Diaper Report 7/27/21

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You can run, but you can’t hide goes the saying. True enough. But you can refuse. And you can quit.

That is the advice I have given a good friend of mine upon hearing the news that the Department of Veterans Affairs will require workers to submit to medical experiments using FDA-unapproved “vaccines” as the price of their continued employment.

My friend is a nurse who works at a VA hospital. He needs a “vaccine” like a sheep needs a wool sweater. This friend is my lifting buddy and he’s as hale and hearty as an oak and neither old nor obese – though many of his co-workers are the former. And – wouldn’t you know it – it is precisely these people who are the most adamant that he be “vaccinated.” 

This is one of the many halting inversions of CoronaMonoMania. People who clearly make no effort to be healthy – who guzzle six packs of soda daily, do not exercise, eat grotesque quantities of junk food and often smoke on top of it – finger-wag at people like my buddy, who isn’t “at risk” and presents no risk to them – because he chooses to be healthy by taking care of his health.

These fatties – sorry, but honest language is often necessary language – could greatly reduce their risk of getting sick (from anything) and from getting chronically sick (as from diabetes, hypertension and heart disease- all of which magnify the risk of the ‘Rona) if they would just drop the extra 50 pounds they’re lugging around their waists.

But that is asking too much. As opposed to “asking” (that is, telling) the rest of us wear a “mask” and submit to a jab.

Why is it verboten to state this?

Is it harsh? Being unhealthy is often a deliberate choice. No one has to be a fatty. No one is forcing unhealthy food in grotesque quantities down the throats of these people like a pate de foi gras goose. They do it to themselves – and do not exercise – then expect those of us who do not do it (and do exercise) to shoulder the consequences of their poor choices.

“The Science” is that something on the order of two-thirds of the people who died with the ‘Rona died with a lot of extra around their middles. Obesity is a far greater “disease vector” than the science-less assertions of “asymptomatic” spread used to impose face-effacing upon healthy people incapable of spreading a sickness they do not have.

If the nimbus-glowing Health Authorities were genuinely interested in “stopping the spread,” they’d be working to stop the spread . . . of fat. How about “mandates” that obviously obese people not be allowed to buy dangerous-to-their-health (and to our freedom) foods? If a weighty waddler shows up at Krispy Kreme – sorry! You’re too fat for that.

Why not?

Us healthy people who pose no threat to anyone’s health because we are healthy are expected to walk around with a degrading, disgusting rag over our faces because obese people are “at risk” of a sickness they made themselves susceptible to. It is of a piece with the earlier and precedent-setting demand that healthy young people be forced to buy health insurance they don’t need – at exorbitant cost – so as to provide “coverage” for people with “pre-existing” conditions. Which is really no different than forcing people who don’t cause car accidents or drive drunk (and lose control) to pay higher premiums so that people who wreck their cars and do drive drunk (and lose control) can be “covered.”

Healthy people are now being threatened with loss of their jobs if they do not put their health at risk by submitting to literal medical experimentation known to cause heart inflammation, blood clotting, strokes, Bells Palsy and myriad other afflictions they would otherwise stand nil chance of being afflicted by.

Over a sickness that doesn’t threaten them.

It is being threatened for the same reason that people were threatened with loss of employment if they did not wear a Face Diaper – that reason being the need to pretend “we’re all in this together,” i.e., everyone is “at risk” and so must be made to look it and to bear the impositions and assume all the risks.

Even though we aren’t.

It is a variant of communism, which asserts equality of condition and of outcome – enforced with violence because that is the only way it can be imposed. Everyone must be made equally poor. Everyone must be presumed equally sick – and made equally sick, if need be.

One size fits all. The size determined by the few who decide what constitutes “equality.”

I have counseled my friend to begin looking for new employment, proactively. That no job is worth the jab – or his health. And that if he submits to this, it will not be the end of this.

That there will be more of this.

His health will become their business. Even though he is healthy – and it is none of their business. They will make it so. He will be least-common-denominator’d – his choices defined by the bad choices made by his obese/unhealthy colleagues and by mentally deranged control freaks using that as the pretext.

This is what we’re all facing, sooner or later. It is why the time to say no – firmly – is now. We still have that option.

But it only works if we’re willing to use it.

. . .

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  1. “The system is designed to quietly and unobtrusively collect measurements.”


    So today alcohol, tomorrow why not vaccines – not just for the driver but for all passengers as well? Or your social credit scores? Criticized Dear Leader on Facebook? No ride for you!

    And as always, they trot out the grieving parent: “That driver, who was zooming through a school zone at more than 100 mph, crashed into the back of the family’s minivan.” But read on: the “drunk” driver “had a BAC under the .08% legal limit.” So he wasn’t drunk, even by the state’s ridiculous definition. He was just acting like a moron.

    “But some lawmakers believe the technology is too important to be considered optional.” Ah yes, the universally accepted equation: Importance = Need for state coercion.

    “We support any kind of technological advancements that will lead to an end to drunk driving,” [the MADD president] told 13News. “It is 100% preventable and 100% avoidable.”

    And they accuse libertarians of utopian fantasies?

    • I believe I see how to defeat this.
      For the breath: Wear a full face respirator with hydrocarbon filter pack.
      Actual PPE, IOW. If you are too stupid, or too drunk, to wear this, you deserve to get busted, IMO.
      For the finger: Wear UNVENTILATED gloves. Full on Stanley Kubrick works for me.
      Mein fuehrer, I can drive!

      In all seriousness, I am all for getting drunk drivers off the roads. Anyone who is impaired, for any reason, has no business attempting to drive a motor vehicle. But, I do not believe that “whiz-bang” technological fixes are any kind of panacea. If one wishes to defeat such a system it requires only der Willen to do so.

      As it happens, I have a close female friend, whom I have known for more than forty years, who lost a daughter to a drunk driver. Marilyn was killed two days short of her 21st birthday. Her death day happens to coincide with my own birthday. Her mom has a difficult time on that day, even now, forty years later, as you may well imagine.

      • I’m kinda surprised to see you write that way about d.u.i., turtle blues.

        A totalitarian shirt doesn’t look good on you.

        • Anyone who is incompetent, for any reason, has no business attempting to drive a motor vehicle. Impaired equals incompetent, if only temporarily.

          Also, anyone who is clearly incompetent, i.e. incapable of performing his duties, should be removed from public office. Here’s looking at you, Dementia Joe.

          I am in favor of competence, not incompetence. If you consider that “totalitarian,” that is your privilege.

          • A Jackboot shirt, as well? Shame.

            King of the hyways, The Great Decider, and ruler of the world, turtle blues?

            Who decides what incompetent is?
            And, how?

            Eric has written quite a few great articles about this subject, I guess you skipped them?

            It seems to me that Dementia Joe is performing his duties in perfect alignment with your take on things.

            Your comment reminded me of a bit Mark R. Crovelli wrote, perhaps you’ll check it out?


            • You’ve missed my point entirely, helot.
              In fact, I was once kicked off a jury (d.u.i. case) for expressing the opinion that objective impairment, for ANY reason, and having an arbitrary amount of alcohol in one’s bloodstream are two different things. That, of course, was “wrongthink,” and got me kicked off the jury.

              Ever fallen asleep at the wheel? I have, and it was a very scary experience. I should *not* have been driving, because I was (objectively) impaired, due to lack of sleep.

