Orange Man and Franco

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Francisco Franco – the caudillo of Spain – understood that you cannot reason with communists. You cannot persuade or mollify them. You can only stop them.

And he did.

It will probably take a man such as Franco to deal with the communists – and let’s speak plainly of them – who have infested this country like termites in a soggy log.

Is that man the Orange Man?

He seems to understand what Franco knew. That you do not play nice with communists, who aim to destroy you. It is why the Orange Man’s recent bitch-slapping (almost literally) of the “nasty” woman who had no interest in interviewing him was so wildly cheered. This is how you deal with such people.

And Orange Man did.

But was it just for show? As it was before?

Orange Man says – or sounds as if he says – many things that many would like to hear. And more to the point, are desperate to hear someone say. And for someone to do. This accounts for the devotion of  Orange Man’s followers. It is unlike anything in recent American history going back at least to the time of Ronald Reagan, who also said a lot of things many people wanted very badly to hear.

And that was pretty much all he did.

To be fair to the Orange Man, there were some things he did do that amounted to more than just talking about them. One of the most meaningful of these being the ending of the federal fines applied to those who did not abide by the “individual mandate” – as it is  styled – to hand over money to the health insurance mafia. This has given probably millions of people a financial respite from the communists’ most signal achievement of the past 20 years, that being what’s styled “Obamacare,” the forcing of health insurance on people. The “individual mandate” gave it teeth – and Orange Man pulled them.

He also at least tried to halt the communists’ push for “electrification” – that is to say, the centralization of energy – with their fingers on the Off switch. He batted it away by encouraging other sources of energy, especially oil and natural gas. And he publicly “denied,” as it is styled, the religion of “climate change.”

He could be a strong man, sometimes. And when he was, he seemed to be the man who might be the one to crush the communist roaches, as Franco did.

But then he showed himself to be a weak man.

He stood aside – literally – and let the communists weaponize hypochondria. He even did what the communists demanded – and wore a “mask.” Thereby giving the communists the win they needed to cause him to lose. Which they accomplished by deciding who won the election that selected the Orange Man’s replacement.

And he still hasn’t said anything about that.

Not the selection, about which he says a great deal. Rather, about how he enabled it. He has not dissected it. He certainly has not apologized for it. He continues to avoid saying anything about his very active role in “warp speeding” the drugs that are not vaccines into millions of people’s arms. Including the arms of practically everyone in the military, the very people Orange Man says he especially favors.

If so, what does that portend for the rest of us?

So why did Orange Man “warp speed” these drugs? The reason that seems most likely is that he thought he could claim credit for them – and for ending the “pandemic” the communists engineered to get rid of him (and much more, besides).

This – if true – reveals the Orange Man to be a shallow thinker and no Franco, for it shows he does not understand what he is up against.

As Franco did.

You do not defeat the communists by agreeing with them. Which is exactly what Orange Man did – and has yet to own up to.

He played along.

And – apparently – thought he could out-play the communists via the pushing of the drugs that weren’t – aren’t – vaccines as the way to quickly end the “pandemic” also appealed to his narcissism. His putting of himself first, always.

Some believe he was “playing” the communists by allowing them to weaponize hypochondria – and thereby reveal themselves. This is delusional “white hat” thinking. It is also the thinking that thinks selections can be overturned by “exposing” them. Viz, the effort by Kari Lake in Arizona to establish by process that her opponent was selected governor. There is an infantile quality to this. One that communists understand very well and use to their advantage.

Does the Orange Man finally understand this?

Maybe, at last, he does. We will see what he does.

As distinct from what he says.

. . .

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  1. This country needs a vicious right wing dictatorship. Get rid of the potheads, the losers, the climate change people, the maskers and all sorts of signs of the left wing. Start executing neocons too. The country needs a 180 quick.

    No tolerance for bullshit. Also, force the gays and trannies back in the closet. I’m tired of seeing their shit everywhere.

    Yes, I said potheads. Their passivity helped bring this bullshit about. Them, and the maskers. Execute every last one of them.

    After a good societal purge, we will be okay. For every action there is a reaction. A good reaction is long overdue.

    • Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
      Und das heißt
      Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein
      Wird umschwärmt
      Denn ihr Herz ist voller Süßigkeit
      Zarter Duft entströmt dem Blütenkleid
      Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
      Und das heißt

      “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
      – Henry L. Mencken

  2. Trump never had a chance. He was badgered and bullied from the first day in office.

    It was a simple solution, resign, take the job and shove it.

    Donnie was stupid enough to believe he was smart enough to handle it all, had it under control.

    Trump obeyed and wore the dreaded mask, total capitulation. Was never in control, got used and abused. A glutton for punishment. The ineluctable conclusion? Trump is an idiot just like the rest of the motley crew ruining everything in sight.

    Off topic:

    On 11-22-22, Continental Resources completed the acquisition of all outstanding publicly traded shares on the stock exchange and went completely private.

    11-22-22 is an interesting date to choose to complete the acquisition.

    Can’t buy the stock anymore, doesn’t exist.

    At the Continental Resources website, there is no longer an investor’s web page. No more investing in Continental Resources for you.

    What is there now? Stakeholders!

    Also, there is a ESG information page. Harold must have had enough of the split with his wife or something.

    Interesting development there. How does it play out in the long haul?

    You will have nothing because there will be nothing there.

    “And I scream at the top of my lungs, what’s goin’ on?” – 4 Non Blondes, What’s Up

  3. Eric wrote: “Not the selection, about which he says a great deal. Rather, about how he enabled it. He has not dissected it. He certainly has not apologized for it. He continues to avoid saying anything about his very active role in “warp speeding” the drugs that are not vaccines into millions of people’s arms. Including the arms of practically everyone in the military, the very people Orange Man says he especially favors.”

    And this is why he does not get my vote again. Had Trump stood up to the medical mafia, my father would still be alive rather than isolated in a hospital with no visitors and killed with COVID treatments when COVID was incidental to why he was there. My friends and family’s jobs would not have been threatened with jab mandates (yes – Biden started this, but Trump made it possible). We would not be having the raging inflation we have now that Trump got started with the extra $5T in COVID relief and that Biden continued. My plan is to sit this election out.

    • Hi Howard,

      I am extremely conflicted about a putative 2024 Orange Man reboot. On the one hand, I share your sentiments completely. I could forgive the Orange Man for what he did if he owned up to what he did – and apologized for it. But his narcissism or his obtuseness apparently prevents him from doing that. So what would prevent him from doing it again?

      On the other hand…what is our alternative? Another four years of the senile pederast or any other of his fellow Obama-ites will be the end of whatever’s left of this country insofar as anything resembling America.

      It’s a Hobson’s Choice.

