Why Orange Man is Bad

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Orange Man is bad – but not for the reasons the Left says Orange Man Bad.

The reason he’s bad is because he continues to talk up the “beautiful” mRNA drugs he helped push on the country. Incorrigible Trump adulators will say: But he didn’t force anyone to take these drugs! Except for the millions of children who had no choice about being injected with them – at the behest of parents who wanted them to be allowed to attend government schools. Except for the tens of thousands of college-age young people who were told: Either take the drugs or forget coming back to college.

Except for the hundreds of thousands of people in the military – whom Trump feigns to love above all others – who were ordered to take the drugs and if they refused, summarily drummed out of the military.

Never mind all that. Trump encouraged people to take Ivermectin. That’s what his incorrigible apologists say, at any rate. And forget that he also told them how “safe and effective” the mRNA drugs were.

Now he says:

“The Pandemic no longer controls our lives. The Vaccines (sic) that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer – turning setback into comeback! You’re welcome, Joe, nine month approval time vs. the 12 years that it would have taken you!”

Italics added.

“Saved us from COVID”? The sickness that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise healthy, not already chronically sick/frail/old population? The sickness that became the excuse for destroying millions of livelihoods? The sickness that Trump played along with?

Maybe – at the beginning – he didn’t know beter. Most of us didn’t – because how could we have? It took a little while to realize it was mostly a bogey. That the threat was being deliberately exaggerated, for obviously malignant reasons. Else why exaggerate it? And Trump participated in that. Maybe not personally – so as to have plausible deniability. But it was Trump and no other who turned the podium (and the country) over to career bureaucrat-quack Anthony Fauci.

Trump did not save us from that. And yet, he could have.

He could also have saved us from what he just bragged about – the “warp speeding” of these dangerous drugs marketed as “vaccines” into existence in just nine months. In other words, without any long-term testing to establish the safety of these drugs before they were pushed on people. That’s how cavalier the Orange Man was – and still is – with the lives of other people.

Not only has he failed to acknowledge the harms caused by the “beautiful” drugs that were never vaccines – nor the egregiously slimy way people were tricked into believing they were by an orchestrated and heavy-handed campaign of misinformation, accompanied by vilification of those who told the truth – he continues to push the same kinds of drugs!

“The vaccines (sic) that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer.”

Does he not know that there has been an increase in aggressive cancer cases since the “beautiful” mRNA drugs were mass-injected into millions of people led to believe they were being vaccinated? That there is at least correlative reason to suspect that there may be a link between the increase all-of-a-sudden in cancer cases and the mass-injection of these “beautiful” drugs?

And – the really relevant thing right now – does the Orange Man truly not understand that by endorsing these drugs as “beautiful” and implicitly necessary, he has implicitly agreed with those who say people ought to be forced (or at least, pressured) to take these mRNA drugs? He has just amen’d not only what was done to millions of children who had no say in the matter – and millions of adults who had effectively no choice in the matter – but also let us know he supports more of the same in the future.

After all, if the “beautiful” drugs he pushed “saved us from COVID” would such drugs also not “save us” from whatever the next excuse to lord-it-over-us is?

If not, why not?

Trump adulators cannot answer this question intelligibly and so they avoid answering it. Instead, they fall back on Q-tip talking points such as Trump was really just encouraging people to try Ivermectin. That he was revealing the Deep State.

Oy vey!

And now he’s letting us know just how “beautiful” he thinks the next batch of mRNA drugs is. And – implicitly – that if you vote for him (if he wins the WWE political heavyweight belt) he will be pushing you to take those “beautiful” drugs, too.

And perhaps his idolators ought to take them. Perhaps it might just cure them, once and for all.

. . .

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  1. The fact that Chump attended a WEF “summit” says it all. And the fact that millions of “MAGA-ts” STILL worship Chump like a god, also says it all. I’ll admit, I did vote for his re-election back in 2020, hoping he could keep the country afloat. But unlike the MAGA-ts, I learned from my mistake. After he kept bragging about “warp-speeding” the needles, that was it. Never again.

    We have to quit daydreaming about some politician saving our bacon, because it’s just not going to happen. Hell, I don’t even trust DeSantis, who actually called BS on the whole COVID charade! The truth is, ALL (or at least 99%) of them work for the Rothschilds. As the late George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club, and we’re not in it”.

  2. The only thing I can think of for Trump’s utter lack of being able to see through his beloved “COVID vaccine”, is that he is either stubborn, or is bought and paid for by Big Pharma. You do not get to be president unless you support Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Military Industrial Complex. The rest of us can pound sand. Trump also gave us bump stock bans, and his “take the guns, due process later” view makes me want to vote for a third party that I know will never win anything. About the only thing good I can say, is that at least under Trump, my gas and heating fuel bills were far better than they are now. If given another term-where he is actually “allowed” to take office, I would not trust him not to go full-on dictatorial. For by then, he will have nothing to lose, and no one (D’s or R’s) are more dangerous when they are in that position.

    • Hi Shadow,

      Yup. Under Trump I stopped having to pay a “shared responsibility” payment for not paying the health insurance mafia money I didn’t owe for services I never used. I’d like to continue not paying it. Pathological narcissist that he is, I’ll probably still vote against the worse alternative (the senile grifter or whoever they replace him with). For the same reason I’d vote against Stalin – even if it meant Hitler.

