VA Hero Blows Away Sunday School Teacher

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This happened last year, but it’s worth a look:

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  1. DC Heroes Blow Away Young Mother Dental Hygienist

    Using the computers in their cars, the police knew they were dealing with a dental hygienist.

    There’s footage of them murdering her they haven’t yet released.

    The evidence is conclusive. Miriam Carey had no weapons and no explosives. She did have her infant daughter in her car, Federal police officers opened fire and needlessly murdered an unarmed, innocent woman.

    • This investigation is being headed by a criminal’s department, Eric Holder. What a joke. You think the kid is Obama’s love child?

      • Dom… that would require that Obummer understood what “love” is, wouldn’t it? Wrong side of the blanket child, maybe… but love? (/sarc)

        …though some people seem to think that narcissism is actually a form of love. So, whether he understands the concept or not, it is anatomically impossible for him to have a “love child.”

      • Yes Dom, definitely something like that anyway. There’s no evidence she even hit anybody, nor deserved to be pursued so aggressively.

        Maybe not Obama himself, but someone important to him, which would explain her fear of him. A threat from someone with power that Obama had his back was placed in her head.

        It may be she made this all up, but at the time his team couldn’t be sure who she was, so they executed her to err on the side of safety.

        Just like Mussolini, Obama probably has all manner of people brought to him for who knows what kind of perversions.

        His zookeepers keep him satisfied, so he doesn’t actually do anything off script, but instead only reads teleprompters and raises money.

        Wouldn’t Clinton’s team have been much better off to have killed Monica Lewinsky early on or have taken some other drastic action to eliminate the potential threat she represented?

        Eric Sanders – NY Civil Rights Lawyer

  2. FL Hero Beats Man Until Eye Falls Out of Socket

    Brazil Heroes Dissect Prisoners Leg and Torture Him to Death
    leg dissected and tortured to death

    Pashtun Soldier Heroes Kick Severed Heads of Other Soldier Heroes

    – It’s clear that the days of the costumed heroes are numbered.

  3. One can hope that this murdering douchebag will get some street justice from the other inmates, unless of course he gets sent to some country club prison.

    • I expect he will be segregated from the general population – as is the practice with most LEOs who get sent to prison. Special Treatment once again.

      • Indeed, there are two systems at work.

        We are Helots who use Fed$s to transact and interact with each other and the government. We are valued in Fed$s.

        They are Heroes and have access to Hero$s. They do the dirty work for the government and receive both Fed$s and the additional secret currency of Hero$s. Thus a hero is valued in both Fed$s and additionally in Hero$s.

        Our Fed$ economy has been overthrown and marginalized. Obviously, the Hero$ economy has become far more important thant the Fed$ economy. We earn and spend our $Fed dollars only with the permission and sanction of the over-arching Hero$ economy.

        The overall blogosphere we are commenting in has some kind of Hero$ equivalent. The more we stir up trouble and discord, the more we begin to earn and then transact in Hero$s in a way They do not like.

        They can devalue our currency, but when they go too far, we stop transacting only in the Fed$ economy; and we also start competing with them in their Hero$ economy.

        LewRockwell. Infowars. C-Span. Ron Paul. All this activity has a real presence and effect in the Hero$ economy.

        We are capable of earning Fed$ and Hero$ independently. All they are capable of is taking our Fed$, devaluing our Fed$, and inventing new legal fictions where Hero$ come into existence due to government policy and law.

        Voting has only marginal superficial effect in the Hero$ economy. Yet, it is untrue that we must take up arms and use violence. We can beat the government in their own evil and crooked economy. We can out compete and out trade with them in their own Force Economy based on Hero$.

    • There is an alternate economy at work. One in which we are abject paupers.
      The light sentence. How he will be treated in prison. These are all economically rational propositions.
      There is a logic underlying the way heroes are treated differently than mundanes.
      We operate in an open source $17 trillion dollar annual economy managed by the Federal Reserve.
      Heroes participate in an additional “Country Club” Government force economy.
      Let’s estimate the entirety of the Government force economy at the equivalent of $170 trillion dollars annual.
      Instead of dollars, lets say the Government prisons and public servants are administered in a currency we’ll call “scrip.”

      Thus we conclude that the Leviathan Government’s force-based economy is wholly outside our control.

      Decisions on prison sentences and so forth are made by people who hold the government currency know as scrip. From our perspective it will cost $20,000 in dollars to house an inmate for a year.

      From government policy maker’s perspective, it costs $GOV 200,000 to house that school teacher murdering school teacher.