      The same choice that people in Spain in the ’30s faced.

      • Thanks Eric. I struggle with this. In a nation of over 300M people, our choices are Trump vs Biden? Our republic has failed if this is the best it can do.

        While Trump was not intentionally and actively destroying the country during his presidency, as Biden clearly is, he did little to stop the destruction by the administrative state. I question what voting for him will accomplish. We speed toward the cliff at a slightly reduced rate?

        Adults own up to their mistakes, admit them, and tell us what they’d do differently. Has Trump done any of this yet? Has he stopped his juvenile name calling? His ridiculous use of hyperbole? His incessant “tweeting” stupidity? Yes Biden will be worse. Maybe in the end I hold my nose and vote for Trump. Right now the stench of his actions are too great for me to even consider it.

        • Howard,

          As much as I dislike the possibility of “Trump v Biden 2.0” next year, there’s also the possibility of a Trump v RFK Jr election, though the Democrat Party establishment, the media, and the DC Swamp will undoubtedly do their dirtiest to make sure that doesn’t happen. If they have to make someone else besides Biden the “D” nominee,
          they may pick Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama, or even Hillary Clinton, as she’s had this long sense of entitlement to be President.

          Bobby Kennedy is one of few DEMOCRATS who’s spoken out against the draconian COVID measures that violated all sorts of human rights, and he has criticized the push for CBDC, the use of “Climate change” by the WEF to push global totalitarianism, and the proxy war against Russia, while most Democrat politicians seem to be all in with those sinister plans. As for Trump, he has yet to apologize for effectively letting Anthony Fauci run the country during the COVID “pandemic”, and for a while, Trump was out there continually advocating the “Warp speeded and live saving vaccines” despite growing evidence these experimental mRNA jabs have been a cure WORSE than the disease.

      • Hi Eric,

        I can’t vote for Trump and I am sure as hell not voting for Biden. Honestly, I am going to stay home if these are our options. Trump can’t win. He is much too divisive. Trump is so hated by the majority of Asses (and even some Elephants) that people would come out and vote for Martin Shkreli if that were an option compared to pulling the lever for The Donald.

        I don’t hate The Donald. I believe his policies were what our country needed. I can’t complain about the economic growth, the lower taxes, less regulations, putting tariffs on China, having a secure Southern Border, and world peace for a short period of time. That said he also pushed Warp Speed, fell in lockstep to the idiocracy of the COVID mandates, and did nothing to get rid of the Swamp (hell, he even elected most of them to his Cabinet). His skin is too thin and he is prone to temper tantrums.

        Let’s be honest, there is no hero for the American people. Whoever wins any nomination (Asses or Elephants) have taken an oath, not to the Constitution, but large corporations and their fat wallets.

        If something is a benefit to the average American or aligns with the doctrine of our land it is sheer luck not the intended consequence.

        In truth, I like what DeSantis is doing in Florida, but I realize that running a state is very different than running a country. DC is a cancer. All of government is a cancer and until the American people realize that none of these people represent us, only themselves, the cancer will continue to pulverize until it has destroyed everything in its path including the wealth and freedom of every American not sponsored by the WEF.

        • Neither States nor countries need to be “run”. They need to be left alone, and protected from invasion (which isn’t currently being done), and that’s about it. As I’ve said before, and it bears repeating, all governments are founded on their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. This authority does not attract sane people, who have no desire for such authority. Don’t look for any heroes or even sanity in government. A long wait for a train that won’t come.
          I don’t vote. I will not be a party to my own enslavement. No one I might vote for would ever be allowed to even appear on a ballot, much less be elected. As in Ron Paul.

        • DeSantis signed bills affecting Floridians while in israel. These bills made any criticism of jews a CRIME, calling it “anti-semitism” (even though most western jews are not “semites”).
          This proves that DeSantis is a “tool of the zionist jews”.
          I realize that he has done much good, especially when it came to the covid “plandemic” but, in my opinion, signing bills affecting the freedom of Floridians while in a foreign country borders on treason.
          Best regards,

      • Well, I’m hedging my bets. I’m registering as a Democrat to vote for Kennedy. He’s a nut for sure, but he seems to understand that top down totaltiarian controls don’t work, even with Climate Change.

        After that, I’m likely to vote for the orange man. I’ve heard of this speeding train bullshit, but I want to slow that fucker down a bit. There is a small chance that Trump would behave more like a Franco than he did in his first term. There’s no chance if a Democrat gets installed. We are going to have to start shooting at the polling places if we want to send a message.

        • Hi Charleton,

          I agree with you. And – as of now – I plan to do the same. RFK strikes me as a human being and that puts him at the top of my list. But if all else fails, I will probably vote for the Orange Man again (and kick myself afterward).

  4. Trump is concerned about two things. Trump, and maintaining the inflation of Trump’s ego. The latter getting a big boost when he creates a twitter firestorm against whomever.

  5. Any fence sitter wavering on Trump watch this infamous expose:

    Donald Trump Exposed as an Inside Tool of the Zionist Swamp – (List of Zionists In Key Positions)

    That video has been banned many times – and it took me a long time to find it again – it was originally put on youtube before the 2016 election and is still 100% accurate.

  6. Considering the massive deep state and media efforts to stop him, Trump did well for three years, but then got totally rolled in year four. I supported Trump as the “lessor of two evils” in 2020, but the thought of a Trump vs. Biden rematch in 2024 is truly depressing. Trump has so much baggage and has been so demonized by the media, half the population either hates him or is terrified by him. DeSantis, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Kristi Noem, or damn near any other Republican is preferable over Trump at this point.

    Someone I would enthusiastically support would be Col. Douglas Macgregor. He has been spot on in his analysis of the Ukraine/Russia war (see his interviews on “Judging Freedom”, Judge Napolitano’s Youtube channel). Probably has about as much chance getting the Republican nomination as RFK Jr. has at getting the Democratic nomination, but he is the type of leader the country desperately needs.

    • Griff,

      I don’t relish the idea of Trump v Biden 2.0 next year either, as there are people out there who just hate Trump THAT MUCH that they’ll vote for Biden again if it means “Keeping Orange Man from ever being President again!”, regardless of how much further damage the Biden regime does to this country. As for RFK Jr, the Democrat Party and their sycophants in the media will likely frame Kennedy as “Unelectable against Trump”, a “Closet Republican”, “Quack Anti-vaxxer”, or even a “Make America Unvaccinated Again!” candidate like one media outlet did.

  7. Oh Trump sucks. He deserves any hell he gets and happy to see him in prison. No morals and committed murder as President. Of course they all do. Kari Lake in Arizona won the real vote by 20 points so your vote doesn’t matter either. Happy Sunday!