              You are required by law to be in full control of your vehicle at all times. If you are unable to do so, for any reason, you have no business driving. Under those circumstances, the law can and should, in my opinion, relieve you of your keys.

              My intent (and I believe Roland’s as well) was to mock the idea that a “technological fix” can “save the day.” That, as Roland put it, is some kind of “utopian fantasy,” brought to you by the sort of nosy parkers who want to record all of your personal information, including your whereabouts, and probably what you ate for breakfast, in a giant database which *THEY* will monitor for signs of “antisocial” behavior, or “anti-government” sentiments.

              Dep’t of Precrime, Reeducation Camps, the whole enchilada.

              Not going there, if I can help it.

              Do you carry a cell phone? I don’t. A “cell phone” is a tracking device, which can only be turned off by removing the battery. Your would be “keepers” allow you to use it to make phone calls so you will voluntarily carry one. No thanks.

              • I agree with you, Turtle –

                The key thing is – are you in control of your vehicle? Some will say: But the person who has consumed a beer (or whatever) could lose control; is (so they assert) more likely to lose control – and that may be so. But it is not demonstrably so until the person actually does lose control. At that point, we know the person was impaired (or careless) and ought to be held accountable. But not prior to that. I know this alarms many people, but I am more alarmed by the danger of punishing people for harms they have not caused because some fear they could or may. This being something that tends to reductio ad absurdum over time, as we are now witnessing all around us. BAC standards have fallen from .12 to .05 or even “zero tolerance.” It is absurd – and vicious – to characterize someone with trace amounts of alcohol in his system or even just an empty beer can in the back seat as a “drunk” driver because he rolled up to a checkpoint.

                My standard – did the person lose control of his car or not? – has the merit of being inarguable and so just. And to those who wail about all the “dangerous drunks” who would be on the loose, my reply is that the “dangerous drunks” are still on the loose and countless people who are neither “drunk” nor “dangerous” are being abused along with them.

                • >The key thing is – are you in control of your vehicle?
                  Exactly, Eric.
                  If you are clearly not functioning well, for *any* reason, including stupidity, you are a danger to yourself and others, and should not be allowed responsible charge of any type of sophisticated machinery.

                  Unfortunately, “driving while stupid” is not on the books, although it should be, IMO. Clover “in the first degree,” if you like.

                  I’ve ridden with (and got away from ASAP) people who were scary BAD drivers, COLD SOBER, and ridden with others with whom I felt perfectly safe, even though, by today’s “standards” they might well have blown illegal.

                  I am *NOT* for “universal breathalyzers” as standard equipment in autos, (presumptive guilt, electronic malfunction kills car even though driver is sober, etc.) but I also do not believe you need to let a drunk drive kill someone before he can be taken off the highway.

                  Police will tell you if they follow *any* driver long enough, they can make a “pretext stop” (equipment violation or whatever). But, weaving over the centerline, ignoring stop signs and traffic signals, etc. are all signs of impairment. My bottom line: if the guy is clearly sloshed, get him off the road before he kills someone.

  2. When I was 21, naive, and working my way through college driving trucks, I was puzzled that bars in Louisiana had “Private Club” signs out front. Until, on a weekend layover, I went to one with a group of drivers. As the bartender set our drinks in front of us, he glared at my black friend and said, “You all can stay, but he has to go.”

    In 21st Century St. Louis, politically correct bars and restaurants are putting out the “Whites Only” signs. No vaccination? Sit outside, nigga!


    “Once again, we can’t have nice things because some of y’all have either been way too selfish or way too dumb, but now we have to go back to wearing masks because of you. And the ironic thing is most of you were the ones complaining about the masks over the last year,” whines the owner of a “beer shop.”

    Well you know what? If the vaccine worked, we’d all be getting it. If masks worked, we’d all be wearing them – voluntarily. That is, if the virus really were a threat to most of us, which it clearly isn’t.

    I feel sorry for a lot of bar and restaurant owners who’ve suffered from lockdowns, but I don’t feel sorry for preachy bastards like this. I hope people are taking names.

    • Two thoughts:

      (1) “journalists” make up quotes every day

      (2) re those alleged business owners who now “have to require masks”, I thought for them mask-wearing was the height of virtue? (PS I am aware of some vaxholes who are haughtily requiring masks of their customers “because their employees are not yet fully vaxxed”, but I believe this is an exceptional idiocy, and not the rule)

  3. Here in NC, we just slipped under the waves of gubernatorial tyranny once again. The level of incitement against those not of the body, the bacillus (in their diseased minds), is worthy of Streicher. I was wrong to be optimistic. This evil knows no bounds. None. I will resist.

    • I made the same mistake – thought we had turned a corner, with things looking up. Whether it was all planned or simply opportunism, I don’t know, but it certainly seems like it degenerates almost by the hour now, at least in the headlines. The crazies have that soulless look, with black eyes, and rage starting to set in. I never wanted to live through history, only provide for my family and enjoy life a bit. Why is that too much to ask?

      • About 2 hrs. ago, I watched two cars leave the summer rental house across the street from me with both drivers masked. Heretofore, they had not been. Their phones must’ve been “pinged”. Literally nothing has changed. 100 people are reported to be “sick” in a county of 30k with hundreds of thousands more visitors. But now we’re “red” on the political war map (my county voted for OF and against govking).

  4. My theory is the so-called delta variant is a cold. It makes sense that a cold would be going around and affecting lots of people at once since we’ve spent so long distancing and isolating. It’s not seeming like it’s a serious illness, but it does show up on the corona test because colds are coronaviruses. This would explain why vaccinated people are getting it.
    Apparently, this test that was used to lock us all up and ruin life as we know it is not very precise anyway. I bet there’s no way for it to know if a virus is THE coronavirus, this variant, another variant or just a cold or the flu.
    THE coronavirus will evolve into a common cold that will circulate every year. That’s how they work: they evolve and our immune systems evolve to deal with them. Supposedly, the 1913 flu is still going around and most everyone gets exposed to it at some point in their lives. It’s just evolved so it’s not as lethal.
    I don’t care one way or the other, though. I find it impossible to take the government seriously when it warns us about contagious diseases and nags me about a vaccine and then opens our borders to the Third World. Lots of young and fairly healthy people are coming over, as well as a few old people and a whole bunch of fat, pre-diabetics. This is an unvaccinated population, yet we hear nothing from the CDC, NIH, Fauci, Joe and Raggedy Ann or Congress about “the cases! the cases!” or how these illegal aliens are guilty of murder and genocide.
    But anyway, if we ever do have a dangerous, actual pandemic, something that kills 50% or more, I will get my affairs in order. The US government is the last entity on earth I would put my faith in for my salvation. They are running a total goat rodeo over there.

    • Bingo, Amy! My doctor colleagues have said the same thing. It’s also my theory on how covid spreads – it manifests as a cold in most people (which it is), who just go about their day, as they had all their lives. The Delta symptoms are even listed as runny nose and cough. How convenient that they created a pandemic out of a cold virus, about as common and widespread as one can get.

