Unrepentant Man

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If someone errs in a way that causes immense damage and does not admit he erred – much less apologize for the harms his erring caused – what basis is there for believing he understands he erred, regrets it – and would not commit the same error again?

That’s putting it nicely, of course.

Giving error the benefit of the doubt. Assuming it was merely error made on the basis of poor judgment or faulty information – as opposed to a deliberately malicious act.

Donald Trump is guilty of one – or the other.

He has yet to acknowledge he erred or regrets it when he allowed the weaponization of hypochondria, which he did nothing to stop the spread of. He has not admitted it was a mistake to give the presidential podium to Anthony Fauci, whose actions we know were deliberate and malicious.

But the most egregious error that Trump has yet to admit he made – much less apologize for having made – and by dint of his error, caused immense harm to millions of people – was the pushing of mRNA drugs people were maliciously and deliberately lied to by the people pushing them.

Including Trump, who continues to this day to pretend the “beautiful” drugs pushed on all those millions were “safe and effective.” Even after it became clear they were neither.

Even to this very day.

So – what reason is there to believe Trump would not push drugs again, if he is re-elected? If there is another “case” of weaponized hypochondria?

The only answer that makes any sense is, of course, that there is no reason at all to believe he wouldn’t push them. Because he has yet to admit he erred when did it before and regrets having done, so which would indicate he understands it was wrong – and that he won’t do it again.

Consider the fundamentally similar case of the man who betrays the trust of his spouse by cheating on her with another woman. If the man did not own up to his actions and apologize, would it be sensible for the the cheated-on spouse to believe her cheating husband would not do exactly the same thing again?

She’d have to be either an imbecile or so desperate to believe her man is not the man his actions have shown him to be – so that she can believe he’s actually the man she imagines him to be.

Many Red Hats seem to look upon the Unrepentant Man this latter way. No matter what he does, it’s what he says (and even doesn’t say) that enables them to believe he’s what they imagine him to be; viz, a decent, honorable man who is fighting the good fight against powerful and malignant forces. These certainly exist.

But what if he is himself malignant?

Take the guns . . . due process later.

“Beautiful” vaccines (sic) have “saved millions of lives.”

And now the man wants to have people killed for the “crime” of “anti-Semitism,” by which is not meant malicious, murderous action toward people who happen to be Jewish but questioning of or (far worse) opposition to the malicious and murderous actions of the government of Israel.

Because, of course, the Unrepentant Man is equally owned by the government of Israel and its interests as he is owned by the drug cartels he helped to enrich and – far worse – empower. What used to be merely pushy ads urging people to ask their doctor about Pericardita – or whatever the name of the latest beautiful drug happens to be – transitioned into actual pushing; millions of people were all-but-forced to take the beautiful drugs being pushed on them, with the Unrepentant Man cheerleading it on.

None of this ought to be read as an endorsement of the Senile Man – though of course, the Red Hats will say just that to anyone who dares to point out that what the Orange Man says and what the Orange Man has done are often miles apart.

More finely, the Red Hats want to believe they heard what he didn’t say. They will make excuses for what he said – and did – because they don’t want to believe it. Trump didn’t really say he favors killing people who question or oppose the policies and actions of the government of Israel; he just opposes “anti-Semitism.” You know, attacking Jews because they’re Jewish. Not unlike the “beautiful” drugs he pushed and has yet to apologize for pushing and bet-your-bippie he’d push again.

There was another man who was very good at this game. He was the man with the Charlie Chaplin moustache. He said what many people in Germany very badly wanted to hear. And they thought they heard him say it. Later on, they found out what he meant when he said what they didn’t really believe he’d said. He’s just wanting to end those evil people who murdered Jews back in October. Not people who question or oppose evil – no matter who does evil.

Things not too-far-removed from due process later. No, he can’t really mean that! He is for our Second Amendment rights!

Just like he is for those “beautiful” mRNA drugs he helped to push. Why, he’d never push drugs on us again! Or “masks,” for that matter. Like the one he wore when he was president and didn’t have to – because he was the president and no one had the power to make him wear one.

And yet, he did.

So why do you think – if you’re a Red Hat – that the Unrepentant Man would not make you wear one again?

And many other things, besides?

. . .

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  1. I get it, you are a libertarian and he was wrong to start us on the masks, and the social distancing and the shots were deadly. He has yet to admit he was wrong. HOWEVER, what is our freaking alternative? He’s right about much, wrong on this, MAJOR THING, but right on a lot else. Overall, he’s as close as we can get to a latter day Washington, who also gave up his business as the largest Whisky Manufacturer to serve as President.

    • Hi Bryan,

      Maybe. I hope so. But I have lost whatever confidence I had that he has any principles he’ll stick to. And I worry they might just be wanting him to win – so they can crash the economy and drape the blame around the necks of “MAGA” conservatives who are a “threat to our Democracy.”

      • I don’t see how deep state, can tank the economy if he has so much power to waive bad regulations, which he did last time, and to temporarily halt enforcement of bad laws. They will try, but their power comes by destroying individual people and movements such as the Tea Party. Other than with the Fed, the deep state has little control if he opens the taps by allowing oil to be drilled and stupid regulations and strangling EO’s to be removed. But I understand your valid concerns. The Chinese have a curse “may you live in interesting times”. We certainly do.

