Diaper Report: 03/26/2024

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Something interesting – and revelatory – to report: The actor Forrie Smith was apparently kicked off a commercial flight recently, after he refused to sit next to a person wearing a “mask.” This is entirely understandable. What sane person wants to sit next to an obviously mentally ill person? You never know what mentally ill people will do. They are not in their right minds, after all.

So Smith wasn’t being unreasonable.

He is said to have been drunk – and that his inebriation was the real reason he was made to get off the airplane, according to some.

But that’s not what’s interesting. Or revelatory. It is the comments posted in the aftermath by people who read about the affair, as for example on Yahoo news. Here are excerpts from some of them:

“That person was protecting themselves and you whether you like it or not.”

“Let people be and mind your own business.If you want to wear a mask, then wear one. If you don’t, then don’t. That person wasn’t hurting anyone else by wearing a mask.”

“Sure he would have been happy to sit by a January 6th terrorist, however. Shows what the Guns Over People Party has become.”

Stupendous, isn’t it?

If only similar live-and-let-live courtesy had been extended during the event marketed as “the pandemic” to people such as Smith who were fine with others wearing their “mask” if they wanted to but didn’t want to play along with the idiocy themselves. No such courtesy was extended, as we all remember. In fact, the opposite. “Mask” wearing was enforced as a condition not just of service but – in many areas – of being allowed to be outdoors. This may be something that sticks a little in Smith’s craw. And the craws of millions who were berated and abused by “mask” wearers and “mask” enforcers – who were not content to “let people be and mind their own business.”

Yet now we’re expected to be gracious and just pretend it never happened. Like pretending the old creep down the road didn’t diddle the neighborhood kids.

“That person wasn’t hurting anyone else by wearing a mask.” Right.

And neither was anyone who didn’t wear the damned thing when someone else did. Assuming – as these sickness psychotics always insisted and some still do – that “masks work.” Fine. If so, then you – the “masker” – have nothing to worry about.

Of course, what they worried about was noncompliance. That the sight of people not “masking” might give others ideas. Might provide contrast to the sight of mass psychosis on display. This explains the ferocious treatment meted out to people who did not “mask.” It is the only reasonable explanation. Who, after all, gets angry at the guy who is overweight and seen eating too much (again)? We may feel sadness. Some may even feel disgust. But anger? His eating habits constitute no threat to people who aren’t fat and don’t eat too much.

That person isn’t hurting anyone else . . .


Just the same as those who didn’t wear the “mask” weren’t hurting anyone else. If the “maskers” weren’t freaks – if they were sane – they’d have sighed and let them be.

They would have minded their own business.

Now they get furious when a person who was abused by “maskers” doesn’t’ want to sit next to one.” Wants to put social distance between himself and an obviously ill person. A person who it’s reasonable to worry may lash out unpredictably at them, since – in the view of the “masker” – the person adjacent not wearing a “mask” constitutes a threat to them. And people who feel threatened are people who just might feel justified in doing something about it . . . Best to steer clear of them, as people do when they encounter a mumbling schizophrenic ambling toward them on the sidewalk.

“That person was protecting themselves and you whether you like it or not.”

The angry edge (and hostility toward facts) is as palpable today as it was three years ago.

Ditto the characterization of people who went to DC to protest what they reasonably considered to be a questionable election as “January 6th terrorists.” The statement evinces the same jihadi hysteria manifested by the “maskers.” It is not coincidental that people who were (and often still are) militant “mask” wearers are similarly militant toward anyone who doesn’t regard the DC protest as an “insurrection” and regards those who were there as “terrorists.” They feel the same about people such as Smith, who didn’t “mask” and who don’t want to have anything to do with those who still do.


How many Holocaust survivors want to sit next to a guy wearing the red armband of National Socialist (it’s always important to spell it out, so as not to obscure the socialist part) Germany? That would be universally understood – and a “Smith” who didn’t want to be seated next to one such would have been universally supported.

Instead, he is derided – by the kinds of people who never shut up about the Holocaust but pretend not to see any of the obvious equivalences and what-might-have-beens, almost-were’s and actually were’s that took place under the banner of National Sickness Psychosis.

God bless Smith for standing up to these people.

We must never forget, either.

. . .

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  1. Perhaps the only reason why you might WANT to wear a mask:

    ‘Hundreds of Palestinians have been picked out by a previously undisclosed Israeli facial recognition program that was started in Gaza late last year.

    ‘The facial recognition program, which is run by Israel’s military intelligence unit, including the cyber-intelligence division Unit 8200, relies on technology from Corsight, a private Israeli company, four intelligence officers said. It also uses Google Photos, they said. Combined, the technologies enable Israel to pick faces out of crowds and grainy drone footage.

