Diaper Report: 05/16/2024

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North Carolina has just done what Orange Man didn’t do: “Mask” wearing in public has just been banned. Ostensibly, for the same reason it used to be – back in the days (four years ago) when it was considered suspicious to wear a “mask” in public.

Or evidence of mental illness.

Then it became evidence of obedience. And it was used to prevent disobedience. Also to get rid of the Orange Man, which the man was either not savvy enough to comprehend or was complicit  . . . in his own removal from office.

North Carolina has just pre-empted what is not unlikely to be another, similar effort – this time, to prevent the Orange Man from returning to office. By preventing people from showing up to vote – in person – unless they wear a “mask.” By creating another mass panic – the cases! the cases! (this time for bird flu) – and instituting policies and guidelines imposed by bureaucrats who have acquired legislative powers – requiring the wearing (again) of “masks,” to create the appearance of agreement with their authoritarian policies and guidelines.

And to cover up the shenanigans necessary to assure the right outcome of the coming election.

But that’s not how this ban on “mask” wearing in public has been marketed. For once, our side – the side of sanity – has shown it is capable of understanding how to deal with the insane side.

You don’t accept their terms of debate, first of all. That’s how you lose every debate. So don’t argue with them about whether “masks” do anything to “stop the spread.” Instead, point out that criminals wear “masks” – to avoid being caught. And that it is necessary for the safety of the public to not permit people who are up to no good to hide their faces from view when out in public.

That’s what’s happened in NC. On account of what’s happening in NC – and elsewhere.

Ordinarily, endowing the government with the power to ban anything is almost axiomatically bad. And for that reason, this ban – as such – is not to be lauded. But there are exigent circumstance when it is necessary fight dirty – as when you are forced to fight dirty fighters.

“Mask” wearing is not harmless. We have a wrecked country as proof of that. Making “masking” contemptible – like the wearing of the armband – ought to be the object. Not pretending it’s harmless. Because it’s not.

They said we didn’t care that “granny might die” if we didn’t wear “masks.” We say granny might die – might get beaten up – if we allow anonymous criminals to run amok in public. We point out that, in the past, if a person wearing a “mask” entered a store, it was reasonable to assume they were not doing it to avoid catching a cold.

Hence the title of the ban: Unmasking Mobs and Criminals. Because who could be against unmasking mobs and criminals?

Use their own tactics against them, in other words. But without saying so, out loud.


It is Saul Alinsky in reverse. And that is the rule for dealing with radicals.

The principle applies generally. Not so much as regards banning things, which is not really the point.

The point is: Don’t argue with Leftists. Understand who they are and what they plan – and stomp them by any means necessary. Don’t argue with them about whether the government has any legitimate business mandating electric vehicles. Agree with the Left – and turn it around and use it against the Left.

Insist that EVs be manufactured – and recharged – using only “emissions free” sources of power, such as wind farms and solar panels. If that means only being able to drive an EV once a week – or less – well, that’s what’s necessary to keep the “climate” from “changing” – and how dare you disagree!

“Identify” as whatever they hate – and demand they respect it. If not, tel them they are “phobic” and full of “hate.” Ridicule them. Above all, do not give them the time of day.

This will drive the Left insane. Even more so than the Left already is – which is delicious.

“If I were not permitted to wear a mask in public, it would greatly limit which spaces I could visit. And, for me, this is an access issue,” Quisha Mallette, of the North Carolina Justice Center, told lawmakers as she urged them to oppose the measure.”

Well it looks like Quisha is out of luck. Just the same as we who didn’t want to “mask up” were when the “maskers” managed to impose policies a guidelines on us – even though we were happy to let them “mask up” if that’s what they wanted to do. Our objection was only to being told we had to “mask up” to make them feel better. Which was itself a bunch of horseshit in that what they really wanted was for us to be made to obey – and that is what made them feel better.

Now we can feel good about “masking up” being prima facie evidence once again of someone being up-to-no-good or someone not right in the head. In North Carolina, at least.

Here’s hoping this spreads.

. . .

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  1. Three and a half years ago, I had the following conversation with an older lady at a self checkout in a local grocery store as she berated me for not wearing a mask:

    Lady: “Young man, you should have a mask on.”

