Diaper Report 12/25/2020

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I’m still not sick. Neither are the guys at the gym, including my buddy who works at a hospital and should be sick by now, given how very contagious this “virus” is.

And yet, it isn’t.

Four months after the gym reopened and no one has gotten sick, even though no one except the staff wears the Holy Rag. Perhaps it protects the rest of us. It’s a meerakuhl!  Say it like the great TV evangelist, Ernest Angley – a specialist in religious things.

One of two things must be true – assuming it isn’t a meerakuhl.

The first is that the “virus” – I put it in finger quotes to emphasize the holy totemic nature of the term – isn’t nearly as contagious or as dangerous as Pope Fauci XVII and his Jesuits would have us believe. If it were, then logically by now at least some of the several hundred people who are members of my gym would have caught the “virus” – and at least some of them would have become seriously ill. Ill enough to have required medical intervention to avoid dying . . . if, indeed, the “virus” is that dangerous and that catching.

No one has even caught cold.

Ergo, it cannot be as contagious – or as dangerous – as we’ve been led (just the right word) to believe.

There will be some believers who say, it’s just a matter of time.

Wait and see!

Well, it’s been four months. How much longer must we wait to see?

At what point do these hysterical assertions take a back seat to what’s actually proved to be the case? Why do fearful claims carry more weight than facts?

Perhaps, at first – six months ago – these hyperbolic assertions deserved more weight for the sake of reasonable caution. After all, no one really knew what was going on, what the “virus” might do. It was all new – and many were scared – not unreasonably, given the apocalyptic scenarios bleakly painted by the prophets of Doom.

Now we do know.

We know that it is not nearly as catching nor as deadly as we were led to believe. We know that for the healthy population, the odds of even catching symptoms are low, that if they are caught, they’ll be mlid in most cases and that death happens in almost no cases.

Which brings up the second thing.

The people at the gym are healthy. Healthier, almost by definition, than the average person who doesn’t work out. Who is obese and perhaps diabetic and/or arteriosclerotic. These people do get sick – because they already are.

But healthy people aren’t – and so tend to not become sick as easily or as severely.

Regular exercise – usually accompanied by other sound habits, such as eating healthier and not doing unhealthy things like smoking and eating unhealthy food –  probably reduces your chances of dying from the WuFlu by orders of magnitude relative to getting a shot and also greatly reduces the chance you’ll get sick in the first place.

This, too, is known.

It is “science” (cue Thomas Dolby) but so many people are willfully blind to it.

Being fit keeps you healthy – and the healthier you are, the less likely you are to get sick and the less you’ll be and the sooner you’ll recover if you do get sick. Forcing gyms to close in the name of public health is like encouraging people to have children by sterilizing them. Encouraging people to work out is how you keep them healthy.

Instead, they believe.

A Holy Rag being their salvation.

Which, of course, is their right in a  free country. The followers of Do and Ti (the leaders of the Heaven’s Gate Cult) also believed. They believed so earnestly that they “shed their containers” – by eating pudding laced with cyanide – in order to hitch a ride on the Hale Bopp comet back in ’97.

“Hale–Bopp brings closure to Heaven’s Gate  . . . Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion — ‘graduation’ from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave ‘this world’ and go with Ti’s crew.”

Nothing could have persuaded them otherwise. That is how it is with belief held as a matter of faith.

Which is not to disparage belief. Provided it isn’t imposed. It’s one thing to put on your tennis shoes and eat the poisoned pudding. It’s another to force anyone else to join you in your “graduation” ceremony.

. . . .

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  1. Perfect.


  2. BTW


    Mask enforcement
    You are subject to a $230 fine if you:

    Do not wear a mask in an indoor public setting, unless you are exempt
    Refuse to comply with the direction of an enforcement officer, including the direction to leave the space
    Engage in abusive or belligerent behaviour

    “Engage in abusive or belligerent behaviour”? Many mask wearing dickheads do this to the unmasked regularly. Will they get fined?

    In town yesterday everyone indoors and outdoor was wearing a mask. Even very young children. Everyone, but me. Even probably half the cars had masked drivers. And the mask are required for INDOORS only. I am surrounded by hypochondriac retards.

    Is the tide of stupid ever going to recede?

    • No, it is not. More and more people (at least who I speak with) are starting to see the BS for what it is, but there are still too many Karens and Kens (more Karens than Kens) who are quick to get up in your face and deem themselves the authority on all things righteous. Most people don’t have the spunk or confidence to tell them to fuck off.

      • Meh, just like with the TSA and IRS and all the other BS; some among the masses will grumble a little, but ultimately the vast majority will just accept it and go on complying whether they like it or not, and it just becomes “normal”.

        What’s a mere mask to those willing to take a full-body X-ray or a finger up the chooch just to ‘be allowed’ to board a stinking plane? Hell, give ’em a ‘stimulus’ or UBI, and they’ll be glad for the Kabuki.

        • True, no argument from me. Many people learn to accept it. We each have to weigh our options. Is what we want to do worth the loss of certain freedoms? For some it is, for others it isn’t. If I ever fly again I guarantee it is private, better yet, I think I may end up taking flying lessons and buy a small Cessna or something. I live 3 miles from the county airport. It may be worth looking into….if I can get over my claustrophobia and fear of heights.

      • Hi RG,

        I find myself wanting to have ” Karens and Kens (more Karens than Kens) who are quick to get up in your face.” I have been lifting harder than I ever have in my life and I’m ready. Unfortunately, having bulked up to 220, no one seems to want to fuck with me over their goddamned “mask.”

        • Hi Eric,

          They don’t bother me either. No one has gotten into my face or said anything. ATT was the first not to serve me because of my lack of mask, but no Karens. My husband is 6’3” and about 235 and he has had a few Karens (and one or two Kens) jump all over him. I’m 5’6”, but as my 20 year old nephew tells me “you look like a bitch, nobody is going to say anything to you.” Not the greatest of compliments, but as long as people leave me alone, I’m good with that. 👍

  3. Hey guys. Just wanted to report on one of my efforts in the propaganda wars. I was browsing rants and raves on local Craigslist and this popped up. https://westky.craigslist.org/rnr/d/global-pandemic/7250317595.html

    I figured that it deserved a rebuttal so I made a posting of my own with a very similar title that said:

    “To all you people who virtue signal with the pathogen infested petri dish on your face. Please just STOP! How many times a day do you touch that disgusting disease vector? What else do you touch after you’ve touched that biohazard you wear on your face? Why do you insist on subjecting the rest of us to your nasty filth?

    The evidence is abundant and clear even from CDC, OSHA and FDA, face diapers do nothing to protect from viruses, nor do they do anything to slow or stop the spread of viruses. They are a breeding ground for all manor of pathogens. They are a symbol of a total lack of critical thinking and gutless blind obedience. ”

    I got an email with a link to the ad and when I clicked on it this is what came up in big bold font: “This posting has been flagged for removal.”

