Used Face Condoms

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Coming out of the gym today, I had to walk around a disgusting Used Face Condom tossed on the ground. One sees these things everywhere; one used to only see such things in back alleys where $20 whores plied their trade. This is what America has come to. This is what America looks like on account of weaponized hypochondria and the pathology of Sickness Psychosis.

The video is here –  on Rumble – because I cannot post it on YouTube.



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  1. By saying face masks are “filthy face condoms”, you’re implying that faces/mouths are even filthier raw diggin’ dings, and that’s way worse. Cover that nasty shit up! Honestly, how degenerate are you lot? Obviously, (and I mean obvious to the rest of the world) very.Clover

    • Naomi,

      We exhale through our mouths; this is how we get rid of waste products like C02 and also how we keep our pipes clean. If I’m a degenerate for preferring to keep my lungs and mouth clean, then it’s a title I proudly wear.

  2. About this time last year, the most dangerous threat to our existence (other than the Orange Man) was plastic straws.

    Yet the same greens who warned us of the dire threat of plastic straws are deafeningly silent on the environmental impact of all these used masks on the ground and in the ocean.

    It’s also noteworthy that the same greens who pushed reusable shopping bags no longer do so. In fact, my local Trader Joe and other stores don’t even let you use them.

    But logical consistency has never been a hallmark of the fear-monger greens…

    • Drama addicted hollow people.

      1 – They need a fix and find one in a cause. Then they become bored and move on to the next exciting issue. Goto 1.

      The issues don’t matter, the brief moment of feeling empowered and relevant, delusional but real to them, gives them the fix they crave. But like a drug, they need bigger and bigger hits to get the same high, so they become more extreme.

      If you know any social warrior types, take a minute to list the causes they have championed in the past. Now cross off all the ones they no longer seem to care about. There will likely only be one left, the last one they heard about.

      • I like comments like these, that break down to the simplest true form what we’re dealing with here. I’ve been trying to break down the opposition into simpler terms for a while now. The more simple a problem is broken down into, the easier it is to understand. And I think I’m getting very good at understanding them. Especially in recent times.

        The simplest I’ve gotten to is categorizing them into two groups, stupid or evil. I don’t think there is any that don’t fit one of those two categories.

        Evil is predictable with basically 100% certainty. They will do/their position will be whichever is more evil.

        Stupidity is not always predictable, but their thought process is likely like a computer running a function based on an input. If X does Y to Z, then good. But if Z does Y to X, then bad. While hypocrisy can rightfully be categorized as evil, I’m thinking that many are just programmed. And just because they are inferior does not necessarily make them evil.

        I think it can be made simpler though. If something is their goal, maybe it is power, money, our slavery, our death, or just something as simple as a brief moment of feeling empowered and relevant, etc, what immediate action/position/decision would bring them closer to that goal at this very second? I think that is the parameters on which their decisions are based, both the evil and the stupid.

        Took a long time to see these patterns. You can only be exposed to so many contradictions and double standards before you start to finally get it. Finally understand what we’re dealing with here. And by filtering any new or potential event though this understanding, I’ve been able to understand what the stupid ones will think, based on what the evil ones will tell them, before such an event even happens. I’m sure this isn’t exactly a revelation to most here, but I think I’ve finally figured this shit out. And I guess the little bit of sanity that comes from understanding that is a good enough reward.

        • Also, I once made (and/or read) a comment that information is so easily available now, that anyone desiring the truth would seek it out, and find it. But if they didn’t because it is easier to be told what to think, this is laziness/sloth. So is laziness/sloth a form of evil or just inferiority? Maybe you all can help me categorize further.

  3. I don’t know what’s worse; the used ‘disposable’ makes all over the place or seeing all the automatons with their fancy ‘cloth’ masks, knowing they’re not washing them immediately and constantly, they hang around mirrors, in pockets, and all that exhaust filth is all over their hands/face/clothing.
    I think you called this before, but if this was all so deadly, there would be big red barrels everywhere, manned by someone in full Tyvex, taking these in and them being treated like infectious waste. I don’t question that this kills people (like the Common Cold and Flu do), but it’s past insanity.

