For the Sake of Fellowship

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As Solzhenitsyn pointed out in his classic book, The Gulag Archipelago, creating a nightmare of evil is easy if you can convince people they are laboring on behalf of heaven on earth.

Then they will do unimaginable things. Like the things happening right now. And more to come.

Sickness Psychosis is being sold as a virtue – and the corollary is that it’s not virtuous to question it. This will inevitably devolve into something much more ominous. After all, people are dying!

Do you want people to get sick?

People who don’t wear Fear Masks and refuse to pretend these are “necessary” are already being painted as selfish and uncaring. They will be painted as evil and then criminal people.

And what happens then? Does it need elaboration?

This is all so obvious to a thinking brain. Not a genius brain. Just one capable of following the inexorable logic of things. That principles matter – and that surrendering them for expedience or any other reason is lethal.

But this ability to follow the inexorable logic of things  – which must be developed – has been purposefully stifled in millions of people, as in the old Soviet Union – chiefly via “public” education and social pressure – such that we now have a Sovietized population not only ready but champing at the bit to “do good” – as they are told.

And thus, now, some very bad things. Which will morph into much worse things. People are being tackled by armed goons for not wearing the Fear Mask. Denied entry to grocery stores. Soon, they will be forbidden to leave their homes. They might break the spell of fear – and that is a very bad thing, you see.

Fear the future. Because this will not be resolved peacefully. Because one cannot reason with psychotic people. But one can separate oneself from them. From churches and businesses and people – even friends – who are so afflicted. Do not, for the sake of friendship, allow dangerous people to set the terms and conditions of your life.

Even if they think they are doing good.

There is a dialogue in the famous – and excellent – play, A Man for all Seasons, which is about the life of Sir Thomas More, friend to Erasmus, Henry VIII of England and Chancellor of England.

Sir Thomas would not bend his principles even for the sake of his friendship with Henry VIII, who was also king and as such held literal life and death power over him. More refused to accede to the demand of Henry that he publicly acknowledge the legitimacy of his second marriage, to Anne Boleyn – after having divorced his first wife, Catherine, on spurious charges of the marriage not having been legitimate. In fact, because Henry was frustrated by her inability to produce a male heir.

The Pope (England was still Catholic at this time) refused to grant Henry dispensation to marry Anne. Henry thus broke from Rome (and founded the Church of England). Sir Thomas, a committed Catholic, could not abide this – as a matter of principle – and expressed this by resigning his office and losing his friendship with Henry.

He would lose more, ultimately,

At any rate, there is a conversation between More and another friend of his, the Duke of Norfolk – who tries to persuade More to be reasonable – to not rock the boat. To go along to get along.

It goes like this:

Norfolk: I am your friend. I wish I wasn’t but I am.

More: What’s to be done, then?

Norfolk: Give in!

More: I can’t give in Howard. Our friendship’s more mutable than that.

Norfolk: Oh, and the one fixed point in the world of turning friendship is that Thomas More won’t give in… (but) We’ve all given in! Why must you stand out?  . . .

More: No one is safe, Howard – and you have a son. We’ll end our friendship now.

Norfolk: Oh, confound all this! I’m not a scholar. I don’t know whether the marriage was lawful or not . . . but damn it, Thomas, why can’t you do as I did and come along with us for fellowship.

More: And when we die and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience and I am sent to Hell for not doing mine, will you come along with me, for fellowship?

The entire movie – which first aired back in 1966 – should be watched by every American today because so many Americans have lost their way and are willing to go to Hell – and consign everyone else to it – for the sake of not rocking the boat.

For fellowship.

They want to keep the peace with their wives; not lose their jobs – are desperate to open their businesses, even at half capacity and under tortured restrictions that all but assure they will go out of business, if they haven’t already.

They want very badly to go to church again, not virtually. To eat inside a restaurant. Get their hair cut. And for the sake of that, many are willing to  . . . come along. To sigh and put on the Fear Mask and walk in between the painted lines, as if they’d just been arrested for something. They are willing to accept as the “new normal” being treated – and expected to behave as though – they and every other human being is an AIDs-dripping Typhoid Mary . . . for the sake of fellowship.

That all of this is reasonable, even necessary. At the very least, that it’s something we just have to go along with.

For fellowship.

Even if it means Hell on earth.

. . .

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  1. It’s about to get very real here in Virginia: Blackface Northam is telling all residents to acquire a face mask over the weekend. He is still working out the details of how tyrannical his order will be, but it sounds like it will require everyone to wear a face mask in public. His announcement is expected Tuesday. [This info comes from I would post a link, but every time I try that I get flagged for spam.]

    Meanwhile, our hypocritical commissar was seen at Virginia Beach yesterday sans mask and not observing anti-social distancing. Typical tyrant: do as I say, not as I do. The rules are for all of you non-essential people, not for important people like me. Oh, and maybe the best part of it: his excuse was that he was at the beach only to see if people were following the rules. [This info comes from]

    To echo one of Eric’s favorite sayings, they wonder why I drink.

  2. I worked on a farm in 1980-81, there was a grain elevator to store the grain from the field. It is a concrete grain elevator with a 327,000 bushel capacity. You were busy handling grain to store in the grain house.

    45,000 bushels of barley is a lot of beer. Four bins total, two 47,000, two 45,000. Several grain bins between the round bins that were 130 feet tall at the top. 11,000 bushels of durum in one bin is a convenient way to store your pasta.

    Big place to handle grain. A commercial operation in full swing year round explains it all.

    Fact is, the grain when elevated releases dust, you wear a mask so your lungs didn’t fill up with the nasty grain dust. The inexpensive white mask didn’t do much to stop grain dust and dusty dirt from entering your lungs, you find a solution. I bought a face mask that was all felt with a neoprene edge to make a seal for your nose and mouth. Barley chaff stuck on your cornea that can’t be dislodged will force you to make a trip to a doctor.

    Anywho, a mask made of felt made a difference like night and day.

    At the end of a long day of dreaded drudgery, I would remove the mask. Didn’t need one when you’re not elevating grain.

    There was a 660 volt feed to power the electric motors that moved the drive so the belts would move the grain up to the separator.

    You worked night and day during harvest. Great fun and a great experience. You don’t make mistakes, not big ones anyhow. There is a reason for what you do, people need to eat and that’s a fact, Jack.

    The economy opened up to 97 percent, traffic was solid for two miles and more, jump corona cases. People are itching to get out into the great wide open.

    How did it happen that the people of the world ended up wearing medical burkas everywhere you go?

    The jumping the shark corona style is a hoot.

    I guess defiance is the anti-dote for compliance and complacency.

    • Well I hope you appreciated it, Drump! Some ventriloquist’s dummy gave up his LEGS for the felt to make those masks!

      Proud member of PETOD
      (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Dummies)

      • Hey Nunz,

        Years ago, I came up with an idea for an organization, PITH (people for the intelligent treatment of humans) to annoy the PETA crowd.


    • Amen, Mark –

      This Fear Mask thing is entirely about demoralizing people; about submission training. It has nothing to do with “stopping the spread” and those who buy in are fools at best and enablers at worst. Those who actively support imposing Fear Mask on everyone are no different, fundamentally, than Nazis who ordered Jews to wear the yellow star and ought to be dealt with in the same manner.

      • Domesticated humanimals is already trained.
        Deindividuated meltpots is already demoralized.
        Submission precedes your submission by forever.

        This human world you dream of, or aspire to, ain’t never been outlierland – & never will be.