    ‘The facial recognition program in Gaza grew as Israel expanded its military offensive there. Israeli soldiers entering Gaza were given cameras equipped with the technology. Soldiers also set up checkpoints along major roads that Palestinians were using to flee areas of heavy fighting, with cameras that scanned faces.’ — NYT


    The Israeli-infiltrated US fedgov just luvvvvvs to do business with Israeli ‘security’ companies. I would be quite surprised if Corsight and Google Photos aren’t already being deployed against us.

    Gaza provides a dark vision of our own future, when our dual-loyalty rulers finally decide to crack down in earnest.

    • Your car might want to wear a mask too:

      ‘Fort Worth council member Michael Crain echoed praise for [license plate reader] technology and its effect on public safety.

      People change their behavior once they know they’re being watched,” said Crain. The cameras are part of what he called “a comprehensive policing module” that fills in gaps where police officers can’t always be watching.’


      Welcome to the Panopticon, comrade. We saw what you did there. Are you compliant?

      • These things are popping up all around the Tulsa and surrounding areas. And nobody seems to care. We are doomed to technological slavery.

        Fitting that the camera company name is Flock Safety. That’s how they think of us. Their flock.

        • Like giant metallic weeds protruding through concrete, the 5G towers are springing up everywhere. Companies that do not exist, without indemnity insurance, manage to get them approved. Just what are we not being told?

          You can’t get insurance for 5G….that is…the providers can’t…too dangerous, harmful…


      • license plate reader….one poster suggested…everyone remove..them..plates…. all at once….then what would they do?…..lol….

  2. The best lesson I learned during this time period is not to argue with the Nazis. It’s absolutely useless. They cannot be bargained with. They cannot be reasoned with. And they absolutely will not stop, EVER until you comply. LOL Terminator.

    Seriously, I learned that wearing a mask with a FU message on it was still complying. Wearing one of those fake perforated masks was complying. Trying to convince them to change their mind about their mask requirement, useless. You can’t bargain with a thief. You always lose something in the process.

    Yes, I learned to just say “No. Now what?”

    Let them know in no uncertain terms that you are absolutely not going to give in and force them to take the next step. Make the next move theirs. I learned that most will back down, because they know, deep down, that they are fools and now they know that you know.

    It was quite a process to get to this point. At one time or another, I did all of those things. I tried to reason with them. I tried to fool them with a fake mask. I tried to ridicule them with a message on a mask. I turned end left with no fight, which was the smart thing to do, but not the right thing.

    Then, I found that a moment of steadfast courage was all it took. I said no, absolutely not. And I was willing and ready to suffer all consequences. The Nazi saw it in my eyes and backed down. This was in front of my wife and kids in a very public arena. It was glorious. I thank God it happened, because it made me stronger and my family was able to witness first hand how to handle Nazis. Because they’ll be back.

    • Saying NO is absolutely essential. I would also advise heckling and ridiculing the little tyrants as well. Make them pay a social price for their attempted tyranny. Don’t be passive with your ridicule (e.g. wearing a mask with FU). Look ’em right in the eye and say it to their faces. Demonstrate that your strength and determination far exceeds theirs.

      Be steadfast and fatigue the bastards!!!!!!

      • I always like Eric’s stories of him uttering “baaahhh” like a sheep when he passes the masked. It always cracks me up!

  3. The Nazi armband was the symbol of compliance and ones support of the National Socialist Party. The mask today is the same and the Nazis of today will defend it. They lost Round 1 (fake covid) but they will assuredly be back for Round 2. The insane never quit.

  4. That actor is a hero, but if I had been in his position, instead of requesting a different seat, I would just belittle the masker the entire flight until the maskhole finally refuses to sit next to me or takes off the mask.

    I couldn’t agree more with Eric. They wouldn’t leave us alone for not masking in 2020 and 2021, so why should we leave them alone for masking in 2024.

  5. Update from the Dialysis Center: Masks no longer required for life saving dialysis treatment! As I look around the Center I see 95% of the patients idiotically staying masked for the 4 hours of sitting in a godAwful recliner with giant needles stuck in arm. WTF!!! Why does this piss me off so much still?.. is it because my wife was dying of Kancer during the Kovid Hysteria and there were no Support Groups and I was left alone to deal with that trauma!

  6. Thought I had just teleported back to 2020 when I encountered this batshit-crazy article. But then I checked its date: TODAY.

    What the eff is wrong with these people?

    Moderna’s New Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Positive Results

    ‘Moderna announced positive results in a Phase-3 trial for an updated Covid-19 shot.

    ‘Moderna said in a news release Tuesday that the company’s “next-generation Covid-19 vaccine” has shown a higher immune response to the virus than the current version of the shot.

    ‘The new vaccine [sic] evoked a stronger immune response to both the Omicron and the original virus.’


    ‘Fool me twice, shame on … well, we won’t get fooled again.’ — Smirking Chimp

    • Of course “The Vaccine” shows positive results! (Take it, and you’ll become positive for cancer, myocarditis, blood clots…. ).