  2. Refreshing intellectual honesty, Eric. Trump is the better of the two “selected” candidates but I remind my listeners that DJT is the only President in my lifetime who forced me to destroy a firearm accesory – a bumpstock. No compensation, stroke of a pen and one was an instant BATFE-created felon. All in reaction to Vegas…of which the MSM “Story” is full of holes and preposterous.

    • Thanks, Bill!

      I was very frustrated (as you were) during the height of mass hypochondria with people who were immune to facts about “mask” wearing and am just as frustrated with people who people who seem unable or unwilling to deal with facts about Trump. Is he preferable to Biden? Possibly. But that doesn’t give him a pass or make him a savior. The veneration of him by some has a religious quality to it – a messianic one.

      • Hi Eric,

        Possibly my biggest issue with Trump is his continued bragging about his administration’s COVID response (which was likely recommended by the WHO and also made it possible for various state governments and the feds to engage in all sorts of infringements on constitutional rights under guise of EMERGENCY) in addition to bragging about those “Beautiful COVID vaccines”. It’s about as nauseating as when NY Governor Kathy Hochul once called those jabs “A gift from God” in front of a church gathering. Will Trump’s bragging cause him to lose support among people who’ve been harmed by the draconian COVID measures or the experimental mRNA jabs? Time will tell, though things have gotten sooooooooooo bad under Biden compared to Trump people just might vote for Trump because of that. However, I’m leaning toward voting for a 3rd party candidate for the first time in my adult life, as the state where I live will probably go for Joe Biden (or whoever the Democrat Party establishment crowns as their nominee). I’m not too thrilled with the prospect of Trump v Biden 2.0, and if Biden steps down due to “Health reasons”, there’s the possibility that Hillary Clinton might take his place, in which case we’d have Trump v Clinton 2.0.

        • People who think Trump can do no wrong is about as bad as those who thought (and still do) Barack Obama could do no wrong when he was President.

          • Disagree for now. If Biden somehow cheats his way in, it’s guaranteed that the environmental regulations will force people out of their cars. If it’s Trump, it likely won’t happen. That is unless Doug Burghum somehow gets VP or Transportation secretary position. I wouldn’t rule that out.

            No, Trump didn’t actively use environmental regulations to get people out of their cars. Biden did.

            As far as teh COVID response goes, Trump screwed it up and maybe gave Biden a path to victory. Though with the mask compliance, it may have happened anyway.

            I still think Trump better than Biden, if only by a hubcap

        • Once Don donned the holy rag dunce cap, it translated to capitulation. In other words, he did it for the money.

          The lowest rung in Dante’s Inferno is reserved for traitors.

          Trump doesn’t make the call, Biden doesn’t make the call.

          Bibi doesn’t make the call.

          Satan does. They don’t know it, but Satan has them all by the balls.

          Who in God’s name wants to be any of those ghouls?

  3. Not to be out done by Trump wanting the death of US citizens for antisemitism, a couple of real American representatives are pushing a bill that would send students convicted of hurting the feelings of our masters to Gaza for six months. Of course we know that would likely mean death.


  4. Voting for RFK is not a practical option, or even a better alternative in a perfect world now that he’s shown his true colors.

    Unless you were going to vote for Senile man… in that case please do.

    We’ve already decided on the used car, dispite the trouble codes. It’s better than walking. I’ll take it.

  5. Trump can’t push himself out of the way fast enough to kiss his own ass.
    Every failure is someone else’ fault.
    He doesn’t understand economics at scale.

    Biden can’t find his own ass.
    Not sure where he is at any given moment.

    What is the true policy difference between them?

    One of these will win.
    We all will lose.

    • I’ve been forced to observe Trump for most of my life. The mainstream press constants fawned over him for decades, but always on the periphery. Every so often he’d show up in the news hawking some new me-too “premium” product, or on a TV show as a side act. He did a great job of keeping in the milieu just enough for everyone to remember him, but leave before anyone noticed the quality wasn’t anywhere near the hype. The ultimate flipper.

      When it worked well, OK good for him. When it didn’t, well… who loses money running a casino? I guess he must get out over his skis on some of the more “artistic” deals. But I have no desire to stay at a Trump property, because I know it’s all just a coat of paint and carpet on a clapped out building.

  6. Is Trump pro-freedom as he poses? I say he isn’t. A good litmus test is this Gaza Holocaust.

    On one hand you have the natives fighting back against the empire storm troopers. Hamas is fighting the satanic israeli forces supported by the demonic west.

    Trump says finish off Hamas. I say to hell with Donald Trump, and to hell with Israel. Israel needs to get the fuck out of Palestine and leave the poor natives alone.

    For one thing, the Holy Bible is mythology, not real in any way, Abraham never existed. That means no Jew has any title to that land, the Torah/Bible is a literary hoax, not a real land grant. Read it for yourself, the top historians and archeologists say Abraham never existed:


    Trump is on the side of the evil forces attempting to steal Palestine (based on the Bible hoax). He does not support the freedom fighters (the brave natives fighting their total destruction) – and thus poses as an existential threat to you, an Amerikan, because Jews view the USA as a bigger Palestine to raze and loot – which they are doing quite well already.

    This is what Bibi Netanyahu said about our nation:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    – Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

    (Benjamin Netanyahu was in a meeting at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording, which was witnessed and which has been 100% fully authenticated.)