      • It just occurred to me that my workplace, a large open newspaper office, sounds like a TB ward lately, with everyone coughing, sneezing and snorking back snot. Pretty gross, but they probably all have the dreaded delta variant, i.e. a cold. I think I am the only unvaccinated person on my side of the building. (Not sure 100%, but vaccinated people are like vegens: they make sure to tell you all about it whether you want to know or not. I think most of them have loudly announced their virtuosity for us all to behold.)
        For some reason, I am not sick. Maybe it’s my love of irony. It’s good for the blood, you know 😁

        • Hi Amy,

          Based on my own data, which is limited, it seems to me that the Delta variant is strictly a jabbed one’s illness. Just speaking with clients, acquaintances, and family members I know of no unvaccinated person that is sick. I know of quite a few who are sick and have tested positive for Covid were all 100% jabbed. Of course, this is in direct contradiction of the data supplied by government.

          • Hi RG,

            I’ll second your anecdote. I myself have yet to even catch a cold – after nearly two years now of this “highly infectious” virus. Yet the Jabbers urge me to get Jabbed. So, let’s see: I’m not sick and this sickness presents a remote threat to me if I do get it. And if I did get it – and did get sick enough to require medical treatment, which is highly improbable, effective and safe treatments are available. But I’m supposed to submit to an injection that has severe risks as well as unknown risks, on account of the pathological terror of mentally ill people?

            Er, no.

            Using the same logic these sick people deploy, a healthy man ought to shove radioactive pellets up his butt to stave off prostate cancer he hasn’t got – just in case.

            • Yes, and every healthy male should be required to wear a condom, or two, in public, just in case HE* gets an “unplanned erection” and succumbs to an uncontrollable urge to commit (hetero or homo) rape.

              Medical exemptions might be allowed for those who are provably impotent, or physically or chemically castrated.

              No doubt there would be a big campaign to “get your shots” so you can be “free” of the requirement to “bag up” when in public. In fact, rape would become a “thing of the past,” under those conditions, and any rapes that did occur would be blamed on those “selfish unaltered males.”

              Of course, new terminology would have to be developed to portray castration as the “new normal,” the “socially responsible” choice for all right thinking “persons assigned male at birth” to do.
              *swear word used for emphasis

          • RG, check out the embedded video in the comment here on Unz. It is the Australian Health Chief (or whatever) clearly admitting that every single case of “Death Delta” in Australia (some 141) is “vaxxed.” Every single one. (140 are “double-tapped” vaxx-heads; one is a single-shot wannabe vaxxman.)


            So if it didn’t come from the shot…where could it have come from???

        • Hi Amy,

          I’m a relative to newbie to “crunchy” things but have long been into healthy things and for that reason mistrustful of the Party Line of the medical complex – which is a highly organized, for-profit business that depends upon sickness and thus – implicitly – has an incentive in sickness rather than health.

          I have all my life marveled that so many people who could be healthy and fit choose to be sick because they are not fit. Being fat and sedentary correlates obviously with sickness; one need be a medical doctor to notice this. Assuming you were not born with a major genetic defect, if you eat reasonably and exercise regularly it is likely you will need nothing from doctors for almost all of your life, excepting such services as setting a broken bone. It is a peculiarly modern phenomenon – this obsession with sickness as opposed to an interest in being healthy.

        • “…they make sure to tell you all about it whether you want to know or not.”

          Amy, I’ve always wanted a bumper sticker that says: “Thank you for not telling me about your colonoscopy.”

  5. Even if they were perfectly fit we would still owe them nothing. There is no such thing as public health, it’s an abstraction

  6. “The Fourth Turning” has been projected to occur for some time now. Traditionally this has meant military war of some sort, e.g. American Revolution, War of Northern Aggression, WW2. However, perhaps Strauss and Howe’s prediction will be what we are seeing now. That is, total destruction of Western Civilization based on Christian teaching via medical tyranny.

    The website Deagel.com has predicted a reduction of the U.S. population by about 2/3. Upon what do they base this projection? That’s not been stated. But, with what seems to be happening is that divisions of the 101st Airborne will not be deployed but, rather legions of busybodies from your local Health [sic] Department will emerge, en masse, to destroy life as we know it.

    And, as with every other mass destruction, it will be led by people who think they are doing “good for society”.

    • Interestingly, Deagel did state its reasoning for the projection. Twice.

      First, IIRC in about 2014 the editors responded to the simmering controversy about it with a statement explaining their reasoning. It specifically said that neither wars nor pandemics factored in. Rather, they predicted a “winding down of economic ponzi schemes that would trigger mass reverse migration” as the economy of the US became less attractive than life in the native lands of immigrants. Then, quietly in 2020, they revised the reasoning to state that, indeed, pandemics and mounting military tensions would be responsible for the precipitous die-offs. Suspiciously, this enabled them to revise the reasoning without revising the numbers. This is, of course, a sure tell that both rationales were bullshit, and that the outrageous projections were based on something else. Then, the revised rationale was scrubbed later in 2020 or early 2021, along with the numbers.

      I think it’s quite clear that the projection was a message for wiseguys, much like the 2015 SPARS exercise and Event 201, that something big was being readied for rollout. A mass controlled demolition of the economy and mass, systematic culling of the population.

      How do you exterminate people without ever triggering their instinct of self-preservation (which otherwise might cause them to fight back)? “Flood the zone” of their fear (to use Event 201 parlance). Fill the Herd’s heads with a synthetic fear so big they can’t recognize or even see a real threat that would otherwise be obvious: compulsory lethal injections. Disable the instinct of self-preservation by goosing it into paralysis.

      That’s where we are now. The masses are programmed so that they are unable to perceive the obvious, open threat of mass toxic inoculations. The more shots, the more people will get sick, and that will be blamed on the thing they have been programmed to fear, rather than the actual cause. Therefore, the more sickness, the more shots. Until the Deagel number has been reached in 2025…and beyond.

      • You just may have nailed it, FP.
        What a lovely plan.

        But, they have to be delayed action death jabs.
        From what I have read, that is exactly what they might be, whether by design or just brutal greed and incompetence.

        When the time bomb goes off, a few years hence, the mass deaths will be blamed on the K variant, or Z variant, or whatever, and, of course, the “unvaxxed,” who allowed all this to happen, instead of the real, and possibly intended, cause, which will be the sensitization provided by the initial delayed action kill shot.

        I fervently hope all this is just paranoid nonsense.
        Time will tell…

        • It appears the jab is supposed to cause micro blood clots that add up over time.

          As well, I think the vaxxed are the “delta” variant. They are the ones producing it and spreading it.

          • Yes. Blood clots, and just general cellular deterioration and central nervous system degeneration.

            It’s just a generalized, nasty, toxic poison.

            And of course it contains a genetic “marker” for “delta variant” or “gamma” or “lambda”…or all of them! So they can “test” you and come back with any result they want to prolong and develop the Narrative!

      • The only issue with that theory is that if these injections are indeed a means of systematic murder, to a degree that would have been “Herr Doktor” Josef Mengle’s wet dream, the effect has got to be considerably DELAYED. The number of folks dropping dead AFTER the “Jab”, while certainly far more than what the PTB will admit, is still so low that it can be explained as the product of a hastily-produced vaccine with poor consideration for side effects, rather than some “time bomb” clandestinely injected into the veins of the poor sots.