        So…if your strategy depends upon inlierland comin’ round – “classic” codependence rustin’ away in a forgotten junkyard — you don’t have a strategy. You don’t even have a jalopy.

        Went to see the doc the other day. Didn’t think the odds were good I actually would see, bee seen. Cuz masks. But it was left up to me & seen was sawn.

        Doc boards apparently permit latitude that cosmetology boards do not (my cutter could not cut me maskless without risking having her “license” – to be killed, a la 007 – revoked), & so my locks lengthen whilst the walk on that other pier is the usual short one.

        Went back a few days later to pick up some supps. The other half of the practice, masked, was the only one there. In the course of conversation that one told me masking has become a PR requirement.

        Because of narcs, dropping dimes.

        That one fulminated on the sense of “entitlement” displayed by dimedroppers.

        “That,” I said, “but also the sense of empowerment enjoyed.”

        And, “It’s got nothing much to do with whose being dimedropped. It’s about the droppers. The world “out there” is a giant projection screen” – for everybody, dimes-kept-pocketed, & dances-with-wolves, too – and•but•however the bulk is excited & friction warm fuzzied by the go along get along little doggies routines they’ve been genetically coded – pretrained – to be trained to perform.

        Once wild (*perhaps* ~ huge benefit o’ doubt, that) hares domesticated (with cumulative redoubling of domestic bliss down the generations) ain’t ever gonna be but the bunny rabbits they is. Accept that reality is first step to putting that junker back on the road.

    • Went to the dentist yesterday- Have to wait in yer truck now- which is fine with me! Lady comes out to get me, and asks “Do you have a mask?” I say “Nope”. She says “I can give you one if you don’t mind…”. I just say: “Only mask I’ll wear is a Lone Ranger mask”- and we proceeded to go inside and it was business as usual…. Guess they didn’t want to take a chance on seeing $250 walk out the door! (Oh…I couldn’t touch the door…they had to open it…then sterilize the knob… LOL! The machinations people will go through- if only they could realize how ridiculous they look/are!)

  3. Personally, I’m so damned sick of everything being about Corona….. Having ditched TV and radio decades ago, I’d thought I’d be somewhat insulated from the stream of mainstream thought-consciousness…..but darn…..all you see in the alternative media, and even sites like LRC, and even here…is Corona! Corona! Corona!

    Eric, while I applaud you for being one of the few voices of reason on the subject, and encouraging and emboldening others to fight the good fight, at the same time, I think it can actually be detrimental to let this subject take center stage- even if it is for the purpose of exposing the BS and nefarious motives and nature of what is happening.

    We “get it”. Anyone who doesn’t get it by now, likely isn’t going to, or just doesn’t care. By letting one subject so dominate and replace normalcy, is in effect letting them win, even if we are fighting them- because even though we are their enemies, if we so let their made-up crisis dominate our lives and thoughts to the point where it is practically to the exclusion of all else and the things that we would normally be doing and devoting our time to, we have in essence allowed them to make greater inroads than if we were to wear a stoopit mask.

    Virtually everything on every website is about Corona…..and even though many of those articles are pointing out truths and dispelling lies, the fact is, once we “get it”, we get it (and I think most among us have gotten it from the very beginning). Personally, I’m just so tired of it all, I’m to the point where I may well be taking a break from the interwebz.

    Our thoughts needn’t be consumed constantly with Corona, any more so than they should be with endless wars or the p[igs or any of the other nefarious things the state does. Imagine if every independent website were constantly obsessed with the psy-op from a few years back of people dressing up as clowns and appearing in various random places? E$ven if those sites sought to expose it as a psy-op and point out the utter absurdity of it, etc. if they continued to harp on the subject to the exclusion of all else, they would thus actually help keep it alive!

    One way of fighting the Corona tyranny, is simply to not allow it to consume our consciousness.

    • Yes very good point. I assume you’re also implying that we should focus on solutions instead of just focusing on the problem alone. I agree. BUT… the ‘truthtalkers’ are part of the solution by informing & educating others. You’re right, we should ignore it, that’s something we can do on an individual basis. But if we all ignore it, then it could get worse… so by talking about it (and hopefully doing something too) we’re getting rid of the problem, otherwise it’ll fester.

      • Not really, Krazy. The “problem”, as is almost always the case, is an artificial one created to cause the demand for a “solution”. We see this play out time and time again- it is the usual M.O. of the tyrants who would rule the masses.

        For us, the current problem is the same as all the other problems- tyranny. Of course, we resist this one just as we do the others- evade, don’t comply, duck under the radar….business as usual. There’s no need to talk about 24/7 to the exclusion of all else, so that it consumes every aspect of our lives.

        As with all of the previous encroachments to our liberties, we are not going to hinder the tyrants; we are not going to sway the compliant masses- any more so than we have with DUI checkpoints or airport TSA thuggery- We can only try and maintain as much of our liberty and life as possible.

        Whether I read no articles about Corona, or 30 articles a day….I’m not going to wear a mask nor take a vaccine. Sure, it’s good that there be some stuff about it from a Libertarian standpoint for those who are just coming into the light of liberty or who may’ve only ever heard the MSM/politicians/academia-whores nonsense….but when you go to LRC are every single article, every day for 2 months is about nothing but Corona-related stuff, it not only does every other area of thought and concern a disservice, but actually helps our enemies establish their make-believe catastrophe as something worthy of a major portion of our thought.

        I’ve been saying that the constant MSM fixation on Corona has had the effect of creating a memory hole amongst the already short-attention-spanned masses…..but by concentrating so much on just one issue, the same thing can happen to us. Just because we know what is going on, and are resisting, still does not exclude us from the effects of monoculture.

        I do0n’t know about you, but in real life, this Corona nonsense affects me very little, ’cause I’ve been largely out of the system most of my life- and while what is coming may seek to rope me in, I am no better or the worse for reading endless articles about it. I already know what I’ll do. But the thing is, by constantly reading Corona this and Corona that….the subject is occupyiong a far larger part of my thoughts than it should, considering how little it affects me in real life.

        I mean, it’d be like the Amish reading about crime in Camden NJ every day….. Why should they even give such a thing a passing thought? It doesn’t affect them right now where they are; and they can’t do anything about it- so wouldn’t it be silly if Lucas Yoder were obsessed with homies in Camden? (Althouigh it might be an issue for BlueGrey… :D)

        • Hi Nunz,

          The reason I write about Corona is not so much for our benefit; as you say – we already know. The reason I do so is to dispel the image that there is uniformity of opinion on this topic. To give heart to even one person out there who might stumble on this page. It is, in my judgment, critically important to not silently go about our business but to be as vocal and contumacious about this business as possible.

          It is an enormous mistake to allow the “Bolsheviks” the mantle of majority. Lenin was a political genius. So was Hitler. Learn from them!

          Both started almost entirely alone, with a handful of people on their side. Both changed the world – for much worse, obviously. But the point is they didn’t just talk among themselves on the assumption there was no point talking publicly – and loudly.

          And even if we fail, it is worth the fight. I do not want to find myself an old man – or in a Gulag, as a relatively young man – burning about what we might have done.

          • The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Ignoring corona flu won’t keep you from being imprisoned or killed because of it. Only by constant screaming at the top of our lungs that the emperor has no clothes can any portion of the ignorant be educated. We are born ignorant. There are two methods of learning. Education and experience. Experiencing tyranny is no defense against it. Education is. I personally believe it is my duty to educate the sheeple as much and as often as possible. Corona flu and the subsequent infliction of fear and division currently being the primary tool in our subjugation, It cannot help but be the primary subject in our resistance to it.

