What’s Up With All These “Training” Exercises?

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Marines and sailors will invade Jasper County, South Carolina, this week, The Island Packet reported on Sunday.

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will train in the town of Ridgeland, the county seat, in preparation for “deployment to Mediterranean and African shores,” 2nd Lt. Gerard R. Farao told the newspaper.

The training will be coordinated with local, county and state agencies and officials, including the Ridgeland police and fire departments, a Marine Corps news release states.

Residents are warned “training could take place at any time” this week in the town and they will “likely see and hear military vehicles and possibly see aircraft” along with soldiers in uniform carrying weapons.

“Some exercises will take place at night. Residents might hear ‘popping’ sounds as Marines fire blanks. The blanks do not pose a hazard for residents, Farao said,” the Beaufort Gazette reports. “Although there is no danger, Farao said residents should stay away if they see training under way or uniformed personnel.”


The Pentagon insists these exercises are necessary for urban combat situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the months ahead, Africa, where it insists al-Qaeda is active.

However, the exercises have a more immediate and important function – to acclimate civilians at home to the presence of combat soldiers working in concert with militarized police with the blessing of local officials (and often with funding provided by the federal government).


  1. The opening fire on people with blanks from helicopters is particularly odd. It’s like get ready for the Butcher of Bakersfield…. Where they are practicing to gun people down here.

    Now what if someone were to take the helicopter fire as real, aimed at them, and fired back?

    I wonder how the masses are going to react when what fedgov has been doing overseas comes home, for real?

    • I think the masses are ready. The 34 hours a week Americans watch TV includes plenty of massacres by evil corporate Butchers of Bakersfield, and their being stopped by the heroes of fedgov.


      Fu11 Movie – The Running Man


      The plot of Richard Bachman’s Novel – Rage – resembles actual events that have transpired since the book’s publication; to the degree that the author is no longer comfortable with the book being in print for fear that it may inspire additional occurrences. It has already been associated with several incidents of high school shootings and hostage takings.

      • Except they are works of fiction. The real stories of what they are doing overseas doesn’t get on the evening news. If a person isn’t following things from internet sites where people wish to expose it they never learn about it.

        I know fedgov guns down ordinary people from helicopters overseas. So when I see them flying low over US cities firing blanks it’s pretty clear what they are planning to do. But the boobus? They have to think that’s fantasy too… like their movies. They don’t know it is real for those people over there.

  2. I’d imagine all the “Training Exercises,” road blocks/traffic stops, the gun grab, and the rest of the madness are tied together. Everything I’ve ever become good at took and still takes practice. You know what they say..

  3. Allow me as Marine vet to respond to this. I served between 1980-1986. 80-83 on active duty. When I was in boot camp, the Iranian Hostage crisis was still active. We were training with the idea of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini at the end of our bayonets. Understand, this was still the period of the cold war. We were still techinally in a state of war (although not declared) with the U.S.S.R.

    I trained with many a MEU/MAU unit over the course of my tour. In terms of urban warfare training, in the CONUS, we did 100% of that on military reservations, in city mockups. Some with quite impressive design. We never did training “off base” between 80-83. However, interesing enough, when part of Northern Wedding Bold/Guard (1982 NATO), my unit was centered in Denmark. We were training literally, with our tanks running down Main Street of various towns in Denmark. The “old folks” had experience this during WWII, so it did not phase them as much. The younger generations resented it, and told us (post tactical) that to our faces, over enjoying their local brew.

    I was discharged in ’86. Urban warfare training, including training done “off base” has beeen stepped up since the end of Gulf War I. More notibly since ’94 when very visible urban warfare has been conducted in the CoNUS, in major U.s. cities and smaller towns. This was long before 9/11, and probably more a response to Waco et al, and then OKC (which are very related). At about the same time, the surveys were going around asking Marines and soldiers would they fire upon American citizens. Many senior NCOs and officers began to resign, or cut their careers short because of these actions. Had I stayed in beyond my initial enlistment (and was slated for OCS), I proabably would have resigned myself.

    There is a saying, in matters of solving a crime scene; “Follow the money.” We are dealing with criminals here of probably the highest order. Not the military per say (excluding most of the flag ranks), but their civilian overlords.