        The only other thing I can envision is that the deleterious effects of the “Jab” don’t actually take place until either a secondary “Jab” is administered, sold as the vaccine for the COVID “Variant”, or some chemical either sprayed from aircraft or introduced into municipal water systems. Then it begs the question of how to spare the people you want kept alive…maybe something on the order of “antidote…for the POISON you just drank!” Is Lao Che still in business, and if so, did he have anything going in Wuhan?

        • I don’t think it will be a “delayed” action so much as an L-curve with a long, fat tail. Many are cataloging the short-term deaths and disabilities from the shots, and the medium-term effects are rolling in steadily. Another way of putting it is that it’s a life-shorter. It doesn’t “kick in” in a big cluster necessarily. It just hastens heart deterioration and cancer and central nervous system degeneration. The boosters, of course, will result in additional “bumps” on the injury graph, with long, fat tails. (The binary weapon scenario you describe is also almost certainly in play.)

          The question of “sparing those you want kept alive” is answered thusly: if you’re taking the shot, you’re not somebody they intend to keep alive.

          • Yes, I’d thought of the phrase “binary weapon”, but typically that’s meant for a chemical weapon that consists of two separate compounds, both usually handled easily, but when COMBINED…look out! If indeed the “Jab” is phase one of some biological equivalent, it’s a matter of what the next step is which triggers the die-offs. We can endless speculate…based on what I’ve seen thus far, probably a “follow-up” vaccination for this “Delta” variant, to assuage the concerns of those that got the “Jab” and contracted COVID ANYWAY.

            The entire scenario reminds me of the nutty “trial” in the same-named Batman: Animated episode, where the Bat and the District Attorney (a rather attractive if “spinster-ish” 30-something woman with the hair bun and glasses that’s actually hot w/o them) are kidnapped by the inamtes, who’ve somehow, with the Mad Hatter’s mind control inventions, subdued the guards and staff. But before they escape, they’ve got some business to “settle” with the Bat, and they demand that the DA, Ms. Van Owne, who despises the Bat, considering him a vigilante who’s just as nutty. She actually mounts an effective defense, and surprisingly, the “jury” acquits Batman. Which, of course, doesn’t matter…as “Judge” Joker puts it..
            “You’ve shown us that it’s WE who messed up our own rotten lives. And because we’re so rotten, vile, and depraved, we’re gonna waste you ANYWAY!”

            • I never was a big devotee of the “Batman” character in all its iterations, but the series you reference was thoroughly brilliant, in its art direction and voice acting, and I vaguely recall that episode. You know Mark Hamill played the Joker, right?

              (And the female renderings were, yes, very attractive. Especially that Poison Ivy!)

              • I got the name confused with another comely deputy DA (from LA Law), the Batman: TAS chippie was Ms. Van Horn. She did have a thing for BRUCE WAYNE, but hey, the broad had to “get in line”, and the “smart money” was on Talia Al Guhl (ended up being the mother of one of the “Robins”, Damian Wayne). Pamela Isley, aka “Poison Ivy”, voiced by Diane Pershing…ohhh yeah! Was almost the ending of Harvey Dent. Also had that “special friendship” with Harley Quinn, which for 1992-1994 was rather daring!

                The main point of quoting that particular episode was that “justice” was being dispensed by a bunch of psychopaths, with the “Clown Prince” himself as “Judge”! Sure, the lady DA and the Bat were playing along, looking for a chance to escape, but to expect that this was anything other than a farce with a pre-determined, malevolent outcome, is not unlike what the “Deep State” seems to have in store for us all. Remember when the “narrative” was “Just two weeks” to “Hunker down”, to “flatten the curve”? It’s morphed into a sheer nightmare!

  7. Covid über alles!

    The maskings will continue until the morale improves!

    The vaccinations will continue until there are more dead bodies.

    We mean business!

    Death won’t be all that bad. You will have nothing and be happy. Not even your life.

    Better than being a slave to the medical tyranny there is now.

    Charles Manson got it right, “I want to see dead bodies stacked as high as I can see.”

    They’ll all be vaccinated mask-wearers.

    Get vaccinated, wear your mask, again, then die.

    What else is there? Hell?

    You damned right. This is hell.

  8. Do not lose hope. Things that can not work, don’t. It will be a bad situation, but people are not as dumb as all of the “smart people” think. Why do you think more folks voted for Trump than ever before for any president (except for Biden who got a little help).

    Remember when the networks predicted results in advance based on key precincts. That ended with Bush 2, he was predicted to lose. But made a miraculous comeback in the wee hours, setting up 911. No more predictions for the results based on exit polls. 2016 was a shock. they thought it was a done deal Hillary, the woman of the century would defeat the buffoon, Donald Trump. A lot of people voted for him, more than they had counted on, oh the teeth gnashing.

    They knew they had to double down, get complete control of the voting process, allow lots of irregular voting, ala covid. The zombie candidate wins with more votes than ever before by any candidate. The loser had the second most votes ever. If that does not strike you as strange you should turn in your human card as you are Zombie.

    The people know it’s a con job. They, the “smart people” figure they can just continue the “con”, it never works. People are smart enough to know what is going on. The explosion when it happens will be real. Real bad, but the “smart people” will not be around after.

    Keep your weapons ready, they will be needed. Be strong and not afraid of pain and death. Men do not fear death. Men fear defeat. The “smart people” fear death, for to them it is the end as it should be as they will rot in hell. Be strong and keep fighting.

    Do not mask, NO MAS should be our song. Do not accept the drugs they peddle. As one infamous politicians wife (Nancy Reagan) once said “just say no”.

    • Ugg, you seem to have more hope…. in the soviet union, things were a con, everyone new it was a con, and those in power, the “smart people” also knew everyone knew it was a con…. yet it continued for decades, as everyone just played along because they simply didnt know what else to do…. or were afraid the alternative was worse. And I think thats where we are in the western world now….

      • This won’t last for decades, though, for the PTBs are doing something never before attempted in world history. Society won’t long tolerate forced poisoning and masking. And there are enough people who know that the alternative to communism is a thousand times better because they’ve actually experienced it. It will fail a lot sooner than you think.

    • Morning, Ugg!

      Excellently said. These creatures we are up against are nothing; they have numbers, perhaps – but no substance. They are powerful so long as we submit. Once enough of us decide no mas, it will be over.

    • The PTB got arrogant in the case of OM in 2016. They believed that victory for the “Hildebeast” was assured for several reasons:

      (1) They convinced themselves that folks actually were enamored of the first “Black” POTUS, and would just have orgasmic fits over the first “Flea-Male” POTUS. Never mind the lack of qualifications for either; the big mistake was not taking the pulse of “Flyover Country” to see what Americans REALLY thought.

      (2) They let the Hildebeast shoot off that big mouth of hers. “Basket of Deplorables”…really, not only a dumb-assed thing to say, the rule in ANY contest, when you’re ahead, is…DON’T FUCK UP. Best done by not taking chances. She just needed to “smile and wave” and keep that filthy yap of hers shut for a few months, and she couldn’t even do THAT.

      (3) They UNDERESTIMATED Trump, even though at times he IS a buffoon. Or, at least he doesn’t care if the Lamestream Media portrays him as such. In fact, it’s all part of the “image”, he wants his opponents to not always take him seriously, that’s why so often he OUTSMARTS them. He had less than half the campaign budget and no prior experience running for office; even making his initial foray into politics as, say, running for a House seat and winning would have been a remarkable achievement.