  4. Perhaps the mask litter is because people who otherwise would hang onto trash for later disposal, simply can’t stand to keep them around. Being a constant reminder of insanity they imply and of the in your face tyranny they represent.

  5. I’m a maintenance guy for a private high school (I am a grad too). I find those damn things all long the roads (about a mile) bordering the campus (our students are actually far better about not throwing trash around than the general public). This in addition to the drink containers of all kinds, rubber gloves, fast food containers and other trash that people throw on the property along the road. People are pigs.

    Though my diesel powered six foot wide Kubota mower shreds the ones I miss into tiny little bits, so it’s not all bad!

    • Lori, must have looked at the city’s income statement and noticed there was a huge loss down at the bottom of the page next to that line that says “Net Profit” or it could be Old Joe is about to take office and we no longer wish to cripple the economy (it was okay to do so while Trump was in office) under a Democrat Administration.

      They are all freaking conniving liars and most of the American public believes the babble.

      Yes, American citizens, it is now safe to open with higher than positive numbers of COVID cases than ever before, but we couldn’t do this last July when most of the positive cases were in the single digits, but now that we have a liberal in office we need to get this economy roaring! (Insert emoji puking face).

      Personally, I have become an equal opportunity hater. If you are a politician and have an R or a D next to your name, I don’t like you.

      • Their problem is revenue. They aren’t collecting any taxes on businesses that aren’t in business. Which was fine as long as they weren’t in charge of everything. Now that they are, time to get that armed robbery racket going again.

        • Hi John,

          I believe it is a revenue problem, but also quite politicized. The issue is government can’t get blood from a turnip. When someone’s earnings are zero how do you tax them? They have destroyed so many industries that an additional 965k people filed for unemployment this week.

          Of course, Joe will bail them out with his new 1.9 trillion plan. How many businesses will be standing when they enact their new $15 minimum wage that is part of said plan? Many businesses are barely standing and thousands are out of business. What restaurant is able to pay $15 per hour right now? What retail store is able to pay $15 per hour. I know I won’t be hiring. I pay more than $15 per hour, but the people that make $20 or $25 per hour will want $30 and $35 instead. Forget it. I will do it myself.

          We have some ugly economic years ahead of us. I am not looking forward to it.

          • “What restaurant is able to pay $15 per hour right now?”

            IIRC restaurants are exempt because of ‘tips’.

            Minimum wage is just vote buying. And $15 is a joke. Once the TRILLONS in zero value printed money work through the system, inflation is going to cut that $15 purchasing power by at least half.

            Like Bitcoin and Gold, the price is going up but the purchasing power is going down. Inflation is always overlooked by the proles.

            • Hi Anon,

              You are correct in regards to tips, but I was thinking more along the lines of Wendy’s or McDonalds or a deli, I should have said fast food. A Ma and Pa sub shop is not going to pay $15 an hour for a $7 steak n cheese.

  6. Eric, this was your best article and video yet, very funny.

    Also, Google Adsense thinks I want diapers. Not because of something I’ve searched, but because of the use of the term so frequently on this site. Based on the keywords used so often now on this site, they probably think this is some sick diaper fetish porn site.

  7. embedding rumble videos. Look right under your rumble video, there’s an EMBED code. You should be able to copy/paste that into your post when you author it and you should see it come up. There are 3 different options but “javascript player” should work. You may have to test a bit. If it doesn’t embed the issue is likely with your blog software. Lemme know what you use…wordpress?

  8. LBRY is a good place to post videos as it is decentralized. I am not sure if you can post a video directly on your website using it, but may be worth a shot. Love your stuff!

  9. As least the ACTUAL condom is a sign that someone enjoyed themselves, whereas the face condom is just a sign of universal suffering…

  10. As an avid cyclist, I can attest that road shoulders, gutters, and storm drains are chock full of these. Tossed out car windows like an empty beer bottle or the remnants of a McDonalds meal. Smushed into the road surface among the gravel, black tire marks impressed upon them. So yes, diaper freaks are litterbugs too.