      • Hi Arthur,

        And if you file a FOIA request for information from the CDC regarding side effects from the COVID “vaccine” such as myocarditis, you can get 100+ pages of nothing but redactions.

    • Positively not a vaccine.

      HIV-positive, maybe.

      Positively useless, maybe.

      Positively dangerous, maybe.

      Dupes feel positive about taking it, seems to be true.

  7. Like I said. Never forgive nor forget. I won’t forget how I was treated nor forgive those who treated me like a bag of rotting dog food during the COVID period.

  8. Off topic, but that container ship that destroyed the Francis Scott Key Bridge might have lost electric power and was adrift. Tough luck that.

    But it’s a warning about drive by wire systems. If you blow a fuse you might be unable to steer. Aircraft have multiple redundant systems for keeping power to the avionics and control inputs. Does your electric power assist steering box have redundant power? When we start to see true drive-by-wire systems will the bean counters eliminate redundant systems to keep the price in line with a metal shaft and hydraulic actuators?

    • ‘might have lost electric power and was adrift’ — ReadyKilowatt

      Was it an electrical failure, or a software glitch?

      Got frustrated yesterday, filling out an online wire transfer form. The bank’s name, ******* Corporate FCU, was rejected as invalid, despite being typed letter-for-letter in accordance with the bank’s own wire instructions.

      The problem? Its Fedwire ‘short name’ is ******* CORP FCU. Of course, the online form didn’t say to use the ‘short name.’ Nor did the matching process ‘understand’ that CORP is an abbreviation of Corporate.

      Just goes to show how incredibly stupid an algorithm can be, choking on valid data and offering no transparency into the cause of its malfunction. And don’t get me started on Fedwire, which hasn’t changed since the days of human operators clacking out Morse code messages with a telegraph key. … — …!

        • They even dropped Morse Code requirement for FCC amateur radio license

          … .- -.. I cannot think of anything that hasn’t been dumbed down in this advanced society of ours.

          • It is funny you mention that, Ken. I just took an initial class from a guy who has his Technician license. What I found encouraging, where several parents who brought their teenagers to the class. The instructor gave me two CD’s on Morse Code afterwards, as I told him I wanted to learn. I am also studying for my Technician license, as well. I was astonished when a younger army guy told me the military does not teach Morse Code anymore. What the hell? I also memorized the military alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, etc.) and that has been quite useful on many occasions. With as crazy as things are getting, I think both may prove to be useful in some capacity.

          • CW is alive and well on the ham bands, though most operators are using computers to send and receive. A good contester will still outperform a mechanical reader but sending perfect code is best left to the machines.

            I’m wondering how long it will be before an enterprising ham builds a large language model AI for reading code.

            • Had to look up CW (Carrier Wave, for radio signal Morse code).

              My first take was C&W (Country & Western), which may well be alive on ham bands too, for all I know.

    • Some diesel electric ferries…same problem….fuse blew for electric motor or control system…..smashed into dock….millions of dollars damage…..

      An old fashioned diesel only propulsion system is far more reliable, simpler, cheaper, lower maintenance, longer life, etc…..

      An electric motor on a ferry wore out…about a $26 million bill….a diesel engine replacement is probably cheaper…..

    • Drive by wire throttle control….a connection came loose…..no control of throttle body….engine idles only….can’t drive car….if you needed acceleration to not be hit by a truck….tough luck…no throttle control…..idle only….crash……

  9. These people who demanded that others wear face diapers everywhere also advocated “vaccine passports” everywhere after the rollout of the COVID “vaccines”. The WEF types, along with the medical-industrial complex, were probably hoping for vaxx passports to be fully implemented in 2021, but thanks to people who refused to be guinea pigs for Big Pharma, along with the REAL NEWS coming out about the COVID jabs, their dreams of digital vaxx passports crashed and burned. But these sociopaths STILL push demented/ evil things like CBDCs, carbon footprint trackers, consumption of bugs and frankenfood, Net Zero, EVs for all, etc. We’re in for some more fighting against these dark forces for the next few years if we don’t want to live (and don’t want future generations to live in) a technocratic dystopia as envisioned by these psychopaths.

    • There’s been ~80 years of study of why the Germans fell for national socialism & their brutal policies. One only look to the Stanford prison experiment on steriods –the covid ‘pandemic’.

      People who were once either friendly at best and harmless at worst became gawd damned nazis. Those nazis used the monopoly of violence that the government and blm enjoys to enforce their brutality.

      If you haven’t already, check out Tucker Carlson interviewing Tulisi Gabbard.