    This is rather complex to answer the overall question in a soundbite or even a paragraph or a well prepared essay. I will state this. What we are seeing here. The “stepped up” military training, in possible preparation for martial law is probably in response to the following:

    The Black Swan is Due Soon

    I will let this article speak for itself. From here, to get the background of what is going on here, please conduct the following:

    Go to Veterans Today

    Click on Editorial Board

    First, give a cursory examination of that list of people on the board. One will want to come back to this for further investigation.

    Next, locate and then click on Leo Wanta.

    Read that article. Really let it sink in. Then one might want to peruse the associative discussion. Pay special attention to comments made by both Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean. Especially what both say about Wanta and Marilyn Barnewall.

    Next, go to Americans: Wanta Be Free, and READ! Study the attachments. Then devour that entire website. Study the discussions. Watch the videos.

    At the same time, start devouring Veterans Today. This is quite a task to get to the truth of the matter here.

    Also, pay attention to Stew Webb, who will continually point you to Veterans Today. Webb is at VT. Webb knows Duff. Webb will point you to Tom Heneghan. Barnewall and Wanta will speak highly of Heneghan and Webb and Duff and Dean. Pay more attention to Jeff Rense. Rense is also with VT. Look up Mike Harris. Also with VT. Highly instructive interview with Harris (including linked podcast) also introducing and expanding on Adamus Group and VT. Harris’ Podcasts. Pay special attention to his interview with Dr. Preston James on the Third Force. James also with VT.

    I could go on here, to help disseminate the truth. This will certainly get one started on the right path, and to continue this journey. And, it is a journey…

    • Bringing back some memories, JC. I participated in the same NATO exercise a few years earlier. Started with a beach landing in the Shetland Islands, then one in Denmark, then into Germany. It was surreal, setting up a machine gun position in someone’s back yard. Even got invited in for some schnaps. Also was in Norway a year earlier, not to far from the border with the USSR.

      One big difference though with Europe. Their military bases are tiny, so they don’t have the “luxury” that our military has of training on base.

      While I was at Lejeune, our company did do some off-base training with the Special Forces near Ft. Bragg, but it was all out in the woods, in a sparsely populated area.

      But, to the issue at hand. I believe that while there can definitely be some benefits to training more “real world” than what you can get on base, there is more going on than the official story. It’s not simply about preparing for deployment.

      Semper Fi!

      • Hi Steve. My dad was stationed on Camp Lejeune back in the 70s. I was born there too. I sure miss the contaminated water they had back then. I still get mail about it.

    • Hi JC,

      Thanks for your thoughtful post, especially this:

      “We are dealing with criminals here of probably the highest order. Not the military per say (excluding most of the flag ranks), but their civilian overlords.”

      You’ve nailed it.

      The situation today is exactly like the situation in Germany during WWII. The rank and file soldiers were (in general) not bad men. In fact, they were men trying to be good – as their society defined it. As our society defines it.

      It’s not hard to goad an 18-year-old kid, under tremendous peer pressure, to do absolutely horrible things. Now imagine what said kid will do when the pressure comes from what he has been taught to accept as legitimate authority.

      I suspect no more than perhaps one in 20 of “the troops” will fail to obey orders, when the time comes.

      But we must focus our efforts on the one out of 20 who will.

  4. Oh? So there was another one? There was what happened in Galveston and Houston just recently. Then there was Miami, St. Louis, Minneapolis, L.A., Boston, San Diego and god knows where else I haven’t found yet.

    • I can’t recall such “exercises” being conducted until quite recently – and now they seem to be happening all over the place. There is apparently a video of a DHS “exercise” in which “the troops” fire on American civilians… I’m trying to find it now….

      • They’re increasing in frequency. And why is it our supposed brave men in uniform are too cowardly to speak up about this? Need I even ask?

        • Dear MOT, Eric,

          As even minarchists agree, there is no such thing as “good government,” only bad governments and worse governments.

          Sometimes bad governments swap places with worse governments.

          Left liberal authoritarians were among the loudest critics of the PRC when PLA troops fired on Chinese civilians during the Tiananmen Square Incident.

          Now they and their icon, Obomber, are eagerly gearing up to do exactly the same thing in the USSA!

          This is not just in flagrant violation of Posse Comitatus, but also their own professed taboo against government troops firing on “their own” citizens.


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