      Yep, it’s as bad as that.

  3. Time change = dragging ass. Orange man or president potato would win just by promising the dumb masses to rid them of this insidious federal intrusion into the lives of the proletariat.

    • Amen to that! What’s even worse, is that there are those who DON’T want the nightmare to end, and I’m not just talking about the elite.

  4. Trump lied about HIS injections and their safety and effectiveness. He doesn’t lie as much about things as Biden, and he isn’t nearly as dangerous as Biden. And after four years of Trump, we will be no better off than we are today, but we won’t be as badly off as with Biden or Biden’s replacement. And that’s supposed to motivate me to vote for Trump? Remind me again how many abominable bills Trump vetoed (and threatened to veto) but didn’t. Or his ridiculous appointments who continue to vex us to this day (Wray for example).

    Trump’s sole qualifications for president are that he won’t be as bad as Biden and he’s learned from his mistakes. There’s no evidence for the latter.

    I’ll pass.

  5. Wow. It’s all true, Trump is far from perfect. The game is rigged, the bad guys control everything. Having accepted those premises, what precisely will you do about it?

    Not trying to be a jerk, but seriously, what will you do about it? One strategy is to stand up and be mowed down. Another is to lay down and quit, hoping it won’t be too awful, and the hangman will come for you last.

    Or you can resolve to survive and resist. At this point either Trump or Bidet will be installed in the Oval Office next year. At this point, this is as good as it gets.

    So do you pick up the frozen grease gun off the battlefield, piss on it to free it up, and take out a few bad guys? Or do you sneer at the crude welds and stamping of the grease gun, spit on it, and slink away?

    What to do about pharmageddon, and those sneaky troublesome Jews, and all the communist sycophants and hangers on? Everything you can, starting by voting against the worst possibilities and talking to your fellow man and laughing and sneering at the bad guys. Because they are the bad guys. And your allies will never be who you would like, but you will use them anyway because the alternative is too awful to put up with. And if that means supporting a lesser evil with your vote in the pursuit of what is good and right, then you have to make a choice.

    Because the enemies of freedom, god, and wretched humanity believe that the end justifies the means, we will have to adjust our tactics accordingly. Make no mistake, we are at war and the easy answers are not the right ones.

    • This is well-said, Ernie. Thank you.

      I often feel, as I suspect many do, immensely frustrated; aggravated, by the memory of what was once a country that was not so dominated by malevolent freaks and barbarians. I will do everything I can in my sphere to hold the line and try to advance the return of civilization. It’s all that can be done.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I agree with a lot of what you are written, but 2020 showed our vote does not count. I am not sure it counted before then, but it was as clear as day in the 2020 Presidential Election. I am not against voting in local elections where I believe there is less likely to be corruption, but the more people involved the more likely deception is going to take place.

      I think the days of the soapbox, the ballot box, and the jury box are now debased and are aligned to favor the rich and powerful. A “normal” citizen can no longer have their voice heard, their vote counted, or a fair trial. I am sure they will come for the ammo box soon, but with modern technology (3-D printing) that may be the Union’s last stand.

      I am not for being mowed down or even quitting, but I refuse to put on rose colored glasses and believe what I want will even be considered (or tabulated).

      What we can do is cut them off at the knees. Americans vote (subconsciously) every day when they open their wallet. What we buy and who we purchase it from is more impactful than any vote or tweet we may make. Those coffees from Starbucks do add up and it allows Starbucks, or Walmart, or Amazon to push a certain agenda. Bankrupt (by boycotting) the companies that work against the individual rights of Americans. If these companies can see that their bottom line is suffering they will discontinue donating large sums of campaign contributions to politicians and outlets that work against us. No campaign money…no re-election.

      Our vote does matter, but it isn’t the one at the polling station. It is the one that we make day after day. When we feed the beast we are allowing the noose around our necks to grow a little tighter. If we starve it it will eventually succumb to death.

      • OH, I agree with you. My post was pointed at the many good folks who seem to think just not playing the game is an option. Or not supporting the less bad alternative is OK- because the worse alternative has already promised death camps and death squads, and have already started with their J6 gulag and their secret police agencies.

        The Bolsheviks were never a majority in the Soviet Union. But they were able to divide and rule, mostly by lies and terror/force. These are the same motherf@#$ers.

        So, yes, what happens after I cast my vote is a great unknown. I live in Communisota, where election stealing was mastered decades ago- starting with the simple expedient of counting until you get the result they want, then stopping and declaring that the people once again supported the democracy, hammer, and sickle party.

      • Hi Raider Girl ,
        that kind of strategy wont work. Voting for Trump is voting for a jab instead of a haymaker to your face. And not consuming Starbucks wont hurt them much. The elites dont care that much about one particular company and government prints all money it needs. Taxation serves more as control than as gathering revenue at least in the US.
        Parallel dollar-less economy could hurt them though at least a small bit.

    • One historian says a vertical war is needed….