    • Hi Mark,

      In re: “Kari Lake in Arizona won the real vote by 20 points so your vote doesn’t matter either.”

      Exactly. I keep telling my oldest friend this. He still thinks it’s possible to fix this by “uncovering the fraud.” As if process mattered. As if enough people cared.

      • Who runs elections?
        What government has ever been worthy of any trust at all?
        So why would you trust the very psychopaths that defrauded an election to “fix it”?
        Which is one of many reasons I don’t vote.

  8. Orange man said if he was president then the Ukraine war would of never happened – which is exactly why orange man is not president. Orange man says he wants to talk to Russia and end the war, have peace in Ukraine – which is exactly why he is not president. Orange man would not bomb Iran for Israel, which is exactly why he is not president.

    David Goldberg spilled the beans, he said that if Trump did not attack Iran as ordered by Israel, he would be flushed down the toilet. He did not attack Iran, so Bibi had Trump flushed like a big orange turd down the toilet. Then with the election results in question, Bibi called Uncle Joe and congratulated on his win, and Trump told Bibi to F–K himself. Do you know or remember any of that? Trump was a dufus who kowtowed to Israel, he would brag he was the best friend of the Jews and they stabbed him in the back.

    Russia is winning the war, Bakhmut fell today to the Russians. Just a week ago Russia destroyed $500 million of western arms in a Kiev depot, video:

    Looks like a tactical nuke, doesn’t it? Last year Russia had used the Kinzhal missile:

    MASSIVE Blast From an alleged Kh-47M2 Kinzhal Rocket

    That blast also looks like a nuke. I say they are nukes. I trust my own senses, not the bullshit spewing from the TalmudicVision. I am just being honest with what I see. I am usually right about these conspiracy things, as I do not form my opinion based on MSM narratives – which are universally false. The media said the Kinzhal blast last week only slightly damaged the Patriot missiles – this means they were completely destroyed.

    The Amerikan people are like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, they are simple, hard working, honest, and completely naive to the level of Satanic treachery going on – and can not imagine that nukes are being used on a regular basis in the Ukraine war theater. And they are greatly underestimating how Biden may push the US in default on purpose to damage the full faith and credit of the United States.

    A sane nation would immediately impeach Joe Biden and hang him for treason.

    • Hi Jack,

      “The Amerikan people are like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, they are simple, hard working, honest, and completely naive to the level of Satanic treachery going on”

      This is well-said. And, sadly, accurate.

      • I don’t think its so much naivete as it is incapability of a mostly sane person to comprehend the depths of depravity a socio/psychopath will stoop to to satisfy their psychosis. I’m fully aware of it, but still don’t really comprehend it. How can anyone be that evil? But I do know that they are. And they have saturated nearly the entire FedGov.
        One positive note, they make my infrequent departures from ethical behavior seem minor compared to theirs. Nobody is perfect. But they are so far away from perfect, it makes most of us seem nearly so.

    • Jack I wish they would use nukes and get it over with. It is an amazing explosion but likely an ammo dump with tens of millions of US dollars going up. Great comment.

  9. This a Thank You to Eric and to all who contribute (in both ways) to this site. I think I would go insane if unable to have balanced adult conversations with folks. Tried on FB, quickly degenerated to name calling, craziness. I do not do FB anymore. I am not a twit so I don’t. Back in the early days before control by platforms, it was great fun chatting and arguing with different folks, even the weirdos; of which Eric gets a few. They are entertaining in their own ways Not the same anymore in most of the web. Freedom really means to be free.

    • Morning, Ugg!

      I return the compliment- because you guys do the same, for me. If I were unable to talk with people who can think and express their thoughts I would probably long ago have become a hermit who fills up Mason jars with pee and keeps the blinds close at all times . . .

  10. Some thoughts and questions. I’d love to here responses from the regulars.

    1. Trump is most certainly a narcissist. That’s his biggest weakness by far. The left knows how to play it against him.

    2. Hmm. Should liberty-minded people vote for Trump under the theory that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. He is most certainly very flawed, but he appears to be the sworn enemy of those manifesting the most evil-minded policies I’ve seen in my lifetime. Is that enough?

    3. Is this all kayfabe? It seems too vitriolic to be faked. You could see the evil in that woman’s eyes. She is a nasty person indeed.

    4. Given some of RFK, Jr.’s prior videos which appear to show him in favor of criminalizing “climate deniers,” are his new positions designed to attract those inclined to vote for Trump? Is the plan for him to lose the Democratic nomination so he can run as an independent to hand the win to Biden (TR ran under the Bull Moose party and Taft lost as a result. The same thing got Clinton into office with Ross Perot taking votes from GHWB.)? He seems like a genuine candidate, but given his long history supporting the left, is this just all a trick to keep power in the hands of the left?

    5. You’re right, Eric. Trying to outplay the communists under their own crooked rules is naïve. However, how do you effectively fight them without turning into monsters as well? What was/is Kari Lake to do?

    6. The only way to get back to sanity is for the vast majority of people growing a set and publicly pushing back always and everywhere. If somebody tells you his “pronouns,” you respond: “Shut the fuck! Who cares.” If you’ve come to the conclusion that doctors are pushing the evil agenda, stop making appointments with them. If somebody is working against you, call them out and stop giving them your business! Stop putting your kids in public school, etc. Yeah, it may be costly or inconvenient in the short run to call these fuckers out, but it has to be done. People need to stop going along to get along.

    • That’s an interesting twist you’ve got regarding point #4, Mr. Liberty. I can definitely see that scenario playing out with the Republicans, with DeSantis securing the nomination and Trump being “forced” to run independent, thus costing the Reps the “selection.”

      On point #5, communists can only be fought guerilla style, IMO. They’re simply too powerful at this point to be defeated with head-on warfare. So you must fight them “in the shadows” so to speak, throwing sand in the gears of their “machine,” refusing compliance with their directives and generally doing anything you can to retard their forward movement. Eventually, if enough people do this, communism will collapse upon itself since it lacks the ability to sustain itself. (The only thing that propels communism being the point of a gun.)

    • Point 1:
      True dat.

      Point 2: Either vote for him or don’t vote. If enough were to vote for him, it would at least throw a monkey wrench into the works. They would need to fraud up a few more million votes which happened in 2020, it also happened in 2018 the runup year. Lotta janky shit then. A dry run. Set the stage for the scamdemic and 2020.

      Point 3: Yes Evil exists and is working to eat your soul, or just to enslave you.

      Point 4: The climate thing is a scam, I am reasonably sure Robert knows that, I once thought recycling was a good thing until I learned it all ended up in the same landfill.