    How long til reports of ear loops snagging dolphin snouts? Or the clogging of whale blow holes? Or enmeshed in the shells of sea turtles? Guess none of that matters now. That stuff only applies to drinking straws and six pack plastic rings.

    Or the lumber harvested to make billions of paper face diapers? Or the melt-blown fabrics used to make polyester Hello Kitty masks?

  11. Good video. You do see nasty used face diapers all over the place. Never once a complaint about how they might end up somewhere and choke a bird or turtle or something. Also, never a mention how in proper medical settings such an item is disposed of in special medical waste containers that are considered level 3 biohazards and great care is taken with removal.

    Lately, I’ve been seeing pronouncements in the MSM to the effect that, even if you get the quackcine, you will still be required to mask up and follow all of the “measures” because, get this, the quackcine only prevents you from getting “symptoms” but it doesn’t stop “transmission.” As such, only if 100% of people get the quackcine, can masks and the measures be rescinded. Never gonna end. Diabolical.

    • So, effectively, the vaccines are pointless at best and, at worse, may drive mutational escape and facilitate virus evolution into vaccine-resistant strains. But hey, go get your jab of RNA, and hope you that when you start growing a dick on your forehead a year from now, the new virus strain you helped create won’t get you anyhow.

      • Mostly true, BAC. But I wish you hadn’t planted that forehead organ image in my twisted brain- I’m now thinking of how much I could make in internet porn with such a tool…
        Peace, brother.

    • Last time I was in Lowe’s, when I came back out I discovered that the cart stanchion I had parked next to had a bucket hanging on it labeled “Used Masks.” Ewwww! I wanted to ask the manager whether he had a permit to store biohazard waste on his parking lot.
      And speaking of the jab, my wife played tennis today with a nurse friend of ours. She said she was sick as a dog for about a week after getting the second dose.

      • Hi Roland,

        Hope you are doing well.

        I have heard about some pretty terrible symptoms in regards to the second dose. Very little issues with the first dose other than a sore arm for a day or two, but the second seems to knock them off my feet. I think I will just take my chance with the real thing.

        • Hi RG!
          Ditto here. In 1976 Gerald Ford told us we were all going to die. Days after I obediently got the shot, people started croaking from the vaccine and they called the whole thing off.

      • Roland- Be careful around quackcine recipients. I’m not sure about the RNA manipulators like Moderna (other issues there) but a common term regarding traditional quackcine recipients, and this includes flu quackcines, is “shedders”. Shedders shed live virus in the areas around them and they are picked up and sicken other. Bathrooms are a serious issue.

        • Thanks H, I will. Anyone who runs right out and gets the shot is likely to be a faithful ragger, which is all the more reason to keep my distance. You don’t need a PhD in fluid dynamics to understand that these filthy things turn an infected person into a walking COVID mosquito fogger. The spit that builds up inside doesn’t magically vanish, so they’re aerosolizing it every time they exhale.

        • Recently vaccinated people spread disease. Recently vaccinated people should quarantine for about a month. The Cases! will skyrocket in the weeks and months ahead. The vaxxers and media will blame the unvaccinated. Interesting times.

          I tried to link to some studies about viral shedding and recently vaccinated people spreading disease, but Eric’s blog software thought my comment was spam. You can find links to those studies under my comment below.

  12. Yep. I’ve found three of them in my front yard in the last couple of months. I am hoping they’re not all just being tossed on the ground. They are light and blow away easily, so I could see someone opening their car door and it blows out or it falls out of a pocket as you’re exiting the car, etc. I hope my small faith in humanity is justified, but who knows?
    There was a story recently about how they’re already finding mass quantities of fearmasks in the ocean. No doubt a big portion of that comes from Asia, which seems to have no problem throwing trash in the rivers anyway. Asia is the reason from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I guess now there will be plenty of masks there, too.
    BTW: I am not a big proponent of going after people for “victimless crimes,” i.e. drug dealing, prostitution, etc. But I would cheerfully shoot a litterbug in the groin. There’s a big difference between conducting illegal commerce between consenting adults and being a lazy, selfish SOB who can’t be bothered to find a trashcan.