    Netanyahu is the madman behind 911 false flag, and is the center personality/actor behind wiping Palestine off the map – and now this crazed psychopath is ordering his Congressional WHORES to shut down protest of his genocide!

    So apparently, Bibi is also he dictator of the USA, and if he says cancel the First Amendment, his whores will do so. And Trump, this Orange Zionist Buffoon agrees!

    Our entire government is whored to Israel. Then why do we need them, should we not hang them all for treason? Yes!

  7. The jab shit was bad, but his economic policies were possibly even worse. Stupid tariffs and ridiculous money printing may have pushed us past the point of no return. Remember when he went after Massie for insiting that they vote on that ridiculous stimulus?

    Federal elections are retarded. Even if our votes count, there is no chance that they will enact policies that will help any of us on any side. When it all goes to shit the rebuild will be at the local level, so doesn’t it make more sense to put more time and energy on those elections?

    My stupid state will probably go FJB anyway, so I’ll probably toss my meaningless vote to Rectenwald or write in one of you guys.

      • Fine. Let’s go back to 2016.

        I’m not saying the early days weren’t good, they were. As a matter of fact, our business had banner years 2016-2019. But the shutdowns and the printing fucked everything up. Everything. That’s the whole point of this article, I think. The bad destroyed the good, at least for us normal folk. The rich folk appear to be doing fine.

  8. Trump is truly the most deranged candidate. Not that he is any more or less evil or deranged than any of the other candidates, but the danger lies in the fact that a good percent of the stooges love him and think he can do no wrong, and will do whatever he says.

    Thje leftist voters are already captive and are our sworn enemies and complicit with Govco.
    Traditional Republican voters are likewise already captured, and despite sounding more like our friends, are in fact just as much our enemy as they “support the troops” and the cops, and will do whatever they are told.
    Trump captures the remaining contingent. The good old boys who are not bright enough to see through Trump’s lies, but who have enough brain cells to realize that the Dems are their enemies and the traditional Republican establishment is also their enemy.

    Trump gets in again, you have all Republicans, and the good old boys, and even some disillusioned Dems all in lock step. It’s a true Hitleresque scenario.

    No matter who wins, we lose.
    No matter who wins, things will only get worse.
    No matter who wins, we will lose any lingering liberties.
    No matter who wins, they will do the exact same thing as the other contender and serve the same askenazi masters.

    • So we get an unhinged narcissist or a pants shitting dementia patient. We are not a serious country, and fate will not be kind.

    • Accepting this ugly truth is best since it gives us a chance to prepare for our country going under. It’s just a skin suit for Mr. Global at this point. Voting won’t revive a corpse.

  9. We don’t have much of a choice. Well we actually have two choices. Destruction at a fast pace or destruction at a slow pace.

  10. As to the “Orange Man”, I have never completely trusted him, but he did roll back government power when it came to utilization of our energy resources among other repressive government policies. Near the end of his term, gasoline was being sold well below previous prices.
    Don;t forget that “Orange Man” cannot know everything and has to rely on “advisors” for recommendations that may not be in the country’s (or our) best interests. I am sure that he relied on “advisors” on his “red flag” weapons policy “take the weapons first” –not good, or for the covid plandemic which was engineered to keep him from winning a second term, making it easier for all of the vote fraud that was going on..
    Given the present genocidal conditions in Gaza and the West Bank, my greatest fear is that he will kowtow to israel, despite israel supporting his opponent in the last election.
    Of course, the reverse could also be true.
    I will play “devils advocate” with this one…
    Trump gave israel “everything they wanted” while in his first term in office. In his second term, as a “deal maker” He would have demanded that israel remove the illegal israeli “bantustan” settlements in the West Bank–his “part (and art) of the deal”. This is why the jews thwarted his second term. Jews NEVER want to complete “their end of the deal”.
    As far as I am concerned, israel is our greatest world problem having its tentacles firmly in American politics–not good. Keep in mind that what the jews are presently doing in Gaza and the West Bank, they have planned for “the rest of us” (gentiles).
    The “Foreign Agents Registration Act” (FARA) is still in effect, but never has been applied to ANY israeli or jewish organizations. THAT needs to change.
    I will not vote for any candidate that supports israel.
    If nothing changes by election time, I will write in my vote for “HAMAS” in place of any candidate that supports israel. I urge all others to do the same

    • Spot on comment.

      “I will not vote for any candidate that supports israel.”

      What that means is you have no choice but to abstain from the voting fraud since all must bend a knee to even run. My idea is to forget them and focus your attention on your own survival.

      The nation is in a death spiral, but your own situation can be upwards toward freedom. My plan is happiness and prosperity, and their plan is endless misery, war, taxes, conflict, lies, skullduggery, false flags, assassinations, inflation, and even nuclear war.

      To hell with them. Focus on what you want, not what they want from you.

  11. I often wonder, did Trump make a deal with the other side? Is he doing this just to get in then seek vengeance? Or is he going to play ball with them now? Putin was our CIA’s picked successor to Yeltsin and was expected to be another puppet, but he had other ideas and ultimately cleaned house over there to his benefit. Its therefore not without precedent that Trump could do the same. No matter who wins, there will be unrest and police state stuff happening. I just vote for who leaves me alone the most and doesn’t want new wars.