            • Educability is an innate trait of a narrow slice of the pie.

              The rest is just pie to be pied pipered.

              And pipers, no matter however else they identify, is part of the rest of the pie.

              • Oye Como Vah

                I was an innate in a skool once, for about eight hours a day, ‘cept for lunch, where the time’d go so fast I’d have to finish my pi in math.

                The after-math was sex-ed (The girls had sex-barbara), which I never got much from- thankfully, ’cause the teacher appeared to be a faggot- but to this day, for some reason, I still pop a boner whenever I see a bee circling a flower…..

                • Weus! kumbay(stick out yer tongue & “say”)ah.

                  Transferrin’ to another skool don’t mean youse ain’t still an innate.

                  Points for humor, tho, always.

                  I remember all them testers in the AIDS test clinic daze bein’ zealot-faggot “teachers,” & there was no deflatin’ that boner o’ contention, neither. Like skeeters drawin’ blood, they’d a liked to add back a little free infection, some mindfook saliva. I had some fun a•pop•lectin’ ‘em, them weasels, tho.

            • John, I’m not saying we should ignore the Corona nonsense- far from it- but I don’t see why we should elevate it to the level where it drowns out everything else and becomes our primary topic of thought and conversation.

          • Heart given is unsustainable.

            I worked a gig once that relied on what was called the newbie effect. Noobs age quick, so the joint had turnstiles at the hiring door. Heart is either there, or it isn’t. Transplants & fish outta water got everything that matters in common.

            Political genius is an oxymoron that self-defeats – the original race to the bottom that all others thus characterized flow from.

            Yes, learn from them.

            But emulation is not learning, it is trained sealdom – & that is either already pre-trained in, already there (as it is, has always been, in spades), or it ain’t.

          • Hey Eric!

            We will never change the world- we can only help ourselves, and those who are like us and who voluntarily choose to join us. The evil geniuses of this world change the world because they are willing to exploit the foibles of human nature, and to use coercion and violence.

            No one can be compelled to love liberty. You either love it and strive for it…or you don’t. And of course, we don’t want to compel or manipulate anyone. Of course, your writings are of great value in that they encourage those who love liberty to remain strong and to have a better understanding of the problems which we face.

            But really- those of us who refuse to wear masks, or to submit to TSA thuggery, etc. don’t do so because we read an article….we do it because we are men, and we cherish liberty and self-ownership, and we don’t buy the popular baloney. And those who do wear the masks, et al, aren’t going to stop doing so because they read an article- If they read it at all, they’ll just argue.

            I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t write these articles….but just that it is really not accomplkishing anything to spend so much time and effort dwelling one particular issue…an issue which I’d imagine many who “get it” are sick of.

            Why let *their* issues, which are really non-issues, but rather just narratives which are given a lot of press, become real in our lives by devoting so much tim,e and thought to them?

            It’s much like the transgender BS. It is something a normal person would never even think of; the province of a very small group of Hollywood, SF and DC weirdos. When we hear of it, we immediately see it for what it is and dismiss it as insanity. We don’t need to read books on the subject, and discuss it every day, because it’s very premise is utterly ridiculous anmd need not even be seriously considered. We see someone accepting the BS or supporting/promoting it, and we know what they are.

            BUT, if we were to start reading books about it- even books which condemned it; talking about it non-stop, etc. even if we were completely anti-tranny, and spend 10 hours a day on an anti-tranny website, we’d still be letting *them* unduly influence our thoughts, just by the fact that we would be devoting so much time and thought to something which does not warrant that effort and which does not even deserve to be taken seriously. We thus allow it to become a legitimate subject of thoiught and debate. And even if 80% of the population are opposed to it…just the fact that they come to hold it as an issue in their minds, gives it’s promoters an advantage in that it gets their cause established!

            WE can only counter evil and tyranny on a personal level- resisting, one by one. We can’t change the world- a world of violence and manipulation; compulsory “education”, redistribution of wealth, and mass media- and now even universal surveillance and ‘connectivity’. We can resist, evade…and die if we have to.

            The world is no freer today than it was when I first started contemplating liberty 50 years ago, or when you started writing. It is much MUCH less free.

            I applaud and thank you for providing this fellowship here- but C’mon….let us at least have a better little world of our own among our own….as opposed to one which is just a reaction to theirs!

            • Nunz, I understand what you’re saying. I often think, after I pass away someday, someone will ask me “What did you do with your life?”, and I’ll say “I worried about various gooberment scams” LOL.

              BUT… this is our only community right now. So, IDK, everyone should just focus on what they want — what you give focus to becomes stronger. But in this case we’re focusing on the truth so the truth will get stronger not the scam.

    • You are very fortunate not to have do deal with TV, Nunz. Unfortunately the wife has to have her programs and I have to sit through at least some of them to keep peace on the home front. The Corona propaganda is RELENTLESS. Not to mention that everyone is a hero now; grocery store clerks, garbagemen, anyone out there that is fortunate enough to still have a job in the midst of the economic holocaust. (Not to be derisive of honest work, but “heroes?”) Makes me want to pull an Elvis, especially when the mask-wearing talking heads on the idiot box go on endlessly regurgitating prolefeed like “Social Distancing”, “Flatten the Curve”, and “We’re All In This Together.”

      The only glimmer of light is occasional report of civil disobedience that filters through the BS. I expect (or at least hope) there will be a lot more of that if the threat of forced testing, vaccination, and tracking that the Gates and his elitist buddies are salivating for becomes a reality.

      • Hey Jason!
        Oh, man! I commiserate with you. All the more reason we should have places of sanctity where it’s not always about *their* issues. Hearing *their* arguments countered, their lies dispelled, and their agendas exposed….is still keeping their issues foremost and frontward. It’s like the transgenderism nonsense. Yeah, it’s better to hear someone tearing them a new one [Wait! They’d probably like that!] but after ya do that a time or two, no need to keep dwelling on it, for it’s not even a real issue; it’s something that no normal person would even think of- but by letting the subject occupy our thoughts and deeds- even while we may be doing so to expose the insanity of it, we are in effect granting it more legitimacy.

        Hey, I’m lucky, in that I realized early on that if I were to ever get married, it would have to be to a girl who a)Abhorred TV as much as I do, and b)Is a loner like me. (Couldn’t even imagine having a house full of her friends and relatives on a routine or even occasional basis!)- of course, good luck finding THAT in a woman!
        Oprah-free….since forever!

      • Jason F, I know — I watch very few tv shows, but when I do I fast forward through the ads, and I still see there’s alot of creepaganda at EVERY SINGLE ad break. You’d think that the suckers would wonder … “If this thing is for realz, then why is there a HUGE production to try and make us believe it?”.

    • Almost like it was intended as the mother of all distractions, eh Nunez? We’re so busy fighting and arguing about the moderately lethal corona cold that were not raising hell about the trillions of FRN’s being electronically printed and ladled out to the big banks, the deserving ones at the top of the heap.
      Damn those kooky conspiracy theories.

      Of course like the rest of the effrontery , gun control, corona-mania, mandatory vaccinations, chips and seat belts for all, we really have no choice but to address them or they’ll succeed and get worse.

      • Not only a distraction, Ernie, but a memory hole. The constant banter about nothing but Corona is making everyone forget about everything else of the recent past and present! This is the coup de gras!