      (4) Running a “Cheat” campaign, even in states that ostensibly your party controls, is still RISKY. WIth the exception of Cali(porn)ia, which was in the bag for the she-beast anyway, there just weren’t the folks experienced with that short of skullduggery. They seriously believed they’d win a straight-up contest in the “swing” states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and AFAIK did nothing to skew the outcome. In fact, only in the once “Golden” State was there evidence of significant cheating, but those were with certain House seats at stake, as the one Senate seat up for grabs, with “Kamel-Toe” slated to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer, was safely with the donkeys.

      The 2020 election fiasco was entirely about making sure THAT never happened again, and the PTB went to ridiculous lengths to ensure it.

  9. How will the soft, obese, lazy, self-indulgent, lardasses respond when actual sacrifice is required? Up until now it’s been easy for the compliant. Get masked, get jabbed, get paid to sit home on their ample asses, free rent, no job, no problem.

    As economic and societal collapse accelerates with government created inflation and energy shortages, supply chain disruptions for all goods, and increasing crime in the cities, there will be real hardship and deprivation. What will be the reaction of cattle classes? Food riots, freezing in the dark in the north, heat stroke in the summer in the south, crime in the streets everywhere.

    Survival of the fattest will quickly revert to survival of the fittest.

  10. Let it all go Byzantium!


    An image of a smallpox patient/victim.

    Anybody in their right mind would be in line to avoid the symptoms of a smallpox infection, they would want to be immunized. There would be no hesitation.

    It would be warp speed vaccine quest, a medical Manhattan projhect. It did get done. Time for it all to stop.

    If you want to reduce the population of people everywhere you go, stop immunizing for smallpox. Let Tuberculosis return, diphtheria, cholera, measles, mumps, polio, malaria, leave every human parasite untreated, pin worms can go without treatment. Halt all immunization programs, every controlled disease via medicine will return. Let nature take its course.

    A good dollop of Black Death will help. The death toll was just a glitch on the graph of total humans lived, it dipped slightly.

    Cancer treatments can end, apoptosis can set in after the metastasized tissue is devoid of functioning.

    If you have diabetes insipidus, no insulin for you. Might make it to 35.

    Abandon medicine, defund hospitals, doctors, pharma, more people will probably die an early death. Syphilis will return, don’t treat it. You’ll go insane, but you are already with covid schmovid madness schmaddness. har

    You’ll reach herd immunity, hundreds of millions are going to die.

    Face diapers will be the last thing on anybody’s mind.

    Death will be the first.

    The exact reason why people are avoiding the Covid vaccine, it’s a killer.

    Avoid death at all costs until you can’t anymore, then it’s time.

    Gimme some of that Soldier’s Joy.

    • Drumphish,

      I am waaaay more worried about smallpox than covid. If they made smallpox inoculations available, I would line up to get mine. But, I will not submit to the covid shot. They could put me at gunpoint, but even then I’m not sure I would take it (I’ll be honest here, I’m not 100% sure what would happen at that point–but that’s the minimum force threshold that would be required. But, at that point, it’s also obvious who the bad guy is, and it’s not me.)

    • >If you want to reduce the population of people everywhere you go, stop immunizing for smallpox.
      They did that a long time ago. Those of us of a certain age are vaccinated against smallpox, and have a scar on out right shoulder to prove it. The younger generation is not, because smallpox was “eradicated in the wild.” But cultures still exist, under lock and key no doubt, in various laboratories. 30% mortality rate for those not vaccinated, should it get loose.

      Can you say, “anthrax letters?”
      Can you say “sarin gas in the subway?”

      All it would take would be one determined group of sickos, and there is certainly no shortage of mentally disturbed people in this world. Can you say, “helter skelter?”

  11. ‘it’s a matter of time before every system falls in line’ — Zach

    “We have reached a confluence where health-care workers want vaccine mandates, and government is responding,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania who organized the joint statement from nearly 60 medical groups, including the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, urging every health facility to require workers to get vaccinated.

    “I fully expect more health care employers — health systems, long-term care companies, pharmacies and others — will mandate their employees get vaccinated,” Emanuel added. “The nation will be better off for it.”

    ‘Emanuel, who spent two weeks organizing the effort, said he believed that requiring vaccinations in health care would ripple beyond the industry.’


    Ezekiel Emanuel is not just some random dude. He is the brother of notorious former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and is politically connected. Biden appointed him to his Covid Advisory Board.

    I don’t know what qualifies EE as a ‘bioethicist.’ What I do know is that his political ethics are those of a Waffen-SS guard — pushing defenseless people around at gunpoint, ‘for their own good.’

    • What the CDC did today prepares the country for the intro of the passports. The jabbers are throwing a fit right now. Unfortunately, it is not for the benefit of society at large, but because they are “vaxxed” and the rest of us are uncaring, kill Grandma, Nethanderals.

      Currently, three hundred San Francisco restaurants are implementing a vaccine passport, a restaurant in Atlanta has also moved forth with such a scheme. This is where it becomes very ugly. Large corporations will be the next to fall in line. Most of the public is going to be shut off to us. We are the lepers. I think about 2% of us may hold firm, but the rest of the population (who have held out so far) will crumble and cave.

      The fools that have received the vaccine believe they will be able to experience freedom again, if they just do what their government tells them to. They won’t. They never will, but they refuse to acknowledge this. They refuse to accept that their government doesn’t give a fig about them. They are disposable. We all are.

  12. Eric, if your friend is a FEDERAL employee at the VA, and not simply working for a contractor, then for the VA to require him to be vaccinated is very much against OPM (Office of Personnel Management) policy. He should reply to his supervisor and the HR department that he WILL retain legal counsel if they persist in that unlawful policy. Even the Klown at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave hasn’t issued an Executive Order to mandate vaccinations for the Federal workforce, wonder WHY?

  13. Does CNN realize they just destroyed the Narrative?

    ‘New unpublished data showing that vaccinated people infected with the Delta coronavirus variant can have as much virus as those who are unvaccinated is the primary driver for the CDC’s latest mask guidance change.’


    CNN just made liars out of every politician claiming that vaccination will stop the spread or protect others.

    It doesn’t and it hasn’t.

    • Of course…the VARIANTS!! That’s the LATEST scam to keep this “Kabuki” going! So if even the vaccinated can contract this “Delta” COVID “variant”, then the entire exercise wasn’t worth jack shit, was it?

      I still think of how the fictional Major “Dutch” Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) responded when he realized his one-time “friend”, Dillion (Carl Weathers) had tricked him and his elite squad into mounting a raid on a band of Marxist guerillas (aided by a Soviet adviser) when they’d been briefed that they were rescuing a cabinet minister whose chopper had strayed across the border into “unfriendly” territory…

      “YOU…you set us up! It’s BULLSHIT…ALL OF IT!”

      • The “variants”, formerly known as mutations, but the focus group found that “variants” was more scary, are exactly why no vaccine has ever been successful against Corona viruses, even in initial trials.