    • There is no “other side”. They all work for the same people. Any differences between the parties are just in words, emphasis or little things like social issues that don’t matter to them (and which they shouldn’t be involved in anyway) to keep the WWE fans [voters] cheering and coming back for more.

    • Trump has always been a coastal elitist Democrat. Why did no one ask questions about his sudden flipping to conservative Christians in flyover country? I remember scratching my head and asking, “Why?” Then I shrugged and voted for him in 2020.
      My MAGA Boomer parents are suffering injury from the Trump shot. They took it and received multiple boosters. DJT told them to after all. The family doctor and Newsmax are also to blame. But if DJT had spoken out against the shot conservatives would have listened.
      If he were a danger to the Swamp he would be a political prisoner or assassinated. Not roaming around giving speeches and getting free publicity with the Stormy Daniels performance. It’s meant to boost his popularity the way the Monica Lewinsky thing helped Bill Clinton.
      “They’re good people. I always called her beautiful Hilary.” `Donald J. Trump

      • Well-said, Rachel –

        Trump now grooms Christians much as Clinton did back in the ’90s, when you’d see him clutching an oversize Bible and mouthing pieties to sway the rubes. As regards Trump, you’d think his record of serial adultery would cause Christians to be on their guard, at least.

  12. Many red hats are quick to point out that Trump didn’t start any new wars. Well, I beg to differ. Trump used the DHS biological attack plan on COVID, and the United States.

    From 2020:

    At DHS, Customs and Border Protection, TSA, the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have all taken steps to help protect the public from the impacts of the virus.

    All of the War On Terror™ agency forces were brought to bear against the dread sickness, and the harborers thereof.

    Problem was, Fauxchi and the others were all in on the con. If Trump was a cartoon character (instead of a caricature of a president), his head would have turned into a lollypop, AKA “sucker” as he figured out the scam. Too bad he never figured it out.

    A virus was the perfect tool to get him too. I only know the man from what I’ve read in the papers for the last 40 years, but it’s said that he’s a germaphobe. What better way to get him to focus and overreact than to release a highly contagious pathogen into the biome? One that’s specifically designed to infect as many people as possible while not being particularly deadly? Make a big production and make him into a fool.

    But then the machine got out of control, as the still new DHS bureaucracy wanted to prove themselves worthy of their pedestal on top of the swamp. After all, the TSA is considered an annoyance not a protective arm of government. And that goes for most of what DHS does. More restrictions and intrusion than necessary. Here, now, was a chance to prove to everyone how necessary they are! “Why, without us, you’d be dead from the flu!”

    • They say he didn’t start any new wars.
      What do they call the bombing of Syria? Well, guess it wasn’t a war, since the victim couldn’t fight back. Can’t have a war if the “enemy” can’t engage in one. Haha, they got us there! 🙂

      And what do they call the almost/semi-implemented coup in Venezuela?

      What do they call the erecting of the biggest military budget in the history of the world that Trump signed, thus setting the stage for the Jewkraine et al?

      • And also the tariffs on China, which are not only continuing, but escalating under O’Biden. Good news for Vietnam, who’s fencing Chinese goods to get around the tax, but not doing a thing to get consumer goods manufacturing back in the USA. Not only that, but anyone who’s got any ability at all is getting pulled into the defense contractor business, where the money doesn’t matter and deliverables take decades.

  13. Trump has failed to repent of his COVID hypochondria and has continued to crow about the success of HIS vaccines. He recently referred to Speaker Johnson as a “good man” after the traitorous Johnson, with the behind-the-scenes arm twisting from Trump, passed the abominable FISA act, TikTok ban, Ukraine and Israel and Taiwan funding, and now most recently the Antisemitism Act.

    Anyone who is looking for Trump to do what he says he will do (can anyone find a comprehensive Trump set of policies?) is delusional. He didn’t the first time around. No wall was built despite an R House and Senate for his first two years. He didn’t replace OCare with something decent. He spent so much money and ran up the debt that we are still paying for it with increased inflation (yes, Biden was in on that too). We are being taken for chumps.

    I’d CONSIDER voting for Trump if he genuinely repented for his COVID junk, his terrible appointees, and his general lack of discipline and childish name-calling and narcissism. But does a leopard change his spots?

    Sure – vote for Trump because the alternative is worse. But don’t be surprised when nothing is better and some things are worse after 4 years of Trump.

    • Hi Howard,

      One thing that has soured me on Trump is his continued boasting about his administration’s handling of COVID & the Warp Speeding of those “Beautiful COVID vaccines”, which we NOW KNOW is likely the biggest health disaster ever. It’s almost as repugnant as when New York Governor Kathy Hochul called them “A gift from God” in front of a church gathering 3 years ago, or when we had Joe Biden, Tony Fauci, establishment media, and numerous bureaucrats & politicians relentlessly peddling BS narratives about those experimental jabs being “Safe and Effective!”.

      • Several years ago Trump held a rally nearby in Cullman, Alabama. He was booed when bragging about the clot shot. Trump quickly pivoted and said it should be taken by choice, not force.

        This is also when he threw a conservative, Mo Brooks under the bus for saying we can’t do anything about 2020 so focus on the present. Instead Alabama got perky little Katie Britt, who other than having a nice ass, has no qualifications for US Senate but for being Richard Shelby’s handmaiden.