    I’ve had similar problems with comments on MSM sites, so if you think it looks like there is overwhelming support for the official narrative it’s because anything counter to the official narrative is being removed. I’m not giving up.

  4. I also like to ask the manager when they take away medical exemptions, how many cases requiring hospitalization were traced back to this Whole Foods?…. Silence….

    And of those, how many of those cases were as a result of someone with a medical exemption who spread it to them? …….durrrrrr….

    “And just between you and me, how long do you think until your employer orders everyone who enters its doors to have previously injected a rushed vaccine, which alters your mRNA, into their bodies?” If that happens, do you plan on enforcing that too? If so, how would you feel about doing that?

    • Michael,
      It’s like trying to argue with the Nazis, or a hysterical woman…. These people hold a religious idea on an emotional level, and the propaganda which has controlled their thoughts and actions since toddlerhood is akin to post-hypnotic suggestion. They are essentially “on automatic”. Reasoning with them; appealing to logic, or morality or decency, is utterly useless. Might as well argue with a cucumber.

      • You are correct sir. 9 months of reasoning with these types of “people” hasn’t produced much results, so laughing at them and ridiculing them (when they cannot be avoided) is the next step for me.

  5. I had this idea when reading Atlas Shrugged and the villains needing the sanction of the victim: If I have to go into a big box BS store and ordered to wear a muzzle, I’ll ask the bouncer if, in their heart, do they believe in what they’re doing. If they say “yes” then I’ll have my V mask and say something like “Okay mastuh, you’s a good mastuh. Whatever mastuh says. Thank you mastuh.”

    If they say they don’t like it, then I’ll work to buck up their courage and get them to man or woman up and start saying something.

    • When I was a boy (long ago) it was considered normal and desirable for children to contract certain so-called “childhood diseases,” including measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Mothers purposely exposed their children to such diseases so they would contract the disease, recover, and become immune to further infection.
      Evidently we did not acquire “herd immunity,” just, y’know, immunity.

  6. The COVID got us on Christmas Day. I had my holy diaper on and went to a jewelry store and Costco in Charlotte in Christmas Eve. My 9 year old, my wife, elderly parents and i all started to develop a dry cough on 12/25 and by 12/26 the whole famdamly was sick. Not sick unto death mind you, just sick as in a winter cold. Sweats, sore neck, dry cough and aches, No biggie. My wife who is an MD got tested Sunday night because she cannot see patients with the dread COVID. So we are all working from home this week.

    A few boots on the ground take aways: 1) The face diaper didn’t protect from getting the virus. 2) We all got infected within 12 or so hours of each other, so it can spread fast- likely by air. 3) None of us are dying. 4) It’s a bad cold that seems to last a few days not the usual 2 weeks. 5) The cough is dry. 6) You feel this in the back of the neck.

    IMO there is nothing you can do to keep from catching it. If the virus is around you are getting it if you are not already immune. Maybe you are asymptomatic Maybe you are dog tired and sweaty sore. It seems to travel efficiently.

    I for the life of me cannot understand how we have become such a nation of cowards-so as to wreck lives, fortunes and sacred honor over an effin cold.

    • Hi Auric,

      My neighbors are in their late 70s and got the ‘Rona, too – or so the “test” said. They did get a little sick – emphasis on a little. Not bed sick; just achy/tired and (like you) coughing sick. They were fine after a few days. I was at their house while they weren’t – and exposed myself to their cooties. Got nothing.

      But the point is, these elderly people didn’t die. It may be because they are hearty farm people. But if they didn’tdie – or even get bed-ridden – why would I worry?

    • Sorry to hear you and the fams got sick. Hope you feel better soon. As you and I and others here know, it happens. The weirdest thing is when you see or hear regular folks, as well as highly amplified reports of pols, celebrities, ballers, etc., using the occasion of their cold or flu to chastise the Convid “non-believers” who aren’t “taking it seriously.” As if there is something more to it than just getting sick and maybe, if you are old and frail with the average 2.6 co-morbidities, dying. Something about it that is so new and novel that it justifies the entirely out of proportion gov’t “response” including destroying people economically, assaulting their humanity with all the ridiculous public health “measures”, scarring kids psychologically, and straight up looting the treasury while fabricating a dystopian new world order. Something that cannot be looked at rationally or argued about or debated because… belief. It just amazes me.

    • I’m currently not far from Charlotte. I’d suggest you get out of the city a bit and #StopWearingMasks. I never wear one, even when we’re in California, where we live. It’s more than likely the masks that made all of you sick. A friend’s son got a nasty bacterial infection in his throat after being “required” to self-suffocate. Those who willingly suffocate are making it harder for those of us who don’t. Please do–and ask your wife to do–some research on the PCR test. It doesn’t work so well at diagnosing illness.

      • Anon: I followed your advice 12 years ago and moved to the beach. We don’t face diaper here either. Mom & Dad live in Weddington NC and if I wanted to gain access to Costco I had to show my Costco card and have a diaper on. It was that or no gift for my wife. Procrastinate much? Nope- I had no money to spend until 12/23 as I bought a new business in October.

        As for PCR I’m advised that a sub 24 multiplier is more accurate but not perfect of course. In our lines of work (she’s an FP and I’m a Surgery Center owner) we have heavy compliance requirements under threat of revocation of license that we must comply with or face DHEC. I am a mask protester and truly believe they are useless- and worse. The vice of the law is tightening around us rapidly and we have to make decisions based on prudence, wisdom, and preservation. Will I surrender our professional licences over a face diaper? It wouldn’t be prudent. That being said for me there is a hill to die on. “The Mark”. All of this pandemic crap is a bombing sortie to soften up the land before the invaders march in. It;s a dress rehersal for something much much worse. The Bible tells us how this ends. It’s clearly spelled out in Daniel and Revelation. There will be The 666 Beast. He will require a mark on your hand and forehead- under penalty of starvation. He will rule for 7 years and they will all be horrible- each day worse than the former.

        Jesus made a way for us to escape this tribulation. Those who accept His plan and His Kingship- surrendering our souls to His Lordship will be raptured before The Beast rules. We will be in Glory while the world rots and burns. It’s clearly laid out for us in The Bible-2000 years ago.

        This will sound like foolishness to some. but think of this like a businessman- What’s the downside to becoming a Believer? If we are wrong- if it’s all a myth we die and it’s over. If we are right our souls live in Glory with Him forever. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD.

        • “What’s the downside to becoming a Believer?”

          I have seen this before. Pascals wager.

          So it is not about actual “faith” it is about “pretending” out of self interest? Pulling a fast one on God? Gaming the system? Wearing a disguise to get through the gates?

          Morally reprehensible.