        They’ve already succeeded. At this point now, no matter what they decree, will be accomplished. Any opposition will be controlled and used to further their tyranny- as in the splitting of the US into 10 superstates. (This will not be a good thing- like a supposed decentralization- but rather something which has been long planned, for a post-superpower US to assume it’s position in the NWO- and with the indivcidual states ceding their power to a larger regional government which will actually have more control overall than the Feds did.)

        Watch for some serious action on this at election time in November- as we have been primed already with “election interference”, and now because Corona…there will be more shenanigans, which will ultimately result in chaos and then calls for replacing the Feds with regional government- which will be portrayed as some grassroots movement.

  4. One thing I found interesting during car shopping is that while local rules technically required both shoppers and employees to mask up inside car dealerships, the rules were 100% not enforced. Very few employees wore them, and no one ever said anything to me for not wearing one. One dealership wasn’t doing test drives at all, the rest would turn you loose unsupervised so a salesman wouldn’t have to expose himself to your possible sickness, though that rule gets bent a little bit with MT sports & muscle cars that could get broken by someone who doesn’t know how to drive stick or just pushes too hard. None of the private parties I spoke to wore masks or were afraid to ride with me.

    In the end, I bought a private-party 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, which rolls coal like a redneck teenager’s pickup truck because GDI. Solution to GDI fouling/engine doomery TBD, first-mods plan also TBD.

  5. Fortunately, I live in a rural Texas county where it has been easy not to participate in the Wuhan madness. A few people are wearing masks, but they are mostly older. There have been a few cases of the Wuhan, but the damage here has been economic. Things are starting to open up and return to normal, but unemployment will remain high until people begin traveling again and tourism returns.

    Should the radical democrats defeat Trump in November (the main objective of the economy destroying lockdowns) and get control of the government, the Wuhan hysteria will just be the lead in for the coming of the “Great Climate Catastrophe”. We will all be forced to sacrifice to “save the planet”. No more cars, no more meat, no more travel, no more children, no more life. Get ready while you still can.

      • It may come to that. But we lost more than 650,000 of our own people the last time. This time, its likely to be in the millions or tens of millions. I doubt we will be as fortunate as the old USSR was. Given the Progs insane ideology, I can’t see them allowing the red states to go in peace. Which means we must be prepared to do what is necessary, when it is required.

      • A huge factor will be the response of local law enforcement. Separation will happen by county. As the counties go, so goes the state. If the county government uphold oaths to the Constitution, separation from the communist federals becomes possible. Local politics is key to the future.

        • Hi Griff,

          I agree – but I’m worried. I’ve encountered Fear Maskers in my rural SW Virginia county, where your chances of being killed by Corona are far lower than your chances of being killed by a deer crashing through your windshield. The problem is that no matter where you go, the area is riddled with people too stupid to understand the logic and too addled by their conditioning to Authority to question it.

          This could end up a bloodbath as those of us who don’t buy in to Fear Masking and Vaccinating and Tracking are going to be faced with the choice of submitting to all of that – or fighting all of that.

          • The very fact that they are compliant indicates they probably won’t be a factor. They would prefer hiding under their bed. I doubt those willing to impose their insanity by force are any more numerous than those of us willing to resist it.

              • Thats pretty much a given Oyz. Most of the population would be lost without their phones. How ever could they live, without Face Palm, and the latest news from MiniTrue? ^^

            • John, every tyranny that has existed has always done so because there is NEVER any lack of those from among the rabble who are will to wield arms of destruction against their own countrymen in service to the tyrants.

              In this day of “connectivity” and sophisticated mass media, it is far worse. Half the freaking population is in service to the Federal, state, county and local governments, or part of an industry which relies on subsidy and enforces compliance, etc. -from farmers to schoolbus drivers to nurses….to the badged goons G.I.Joes.

              Almost everyone now is both compliant to several forms of government and at the same time, also an enforcer on those beneath them- now to the point where even a stinking grocery store stock clerk is an enforcer/imformer.

              This is not something that just popped up all of a sudden, and in which a large percentage of the population feels oppressed and recognizes who the enemy is- for then it could be easily overthrown; but what we are seeing is the result of over 100 years of gradualism in which people have been propagandized to the point where they not only believe that their enemy is their benefactor, but that they pass their love and sense of duty for their “benefactor” on to their progeny. Add to that mass compulsory edumacation, and the tool of a sophisticated mass media which instills love for Big Brother into people’s minds on an emotional level, and what we have is nothing but a recipe to rid the world of people like us.

              LOL- we can’t even fight tyranny at the smallest local level…..yet somehow we’re going to overthrow what the most powerful people in the world have been building for a century on a worldwide level?

              It’s a little late, my friend. Best we can do if they come for us before we can escape to a saner place, is to relieve them of a few of their “assets” when they come, before they get us. We lose the battle and the war…but at least we don’t become captured slaves.

          • Not all of that. Just your little part of that.

            “We didn’t get em all.”
            “Yeah, & we ain’t gonna get ‘em all. That ain’t what kind of world it is. But we got ours.”

            ~ True Detective, season one finale…but the seasons don’t ever stop

          • Eric, this is why I’ve long advocated getting out of here, and settling in a remote undeveloped corner of the world. It’s likely too late now- which is what I long feared would be the case if we lingered too long.

            I wouldn’t call what we have remaining here a “fight” though- any more so than a Jew or Nazi-resistant German was a fighter. You can’t fight a government made up of millions, and which possesses unlimited superior arms and control of the minds of a majority of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people around us. You can resist and evade…to a point….but when it comes to any fight… will be over in the blink of an eye. We lose. (Well…we lose our lives- but we win, in the sense that we never allowed them to win in our lives; never allowed them to control and pervert us)

            But just consider your language. “Fight” implies at least some chance of success. Our fight will have a certain outcome; a one-way ticket. “Resist and evade” are where it’s at- as at least there is a chance for continuation; that we could have a positive outcome, and maybe actually fly the coop when the opportunity presents itself.

            Promoting a fight in which one is guaranteed to lose badly, will likely only cause some to give in and comply. We need realistic options which offer at least a chance of a future (Resist, evade, flee)- something to fight for other than certain death- and liberty is not it, because that prize is not even on the table.

            • Nunzio, if thats what you believe, then its true for you. But I’d follow the advise/insights of William Lind in these matters.

    • The Dems WILL win in November. Why? One, POTUS is doing NOTHING about Big Tech censorship; that’s worth MILLIONS of votes! Two, he’s doing nothing about the voter fraud we saw in 2018, which was a dry run for 2020. Three, he’s not gone after those who tried to overthrow him; they committed crimes, Folks! Failing to go after them will only encourage them to keep doing it. So yeah, look for the Dems to take over Washington and elsewhere, and get ready for tyranny…

      • “Presidency” is itself a crime. Get ready for tyranny? Ha. Guess you mean some more degrees of it applied to the bottom of the already boiling pot?

        • Oyz, most people see what they want to see. Most defeat themselves before the battle even starts. Looks up at the big neon sign, “Come on in, the waters fine!”… ^^

      • I thought the Dams did win? If they didn’t, how come we have several BILLION dollars worth of new fiat currency being used to kill small business, further socialism, and hire contact-tracers and flu investigators in every community under the flag, with the current president’s signature on it?

        Hmmm…if ya can’t tell the difference…maybe there is none.

        • Nunzio,

          I see the difference between Dems and GOP like this: both sides will fuck you, but the GOP will put in some KY before sticking it to you…

          • The GOP will say nice things to you while slitting your throat. The Dems will say “Give me your money, bitch!” while doing it.