  14. Re: fatties (you said it first, but I’m with you). My ex-wife ballooned up to about 400 lbs before I left (why did I wait so long to leave? finances). I’m a smoker, under a pack a day. I’ve read that I’d have to gain 100 lbs after quitting smoking in order to have the same health risks that I do as a smoker. Well, what about my ex? She had many health problems and took many prescriptions (horrible doctors, what can I say). Me? While I’m not currently a runner (used to be, some years ago), I’m still in much better shape than she’s ever been. And healthier. Will it catch up to me? Probably, eventually. But her issue caught up to her much, much faster.

    I was just thinking about this today, before I read your column. Do you know why they have drive-thru windows and pay-the-pump for gas? Because of moms with multiple small kids in the car. Or the elderly or disabled who have a difficult time walking inside to pay or order. Not for every Tom, Dick and Harry (or Jane) to get lazy and fat. Yet, human nature being what it is, people want to get the most reward for the least work, so they hit the drive-thru or pay at the pump. And get fatter in the process. Sigh.

    • Jim, drive-thrus are convenient for either the harried mother with a carload of squalling brats; or some aging geezers or gimps that are “mobility-challenged”, but they were put there to attract IMPULSE shopping..period. “Need” is irrevelant.

      As for your ex (Jeez-uz-H-Kriste, WTF did you do, roll her in flour to find the ‘wet spot”?), look at the bright side regarding your rotund ex: at 400+ lbs, likely you won’t be paying alimony too long!

    • Most mammals are lazy by nature. I have no idea how many deer I’ve killed simply by mowing a path for them to walk on. 20-30 I think, maybe. Yes, there are people who religiously exercise, but its that religious aspect that compels them to do so. Been there, done that.

    • Say what you will about drive-throughs, they were an absolute God-send during last year’s hysteria. Without them, some of us non-maskers wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the occasional fast-food fix or enter a bank.

      • Oh, I don’t have issue with them, save the COVID thing messed with my “five deep? Go in.” rule-of-thumb. There’s actually a Chick-Fil-A in Henderson, NV, which #2 son is partial to, and you ought to see this operation, they’ll. have cars stacked thirty to forty deep, and yet, it’s never taken more than ten minutes from arrival to leaving with the order! Kinda a latter-day equivalent of what the McDonald brothers pioneered in the late 40s in SoCal, a more efficient way to produce and serve burgers, fries, and shakes, employing fundamental ideas common to industrial engineering, though neither was formally educated in that field. It doesn’t hurt that at times the young lady order takers can be easy on the eyes. But don’t expect this on Sundays, they close b/c the S. Truett Cathy family is devout in their Christian faith and takes the Sabbath seriously.

  15. If the VA is doing this then it’s a matter of time before every system falls in line. We’ll see if this stands and with what exemptions if any.

    • ‘it’s a matter of time before every system falls in line’ — Zach

      Monkey see, monkey do:

      ‘President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he’s weighing whether to have all federal employees vaccinated against COVID-19. Biden told reporters such a requirement is “under consideration,” as he visited an intelligence facility in Virginia.’ — MarketWatch

      The cult; the failed prophecy; the doubling down — don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

  16. Am I the only one who finds poetic justice being served in the fact that it’s the hero class of government workers and Rockefeller medicine quacks that are being forced to walk the plank first? Those that get involved with organized crime eventually get burned by the same syndicate when they’re all used up.
    I personally can’t wait for the DMV fraus and the tax collectors to call out sick permanently.

    • Agreed. Just understand that the anointed that remain will exhibit extra rabidity towards those not of the body.

    • Or: Do business with crooks…you’ll get robbed.

      I’ve often felt that same poetic justice in the treatment “our” mercenaries get from the V.A.. Do the dirty-work of tyrants….you’ll get the same treatment you inflicted on some poor slob in a third-world country whose government decided to ditch the petro-dollar.

      • Make a deal with the devil and you’re gonna get burned.

        I remember telling that to a family member, advocating for anarchy, when they “wait a minute’d” me about how they “PAID IN” to social security and how I and the rest of my cohort generation should pay in so they can cash out. They didn’t like that.

    • CDC as Johnny Rotten mic drop moment as he stares into a crowd of go along get alongs and do it to get back to normals, “do you feel cheat-ed?”

      • They want them to feel cheated, and then blame us; perhaps point and shriek at us, perhaps assault us. This is a call to mobilize Karens, who will be egged on by some seriously deranged political figures.

        • No doubt you’re correct it’s their plan to continue the attack but, to second John Kable and to also paraphrase that black guy on SNL “this don’t make no sense.”

  17. Collective insanity! If Karen is worried about getting the flu, and is convinced that a vaccine will do what it is touted to do -immunize her against said flu- then what does it matter if anyone around her is “immunized”? She can take the vaccine and “be safe” (as it were).

    Why is it a concern of her’s as to who else takes the vaccine? If the vaccine doesn’t work….then it will not work on those around her either. So either the vaccine works, and Karen can be “safe” by taking it, regardless of whether those around her are “immune” or not…or it doesn’t work, in which case, neither she nor those around her who may be “fully immunized” have any protection- so either way demanding that others take it up the ass arm, has no bearing on her “safety”- so her concerns are a moot point.

    Why can these idiots not see this simple fact? Sheesh, I mean, literally, an average 8 year-old can easily make such an observation. Dayum…it really worries me what humanity has come to…..

    This is part and parcel with the idea that wearing a stupid face rag will somehow prevent you from spreading the flu…but will not protect you from catching the flu from an unmasked person……. This is the “educated” world (New and improved! Now contains information superhighway for less retardation!) of the 21st century, where we all live in colonies on the Moon and drive flying cars? Seems to me that the Amish are among the few who managed to find the on-ramp to sanity…..

    • Or that face diapering and distancing were remarkably effective at preventing influenza but not covid. (Putting aside the CDC admission that their test couldn’t distinguish either). The cognitive dissonance of people is astounding.

    • Yeah, but according to our official astrologer, its your fault the vaccines don’t work, because we’re looking for somebody to blame, and you’re it.

    • Karen’s concern and demand is the same animal reaction as any sheep in a flock. There is an instinct that gets activated whenever an individual strays from communal behavior. At a base level it brings on anxiety to have a flock member acting differently than the majority. The fear is that it invites discord and opens up a threat to the whole community. It is not intellectual, it is base animal fear that is running Karen’s program. She is a lower order human, a type of NPC.

      I think we have forgotten that human society has only a thin veneer of intelligence. We are herd animals, monkeys in business suits. If we lose connection to the Creator, we fall back into animal existence.

    • There you go with that subversive “logic” stuff again, Nunzio.
      Might want to watch your back, as the pitchfork wielding, God fearing, “righteous” townsfolk approach.

  18. Who leaked?

    ‘Federal health officials still believe fully vaccinated individuals represent a very small amount of transmission, according to the sources.

    ‘Still, some vaccinated people could be carrying higher levels of the virus than previously understood and potentially transmit the virus to others, they said.


    This explosive admission demolishes the ‘logic’ that demagogues like Loathsome Newsom are using to liken the unvaxxed to drunk drivers and such.

    mRNA vaccines are nonsterilizing. They were not designed, tested or proven to inhibit virus transmission.

    Now the US fedgov knows it — just as vax hysteria boils over into a bubbling frenzy of paranoia, hate and actual incitement of riots and pogroms by politicians.

    Burn, baby, burn.

