Roasted Kids

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If you’ve been watching the news lately, you already know all about it. And you know what’s coming on account of it. Homer’s car – you know – the one designed by Homer Simpson, with every Rube Goldberg-esque gewgaw imaginable by the mind of a cartoon TV show idiot – is becoming a reality, courtesy of unfortunately all-too-real-idiots who get to dictate car design such that it assuages their overwrought emotions.homer's car

At other people’s expense, of course.

The latest affectation aborning is a mechanism to prevent children inadvertently left in the backseat by their negligent parents from being roasted to death. It is the latest cause celeb. You’d think – if you watched the news – that kids roasting to death in cars was a national epidemic. Like kids being crushed underneath the tires of backing up cars (which prompted mandatory in-car back-up cameras, whether you’ve got a kid or not).

But – as was (as is) the case with kids being crushed by backing up cars, the “problem” of kids roasting to death in the backs of cars is a non-problem. Or rather, it is a manufactured problem. The latest excuse to impose the latest “safety” gewgaw on the driving public, on cars already festooned with so much “safety” equipment they groan under the load of it all. Or rather, the pocketbooks of their prospective buyers have been emptied on account of it all.

How many “children” (that word is becoming an alarm call – but not in the way intended by those who screech it) have been roasted to death in mom and dad’s car so far this year? About 30. Out of a nation of 310 million. This is of a piece with the child deaths attributed to inadvertent crushing by car.  roasted kid pic

For the families involved it is a tragedy. But how is it that the addled, negligent – the deliberately criminal (as in the case of the sex-texting Georgia dad who left his kid in situ for seven hours; read about that cretin here if you haven’t already) conduct of a minuscule handful of people becomes a legally enforceable pretext for imposing obligation and expense on people – millions of people – who had nothing to do with it, don’t need it and don’t want it?

Yet here we are – again – with “concerned moms” (hear that one and you know it’s time to sound the alarm) thumping the tub for “technologies” to “prevent” such occurrences in the future. See here, for instance. And, of course, it’s not enough to ask that some clever person invent a technology to assist the addled, to prompt the negligent – such as an app for the sail fawn-addled that beeps or chirps or whatever it ends up doing to remind Moo and Duh that – whoopsie! – Baby Kaylee is still strapped in back there. Better go back and get her before she gets a tan that never fades.

Doh!Homer car 2

That’s never enough, of course. Because the addled and negligent – the Homers out there –  can’t be expected to go and buy the equipment they need. After all, they are addled and negligent.

So, everyone must be presumed a Homer, addled and negligent – whether they are or are not being entirely beside the point. Cast the net wide. And make everyone pay for it. At least this way – courtesy of economies of scale – the individual cost of the latest “safety” technology will be cheaper.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be free.

How much have mandatory back-up cameras added to the bottom line cost of a new car? The government admits it’s at least $140 (don’t take my word for it; see here). This is up front. The cost to engineer the system, the parts and installation – plus (of course) a profit for the rent-seeking car companies that are now very eager to force-feed “safety” to the buying public.back-up camera pic

It does not take into account the down-the-road costs. That is, what it will cost you to replace the LCD display when it stops working, or the little cameras. Don’t forget: Once a “safety” technology is mandated by the government, you are required to keep it in working condition.

At your expense.

The cost issue, though, is a bogey. Or rather, it is incidental. What’s at issue here is whether “concerned moms” – or any other party – has the right to forcibly impose their “concerns” on other people who may not be concerned. Not everyone has kids. In fact, most people do not have them. Singles who’ve not yet bred; child-free couples; empty-nesters. Older people. They need another electronic gewgaw to prevent a child from roasting to death in the back seat of their vehicle as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Of course, no one thinks of passing a mandate that fish purchase bicycles. Lucky creatures, they are beyond the grasp of government – and far more critically, of “concerned moms.”

How about this, “moms”:annoying mom pic

Concern yourself with the welfare of your children. Remember where you left them. Try not to back up over them. Avoid leaving them to roast to death in the back of your S Moo Vee. They are your responsibility – and your irresponsibility ought not to impose an obligation enforceable at gunpoint on other people.

Just once, I wish one of the mainstream media talking heads would say something along those lines. Instead, they nod their bobble heads in vacuous affirmation whenever a “mom” insists that her “concerns” become law – and add yet another line item to the hassle and expense of living for everyone else.

