Diaper Report: 06/11/2024

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This is a report about a resurgence – of the cases! the CASES! It’s beginning to happen again. This time, the “cases” of bird flu. And the reporting is similarly fallacious. A man supposed died of bird flu in Mexico. Never mind that the man who died was already chronically ill – does it sound familiar? – with a variety of conditions, including kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes.

According to the Mexican Health Ministry, “The diseases were long-term and caused conditions that led to the failure of several organs.” The Mexican Health Ministry is more honest about health-related things than the American “health ministries,” such as the CDC and the FDA – now wholly owned ministries of the pharmaceutical cartels that have drugs to push and just in time.

There is, after all, another (s)election coming up.

Time to “mask up”!

It appears a still-small but growing number of people are doing just that. I like to keep abreast of the state of things and so make a point of regularly visiting several different supermarkets, which provide a demographic sample of the people in my area. There are what you might call the blue collar, working-class supermarkets such as Food Lion and the affluent hipster places such as Earth Fare and Fresh Market. I have been noticing an increase in “masking” at the latter two, which is where upper-middle-class people like to shop. There appears to be an interesting correlation between affluence and stupidity in that these people appear to be falling for it – again.

I have seen – or rather, not seen – the covered-up faces of several people in these stores lately. Clearly, they have been watching CNN and MSNBC (again) and are once again afraid of the viral bogeyman. Of course, it may be that they’re just Leftists – as most people who willingly “mask” tend to be. And they are “masking up” (again) precisely because there is a (s)election coming up and the “mask” is for them the equivalent and counterpoint to the red hat worn by the acolytes of the despised Orange Man, who is very bad. They know “masks” prevented the spread of the Orange Man last time; maybe they will work again.

Or maybe they are just stupid.

This seems at first brush a counterintuitive thing. After all, how could a stupid person become an affluent person? Why, by working for the government! It attracts stupid people and pays them quite well.

They are not stupid, of course, in the sense that they have low IQs. They are very trainable and very good at doing what they are told without questioning it – and expecting the same of others, whom they despise if they dare to question it. The government raises up entire armies of such people via government schools, which exist not to develop the capacity to question things – to want to know why –  but to stifle and stunt that inclination in favor of rote and repetition. The doing-well on tests where the pupil-victim is taught to intuit which answers are the right ones.

And which are the wrong ones.

What you end up with, after 12 years of such stifling and stunting, is a kind of highly specialized human insect that can be assigned his task and does it repetitively for the next 30 years at good pay until he is retired and then becomes a dependent on the very government that “educated” him.

These are the people who “mask up” long before everyone else is told to. They are the ones I see “masking up” right now. Because – in effect – they have been told to. By the “health ministers” they still look to for “guidance,” because that is exactly what such people have been trained to require.

Equally interesting is the near-absence of “masking” at the lower-brow places. The places where the people who are less affluent tend to shop. Note the up-ending of the previous correlation; i.e., that it was more common to see (supposedly) “stupid” people doing stupid things, because stupid people aren’t smart enough to not do such things. There was also once a correlation between not being affluent and being less intelligent.

And yet, who’s “masking” now?

Perhaps the explanation lies in the less-affluent class having more common sense – which is a kind of intuitive intelligence – than the more-affluent, government-worker types who seem to have lost any sense they may never have had, having never had it cultivated.

Regardless, it seems clear that another National IQ Test is coming, dovetailing with the pending (s)election and the dread possibility that the Orange Man may be (s)elected this time.

Though that could itself be another, subtler intelligence test.

. . .

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  1. Quantum self-assembling nano-bots in Pepsi Max? You’re hip to the dangers of The Shot, so are ‘they’ putting stuff in your foods & drinks? I don’t know, you tell me, looks that way:

    Short video from OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY showing dark field microscope images of quantum dots in a slide of Pepsi Max:

    ‘TESTING store bought PRODUCTS…You will not like it!!’