  19. Eric,

    Many problems would be solved by accepting the importance of individual initiative and responsibility. This is precisely why politics has gone in the direction it has: There are many people who really don’t want to hear that, and blaming their problems on others while having someone else “solve” their problems is MUCH easier. It is also quite ineffective and deleterious in all respects.

    • Was there ever a doubt? This period was a combination of retreating and re-strategizing, and a steam valve to calm the public outrage and lead us to believe the decision was science based. I know these people better than they know themselves.

      The Delta, in my opinion, is a cover for vaccine induced cases, something predicted by the censored doctors who said never vaccinate during an outbreak, or this will happen.

      The failure of a product will, paradoxically, increase its demand.

      Funny thing is, the vaccinated are the ones who still voluntarily wear the masks!! Quite ironic, it is ….

    • Yep. Saw it this morning on what is known here as the “TeeVee”. The news anchors appeared as bewildered as likely many will be, hearing that their jabs aren’t the panacea they have been told they are.

    • ‘CDC is expected to recommend everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, as it update its masking guidelines on Tuesday, according to an administration health official. — CNN

      Have we attained complete chaos yet?

      For different reasons, CDC’s guidance will send both parents and teachers unions into fits of rage.

      Public school reopening (or not) is going to make Barnum & Bailey’s look like a sideshow act.

      America has officially gone nuts, as weaponized frauds and fruitcakes issue sweeping new ukases to the peasantry.

      • Jesus, and my GF is a kindergarten teacher. The beginning of school is already stressful enough.

        I recommend that the CDC go fuck themselves.

  20. Obesity is by far the most dangerous thing to our health. Even more so than smoking or drinking. While smoking and drinking may present specific health risks, obesity magnifies them all. It is evidently one of the major goals of the FDA, since their nutritional guidelines are nearly identical to those from the Dept of Agriculture for fattening cattle. In the meantime, there is growing sentiment that calling fat people fat is demeaning. Sorry boys and girls, but I mean to demean them. You made a choice, or choices, that resulted in a detriment to your health, and most definitely a detriment to your appearance. Live with it, and die from it, or change it. Yielding to my pleasure, I could quite easily eat nothing but chocolate ice cream. If I did I probably wouldn’t be writing this, being dead and all.
    I’m sick of accommodating the poor choices of others.

  21. Great article Eric. It makes my blood boil putting myself in your friend’s shoes.

    The one godforsaken question nobody even asks – let alone answers – is this:

    Are unvaccinated individuals more likely to spread covid than vaccinated individuals?

    The whole argument for vaccine mandates falls apart if this proves to not be true. I believe this is precisely why the question is never asked – and likely never will be.

    No trials have been done to study this. Even when the Pfizer clinical trial is complete (May 2023) they will not have this info – since nobody is even checking this.


    Look at the title: “Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals”

    Safety is not transmissibility. Tolerability is not transmissibility. Immunogenicity is not transmissibility. Efficacy is not transmissibility. Those 4 things are the only things that is being investigated in this clinical trial. Anyone who states that vaccinated people are less likely to spread covid than unvaccinated is flat out lying. They have zero data to support that statement.

    They just assert – and assert – and assert. Based on nothing but talking heads repeating lies. 2020: The year science died.

    I would also add another question that should be at the forefront of this whole discussion but it is not being asked:

    Just how prevalent is “asymptomatic spread?”

    The whole justification for lockdowns, masks, etc falls apart if it turns out that only sick people actually spread sickness. You know – like we thought way back in the dark ages of 2019…


    • “The” Science? They don’t know and don’t CARE!

      To reference a classic Star Trek episode, those of us not vaccinated are NOT “Of the BODY!” The psychotic computer running that Gawd-forsaken planet, “Landru”, if someone not identified as being “of the body”, would send these hooded creeps called “Lawgivers”, who’d take the “outlier” to some place for some brainwashing to be “absorbed”…it was the “WILL” of Landru! Those that still proved resistant, or were identified as “Archons” (extraterrestrials), Landru had the drones that were in the “body” pick up whatever object they could find, to KILL the “infection”.

      So, we’re in that “absorption” phase so far, with vilifying the unvaccinated with FALSE accusation that THEY are responsible for why the continuation of the COVID “menace”, oh..but there’s the “variants”, and no mention that the vaccinations are useful whatsoever to stave them off as well! At what point will attempts to absorb the reluctant into the “Body” cease and “Landru” turns to outright murder?

  22. It goes without saying that he has an individual right to refuse any injection of a substance into his body solely as a result of his humanity alone. But he might also consider joining the Dutch Reformist church. This Christian denomination has a very strict non-vaccine position. He will then have a religious exemption in his quiver, along with the conscientious objection because all of these “vaccines” were developed with aborted fetus cell lines.

    Although, this mandatory jab might dissuade him and others from government employment, which would be a good thing overall. He made a mistake in the first place by getting a “job” with the VA and should quit for that reason itself.

    • Hi Mister,

      Yes, but that smacks of quibbling. Of pretending that the Jab isn’t illegitimate on the face of it. It reminds me of using the “exemption” to not Diaper. Screw that. I don’t wear a Diaper because it’s demeaning and disgusting and to do so enables a lie. I won’t have it – or the Needle.

  23. ‘Healthy people are now being threatened with loss of their jobs if they do not submit to literal medical experimentation.’ — EP

    On the one hand, Big Gov is fine rolling the dice on a massive scale with risky vaccines that have only an Emergency Use Authorization.

    But on the other hand, mysteriously, only costly patented drugs are approved for Covid treatment, and those only stingily. Consider this astonishing factoid:

    ‘Remdesivir is now given to roughly half of all hospitalized patients. Yet patients often recover slowly regardless of whether they receive the treatment or not, doctors say.

    “The effect of remdesivir is something a statistician can show you in a trial of 1,000 people, but it’s not something where you really can see a day-to-day impact on your patients,” says Dr. Griffin of ProHealth.’ — WSJ

    Now why would Remdesivir be given to half of hospitalized Covid patients, when its clinical trial showed only a tiny marginal reduction in recovery time, with no antiviral effectiveness whatsoever?

    That’s easy — Remdesivir is costly; thuggish, chiseling mafia hospitals can mark it up another several hundred percent. KACHING, baby.

    Meanwhile, cheap and effective remedies recommended by front-line practitioners — ivermectin, nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide-infused saline, etc — are not even being trialed. Big Pharma and Big Tech rage against medicine for the people, and persecute its advocates.

    Meanwhile their captured sock puppet, Big Gov, shovels serums for Satan.

    • Haha, “Serums for Satan” should definitely be a “humanitarian” organization.

      And one does wonder what would be the effect of having Ivermectin over-the-counter. From the data I’ve seen, it would likely be considerable, and this whole nightmare would be in the rear-view. No reason it shouldn’t be, either. I would gather that Tylenol is more dangerous.

      • ivermectin is OTC – just have to go to a farm goods store. Cheap tube of horse paste (of course there are labels emblazoned saying “not for human use”, “keep out of reach of children,” etc., on the same package that is printed “safe for use in mares in all stages of pregnancy” and “will not affect fertility of stallions.”) SMH

        My son is taking it now for sore throat, body aches, etc., that started recently (not going to “test” for convid).

        Will post a report.

        • If any veterinary medicine is safe for people, its horse medication. I’m quite certain that someone with a million dollar horse is not going to excuse toxic ingredients in the medication they get.

