A Checklist for the Undiapered

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If you are a Diaper Dissenter – someone who refuses to efface his face to placate sickness psychotics – you may want to take care of necessary business now, while it is still possible to do so without effacing your face.

It is already a challenge to buy food and get other necessary items without donning the unnecessary (in terms of your health) Face Diaper. It is possible it will become impossible in less than two months from now. Whatever your political leanings, we have been promised a National Face Diaper Mandate by one of the political candidates. This NFDM could and probably will be enforced in the manner a similar mandate is already being enforced in Australia – with government stormtroopers who literally look like Imperial Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies.

They will be harder to ignore than signs on the door.

And there will be much more pressure – legal pressure – applied to Diaperless SpeakEasies that currently don’t ask – and won’t tell – if you walk in Undiapered.

Corona Karens are annoying; federal stormtroopers are scary.

So it’s a good time to get ready – preemptively.

Take care of necessary medical care right now, while you can still find a doctor – or a dentist – who will take care of you without degrading you. I am getting an old filing replaced – and a new crown installed – at a dental speakeasy next week so as to go into next month (and possibly, the many months thereafter)  not having to worry about an old filling falling out or my cracked tooth rotting out in my mouth because I cannot get either fixed without donning the Diaper and not improbably, accepting the “vaccine” – in air quotes to emphasize that no one knows what it will contain or what it will do, except perhaps Bill Gates and the Sexiest Man Alive.

I figure that getting caught up on my dental issues will buy me at least a year and hopefully several years of not having dental problems and thus not needing the services of a dentist who may only treat me if I don the Diaper (and accept the Needle).

Which I won’t. But I’d like to not have my teeth rot out in the meanwhile.

I also figure it’s smart to spend the money now – before the money becomes worthless. Or digital – which can be disabled just like that, if you dissent – and not just from Diapering. A cashless society means a completely controlled society, at least insofar as what you are allowed to buy and sell.

Diaper Joe is all for that, too.

I also bought a year’s supply of toothpaste and floss and spare toothbrushes – to keep my teeth from needing dental care again, for ahile. I think toothpaste and floss and spare (new) toothbrushes are far more necessary than toilet paper since you can take care of that without toilet paper. But it’s hard to take care of your teeth when you can’t brush them or haven’t got anything to brush them with (that’s effective).

Don’t let this slide. Rotting teeth do more than just hurt. They can kill you – a lot more effectively than the WuFlu.

Have all your vehicles serviced, too – if you are unable to service them yourself. If you service them yourself, get the parts you’ll need to service them now – before you’re required to wear a Diaper (and get a Needle) in order to get them.

Also a supply of new clothes – as you may not be able to get new clothes without being given (and made to wear) a Diaper in a few months from now. Warm clothes are important, including socks and gloves.

Food, obviously. But also the means to make more food – without having to buy it.  This means seeds – to grow your own food. And the other things you’ll need to do that, such as the tools and maybe even a greenhouse (indoor or out; it is very doable to grow enough food inside a house or apartment to keep you fed or at least, alive and you can grow indoor all year long).

If you have a little land – or even a backyard, four or five chickens will provide several fresh eggs every day.

Buy books. Not Kindle or electronic. Hard copy books that you’ll still be able to read even if the power goes out – and the Internet goes down. For yourself and your kids, if you have them.

Fuel – to cook food and keep warm. Fuel not under their control – which they can turn off (as they have already threatened to do and actually have done in some cases). If you have a fireplace, get enough firewood to last one hard winter, which will be at least 2-3 full cords. Buy it with the money you have now, which may soon not buy much. If you haven’t got a portable gas grille – 4th of July barbecue style – get one now. They are on sale – it being the end of summer. And you can cook on it all winter using not-much propane. A small camp stove that burns multiple fuels (e.g., Coleman, unleaded regular) is also a very good idea.

Most of all, get some Undiapered friends.

People in your neighborhood, ideally – who are also sane and unwilling to submit to insanity. Such people are good to have around in any case but having them around may be key to surviving what may be coming.

Because of what’s possibly just a few weeks ahead – and coming fast.

. . .

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  1. Here is one thing that you can say/do in response to anyone who asks you about not wearing a mask…

    “I do not need to wear the mask because I have passed the COVID19 Immunity test. I can not contract COVID19 nor am I a carrier and therefore I can not transmit COVID19 to anyone else. As a result, I have no need to wear a COVID19 mask. Have a nice day.”

    What is this COVID19 immunity test?….simple….You have COVID19 if you believe in COVID19. You are immune to COVID19 if you understand that it is a staged hoax brought to us by the New World Order Cabal as part of their AGENDA 21 global enslavement plan.

      • Hi Pyrate,

        I have been thinking about wearing my dad’s stethoscope and other medical accoutrements while venturing among the Diapered. Perhaps they will regard me as High Priest and fall at my feet in supplication!

      • Another one that I have actually used….”Where is your mask?”
        “My ex wife got it in the divorce.”

        Followed up of course by ‘carrying on smartly’. People are left beside themselves when I clearly operate on another plane of existence. In fact, due to the energy that emanates from me, I am almost never ‘accosted’ by the normy/masky type. Their subconscious sees that I am a rockstar, a relative ‘god’ amongst a population of (non)men and it informs them to not recognize me. Certainly a bit of cognitive dissonance engages within them to cover the pain that would otherwise ensue in their little unenlightened minds, that deep and horrible pain that arrives when confronted with a piece of evidence (me) that works to shatter their worldview built on lies. This my friends is a spiritual battle being waged at the cosmic level…and of course it doesn’t hurt to reside in the intermountain west 😉

  2. Good list, Eric.

    I would include ammo….lots of it! With many of the gun shows being closed due to COVID it seems to be harder to find this. I know many prefer to order online, but I don’t trust my government not to come knocking on my door wondering why I needed 1000 rounds of 7.62. I am a big believer in cash and carry.