      The Kennedy’s of the prior generation had balls, they were killed, the Kennedy’s of this generation have been killed as well, Young John in a suspicious airplane crash. They don’t fear Robert as he is not well spoken, they should and I hope he has good security. Robert appears to be a brave man. I disagree with him on some points but I am sure we could sit down and have a constructive conversation on any variety of subjects.

      Point 5: You fight in all ways possible. Do not go easily to the death chamber. That is why they are trying so hard to take guns away. The only way to stop someone with a gun is with a gun. When I was a child we thought nothing of bringing a gun to school, a rifle or shotgun in the car or truck. We would hunt before and after school We had no shooting in my school. Our principal, “Wild Bill” according to rumor kept a .45 in his desk.

      Point 6: I agree. Fight in all ways possible. Take as many with you as you can. Need an honor guard.

    • “Should liberty-minded people vote for Trump under the theory that my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

      No, because he is a proven failure. If he got in again I would expect the same results – all Neocon deep state appointments, no investigations into election fraud or 911, same kowtowing to Israel, etc.

      Amerika has 335,000,000 million people, certainly we could find a non-Ziowhore to run the country. I don’t vote because there is never a real choice, it is always Ziowhore A vs Ziowhore B and thus Zionists always win. And now that electronic voting machines are permanent, there is zero chance any vote will ever matter again.

      They wanted this war in Ukraine, so Biden was installed. What we want has nothing to do with modern political reality – for god’s sake they are trying to genocide us with the death jab.

      • Hi Jack,

        This is a tough one – for me, at any rate. By which I mean: What to choose when our only choice is between a communist and an authoritarian on the right – who might be the only realistic bulwark against a total communist takeover? I understand wanting another, better choice. But this may be the only choice we have.

        Other than to leave, of course. But to where?

        • Leaving is a rational. The nation is toying with nuclear annihilation – so I read that ultra wealthy are securing properties out of the target zone, like Central America or Argentina.

          Nuclear war is not real until it is. Normalcy Bias. It will only happen once and then we will be living like cave men. So it is not real because it never happened.

          “In SHTF scenarios, our brain has an innate tendency to play tricks on us. Some of these tricks are helpful, while others can put us in even greater danger. Normalcy bias is one of these dangerous tendencies of our mind.

          It is a tendency to believe that everything will continue to be ‘normal’ even though there are warning signs that point to the contrary.

          As a result, we underestimate both the likelihood of calamity and the possible consequences. It is in line with thinking that nothing terrible will ever happen.

          Or: even if something happens, it won’t happen to me. So, it’s a sort of denial and false optimism.”

          Jeff Berwick promotes peaceful Mexican resort properties – which are way down under militant Amerika – yet close enough to drive to. The goal is to move to a non-militaristic country like Costa Rica – see the book by Harry Browne “How I found freedom in an unfree world”.

          I don’t have millions, but I moved to SW Oregon – which has no military targets. Look at USA survival maps:

      • “And now that electronic voting machines are permanent, there is zero chance any vote will ever matter again.”
        When exactly did they matter?

    • @ Mister Liberty
      1. You have to be a narcissist or a high functioning sociopath to actually believe you should be elected to such a powerful office as President of the U.S. the only way to win is to be ruthless.

      2. Liberty minded people should not be participants in the current political process, else they are not really liberty minded. Voting in the current political climate is a serious moral flaw, in my opinion.

      3. Two fakers faking each other out. What do we expect?

      4. With rare exceptions, anyone running for office should be considered an outright liar.
      5. If you are in the political game, you fight with every dirty trick you can muster. If you are in the live and let live game, then shore up your own moral armor and die knowing you stayed true to yourself. Read, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

      6. Agreed. Peaceful noncompliance is a powerful weapon. Active resistance is not effective, as the enemy easily controls the narrative. Make resistance a personal mission, living your life as free as possible while staying out of prison and staying within your own moral boundary.

      • When law is unjust, where should a just man be?
        When Thoreau was in prison for resisting conscription, Emerson visited him. He asked Thoreau “what are you doing in there?” to which Thoreau replied “what are you doing out there?”

    • Hi ML,

      1. Agreed, but so are the majority of politicians. None of them realize how truly despised they are. They believe the average American loves them when in truth, we loathe them. But then again, the feeling is mutual, because they loathe us as well.

      2. No, because we saw what happened in 2020. We saw what happened in the GA Senate race, the AZ Governor’s race, etc. Our vote is a waste. Whoever brilliantly stated “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it” knew what they spoke of. Look at Nassau County, New York – everyone there was registered as a Democrat. Human error, they say. Seriously, human error?!?! I would say it was quite intentional. The fix is in and it doesn’t matter what we say or how we vote.

      3. Some of it is. Some of it isn’t. Not everything will go according to plan even in the most strategic staged attempts. Personally, I am a huge supporter of Mother Nature. She isn’t biased, politically aligned, nor can she be bought. Earthquakes, volcanos, monsoons, landslides. The weaponry that she has in her arsenal is impressive. Since man will no longer retaliate or seek vigilantism she is the great Equalizer.

      4. I like RFK. I don’t agree with most of his policies, but I believe some people (okay, a few) come along who are sincere in their thinking and actions. We have all said stupid stuff and we have all done stupid things. I know there are words that has passed through my lips and right after I said them I know I messed up. Unfortunately, it is impossible to take them back so they live in infamy. Does it make us bad people? Does it make our actions insincere? The thing that we all have to remember is none of us are heroes, just humans. The world has a tendency to put celebrities, politicians, leaders, etc. on a pedestal as idols of worship. They shouldn’t be revered, but judged based on the current state of affairs. I, unlike the media, do not feel the need to pull something out of context that someone said 20 years ago. Our stances change and they should be believed until proven otherwise.

      5. The honest will never win in a court of law. The system is broken. It is stacked against us. If we believe the typical American (or Kari Lake and Donald Trump) will get a fair trial we are naïve and foolish. This is where libertarians and I differ. I am strictly eye for an eye. Somebody does you dirty, sometimes you have to stoop their level. Should the diplomatic approach be first and foremost? Absolutely. But if that doesn’t work a baseball bat to the knees will get the message across. Taking them to Court? What a joke.

      6. 100% agreed, ML. The problem is only 13% of high schoolers can pass a civics class. Fifty percent of adults (circa 2018) can read at an 8th grade level. I am sure it is even worse today. How can one critically think when they were never taught to? The average biped reacts with herd mentality. Common sense stopped being so common somewhere around the turn of the century. As more and more students wind their way through the joke that is titled the United States Public Education System we see other countries surpass us in mathematics, economics, literacy, and language. How does a generation that was primed though such an institution create another generation to know any better?