    Me: “Why’s that, ma’am?”

    Lady: “You could get sick.”

    Me: “Nah, I’m fine and healthy. I take my vitamins and eat real healthy food.”

    Lady: “Well, you could get me sick.”

    Me: “But you have a mask on.”

    Lady: “I could die.”

    Me: “Ma’am, let me ask you something. Are you deeply religious?”

    Lady: “Yes, of course.”

    Me: “Well, all of my deeply religious friends tell me that eventually we’re all going to ‘the better place’. Shouldn’t I be helping you get to the better place?”

    At that, the lady turned and checked her groceries, and left in a huff.

  2. Ivan Raiklin is a former Green Beret and an attorney.

    Apparently, he means bidness.

    Something to do with the mRNA ersatz vaccine that mutilates and the harm done is irreparable.

    The Feral Irishman has a video about what is being said.

  3. Remember this one?:

    “4 years ago today, we reopened Atilis Gym in direct violation of an unconstitutional order by Governor Philip Murphy to close small businesses in New Jersey.

    The support we received locally, nationally, and internationally for our stand is something I will be forever grateful for.

    With that being said, I am thrilled to announce that we have achieved a major victory in the long, hard fight against the State.

    ALL OF THE 80+ municipal citations of violations of a governor’s order, public nuisance, disturbing the peace, and operating without a license against us have been dropped by the courts WITH prejudice. This means the State has NO ability to revist or refile these charges.

    This victory opens the battlefield again and gives us options to continue to push back and bring justice to the treasonous actions of Phil Murphy and his lackies.

    Again, thank you to all who supported us. We could not have done it without you.

    Special thanks to our fearless attorneys – John McCann and Giancarlo Ghione. Some of the most high profile attorneys around the country ran from our case – knowing it would be a long, hard road and would make them a target of the stare. These two gentlemen stood with us through the darkest days of the storm, have not flinched, and never once cared about being in front of cameras to gain notoriety from their work.

    More updates later.

    Nobody is coming to save you, save yourself. Spit on your hands and hoist the black flag. No quarter.🏴

    Suck my dick Phil Murphy.”

    Source: https://x.com/iansmithfitness/status/1791875792827240949

  4. “Once the principle is admitted that it is the duty of government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments.” Ludwig von Mises

    • Why were masks created? For surgical/medical use to prevent spittle from going into open wounds/incisions to prevent diseases spreading.

      I’ve seen no evidence of the last 4.years that they been used like this…

      Mobs go mad quickly, and men return to their senses slowly, one at a time…

      • Hi Saxons,

        My dad and grandfather were both doctors; I grew up around doctors and medical people. No doctor I knew growing up wore a surgical mask outside of the surgical suite. The masks were (and are) designed to prevent the surgeon from accidentally contaminating an open wound with saliva or mucous (as from sneezing). They are not worn to prevent the transmission of viral particles, which are much too tiny to be impeded by the material.

  5. Personally, I kind of like the face diaper. It let’s me clearly identify the insane among us. If only we could have them mandate that all government workers wear some sort of identifying garment.

    • Yes! Between the diapers and those “I got my vaccine” buttons, it really helped weed-out dating prospects. I almost wish it were permanent! Now you don’t know. Meet a girl, and ya can’t just ask her if she took the clot shot or waqlked around with a mask and played the hypochondriac-germophobe.

  6. Another law to prevent citizens from some free action. How about laws to prevent governments from mandating bullshit like masks and vaxxines. Ever wonder why the words Emergency or Martial Law are not in the constitution. Take a guess. This ‘law’ like many others will end up being misused against us.
    We don’t need any more laws to curtail what we do,,, our problem in the damn government and its out of control agencies.

    • Absolutely Ken,
      What’s the point of having a Constitution if whenever it “hamstrings the government”, per Supreme Court diversity dildo Ketani Brown-Jackson, the PTB simply declares an “emergency” and rules by decree. The Bill of Rights is nothing more than a speed bump to the control freak authoritarians that have taken over the government.