            • Exactly Nunzio. The Stupid Part (GOP) and the Evil Party (democrats), are just the two wings of our one party state. That party is, the Boot on your Neck Party. One side wants more warfare, the other wants more welfare. In a “bipartisan” fashion, we end up with both. Given the Feds typical reaction, once deflation starts, the money printers will go BRRRRRRR, endlessly, and we will end up with hyper inflation. That coupled with losing reserve currency status… Things will get UGLY fast.

  6. Posted once again, for posterity:

    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be ‘cured’ against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals. — C. S. Lewis

  7. Amen Mr Peters. You are correct on all points, including, Im afraid, the fact that this will not be ‘settled’ peacefully.

  8. No Gollums. Nor Hobbits, neither. Nor kings, earthly or “heavenly.” (More was less, double-binded, whatever he did.)

  9. Guys,

    I don’t wear a mask in public, nor do I wear one in my car.

    That said, I’ll reluctantly don one to do my grocery shopping. There’s no point in boycotting one store for another, because, thanks to gov’t diktats, ALL the open stores require one to wear a mask. Though I have one of those medical style face masks, I don’t like it; it’s hard to breathe with it. So, I don’t wear it. I wear a respirator I used to use for soldering at my old job. It’s a half gas mask, so it stands out. I wear it to make a subtle statement. Soon as I walk out the door though, off it comes…

    • Not me, Mark – not ever.

      The Fear Mask is a hard line. I understand that it’s inconvenient and sometimes, even “mandatory.” That you can’t shop without wearing one. But freedom isn’t free. There is a price that has to be paid if we want to keep it – and a heavier price, to recover it.

      This Mask Crap cannot be allowed to stand.

      We should have drawn the line 20 years ago – when for the sake of the anxieties of Clovers we went along with Submission Training at airports – because someone might be a terrorist!

      Now we’re being terrorized – because someone might catch a cold!

      It has to stop, now.

      • Eric,

        I understand what you’re saying, but what does one do when EVERY STORE requires a mask to grocery shop? That’s the story in my area; every store does it, so there’s no choice. I can’t boycott one and go to another. I need to eat.

        As for drawing the line, I think we should’ve drawn it during the 1980s and the DUI checkpoints. We should’ve drawn it with the 1968 Gun Control Act, which gave us Form 4473, prohibited persons, etc. We should’ve drawn the line at gun background checks; they amount to seeking gov’t permission to buy a gun. We should’ve drawn the line at CCPs, a gov’t permission slip to carry a gun. Drawing the line with the TSA would’ve been better late than never, but if you ask me, we should’ve said “no more” long ago.

        • Hi Mark,

          What does one do when every store requires your “certificate of vaccination”? We must resist – now – while there is still time to stop this. If Fea Masking becomes the “new normal,” I assure you vaccination will be the next “new normal.”

          This cannot be allowed to stand. Understand clearly that this is a war. The first shots have already been fired. It is time to pick a side – and accept the consequences.

          • Hey Eric!
            I preface the following by reminding all that I to will continue to resist, regardless of consequences (and those consequences are coming- ads to hire contaqct-tracers and virus investigators are popping up everywhere- including the main pages of local media websites).

            That being said, our resistance is only for our own benefit- because we realize that we are not owned by other men- and for some of us, because we serve Another- not the state- but make no mistake about it, our resistance will not lessen or stop the tyranny in any way shape or form- just as those of us who drew the line decades ago by not flying (I stopped in the freaking 80’s!) or by not narc-ing on ourselves to the IRS, etc. has in no wise lessened those tyrannies.

            The only way that such would have any positive effect, would be if there were so many people doing it that it would be logistically impossible as well as politically suicidal to enforce it. But quite the contrary is true- The tyrants have the VAST majoirty of the developed world in their clutches- and those of us who resist and who will continue to resist are the TINY one grain of sand on the beach.

            The masses will cheer when they kill us.

            Far better to spend our time thinking of the best courses of action to evade and escape…and otherwise how to deal with what is at the doorstep…than it is to think that we are somehow going to suddenly change the minds of hundreds of millions of TV/Favebook-viewing troop/cop-loving hero-worshipping Good Germans.

            • Nunzio,

              I’m inclined to agree with you; I don’t think we’ll get the millions of “good Germans” to wake up. Though I understand where Eric’s coming from WRT the mask, I think that there are plenty of other ways to resist too. For me, the best way to do it is to live my life as I did pre Corona-as much as possible, anyway. While I can’t do EVERYTHING I used to (thanks to places being closed), I do as much as I can, and I live my life pretty much the same now as I did before all this BS began.

              I also agree with you that it’s best to not make Corona our sole focus. I avoid national media organs, and I’ve done so for years. I do stuff I enjoy.

              I’m also thinking about what options I have. I think about what’s the best way to execute them-just in case. As I said to Eric, I don’t think our “leaders” are going to push much farther, nor will they do it much longer. People are saying enough, and they’re pushing back more as time goes on. Millions of our countrymen are fast reaching the point where they have nothing left to lose. The only thing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose is MILLIONS of men with nothing left to lose. Our “leaders” tyrants though they may be, aren’t stupid; they won’t let things get to that point.

              Anyway, I’m going to live life same as I did before Corona. Though I don’t totally resist when it comes to the mask, I resist in plenty of other ways; I live my life. Like you, Corona isn’t my focus. Like you, I’m looking at ALL my options…

              • MM, with me, I don’t even see it so much as resisting- but like you said, I’m just living my life the way I always have and always will- and I am not going to let some stranger control me or force me to do something against my will.

                Now the stakes are getting higher, and the tyranny is increasing to crazy levels- but that will just cause more people to comply- that, and the constant doses of “It’s for our own good” and “It’s not such a big deal”.

                The fact that it’s gotten to this level and yet so few resist, is a sign that there will be no resistance, other than on an individual level- the few people like us.

                The vaccinations are coming. Prepare to do what you have to do to evade them NOW- because just like with the masks, it’ll be a “But if I don’t comply, I won’t be able to do [everything]”- so most will comply, just because there is a price to be paid for non-compliance, and because compliance is portrayed as “no big deal”- They already get their kids shot-up with 30-something vaccs by the time they’re freaking five….. “It doesn’t cause autism, ya know….Hey Debbie! Come and get Corky- He’s eating the wallpaper again!”.

                Those people will hate our guts…just like they hate someone for not paying their taxes- “Who does he think he is?! We all have to pay, why should he be special?!” –

                We’ve seen it all before…just with other things, and on a smaller level. Now 5G has entered the room, and a mass fear has been instilled in the masses that they could catch a deadly disease just by going outside and being around other people.

                This may likely be just a dry run. The systems, like contact tracing are being put in place so the bugs can be worked out, and it can be judged how people will respond and what areas need to be tightened up on…then maybe next time- they’ll come up with a deadlier disease and push more fear which will really panic the dumb sheep and make them comply and hate anyone who dares not to. Fear is a powerful thing…and it is now being used to manipulate those who have demonstrated time and again that they will not take a stand if it means so much as a little inconvenience- much less threat of sickness or death!

          • Eric,

            I WILL draw the line at mandatory vaccination, though I personally don’t think that they’ll go THAT far-at least for now. That’s the hill I’ll die on. I will NOT go for that or internal passports. I don’t think they’ll go that far. The blowback will be too much if our dictators go that far.

