG write, “I think Billy Joel needs to use this for his remake of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.”

            Once there was a background tune… that poem is kick ass.

            I wonder, is Billy Joel a Wokester face diaper vax-idiot?

            If so, someone else should create the re-mix, as no one who is Of The VaxMask Body will.

  20. ‘Kids like the one being tormented in the video above face about the same risk of dying from the ‘Rona as they do of being struck by lightning.’ — eric

    Pfizer’s diabolical plan to vax kids is now emerging.

    First Pfizer will seek to vax the 5-12 year old cohort. This will be proposed formally by October.

    Then they’ll go after infants and toddlers, 6 months to 5 years old.

    Presumably RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials) are underway on infants. What parents would subject their kids to this Mengelian medical experiment? Shouldn’t they be prosecuted for child abuse?

    • From CNBC:

      ‘Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid vaccine is safe and appears to generate a robust immune response in a clinical trial of kids 5 to 11, the drug makers announced.

      ‘The companies tested a two-dose regimen of 10 micrograms — about a third the dosage used for teens and adults — administered three weeks apart.

      ‘They plan to submit the data to the FDA and other health regulators “as soon as possible.”

      Meanwhile, one participant in a FDA review group last week suggested that vaccination risks exceed benefits for males under 40.

      In the morally inverted netherworld of Big Gov, anything goes (for Big Pharma) and nothing matters (for their victims).

      • Ha! They said the same crap about the safety and efficiency of the jab in adults. Yet here we are less than a year and the vaers system has already exceeded the adverse death events of every year since they began tracking data combined and they are talking about booster jabs. All while the jabbed continue to get sick and die at about the same or maybe even higher rate than the unjabbed.

        • Boeing also proclaimed the 737 MAX safe. It’s simply unconscionable to let pharmaceutical manufacturers declare their own products safe. They should be required to outsource safety and efficacy testing to independent investigators. And have no contact with the FDA, assuming the regulatory agency is not compromised, which it appears to be.

          • ‘Boeing also proclaimed the 737 MAX safe.’ — BAC

            … assisted by Boeing employees deputized as ‘FAA inspectors.’

            Fox, henhouse, etc.

            What do you want to bet the FDA has similar arrangements, as reports emerge of contaminated batches of vaccines?

            After all, shielded from liability, why would a vax mfr care?

          • The 737Max safety issue was ultimately rooted if FAA regulations that made it such that a modified airframe design was by and far the way to go. This was then followed by a series of poor corporate decisions and then ultimately an if-then-else series of circumstances that resulted in crashes. However the mere suggestion that a vaccine, which has to deal with the complexities of the human body and the large variation of individuals gets you labeled a nutter.

            The safety cult has decided that VAERS is worthless yet the much looser reporting to the NHTSA will apparently stop them from buying a particular automobile. I’ve continued my online challenging of these don’t listen to VAERS people in this regard. Silence every time.

            • I’ve heard people say that they will find another flight if the 737 MAX is listed as the aircraft type on the booking site. And how many people won’t buy a product that gets 1 or 2 stars on Amazon or other review site. But they seem content to ignore VAERS or the scientific literature. You know, maybe that’s the key – we need to have a product review site for each injectable, with 1 to 5 yellow stars available for ranking and a space for a short review. We can even distill it further to emojis so Amerikans can chime in: 🙂🙁🥴🤢☠️

      • Hi Jim:

        ‘Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid vaccine is safe and appears to generate a robust immune response in a clinical trial of kids 5 to 11, the drug makers announced.’

        Do you know what else generates a “robust immune response?”

        5-11 year old children’s immune systems, when exposed to COVID-19. Every single one of them.

        That’s why there have been zero deaths in this age bracket (without serious co-morbidities like leukemia)

        This is so sad.

      • But Pfizer would NEVER lie, except:

        Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson plead guilty to “misbranding with the intent to defraud or mislead” and paying “kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe [their] drugs,” resulting in fines of $2.3 billion in 2009 and $2.2 billion in 2013, respectively.

        Pfizer settled another lawsuit for “manipulating studies” and “suppressing negative findings” just a few years later.


  21. Regarding our current regime…
    “His voice is not the voice I want to hear speak for America. It is to me an alien voice. Perhaps it’s the new voice of my country. These old ears aren’t tuned to these new sounds; I don’t know. I don’t understand much of what Mr. Leffingwell says. I don’t understand how principles of dignity can become outworn. Or how this nation can be represented without pride. I don’t understand these things.”
    Senator Seabrook Cooley from the movie Advise and Consent


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