      A horizontal war…where two different slave groups are brain washed into fighting each other on behalf of the slave owners….that are too chicken to fight their own wars….like WW1 and WW2

      When the German white tribes attacked Rome and defeated the slave owners, was an example of a vertical war….from the slaves on the bottom against the slave owners on top……

      Slave rebellion video…


  6. This is worth a listen, a caller in the first hour describes the lack of differences between Biden and Trump. Starts @35:00


    Both Biden and Trump:

    1. support Israel and the theft of Palestinian land
    2. support the Gaza genocide
    3. have their UN representative vote to protect Israel crimes
    4. support punishing Iran for Israel
    5. Lie about 911 and protect Israel from prosecution for attacking us and killing 4,000 Amerikans
    6. support gun control
    7. support LBGTQ and the trans agenda
    8. support registering for the military draft
    9. Hate Russia and want to protect Ukraine
    IMO Trump will betray us again. As soon as Trump gets a lock on the delegates (in the next couple of weeks) he will pick the exact wrong VP. Last time Trump picked Evangelical LUNATIC Mike Pence (who ends up betraying him, LOL). Trump will do as he is told because he is owned.

    The next big betrayal will be Trump’s picks for his executive staff. Last time he picked Nikki Haley (hard core ZIONIST), Mike Pompeo (CIA LUNATIC, HARDCORE ZIONIST), JOHN BOLTON – THE WORST NEOCON LUNATIC. so why would Trump do any different this time on his last term – he will no longer need your vote?

    Then Trump will back pedal on all his promises. He may close the border, but he will probably be like Ronald Reagan and give the 10 million Biden illegals amnesty.

    You watch and learn, Trump is a con man.

  7. quote: “Except for the hundreds of thousands of people in the military – whom Trump feigns to love above all others – who were ordered to take the drugs and if they refused, summarily drummed out of the military.”

    It\s even worse than you think Eric, they give you an order to take the vaxx, or urinalysis, and if you don’t comply, they will court martial you and put you in prison. That happened while I was on duty in Arkansas, I saw it first hand. Many USAF and Navy I know were kicked out, given dishonorable or general discharge because they refused the random urinalysis.

    The defendants argued it was an illegal search, and the military said it was not a warrantless search, that it was an inspection, thus they got around the constitution 4th and 5th amendments.

    After the USGov got the military to comply with warrantless searches, they forced the Pilots then air controllers to next, then it was extended to all of business people. Now it is universal.

    And don’t forget the US Army and CIA run the heroin out of Afghanistan. It was GHW Bush who started the program of randomn drug testing – an he himself was called Poppy Bush for his love of heroin. True fact no one knows.

    • Hi Jack,

      Yup. I have an old friend – we go back a long way – who defends Trump relentlessly. He is very pro military. When I mentioned to him the other day that Trump was responsible for people in the military being all-but-forced to be injected with mRNA drugs, he said – words to the effect – that the job of the military is to “hit the beaches.” That is to say, to take a bullet. When I pointed out that the bullet came from a gun held by Trump, he changed the subject.

      • Ok, what am I missing here? Best I can tell from a brief search is that the poison jab was mandated for the military in August of 2021, which would put it under the current pretender’s admin, not Trump’s.
        That said, I’m disappointed and frustrated by Trump’s continued boasting about the jab.
        But I don’t believe the military mandate, or any other mandate that I’m aware of, was at his direction.

        • Hi Mark,

          The point is that Trump egged on the drugs – they were never vaccines. He also did nothing to tamp down the hysteria about the “pandemic” that provided the excuse for the “warp speeding” of these drugs into circulation before any long-term testing was done and before most people had any idea they were being lied to about the fact that they were not vaccines.

          And he continues to talk up the “beautiful” drugs that are not vaccines – and is whoring out the latest ones, too.

            • I like that. It’s one thing to get stabbed in the back. It’s another thing to put the knife in their hand and agree to the stabbing.

          • Ok. With all that I agree completely. But let’s not blame him for the mandates in general and the military one in particular, unless he is actually responsible for them: which he isn’t as far as I can tell.

      • Hi Eric,
        Many soldiers are brainwashed sheep. Some figure out their mistakes at retirement but most just prefer to live in a lie. The whole structure of military is wrong. It doesn’t entice brave warriors of the past but obedient cogs. Only a stupid person would sign up to fight anyone bureaucrats tell him to. Nobody asks you anything about supporting a war. They can order you to shoot at your family desertion would still be a crime. Its like me giving you a 100 dollars and picking random people at the bar for you to fight.

        • Absolutely, Pupet –

          The whole thing is rotten to the core, starting with the replacement of the War Department with the Department of Defense. As if anything the latter has done over the past half century was “defensive” in nature.

      • People are emotionally branded by Trump’s personality, and thus reason and logic is impotent, never confuse any believer with facts. Trump is literally viewed as a Christ like savior, in conservative art they actually depict Trump as Jesus:


        I have spent the last twenty years passionately writing about the Gospels as fake religious literature – and have convinced only a handful of thinkers, but I have offended nearly everyone else. Rational arguments do not work against a person who wants to believe. And with Trump, they want to believe. The dreadful situation is driving the blind belief in salvation.

        I would point out that the same damn thing happened with Hitler. Hitler was adored and loved – and that did not turn out very well for the German people. Trump, of course, is not Hitler because he loves Jews, and the only way to save Amerika is to diminish Jewish power and influence, and that will NOT happen under Trump.

        Thus those in the know about our real situation, are not taken in by con man Trump, and we are not going along with the globo-homo agenda, are left out in the cold with all the candidates – and now I am seeing more and more threads about leaving the country altogether. Leaving this nation is av very rational thing to do if you study history. Why stay in Atlanta when Sherman’s army approaches?