            People, as they see their lives, livelihoods, etc. evaporating; as they lose everything; they’ll get violent. They say that there’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose, but I disagree; the most dangerous thing is MILLIONS with nothing left to lose! Already, millions of our countrymen are losing everything, or they’re about to. If this BS goes on much longer, things WILL get ugly. Though certain politicos would LIKE to keep the lockdowns going for their own selfish purposes, I don’t think that they’ll go too much farther. Again, millions are fast approaching the point of having nothing left to lose, and I think that the pols know that. People are pushing back.

            I can give you an example from my local area. Last weekend, I went down to visit my mom’s grave. On the way out of my local area, I passed a local cheesesteak and burger joint, and it was PACKED! If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn it was pre Corona! There were a lot of cars and bikes; the place was crowded; people were eating and having a good time-all while NOT physically distancing. It was nice to see that. People are starting to push back where I am, and I think that the same is true everywhere else-or soon will be.

            As for the mask, I don’t wear one except to get some needed items at the grocery store. I resist the Corona BS in plenty of other ways. I leave my house MORE now than I did pre-corona! I still take my Focus out for the reason I got it: to have fun on the local roads. I gave the cops the slip a few weeks ago. I live my life pretty much the same now as I did pre-Corona. As Nunzio said above, I’m not going to make Corona my sole focus. If they want to play the game with the mask, fine; I’ll don it for the store, then remove it soon as I step out. For me, the mask isn’t the only way to resist.

            Those are my thoughts…

          • But…to clarify the big muddy…wearin’ the symbolic mask don’t ipso facto prima facie mean youse a we…youse just might be a chameleon amongst lizards…which might make all kinds of sense.

            • Very true Ozy. Use the enemies assumptions against them. Always give the enemy what they expect. It makes it easier to get behind them.

          • Lines need defense. Defense needs numbers. Why play the enemies game, by their rules? The future of war isn’t about numbers.

    • I live between a college town and a much smaller rural community. When the college town grocery store where I usually shop told me I had to wait in line before entering, I informed them that “no, I don’t”. Whereupon I went to the grocery in the rural town, where no such insanity was imposed. Slightly higher prices, slightly less selection, well worth the trouble. I’m perfectly wiling to reward the small town store for their resistance.

    • You’re making excuses. Go to another county to do your shopping where they dont have fear mask mandates. That’s what I do. It’s a half hour trip, but I would travel for hours if I had to. If we don’t make a stand for our morals, we’re worth less than dirt.

      • Hi Robert,

        As I type this, I am sitting outside (of course) the coffee shop where I often go to peck at my keyboard. There is a vile sign by the entrance urging – but not requiring – customers to wear Fear Masks “for their safety and the safety of others.” I blatantly ignore this. And – if it comes down to it – will risk jail or worse for the sake of not pretending there is a “crisis,” and thereby contributing to the impression that there is one.

        But – most of the Corona Cows I’m watching as I type this dutifully perform the Sickness Pantomime. They put on their Fear Masks – even though they aren’t (yet) required to. Which – god damn them all – makes it that much more likely we’ll be required to.

        And that this will come to blows.

        • Mornin’ Eric!

          ***”They put on their Fear Masks – even though they aren’t (yet) required to.”***

          Expecting mass resistance? Look! These damn fools are so brainwashed that they impose the tyranny upon themselves voluntarily! Can you imagine? It’d be like writing a check and sending it to the county or state every time you saw the needle on yoiur speedometer go above the posted speed limit. Rats in a maze. These people are essentially no longer human- they can no longer think independently.

          If you were to offer me a job, and gave me a choice of two: 1)I have to go out and find people who are complaining that there is too much tyranny, and who are actively resisting it- and for each such person I find, you will giove me $100.

          Or 2)I can out and find people who are complaining that “The government isn’t doing enough, and should do more”, and who would welcome more tyranny and have no problem at all with the existing level of tyranny and much more- and for each such person I’d find you’d give me $10. I’d pick #2 and become rich very quickly~

          • Nunzio, we don’t need “mass resistance”. You are still thinking in terms of numbers. In the current situation, I’d much rather have 100 properly trained, and creative people, than 100,000 of the Empires typical goons.
            Defense against overwhelming power, is a mugs game. Don’t play it.

            • Oh, I don’t intend to play it, BJ. 100 or 100,000 is meaningless in the face of several hundred million who are not content to just live their lives and let you live yours.

              My only reference to organized resistance is to show the futility of it. It only works when a large segment of the population realizes who the enemy is. To realize who the enemy is, one first has to realize that there is an enemy…..

        • Arrest – or worse — takes you off the board, out of the action.
          What’s POW’ing yourself accomplish?

          You think Rosa Parks* civil dissonance stuff’s gonna score points? Thumbjam the dike? Turn the tide? Rally the 4% needles in the 96% haystack?

          Or just relieve you of any actual action via the plausible deniability of taking a useless symbolic action to take yourself out of the action?

          Luke was cool. As was RP McMurphy. Loved by all the other unters & losers (& despised/feared by the ubers & losers). But t/he/y was also self-destructive *dumb.*

          If words didn’t cover up more than they uncover, didn’t unnoticed pass right thru-over-around words already Easter Islandized & worshipped, I’d say you should read the recently suggested novel.

          But the thing neath the thing is this: there are windows of opportunity. If you haven’t gotten thru them before they close, you got nuthin’ but windex & a wistful rag. All the rest of your life spent polishing won’t get you thru the glass of that closed window. Nor will unfossilized words.

          *that was just/yet another picked/designated winner. “Civil rights” was useful to TPTB, so it was subsidized & backed; the fix was in. The “public accommodation” aspect – nationalization of all “private” businesses that features so prominently now was planted, in the precedential tragedy of the commons common “law,” then. Your dissonance will not be useful to TPTB, & they may well gobble you up with a spoon if you go the Rosa reincarnated route (RRR…like KKK, but even dumber, more banal).

          As for V for Vaccinetta, your ass will be eminently & imminently more V’able by the pancetta if its veal caged.

          “I dare ya’” don’t get it done unless, like Rosa, & inside tradin’, the dare’s just ostensible, a show. Bluffs will be called, so bluffin’ at this table ain’t even poker…its poke me, I’m done.

          • Oyecomovah,
            It is better to die than to live as a slave. We are to the point where they are forcing our hand and making us choose. What life is it when a grown man can’t go about the normal pursuits of life without being told by inferior men that he may not pursue those pursuits, and or must subscribe to the mental illness of the day and don magic charms which are supposed to protect him from an iomaginary plague?

            Of course, we should do all we can to avoid being in that position, and to preserve our liberties for as long as possible- which is why I have long advocated fleeing this shit-hole country- but I did not make it out in time, because I chose to rather stay and not abandon my 95 year-old mother…..for which I may now pay the ultimate price. So be it. But those who can flee, should certainly do so. As I’ve long said, the only choices are: Comply; die; or flee.

            Only the latter two are viable choices- with fleeing being preferable.

            • That’s a fine candybar, Nougat.

              But if you scan – & grok – the ingredients listed on your package, you’ll read that these bars ain’t as overt Kunte Kinte as all that.

              Next ingredient is the addictive sweet stuff that makes some jones for overt Kunte Kinte’ness – like Eric seems to be swaying to the music of.

              It ain’t better to die behind bars, or enroute to behind bars, for “picking a fight” for not wearing a mask, & for “picking that fight” on pancetta’s terms.

              These ingredients is just “empty” – with unseen {cuz don’t wanna see} nasties hiding in them – calories.

              Do not waste your moves, is the point.

              I can write circles round most anybody, but I don’t confuse symbols with actuals…or candy bars with victuals.

              Any that can go thou & do likewise, will, prolly already are.