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  1. My wife recently came across an article that connected an increase of roasted kids with the increase in safety seat mandates and complexity.

    Not that leaving your kid in the car is excusable under any circumstances- you are still an idiot with 100% culpability. But the correlation was interesting.

      • Mass shootings, insane cops, stupid people. Nobody seems to be paying attention to the poison in the water table and soil. Something like 99% of mass shootings were done by people on psych drugs.

        Roundup and other herbicides and pesticides plus the various metals and chemicals that are being sprayed into the atmosphere are all at fault for all kinds of physical problems for not just humans but all living creatures.

        Alzheimer’s is rampant and increasing to a huge degree. We’re all being poisoned, even the fools who mandate the poisoning.

        We have no friends or family to a great extent. Pubic skools are cesspools of ignorance and behavior never seen before in this country….or any other country.

        People are at each other’s throats for absolutely idiotic reasons. We have the sky is falling bunch of climate change and global warming.

        Climate changes you fucking idiots…..AOC and you’d be up shit creek if it didn’t. But let’s don’t let facts and logic get in the way. The earth’s atmosphere is warming but it has little to do with manmade causes. They’re so stupid they haven’t studied enough to realize the planet goes through cycles. The earth gets closer to the sun for hundreds of years and to some degree, thousands of years, then reverses. Is that so hard to understand? A cop murders a guy belted and cuffed in the front seat of his car and the press describes it as several rounds discharged from his gun when the truth was he shot the guy several times with his gun and murdered him. The gun only did what it was made to do, just like a hammer or a wrench.

        And like eric says, they wonder why I drink.

  2. much like mandating against more gun control in the form of limits on capacity of magazines – or semi-automatic firearms in general because of a few instances of mass shootings by deranged individuals. This type of legislation will do absolutely nothing to prevent the next deranged individual from doing the exact same thing, however there has never been a nationally publicized tragic event that hasn’t been exploited by an ambitious politician anxious to appear like he’s “doing something” in the eyes of the voting public. Aaaaaargh!!

  3. In reference to the “The mandatory back-up cameras” that will be required in all new cars.

    What if the camera is obscured by mud? What will the Feds dictate then?

    I divine that they will mandate a device to be called D.O.P.E. (disabling of parent’s engine).

    They will also require additional, redundant rear view sensors using one or all of these technologies: infrared, laser, radar, and sonar which will use alarms to alert the driver and be known as N.E.R.D. (negative electrical reinforcement device).

    D.O.P.E. and N.E.R.D. with the same sensors inside the car would solve the roasted kids syndrome (R.K.S.) as well.

        • Tor, and we still don’t know. He may have become a drinker after moving to S. America and occasionally cried in his beer.

          Of course he did extoll the virtues of killing Jews but we don’t know if he ever killed one himself and politicians rely on that. And what is so sad about the human condition is there are always countless people who are eager to kill a politicians enemies…..and I think they refer to themselves as “clover”.

          I have never raised a hand to another man said Abe(insert any other name you want here), the great rail splitting liar.

          • Abe, the father of Monopolies. Pen pal to Karl Marx.


            After some equivocating, Lincoln freed the slaves, a monumental undertaking that was a service to the country and to humanity in general.

            He was also friendlier to workers than most presidents, an affinity noted by Karl Marx, who exchanged letters with Lincoln leading up to and during the Civil War.

            He was extremely close to the railway barons, the most powerful corporate titans of the era.

            Lincoln letter to Col. Elkins

            “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country….corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

            In 1851, Lincoln tried his first major railroad case, representing the Alton & Sangamon Railroad before the Illinois Supreme Court.

            The defendant had bought stock on the belief that railroad lines would run near his home and give his property value a boost.

            Unfortunately for him, the Illinois legislature subsequently amended the company’s charter and changed the route so that it no longer ran near his land.

            The defendant refused further payments to the railroad company, arguing that the original contract was altered and thus nullified.

            Lincoln argued otherwise, and convinced the Supreme Court. His victory was a big deal and set a precedent that was evoked throughout the rest of the century.

            The railroad industry was deeply impressed. Lincoln’s career as a railroad lawyer took off.

            Because of Lincoln, a farmer could be told that he would benefit from the railroad line, and was therefore entitled to less compensation when a track ran across his field.

            This assumed benefit was highly speculative. Often estimates turned out to be way off-base. The offsetting-of-benefits argument was held by many to be grossly unfair and became deeply unpopular.