        Amerika is past the point of no return. Trump is a false savior. It’s time to leave and escape the end times madness of a fallen nation. I like the situation to Jews in Germany before the rise of Hitler and conditions change which you can not leave – many Jews did read the tea leaves and got the hell out of dodge before it was too late.

        The exact same situation is happening in Ukraine – Jew madman Zelenksy will not sue for peace and keeps doubling down on his failed war – many young males are fleeing but getting caught at the border and taken back into forced conscription. The fact is the Jew dictator is ethnically cleansing Ukraine of it’s people.

        You all ought to realize that the Jews in Amerika run the Zelensky regime. So if WW3 comes to Amerika expect to be treated the same as a white male in a Jewish run nation at war. Jews want us dead, and in Ukraine they are literally rounding up the white Christian boys and sending them to their certain deaths on the front lines. Nearly everyday 100-300 Ukes are killed.

        Amerika and the world have been betrayed by organized Jewry. Jews are planning on treating everyone not Jewish just as they treat the Palestinians – and that conspiracy fact is now going mainstream – coming directly out of the mouths of Jewish leaders themselves. The cat is out of the bag – Jews have been exposed – so now due to their great chutzpah say Yeah, we are going to kill you all Goyim.

  8. As I’ve said before and will say again, if the Orange Man is indeed a dictator or a wannabe dictator, he totally whiffed on it with COVID. Think of it—he could have declared martial law and suspended the 2020 election—just like Zelensky has done. He could have nationalized the health care system and told the health insurance Mafia to go pound sand. He could have re-onshored critical industries. He could have taken our troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Japan, Italy, and Germany, and redeployed them to help with medical response and border security. He could have truly sealed the border and initiated a total travel ban. And people on both the left and right would have gone along with it, because COVID. But he did none of that. He did let blue state governors and blue city mayors act like dictators. (I personally think they did that to get back at the Orange Man for capping state and local tax deductions and for cutting their funding, but I digress.)

    Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that the great crises of the 21st century—9/11, the 2008 Great Recession, and COVID—were caused at least in part by uncontrolled immigration? Just saying.

    • Bryce – I agree. He could have done a lot more. Of course, if he did, it would have set some awful precedents. I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about precedents and be more concerned with survival.

      One question- what did the 2008 rececession have to do with illegal immigration? And covid?

      I am not a fan of immigration, but I think both sides of this issue are demagoguing it to death. I am for militarizing the border, but i also believe that we have to create an immigration system that allows the orderly processing of people already here. I would rather bring them in, working real jobs and pay real taxes or paying fines for the number of years they have been here illegally. Make the fines payable and reinvest the money into tax rebates for regular Americans or funding wall construction

      • Good points, especially your point about an immigration system that allows the orderly processing of people already here—as well as those who enter.

        If we had the orderly processing you describe, there would be better ways to screen for people who are potential terrorists/criminals or who carry contagious diseases, like COVID or AIDS.

        We had a system like that at Ellis Island, it wasn’t perfect, but it worked fairly well. Perhaps an Ellis Island counterpart on the southern border is the answer. Might more screening and processing have stopped 9/11 or the spread of COVID? Maybe not, but it would have been better than nothing. It does show the importance of orderly processing and screening—because without it, there’s more risk of terrorists or people with nasty diseases coming in.

        As far as the 2008 recession goes, there were many unscrupulous home lenders taking advantage of no documentation loans by lending to people who couldn’t pay them back—among them undocumented immigrants. It wasn’t the cause, but it didn’t help any.

        Despite his mishandling of COVID, I will support the Orange Man in 2024, because for reasons too numerous to list, I think he will at least slow down the train wreck.

        Fun fact: I have the $10 gold piece that belonged to my great grandfather that his brother sent him before he left Italy to show the officials at Ellis Island that he wasn’t indigent.

  9. Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem,,, Maybe move Washington DC to Jerusalem. That way the slime won’t have to travel so far to kiss ass.
    All mainline contestants are dancing to the Israeli national anthem. Trump boasts he is the best US president ever for Israel,,, Biden kneels down and RFK carries their flag. Out of 400 million citizens and “Undocumented Immigrants” (Your welcome Nancy (another Israeli firster)) one would think we could find One individual that would put America first. If one actually came forth, He would likely be tarred feathered and run out of the country.
    We are supplying the hardware to help finish off the Christian Palestinians whose land was appropriated without their consent for the European Jews that claim it was a gift from God long long ago even though as far as I know none are/were of the original twelve tribes. Because the Palestinians have continued to fight the occupiers they are now terrorists.
    And how has he helped those poor bastards locked up for being insurrectionists? Remember them? Guided through the capital by the Capital Police. One veteran shot dead. About as insurrectionist as my pet dog.
    So it seems many think I am supposed to vote for one of these traitors? I served my time fighting one of their useless wars, watched Americans bleed out on my helicopter and if I don’t vote I am somehow unAmerican said by cowards that keep electing the trash.
    Which one is going to stop the money and military hardware going to Nazi Ukraine? Which one stops our assistance to genocide in Gaza? Which one says they will stop the one trillion dollar printing extravaganza every three months. Which one says they will stop the invasion at our borders? Which one says they’re going to stop the murderous rampage of the billionaire class hell bent on eliminating all of us via the medical complex and/or the Globull Warming scams?