              The rest are remnant, alright, but not that psyche defense biblical thump in the night kind, no, the marked down 96% kind.

              Capice? Or should I replay knife-to-a-gunfight wop? (Was the gun guy backing the knife wop a wop? Dunno.)

          • Hi Ozy,

            Nothing deep here; I simply won’t have it. Me, myself. Who I am. I will not wear a goddamn Fear Mask – and that’s it. Just as I will not wear a diaper, either.

            • Eric…it’s only a “fear mask” if the one wearing it is afraid.

              And, whether stubbornness will admit it or not, this game is a little deeper than checkers.

              I think stubbornness is a virtue. Sometimes even a superpower. But it can also be vapor lock.

              Wrapping a creative brain around a tree cuz of a frozen o-ring takes the challenger outta’ the game. Kowalski was a hero in my pup days, but shite, I ain’t that pup now & I can do better than that.


                • Oh, I’ve had much more than enough Eric. But I’m not playing a rigged game, by the house rules. We can’t win a war of attrition, nor do we need to. The future of war isn’t about numbers.

                • I felt the heat, at first. Then I got to where needs be. The cool.

                  Goaded to excess passion can be tactic adversary employs against you. Or one you employ against yourself. Pogo, & all that fight club stuff.

                  As said, “fear” is in the wearer, not the mask. Motives vary, aren’t reducible to fear. The defensive PR the doc spoke of. Masks as a condition of employment by those fortunate enough to still have jobs. Saw a cashier the other day shopping maskless in the store she works in masked.

                  I won’t throw the game. Won’t checkmate myself on purpose to save an unimportant pawn – the mask – if it comes to that. Won’t sacrifice mobility – & ability to actually act — for symbolic gesture. And can’t see doing so as anything but waste, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, etc.

                  I’ve been wanting to move plants outside. But it literally snowed here, yesterday. Metaphorical snow can be, is, just as killing. Dress for the weather. Frostbitin’ a nose to spite a face don’t make any sense.

                  Before the cool done run out
                  I’ll be giving it my bestest


                  • Hi Ozy,

                    You have every right to wear a Fear Mask. I am simply unwilling to, for reasons already explained. I am not sick, for one – which means that wearing a Fear Mask is to accept pretending one is sick, to ease the anxieties of those who fear sickness to a degree that warrants therapy – which doesn’t impose an obligation on me anymore than someone who fears I might rape them is entitled to force me to wear a locking codpiece. For two, wearing the Fear Mask perpetuates the fear of sickness; the illusion that there is a “crisis” – and I will not be a party to this, out of self respect as well respect for other people’s rights (without which I have no rights).

                    If you go-along to get-along with this, you are enabling it. Evade that to whatever degree you like but that’s the bottom line.

                • I’m not sure what’s going on with the increasing number of unprincipled individuals here in the comments. Sounds like now that the time has come to make a moral stand, men of words do not wish to become men of action; the guy who often posts in his own madeup English slang being a primary example of such a person. These are the same people who don’t mind the fear masks and dare tell Eric not to make a stand for the right thing, ‘to live to fight another day’. Well, there will be no fight if you let them do as they will NOW. This is the threshold to complete and utter totalitarianism, the likes of which mankind has NEVER seen before. FUCK fear maskers and SHAME on anyone who tries to demoralize the last few men of principle.

                  • You’re making the point, Robert.

                    Men of words are confusing not wearing a mask with/as “fighting.”

                    Men of words think that’s slang for action.

                    Masks are relevant as they are being framed here by Eric & some others only if that frame fits. For some, it doesn’t fit.

                    And there’s no telling, this juncture, who it does, & doesn’t fit amongst the maskies seen out & about all over the place.

                    Principles? You, many, act as if those are things that mustmustmust!!! be worn on sleeves for the rival gang to see. A costume party. Preening for each other.

                    Here’s a truth to possibly focus on: no truth is owed the scammers.

                    Not only do you not have to wear your true colors on your sleeves & your coat of arms on your chest & back – you shouldn’t.

                    Because that’s like bedecking yourself in officer regalia & saying, nay demanding, with all that symbology, “shoot me.”

                    Lon Horiuchis aplenty ready to oblige….


                    As for arguing, debate, if that demoralizes someone, shame maybe already present, & daring may not be.

                    • Very well stated Oyz. Symbols are in the mind, but perception has more than one side. Principles are just that, principles.
                      Bed rock doesn’t need to be explained, it simply is. Sand as well.
                      Fools rush in where angels point and laugh, and the Baby Jesus wept. Keep those pearls stranded for later.

                    • Two possibilities that can be gleamed from your commentary, Ozy, are that you’re either a government agent or just plain scared shitless. The majority of your posts here (the ones that are readable anyway) are attempts at subverting Eric’s and other individual attempts to make life on earth better or do anything morally right, complete with relativistic and nihilistic undertones. You would not be here posting your obviously subversive nonsense if it wasn’t for the very few who dared to make a stand in times past. Principles are absolute; you either have them or you don’t. It’s obvious which group you belong to.

                    • Only two? But those are the important ones, as far as your comprehension goes?

                      Subversion’s in the mind’s eye of the beholden, Robert. From there it’s a short reach that exceeds grasp & feels — so real, like phantom limb pain – it’s got government agents in its glean.

                      (It ain’t paranoia if they’re after ya’. But I ain’t after ya’. Nor anybody else. Youse just part of this day’s crosswords puzzling. And thx for that. Millers gotta’ grist & every wo/man Jack & Jill’s gotta’ mill, that’s the staff o’ life, with the only variables bein’ the dimensions of the stones & the wheelhouses.)

                      You get close to something tho, coincidentally, with the scared shitless part. All gov agents, every damn one, is that sho nuff & factual. Totem pole base voters example, albeit clinging to the last knot in the rope, strung out lower than the post office, or the dogcatcher, or meter maids, are govagents. And who they vote for more often than not has to do with being scared shitless of who they don’t vote for.

                      Nihilism’s a fun one. Shibbolethargics gotta have a word they’re pretty sure is derogatory to describe anyone who doesn’t take their denialist fairy stories as gospel.

                      But denial, stucco d’oh!’d in narrative, is nihilism…the nihilism that cannot, does not, will not look skeery reality – the abyss – in its Abyssinian face, in the Pogo’s mirror of cosmetically proscribed possumbilities.

                      But, your usage, it’s really just a synonym, eh? Just more of the same subversion, ain’t it? Ain’t that what a subverter-nihilist-subverter is, & does, accordin’ to your hexed lexicon?

                      Govagent types do like to slice a thing into as many pieces as their dull blade’ll do, & to call all those hacks & bits o’ synonym separate counts when they pack an indictment. But all that’s just the same as packing their crotches & bras with carnal-cosmetic enhancement, or sprayin’ & prayin’ that something lands.

                      Not only am I not a govagent (tho I did vote a few times in callower youth), I can’t predict the future, nor what a present flowin’ outta’ counterfactual past would look like, includin’ whether I’d be in any given counterfactual past-present, or not – I didn’t even hafta’ to be in this unmodified one (nuthin’ ever *has* to go the way it did)…& neither can you. But that’s another shibbolethargy I have heard from your saltshook lot before.

                      Just as true tho is that starting from wherever you prefer – the adam&eve fairy story? – all the begets & begats owed me nothing, nor do I owe them anything, nor do I owe currently living blacks reparations for their enslaved ancestors, etc, etc. etc….

                      The only begat to & in which I had an implicit contract with the begatters was mine own. And I’m pretty sure it was missionary, not standing, that eventuated in my conception.