            But it was great for the railroad barons, and sparked increased railroad development.

            Lincoln also argued in court that farmers and ranchers would have to bear the expense of building fences so that their animals did not wander onto train tracks.

            Railroad companies got windfall tax exemptions that many felt constituted favoritism and unfairly burdened other taxpayers.

            Through his prowess, railroads won the right to limit liability for damage to cattle and other animals caused by delay in transit.

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  5. The woman in that video cites Mesa, Az as a place where any living thing will roast real quick if left in a car outdoors during the hot months. True enough. But here in the summer, we have a whole lot more kids drown in pools than cook in cars.

    Lots of safety regs have been mandated. But somehow, those kids manage to keep drowning. No huge outcry from “the moms” either.

    Strange, huh?

    • Maybe it’s just because such things weren’t as publicized when I was a kid in the ’70s and ’80s – but I can’t recall ever hearing about it back then.

      Maybe because parents weren’t exhausted by years of having to strap their kids into those got-damned “safety” seats every time they went for a drive!

  6. Our government does not give a damn about children. That is evident by the amount of children they murder worldwide, think pre-Iraq 500,000 children dead. I think this serves one purpose……distraction. We are about to embark on a war with a superpower and the mass-media is full of these touchy feely do-goody useless news bites. Eric, you stated a statistical fact of 30 deaths in a country of 310 million. That info is unfortunately real information that does not help politicians who must remain lap dogs for the true ruling elites. So yes these stupid “problems” must be page one while real news is page 30 and then only touched upon.

    • Real news flash:

      They’re not our government.

      End news flash:

      Mach III Avelli

      ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince
      “Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.”
      “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”
      “There is no other way to guard yourself against flattery than by making men understand that telling you the truth will not offend you.”
      “The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.”
      “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”
      “Men in general judge more by the sense of sight than by the sense of touch, because everyone can see but few can test by feeling. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few know what you really are; and those few do not dare take a stand against the general opinion.”
      “Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
      “Because there are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless.”
      “A man who is used to acting in one way never changes; he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways.”
      “How we live is so different from how we ought to live that he who studies what ought to be done rather than what is done will learn the way to his downfall rather than to his preservation.”
      “The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar.”
      “The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.”
      “It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.”
      “He who becomes a Prince through the favour of the people should always keep on good terms with them; which it is easy for him to do, since all they ask is not to be oppressed”
      “In conclusion, the arms of others either fall from your back, or they weigh you down, or they bind you fast.”
      the lesser evil.”
      ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

  7. whatever happened to window cranks ? and sunroofs ? and parking in the shade ? whatever happened to common sense?
    If people can’t focus enough to remember their kids…they shouldn’t be on the road anyway…bunch of crack addled clovers !
    An off road vehicle (jeep?) with airbags….bwahahaa….in case a tree or boulder jumps out in front of you? Bad enough they don’t put REAL bumpers on anything .
    I gotta go ride my bike…and I’m only wearing a helmet to keep my beard from flipping into my eyes* !
    *suggestions short of shaving welcome

    • Half-joking: split-shot weights attached to a scrunchee or similar. Hair ties, essentially, with weights in them, to keep things down, as opposed to “all over.”

      Aside from a “fashion statement,” What’s the purpose of a beard so long it flies back in your face? We see the Vikings presented as such, but…. I can see a lot fo risk to having unkempt facial hair, not least of which is getting it caught in a drill or wheel or gears, or even having it used as a “handle” to control your face…. 😉

      Oh, lazy man’s way, of course, is tuck it inside your shirt. 😉 Tie clips might work as well. Or a large alligator clip.

      But how long are we talking here? 🙂

      • sorry,didn’t get the auto note….so far cable ties and tucked in the jacket collar works best (too curly-kinky for scrunchies) but they have to be cut off. The beard almost covers my belly …but I’d rather people point and say,’ look at that beard’ than ‘look at that belly !’ Hadn’t thought of tie clips although I tried a Bola once and it about beat me blind.A cowboy bandanna works until things blow loose….it’s enough to drive a guy to wearing a brain bucket
        on a nice sunny day instead of just in the rain or in city traffic.

    • Dan, I have come to believe the hype of HFCS being one of the most damaging things physically and mentally to ever exist. Nobody has a damned lick of common sense these days.