    No matter who wins this upcoming selection, the losing side will likely go berserk and has the real possibility of going kinetic.

  10. I am embarrassed (and repentful) I was ever a Trump supporter

    the author’s “orange series” helped clarify my misgivings (thank you, I share them often)

    and now I’m firmly in the “donnie darkened” camp (he’s evil, maybe even THE evil one)

    • If you want some more intel on Trump, just visit Unz website. The commentors rip and shred Trump, it is a free for all of facts and truth – and when you peruse through the material it is way worse than you can even imagine. Trump is not who you think he is.


      Comment #62

      “The Zionists have a lock on the USA, and the USA is in an existential crisis because of Jews. So how is Trump going to save the Republic if he sucks Jewish cock? He can not. He is just another whore like Biden and all the rest. For Christ sakes, Amerika should be bombing Israel off the map for the 911 attack. How can Israel be our greatest ally as they bleed us to death for their wars? Voting for Trump is an exercise in futility and a mind delusion. Trump is not our friend, he is an ally of Israel, and Israel is our enemy. Christians, under the Bible delusion, support Trump, because they are mind spelled to love Jews and Israel. It is those people struggling between practical politics and their morality.

      IMO you all will soon be disappointed by Trump again. As soon as Trump has a lock on the electoral votes – he then will announce his VP pick, and seeing how he picked Zionist lunatic Mike Pence last time, I fully expect him to betray us again. Then if elected, Trump may pick another gaggle of Neocons and Jews to his executive staff. I am quite sure Trump will stack his cabinet with Jews and swamp rats. So prepare to be disappointed – and the Trump train is rolling to victory. I then expect Trump’s next 4 years to be just as crazy and convoluted as his first term. The Deep State will unleash the forces of nihilism and burn the cities again – and Trump will do nothing again.

      If Trump is elected, will he prosecute the election stealers? Deport 10 million illegals? Cut the funds off to Israel to stop the genocide? Stop the runaway deficit spending? I expect the status quo to be maintained under Trump. Trump is a fraud and always has been a fraud, a con man, a Vaudeville actor, an orange faced clown. Whatever happens to Amerika next, one thing for sure is that if Trump is elected he won’t matter. “

    • I am a likely Trump voter, but not a “supporter.” I don’t support him or his candidacy. His presidency was a usual Republican trainwreck. Like Reagans. Reagan was good for maybe the first 8 months in office and then it went to shit. Same with Trump.

      The policies and the messaging from the Trump white house changed drastically as 2018 approached. Despite being given credit for “no war” Trump actually did his share of bombing in Syria and other places. He did some very good things on trade during the first few weeks of his presidency, but afterwards, nothing. Sure, I will vote for him only because Biden is so bad. Oherswise, I wouldn’t give Trump the time to shit

      • With Reagan it changed about the time they put a bullet in his head. After that he was a different guy. Funny how that works.

  11. Trump fought the communist bureaucrats, corrupt politicians and a treasonous media through impeachment and constant attacks on his administration and after three years had managed to survive. In January 2020 the U.S. economy was in decent shape, Trump had started no unnecessary wars, the border wall was being built and illegal immigration was being brought under control. Then came covid, an orchestrated, planned biological attack on the United States (and the world) and Trump blew it. For whatever reason, he stepped right into the trap and he paid the political price for it.

    Now the Communists are in power and are adding one trillion dollars in national debt every three months, debasing the currency, robbing every American of their life savings, while importing millions of military aged men from hostile nations into the country, taking the United States to the brink of nuclear war in Europe (WWIII began on 2/24/2022), and with DEI in corporate hiring and critical race theory in schools are setting up the white race in the United States for poverty, second class citizenship and perhaps genocide. But Orange Man Bad, don’t vote.

    Dumb shits.

    • Hi Griff,

      Yes – but when will he shut up about these “vaccines”? When will he admit he was wrong? Or at least, stop repeating the same mistake? I want to know what he has learned from 2020.

      Don’t you?

      • Reporter: “Mr. Trump… Mr. Trump. What have you learned from 2020?”

        Mr. Trump replies: …. ?

        Reporter: “Could you go into some detail?”

      • IMO Trump WILL NOT shut up shilling the vaxx because he took a BIG BRIBE from Pfizer. He signed a contract with them and legally can not back out – especially now that he is technically bankrupt.

      • Trump was boo’ed bigly at one of his early rallies when he brought up the “vaccines”. Yet he still goes on about them. I can’t but wonder what the reason for this is…

        • “22,000 times” is likely the biggest reason why. It represents a %.

          ‘COVID Propaganda: Trump Brags AGAIN About Operation Warp Speed, Shills Vaxxes’

          “… “‘The Pandemic no longer controls our lives. The Vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat Cancer – Turning setback into comeback!’ YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE, NINE MONTH APPROVAL TIME VS. 12 YEARS THAT IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU!” he wrote in his Truth Social post on Thursday that has been liked more than 22,000 times.”


          Here’s a modest proposal: I’ll relentlessly shill for Trump with no qualifications once he ceases bragging about his complicity in the greatest crime in human history.