          • No rational man chooses to come to Christ out of a pure motive. It is always a decision that has at least a seed of self interest and self determination in it. The question is whether the conversion is authentic. There must be a “grain as a mustard seed” of authentic faith- otherwise it is indeed gaming God which never works. God gives us His Holy Spirit at the point of Salvation- The Spirit of Truth. There is a defined change in ones understanding post conversion. A before unknown dimension that then advises all other actions.

            As for Pascal- that component, misidentified as a Pascal’s Wager was one small part of a much larger body of proofs written as a Christian Apologetic. Pascal’s greater body of work sought to demonstrate that logical reasoning cannot support faith or lack thereof. That’s quite a bit afar from moral reprehensibility.

  7. This is a very interesting article from the British website “Spiked” that discusses why the Hong Kong flu of 1968 was barely a blip on the radar, a virus that killed 100,000 Americans half of which were under 65 according to the article.

    I was 26 and remember it as just another flu. No big deal. Many of us had other fish to fry back then like kicking LBJ out of office, voting for the comedian Dick Gregory as a protest vote against Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Nixon and Humphrey. And of course massive protesting against the Vietnam War. I learned how to stick my neck out a little bit. Victimhood was frowned upon, and blacks in the civil rights movement were strong, articulate, self-disciplined and eschewed violence even when they were beaten by the police.


    • Great article, Art. I wish Facebook, the Washington Post, or the NY Times actually had the balls to print such an article (or at least allow the public access to it), but the intention is not to calm insanity, but to instill it.

      My favorite quote in the article is: “The sense of vulnerability has meant that society now assumes that an increased inability to cope with adversity is the default.” It is pathetic to see how quickly society has fallen in two generations. We can blame many things on the Baby Boomers, but they at least had spunk. They fought. They didn’t cave.

      Today, we have my Generation X (kids who actually raised ourselves) putting masks on their children and stating “You need to obey the authorities.” Oh please, what the hell is wrong with us? Did our parents give us too much independence that we are now are incapable of making decisions that affect our bodies and our families?

      The authorities know as much as we do. Fauci changes his mind as many times as I change my socks. Just a few days ago, it is now “No, 70% vaccine immunity won’t work, we need to be around 90%.” The everchanging goal posts. I would think after 9 months of BS (does not stand for Beer and Sunshine) that at least half of the population would have thought, “Screw these people. I am going back to normal.” Nope, not a chance. They are even more persistent in their love of tyranny. Most of them are now lining up for the vaccine, soon they will believe we will all need a immunity passport, because those of us that don’t have one will be very “dangerous” when sitting next to the the needled and non resistant at a movie theater or on an airplane.

      My private Bahamian island is looking better every day.

      • RG “Most of them are now lining up for the vaccine, soon they will believe we will all need a immunity passport”

        Or, “why I hope the vaccine is incredibly deadly and kills these MFs”, or at least makes them sterile. The gene pool has needed a chlorine shock for way too long already. If the stupid, servile and those demanding we behave the same, will self select for eradication, good. At least then something good would have come from this insanity.

        • Ol’ Ben Franklin had it right: “People get the government they deserve”. We are sure seeing a perfect example of that right now.

        • If I was a betting girl I would wager the house that sterilization is involved. They tried that in Puerto Rico in the mid 1960s and India and Ghana in the early 2000s. That was the whole gist of Planned Parenthood established by Margaret Sanger during the turn of the 20th century. Bill Gates Sr was a board member, as well as, a member of the Rockefeller-Financed Eugenics Movement in America. But, we are all to believe that Bill Gates (the son) is the complete opposite of his father. A man who stole ideas and had no problem screwing over his partners while they were fighting cancer and was seen arguing with the US Justice Committee over the meaning of words such as “we” and “concerned”, was found guilty on violating the Sherman Act is suppose to be this great upstanding citizen that cares about us all. Please, spare me.

          The people that I feel for in all of this are the children whose parents will willingly sign them up for this experimental vaccine that does not have FDA approval or years of research conducted. They are the ones that are left with no choice, because their caretakers are too stupid to research anything before they put it into their bodies.

          • BillG, a Harvard dropout, built the Microsoft empire on the 3 pillars of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
            Why any intelligent person would listen to his pronouncements on *any* topic is beyond my comprehension.

            • What kills me, is that everyome knows that his company’s operating systems hobble your computer; spy on you; contain back-doors for the surveillance state; render your ‘puter obsolete long before the hardware fails; contains endless bloat and malware, and only have the huge market share that they do because of his guerilla marketing and crony government deals……and after seeing all that, ANYONE would be willing to trust anything that that man says, or anything that he has anything to do with which affects your life and body?!

              I won’t even allow his garbage on my computer!

          • “The people that I feel for in all of this are the children”

            Sad yes. But, incurious, lazy and servile parents will, in most cases, raise more of the same. I am not one to endorse eugenics, but as said, if they wish to self select for extermination, best to let them.

            • Do you think the oligarchy realizes by doing that they are only leaving the renegades and the rebels to repopulate the Earth? Last time I checked anarchists and anti vaxxers don’t listen very well. 😉

              • Repopulate the Earth? I don’t think that is part of the plan.

                Resistance won’t matter. There are few enough of us that with the rest gone, and no herd to hide among, we won’t be too much of a threat. Unless you can be entirely self sufficient and invisible, they have us caged already.

                Either way I don’t think eliminating just the gullible is the plan. AI and robotics are almost there. Soon, as in this decade, they won’t need any significant number of us troublesome lower class meat-sacks with pesky freewill. It is not like TPTB are hiding this general plan.

                • If other people can be found they will repopulate, well, at least some type of mating will be involved. What the heck else are they going to do? Might as well get some enjoyment out of it.

                  Then what is the end game? If they kill off everybody who does the oligarchy plan to boss around….the robots?

                  In all of this talk of the Great Reset, depopulation, tracking, needles, etc. I have yet to determine what they are after. Control? Ok, I will agree with that, but what form of control do they want? How far does the control go? Where does it stop? I cannot imagine an Earth filled with mealy mouthed, passive, terrified people to bring any great delight to the Upper Crust. Personally, it would be boring to me. Who wants a yes man? Blah.

                  • These are pretty near ready to replace most labor. The AI is a bit behind the physical but is progressing at an alarming rate.

                    Unless you are a psychopath, it is unlikely you would have the same motives and desires as TPTB or would understand them as rationale.

                    I don’t know what the end goal is or if there even is one.

                    • Then TPTB’s business plan sucks. Every tyrannical government should know:

                      1. Who am I taking over?
                      2. How am I taking them over?
                      3. Why am I taking them over?

                      To quote the great Vince Lombardi “Hope is not a strategy.”

                      Right now, TPTB have nothing more than a wish list. There is no plan, there is no execution.

                      This is my problem with large businesses and even larger governments…..they don’t know how to implement anything. Everything takes too long, is too expensive, and never works right.

