Diaper Report: 05/13/2024

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This is a portrait more so than a report – but it can also be read as the latter.

The other day, at my gym, I saw a guy wearing facial underwear. His underwear was also showing. He was one of those guys who think it’s “cool” – or whatever the term for the same sentiment is now – to wear his pants coming down, so as to permanently expose his actual underwear. It is a shame that there isn’t some way to stop the spread of this . . .

Well, there is – of course. It is called a belt. Or pants that fit.

But what has this to do with facial underwear? I am not exactly sure but it seems a correlation can be hypothesized. Those who walk around displaying their underwear on purpose are making a statement. And so are those who are still – Jesus Christ! – wearing underwear over their faces. And that statement is: I am a militant follower. I make a point of showing how much of a conformist I am. So much so that I will continue to make an ass out of myself in public by absolutely refusing to come to grips with how stupid I look. With the implication being how stupid I am.

Consider how stupid it looks to walk around with your pants coming off and your underwear showing – on purpose. We are not talking about a guy whose pants are ill-fitting and can’t help showing a little crack. Well, he could help it – by wearing a belt or buying pants that fit. But the point is he probably doesn’t intend to show what ought to be out-of-sight. No, we are talking about people like this guy at my gym who make a point of showing their underwear, as if anyone wanted to see it. They put on the show in public, too – where kids can see this.

Which may actually be a good thing, in that it teaches kids what stupid looks like.

The same as regards the facial underwear. Is it possible there’s anything more indicative of stupidity than the wearing of that in public?

In almost-mid 2024?

It is not mid-2020 anymore, in other words. Back then, wearing underwear could be (weakly) defended on the basis of almost everyone-else (but not everyone) also wearing facial underwear and we all know what a herd animal the human animal is. The urge to be one of many rather than one out of many is strong in most, which is why most go along in  whatever direction the herd is going for the sake of going along and nothing more than that. It took some anti-herd-ness to be one out of many back in 2020. I know because I was one – and felt the eyes of the herd upon me and felt the uneasiness of the herd at the sight of me. Also the latent anger, which was a palpable vibe.

There were also, of course, the signs barring entry to stores and so on and most people will do almost anything to avoid a confrontation, even at the price of their self-respect. Cue Bobby (Ned Beatty’s character in Deliverance) who pleaded with the rabid hillbillies: “What’s this all about?”

He soon found out.

And some people were faced with having to choose whether to risk losing their jobs – or keep their self-respect. Many chose to not risk losing their jobs.

Some also believed that facial underwear-wearing warded off the Dread Sickness they also believed – because so they were told – would kill them (or granny) if they didn’t.

But it is no longer possible to believe that anymore – assuming a person of at least average intelligence, capable of discerning that almost no one is still wearing facial underwear anymore and almost no one is getting sick – or dying  . . .  other than those who took the “safe and effective” drugs they were led to believe were “vaccines.”

So what we’re dealing with is a variant of militancy that will not acknowledge stupidity. And – parenthetically – the Orange Man is afflicted with this variant, too. He does not walk around with his underwear showing – thank God for small favors – not does he wear underwear over his face. But – Jesus Christ! – the man still continues to pretend the drugs he pushed were “beautiful” and “saved millions of lives.”

He might as well be walking around with his pants falling off, his underwear on display – as well as on his face.

. . .

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  1. I discovered today there is a whole subreddit dedicated to hating cars (and praising 15 minute prisons). It has 440K members. It ruined my whole day.

  2. Did my weekly 50 mile round-trip to Aldi today. It was a EPAutos double bonus foray. Three mentally ill maskers in the store. On the way home, I was third behind a Clover, going 40-45-40, brake lights on-off a few times, on a 55 MPH state highway.

  3. With the way that the establishment is trying to scare the masses about BIRD FLU, what are the odds that authoritarian governors, along with the Biden Thing, will try implementing lockdowns once again, shutting down small farms, making it MANDATORY to wear face diapers everywhere again, and enacting other draconian measures, and claim that it’s to “Protect public health” or “Stop the spread of bird flu”? Considering that the establishment succeeded in frightening LOTS of people in this country and around the world into complying with such extreme measures in 2020, they would undoubtedly LOVE to try this crap again.

  4. Wearing facial underwear to keep the COVID in is akin to wearing real (exposed) underwear to keep the farts in. Neither works… and they both smell.

  5. When I question a diaper-wearer, the excuse I hear more often now is allergies. I think that’s BS. When did allergy sufferers ever mask against allergies before March 2020? When did a doctor ever prescribe masking against allergens before March 2020? There are plenty of over-the-counter medicines that people can use without restricting their oxygen and without breathing in filthy plastic fibers of the mask. And what about transmission into the eyes, why are the alleged allergy sufferers not wearing goggles?

    I think these people feel more comfortable saying allergies than admitting they are virtual signaling their Democrat party affiliation or some other reason.

    Am I missing something? Any thoughts on the allergy excuse?