  2. I hope if they try this again that there is much more pushback. This is no ad for Whole Foods but in that store compared to a regular market, the produce meat and fish area are the busiest and the soda and chio aisles have far fewer customers. People who eat healthy and buy at natural food stores coops and farmers markets are emotionally invested in their lifestyle not just dispassionate get er done food shoppers. These people will not rake kindly to fed gov or county boobs taking away their healthy food in exchange for processed crap in a box. At least that is my hope because we are in for a fight.

  3. This morning, a young woman drove past me, alone in her car, windows up, wearing the blue paper face diaper. Less common, but this still occurs and how it ever became widespread is an huge mystery. Ideology alone doesn’t explain this, and this particular bizarre behavior must represent true mental illness. These people are what the Pennhurst Asylum and those like it – now all shuttered and in ruins – were for. These crazies walk among us because we are too stupid to put them in straight jackets and institutions where they can lick windows as they were born to do.

    • I still see that around here as well, solo, windows up, blue face diaper. It’s usually Asians but occasionally a twenty something might be good looking female, if only I could see her face. Definitely mental illness.

  4. Comment on another blog…..

    The social contract was smashed, 03/2020.
    Personal and Property rights are on the wane. Anybody seen that missing flag?
    And the trees, still have more enshrined rights and protection than humans.

    Nobody saw this coming……

    Everyone get their Bird Flu shot. ….zero tests done…but….they say…Safe & Effective!
    Primary & Secondary dose/One-and-done. I promise this time!!…maybe multiple boosters….
    We cannot have the chickens sneezing.
    Our food supply, coming under global control?

    Get ready to shut down the Non-Essential Farms. You need to Take this Seriously.


    BRUSSELS, June 10 (Reuters) – The EU will sign a contract on Tuesday to secure over 40 million doses of a preventative avian flu vaccine for 15 countries with the first shipments heading to Finland, EU officials said on Monday.

    • shut down the Non-Essential Farms………

      starvation is an effective way to reduce the slave herd….nuclear war and injections work too….

    • The allopathic medical system says….but…who would listen to them?

      first bat grerm bs….now bird germs……

      No credibility……

      This medical system of Paracelsus is the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built…..Paracelsus was an occultist
      He was a worshiper of Satan! He is a hero in the church of satan today…..
      Doctors that used allopathic medicine in the 1500’s were called quacks

      pharmacon = poison,
      pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
      pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

      Entering a Doctor’s office is entering an occult temple….

  5. quote: “There is, after all, another (s)election coming up.”

    Quite right you are Eric, another selection, not election. It’s time to figure out the ruse, government is not about to actually have your vote count when they have an agenda. No way in hell are they ever going to allow us to actually choose a populist or libertarian. Like George Carlin says, the owners own you.

    I’ve never voted and I will tell you why. Back in high school, my father (a bigwig in an SP500 company) came home from work one day and told me the FBI had briefed the executives that Jimmy Carter would be the next president. This was in the fall of 1976 before the election. If you all remember, Nixon had resigned from Watergate and Gerald Ford was acting as president until the election. The Watergate scandal had to be quieted so they brought in the soft spoken Jimmy from the south who people could trust.

    I suspect that this year’s election will be similar in some ways, the nation is in an uproar over the stolen 2020 election, Trump going to prison, Biden some old senile poopy pants. They need to bring in some stabilizer like RFK Jr.. Just guessing.

    My current prediction is Trump goes to jail, at the RNC Nimrata “Kali Yuga” Haley is installed as the Republican nominee, Biden is replaced with Gavin Newscum – and everyone will see it as no choice at all – and if by magic RFK Jr. wins the third party vote. Probably wrong, but the idea here is to not take the selection theater show seriously. The owners mean to fool you good, give you some hope, so you don’t revolt.

    They (masters of illusion who sold you the moon landing) must keep us on the hook and believing in their completely corrupt system. To them, the selected puppet makes no difference, the puppet is a controlled asset, and actor reading their script. All the candidates are in their pocket, so if A and B are damaged goods, bring in actor C.