      • Trump FAILED in the most consequential test of his administration – the COVID response. He should not be given a second chance. NEXT … But so many think that he deserves another shot because he was screwed in 2020. No – we were all screwed in 2020 – most of all by Trump.

        • Hi Howard,

          Trump may have failed in the COVID response, but American society as a whole also largely failed when state and federal governments imposed rights stripping, draconian COVID measures on the public. Instead of mass pushback against draconian measures like lockdowns, plus mask & vaxx mandates, many Americans dutifully complied with such measures. To this day there are STILL people who think that the draconian COVID measures foisted on the public by governments was about “Protecting Public Health” instead of power mad government flexing the “Emergency powers” it granted itself.

          • YEP. And that’s why anyone who didn’t inject is a member of the club. I will trust them more than practically anyone else, because they didn’t succumb to the PSYOP. And you are a double member of the club if you didn’t fall for the Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan/FISA endless war/warmongering. It’s probably less than one-third of the American population.

        • As someone who spent a lot of time in my twenties fighting the 55 mph speed limit, I became familiar with the apathetic nature of Americans when it comes to responding to absurd repressive and tyrannical laws. Most people under the age of 50 do not have any idea of what it was like to drive during the 55 mph era.

          Cops everywhere, mostly on the high speed interstate highways and on empty back roads ready to nab anyone who dared drive speeds legal in 1973. 70 mph in most states was considered aggravated speeding. For scofflaws like me, it was necessary to carry a radar detector and s citizens band radio in order to keep my record as clean as possible. Driving speeds I wanted to drive was downright stressful.

          In any case, people in my generation (Gen X) collectively yawned when I brought up the idea of repealing the limit. Boomers, liberal as many were were even more hostile. They would blurt about something about saaafety and saving gaaas. Of course, their nemesis Nixon was the person who pushed the law from the inside and then out. Cognitive dissonance is a gift bestowed on that generation as a whole. I got better reception from GI and silent generation folks and of course, car enthusiast boomers. For 21 years, until a stroke of luck and opportunity, Americans complied, aided and abetted a terrible situation on American highways, but at it’s peak, compliance with the 55 mph speed limit was about 53 percent.. tops.

          What does this have to do with Trump and Covid? Almost everything, though I found it staggering that so many people complied with masks for what I felt could be fought with a decent immune system. The deprivation of my rights and liberties during the lockdowns, the mask mandates and the potential vaccine mandates was unprecedented. Compliance with masks was an eye popping 98 percent in most grocery stores. For around a year, we were in the wilderness, thinking that this would never end. Were it not for the people who wouldn’t wear masks or take a shot, we would be forced to endure this for another 20 years, I thought.

          Trump failed us. He wore the diaper, he ignored what was going on, allowing corporations, yes corporations to mandate whatever they wanted. And the charade continued until January 21, 2021.

          Only someone blind and tone deaf couldn’t see what was going on.

          In any case, it is not thanks to the American public’s initial reaction to this that we have most all of our freedoms back after this debacle. I didn’t think it would happen. As I said, the 55 mph speed limit lasted 21 years.

          21 years would have taken me to my late 70’s at the time.

          I am only slightly more hopeful that American’s won’t be as easy to control as they have been. Generation Z is somewhat hopeful in that regard.

          Sorry for the rant

          • Never apologize for ranting. Ranting is all we have.

            The war is over. The Republic is gone. And will never return. Ever.
            Get over it. And move on.

            Ethnic whites are being destroyed. Legally.

            The time to stand up was years and years ago, but you did not listen. Kook, the called me, when I claimed taxation was akin to slavery. Extremist, they said, when I claimed the Civil Rights Act was unconstitutional. And on it went.

            Why should I bleed for you now, America? You ignored our warnings. Now you reap the whirlwind.

            Over the next few years, whites in the U.S., Canada and Europe will find increasing restrictions on their ability to travel, earn a living, or speak to power. At the same time, immigrant invaders are being made into police officers, legislators, teachers…yes its true. Already done.

            Now you have a choice.

            Stay and try to survive. Good luck with that.

            Leave. Go somewhere else where the insanity has yet to take hold. Stop caring about this land. It ain’t your land no more. No one cares about your issues. No one cares about your values. No one cares about your…rights. They shake their heads and continue implementing your demise. Future voters, i.e. immigrant invaders, miseducated youngsters, they will never give a damn. Voting is rigged, so what does education matter? Awareness? Nothing. Echo chamber is all that remains.

            Time to move. Leave this collapse to others to suffer through. The history of collapse of modern nation states is clear: massive oppression and death followed by totalitarianism for generations until some outside force can kick the door in.

            Not willing to wait out the decades of hell that is coming. Soviet Union lasted 80 years. Hopefully some pockets of the former USA will remain somewhat free, but I doubt it.

            My rant. Sorry, but it’s all I got.

            • Hi Andy,

              This issue comes up often here; the question I have is: Where to go? More finely, where is it better? I’m at a loss. America was the place to go. But now that it’s gone, what’s left?

            • I am trying to figure out where to go safely as an American. Due to American hegemony and white minority status worldwide, there are very few places that welcome late middle aged Americans. With worldwide corporate takeover of the real estate markets, every place on Earth has a high cost of living.

              I wish I would have learned multiple foreign languages. That would certainly help.