    • I talked to an older woman working as a cashier at thrift store. I believed her when she said she wore it because the HVAC would blow air on her & something in the store would affect her in an allergy/skin breakout way. The air in there would sometimes bother me, too. I think she was desperate for a solution. She eventually quit.

      I only see face diapers very sporadically, of those who I see wearing them (scurrying by?) they all seem: weak, frail, unintelligent, spooked easily. Not a one of them would I characterize as, “virtual signaling their Democrat party affiliation”.

      As to, “or some other reason”, I have noticed a few old guys wearing war veteran baseball caps while wearing a face diaper, it would always strike me that their mask wearing was partly signaling their ready & willingness to obey without question. …Training? …Simon says

  6. The theory behind wearing your pants so low that it exposes the underwear:

    Many, if not most, of the children born in the hood, around the projects, did not have fathers or proper nurturing. They are injured souls portraying their injury as an adult by wearing their pants like an infant whose diaper is falling down. It is a sign of mental illness and malformed personality, lack of maturity in an adult.

    Unfortunately, the “sagging pants style” became cool and a trend. Used by rappers who repeatedly grab their junk in public and even on TV. It is laughably insane, and promoted by the MSM. Do you want your daughter to see a man grabbing his stuff all of the time? It is vulgar, as is the sagging pants.

    If you went to a strong religious family orientated community, like the Mormons, no one is wearing their pants drooping down. The phenonmenon is limited to the broken Amerikan culture found in the inner cities where everyone is demoralized and on welfare.

    The wealthy elite WANT the goyim masses to exist in such a depraved sick state, it is their plan for us.

    • From what I have read, wearing the saggy pants meant that the wearer was “available”. If this is true I wonder if said saggy pant wearers realize this?

      • I thought it was an homage to prison culture, i.e when they take your belt away.

        Either way, it’s retarded.

  7. Some of those pairs of pants hang so low, the walk becomes penguin-ized. Can’t help it if they do it that way.

    For an eye-opener, watch Dick Cavett’s interview with Jimmy Hoffa.

    Richard Speck was one for the books.

    Some folks are incarcerated for a reason.

    Bibi must look in the mirror every day and have a reflection that stares back a glare of evil.

    ‘You mean to tell me that I have to kill some more Gazans again today?’

    ‘My God, what in the world is wrong with me?’

    Should bother his conscience, if he had one, it would be a miracle.

    What a doofus. Jim Traficant knew all along, which is not really news.

    I have to clean out a grain bin full of pigeon dung, I will wear a respirator and eye protection. A hazmat suit is not out of the question. It’s a dirty, filthy stinking job, I’ll still do it. It is a good fertilizer. One item on the bucket list.

  8. I don’t get the TDS here Eric. Irbid s common thread. Someone will be the president, like it or not.
    Trump is a hell of a lot closer to libertarian than any democrat, or RINO. At minimum Trump is pro civil liberties / constitution. He is America first. The libertarian guy in Florida ter Matt? is’nt even on the radar. Trump is also anti EV.
    What more do you want?

    • Hi Vinny,

      It’s not TDS to hold Trump accountable – is it? He let the Left steal the 2020 election; he let Fauci run the country for the last year of his presidency. He pushed “beautiful” mRNA drugs on people – and has yet to admit he was wrong let alone apologize.

      So, I’d like that – for a start!

      PS: Did it not bother you that Trump wore the god-damned “mask”? He was the president, for creep’s sake. He didn’t have to wear it. I didn’t wear it. And I’m not the president. But he was. And he did.

      To be clear: I understand that alternative is probably worse. Emphasis on probably.

      • Everyone and every institution is accountable, to someone else (spouses as an example) or to agreed standards (US Constitution example).

        Lose the accountability and here we are. Trump is accountable and so is Nuttyyahoo and his sliver of a country. Eliminate criticism (accountability) via “antisemitism laws” is complete BS, see also violation 1st amendment US Constitution. Trump also, some great ideals espoused in the speeches doesn’t give a pass to outright F ups on Convid and duds in the folks selected to run the Executive Branch.

        Old aerospace co. joke “Here’s your monthly AttaBoy award, great job (note one F up eliminates a thousand AttaBoys)”

          • They’re compensating for not being able to tie a pork chop around their necks in order to get dogs to play with them. The new law is the pork chop, and we are the gentile dogs.

        • Makes perfect sense Ken,
          Trump is the one who moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem to kiss up to the Zionists, despite all prior administrations refusing to do so to avoid further escalating tensions with the Arab population. Shows his true colors.

          • Yeah,,,, be hard for me to vote,,,if I voted,,, for anyone that has a US flag on one lapel and a Israel flag on the other and they all do. Be nice to hear someone say what they’d try to do for America.
            Lindsey Graham would like Israel to drop a couple of nukes just to get it over with like the US ‘Supposedly’ did in Japan.
            A couple more of these kinds this is all we need!