                      I am cautious on the way this world is heading. I see light at the end of the tunnel and a hard right coming although it is about 3-4 years away.

                      I can be a realist and still be optimistic. I have seen The Kingsman 3 x and Avengers Endgame twice. I know how this ends. 😉

                  • I think it’s more simplistic. They want the world as their personal playpen, with none of us mundanes around to sully it. Save for a few to peel grapes for them. I think they assume robots and AI will take care of much of their needs, and the slave class to provide most of the rest. Rich and powerful, they, but not very bright. As with most who lack wisdom, they don’t foresee the unintended consequences of their master plan.

                    • Hi BAC,

                      I agree with you. I don’t think they have weighed all options. If there are 8 billion people in the world, 7.5 billion will line up and do what they are told. It is the other 500 million that they never see coming.

                    • BAC, robots and high-tech take too much upkeep to maintaion, and too many smart people to manufacture and keep running- and a high society to train people to do so and keep it all running. They are just being used to hasten the fall of the old world.

                      Just good old simple low-IQ brawny slaves will get everything done easy enoguh, without requiring that people be kept edumacated and high-functioning. Those kinda people are more easily controlled than robots..more versatile; cheaper to maintaion and replace, and just as unlikely to rebel.

      • Fellow Gen Xer here. Ours is the generation that birthed the helicopter parent. Who had children in the age of safety uber alles, and embraced it. Who saw the boogie man behind every rock. Who shit out the millennials. And it surprises you that they mask up their kids?

        Sure, there’s a bunch of us rebels. Who experienced and knew a freer and happier Amerika, who lived in fear of the Soviet Union, who watched The A Team and the Dukes of Hazzard, and who loved Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. But the rest of our generation have gone full-on eunuch.

        • Hi BAC,

          Yes, honestly I am surprised that they mask up their kids, because I don’t and I grew up with these same people. Hell, my sisters and I grew up in the same house with the same parents and we have opposing views on this. None of us do it when we are together. At Christmas and Thanksgiving no one wore a mask. The kids ran around playing with their toys, yelling “look what Santa got me”, and being kids. There was about nine of them in all. None of us, including little old grandmas, feared for our lives. I think a few of us may have even double dipped our crackers into the crab dip.

          So I am a little surprised on how natural everyone is at home and when trouncing our in public I am told, “I don’t want to rock the boat or I don’t want to get in a spat with someone.” Most of us, Gen Xers, grew up with both parents working, we had to get ourselves ready for school, make sure our chores were done, and homework completed by the time our parents got home at 5 or 6. I enjoyed the freedom so I don’t understand why my generation wants to hand it over.

  8. Maybe there is an upside to all the virus insanity.
    Maybe TPTB hate the stupid and useless?
    Maybe they realize that they need STEM types, at least until AI can take over.
    Maybe they just want to get rid of the <90 iq masses that have no place in an automated future?
    How would you go about getting the masses to volunteer to be victims of a genocide?
    Maybe tell them they need a shot, that those smart enough to think for themselves would avoid, thus sorting the herd?

    Hey, if I was a psychopathic cabal with the reigns of power, I might do exactly that.

    • Heh, funny, but I’ve been thinking that this depopulation agenda might not be a bad idea. I’m out there working on my truck today; M/F’in neighbor to the north who has 250 acres, much of it bordering on nothing….has his kids playing with rifles right near my property line…..,pop! pop! pop! Bang!…. Neighbor to the south got his kid a dirt bike…who needs a muffler? WHAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMPPPPPPP-HAAAAaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Harleys going down the road with open pipes (60*F here today)…… I’m so glad that I movede to the freakin’; country for some peace and quiet!

      • But they have a use. They overwhelmingly vote left.

        And they won’t need them anymore once the steal is finished, so they get the shot too.

        Just hypothetical musing anyway.

      • Maybe they’re bringing the worst of them from all over the world here, and then are planning to nuke the place, and save all of the unspoiled places that the savages came from for themselves (They’re great places, once ya get rid of the savages and the governments).

        I mean really- They’ve sold this country into so much debt now (Thanks, DONALD!, Ya worthless bastard!), that there is no hope of EVER getting out from under; and the resuktant inflation that doing so has created, is so going to devastate the economy very soon, that there can be no recovery- so the only way out that would allow the real criminals to escape blame, would be major war- and just look at who and what is ascending the throne in DC, and who they are appointing! These bastards are polishing the missiles! Only,. our fine Post Office will be delivering ours..so they’ll never get there; But the ones the Chinks and Saudis and Joos have really work, ’cause we sold them the good ones!

        • Just to be fair the trajectory of the debt bomb predated Donald Trump. It has been mathematically impossible to pay off since the 1960’s, and they’ve been strip mining the whole economy.

          I’ve seen it coming since high school 40 years ago. But it has allowed me to pick up valuable cast-offs which other people either gave away or paid me to take- machine tools and such. My wealth is real and as of my lifetime, mostly invisible.

          • True dat, Ernie- but thiese most recent rounds were downright nukular- and Trump, who was supposed to be the cleaner of swamps, has not only done nothing to oppose the biggest fiscal boondoggle in the history of this country, but rather has enabled it. It just makes me so sick. As you say, not that it wasn’t pretty much over anyway already…but this CARES BS has just taken it to a new level.

            Hey, on the positive side, the new one has ten million bucks earmarked for “gender education” in Pakistan….. so in case Nasir isn’t quite committed to his equipment yet….. 😀

    • That woman is nuts. Not because she won’t wear a mask but because she is trying to reason with the unreasonable and stupid. Pointless. I guarantee you that not one of the people trying to get her to wear a mask has any actual understanding,…. of anything. Critical thinking skills = 0. They are just repeating what the talking shit-for-brains on the TV said.

      At some point, we will have to kill them, or they will kill us. There is not going to be a middle ground. Sad but I can’t see any other outcome.

    • inspiring video but i feel like we’re living in a live action version of the movie They Live.

      Woman speaking into her watch communication device “We have one that can see”

    • The porkers seem rather well fed.
      I’m not.

      Perhaps those who are not allowed to earn money to buy food will be forced to hunt it.
      Barbecued “long pig” sounds good to me…

  9. https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/27/covid19-pcr-tests-are-scientifically-meaningless/

    This is a very long article but also very good at explaining why the PCR testing is flawed and that, shocker, more testing results in more ‘cases’ but has little meaning in regard to the danger of the virus.

    Such a shame the author could not condense it to under 140 characters and tweet it so the 90% that desperately need to understand it, would actually read it.

    If you have a mask wearing paranoid to send it to, do so and ask them to read it and tell you where it is wrong and why what TPTB are doing is right. I guarantee they will not read it, even if they claim they have. People will do almost anything to avoid having to reassess their beliefs. They would rather be wrong with the majority than knowledgeable and ‘outside’ the herd.