          Or is that too high of a bar for the former president to clear?”


    • You’re the “dumb shit” dickhead.

      Election Night 2016: “And we owe [Hillary Clinton] a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that very sincerely.”

      Eric, I’ve been reading that DT might get the selection because our greatest ally thinks it needs the good ol boys from the south and midwest to fight their bigtime planned wars for them. Trump can get them to sign up, they won’t fight for Biden or Big Mike. And they know the mystery-meat & trannified forces won’t get the job done.

      I also remember my mom, who hates Trump, was having a freakout that Trump might “get elected” in 2024 and I just asked her what was even one bad thing that he actually did when he was president…uhhhhh…well he said some stuff that made us look stupid to our European allies…ok whatever

      Expected reply from Griff: He had to do that. He had to play it cool to take down the deep state. He had to wait until his 2nd term to enact his agenda. It was a cat and mouse game. That’s how you play politics. Trump was the ultimate outisder and needed the first term to see how to play their game to win. Gas prices were really low. The wall was being built sorta. Jared Kushner was in charge, the ultimate Make America Great Again patriot. He made a couple wrong hires like John Bolton but he needed to make some concessions. The bureauRATS didn’t obey his orders, but he couldn’t fire them because that wouldn’t be presidential. But we need to vote for him a second time so he can do the same thing again.

      • Hi Michael,

        Yup. The thing I dread most – almost as much as a second term for the senile, grifting front-man for the radical Left – is that Orange Man will replace the senile grifter just in time to take the blame for the economic collapse that’s been in the works for some time. And everyone who supported him will take the blame, too. It’ll be open season on whatever remains of the free market (and freedom). Most people will beg for dey UBI and perhaps a 400 square foot cubicle apartment in a freedom city, with ready app-access to ride-sharing, provided they have been a good (vaccinated and Face Diapered) sheep…

        • RE: “Most people will beg for dey UBI…”

          Which means, it’s up to The Resistance. This woman won’t, I wonder how many more are out there, Trump supporter or not?:
          (Pretty good womanly emotional response, imho)

          Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara
          ‘Patara’s Response to State of Union Address’
          “Americans are in MASSIVE Danger”


          Then, there’s this, always:

          ‘COVID Showed Us Who Really Rules America’
          Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

          “If we want to know what really limited the regime’s power during the Covid Panic, we must look to the “do-not-comply” activists who were willing to lose jobs and social status as a result of their opposition to the regime. It was primarily the people portrayed as crazed malcontents by the regime who stood between the regime and the full use of its power. The US constitution and the Bill of Rights played virtually no role in limiting the state’s power during the emergency. The naive view of constitutionalism would have us believe that everything worked as designed as the “balance of powers” maintained a rule of law. That’s not what happened. What remains of freedom today was saved by nothing other than the limited amount of public resistance that made the regime think twice about extending indefinitely its experiment in tyranny.”

        • Eric – you’re probably right. He will take the blame for the collapse as all good Republicans do. Remember the recession of 1981-82? Reagan just kind of sat there. The RNC, the RNCC and the RNSC just kind of sat there blaming liberals, whatever that was and not bothering to educate and inform. They let the media drive the narrative and didn’t bother sidestepping it.

          The Republicans lost 26 seats and from there on every Reagan initiative was “dead on arrival.” Except for “tax reform” which cut deductsions and likely increased the effective tax rates by 1-2 percent.

          I noticed it then as a kid and nothing has essentially changed since.

    • What a choice we have! On the one hand a senile, minority loving grifter, traitor and on the other hand an old man who thinks he can do no wrong and will kiss ass for power. Power is the ultimate corrupter. I’ll still vote for Trump because I would love to see the shit show that will erupt with the ((media)).

  12. Four years ago, he locked down the United States. Locked us down. Two weeks became months, to years. Which beget the idea of essential workers, and loved ones dying alone in isolation, canceled weddings, closed parks, face diapers, baseball games with cardboard cutouts of fans, virtual learning, Zoom and Teams meetings, mostly peaceful riots, Biden, QR codes and vaccine passports, fear, hatred, and now turbo cancers, myocarditis and dying suddenly. I just can’t wait to see why he does for an encore.

    • Interesting enough we were discussing this at a family party yesterday afternoon. Our discussion revolved around the constant bombardment of pharmaceutical ads and how they are being inundated to the public through TV, radio, computer, government, etc.

      Do other companies no longer advertise? When was the last time any of us saw a Wheaties commercial? Hasbro? Kodak? Hershey? McDonalds? Nine Lives cat food? Shampoo? The Keebler Elves? I would love to see a California Raisin or even a Calgon advertisement. Even the little old lady falling who can’t get up would be better than another 90 seconds of symptoms (including death) by something that Pfizer, Eli Lily, or Bristol Myers has manufactured to either kill us or keep us sick.

      Now, we have The Donald posting a tweet (or whatever the hell it is called) on the same day that CNBC pushes the propaganda for their largest advertiser, Pfizer. I am sure it just a coincidence.

      • Good observation RG,
        Now that you mention it, it seems like the only ads are for Big Pharma or Larry the Lawyer. I miss the tobacco and beer commercials, at least they were entertaining.