    The owners enjoy your labor value being stripped from the ever depreciating currency you are forced to use. They need you to believe, to continue your wage slavery, while they get filthy rich carving up the world.

    Think about it. It is all an illusion on your telescreen.

    • So Hunter Biden got convicted on felony gun charges. Do we all see what they did there?

      Corrupt fedgov prosecutors let the statute of limitations run out on Hunter’s tax offenses, which established a slime trail of guilt, via Burisma, leading back to ‘Joe’ himself.

      As a diversion, now they nail Hunter’s hide to the wall for the bullshit charge of ‘buying a gun while doing hookers and blow.’

      Mind you, dissolute Hunter (the mirror image of his hair-sniffing, peculating dad) fully deserves to get roughed up.

      But ultimately, this is a limited hangout. Hunter gets punished, but not for the corrosive institutional corruption which is turning the United States into a western-hemisphere Nigeria.

      They got a hotel by the water and a quart of Bombay gin
      The road goes on forever and the party never ends

      — Robert Earl Keen, The Road Goes On Forever

  6. First-rate commentary about a situation that many people on our side seem to keep missing Eric.

    The reason society seemingly conforms to every govt edict is not always what conservative & liberty minded folks intuitively believe to be the reason, which is that the masses are just stupid or ignorant. This misguided mindset has baffled me for many a moon — not that some people are stupid, but rather that those who insist that the masses who conform are always acting out of stupidity. People we tend to ally with make a serious error believing this overly simplistic explanation to be adequate enough to end any debate on the subject, and I suggest that they are in fact a bit naive & uninformed to believe that stupidity is the main cause of this phenomenon.

    People always act in their own self-interest, regardless of whether their behavior is rational or not. Always. Of course self-interest can sometimes lead to negative consequences, as seen in cases of greed and its resulting suffering. I contend that is what drives most of these people to put on their masks and proudly pretend they are doing their part to help save the country. It is irrational self interest & greed which is really the culprit here. Many of those hard-core maskers are complicitly acting together, and as Mark in BC has suggested below, either have something to gain by acting that way, or are trying to prevent the loss of something by their act of public conformity. Either way, I wouldn’t want to share a beer with any of them.

    • “the masses are just stupid or ignorant”
      It’s neither. It’s 100 years of brainwashing in mandatory public education, the longest running and most successful psiop in history.

    • A couple of rebuttals:

      “the masses are just stupid or ignorant… this misguided mindset”

      Human IQ is a bell curve and the multitude on the left of the curve are so cognitively impaired that most people on the right of the curve couldn’t / wouldn’t want to contemplate the level of idiocy walking amongst us.

      Whatever their IQ, most tend to think fallaciously that the rest of the population are on the same level of intelligence, or only slightly deviated from it. Not true. If you find yourself on the right of the curve, as most libertarians have been shown to be, then a large percentage of the population at large are borderline mentally retarded, comparatively, hardly capable of coherent thought besides “what am I going to eat/wear next”.

      “People always act in their own self-interest, regardless of whether their behavior is rational or not. Always.”

      Not always. Those mentioned above to the left of the bell curve tend to only be capable of acting in their own self interest, like animals. It’s a measure of intelligence, the ability to deny immediate gratification while sacrificing the present for a better future outcome. The teeming masses of imbeciles we witnessed masking up during the “pandemic” simply heard the TV tell them to do so, got scared, and blindly did what they were told, without any consideration of alternative behavior or future abuses their actions would open up.

      • @ Philo

        Are some people located on the left side of the bell shape curve? Of course. Do some people swallow govt propaganda so as to remain in a state of ignorance as Mr Kable has suggested? Without a doubt. And fear, a herd mentality, and guilt are other factors which also contribute to masking.