  8. Notice what is not being examined in this problem. The entire problem is the result of previous government safety regulation.

    1) Government regulation requiring kids be strapped in and immobilized in these child seats and what not.

    2) the government regulators still after forty years not admitting that the unbelted male standard for airbags is wrong. Because of this children must be put in the back seat.

    One intervention begets another.

    • That’s a great point, Brent – you’re exactly right.

      Much harder for the kid to roast to death if he’s not strapped into a seat like a mini-me Hannibal Lecter.

      Child “safety” seats are probably the main reason I shied away from having kids… I simply cannot imagine having to spend years coping with that kind of over-the-top idiocy. My parents’ generation was lucky. Us kids just got in – and out – of the car. Easy peasey Japaneesy.

      Somehow, we’re all still alive, too.

      • What amazes me is the number of people who managed to live through the era where car “safety” wasn’t a priority. I have friends and acquaintances who, somehow, managed to live through an era in which babies were either held on their mother’s laps, or set in the back seat…without a seatbelt.

        I’m surprised an entire generation wasn’t wiped out…

      • eric, “we’re still alive”. No shit. I had a major wreck last week, had a frac sand truck run over my rig, a nice(ungodly rough)trip to the Er. I was at the end of a long line(1/4 mile) of traffic, stopped in the road, waiting for the passing of traffic from the other direction. I had my foot brake on(all 18 wheels)when this guy with no pupils barely swerved in time to narrowly not climb my drop deck, dovetail lowboy I had a load of culverts on that would have just let that rig climb right up my trailer and over my cab(me, dead, not even knowing about it). So I’m not at fault but I end up with a cap full of tickets. My main aggression against the state? Well, hell no I didn’t have a seat belt on and won’t. NHTSA and the national institute board had nothing to show big rig operators are safer with seat belts but the DPS and the DOT arm are getting way out of control(a half billion dollars in the last four years given to them from us with a 20% pay raise for every one of them). I wore a seatbelt for the first time ever in a big rig on a run down I-20 with lots of DOT and me being predictably illegal(no tags, a trailer I’d just picked up from auction….and I actually had tags but the paper ones are gone within miles, no way to keep them and no way to not get a raft of shit if you get stopped other than having the bill of sale and tags in the cab). Just screw the state and all it’s minions. The only “good’ thing out of the ER trap was they screwed up and didn’t drug test me. Not that it would have made a difference since I don’t have any drugs in my system except for a BP med but some of my supplements can cause false positives and then the SHTF and you’re guilty until you can prove you’re not. Second time to the ER in less than two months and I had never had an accident in a big rig in 50 years. As Ed would say(you know)Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads.

  9. Why not get one of the bluetooth-based tracker devices for your smartphone?

    Attach one to your kid’s onesie, and when you get out of range it alerts you.

    Could even help in the case of child abductions (another very-low-probability event).

    • Hell, why not implant a chip in the kid, and you’ll never have to worry again?
      Pair the carseat with the kid’s chip, and if they’re within 3 feet of the car, AND not locked into the seat, the car won’t even move…

      And if you’re going to do such things, might as well make the onesie a battery or capacitor, and then when the child’s being abducted, the abductor gets a 20,000 volt jolt, all because you’re smartphone, soon to be smart implant, says your child is out of range….

      Where (and how) does it end….?

      • The difference is that it’d be voluntary by the parents. And it’s clipped on, so not implanted. And you can attach them to other things, like the dog’s collar so you don’t leave Fido in the car, or you’d know when he went wandering around the neighborhood. The point is, it wouldn’t be government mandated if people took action themselves.

        • Sorry, I call bull dookie.
          Because while it will start out “optional” – “if it saves just one life, it’s worth it.”
          Can’t have the people allowed to CHOOSE, you see; they’ll choose wrong, or forget, or intentionally screw with it (such as, attaching it to the dog, when it’s meant for the child – “for their safety,” of course.)
          Like anti-lock brakes, or backup cameras… It’s only optional FOR NOW.
          Today, it’s the “next great thing,” but tomorrow, it’s “de rigeur” (status quo), and tomorrow – no more options, it’s mandatory, so we’ll just implant it at birth.