          • I recall this exchange in the 1998 film “Armageddon”, where an exasperated NASA doctor discusses the medical reports of the men of Harry Stamper’s (Bruce Willis) crew:

            DOCTOR: One toxicology analysis revealed catamen. That is a very powerful sedative.
            HARRY: Sedatives are used all the time, Doctor.
            DOCTOR: This one’s used on horses!
            HARRY: Some of these guys are pretty BIG.

          • Weird how BILLIONS of doses of ivermectin have been given out worldwide (except in “first world” countries), with remarkable effects over many years.

            India had begun a campaign during this convid shite to give out free doses, before the vaxmongers got to them.

        • Surprised the PTB haven’t “mandated” that you prove you own a horse before being allowed to buy ivermectin; been thinking about getting some myself, just in case. Dosage amount would be tricky, keep us posted on how your son’s treatment works out.

          • https://www.barnhardt.biz/ivermectin/

            I also spoke personally to a doctor who had prescribed it (he was speaking at a “freedom rally” type of event). Told him what I had. He confirmed that it was OK for human consumption. IIRC, he had also given it to some of his 12 “covid” patients (interestingly, this ER dr who had worked all throughout the country this past year, only confirmed 12 “covid” cases).

            Dr. Pierre Kory has also studied ivermectin and testified re its use.

          • I just tried to respond with a link to an NIH study (Dr. Pierre Kory), as well as some easy instructions on dosage. Hopefully it will come out of spam, or else I can recreate it.

            Will keep you posted on results.

          • ‘Dosage amount would be tricky’ — Mike in Boston

            Dosage amount is marked on the plunger in 50-lb increments, which correspond to the 0.2 mg/kg body weight dose recommended by FLCCC.

            Each 50 lb increment is 1/8 inch. A 200 lb person needs half an inch.

          • Made the mistake of purchasing a few more tubes with a credit card instead of cash like I had the first time. Got an email from the corporate store by the end of the day suggesting all kinds of horse products “to meet our needs.” Interestingly, hadn’t given a phone number/rewards number, etc., only used a credit card.

        • UPDATE: Son had fever, chills, sore throat, fatigue, etc., on Sunday. That evening, he took a calibrated dose for his body weight. Tuesday evening took a second calibrated dose. Back to work, including manual labor, mowing, etc. by Tuesday, although he didn’t “feel better” for about another day or so.

  24. Too few people will refuse and this will embolden employers and large businesses imposing it on customers. The effect will freeze out the refusers until they cave in. This is the strategy.

    A few months ago a woman in my complex I see at the pool, recovering from cancer chemo (mustard gas) treatments and very vulnerable healthwise, told me of an old friend organizing a reunion of a group of friends from many years back, insisted she be vaccinated as a condition of visiting the group. She told me she otherwise would not have done it as she feared the health effects of the injection, but wanted to see her old friends.

    I looked at her with rage, not toward her but toward her friend. I said, “and you did it?” She sheepishly said she did.

    I told her “anyone who would demand you undergo an unwanted, risky medical procedure to be in that person’s company, especially given your recent health issues and compromised physical state, is NOT YOUR FRIEND!!” She agreed.

    I then said, my final two words to that so-called friend would have been “FUCK OFF.”

    Anyone who demanded that of me would be cut out of my life, instantly.

    Another lady friend’s daughter has a wedding later this year and she told me in the invitation it was stated that all guests must be vaccinated. The nerve of these people …. Not only would I not attend, but I would not even respond to the invitation, nor would I send even a card, much less a gift.

    • Hi DC,

      In re your story: My friend – the one in my Report – was told by his aunt and uncle, whom he was close to, that he may not visit them until he is “vaccinated.” I told him the same thing you did. Screw those Freaks. Blood ties mean nothing to me in such a case. Indeed, I’d be disgusted that I’m related to such people.

    • DC,
      These people are despicable, worthless pieces of shit. I don’t think there is anything that gets me more riled up than these busy-body bitches. I heard an acquaintance say recently that she got the jab because someone she spends a decent amount of time with felt “uncomfortable” being around her if she didn’t. Who the hell do these people think they are to guilt someone into this?
      I remember chewing someone out at work a few years ago because they were way too interested in whether or not I was going to get a flu shot. Using the argument that I was going to get someone sick…
      I need to calm down or my head is going to explode…

      • La Gordita and Eric,

        Nobody knows anyone’s health history or body chemistry and to demand they undergo a medical procedure is basically practicing medicine or giving medical advice when unqualified to do so, with no consideration of possible harm or consequences.

        I wonder how these people would feel if their coercion resulted in serious harm or death from the needle. I’m sure they’d fool themselves into concluding it was “coincidental” or a worthy sacrifice in the name of “the greater good.”

        And they’d surely turn their back on you, too, if you were harmed. Unbelievable.

  25. Why people would want to continue working in a hostile work environment, I don’t get that?

    To be told: “Get The Shot Rape, or else.” What else is that other than a hostile work environment?

    Long ago I worked a particularly hot, dirty, shitty, smelly, buggy, low paying job. There were a few things more which I didn’t like about that job, I mentioned them to my supervisor in the hopes of improving the situation and perhaps make the job a bit more bearable.

    The response I got: “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.”

    After I picked my jaw back up off the ground (the response surprised me as I was only about 18 or so) I looked at the door, back at my supervisor, then moved my feet and walked right out that door.

    Que: Paul Simon – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover


  26. “Whenever a Veteran or VA employee sets foot in a VA facility, they deserve to know that we have done everything in our power to protect them from [Covid-19],″ VA Secretary Denis McDonough announced on Monday afternoon.

    As my buddy Dr Chris Martenson (an ex-Pfizer VP who wandered off the reservation) has pointed out, mRNA vaccines are ‘non-sterilizing.’ That is, while they reduce symptomatic disease, they do NOT prevent infection of vaccinated people.

    Some vaccinated people still develop Covid symptoms. Even those who don’t develop symptoms may be capable of transmitting the virus to others.

    As ‘the cases, the cases‘ multiply — still with no uptick in the death rate — the official lies become ever more brazen and desperate.

    Hopefully Eric’s friend will not leave the VA before publicly mocking the living shit of Secretary McDonough … then dropping his drawers and flashing his butt cheeks at the gibbering government fool.

  27. Perhaps your friend could fight on two fronts – resist the jab by exercising a personal or religious exemption, while simultaneously looking for other employment.

    Interesting that the Dept of HHS and the White House are not “fully jabbed” – not sure about other fedgov employees.

    PS – did you notice that bootlicking Jon Rahm has now been disqualified from the Olympics bc of (gasp!) a “positive rona test”? Didn’t they get the memo that the CDC has withdrawn the fraudulent PCR “test”? Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas…

    • I would be among the very rare lucky ones that fleas don’t bite. Really. And I expect that immunity to carry on throughout this fact free psyop.

    • Thus far, it’s against DoD policy to REQUIRE service members and civilian employees to be vaccinated. Contractors may institute their own policies with their employees.

      IDK that the Klown at 1600 Pennsylvania will actually have the authority to mandate vaccinations. THere’s a reason that nearly 40% of the military haven’t gotten the “Jab”, they tend to be WELL-educated.


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