                • Weather in Russia sucks. I’m sticking it out here, in a reasonably conservative area where my rights will be violated but at a lesser rate than in the blue hives. The country’s problems are intractable; no one in the political class will dare attempt to address them. So the collapse will come, slowly but suddenly. That we look for our salvation in people like Trump and politicians is foolish. We aren’t voting our way out of this mess. People will have to learn the hard way. I’ll likely be dead before the full ramifications are realized.

                  • While for the most part the weather in Russia sucks, there are parts where the weather doesn’t suck, particularly in the Black Sea resort region.

    • King Charles the 3rd wants to go back to an absolute monarchy…no parliament and prime minister to limit his power…..

      King Charles the 3rd wants to go back to an absolute monarchy…this happened in Germany causing WW2…..When Emperor Wilhelm the 2nd (who is related to King Charles the 3rd)wanted to go back to an absolute monarchy…but the republicans won….(aided by traitor hitler)….it remained a republic…the NWO beat the OWO….

      In an absolute monarchy the king…from the nobility bloodlines only…. is the sovereign…is like a God… claims they are from God….and makes all the decisions…..man is below them…a slave…

      In a Republic instead of a king, you have a new president every 4 or 8 years…the problem is the two choices are from the same nobility bloodlines….and decisions are supposed to be a group effort…..but…they are all made by the nobility…the president often acts like a sovereign…a king………man is below them…a slave…

      Organized religions are a tool for the nobility, to control slaves and were constructed by the nobility….

      The feudal kings and the republicans have their own brand of religion….for the monarchy’s it is Christianity, for the republicans it is Protestantism….Protestantism and Islam are connected, related….

      Someone said the U.K. will be a Muslim nation very shortly….

      Absolute monarchies …China, Russia, North Korea, S. Arabia, Dubai, etc…..


      • Historically, for better or for worse, monarchies have far more long-term stability.

        The arbitrary nature of their power is so blatant as to be unmistakable. So, too, is the power of the peasantry, for they have greater numbers. By the time they revolt, the monarchy has already lost the game. Either they put it down brutally, in which case they reinforce the rebels’ point, or they put it down gently and mercifully, which entails backing down and conceding to at least some requests—thereby reinforcing that you can get what you want, if you want it badly enough.

        And so society finds itself an equilibrium, of sorts. The king’s power extends as far as his men can reach, and no farther. The people can only be so unruly, without endangering themselves.

        In a “democracy,” we pretend otherwise. And by pretending, we imprison ourselves inside of our own minds.

        • There is also in monarchy the incentive to think longer term and not to mismanage the affairs of the country, lest your progeny inherit a shithole.

  14. Trump is a narcissist grifter and needs to go away. Biden is a narcissist grifter and needs to go away. EVERY SINGLE politician in the earthly hell of DC is a narcissist grifter and needs to go away. I hate ALL of them equally.

    • Amen, Pug –

      I’m so damned tired of this. It reminds me of an old joke that was funny, back in the day. Explorer is captured by savages. He is faced with the choice of Katanga – gang rape by the entire band of savages – or death. He chooses death. Death by Katanga, exclaims the chief!

  15. What this article is really about is that hope in Trump is misplaced, based on his past actions and words, and willful failure to repent the vaxx genocide. I think it is clear that at this point Trump will never go against the vaxx – and I think it is because he has been bribed by pharma, he took some big donation and legally can not back down.

    Thus Trump’s loyalties on the vaxx is with big pHARMA. And he is an Israeli firster, also – which means his loyalty is to a foreign state over the USA, which is by definition treason. But Trump talks Amerika first, but that is only his ruse to attract votes, his real loyalty is to Jews, his daughter is married to one, and it is rumored he is secretly one himself.

    Bottom line? There is enough evidence that Trump is playing both sides, and his loyalties are not the the common man, who he only wants their votes. If re-elected and allowed to take the POTUS job, is their any reason to think his 2nd term would be just as big of a disaster as his first, antifa burning down the cities with him sitting on his hands again.

    I see Trump as a huge disaster in the waiting, perhaps worse than Biden. Trump could win by a landslide, but will they ever let him take office again an remove all the illegals? I think the answer is never. the are never going to allow Trump to hold power again – which is why they are going to hang him in the courts and put him away before the election.

    And I really doubt the demoncraps will run Biden again, so come the summer conventions I think it is very reasonable to expect both candidates could be replaced.

    Biden replaced with Gavin Newscum

    Trump replaces with Nimrata Kali Yuga whore

    What will you all do? Get mad? Vote for RFK? Write your congress whore? I think you should forget them and prep, prep until both of your hands bleed. To say there is a shit storm of Biblical proportions coming to this nation is an understatement.

    When I say prep, what do I mean? Isolate yourself and family from them. Off the grid, out of banking system, grow your own food, raise your own livestock, move to a safe area, rid yourself of that god awful television. Do you have the ability to evade the military draft? Are you debt free? Is your car fuel economical, do you have a bicycle backup? Do you have 12v DC lighting back up? Fresh water source? 2 years worth of food? Seeds? etc.

      • Effective removal of all of Congress and every nano-bit of the Executive Branch will save Palestinians the misery of suffering more carnage.

        Unrepentant Israel can go all Chink and take it on the Chin. The Jews are being too Kikey these days, causing death and destruction isn’t that cool.