          And that brings in all the cooptions and corruptions, as you are tracked, your buying habits analyzed, your library reading material scoured for subversive content (like, practical home repairs – since you can make poisons and bombs with household cleaners… the EVIDENCE of your ill intent is present, even though all you wanted was to fix the plumbing for the kitchen sink…)
          And it’s all “for the good of The People.” Whereas, if you don’t have “THE STATE,” there are only people to attack – and pretty soon, anyone with a turban* will be a target, and you’ll be extinct a few years after that… Because people won’t tolerate your sort of violence around their families.

          What we have instead is, THE STATE determining who IS and IS NOT a “danger” based on their political and ideological leanings. THE STATE is made stronger by those who depend on it, and weakened any time an individual shows it is unecessary, or over-reacting, or heading towards bankruptcy, or if the individual shows any sort of self-reliance rather than government-reliance. SELF governance is immoral in the eyes of THE STATE.

          Again, what is optional today, is mandated by law tomorrow – and accepted as “how it’s always been.” People aren’t good with future-time orientation. Our intellect isn’t nearly as advanced as we’d like to think it is.


          *: turban is interchangeable with any identifying mark – black skin, say, or a bracelet (Sikhs in Indian culture) or a tatoo denoting gang affiliation, etc.

  10. Once a “safety” technology is mandated by the government, you are required to keep it in working condition.
    At your expense.

    Are you certain about that? When I lived in the States, I always removed the warning buzzers/stickers, side reflectors/lights and, in earlier times, also upgraded the crash bumpers, lighting and outside-mirrors to German standards. In fact, before I got out, I had a couple of non-DOT cars there. I never had a problem with any State revenuer.

    • Hi Doug,


      Now, you may be able to “get away” with the device being inoperative… if your state/locality does not have mandatory “safety” inspections.

      But in states that do require “safety” inspections – typically, once a year – you’ll be failed if any of the “safety” equipment mandated by law is deemed to be disabled or inoperative.

      • Which is why I live in Wyoming.

        Fuck your safety gear, and fuck your pollution controls. I’ll remove whatever I damned well please from my car, and replace the crap carbs with a holly.

        And drive down the freeway at 80 mph.

        Now … if we can get the state cops to ticket truckers for 1 mph speed governor caused passes …

        • I like your attitude Kristophr, just make sure your car’s unregistered so that YOU own it and aren’t merely the registered keeper.

          If anything, we need MORE of this safety shit. Know what I mean? Take it to the extreme. Wake up the sheep and the auto industry and ultimately the grabbermint that cars with all this mandated rubbish won’t be bought because they can’t force us.

          The more they try the more we’ll push back.

        • Christophr,So you think it’s the trucker’s faults eh? I almost never come across a truck, including my own, that isn’t speed limited…..and the shits of it is, almost all cars are showing one or two mph less than what they’re doing or the ones that don’t are driven by clovers who want to stay a mile or two under the speed limit. I go through this shit a hundred times a day. If everyone(and I know that almost every car on the road is correct on their speedo)would just set that sumbitch on 75 or let’s get really wild, 77 or 78, every trucker would be absolutely thrilled to let “them” cruise slowly on by and never have to pass another gotdamn 4 wheeler doing 74mph. Better yet, outlaw speed governors since my Kitty is turning less than 17 rpm in the last hole. How about just letting that bad boy wind on up to 2200 rpm and there’f be no problem, I’d just pass your slow ass and be done with it. Blame it once again on the govt. and the compliant clovers who get to control the top speed on big rigs. Never mind fast passing is much safer, let’s just kill everybody out there willy-nilly so NOBODY will ever be able to pass, just get in those big bunched up groups where a half mph is the maximum speed differential. Think you’re frustrated? Try doing that for a living. It’s not so easy to adjust speed in a big rig either. You back off to the least you can do and the turbo and governor spin down so you try to get back into it just a hair and everything spools up again and here you go, that extra 1 mph……shit……4 wheeler drivers, never will get it. Sometimes I see that owner/operator who hasn’t nannied hell out of his rig stick his foot in it and you see the exhaust get hotter and he just does a few more mph and avoids that bs with 4 wheelers and everyone else. Time is money and every mph you have is money in your pocket. To t he contrary of what clovers think, slower ain’t better fuel mileage wise. Oh, doing 90+ with a big load is going to use more fuel but being able to roll to 80 or more on a steep downhill is just money in your pocket and a hassle off your mind. I don’t mind a triple digit truck in the least, esp. when I’m the only vehicle I can see on the road and I’m not loaded. Back during 55mph, hardly any trucks were really cut back so running fast in the wee hours helped make up for all the grinding up and down hills trying to not do more than 60. When the DOT outlawed radar detectors in big rigs, it created a swamp of vehicles who couldn’t get away from each other `or god forbid a 4 wheeler take the initiative and get the front door and stay the hell in front and out of the way and maybe even get a bye for the trucker. I’ve always been one of those in a 4 wheeler but I play the other side so I know what it’s like. Clovers run insurance companies and are soooo convinced that slower is better. I’d agree when some dick causes me to have to go “offroad’ to avoid them….5 mph would be great at that point. Want to wait on your “whatever it is you have to have from the store” while trucks run 10 mph so they’ll be “safe”?
          Oh, wait, I haul mostly big equipment and road building materials so never mind. I know you don’t want to use smooth roads to get where you’re going. You’d just rather tear off across everybody’s pasture and mountain and dell and stream. What in hell was I thinking? So, how does the cruise control work through the pasture for you? Or back when I hauled mainly building products, I know it didn’t make a damn for you whether your house got built this year or a few years later. As far as fuel delivery goes, why that’s not here nor there is it? I mean, as long as the fuel trucks take to get it there, it will “eventually” be there for you to use…..if everyone isn’t backed up in front of you at the pumps. Oh hell, I lived through that bs too. And it was ALL govt. initiated bs.