      • A bit more Jungarian Synchronicity? I was gonna write a bigger (better?) comment than the one I made above, mentioning just that. The TeeVee commercials,… and widen the scope from there.
        I had this song in my head, couldn’t recall from where. Was it the Oscar Myer hot dog song? The boloney song? Nope, it was the mustard song:

        ‘Frenchs Mustard commercial 1980’


        Watch that, watch the others I mentioned, how different they are from today. It’s the same as just going to a grocery store or the mall back then, vs. now.

        Every. thing. is. Rotten.

      • I see YouTube preroll ads for all sorts of “food” products. Mainly Resees (Hershey), Oreos, and in the run-up to the Stupidbowl, chips and snacks.

        Now, I always struggle with weight and I’m trying to once and for all shake the sugar monkey on my back. You’d think Google, being all knowledgable, would know that and send me a few ads other than food (and to be fair, it does). But no. The advertiser is their customer. And the advertiser wants to know why my credit card purchases haven’t included junk food since December.

  13. Two psychopaths, psychotic about different things. Both full of rage. Both liars. Both sexual deviants. The only difference I see is a very slight difference in degree, the targets of their psychosis, and the response they generate from those who oppose them. Both turned the budgetary spigot wide open. Which is the major cause of a great deal of our hardship.
    Still not voting. Unless Jesus Christ gets on the ballot.

  14. And all from the guy who while on the ’16 campaign trail had said that he would work with RFK Jr. to investigate the safety of vaccines and the shenanigans of the pharmaceutical cartel.

    Their words mean NOTHING, and they are rewarded for lying by the dumbed-down “vaccine” addled public who apparently have the memory of Senile Joe and the gullibility of a retarded four year-old.

    Every time people vote for “the lesser evil” they end up getting the same evil that they had imagined they were voting against.

    Nixon, the “anti communist” set the ball rolling to outsource our means of production to communist China, and also established communistic wage and price controls.

    Reagan the “anti big-government” guy gave us federal agencies run amuck and bolstered the military-industrial complex.

    Bush gave us The War On Privacy/Liberty known as The War On Terror.

    And Trump gave us The War On Health.

    And each one of them bolstered all of the policies of their predecessors. Trump didn’t even make an attempt to hide his complicity. He left three-quarters of Obama’s staff at their posts.

    And the public just keeps voting for those who pledge their allegiance to Israel. “Let’s keep voting for slave masters, as long as they pledge their support for the plantation owners!”. Let US not be among the ranks of such fools. Let US not legitimize their lies and power. Let US not formally consent to their destruction of the country and world and culture we once knew.

  15. Hi Eric,

    Does this mean you are changing your vote for OM come November?

    Trump’s bragging of the “vaccines” is enough for me to stay home. His Administration oversaw the CDC, the FDA, and the NIH when these jabs came into existence. This the same man that chose Fauci, Brix, Haley, Bolton, Wray, Sessions, Tillerson, Pence, and Chao. Trump was in office for four years, but most of his staff had an average turnover of 1-2 years. This is someone who does not play well with others. Leaders are supposed to lead. When 70% of your staff cannot outlast one Presidential term this speaks volumes on how your subordinates view you.

    We need to stop focusing on “what we want to see” in people and need to steer the spotlight on “how they truly are”. This is a man who couldn’t stick to his marriage vows and has had five kids from three different Baby Mamas and the Christian base holds him up as some type of savior. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Biden is just as sleazy and shares the same lack of integrity. Look how well his kids turned out!

    We need to take a hard look at our “leaders” and how they run their own lives. If they can’t keep it together on the home front do you really want them making decisions that will affect our own?

    Come November the only choice that every American should select is: None of the Above.

  16. Wasn’t there a movie from years ago that had a cancer vaccine as part of its story line, and that cancer vaccine was a DISASTER? And yet, mad scientists seem to be giddy about making mRNA cancer vaccines, along with “Self-spreading vaccines”. What could go wrong?

    • John B, yes, I believe the movie you refer was the remake of the original Omega Man “I am Legend”. They created a virus that attacked cancer cells, but it morphed into creating zombie like humans. (I think is how the plot went).
      Original Omega man plot was biological warfare erupted between China and Russia which a respiratory disease killed the population of the earth. Hmmm…respiratory disease?

      Then there is real life imitating art:

      Like the other variant Bat flu, they still have under wraps made in Wuhan which is 80% lethal.
      Or the ones we (The USA , Democratic party and Deep State) were developing in Ukraine (you know, that country known worldwide for his high-tech pharma industry…not) which the disease will attack certain genomic DNA markers of specific peoples of race and region. Nice way to kill your enemy with hopes it only kills 10-20 million of our own population…tops.

  17. I agree with you Eric, and these vaccines and his support of them is Trump’s albatross he created for himself. It leaves me with the Hobson’s choice of voting for him again to hopefully stop the Marxism, as least for a while, or stop voting period for anyone because; it just encourages the corrupt bastards of both faux parties.

  18. There are people out there who STILL think Trump is the “Modern day Hitler”. But that insufferable speech from last week called the State of the union address made it appear that if there is a “Modern day Hitler”, it’s Joe Biden, who engaged in war mongering, demagoguery against MILLIONS of Americans, threats, lying, and fear mongering. Another possible candidate for “Modern day Hitler” is Zelensky, who routinely engages in war mongering, demanding MORE MONEY from American taxpayers, and randomly taking people off the streets to “Fight Big Bad Putin”. I read that over half a million Ukrainians already died “Fighting Russia”, but nobody in the “Western Democracies” wants to talk about it. Instead, they call for MORE WAR, which could place humanity in grave danger, particularly if it goes nuclear. They could eventually draft people too if they’re not already.