        Just go back to The Pale and leave the rest of humanity alone.

        Thanks in advance.

        Stop being unrepentant shitheads. Your choice, get lost, wander like the Jews do.

  16. This upcoming election is something else. James Howard Kuntsler has a piece up about the upcoming election. Is it possible that Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will be deemed unable to run again due to health issues, and that Hillary Clinton may jump in to run against Trump, setting up “Trump v Clinton 2.0”? Given that Hillary Clinton seems to STILL have a huge sense of entitlement to be the “First woman President”, I wouldn’t put it past her to try running a THIRD time. Heck, it worked for Joe Biden, having run for President in 1988, 2008, AND 2020. Only in 2020 did he get anywhere beyond the primaries and ultimately win his race for the White House…


    • Good points John,
      Hillary and the dems never got over her losing in 2016 and are determined to anoint her as queen. More proof of Mark Twain’s assertion that “if voting made a difference they wouldn’t allow it”.

      • Hi Mike,

        There are people who STILL belieeeeeeeeeeeeve the narratives that Hillary Clinton lost and Trump won in 2016 because “Trump colluded with Putin”, even though that narrative has PROVEN to be complete bull crap concocted by the establishment and the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

  17. All true and yet Trump is STILL the joker in the deck, the dam buster bomb, the one thing which disrupts the orderly plans those who believe themselves our rightful masters and plan to close the net in the next 5 years. Despite all the bull$#it and the promises not honored, he did keep a couple really bad replacements off the Supreme Court. If you’re paying attention, Roe was returned to the states, and we’ve had several significant roll backs of gun control, to the point that blue states are openly defying the law to attack gun owners.

    I hope Trump is learning something by the butt f#&king he’s getting from the legal system, and I really hope he is petty and inclined to revenge.

    Regardless, I’ll continue to live my life, make my tools and weapons and mess with my old cars. My spending goes as much as possible in cash to local, private parties for used stuff (much cheaper and not profiting our big fascist/communist rent seeking system).

    Trump isn’t perfect. I’ll still support him, though the Zionist fellating and neocon sucking up (but I repeat myself) he’s done in the last several weeks are disgusting.

    I really don’t want a hot civil war and nothing good will happen if the Obama Biden coup is extended. Kennedy just smells wrong, openly anti gun and a man made climate change believer.

    What other option is there? Vote Vermin Supreme? Curl up and die? Pretend that not voting will fix a system never intended to be a “democracy”?

    • I think Vermin Supreme is great.

      I harbor no delusions, however, about his likelihood of getting anywhere near so much as a single electoral vote. It wont happen.

      He is entertaining, though, and spot-on as a parody of the system.

      • Have to agree, Vermin is an entertaining side show.

        Lately I find myself thinking more and more,” Vote Chthulhu! Because why vote for a LESSER evil?

  18. You spelled shithead wrong. Unrepentant Shithead embodies Trump’s lies, not sly as a fox, dumb as it gets.

    Trump begs for money from you, his son does too.

    Biden begs for money from you, too, he must live on the streets of Warshington and is sleeping it all off inside the White House.

    The phoniest campaign strategy ever, the greatest voter fraud scheme ever devised by the crookedest shitheads ever to exist. Trump does it better or something.

    That includes the crookedest puppet masters, can’t explain any of it anymore.

    But hey, keep on bombing Gaza, the thing to do. Death rocks for the gleeful Jews.

    Russia keeps on bombing Ukraine, not a problem.

    The only big club I wield is the big club behind the door at home. At another door is a baseball bat. That way, you can go all Al Capone if you have to. Big club, baseball bat, what difference does it make?

    Thank God Al Capone had beer on tap.

  19. Trump will get played by the swamp creatures, the deep state, all over again. There’s no reason to believe he won’t be. Trump is the occasional good gut feel surrounded by a general Archie Bunker like ignorance. It might not be another jab, but it will be something. Maybe something regarding “climate change” since Trump is so easily bamboozled.

  20. ‘Now [Orange] man wants to have people killed for the crime of “anti-Semitism.” — eric

    This is demagoguery at its finest. If Jews in 1930s Germany had offered Adolf H a sufficient sum, would he have put them in charge of the Schutzstaffel? It’s debatable, but we know for sure what Trump would do. He just told us.

    ‘Biden’ and Trump are identical in that neither has any personal principles — just political stances that appeal to their respective bases, and can be adjusted or even inverted overnight as polls or bribes dictate.

    Whatever one may think of Iran, Trump’s crude, Mafia-style rubout of Qasem Soleimani as he emerged from a civilian flight at Baghdad airport was a gross vulgarity on the part of the Orange Caudillo. It succinctly defines his character. Now he’s ranting about killing American college students for exercising their First Amendment rights. F*** him.

    None of this ought to be read as an endorsement of the Senile Man.