  10. Waiting only four months for the holy infection is not enough! Like all other religions, you must have faith in the ‘Rona. If you believe, It will come Also, to be fair, where’s your “science” that they didn’t make it to Hale–Bopp?

    Having a few Christmas cocktails with some very extended family, we start to discuss the ‘Rona. One of them, a veterinarian (i.e. a doctor), claims that she got it and therefore it’s real. I inquired a bit and found out she had a sore throat for three days and no other symptoms. I pressed further. She got defensive saying she tested positive; therefore she had it. As the conversation continued, she admitted that she had five tests with three being negative and two positive. She discounted the negative tests citing her loss of sense of taste during her sore throat episode. I mentioned that whenever I have caught a cold, my sense of taste and smell usually diminishes as well. Now visibly squirming, she told me that “as a veterinarian” (ahhh yes, the appeal to authority) she sees cats get “this” all the time. Incredulous but gently, I asked “can cats really get Covid 19?” She said: “Well no, but they can get other corona viruses.” I later overheard her bragging of her forced 2-week paid vacation: “14-day quarantine ya know.”

    This is not my first experience like this. A couple weeks ago when I expressed doubts about the holy virus to a long-time friend, he adamantly confirmed its existence by telling me he knew three people that died from it, with the implication that I should be ashamed for such callous disregard. I responded by saying that I was so sorry to hear of his loss and gently inquired about the victims. Well, fifteen minutes later he was forced to admit that they were cousins or friends of some people that he once knew in real life years ago, but now only follows on facebook. While never actually meeting the dead, he said he could show me the posts that said they died of Covid. Yet somehow he knew three people who died of the holy infection.

    It’s mind boggling how people soooooo want to believe in the holy virus. There’s this weird phenomenon of people wanting to feel like they’re part of history. so they manufacture their participation in it. It reminds me a bit of how everybody used to have a story about where they were and what they did when JFK was assassinated.

    • Well, Mr. L. I guess now-a-days with virtually everyone “being on the spectrum” and “OCD”, they just have to have anything they see on the Tee-Vee!

  11. Funny, this. I never locked down, been out and about sans diaper, ate at restaurants, coached my son’s little league baseball team, vacationed among crowds, swam with my kids at a water park, and routinely walk undiapered around mid-town Manhattan. Still nothing.

    Couldn’t be that I ride my bike 50-60 miles every Saturday, or lift four days a week, and walk a couple miles every day at lunch. Couldn’t be that I don’t eat meat or junk food. Couldn’t be my vitamin regimen. None of that stuff works.

    • Hi BAC,

      Things used to be somewhat reasonable in Santa Fe even after the the loathsome governor issued her first mask decree. Walmart, Walgreens, Market Street (Albertsons) and many others would either ignore you or accept the medical exemption claim. After awhile Natural Grocer’s displayed a sign that specifically mentioned the medical exemption. Trader Joe’s went full on fascist and wouldn’t let you in without a mask. When denied entry, I asked to speak to the manager, informed him of the medical exemption and that they were violating the ADA by refusing entry. He responded that their lawyers determined that they only need offer “reasonable accommodation”, in the form of a face shield. So, excepting TJ’s, it was still pretty easy to live normally.

      Then the Governor issued her second decree that specifically rejected the medical exemption, requiring those who invoke it to show a doctor’s note identifying the exemption (a violation of Hippa statutes), and everything changed. None of the stores honor the medical exemption anymore and many stores have armed guards posted at the door. No stores will allow entry anymore, and will reject the medical exemption. Speaking to a manager no longer works, many have told me, straight out, that they don’t care if they are violating the ADA. Put on a mask, or leave, period. The cops here will enforce “trespassing” laws (backdoor mask enforcement) if you insist on your “rights”. In addition, outdoor mask wearing went from maybe 50%, to nearly 100%. I’d say that solo, in car, mask use is over 25%. People have gone completely insane.

      Confidently walking into a store, with a naked face, no longer works here. The choices are, put on a mask, leave, or risk arrest.


      • Hi Jeremy

        I’ve been to Santa Fe many times. Beautiful area. But, like southwest Connecticut where I live, it’s infested with authoritarian leftist vermin. NM leftists seem to have the added complication of irradiation of their brains from Los Alamos and Sandia. But geez, even here in the core of communism, we don’t have such heavy handed diaper enforcement. Nevertheless, I’m also seeing over 25% solo in car masking. I’ve made a game of counting them on my outings.

        I’ve found several diaper work arounds: use farm shares for produce, eat at mom and pop restaurants, use a trusted network, and buy online. Another one that works is to have a neck gaiter on but pulled completely down, and optionally bring along a coffee cup or water bottle and feign drinking – these make it seem like you are playing along, enough to keep them from accosting you.

        So far, surprising to me, I’ve had almost no issues. No stores have said anything to me. I’ve walked past dozens of cops in NYC, and never once have they or anyone else said a word to me. The only issue I had was back in June in a restaurant I formerly used to patronize all the time. I had prepaid for pickup, and the twit at the desk kept telling me to “put a mask on.” And I kept saying in reply, just give me my food. This went on for about three minutes until he relented and threw my bag of food at me. Had he just given me the bag at the beginning, he’d have two and a half minutes less exposure to my nude face, and the restaurant would still have a customer.

        This won’t end until people have had enough. I think, though, we have a long way to go before that happens.

        • Hi BAC,

          I’ve been feeling very depressed, nothing works individually anymore and nothing is having any effect on business owners or politicians, neither of whom are concerned about the support of a few crazies like me. So, in deep despair, I’ve come up with something that might have a huge effect. Most places have occupancy restriction, forcing people to queue outside until they’re “allowed” to enter. Well, we can turn that against the fuckers (I’ve completely lost sympathy for “private” businesses that, acting as agents of the State, enforce the lockdown bullshit). What if enough of us showed up, fully masked, not obviously coordinated, and simply don’t leave? Stroll the aisles, read nutritional info, etc… But don’t fucking leave! Whatever the “limit” is, say 50 people, get that many people to agree to show up at a particular store over an hour or so. Enter, without fanfare, don’t show anything, expose solidarity, etc…, just don’t leave. Business comes to a standstill, the line outside gets longer and longer, it takes awhile for management to notice something odd is going on, even longer to figure out that it’s coordinated, and then, what can they do? Call the cops? Physically expel us? They’ll try, of course. But what law supports them? Keep doing it, target the most authoritarian stores in your area. Make them feel the pain. I think this could actually work. Certainly, petitioning the Governors or protesting outside of the Statehouses don’t accomplish anything. What do you guys think?


          • It’s a good plan.

            Unfortunately organizing enough people for it would likely be a problem. I don’t know 50 people and of the ones I do know, probably 90% are full retard maskholes. Some even wear them in their home among family and they are so full of themselves they actually brag like it is worthy of praise.