    • That is why my mom just sent her perfectly good Jeep Grand Cherokee to the junkyard…two air bags suddenly and mysteriously died and the cost to replace them was more than the Jeep was worth. The airbag warning light came on and the diagnosis was that the passenger air bag and the air bag in the driver’s side seat came up as inoperative in the diagnostic test. She would have just kept driving the Jeep with the light on, but the mechanic told her that not only would the Jeep fail the safety inspection, but also that those air bags could suddenly detonate at any time, like while driving down the highway at 65 mph. So a perfectly serviceable vehicle gets scrapped.

      • Hi Bryce,


        This ugly reality is going to be brought home to a growing number of people in the coming years. The first air-bag-equipped cars are now about 20 years old… and failures are going to be more and more common as the “fleet” ages.

        More and more otherwise sound, mechanically good to go vehicles are going to be thrown away – and their owners compelled to buy new ones (or spend a fortune to get their older vehicles “repaired”).

        For “safety.”

        And, there’s more on deck:

        OBD III.

        I’ll have an article up about that soon….

        • Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?

          Three ways to send/receive data:

          Roadside reader
          Local station network


          Incorporate into biennial I/M program
          Read fault code to screen for vehicles that need complete testing
          Pass or short test for vehicles with no fault code
          Does not speed up repair process
          Out-of-cycle inspection
          Compile and screen data
          Mail notice to vehicle owner requiring out-of-cycle inspection within 10 days
          Require Certificate of Compliance (C of C) on next registration/resale, or
          Require C of C within 30-60 days, with citation for noncompliance
          Enforce citation via court and/or DMV penalty at next registration
          Roadside Pullover
          CHP flags down vehicles with fault codes
          Technician verifies problem by inspecting and/or testing vehicle
          Issuance of notice requiring out-of-cycle inspection
          Same enforcement (C of C /citation)



          So they think they’ll be justified in enforcing “environmental” issues via SATELLITE? And I’d bet the effing Clovers won’t even question it!!!!

          I spent 12 hours yesterday sleeping, instead of working. (Not by choice.)
          Great way to get my blood pressure back to bursting, man, thanks, really needed that….

          I think I’ve been too tolerant so far, and allowed too many clovers to reproduce. There is _NO_EXCUSE_ for this stuff. The ONLY reason for ANY of it is to rape us for more money.

          Of further note, Thomas Jefferson’s quote is comgin true in many ways:
          “Those that beat their swords into plowshares, shall farm for those who do not.”
          1. The State declares IT is the only LEGAL user of force (coercion.)
          The state retains swords.
          State orders all non-state personnel to beat swords into plowshares.
          State rules world.

          Aparrently, this applies also to all other forms of sword, such that the following ALL become swords – all of which are pointed at US, the Human Resources within The State. The people supposedly served by the state (with a fine chianti and a side of fava beans….)