    • Wearing of the “yellow star” during the German Reich was insisted upon by the zionists themselves and NOT the German government.
      It’s no secret that the Wiemar Republic was one hell of a swinging place with all types of debauchery and other aberrant behavior not only tolerated but accepted.
      At the same time, bolshevik communist elements (mostly jewish) were wreaking havoc within the political systems within Germany. The average German lived a threadbare existence because of the heavy war reparations exacted against Germany after the conclusion of WW1 unlike his jewish neighbors who were not affected by the “war reparations” that were imposed on the German state. This further aided in resentment against the jews of the time. Unfair, perhaps?
      Enter the zionists.
      You have to admit that zionism is a political system that was created long before WW1 to foster jewish interests.
      So far so good.
      Marginalization of the jews living in Germany was a major goal of the zionist leaders. This was purposely done to “encourage” jews to move to the land (Palestine) that was promised to them by the British with its “Balfour Declaration”.
      Most German jews lived comfortable lives in Germany, running most of the businesses, and in general living good lives. They had no desire to emigrate to what was then known as Palestine. They considered themselves to be German citizens and had no desire to leave their comfortable lives behind to emigrate to a relatively unknown land.
      Here is where the marginalization of the jews comes in.
      Germany wanted to be rid of the jewish communist elements that were causing much social unrest.
      Mind you, most jews were not a part of this cabal that was pushing bolshevik communism but “guilt by ethnicity (association)” was the order of the day. Not fair, but that is the way things were…and still are.
      It is a fact that zionist interests saw marginalization of the jews as an opportunity to “encourage” emigration to Palestine.
      Deals were made between zionist jewish leaders and the German government at the highest levels which were unknown to the average citizen in the street.
      In order to assist with the marginalization of their own people, top-level zionists were the group that assisted the German government in this marginalization.
      It was zionist interests that not only suggested but helped implement the wearing of the “yellow star of David”, and other restrictions on where and when jews could congregate or even do business.
      This was a“feature” and not a “bug” as these practices aided in the “encouragement” of jews to emigrate. In fact, the German government assisted those jews who chose to emigrate with financial help, something that most people even today are unaware of.
      A good tome on this subject is “51 Questions and Answers–Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis” by jewish (communist) Lenni Brenner.

  21. Trump is a troll. Understand that and you’ll understand him. Now, being a troll is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, look at his actions.

    For a fuller story about China, Fauci, and COVID, I recommend the new book _Blood Money_ by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer.

    In the meantime, this election (if it’s actually held) is going to be a shitstorm for the reasons you cite. But pay attention to the part in parentheses in that previous sentence.

    • A troll without power is hilarious, and often admirable.

      A troll in charge of a giant country, who also happens to be a very self-serving, narcissistic man, is terrifying.

      The election polls are interesting. Trump/Biden is a landslide for Trump. Biden/Kennedy is a strong win for Kennedy. Trump/Kennedy leans Trump, but not by much.

      It’s possible Trump will drop out in some form of plea agreement to avoid jail, in which case we have President RFK. Crazy times…

      • I don’t think that RFK will be on the ballot in enough states to matter much. Trump is going to run as the nominee whether or not from jail.

    • Federal elections in the U.S. will never, EVER be cancelled for any reason whatsoever. The PTBs need you to vote in order to maintain the fiction that your country is a “democracy.” What’s more, they need you to vote to get your consent to be ruled over. They need you to vote so they can discern whether the people are still stupid enough to vote for the “lesser” of two evils (and therefore still credulous enough to be regularly scammed). And they need you to vote so they can weaponize your vote against you when (not if) things go horribly awry: “Don’t blame us, you voted for it!”

      • Hi Jason,
        Don’t blame us, you voted for it!

        I cant stand poeple like this. It is also why representative democracy will always be a joke. I only accept referendums as “they voted for it”.
        Representative voting is like vote betwen a slap and a punch and sometimes slap closes fist so it technically is a punch and then some retard claims its your fault you are getting beaten.

      • Jason – your comment is spot on. Voting is how the elite fool us because they own and control both candidates, and any they don’t are pushed off the table. Voting will never be canceled as it part of how we are ruled over – by fake consent.

        Thus in each election farce, two fake candidates are put on the sheeple consent form – to be ruled, abused, and taxed form – called the voting ballot. On Nov. 5th we will have Zionist WHORE Trump vs. Zionist WHORE Biden. Both of these scumbags are crown agents who work for Rothschild, Israel, and bankster Jews. Neither will be good for the country, both will allow the criminal agenda to advance.

        I do not consent to the criminal system of state, thus I do not vote. They do not have my consent, nothing they say or do matters to me, I only obey the laws out of fear of retribution, not because they own my mind.

        They are running their own system into the ground, they are mad hatters, running up 35 trillion of debt, a trillion every 90 days. The world hates Amerika because of how we are whored to Israel, we are a pathetic nation which allows little shit Israel to rule over us – tell us what to do – including underwriting and defending the genocide in Gaza.

        Amerika is sick, and Biden and Trump are twin sickos. To hell with them both.

        • It reminds me of the quote by Mark Twain, when he says “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal”.

      • I’d like to believe that, but consider the following:

        In 2004 certain government officials began discussing a “need” to look into “postponing” (= cancelling) the election that year because of nebulous terrorist “threats”. Even Tom Ridge, then the head of Homeland Security, was on board with the idea. But when _Newsweek_ and other media got hold of the buzz in early July, the Bush II administration was quick to deny any such plans were being considered.

        Now the FBI and other federal agencies are making similar noises about terrorist “threats” to this year’s election. What secret discussions are underway now about ways to stop the election?

        I wouldn’t put it past the bunch in Washington to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution to stop the election so Biden can’t lose. The government had drawn plans for that, just in case, in the 1983–1984, and Oliver North was involved with those.


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