            I hope it is better elsewhere but here, it really looks like the battle is lost. Of those I know, I am now the only one who actively resists this BS.

          • Interesting idea, Jeremy. I’m really sick of this bullshit as well. The propaganda and groupthink are pervasive and endless. I think it is going to get even worse when the Communists take power next month.

            It’s likely though that if people just mill around a store for hours without buying anything, store management will probably try to press trespassing charges. Seeing as how such places have been deemed “places of public accommodation” things could get interesting.

            I’ve been avoiding the big box stores as much as possible and haven’t run into many problems with small local businesses. (Medical condition, no mask, no problem.)

            On the other hand, the big chains have really doubled down and don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about complying with ADA or HIPAA. (They have teams of lawyers on retainer and people like us do not.) So I’ve taken to wearing a full-face Guy Fawkes mask in those places along with either a hoodie or wide-brimmed hat. That has provoked some interesting reactions from store security claiming that I can’t cover my face, but I just stick to my guns and point to their signs that demand a “face covering”, with most of those signs additionally saying that government demands a “face covering”. Thus far have prevailed.

            Use their own senseless and repellent gang rules against them in ways they don’t expect and watch the fur fly!

            • Hey Jason,

              Thanks, I’m getting desperate as NOTHING works. Sure, they’ll probably call the cops and try to get us removed as trespassers, GOOD! At least something might happen.


            • Hey Jason,
              Interesting how it varies from place to place. ‘Round here, the big box stores don’t seem to care at all. Only flack I’ve gotten at a big box or chain has been 2 minutes after I walk into the local Food Lion, they interrupt the horrible music which is normally playing on the P.A. and play an announcement “reminding all customers to please wear a face covering if possible”…which prompts me to look up at the cieling (as if looking at a speaker) and laugh.

              Only problems I’ve encountered have been at small privately owned places- and ironically, they’re so nasty about it, that they ensure that they’ve lost my business forever- not that that will be an issue for much longer though- as more and more of the small shops are crumbling- which is scary though, because once they are gone and the chains/boxes are the only game in town, they can do virtually whatever they want!).

              Been lucky here where I am though, as it largely has not been an issue- virtually no enforcement…but I have a feeling that things may be ramped-up, ’cause “there’s a deadly new strain” ya know! [Cue images of dead Chinks on street with blood pouring from mouths]

                • Hi Handler,

                  I suspect the restaurant owners speaking positively about the limited occupancy fatwa are virtue-signaling Sickness Quislings who hope to get their hands on “stimulus” funds.

            • HiJason (and Jeremy)!

              I got a plague doctor mask for Christmas and am going to wear the thing – it looks really creepy – to do some shopping and will try to get the whole thing on video…stay tuned!

          • Hi Jeremy

            For this to work, it would need to target mom and pops or franchisees. Corporate big boxes wouldn’t notice. Further, it would have to be repeated and sustained in order to make an impact. Even then, as Jeremy states, at some point when they catch on, they’d toss you out for trespassing – buy something or get the hell out.

            Like you and most here, I’ve had my fill. But for my sanity, I’ve decided to work around what I can, avoid most of the rest, and plan to wait out the storm. Otherwise, anger, hatred, and resentment will consume me. This is not to say go along to get along, or conform, or endorse. But it’s a fight I/we can’t win as it stands. It’s math.

            At most, us refuseniks are 2-3% of the population, spread out over thousands of square miles. No business or government will cater to our minority; we have no economic or political clout or impact. Worse, they believe WE are the weirdos, the assholes.

            Be patient. Stay positive. Stay safe, mentally speaking. 🙂

            • Hi BAC,

              In Santa Fe, it would cripple Trader Joe’s, Food King, Natural Grocer’s and even Market Street (for awhile). Sure, they’d call the cops and kick us out, SO WHAT, that’d be good, the news might even report on it. Jesus, I want to do something! “Boycotting” them doesn’t do shit, as they neither know, nor would care if they did. Likewise, being the one unmasked person in a store that is lax on enforcing the mandates, DOESN’T DO SHIT.


              • Hehe…but to the average person, it’d just be “Look at those nuts who ‘don’t believe in science‘ “.

                They don’t ‘get’ it; they never will, beause they have no love of liberty or autonomy, and are as brainwashed as the bunch at Jonestown.

              • Hey, Jeremy,
                Hurt them any way you can.
                I hear every word you are saying, from 1000 miles away, in SoCal.
                Shout out from a former Albuquerquean (HHS ’66) whose sister still lives in ABQ.

                The Day of the Blade may be coming.
                Adapt and survive to pull the lever, if you can.

          • Hey Jeremy!
            I LIKE your plan! It would be hilarious! (Though it really wouldn’t accomplish anything).

            The realization that we are really in this alone, and that nothing we can do will have any effect on the overlords nor the brainwashed long socially-engineered uncaring masses, is really the first step towards forging a plan to keep ourselves free as things continue to deteriorate around us.

            If we think that there is any hope here in the very belly of The Beast, or that we can somehow effect positive change, we will just be disappointed and lose what opportunities we still have to spare ourselves from the next round.

            We may as well be living on Mars, amongst Martians. They’d probably be more logical and concerned with their own autonomy than the average ‘Marcan. We are just as much strangers in a strange land, and assimilation will kill us; Jihad will not work; only separation will give us any benefit.

            This is not new- it’s been this way for decades- it’s just become obvious now, and to the point where we are on the verge of no longer being peacefully tolerated.

              • Hey, I’m in, Jeremy! Just for the sheer fun and deviousness of it! We can go around the store filling our carts ever so slowly with $300 worth of merch…and then just abandon them 4 or 5 hours later…how would they know if we were real customers or not? (Well…might be a probl,em though, ’cause i still ain’t wearin’ no mask!)

            • Hi Nunz –

              In re realizing we are alone: yes, in the resistance sense. But we can still support and encourage each other, and at least keep some sanity. And you’re correct that one must come to terms with their situation in order to navigate through it. And not be some MAGA ditto head moron who’s so mad they are going to… wave a flag somewhere, or vote in more Republicans, just like Mittens – but next time.

              I’m discouraged given what’s coming in about four weeks. We might bear witness to the first generation that embraced communism going into it.

              But I’m encouraged in that we are already bankrupt, morally and economically. And the pace is accelerating. While layering new debt upon debt, and at the same time crushing the economic engine and alienating the citizens, old enemies, new enemies, and vassals at once. We sit on the precipice of collapse; we don’t need to wait 70 years. And so it shall, perhaps with the demented diapered pervert at the wheel.

              • Hey BAC!
                Oh, I agree with ya completely. It’s been the way I’ve seen things for pretty much the last 40 years- like I said, it’s just coming to a head now. We’re at the point of no return, and what we’ve watchjed developing for a long time is now coming to fruition; to the point we’ve all dreaded, where virtually nothing is left, and there is no hope of reform.