        But those facts don’t give you a complete picture of why the majority of maskers put on the rag or go along with other govt edicts for that matter. One reason is that we just don’t give stupid people enough credit. For example, if you give a bunch of dumb people a proposition to choose between choice A or B, one being the correct choice and the other an incorrect one, do they always choose the wrong choice 100% of the time? Of course not. Random selection says that about half will choose A and half will choose B. Now, I realize this is not the same comparison as choosing to wear a mask or not, but the principle is a close cousin. About half of those would choose to mask and half wouldn’t. And when you throw in an incentive to these people to mask up (whether the incentive is real or imagined), then most will mask up.

        If I were to offer a bunch of kids a lollipop to steal their neighbors mail, for those who would take my offer, are they acting out of ignorance/stupidity, or perhaps self interest? I would say most are acting out of greed. . .and also a severe lack of morals.

        The problem here is not acknowledging Bastiat’s “what is seen and what is not seen.” Most people who believe solely in the stupidity theory fail to see what’s not seen. They don’t see the incentives govts throw out to get their subjects to cooperate. If you were to ask some govt employee why they wear the mask, do you really think they’ll give you an honest answer? They don’t do it because they don’t know why, they do it because they’re told to do it, or else, meaning it’s simply in their best interest.

        If this sounds a bit convoluted, I don’t blame you. It sounds that way to me too.

      • Quoting George Carlin once again “when you realize how stupid the average American is, keep in mind that half the population is dumber than that.”

    • And from what I observed many women believed more in the masks so were influencing their families to wear it for safety. Many men just wore it to go along and avoid hassles. At least thats what I saw in my own family.

      • Hi RS,

        Had I not already been divorced, I suspect “COVID” would have resulted in my getting divorced as I would not have bent on either the Face Diaper or the “vaccine” issues and my ex would probably have divorced me over my refusal to bend.

        • Hi Eric,

          You may find this funny…the other day, I saw a meme of a bird wearing a face diaper with the caption “There’s only one solution in our battle against bird flu.”

              • That’s a clever picture, but the caption talks right past the sale of the existence of the bird flu in the first place. It assumes bird flu exists and that there must be a battle for a solution to it (of course we’re given the limited freedom to discuss which one of their selected means of fighting this battle of bird flu is best).

                The fact is, like all “viruses,” “H5N1” or “Bird Flu” is simply made up “in silico,” but has never actually been proven to exist or cause disease -just like that terrible scourge of “Covid” the battle of which we were told required surrendering all liberty and freedom.

                This meme is a very clever and sophisticated piece of Big Pharma/Big Food propaganda. It furthers their Hegelian (problem, reaction, solution) agenda. The solution here, among other devious ones, is to destroy independent (and healthy) food supplies, so all food can be completely controlled and corporatized. Time to eat zee bugs!

  7. I guess the monkeypox scare didn’t work, huh?

    We are absolutely going to be tested again. I am more hopeful this time around, though. Even in the People’s Republic of Boulder, I rarely see masks. And more and more people in my world have become extremely skeptical of the pharma demons.

    • I share your same sense of hope. There was a silver lining to the “pandemic.” I just don’t see the same blind faith within the population like it was pre-2020. There is much healthy skepticism of government and so-called experts.

  8. Whether the mask wearers are motivated by ignorance, fear, malice, radical leftist politics, or mental illness, no matter… I’m grateful for the mask, for it’s a visual indication that the wearer is my enemy and should be avoided/ridiculed/bullied at my discretion.

    I’ll not soon forget how they treated me when they were in power!

    I regret that my reactions were muted and careful the last go around. That will not be the case if they pull shenanigans again. Next time, they will taste my full fury at the slightest provocation.

    The Covid years were a training exercise for my mental and physical readiness.

  9. Eric, you may be overthinking this, it has nothing to do with intelligence or sense and has everything to do with emotion.

    Those people are icky, we are better than them because we mask up/aren’t racist (that we let anyone see) drive a Prius or a Tesla. Those icky people are stupid and don’t know they are endangering themselves and killing lovely mother Gaia.

    On our side we mind our own business for FAR too long until the situation cannot be resolved easily at low cost. And we look down at them because they are so obviously stupid, and educated/trained FAR beyond their abilities.