  7. Facial recognition doesn’t work so well when wearing a mask. Could it be this is all a reaction to that? Wasn’t a problem until a certain group we are not allowed to criticize started taking heavy flack. Now we cant have that, can we? Said group put out the word and behold, a new anti- free speech law. Next, no more masks. Of course there will probably be an exemption written into any law for BIPOCLGBTQ+P’s.

    Wish they could put this much effort into securing our non existent border.

    • Norman,

      That’s what I think as well. It’s about concretely identifying people at the recent protests, following suit with the free-speech chiller bill you mention.

      • ‘Secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’ They had but one job, in which they failed spectacularly. I don’t care what someone wants to say, or how nasty they want to say it as long as it doesn’t impede my ability to function or travel freely.

        Why people still can’t see that all animals are not equal is beyond my comprehension.

        While they divide us with new and improved pedantic nonsense, the border is where these thing begin and end. Ten million here, twenty million there, pretty soon the country is gone,

  8. Never forget, the face diapers – mandating thereof – was the condition predicate for the vaccines and all that followed. The compliance rag, is now used to obscure the faces of the shock troops tasked to turn college lawns into mini Chaz settlements (which, unabated will become our front lawns). No, I don’t support some right to mask up, and will enjoy schadenfreude of some leftist puke with the imprint of a boot waffle on their face, courtesy of the gestapo they were all to happy to sic on me and mine just months ago.

  9. Eric is right. Covering your face in public is a threatening act. Only criminals wore masks in public before 2020. It should be banned as a safety and crime prevention measure. And yes, there would be exceptions for people wearing ski masks while skiing, doctors in operating rooms, painters, and landscapers using leaf blowers. Just like the sign “keep off grass” does not apply to the maintenance crew. The “no parking” sign does not apply to police and firefighters. Common sense stuff.

  10. I think that we all have a limited amount of willpower and resources to do the right thing for our health. I’ve noticed that the always-maskers that I know personally somehow use the mask as a proxy for taking care of themselves. They don’t exercise, or they overeat, but somehow, that mask will make them healthy. It’s much more work to actually do healthy things. Now that masks are a socially acceptable security blanket, the kinds of people who need security blankets are now freaked out in NC because they’re not allowed to carry them.

  11. “If I were not permitted to wear a mask in public, it would greatly limit which spaces I could visit. And, for me, this is an access issue,” Quisha Mallette, of the North Carolina Justice Center, told lawmakers as she urged them to oppose the measure.”

    In light of how I was treated, MIss quisha, fuck you. I will never forget the liberties that I was deprived of during your fucking lockdowns. Fuck you, Bitch!! Access Fuck you

    • Hi F,

      I and many others share your sentiments. The danger – as one of the readers here pointed out – is that by endorsing a government ban on X, one endorses a government ban on Y. At the same time, it is perhaps necessary to do whatever it takes to kneecap the Left. But it is important at the same time to not lose ourselves along the way.

      • Eric- Would it be possible for you to share why you continue to write diaper reports to this day? It’s been 4 years and maybe I or others have lost the plot.

        • Hi Funk,

          Certainly! I continue to write these Diaper Reports because there are still people Diapering. And because Diapering has yet to be utterly rejected. Hence a “surge” is still possible. This must be stomped – and stomped again – and over and over and over again. Until it is gone, forever. The “mask” must become what the armband is. That is, something beyond the pale. Something hateful to be seen. Something despised and ridiculed by most people.

    • Screw your rights said the philandering governator.

      Fuck those people.

      “Wont have to worry no more girl
      I’ll be in the looney bin
      I’ll play parcheezy, all day with my looney friends
      Wont have to comb my hair girl
      I wont have to shave
      I wont have to race the guy next door
      to see whos the first one in his grave”

      I’m schizophrenic, I’m psychotic too
      darlin commit me its the least you can do

      Darlin’ Commit Me by Steve Earle

      That’s a lol.

  12. I think that there should be a ban on mask mandates of all kinds. The only exception would be where someone is working in the health care field or something like that. In certain red states corporations violated more rights than the government did.

    Never again.

  13. Won’t hold up in the courts. First protestor arrested for wearing a mask will get the ACLU or some other “fweedom fighter” defender working pro bono or getting their Go Fund Me account topped off by those interested in keeping the useful idiots around.