      • Hi RG,

        All of what you just wrote is spot on (and well-said). Especially as regards eye-for-an-eye. And then some. I think that one of the great mistakes our side makes is playing nice with those who hate us and seek to harm us. The Left never gives its enemies mercy – and neither should we. My attitude in this respect was put into visual form in Mel Gibson’s movie, The Patriot. Specifically, the scene were he and his sons ambush a British wagon/troops that are taking one of his sons to the latter’s likely execution. Gibson’s character gives no quarter – and slaughters the Brits to the last man.

        Awful, yes. Also sometimes necessary.

        • Hi Eric,

          And this is why I cannot align with the Republican Party. They want to play nice. The Asses would happily throw them in a pit of Black Mambas, but the Elephants want to negotiate from the tomb. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the wimp never wins. I would not advocate for throwing the first punch (that is assault), but for god’s sake pummel the MFer that did.

          Diplomacy, tact, and a willingness to comprise are wonderful if both individuals/groups can abide by the terms agreed among them, but negotiations cannot be maintained if one party does not believe the rules apply to them. If the other side wants you dead don’t help them by talking while they are trying to silt your throat.

  11. Trump reminds me of the late Hugh Hefner. Proof that money can’t buy class, even if you’re defining it. But both were used by the real rich to feed their degerate appetites while maintaining the illusion of respectability. Trump got them ROI by being the fall guy when the real estate deals went tits-up. Heffner gave celebs a safe space to do drugs and rape models. They both were able to leverage that power to apeal to middle class.

    For Hefner it led to the delusion that he somehow caused the sexual revolution and front line champion of the first amendment. For Trump it was that he somehow saved New York with paint and new carpet.

    And when they got out of their lane, that’s when they failed. Like the one-hit wonder’s third album, without the foundational structure and genius that’s all there is. So Hefner licensed himself out to Hollywood for cameos, and Trump became Vince McMahon’s foil. Luckily their kids figured out how to keep the company running. And America laughed at the clowns.

    But then came the ’88 writers’ strike, and reality TV established a beachhead. Both Trump and Hefner got reality TV deals. Both shows were some of the worst low-brow stuff every captured by a camera. All hype and no substance. I watched a little of both The Girls Next Door and The Apprentice because, well, both subjects have a certain (ahem) appeal. I don’t think I got through a single episode of Girls, and only one or two episodes of Apprentice. But they were both popular enough to hold an audience. I think the concept of these shows to make the cast look dumb, missing even the most simple solutions, so that the audience might feel smart in comparison. Or maybe not and I’m reading way too much into the production.

    I did watch enough of both to see that Hefner and Trump would make a somewhat token appearance, usually with some insightful commentary to make them look like the wise leader. Clearly drivel, but if you never developed a BS detector maybe it sounded smart. Worked for Trump anyway, got him past the milquetoast Republicans and Clinton phoning it in.

    Like the old Jeff Foxworthy joke about Playboy vs Cosmopolitan, Trump’s really great at identifying the problem. And Clinton told everyone they were the problem.* Guess which solution was more popular? But when Trump won, he had no way to do anything because he hadn’t thought it through. The Republicans weren’t going to work with him, the Democrats… arrested him.

    *Yes, I know. Don’t bother replying. I’m talking about political strategy, not reality.

    • THAT was well said, RK! It could qualify as literature (The good kind- as in literary)

      What you wrote is like an exposition of I’ve long said about political theater [In the most literal sense of the word] and how they are all playing to a respective crowd, which in reality, they all abhor. Specifically, your analogy of the TV shows perfectly illustrates how well the orchestrators of the campaigns know the average American, and can pander so easily and perfectly to them, for it is the same people for whom those TV shows are made, and who represent such a majority that they are the prime target of advertisers, who cast the majority of votes.

      • Well heck, now I really wish I would have proofread it better before posting!

        Thank you for your courage!

  12. **”So why did Orange Man “warp speed” these drugs? The reason that seems most likely is because he thought he could claim credit for them – and for ending the “pandemic” the communists engineered to get rid of him (and much more, besides).”**

    He did so because his Zionist overlords wanted him to- because such is a major part of their plan for destroying any remaining shreds of national sovereignty and of the free-market in order to establish their “New World Order”.

    Someone who while campaigning had advocated working with RFK Jr. in order to investigate the pharma cartel and the already extant vaccines, doesn’t just do a 180 like that and turn into the best friend the pharma cartel ever had, for nothing. Clearly, his campaign promises were just what the people wanted to hear- the very people in “fly-over country” whom Trump despises…but is not above courting them by playing the part they want and hope that he would be- and look how well it has worked.

    The worldwide psy-op of the Scamdemic was not engineered to get ri9d of Trump; it was not some crazy plan hatched by American politicians (They were complicit, but certainly not it’s engineers)- as it was worldwide- and look how obediently Trump played his part in it.

    Even now, witness how Trump recently mocked DeSantis, who is standing up to Disney’s woke-ism, because Disney announced that they would be cancelling plans for a new bazillion-dollar campus in FL., -Trump thinking it better that DeSantis should just appease Disney to reap te financial benefits. (DeSantis is just another actor too- who is just show-boating for votes. He has already made his allegiance to the Zio-NWOers abundantly clear).

    Despite the above, Trump’s supporters don’t seem to care or notice. Trump is essentially saying “Just take the money, stupid! -who cares what’s right or wrong?!” -and is either too insane to even realize how that illustrates his true character (or rather, lack thereof) or knows that his supporters are too stupid to notice, or too crazy to care, just being caught-up in the hypnotic Hitlerian personality cult which surrounds Trump.

    Considering the above, I believe Trump is genuinely crazy. Just as crazy as that senile despicable coot who now resides in the WH (When he manages to find his way home to it). We are living in ancient Rome- all of our emperors and senators are INSANE and depraved.

    Why even waste our time even thinking about this political theater? Our time is far better spent living our lives and doing what we can to uphold and increase our personal freedom, than it is watching these ass-clowns.

  13. Jeff Tucker explains Trump’s little-known creation of “Schedule F” for federal employees, which really would have made draining the swamp possible:

    He did this much too late in his term, probably because his huge ego told him he had another four years. Biden immediately undid it.

    • Thanks for the link Roland — you learn something new every day.

      And it’s all about one of my favorite subjects: federal govt employees. . .those “hard working” & “dedicated” individuals who compose the eternal bureaucracy which will do everything in their power to grow, maintain & preserve it. It’s almost as if mankind has finally discovered perpetual motion. As Ronald Reagan supposedly said, “a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!“

      This is one of the most underestimated, serious, and enormous problems many libertarians seem not to realize. A while back I discovered some appropriate comments online made by a guy with an off-the-charts IQ that’s very appropriate:

      “The law is for the Dirt People and it will be enforced by the Cloud People, and the Cloud People have OPENLY exempted themselves from any rule of law whatsoever. This is yet another milestone on The Road to Serfdom.