  19. Trump had a choice to make. He could throw Pfizer under the bus and appeal to his base, or he could take the path chosen and take full credit for the beautiful vaccine (which is a really odd adjective for a syringe full of goo), in an attempt to reach out to the sciencey left, many of whom are in the healthscare industry.

    It is purely a political move, although his “power of positive thinking” training might have him convinced that his through thought alone the vaccines were made effective.

    From the Wikipedia article:
    “In chapter twelve, Peale states that letting go of anger and embracing a sense of calm can help with physical illnesses, such as eczema.”

    And as Eric pointed out, apparently Trump was cured of the dread sickness with Ivermectin, for which the Pharma-PWNed mainstream media mocked him even more. I have no first hand knowledge of the efficacy of Ivermectin, but I know when I apparently contracted COVID a liter of tonic water mixed with orange juice concentrate (Hydroxychloroquine being a synthetic quinine) broke the fever and aches, as well as the cough that never seemed to materialize much beyond a slight heaviness in my chest. A few million Indian mothers can’t be wrong!

    And recall his mishandling of the CHAD and other seizing of cities. Even when the “mostly peaceful” protesters were vandalizing federal buildings he did nothing. At most he staged a goofy photo op in front of the National Cathedral(?) when it looked like the unruly mob was going to attack, which just led to more mockery from the left. And no mention of all the wildfires (or their root causes) in 2020, which blanketed the west in thick smoke -during a time when an out of control respiratory disease was running rampant through the population. The “mostly peaceful” protesters should have been dispatched by the national guard in a few hours. Instead the long arm of the law was used to arrest people attempting to surf, celebrate their birthday, or open their restaurant. Trump did nothing.

    And turning over control of the country to Fauxchi, indirectly of course through the state’s various public health boards. By dictating “recommendations” from the CDC they had to know that everyone would fall in line, knowing full well that any challenge would be tossed out with a simple “We followed the guidelines” Trump card.

    We remember.

  20. ‘Orange Man is bad.’ — eric

    And when he’s bad, he’s horrid.

    Take last Tuesday, when Brian Kilmeade of Fox News — in the oily, suggestive manner of the Lügenpresse — asked Trump whether he was on board with the IDF’s strategy in Gaza.

    Trump replied that Israel has to ‘finish the problem’ — ending, on the spot, any possibility that I would ever vote for him. But then he added his standard refrain, that this disaster would never have happened if he’d been in charge.

    For you and me, such an unfalsifiable claim would be merely a rhetorical ploy. But Trump, who repeats it endlessly, actually believes it. In the rosy glow of his raging, lifelong NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), Trump thinks nothing bad would have happened if he’d remained president — and that his beautiful, warp-speeded vaccines are the Cure for Cancer.

    We thus have two legacy-party presidential candidates, one mentally crippled by senility, the other by NPD. Both of these men view the world in a dangerously skewed way, incapable of accuracy or objectivity. And both have shown by their actions that their highest loyalty is to a nuclear-outlaw foreign country.

    I protest. J’accuse.

    • Amen, Jim –

      It’s really hard to stand – like holding a pair of dirty underwear at arm’s length with a pair of tongs. Where’s the trash can, please?

  21. Why is Orange Man bad? Because he stated the obvious truths that a) women will spread their legs for a man with money and fame b) the rich people in this country make money by shutting down American factories and offshoring jobs to China for a fraction of the cost of American labor and compliance with environmental regulations and c) nonwhite, non-English speakers who illegally cross the border are not Americans and they work for substandard wages and/or commit crimes and take welfare.

    No, Trump is not The Answer, he is not perfect, and he is wrong about a lot. But he is right about these three basic things.

    • Hi X,

      My question is simple…how is he going to fix it?

      1. Women have slept with powerful men through the course of history. A rich man usually offers protection (financial) that a poor man cannot. But, should we not ask the question why do so many men sleep with anything that walks?

      2. Will Trump be bringing back his offshore jobs for the betterment of the American labor market? Are will his clothing brand still be made in China?

      3. Shouldn’t wages be part of the Free Market? What is considered substandard? If I have someone who is willing to work for $10/hour and someone else who won’t do it for less than $20/hour is that not competition?

      As for crimes and welfare if we shut down the border tomorrow and deport all illegals does crime and welfare disappear if we are just a country of Americans? I believe we both the answer to that. If there are “freebies” to be distributed someone always has their hand out.

      • That’s the problem. He probably can’t fix it — even if he is re-elected. But they are not going to let that happen, they are either going to incarcerate him, rig the election, or give him the “Kennedy treatment.”

        As the old saying goes, “the truth is no defense.” Sadly I believe that we are going to continue living in the Empire of Lies…

      • Rg, to answer question 1 as to why men will “sleep with anything that walks”, one must acknowledge that most men do have some standards and would not sleep with just anyone. There are some really nasty women that are so unappealing that it would be impossible to have sex with them. But overall, men’s standards are lower than women’s. Sometimes a dude just wants a bologna sandwich!


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