                      Vodka’s Absolut. Principles, well principleers — those scarlet nosed pimpernels — might dream of such purity & consistency & market share, but, well…another flabby, booze-soaked couch tater shibbolethargy, that.

                      I did have some damn fine potato vodka once upon a time in the west, tho.

                      Not that Absolut was part of the wearin’-your-principles-on-your-sleeve-whilst- surrounded-by-other-principleers-who-are-scared-shitless-of-or-banally-indifferent-to-your-principles conversation, but hey, no problem, happy to expand that conversation & catch things up to your comprehension…possibly.

                      Maybe a bottle of Absolut could even help you with your absolutism. Good booze, or even just good enough booze, can be medicinal, but less so amongst those wired alcoholic…& alchemic.

                      Whatever Bill Holden was beholden too, for another exemplar, the booze wasn’t medicinal. Not in the traditional sense of staying healthy in t/his life. But who’s to say deathwish ain’t the highest & best medicine for some? Surely not I. Not with all the tombstones in their eyes types I see, have seen.

                      “Give ‘em hell, Pike!,” yelled the other honorable, & heroic, crook…& was the wild bunch Crips, & the doppels they ended themselves with Bloods, or vice versa? Don’t really matter, does it? Good riddance to bad rubbish, either way. Both ways. Both sides the one wooden nickel. All two of ‘em.

              • Ozy, I worry about you when your posts make a little bit of sense. Eric, live to fight another day if the current battle is lost. This one is not, otherwise we would not see this level of insanity from the radio (all I listen to, for traffic) as far as tv goes, I puke when I see the pundits, unless it’s the weather and even then they are only 50-50. Keep up the fight. The battle is going into stage 3, think Perestroika in 1989, who knew. Same thing will happen to DC, too bad none of them have read or if they did read it did not understand Sun Tzu’s classic “The Art of War”.

                • Ha. If my stuff stops making sense to me, I’ll be worried, too. But not making sense can be a real cool hand….

        • Multi tone sound… This has been a test of the Tyranny Broadcast System. If this had been an actual broadcast, you would have been ORDERED to prepare to listen to a message, from our Glorious Secret Over Lords™.

          This concludes this test, of the Tyranny Broadcast System. You may return to what remains of your lives… For now.

          This PSA brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.

          MiniTrue, endlessly working to protect your mind from Wrong Think.

        • “they aren’t (yet) required to”. As my comment from yesterday afternoon noted, that will probably change tomorrow. Blackface Northam intends to make an announcement that masks will be required in Virginia. Not just Richmond and Northern Virginia, but the whole state. The point of uncertainty from his press conference this weekend is whether it will apply any time a person is in public or only when they are in a place of business.

          My response will be to wear my Guy Fawkes mask, which is a good response to a situation that is eerily similar to the plot line in V for Vendetta. For anyone who missed the movie and/or Charles Burris’s blog on LRC today, here is an excerpt from wikipedia about the film:

          “Reading Surridge’s journal, Inspector Finch of Scotland Yard learns V is the result of human experimentation and is targeting those who detained him. Finch searches for V’s true identity, tracing him to a bioweapons program in Larkhill. Finch meets William Rookwood, who tells him about the program. Fourteen years earlier, Sutler, Secretary of Defence at the time, launched a secret project at Larkhill which resulted in the creation of the St. Mary’s virus. Creedy, the current leader of the Norsefire Party, suggested releasing the virus onto the UK. Targeting St. Mary’s School, a tube station and a water treatment plant, the virus killed more than 100,000 people. The outbreak was blamed on a terrorist organisation. Norsefire used the wave of fear and chaos to elevate Sutler to the office of High Chancellor and win an overwhelming majority in Parliament, taking control of the country, as well as profiting off the cure for the virus. “

          The parallels are startling: virus is created in a bioweapons program (Wuhan, Fort Detrick, etc.), a political party releases the virus, blames terrorists (China), 100,000 people die from the virus (far less than that have died from SARS-Cov-2, but the fake government numbers are in that range), the resulting fear allows the party to take control of Parliament and make huge profits from the cure (vaccine).

  10. It’s not fellowship that drives men to conform. It’s COWARDICE. Fear is something all brave men feel- and face. But the coward is the one who surrenders at the first whiff of being found out. He is the most amiable to conform to the crowd and the most vicious at those who will not.

  11. Speaking of hell on earth, that seems to be where the iconic car rental company Hertz dwells now, as it teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.

    Hertz has its fleet of 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06s posted at $58,995 to $63,295 on AutoTrader, far below the Kelley Blue Book’s $76,938 to $85,275 fair value range. Most of them have around 20,000 miles on the odometer.

    Unfortunately they’re wearing the Hertz “bumblebee” yellow-and-black livery, making it all too obvious where these fire sale bargains came from.

    Just imagine what could happen if a bankrupt Hertz liquidates its ENTIRE fleet, not just the high-end specialty vehicles for which there’s no demand right now.

    We’re talkin’ SHOPPERS PARADISE, comrades. Coming soon to an auction lot near you, for any punter with 99 dollars and a dream. 🙂

  12. Luckily, fellowship has been few and far between my whole life because there were/are things I refused to do since I was a child. I still get called stubborn and ornery. “Why can’t you just give in”? “Why can’t you just follow the rules”? “Just do it for other people”. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

    It’s like I tell my wife–and she realized after we got married–I actually compromise more than people realize. There’s just some–many–things that I won’t compromise on. Principles matter. Especially to me. I’ve gone my whole life with accusations of a “bad attitude”.

    Sometimes you just have to say fuck you. That’s what I say about all of the covidcharade. I’m not playing and you aren’t talking me into it.

    Good thing I’m used to being thin on “fellowship”. It will get worse before it gets better.

    • Me too, Ancap –

      I have never understood how one can be “friends” with someone who has a morality contrary to your own. I consider such “friendships” superficial and very tenuous. That said, I’m surprised – saddened – by the awful realization that several of my friends, people who seemed to agree with me that the Safety Cult is rancid, silly and dangerous – have morphed into high priests of the cult, Because Corona.

      This tells me they never had the principles or even inclinations I assumed they did have.

      And they ask me why I drink…

    • All true. But back when it mattered to me it did make dating and mating vastly more difficult and complicated. I’m enjoying my middle age and new found freedom. Once you realize you’re living in dystopian anarchy, where the Humungus makes the rules and recognizes non binding him and his, it frees you from any compulsion to obey. Obey God’s ten laws, absolutely. The rest, are s@&t to avoid stepping in and wipe off your shoe if you do.

  13. I saw this quote yesterday, on a popular blog not typically known for politics, lacking any visible sign of quoting or an indication that the author was kidding. It is going to be a long Summer.

    “One man was seen trying to enter without a mask, barking the same ‘free country’ nonsense that the wannabe Russian agents on Fox News have been spewing for the past couple weeks.”

  14. It may for some be “fellowship” but, for most I know it’s because anyone who wears The Mask is “saving lives”. Anyone who doesn’t is already the moral equivalent of a medical suicidal killer. The “suicidal killer” standard is what has been driving the Safety Cult for several decades. If you think that all members of society are suicidal killers the laws being passed and measures taken make sense. Of course those passing and enforcing said pogroms don’t consider themselves S-K’s…but everyone else is. And, of course, the irony is they are willing to kill those that don’t go along with their Good Intentions to protect society.

    Remember, when some one says it’s for the good of society and you feel like you’re being screwed over, “society” is everyone but you.


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