      It won’t be too much longer before history repeats in a very big way. The Gods of the Copybook Headings will expel the Cloud People back to the dirt. Then is when the Law of Blood shall be enforced right down to the very last letter of the law.

      ‘Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
      And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
      That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more……..

      And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
      When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
      As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
      The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return! ‘ ” — Rudyard Kipling 1919

  14. There was one other European leader from the era of the Spanish Civil War who was a staunch anti-Communist, and had in fact fought them in the streets during the 1920s. The U.S. Gov’t allied itself with the CCCP, and therefore with International Communism, not only allowing, but enabling, the Red Army to overrun half of Europe, and condemning the unfortunate residents of those countries to half a century of impoverishment and oppression under brutal Communist dictatorships. So much for “liberating” Europe.

    At least one of those dictatorships, the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) was notorious for injecting its female athletes with male sex hormones, in an effort to win Olympic events at any cost.

  15. “But then he showed himself to be a weak man.”

    A Kennedy is running for Prez. He is big competition to DJT. So Trump says he will release all of of the JFK files, which he said he would do last time he ran, but he failed to release all of them. He had his chance and failed – not really – he intentionally did not damage the deep state – which would be destroyed if he released the dirt on all the skullduggery, like how the USGov was neck deep in the 911 WTC attack and controlled demolitions, which killed nearly 4,000 Amerikans that day.

    If Trump was real opposition to the ruling class he could destroy them by releasing all kinds of files that implicate them in major crimes – then have the DOJ prosecute the traitors – but Trump did not do that on purpose or that he is an inept politician. It seems clear to me Trump plays both sides – talks a big talk then does little. So many writers like me said that Trump was all hat and no cattle – fake.

    Any hope in Trump prosecuting bad people ended when he appointed William Barr – a deep state coverup artist. Or foreign policy change when he hired arch Neocon warmonger John Bolton – who says he will run against Trump. Barr wants to hang him. Trump’s Secretary of State was the former CEO of Exxon – the world’s largest corporation – who wrote a memoir saying Trump was stupid and incompetent.

    The most damning indictment of Trump while he was president came from the British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch who’s emails were leaked saying Trump was weak and inept. Trump was a real estate developer and TV actor with no previous political experience so why is that a surprise? Trump surrounded himself with tribe members, so we knew all along he was one of them, and for Christ’s sake his daughter married a Jew mob boss son Jared Kushner who bought 666 5th street building in downtown NYC.

    I have no idea if Trump has a political future, but they may install him again after the great reset – or to cause it. Politicians are pawns, actors on the stage to sell the owner’s agenda. Even wealthy powerful men like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are just gophers on a grand trillionaire chessboard.

    I would like to point out the current Kabuki theater – Congress takes recess this week while the debt bomb ticks down to financial armageddon. Biden has put Komrade Kamala in charge of budget negotiations while Ole’ Joe is in Japan with Zelensky lecturing the Japs on Hiroshima – a big nuke false flag appears to be in the works.

    • >a big nuke false flag appears to be in the works.

      And if, may God forbid, that does happen, you can bet the ranch it will be blamed on “Arab terrorists.”

    • ‘Congress takes recess this week while the debt bomb ticks down to financial armageddon.’ — Yukon Jack

      It’s complicated. Both chambers are in session until Thursday, May 18. Then only the House the following week (May 22-25), and only the Senate after Memorial Day (May 30-June 2).

      So if a debt ceiling deal doesn’t get made and passed by Thursday, theoretically the House could approve it by May 25, and then the Senate could endorse it on May 30 or 31.

      But that’s a challenge analogous to directing five hundred stray dogs to dance Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker on their hind legs in white tutus, while barking in time to the music. 🙁

      • Thanks for the details, my money is bet on default – on purpose – which is why pedopuppet Biden was installed. Uncle Joe Obiden is a wrecking ball – and he wrecked Ukraine and will also wreck the United States.

      • It’s just a matter of time until there is a default. The world is waking up to the hollow shell that is the dollar, and they don’t like what they see.

  16. The israel zionist state has a lot more “pull” than most people realize. The latest iteration of israel zionist power was that of Florida governor DeSantis signing bills that affect Floridians while in israel.
    That being said…
    The israel zionists could not afford to allow Trump to secure a second term as president.
    When it comes to the jews, Trump DID “give them what ((they)) wanted”.
    This was all by design as Trump has always been a “deal maker”. Trump KNOWS what jews are like as he has been dealing with them all of his life.
    Trump was going to “drop the hammer” on the jews during his second term until the election was stolen from him (us). The jews could not “kennedy” Trump as he was smart enough to have his own security detail interspersed with the secret service. There would have been no way to effect an assassination.
    You would have seen the “Palestinian” issues resolved as well as the elimination of the “Bantustan system” for Palestinians as there would have been many (illegal) jewish settlements declared “null and void”. Yes, there would have been much “wailing and gnashing of teeth” by the jews, but that too would have subsided in time.
    The future will tell whether Trump’s influence on the jews was helpful or merely a “smokescreen”.
    It is my humble opinion that the jews wanted Trump out of office because, (as jews always do), did not want to be required to fulfill “their end of the deal”.
    This is why it is essential that Trump finally gets his second term in office.

  17. I think the comparison between Trump and Franco is superficial and facile. Franco was a sober and disciplined officer with a record of combat bravery and promotions at a young age. Trump was a celebrity blowhard who made his money on casinos, golf, and beauty pageants.

    Trump in fact did NOT know how to deal with the communists, he breezily assumed that he could bullshit them away and that when he got elected president, they would all simply follow his orders.

    Trump liked to run his mouth but never backed it up. Trump said Hillary should have been arrested for the classified documents but never arrested her when he had the chance. But the communists are serious: look who’s under arrest now on 34 bogus felony counts. The communists also arrested Trump’s lawyers, his political advisers and his NSA pick, Gen. Flynn. Trump said that Clinton was a rapist. Look who just got a jury award against him for $5 million for unverifiable 30-year old rape accusations.

    Franco would never have lowered himself to such vulgar talk. Franco was judged on his deeds, not his words. If you were a communist he was not going to publicly threaten to arrest you, he was just going to do it.

    The same could be said for Pinochet, a good and decent man who knew how to deal with the enemy, not shoot his mouth off. If you were a communist, you were going for a helicopter ride. Period.

    If Trump had had anything in common with Franco and Pinochet, he would have arrested Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, the entire staffs of CNN, MSNBC, and the editorial boards of the Washington Post and New York Times. For starters. Then he would have closed the Mexican border and fired or jailed all the university professors who refused to take a loyalty oath. And he sure as hell wouldn’t have paced the U.S. in the service of Israel.