    Also, getting to know your local farmers. A few years ago I started purchasing all of beef, pork, and seafood locally. Not only does it taste better than the store bought kind, but you are directly helping the people that need it the most.

    I would also stock up on medicine. Not only pain relievers, but several different spices and herbs to help alleviate symptoms of many manageable illnesses when getting to a doctor is not possible – elderberry, turmeric, and ginger are some of my favorites.

    • Thanks, Raider!

      Hey, also: I make a point of not letting them get away with verbiage such as “closed due to Corona.” Corona didn’t close a damned thing. The government Gesundheitsfuhrers did. Let’s lay the blame where it belongs!

      Well-said in re the meds, too!

      • As another fine point…Do not let them (better put, ‘do not let yourself’) conflate and intermingle the two terms “COVID19” and “Coronavirus”. These are not the same, and if you ponder it for a while, you will see how nefariously they have switched back and forth between these terms (as nefarious as the insidious switching between ‘deaths’ and ‘cases’). You see, ‘coronavirus’s’ always exist within us (cue the massive awakening that results from understanding terrain vs germ theory…coupled with the awakening that EVERYTHING they have taught us is a lie…but I digress). COVID19 is an operational code word for this particular phase of their AGENDA 21 global enslavement plan. People would do well to understand the New World Order and Agenda 21…failure to do so is at your own peril.

          • Ha ha, and that is why I only refer to it as COVID19, to mince no words about the fact that this entire thing is a carefully planned/orchestrated staged hoax and part of their social engineering global enslavement scheme…Agenda 21 and beyond. Fret not though, we shall both get to Scotland.

  3. If only the people were as organized as the phony rioters, maybe we could do their job for them, since they don’t riot against the cause of their problems (the govt), instead they riot & harm the innocent population who is also suffering from the same problems. Thanks for nothing you stupid brainwashed spoiled brat rioters — you SUCK.

    The only people that riot are the idiots that have a criminal agenda — the good honest majority of people never do anything useful — they just stand in the streets with their signs — peaceful is not going to work — being peaceful is what the criminals brainwashed you to do. If you want to be peaceful then you need to organize & replace govt, but if you want govt dictators bossing you around then you can’t be peaceful because they ignore you.

    • Indeed. Tyrants rarely if ever fall by any means other than financial collapse or violent resistance, often both, with the latter following the former. One must always remember that they are psychopaths. That’s what got them where they are. They care not one wit about anything that does not serve their psychosis. As they have done before, they will kill a third of their subjects to maintain their place, and sleep like a baby. As Solzhenitsyn aptly points out, what if the enforcers had to worry about whether they would go home tonight? Would they not consider more legitimate employment? Tyrants do not create tyranny. Submission and enforcement do. Without his goons, Hitler was a not very funny comedian with a very funny mustache.

    • Oh, and a heads up. A group in Ohio filed a lawsuit against the governor there. Their argument is that the so called emergency ended when the extra emergency hospital (s) were removed. That’s the gist of it. They filed in federal court, so maybe the effect will help other states if they win. Hundreds of pages of documentation to support their claim, now the state will have to prove there’s still an emergency. Good tactic, hope it works.

      • Hi Jim,

        Excellent! The key to this thing right now is to get across the point – the fact – that a “case” means nothing, as such. Or rather – more precisely, in medical terms – a “case” only means something if serious symptoms manifest. Otherwise, so what? I had a “case” of headache the other night.

        This “case” business is being used deliberately to perpetuate the Fear. Which tells you what this is all about.

        • Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants, and we are getting a double dose of both. Hopefully, more will refuse to swallow, since the cause of neither actually exists. I wish I could ask “why are people so gullible?”, but one need look no further than their local public school to find the answer. Which one should also prepare to replace. There are abundant sources of lesson plans, and all one has to do is stay one lesson ahead of their student(s). One should carefully examine whatever lesson plan they adopt. Propaganda is everywhere.

        • A little more about the lawsuit. Did a Duckduckgo search this morning (I don’t trust Google in the least!), there really isn’t much mention of it apart from a couple of alternative news sites. No surprise, really. Emperor Dewine of Ohio blew it off when he was asked about it, but I don’t know that he really can. The suit is challenging the actual “state of emergency” itself, and the only defense is to prove there actually is one.

          Here are a couple of links to the suit itself, and supporting documentation. Word of warning – supporting docs are over 600 pages.

          Edit – your spam filter isn’t allowing me to post the links. No matter, just do a search on the web for “Stand Up Ohio lawsuit” and you can find links, then follow them to the docs. Or visit MakeAmericansFreeAgain dot com (and sign up while you’re there).

  4. Biden backed off his national facemask mandate like a week ago. Hopefully it doesn’t get as bad as you say. The drama and probable violence after the election, assuming Orange Man takes the lead, will overshadow the scamdemic at least for awhile.

  5. Eric,

    Your more recent piece about diaper defiance gives reason for optimism. Also consider that, in a recent survey, at least 1/3 of Americans said that they will NOT get the vaccine when available…

    • One of the vaccines caused immediate negative effect on one of the test subjects (how could anyone be stupid enough to be one). Whatever vaccine they manage to put forth will NOT BE SAFE. It takes years to determine the safety of any medication, and even so they are often later determined to be unsafe. The Medical Industrial Complex abandoned whatever concern they may have had for their patients (victims) long ago. Despite propaganda to the contrary, the third leading cause of death in the US is medical error, either by accident or negligence, accounting for about 250,000 dead each year. And that’s just the ones we know about. So far, doctors are more dangerous than the plague.


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