                We’d become accustomed to the gradualism under which we’ve lived for so lomng; hoping that maybe it’d go on a little longer if the slightly ‘less evil’ was chosen now and then- but the agendas have marched forward regardless…and here we are- and if I may scare yous a bit more, much like the Bolsheviks taking Russia, this isn’t ‘the end’- but rather only the end of the old system, and the beginning of the new, which will make us pine for the old! They’re crashing the old to usher in the new…but we’ll still have to wait for the dysfunction of the new to cause the final crash of that system. Which is why, positioning ourselves now is so important….’cause it’s only gonna get worse.

                • I don’t think we will need to wait very long for the collapse of their new system. Sure, we will need to endure it for a time, but that just might be quite short. This is their big fatal miscalculation. There’s no money this time, and little good will. Adding tons of new debt to pay for the corona crash, ushering the green new deal, paying reparations, and stressing an angry and fractured society, their system is doomed before it gets off the ground. At least I hope so 😳

                  • I tend to lean your way, BAC (I’ll try not to fart while doing so 😀 )- one caveat though: The ‘money’ is really only of concern to us mundanes, and for excuses. “They” can print up/conjur-up as much as they want and ascribe whatever value to it that they want.
                    Right now, the money, -like the trillions they have printed up for ‘Rona, is being used to bankrupt the old system. When the ‘new’ (digital) currency comes online, the people will be begging the overlords for it, and trading in what’s left of their worthless kopeks for ’em…..but the overlords will just have conjured ’em, just as they have the current crap.
                    But I do tend to agree- not only because as a Christian, I am familiar with the Scriptures which say that this system will not be allowed to go on for very long, but also because men are just not capable of sustaining such a thing, ‘speciually when it is built upon dysfunctional principles.
                    Functional societies only work when most members of that society practice sound behaviors and values on a personal and familial level, which are then naturally transferred to every institution of that society.
                    The NWO is pretty much the diametric opposite of that- i.e. society being manipulated and controlled from the top down to practice things which do not result liberty, enlightenment, strong independent families, sound economic and health practices, etc.- which, like Soviet Russia, can only result in social and economic dysfunction.
                    The only question is: How long is ‘not too long’ in terms of our remaining years? And how many will die as they implement and fine-tune it?
                    Amazing though, to be living in suich historic times. We are at the brink of eternity; the culmination of all history.

          • Hi Jeremy,

            I feel your pain – and like your plan – but you know how I feel about the “masks.” I won’t wear one, ever – because I’d feel soiled afterward, forever.

            • Hi Eric,

              I went to Whole Foods. Until today they accepted medical exemptions. But they figured how to over come that. They now require people with ME’s to wear a plastic shield, wide open on all sides, full of scratches, with a light gray tint. More irrational than the masks and ridiculous looking. I guess they can’t have heretics in the “church”. I said good bye to great food and a courteous staff. But I always expected the hammer to come down.

              I see many more people on the streets, in the open wearing masks than a month ago, and mostly young people.

              • Hi Art,

                I have the feeling the same will occur in my neck as has happened in yours with regard to Whole Foods. At the moment, I can still enter my local Kroger and Lowes without Diaper. If that changes, I suppose I’ll be going Amish – just without the beard!

                • Grow a beard.

                  I have a full ZZ Top type and it really cuts down on the annoying assholes bothering me. Looking like you don’t give a fuck what others think, and that you might kill them if they piss you off, is great social armour.

                  Being in good shape and 6′ 240# helps too.

                  The masses are cowed, weak and frightened. Use it to your advantage.

                • The beard’s the best part! Why shave-off one of the chief physical distinguishing characteristics between the sexes? (You’re not becoming one of *those*, are ya, Eric? 😀 ).

                  Heck, I can’t even grow a decent beard…but I have one anyway! I’ll be happy when the beard trend ends though, ’cause now, everyone probably thinks I just started growing it because beards are “in”, when in reality, I’ve had it, unmolested, for half of my life…..

                  • Hi Art,

                    Things are going to come to a head soon; this situation was on the verge of going over the edge – and frankly, should. These armed government workers and “health inspectors” need to learn that they cannot get away with such abuse. If not, it’s over – for us.

                    • Yes. We are approaching an ‘us or them’ moment.

                      I don’t think that will end well for us. TPTB get a double bonus. They can eliminate the troublesome thinkers and have only an unthinking, compliant herd.

                      The 90% that are brain dead will cheer as we are executed.

                      There is only one way we win, it is a longshot, and I really doubt even the folks here have the stomach for what it would take.

    • This is not the first time that a VITAMIN DEFICIENCY              
            has been confused with a virus.             

      ~ Bill Sardi 

      Vitamin C, “Sunshine” Vitamin D & Zinc

    • “Uh vacseen is da ONYL WEIGH”

      (spelled retardedly because all the morons CAN’T SPELL FOR SHIT!!! Because they DON’T READ BOOKS!!!)

  12. My elderly parents still go to the store etc everyday!!! They are 84&78…

    Dad still drives,they both go out everyday to kill some time lol..They are not sick,never were sick! They go to the grocery store then some big box store&mall on other days with hundreds/thousands of other people..Not Sick!

    According to the news they should have been hospitalized and watched the nurses do idiotic dances that they film everywhere,unreal!!

    I don’t know anyone who was sick in my family/friends and I have a sister who is brainwashed into thinking this is the killer virus,remember “CASES” she is so freaked out about “CASES” lol…Oh,she is also freaked out about my parents going out everyday,lol…

    My Dad from day one said this is B.S!!! He is usually right,and is about this diaper virus!

  13. Took a flight to Colorado.

    Everybody on the plane, diapered.

    Coloradoans diapered everywhere you go.

    We must be living in Baby-stan.

    This is not America, someplace else.

  14. I’ve been thinking, a dangerous thing says the Psychopaths In Charge. Which do you think you might live longer without, your immune system, or a vaccine? The very working principles of vaccines dictate they manipulate your immune system. Is this even a good idea, much less standard practice? Far more disease has been reduced or eliminated by improved nutrition and sanitation than has by vaccines. The economic suicide encouraged by the Psychopaths In Charge is likely going to have negative impact on both nutrition and sanitation. It’s a known fact that stress has negative impact on immune systems. I suspect we are indeed going to suffer an increase in diseases across the board. Some of which we thought were extinct.

    • To your point about nutrition and sanitation: Both of those things have been breaking down in the last several years.

      WRT nutrition: we’ve been replacing supposedly “bad” fat with “not so bad” salt and sugar since the 80s. It’s the excess sugar that is behind the obesity epidemic: It’s gotten to the point that Ireland doesn’t consider Subway’s sandwich bread to be bread as defined by Irish laws. There’s also the issue of people becoming obese from trying to seek solace in food and drink, aka diseases and deaths of despair.