      • I will say that many (not all) of Trumps’ instincts were right — energy independence, stay out of foreign wars, close the border.

        That being said he was able to accomplish very little without a purge of the Deep State, which he was either unwilling or unable to accomplish.

        His greatest contribution, though, was exposing the true nature of the Left. They accused him of being a “fascist” because they were willing to employ fascistic methods themselves. They called him a “threat to democracy” because they were willing to rig elections themselves. They impeached him for supposedly withholding aid to Ukraine, which is exactly what Biden gloated about — on video.

        Trump merely demonstrated that we need someone who is the real deal to take care of the Left.

  18. Anger is building across the world against governments that have gotten increasingly corrupt or drunk with power. The U.S. media has been trying to make everyone here think that “All is well with President Joe Biden”, even though it becomes more obvious that’s NOT the case at all, and there’s even corruption in the Biden Crime Family, including with “The Big Guy”, Joe Biden himself….

  19. Has “Orange Man” been speaking out against the push for CBDC, the WEF agenda, the WHO’s proposed “Global pandemic treaty”, or this obsessive push for EVs? So far he has yet to speak out against the COVID jabs that he helped “Warp speed” into existence, let alone apologize for the draconian COVID measures (which started on HIS watch) that violated all sorts of civil liberties and DESTROYED the economy and countless lives. It appears that the powers that be want everyone to forget the past few years of COVID tyranny, but those responsible WILL try again if there isn’t some accountability, such as bureaucrats like Tony Fauci or politicians like Andrew Cuomo (who was one of a handful of governors that forced nursing homes to take COVID patients & likely resulted in many senior citizens dead) going to PRISON.

    Robert F Kennedy Jr has been speaking out against the draconian COVID lockdowns and some of the insane stuff the Biden Thing and the globalist technocrats are pushing, but the Democrat Party establishment already said they won’t sponsor any primary debates between Joe Biden & his 2 existing challengers. Not only that, the media (which gets LOTS of advertising money from Pfizer and other Pharma companies) either ignores RFK Jr’s Presidential campaign or runs hit pieces against him, suggesting that the DNC & the media are just as afraid of RFK Jr as they are of Trump if not more so.

    And lastly, it’s rumored that Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis will throw his hat into the ring of the 2024 Presidential race next week.

    • Yah, not a peep about The Shot. So, there’s zero chance he’ll ever mention The Shot ‘they’ are putting into the livestock as a backdoor way of getting MNRA/nano tech into every body, wether they want it or not.

      Via OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY:

      ‘They are infecting MEAT and VEGGIES! HB1169 FAILS’

    • Indeed John,
      Trump was/is all hat and no cattle as the Texans say. He questioned NATO, which is waaaay past its expiration date but didn’t do anything in his four years in office to pull the US out of it. He could have pardoned Snowden and Assange but chose to pardon a bunch of grifters instead; he’s just another empty suit.
      RFK Jr. might be able to make a start at turning things around but as you mentioned the media are already doing everything they can to smear him and the Demonrats will be doing their part to keep him off the ballot. Should he somehow make it to the presidential election the CIA is probably already training a couple snipers and setting up a patsy to be the next Lee Harvey Oswald.

      • Trump wisely interspersed members of his private security team within the Secret Service. Of course, the Secret Service boys and other “deep state” types were furious, but could do nothing about it. Any “plot” to take him out would be much more difficult as long as his security team was active.
        Trump isn’t stupid, by any means.

    • Heh, yeah, John B. RFK Jr. has about as much chance as Ron Paul- since the ones who control the media are one and the same with those who are establishing global governance- and they will allow no real dissent. No one who doesn’t obey has any chance of ever getting near any position of state much less federal high office.

      Look at DeSantis, last year, first thing he did was to declare his support for Israel (Not for liberty..his own people, his own country…) -at which point I called it that he’d be throwing his hat in the ring as signaled by his signatory act of obedience to the Cabal.

      Just as well that they ignore RFK though. In the past, he has stated that “climate change deniers” should be imprisoned! I like how some people say “Yeah, but he’s relented!” LOL -when a grown man advocates such a thing, regardless of the subject or validity, it is proof that such a person is adamently a tyrant with zero respect for the lives and liberties of others. Even some of the statements he’s made in the past with regard to vaccines, prove what I’ve long thought to be the case- that his current stance on *some vaccines* is only as a result of him having been injured by one. They only care when it happens to them.

      • Hi Nunz,

        Some of RFK Jr’s own family doesn’t even support his candidacy, which could also make things harder for him. They’re “Ridin’ with Biden”, to use a 2020 campaign slogan that Biden supporters plastered on social media

      • I agree, Nunz –

        RFK, Jr. is a liberal but – like JFK – not entirely owned by the . . . interests. He has his own money and so is his own man. And that is why he will be disposed of if it seems he has any chance of getting real traction. Just the same as his father.

        • Right on, Eric!
          Funny thing is, I don’t think *they* would have to worry about anyone like Junior or Ron Paul or anyone who is outside of the ‘mainstream thought’ with which the masses have long been indoctrinated, because as we’ve seen with RP….few even among the choir will vote for them- so I think the reason such contenders are kept from the view of the masses is simply because *they* fear that the real issues which such contenders exposit might get the public to actually thinking about things which they are otherwise happily ignorant of, and or even if a small percentage did actually vote for them it would likely skew the ballot counts which they so love to play with.

          They’d probably accept Junior though- what with his liberal views and tyrannical leanings…were it not for the fact that he admits that the CIA was behind the killing of his father and uncle. (If the Kennedys were from WV instead of MA, that could be one word “father/uncle”!). Couldn’t have that fact getting out now…could we? (Hell, considering the crimes and absurdities and sex-capades of most recent pols, the Kennedys are almost starting to look respectable by comparison!).

  20. Trump was lazy. He did the easy things.
    He didn’t even do things that should have been easy – JFK files.

    I’ll give credit on trying to be friendlier to N Korea, but cowed to the pressure of the fake Russia, Russia, Russia.

    A strong man would have cursed them for liars and went about his business.

    In the end, Trump is a salesman. That’s all he ever has been.

  21. On the farm report on the AM radio they were discussing the debt ceiling deal. They framed it out as the Republicans wanted cuts to the welfare state, which the Democrats won’t budge on, and the Republicans wanted to increase the warfare state, which the Democrats also want but the guys didn’t mention that part.

    It certainly seemed like the two wings of the same two-headed bird of prey were squabbling over which parts were the juiciest on the carcass of the country. Trump just seems like one of the feathers. Idk.

    It is difficult to see how, “Trump represents ordinary Americans who prefer peace to the neoconservatives’ wars”

    Anyway, the guys went on to talk about the climate regulations and wealth redistribution aspects of the farm bill and they surmised that farmers were all onboard the climate train so long as they got their share of the chunk of the loot.