            • This is why I can’t respect anyone who votes. EVERY candidate is totally insane and a puppet of the real rulers (The ones who we’re formally not allowed to criticize now), and anyone at this late point who can’t see that by voting they are consenting to and helping to9 impose tyranny, and who thinks that any candidate will ultimately do anything differently from the next, is downright delusional and shouldn’t allowed out in public without adult supervision much less allowed to vote.

              “But this time it’s different! This one really matters! I know by doing what we’ve been doing our liberties have vanished and our country and culture have turned into feces, but if we vote harder this time, it’ll surely be different! No, no! They’re not lying this time! “.

          • Sounds like an intelligent response, to me.
            >Nymphs and adults of water mites are predatory.
            >To feed, water mites bite prey, inject saliva containing digestive enzymes to liquefy the tissue, and suck out the liquid.

            Which is pretty much what the notorious sociopath Benny Nut& yahoo says he wants to do to the U.S.A. But, as with all parasites, once they have sucked the life out of one host, they need to find another in order to survive.

            Somehow, I doubt the (Red) Chinese are going to roll over. For one thing, AFAIK, they have no “Christian Zionists.” There is no Chinese John Hagee. Too bad, Benji. Looks to me like you ae f*cked, or will be ITLR.

    • I guess if democrats and rinos are a thousand miles away from libertarianism, then Dufus being two steps closer is a hell of a lot. Trump is not pro civil liberties and is not America first (see Israel). He just uses charisma, platitudes, and razzle dazzle to convince rubes wearing stupid red hats and gold sneakers that he is their redeemer, to make them think he is all these things. But ask the J6 dupes how he helped their lot in life. Reality is he is a NY real estate tycoon and a political con man in orange spray tan. As dumb and evil as the rest of them, and an unrepentant murderer. Sad that so many just continue to make excuses for his many failures and crimes. I know, I know, 5D chess and krakens, woo hoo!

        • That’s my favorite Q stuff… “He’s still in control!”.

          Same with the folks who thing the Obama puppet is ruling from the shadows!

  9. Did the militant conformist have a bunch of tattoos / piercings? I’ve see it –so conformal to wear the stupid fear mask, yet tatted up to show how individual they are. Both are equally stupid. Tatoos are trashy & they’re too stupid to realize that if it’s ubiquitous, it ain’t rebellious.

  10. Continued wearing of face diapers is one “Safe and Effective!” way of showing that someone is effectively a chump for the global elites, technocrats, the establishment, or whatever one wants to call these sociopaths. People who are STILL wearing face diapers probably also belieeeeeeeeeeeeve the BS narratives that EVs are better for the environment than regular gas vehicles,
    and that global war will “Save the planet”, particularly if wipes out LOTS of humans.

  11. [to wear his pants coming down, so as to permanently expose his actual underwear. It is a shame that there isn’t some way to stop the spread of this . . .] Eric

    Consider yourself lucky he was wearing underwear. Here in Floriduh I get to see old fashioned crack everyday when out shopping with the wifey.

    [Consider how stupid it looks to walk around with your pants coming off and your underwear showing – on purpose. ]- Eric

    Stupid is part of new American style! Everywhere you look……. stupid. Walking around with your pants down came from our beloved “newcomers africanus” years ago. They actually make jeans with built in undies showing. The ‘guys’ had to outdo the ‘gals’ and their Jeans with prefab holes in the knees and elsewhere.

    and we’re not even close in the decadence game compared to GB,,, Kanaduh and especially trend setting Australia getting booster shots every three months!

    LMAO,,, Just part of the downward spiral. Have faith,,, it’ll get worse,,, this is just the beginning.

    • Hi Ken,

      I have heard that this business of walking with one’s pants down and underwear showing originated as a prison mating ritual; those showing being receptive, etc.

  12. Especially troubling are the great number of college students and agitators (pro-Palestine, et al) who wear masks during protests. It has become the universal symbol of the agent provocateur, further underscoring its connection with leftism (communism).

    As an aside, I recently watched a YouTube documentary on the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, which killed 250,000 on a single day–one of the biggest water-related disasters ever. In the days following the event, rescue workers set up tents to help survivors get food and water, plus locate lost loved ones. I was shocked to see them all wearing masks–in 2004!–in an outdoor tropical setting. I guess the precedent for this nonsense was set long before some of us realized.

    • Maybe they don’t want to end up in jail like the J6 group for exercising their right to protest. But not to worry. They’re not real smart, carrying around their ball and chain geo-fence sail fone. They’ll end up as felons unable to have weapons legally yada, yada, yada.

      They asked Kim Jong-Un what was wrong with the Wests plan to denuclearize N. Korea. He replied,,, “Ask Qaddafi, he complied”.

      • Agree…Ohio “public officials” have already threatened (certain non-jewish) protestors with jail time under an old law prohibiting “masking” previously used against the KKK. Of course, pro-israel protesters will not be affected as they will claim to be wearing masks to avoid covid. Double standard, indeed…

    • In a scenario like that (tsunami) masks might actually be reasonable, in a mass casualty event where there are lots of corpses and lots of rot a mask can actually filter out insect vermin and some bacteria and fungi. Against something the size of a virus, not a chance.


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