      WRT sanitation: In the name of being “green,”we’ve been using less effective soaps and detergents, been using reusable grocery bags, and reusable straws. Right about this time last year, the big threat was that turtles and other ocean life was threatened by plastic straws and bags. Now, FWIW, the local Trader Joe doesn’t allow reusable bags in the name of not spreading coronavirus. Also, along those lines, hotels no longer offer the option of reusing your towels.

      And speaking of sanitation, in San Fransicko and Lost Angeles, one can literally download a smartphone app to track human waste in the streets. There have been outbreaks in these once great cities of typhus and other medieval and Victorian era diseases. I’m surprised that there haven’t been mass outbreaks and deaths among the homeless people from disease…

      • Of course we are seeing a decline in nutrition and sanitation. That’s why I predict an increase in disease, along with added stress as a cause. This may in fact be intentional. It would fall in line with the desires of B Gates, along with a number of others who intend to enslave us, and reduce our numbers that of the slaves necessary to maintain their lifestyle.

        • I noticed something similar a couple of years ago and think I mentioned it here. I rarely use the public washrooms in Big Box retail stores but occasionally I need to get rid of some coffee. Almost every time I have, I hear a stall door open and someone will walk directly out of the bathroom, skipping the hand washing completely. This is something fairly new to me as I had not noticed it before a couple of years ago.

          I have not been to a Big Box for 8 months now because I won’t play their OMG WE ALL GONNA DIE FROM ‘RONA! stupid game and refuse to wear a mask. But I am sure the ones that don’t wash after wiping will be wearing their masks like good little slaves, while they contaminate the store (and their mask) with fecal matter.
          WTF is wrong with these folks?

  15. I drove from southwest of Austin to rural Alabama this week.

    Austin: Got refused service at a Chevron for not wearing mask, so went a mile down the road to buy ice at a Shell without an issue. Won’t be buying anything from that Chevron again.

    Stopped at in a small East Texas town for gas and a very cute, unmasked girl walks out of the gas station store that had no sign concerning Wuflu or masks. Inside the unmasked cashier wished us a blessed day. During the lunch stop a bit further down the road the employees wore masks but didn’t say boo to an unmasked family. Drove past a cop in a parking lot with a completely normal haircut seeming to have a reasonable conversation with a group of half a dozen youths, cop and youths all unmasked.

    My couple stops in Louisiana seemed mostly masked, but even though most wore masks no one said anything to an unmasked family. This includes a stop at Chili’s and a couple gas stations.

    Kinda skipped stopping in Mississippi – didn’t need gas and wasn’t hungry.

    My first impression of Alabama was bad. The gas station I first stopped at had a HUGE sign requiring masks; I paid at the pump and left. Needed food for the kid so stopped at Subway – a couple of huge women behind the counter were quite militant about masks, even telling me to keep masks on even though we’re nowhere near anyone and near the tables in an empty store – if it was just me I would’ve walked out. Whilst eating outside I noticed the attached gas station store had no mask sign and every third person or so walked in without a mask. Likewise, the folks at the hotel wore masks but made no mask comments. Other restaurants we stopped at were about 1/3 unmasked customers and minimal to no Wuflu signage. It seems to be a local business decision on masks.

    • Thanks for the Report, Michael!

      This Diapering business is akin to what it must have felt like to walk around in German in 1934 without an armband on….

  16. While those of us who aren’t sick (and haven’t been, throughout this BS) are pestered to act as though we are both sick and highly contagious, a relative of mine who works in a doctor’s office, and who “tested positive” and who actually had flu symptoms for about 10 days, has been allowed/required to return to work, though barely even over the ‘Rona, so that she can continue to “assist” those with various maladies who are desirous of regaining health. Yeah! Makes perfect sense, eh? Of course, she and all of the doctor’s patients will continue to maks-up… Uhh…it didn’t stop her from getting the ‘Rona the first time, maybe it’ll keep her from getting it again! 😉

  17. Hello Eric,

    Merry Christmas to you! I wrote you before about testing positive for WuFlu around Thanksgiving, and I’m honored that you incorporated my story into your article “A Positive Case”!

    My experience has been similar to yours in some ways — I was unemployed “because Corona” from March to September and during that time of looking for work I also made an effort to “power walk” for half-hour, 45 minutes several times a week, and do weights indoors if the weather was bad. During this time, I also went to stores without a face diaper, ignored the “social distancing” markers, hugged relatives and shook hands with people who were willing, didn’t “wipe down” my groceries, wash my hands more than normal or other neurotic things….and it took me *eight months* to get any symptoms and was sick for maybe 4-5 days. I noticed I got sick after I started working in the office and had less time for walking and exercising— which I’m making a point to do more of during breaks and lunch, and on weekends.

    So yes, I would agree WuFlu has turned out to be far less contagious and deadly than it hyped up to be last spring. Yet the MSM still seems to stick with the “killer virus” narrative despite the evidence.

    Speaking of which, it was either you or a fellow reader who commented that the definition of “science” has been turned on its end by the government and media. Science used to be about the scientific method, observable facts, and making/testing hypotheses. Now it seems like “science” means basically “doctrine” — it’s whatever the leaders or “experts” (Biden, Fauci, et al) say it is, no questions allowed.

    “The science is settled”. — sound familiar?

    • We’re hearing more of that “settled science” term lately and it’s very unsettling. It reminds one of the days of your when our moms would say, “You’re going to eat that broccoli and like it, and that’s settled!”

      • Since science, by actual definition, is the ongoing questioning of EVERYTHING, any such thing as “settled science” simply does not exist. Anytime anybody claims “settled science”, what they are actually doing is abandoning science altogether. If science were settled, we would still believe the earth is flat and the center of the universe. After all, the church that put Galileo in jail had “settled science” to back it up. The “settled science” we are bombarded with is exactly the same. It’s dogma, not science. It doesn’t even resemble science. Which means we are experiencing the exact same thing. Belief proclaimed as fact.

      • When I think of “the science is settled,” I think of how the science WAS settled:

        -That the sun revolved around the earth
        -That heavier than air flying machines wouldn’t work
        -That the atom couldn’t be split (the word “atom” comes from the Greek word “atomos” which means “cannot be cut”)
        -That traveling at speeds greater than a horse’s gallop would cause brain damage
        -That women’s reproductive organs would travel all around their bodies causing “hysteria”
        -That Jews were genetically inferior to Aryans, and blacks genetically inferior to whites
        -That smoking cigarettes was safe
        -That radiation wasn’t dangerous
        -That stress and spicy food causes stomach ulcers
        -That pleasuring yourself makes you go blind

        • I saved one I found in a 1939s aviation magazine. Planes would melt if they went more than 500mph.

          And of course this years: fauci lied about masks and is now lying about how many people need to be vaccinated.


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