      Our disapproval. Our voting. This is all meaningless and has no direct effect. What matters is $GOV.

      The way to get $GOV is through holding administrative office, becoming a donor, or being a celebrity. You not only need to be rich or powerful, but you need to convert your wealth/power from $ to $GOV so that you can participate in the Force Economy.

      Let’s say it would cost $500,000 in $GOV to give that hero what he deserves. You would have to find an agent in the $GOV economy to effect the transaction.

      I.E. pay someone in prison to shiv the guy, someone else to smuggle the shiv in, someone else to set up the attack and to look the other way. In other words, it would cost a total of $GOV500,000 to make that guy pay.

      It’s not so much we are powerless, but that we are $GOV penniless.

  4. How is this tolerated? Culpepper is an isolated little town of 16,000 people, 30 miles outside of the DC metro.
    – – – – –

    During a background check, Harmon-Wright told police officials that he had been disciplined for excessive drinking in the Marine Crops and had driven under the influence of alcohol three months before his interview.
    – – – – –

    Harmon-Wright was disciplined in connection with a 2011 incident in which he chased a 15-year-old boy after a suspicious-person report, prosecution filings show. The officer started banging on the door of a home after receiving a tip that the boy lived there.

    When a woman answered, Harmon-Wright demanded that she leave, prosecutors said in the filing. Harmon-Wright entered the house and brandished his gun in the face of the woman’s 18-year-old son, according to the filing.

    It turned out that the boy he was chasing was not in the home and had not committed a crime, but was on his way to school.
    – – – – –

    Harmon-Wright was hired despite the objections of superiors who said his excessive drinking and attitude made him a poor choice.
    – – – – –

    Debbie Mundier Moorman
    I LIVE in this county and he should have gotten 20 years. He murdered an unarmed woman for no other reason than being on a power trip.
    He failed his testing for a LEO but through nepotism his mother got him the job. As for the sheriff he should have resigned right after Close did, I hope they nail him to the cross for his interference with the Ham case. And all this from a person who has a lot of LEOs in her family.

    Appeal denied in Pat Cook slaying

    Forseeability issues argued
    – – – – –

    Husband of Patricia Cook Found Dead

    Cook was a disabled Vietnam veteran who had filed a wrongful death civil suit of $5.35 million in May .

    Cook’s attorneys David Kendall and J. Gregory Webb were not available to comment on whether that suit would continue or be dropped in light of Cook’s death.
    – – – – –

    – Oh, that’s why it’s tolerated. Tolerate it, or speak up and take action, and then be found dead. Got it.

  5. Former Culpepper Hero Found Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter

    Hero Sentenced

    Heroes Claim Immunity

    Where are the usual babbit bootlickers, that will tell us she deserved to be killed? That this is another conspiracy story blown out of proportion? Aren’t they going to add their insights to this one? Don’t jump to conclusions they’ll cackle. You weren’t there they’ll moo. We must reserve judgment until we are nothing but a pile of shoes outside our local sports stadium crematorium.

    You maggoty vermin have no conception of the courage it took for these two witnesses to come forward. You’ll never have the tenacity of the townspeople who worked diligently and tirelessly to make this happen. Fuck you all, you know-it-all thug-snuggler ditherers who do nothing, are nothing, and deserve nothing but contempt from real-life warm-blooded human beings with functioning hearts and spines.

    • Three years – for a murder under color of “the law.”

      And that’s what makes it even more despicable. This bastard had the legal authority to waylay this woman at gunpoint – which means, the woman was constrained from defending herself more effectively (you must obey “the law” and those who enforce it; you cannot flee from a man with a special costume who holds you at gunpoint) and – most of all – should have been held to a much higher standard for his actions than a mere mundane. Isn’t a “hero” supposed to be “trained” in the judicious use of force?

      Jesus Christ!

      Imagine the consequences for any of us if we simply shot a woman to death in the street.

      Three years? Manslaughter?

      It’s laughable.

      No, it’s infuriating.

      • But… but without these brave defenders of freedom there would be CHAOS and ANARCHY.


        the clovers

        Seriously though, his head belongs on a pike.

        • Hi David,

          One of the many galling things about this and similar episodes is that, on the one hand, cops are held to a lower standard than we are insofar as their conduct and, on the other, that they wield “summary judgment” power over us.

          We are required by law to submit to physical assault – literally. If we even attempt to ward off the blows (or grab the gun) it is “resisting” a “law enforcement officer.” We can’t win – and they can’t lose.

          This guy got manslaughter for what should have been minimally murder in the second or third degree. And got three years – ! – for doing what should have earned him at least 20.


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