    Reality/truth/god eventually wins, but not before harshly punishing both the arrogant and the cowardly.

  10. I see a similar pattern at comparatively upper middle class Publix and the local yokel Foodland. It’s a bit of a hike to get to yuppy snob outlets like Trader Joes and Whole Foods –and I wouldn’t shop there anyhow bc they’re too expensive.

  11. You can do it! Wear the mask! Stay in line! Do what you are told!

    “You don’t want to know how to, you want to know how come.” – words of my biochemistry professor at the local college I attended.

    Will never forget what she had to say.

    You become pensive, then enter a reverie, then you just sits and thinks, then you just sits.

    Not in Catatonia yet.

  12. Bird flu may well be the next fear porn campaign concocted by the global elites, especially with another Presidential election coming up, which at this point appears to be Trump v Biden 2.0, though I’ve read elsewhere that the Democrat Party establishment may force Joe Biden out and trot out Hillary Clinton again. And Big Pharma may also use government to try to MANDATE experimental bird flu vaccines for humans and any livestock they own.


    And considering that the global elites also wish to destroy supplies of REAL FOOD for the sake of foisting bugs and frankenfood on the masses, they may also use bird flu as justification for mass killings of chickens, cows, and other livestock, as well as mass shutdowns of small farms.

    • They have been pushing bird flu since 2001. You would think that they would come up with something original. But. they are interested in killing our food sources rather than making us mask up. The last 7 years of food inflation has not worked as well as they would like.

    • Biden doesn’t know if he should shit or go blind.

      Eventually, the answer will be there, the odor will be the clue.

      Of course, if you have shit for brains, the odor never goes away.

      “It makes me cry to see love die
      So sad to watch good cars go bad” – All apologies to the Everly Brothers

      JH, are you Kunstler?

  13. Perhaps it all comes down to Fear.

    Fear of losing income, fear of losing employment, fear of losing “status”, fear of not being accepted by your peer group(thinkers). For those of upper-middle class and higher this is what their lives, in many cases, revolve around. Notice the helicopter Mom mentality.

    You don’t see kids in the trailer part wearing bike helmets. The lower classes aren’t afraid of being unemployed, they’ve done it before and survived. They hunt…WITH GUNS!!! They carry buck knives on their belts. And they generally don’t give a shit what someone else thinks of them. They’re also the first ones to sign up to kill someone they think is endangering their country (another discussion for another time).

    What you see at Earth Fare, etc. are a bunch of cowering wimps that have lived the Safe Life and anything that threatens that is to be shunned. Anything that might maintain that lifestyle is to be embraced and never, ever questioned. They are obedient drones. Can you imagine them telling their kids, “get your ass in here or I’m gonna whoop you good”? They are a different species. They’ll be the first to go when the power goes down.

  14. How many shit sandwiches will they have shoved down their throats before they figure out maybe they should keep their mouths closed?

  15. ‘it seems clear that another National IQ Test is coming’ — eric

    Eight thousand people already failed. They submitted to testing of Moderna’s new horror drug mRNA-1083, a combination covid/flu ‘vaccine.’

    From a marketing perspective, this is diabolical. ‘Flu shots’ are a well-ingrained phenomenon, with a vast distribution infrastructure extending to local pharmacies.

    With interest in covid ‘vaccines’ having evaporated, why not let them hitch a ride on the annual flu shots to which nearly half of Americlowns docilely submit?

    Naturally the failed fedgov, instead of stopping this new public health menace and jailing its perpetrators, is subsidizing it.

    Moderna and other Mengelian pharma makers shouldn’t be surprised if uptake of flu shots falls again this year. Any flu shot you get may well be contaminated with covid ‘vaccine,’ whether they tell you or not.

    Take Vitamin D instead, and shun adulterated shots that kill.

    • Flu shots. One of the most useless medical procedures out there. But hey! We are already at CVS picking up our prescriptions, candy, soda and itch lotion. We might as well let the assistant pharmacist inject gosh knows what into our arm!


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