    • >“fweedom fighter”
      Yeah, well, to quote a great modern philosopher (the late George Carlin), “If crime fighters fight crime ,and fire fighters fight fire, then what do freedom fighters fight?”

  14. The establishment appears to want to frighten the masses over BIRD FLU & WHOOPING COUGH. I suspect that the media, along with the Biden Thing and authoritarians in the U.S., may try implementing mask mandates AGAIN, citing “The cases! The cases!” of whatever bogeyman the establishment wants to frighten the public with. And then Big Pharma will be given BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to ‘Warp Speed’ a “Brand new vaccine for bird flu and/ or whooping cough”, which the Pharma funded media will run yet another propaganda campaign bleating “Safe and Effective!” and URGING people to “Get your vaccine now!”, and if that doesn’t work, the Biden Thing may try implementing MANDATES for people to take that vaccine for whatever the establishment thought they could frighten the masses with.

    • > “Get your vaccine now!”
      This way to the Egress…

      “But you might die!”
      Yeah, so?
      I hate to tell you, but dying is on *your* schedule as well as mine, and that of every plant and animal on Earth, past, present, and future. You might possibly be able to postpone it slightly, at great expense (or not, as the case may be), but inevitably, and inexorably, the wheels of fate *will* grind your life away. The only thing you *really* have to do in this life, is die when your time comes. Taxes are avoidable, but the Grim Reaper cannot be bargained with. Better get used to the idea. There just might be a cement mixer out there with your name on it.

  15. “Laws” are meant to force compliance with government edicts at the point of a gun.

    We need fewer laws, not more.

    I prefer the freedom to wear a muzzle or not. Right now that tells me exactly who I am dealing with.

    ‘You shall know them by their masks.” – Jesus H. Christ

    • After 4 years of diaper reports, this is what it’s turned into. Supporting the freedom to wear face diapers. Libertarianism as a civilizational suicide pact. Count me out.

      • Funk Doctor,

        Sometimes being a staunch advocate for liberty means defending the ability for people to do things you would never do. In fact, that’s the true difference between a man of principle and one who is just looking out for his own interests. If people don’t have the freedom to make what might be a bad choice (without the government’s hammer coming down on them), they have no freedom at all.

        Libertarianism isn’t a suicide pact. It isn’t about dying. It’s about living life to its fullest potential. It’s about being to explore avenues even if they don’t make sense or others think you’re insane or they are disgusted or angered. But if they aren’t truly harmed, you should be able to do so.

        Government is the true suicide pact. It’s a tit-for-tat exchange of dictates and regulations ’til the participants (and their victims) are all so tightly woven in the web they’ve spun that no one can do anything. I’d rather have as little of that as possible, even if goofballs continue to wear face-diapers for whatever reason.

        • Your description of mask wearers as “goofballs” is telling. As if it’s just a sign of some harmless eccentrics like, doing their own thing, man. You know, like those nice folks I mentioned in another comment who wore big masks spouting off on TeeVee how they’re mailing homo porn to grade school students because the gov’t banned it from the school library.

          It’s amazing to me that after 4 years of diaper reports here that I even need to say this but… the notion that both individuals and society as a whole weren’t harmed by masking during the past 4 years is ludicrous. Schoolchildren, the elderly, you name it. Harmed. Physically, mentally, emotionally. The idea, at this point, that wearing a mask is “just another choice” to be tolerated from a NAP perspective is so ridiculous it makes me sick.

          When harms like these are ignored or overlooked, libertarianism becomes a suicide pact. Not literally, of course, as you implied, but in a figurative sense. You are basically giving license, an excuse, to your enemies to harm you and/or others because “principles.”

          Finally, you and others act as if I’m celebrating gov’t, when that’s the furthest thing from the truth. When my enemy (gov’t) goes after another enemy (leftists in masks, because other than extreme elderlies are there really any other kinds), yes I cheer. I don’t, like you, align myself with that enemy because I know they would never do the same for me.

            • So when mandates ended 3 years ago, everything was hunky dory? Why are we still reading diaper reports now? Just some randomobservations on harmless behavior by innocents, I guess.