          – Transportation
          – Property
          – Intellectual property (debate the value/reasonableness of same all you want, it’s still subject to regulation, which is the point.)
          – Food – Water – Air (quality, and even use of) – Social security (Again, right or wrong, it exists – but the “Returned taxes” are taxed in turn as income. WTF?) – national parks / open space (“Private” and enforced/enforceable “No Trespassing” when it’s State-owned, but you can be held liable for a thief getting injured after breaking into YOUR HOME – thief can sue AND WIN!) – extortion (taxes), legal when the STATE sticks a gun in your ribs, illegal if anyone ELSE does it [but the state can’t be bothered protecting the livestock human resources, and has determined it has no such obligation to do so] – And worst of all…..
          While WE give up our energy-producing capacities, and get choked into financial servitude, the REST of the world is still MAKING THINGS WORK – Incandescent bulbs, for example; mechanization; manufacturing; etc.

          Yet Americans refuse to accept that there is a sword being held to their throat, and shoved in their guts, while BRICs moves ahead and becomes FAR MORE financially successful using the technologies we must “give up” to “save the planet” (More, “to enrich the parasite classes.” )

          How many here have been outside the US?
          How many Recently, say- last 10 years?
          And how many even look into other country’s politics, even second-hand?
          South America is SURPASSING North America (The US & Canada) in modern medical technology, and affordable pricing. (One of the reasons ExPats go there.)

          I begin to think that Americans are beyond fat, happy, and stupid – and the plan is to roll out the learned technologies and propagandas in the Fifth Reich (we ARE the Fourth, and it’s not German- or Aryan-Based, it’s Stupid-based. Homer Erectus walks amongst us… Or maybe, thanks to GLBT, PFLAAG, etc, it truly IS HOMO Erectus…. 🙁 )

          Maybe we need a reset button? Or maybe a global panarchy is the only option, complete with all the damage of our violent anarchist co-residents? The WORST thing we can do is sit back and educate and wait. (Education is good, not knocking that, but if that’s the extent? We’re not doing enough.)

          Educate, point people to the resources, and engage in conversation – and every once in a while, “retire” a deserving individual, like a judge or governor. Change barrels and calibers and methods to make sure you’re hard or impossible to track.
          Electrical fires are a bummer….
          Drug Busts are fun, too.
          Direct actions as appropriate…
          And if you want to REALLY have fun? Clone a high-level cell phone, and leave evidence (IE, a tracable gun) behind, then call the cops on the LEO/Judge/Bureaucrat.
          It’ll do until we can make Screamers (mobile autonomous swords – IMDB will give you examples. B-grade, but examples.)

          Waiting allows Clover to get in deeper in the garden.
          Waiting allows cancer to metastasize.

          Chemotherapy, whether roundup for clover, or Mesnex or Anastrozole or (???) et al, is the only REAL solution. Can’t wait until police are doing patrol in MRAPs. Can’t wait until the Death Star is built.
          Especially since that will never happen. It will be incremental “drip-drip-drip” erosions until we see that East Germany and Soviet Russia were freer than we’ve become, and that life is too expensive to maintain… But by then, we’ll be chipped like cattle, as I’ve posted elsewhere. And perhaps even be “immunized” against the anti-government mindset of the evil “Individualists” who were anti-freedom terrorists..

          We’re probably 10 years away, AT MOST, from an Alpha release. And I’ll bet it’ll go into children first, as an immunization. Won’t be “children of the corn.” There won’t be anything obvious, unless you count ADD, ADHD, depression, learning disabilities, autism, etc. as “obvious symptoms.”
          But we’ll have a great new slave class…. And no doubt, the inbred Elites will soon enough fall into similar problems of genetic shortages. Better hope they at least think in terms of gene therapy and retro-viral controls, because… The elites will be “immunized,” too. Problem with making things “idiot-proof” is, someone keeps making better idiots.
          To make it idiot-proof, all vaccinations will be mandatory…
          And the automated facility, sending out the “elite” and “slave” vaccines, will have errors – something jumps a conveyor, shipment get mislabelled, etc. Voila, generations (and countries, and even races or species) are destroyed….

        • Absolutely. There are many ways around airbag warning lights. I installed non-side-airbag Recaros in a new Audi and a 2,5 Ohm resister plus a 27 Ohm resistor replacing the passenger-seat-sensor kept the airbag light off and the system working.

      • Bryce, how much did she get for it? Would she have taken a good beef for it? I have the entire west Tx to roam in that vehicle. I’d throw some plate on it and be good to go. I rarely even cross a paved road anyway.


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