    …Kinda sickening to listen to.

  22. Even if Trump were to somehow overcome the massive vote fraud provided he wins renomination, he is only one man with a handful of “trusted” advisors vs a vast bureaucracy, Congress and crooked courts. Also not to mention a communist loving press. If he were to win, I fear the deep state will go as far doing the same thing that they did to JFK.

    • Are you familiar with Anne Coulter? I’m guessing probably. These days, apart from her website she primarily is writing for Taki Magazine online (AFAIK). I mean, I’m not a huge fan but she’s good on a lot of issues.

      Coulter famously called the election for Trump on Bill Maher’s show to hoots of uncontrollable laughter and mockery. Of course, as we know, she was right.

      At the time, I thought she was wrong because I already did not believe that our elections are “fair” (i.e., not fraudulent). I think they have always been rigged on a simple principle: if it’s possible for humans to do, they’re gonna do it and it’s too important to leave to chance. Too much money and power on the line.

      Despite Clinton *ostensibly* being forwarded as the establishment choice, Trump won. Well, maybe things are not as they appear. Because I still believe what I did then about fraudulent elections — even more so now, i.e., they’re a complete farce/sham.

      Anyway, recently Coulter wrote an article on Taki, saying that the only way that Biden wins is if Trump runs. That people on all sides are disgusted with Biden — except for one scenario.

      I think she’s right again.

      • In 2016, Clinton and her party of radicals underestimated the turnout for Trump despite stuffing the ballot boxes. In 2020, with an evil comatose man as head of the ticket, they learned from the previous election to pull out all the stops and unleashed every form of fraud to steal the election. Since no one ever was charged , much less convicted of the scam, expect that they will double their efforts in ‘24.

      • RE: “it’s too important to leave to chance.”

        ‘Chance’ has long ago been removed from any electoral equation:

        ‘The Deep State: The Headless Fourth Branch of Government’

        “… every two years we’re told that electing “the right people” will change our fortunes and finally bring accountability and a new direction to a federal government in the midst of a crisis of legitimacy.

        The army of federal agents, officers, and administrators know better. And they’re fine with it.”

        • Thanks Helot, that’s a great article! In particular:

          “Thus, thanks to the rise of this fourth branch of government, an American is subject to laws not passed by any Congress, and subject to judicial punishments not commanded by any court of law. It’s all done “administratively” but nonetheless allows the agencies to “make and execute their own laws.””

          THAT!! That is the key issue which has resulted in (previously) unimaginable tyranny such as corona hoax, climate hoax, energy, home, vehicle regulation, you name it.

          The Republic itself has become a sham. It is no such thing. It’s not even the bullshit “our precious democracy” that the leftists bray on about.

          All because of the administrative (aka deep) state. I don’t see how that can ever be undone outside of complete collapse. Voting isn’t gonna do shit.

    • I’ve tried several times to post a comment, even emailed Eric about it a few minutes ago. The one particular comment just won’t post! I’ve even replied to Jim H above but the one that I wanted to post just doesn’t appear! No error, no nothing. Click then post button and poof!

        • In the 90’s we often used the acronym MOOF to account for such.
          Microsoft Occasional Online Fuckup.

          Not sure what todays acronym would be.
          Whatever it is, I’m almost certain it looks like Eric’s El Chupacabra. …Or, a weasel?

        • Thanks Eric! For that matter, after having read Greene on here, I know that you are not filtering anything! Or even from past Clover arguments.

          Which BTW, I really like about your style and we need more of IMO. Every time I see some person back down it just makes me nauseous. Like Paul Stanley the other day and too many to count.

          I’d rather see people be wrong and say “No way. Fuck you.” than to yield to other people’s guilt and pressure tactics!

  23. I’m thinking a great deal of the sins of government are going to be cleansed by their destruction of the US economy, which is perilously close. Inflation is eating the dollar alive already. They can print more, but to no avail, as the inflation that causes will eat the dollar even faster. The left in DC is already in a panic because they may not get to continue to borrow as much as they please as often as they please. If a thing won’t work, it will stop doing so. The US defense budget is more than twice that of China and Russia combined, yet it couldn’t deal with an errant weather balloon. And of course now they want MORE.

  24. ‘This [warp-speeding ‘vaccines’] – if true – reveals the Orange Man to be a shallow thinker and no Franco, for it shows he does not understand what he is up against.’ — eric

    Trump’s somewhat limited vocabulary shows that he is not a deep thinker. He goes with his gut, right or wrong.

    John Durham’s report detailed what Trump is up against: partisan-suborned, corrupted government agencies that attempted to destroy his presidency, and engaged in blatant election interference in both 2016 and 2020.

    Durham’s report confirms everything Trump said about being the repeated target of attempted setups and takedowns.

    We live in a post-‘rule of law’ regime illegally governed by a Fourth Branch — Intelligence — that didn’t exist until 1947. Characteristically, communist regimes feature powerful, unaccountable secret police [FBI] and intel [CIA] agencies.

    To date, no one in the traditional three branches dares to confront this utterly anomalous hijacking of government by the shadowy Fourth Branch. Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr knows that the CIA murdered his dad and his uncle, and dares to say so. Trump promised this week to release the rest of the JFK files.

    All candidates are flawed. Politics does not attract the best and the brightest. It does disproportionately appeal to the sociopathic.

    If one wants to be a single-issue voter, focus on who (if anyone) can cast the CIA to the four winds, dismantle the rogue FBI secret police, and swab out the Augean stables of Merrick Beria Garland’s bent, Bolshevik DOJ.

    • Been there, done that, in 1960. Didn’t work out so well.
      I would be surprised if every newly elected POTUS and Congressman were NOT paid a visit by the CIA, and shown the Zapruder film, without comment.

    • I tell ya, like Eric (and others, especially Tom Woods, in particular) have said about RJK Jr., there are many flaws with him, he’s no libertarian *but* who wouldn’t take him over the likes of Biden, Clinton, Newsom, et al, ad nauseum?!

      RFK Jr seems like a guy that would at least consider opposing points of view, even if he ultimately didn’t change his position, unlike the utter and complete stonewall that both parties have become. Funny thing that “stonewall” seems to work in only one direction despite “side of the aisle”, huh? (public health, Ukraine, etc, etc)

      But, like I’ve said before about elections, I do not believe they are even left to just “let the chips fall where they may.” They’ve always been affected by fraud and the last time exposing the entire thing as a complete farce.

      So, they won’t let RFK jr. win even if he does win. “Oh look, we just found a gazillion uncounted votes in a truck over here. Sorry, Biden wins again. That’s Democracy (TM).”


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