              • Hi Funk,

                I disagree that wearing “masks”is harmless. It is normalizing sickness. Why didn’t we see “masks” until three years ago? I mean, outside of surgical suites and mental institutions? Because to wear one outside of a surgical suite marked the wearer as someone who ought to be in a mental institution. A mentally ill person, understood to be such. In the past, such a sight was sad – and prompted a compassionate response. Now, it prompts an entirely reasonable aversion – and loathing – because that “mask” represents an ordeal that wrecked this country, the damage still elaborating.

                The “masker” does not consider himself to be sick. He considers us to be a threat. He sees us as selfish and reckless. His sickness has been egged on and encouraged by the government and the general culture. Ergo, he is not harmless. This is really important to keep in mind.

                • That’s what I thought I understood your position to be since Day 1, though anti-mandate was the priority early on. Others seem to be in the no harm camp, which surprises me as you’ve stated these things numerous times.

      • Funk,
        Gee, I thought it was governments that were on the verge of incinerating the planet.
        I support anyone’s freedom to do whatever they damn well please, as long as they harm no one else.

        • I addressed this above but… 4 years of diaper reports. 3 years since any “mandates.” That’s a lot of reportage for no harms. I didn’t realize the point of all of these pieces was to underscore the importance of how the freedom to mask is so essential to our overall freedom. Thanks for clueing me in, John.

  16. Follow the money trail, as per. Retail outlets are putting those expensive electronic tags on virtually everything these days while putting everything else behind glass cases in an attempt to reduce theft, then raising prices on non-stealing customers to pay for it. This NC law was no doubt at the behest of retailers who need it to fight shoplifting, which has become a serious problem. Never mind that these are the same retailers who actively encouraged, nay, demanded it in 2020, to force their smaller competitors out of business.

  17. I have to disagree, Eric, though I don’t do so very often in your case.

    I think your enthusiasm for this law comes from a place of deep animosity for face-diaperers, and I understand that, but a belief in freedom is a belief in the freedom for other people to do things that we don’t like as long as it doesn’t harm us.

    A law against forcing the diaper upon us (in public) is fine.

    Keep in mind that when we speak of “unmasking mobs and criminals”, that WE may be considered the “mobs and criminals” at any time, and any attempt at keeping our privacy may be considered “masking”.

    Also, ask the January 6th kids how open-faced civil disobedience went, as opposed to the Antifa crowd, or even the recent pro-Palestinian (“PRO-HAMAS!!”) protesters. And I’ll bet this new law is more so directed at them, because you it seems that it is not permitted to decry the actions of God’s Chosen Country.

    • It’s important to keep in mind that none of us here, as far as I know, asked for this. The thing (gov’t) does things and, very occasionally, it does something positive, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. After the last 4 years, clutching your libertarian pearls for face diaper wearers of any stripe, whether they be sickness psychos, Antifas, Hamas supporters, etc. none of which are on “our side”, makes you look ridiculous. Same with (sort of) conflating an attempt at keeping your “privacy” with physically wearing a mask. That has never been the case in history. As far as protests go, masks are good for hiding the gov’t agents and other agents provocateurs. January 6th wasn’t “open faced” civil disobedience, it was an op chock full of these types with a few hapless useful idiots thrown in.

      • “After the last 4 years, clutching your libertarian pearls… makes you look ridiculous.”

        Yes! Finally the government is pointing it’s guns at the bad people! Win!

        Give me a break.

        The “do no harm, take no shit” libertarian principles are the bedrock of freedom. Without adherence to sound principles to live by, you become just another of the barbarian horde, endlessly cheering a government that will soon turn it’s attention (and newfound powers) on you.

        • Endlessly cheering? Give me a break. They already turned their guns on me when they destroyed my family’s 10 year old small business in 2020. So if some pink hair leftists catch it on the head for wearing a face diaper, I will cheer. Yup. Like I said, nobody on here, including me, asked for this but it is what it is. Nor are you gonna stop it or do anything else. So you can cut it out with the holier than thou bullshit.

          • How quickly we went from “wear a mask if you want to, but leave me alone” to “if some pink hair leftists catch it on the head for wearing a face diaper, I will cheer”.

            Short sighted, reactionary bullshit. And government power increases.

            • Hi Philo,

              I don’t want Facial Underwear-wearing banned. I want it so ridiculed and marginalized that we never see it again. Kind of like the armband. Wear it if you please. Just don’t expect people not to express their revulsion and contempt. Don’t expect to be able to just walk around in public without drawing stares and jeers.

              No one – just about – wears the armband because almost no one wants to be the object of revulsion and contempt. People don’t pretend it’s normal – or that they can’t see it. That’s what I want to see with regard to Facial Underwear.

              Take the god-damned things off.

            • I never thought mask wearing was ok. Prior to 2020, there was Whacko Jacko, the name saying it all. You act as if we went from libertarian paradise to tyranny because masks may be banned by law. There is no increase in gov’t power, just a shift from side to side (mandate to no mandate to ban). Keep coddling your enemies, though, you’re really playing the 4D chess long game.

      • I’ll have to watch that a bit later, but I only said that because, in “right-wing” circles, all of those protesters are “PRO-HAMAS!”, though I don’t believe that’s largely the case, and I swear that I’ve seen Orthodox Jews protesting WITH them (against the actions of Israel). Interesting about the Spanish homophone, however. *The More You Know*

        • > those protesters are “PRO-HAMAS!”,
          That does not make it a Bad Thing, at least IMO.

          >Orthodox Jews protesting WITH them (against the actions of Israel
          Which just goes to show that the Netanyahoo government does *not* speak for all Jews, despite its protestations to the contrary.

          My opinion? Bibi is your classic sociopath. JMO, and I am not a psychiatrist, obviously. IMO, both of the Clintons fall in the same category. JMO. take it for whatever you think it is worth.

  18. On Tuesday, before I was aware of this proposed law, I had to bring my 10 yo car into the dealership for a safety recall. Apparently the doors on my type of vehicle were flying open at speed if a certain set of serial numbered parts were used. I am waiting to hear back on whether mine needs new parts or not.

    Anyway, as I was sitting in the waiting room, a channel called “Spectrum 1” was on the box. It was a “news” type station that ran the same 4/5 stories and weather every hour. One of the stories on repeat was about a bookstore in Raleigh where the employees, upset at the banning of certain homosexual porno books in the local gov’t schools, were mailing boxes of said porno books to students of those schools in the district, for free. This was not portrayed in a negative light or even a balanced. It was as if these degenerates were some kind of “freedom” fighters. The interesting thing about these folks, for all their phony righteousness, purple hair, and posters crying for the victims of “white supremacy” and “the patriarchy”, each one had on a BIG face diaper, through which they spoke to the interviewer. They were simple cloth masks, NOT the kind the most rabid CDC sycophant would wear. It was obvious they knew what they were doing was likely to be considered a criminal act by most sane individuals, so they were hiding their identities, pure and simple.

    The thought crossed my mind that it was going to take strong measures to root out this type of criminal activity. My libertarianism is rooted in activities undertaken by consenting adults. Harming children in disguise falls outside of these principles, period. That being said, the last 4 years have proven that masks are little more than political symbols. Armbands symbolizing a regime and its followers that wish me and my kin and kind diminished and/or dead. So, after the past 4 years, IDGAF anymore and am planning to loudly declare in the face of all maskers, perhaps not those obviously over 80, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW! I’m calling the cops! I may even carry printouts of the law to hand out. HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKOS!

    • Re: your first statement, one wonders if “safety recalls” are actually used to install tracking software or other control mechanisms on cars. Re: masks, no doubt these leftist criminals are clever enough to disguise their faces and will be given a pass for it by the PTBs. They’ll no doubt take as much delight resisting anti-mask laws as our side did in resisting mask mandates.

  19. Banning masking is almost as scary as forcing masking. They want to identify us. US, but not rapists and murderers and robbers, because they can’t do enough to coddle them. But perish the thought you might be thinking of committing “a hate crime”, or just happen to believe (even if delusional) that wearing a mask will protect you from the bogeyman! You are not free to choose. It has gotten to the point where virtually every aspect of life is controlled by government at some level. Always coming up with new ways to criminalize behavior which harms no one (except perhaps the person engaging in it), while making the consequences for actual crimes which victimize innocent people negligible.

    Not for anything, but I don’t think the COVID[sic] hoax had anything to do with removing Trump. There are just too many younger indoctrinated socialistic liberal voters who hated Trump and all that he stood for. Plus the fact that all the shenanigans like dead people and illegals voting, and computer vote switching and fraudulent vote counting can be just as easily accomplished with in-person electronic votes, in-oerson paper votes, or mail-in votes.

    Talk to just about anyone under 50 and it’s truly frightening how socialistic their views are, whether they acknowledge them as being so or not. And the Conservatives are little better with their Medicare and Social Security and love for “law and order” and “the troops”.

    My guess is that the NC bill will be amended to allow masking during “public health emergencies” and halloween, of course. In fact, I’d bet on it. So as usual, we gain nothing but more tyranny. And whether masks are banned or forced, all it does is give masking more prominence, e.g. by banning them they will make it “cool” and a symbol of rebellion and “freedom” to wear one, to the point where there will probably be an outcry for the repealing of the law. And if that happens, those of us who refuse to mask weill be even more vilified. One can’t win in a tyrannical environment and in a society that is reactionary and doesn’t value liberty, just as we can’t win by voting for a Democrat or Republican puppet.

  20. >Insist that EVs be manufactured – and recharged – using only “emissions free” sources of power, such as wind farms and solar panels.

    Meanwhile, in Northern Commiefornia, the State is about to destroy three hydroelectric power dams on the Klamath River. Because fish.

    What to do???

    • Hey Adi,

      Used to be “what to do” was not blow up the dam. That used to be frowned upon, if I remember correctly.

      Regarding the construction and charging of EVs using only emissions-free power: I’d take it as a welcome challenge, were I crazy about such matters. I would wear a success (as unlikely and difficult as it would be) as a badge of honor. Might not be how such a directive would be taken, however. 😉

      I recently read a story about how copper mining company Phelps-Dodge used mesquite wood to power their blast-furnaces and smelters back-in-the-day. Hey, that was “carbon-neutral”! The mesquite was even harvested in a sustainable way, keeping the trees alive to be harvested again another day.

      I’ve taken note, and am growing some mesquite fuel trees.

      • >I’ve taken note, and am growing some mesquite fuel trees.
        Good for you, BaDnOn. 🙂

        Here in CA, the “fuel trees” of choice back in the 19th century were various species of Eucalyptus, native to Australia. They grow fast, and burn hot due to oil of eucalyptus. wood burning steam ships are long gone, but eucalyptus is nearly ubiquitous in CA. I have an enormous silver dollar eucalyptus in my backyard, the trunk of which was the size of my thumb when I planted the tree ~40 years ago. Produces great fire and barbecue wood. I’d say, check your Western Garden Book to see if eucalyptus would work in your area.

        Oil of eucalyptus is very fragrant, and is the active fragrance in such products as Vicks Vape O Rub. In days gone by, blue gum Eucalyptus were widely planted as windbreaks by local citrus growers. I have fond memories of walking/jogging through local citrus groves, taking in the aroma of Eucalyptus oil and citrus blossoms. All are gone now, due to housing development. Sad.

        • I am definitely checking into that, Adi! I love the smell of eucalyptus, and bet it makes a righteous fire.

          While bringing up the eucalyptus to check its viability in my area, I ran into this:


          The Rainbow Eucalyptus… WTF? Nature is never bereft of surprises.

          It appears they will grow here. They say the largest species grow to over 200ft. Amazing.

          Thanks for the suggestion, Adi. Now, back to work for me!

        • Hi Adi – aren’t you afraid that eucalyptus tree will drop full branches on you at any time? They call those trees “widowmakers” for a reason; in a drought, they shed full branches. Also, not much root systems on them so they blow over easily.

  21. I understand the idea, but I don’t wish for government bans on anything. I wish the government would rather pass a bill that says businesses cannot be sued for refusing to serve masked customers. Or for any reason, but baby steps.


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