      • Mike, the gov does NOT have a monopoly on violence. The gov is simply a criminal gang of bullies using their ability to do violence with few repercussions. Nobody has a monopoly on violence- that’s the whole point and substance of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

          • The fact the ‘founders’ thought we NEEDED the amendments should have given them a clue that government (no matter the type) will always go tyrannical.

            Then right after the ‘constitution’ was ratified good ol George decided to teach those boys not wanting to be taxed. Took the militia up to do what government does best… intimidate.

            • The monopoly is inherent in the “police power.” Try using violence in self defense against that. You can do it but I guarantee you it won’t be “legal.”

      • I think both covid and the Stanford Prison experiment provided opportunities for people with aggressive tendencies to express them without retribution. I watched a recent interview with the most notorious of the students who participated in the stanford prison experiment. He admitted to not being the nicest guy then and its pretty clear he is not a nice guy now.

        • It is funny you mention that, RS. I read several several books from Selco Begovich, who was in the Balkan Civil War in the 90’s. His books are titled SHTF Anthologies. He dispels the myths and romance that Americans have with what they think (mostly based on TV and movies) of what really happens when everything falls apart. It can be a real eye opener even for those who think they know. And this was something that Selco brought up. That when society fell apart, and people knew there would be no consequences (police too busy surviving and keeping their own families safe), they were free to act out their true selves, and what they had always longed to do to others. These “citizens” may have had to be good and civil when society was somewhat civil and in order. But once it broke down, their true nature (evil) came to the surface, because no one was going to hold them accountable for it.

  10. I try not to think about the Plandemic years too much, because it pisses me off. I do not regret how I lived through them. I don’t regret how I reared my children through this pathetic time in history either. My husband and I tried to make their days as normal as possible and refused to play along with the dictates of society. I do look back and I remember how others acted though. A few with dignity and strength, others as cowards who “went along to get along”.

    I remember the businesses that wouldn’t serve me because I refused to cover my face with some cheap Chinese made contraption that wouldn’t dissuade a gnat, yes, even outdoors.

    I remember my clients that refused to allow me to enter their business or house to pick up documents.

    I remember when January and February 2021 rolled around and those around me bragged that they were able to get their shot in the arm like it was a rite of passage and then they followed it up with shot #2, booster #3, and then booster #4.

    I remember people telling me that I was refusing to protect others because I believed in my own immune system and used herbal remedies when sick.

    I remember being called a conspiracy theorist when I made mention of NIH’s animal studies on mRNA shots or MIT’s write up after they dissected what was in the Pfizer jab.

    Unfortunately, the images have not faded and I don’t believe my anger will either.

    • Ditto that, RG!

      I am willing to forgive – once they apologize. Once they stop it with the “masking.” But not until. Not even if it means I hold onto my anger about all of this for the rest of my life. The memory of the petty (and not-so-petty) meanness of it lingers. I will never forge being treated as a subhuman pariah by these people.

      • Hi Eric,

        These people also proved to be the biggest phonies of all. They viciously attacked those who questioned government/ corporate approved narratives as “Grandma killers”, “Anti-vaxxers”, “Far-right extremist”, or “Purveyors of misinformation” while claiming to care about others. They also screeched “My body, my choice!” for years when it came to abortion, but when it came to face diapers & this experimental COVID jab, they advocated MASK MANDATES FOR ALL! & eventually MANDATORY COVID VACCINATIONS FOR ALL! Their excuse was the pregnancy wasn’t contagious but COVID is, but that argument fell flat as the “vaccine” doesn’t even prevent infection. Given that they tend to also belieeeeeeeeeeeeve the climate change bull crap, I’d hate to see what their reaction will be to people who REFUSE to give up eating meat for frankenfood or a gas vehicle for an EV.

      • You are nicer than me, Eric. I am not forgiving. These people acted like absolute maniacs. They lost all common sense. The fear that they perpetuated has harmed an entire generation. The Plandemic showed people at their worst. Personally, I hope most are mortified with the way that they acted, but I doubt it. I don’t expect much of these people when the next Fear Campaign hits. Their memory is short, their resolute and principles, even less so.

      • Forgiveness. Society defines forgiveness as “ah, gee forgetaboutit, it’s all good!” It’s not.

        Forgiveness is never forgetting. Forgiveness also doesn’t require any action on the part of the person who is being forgiven. Forgiveness is something we do ourselves to make our own lives better. During the covid “me-too freakout” I would say 95% of the people I met were shitheads to me. That includes my family. I can’t carry around that anger at them for the rest of my life. So one day I said “God, forgive them for they know not what they do.” The simple prayer of Jesus on the cross. Now my soul is at peace. The bottom line is that most humans DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO, and will never know what they do. Most of us our ignorant, and prideful. When we forgive others then God forgives us for being ignorant and prideful as well.

        When I see people still wearing bell bottoms on their faces I just simply say “forgive them God, they don’t know about oxygen.”

        • Good advice, Pug –

          I also think it’s good advice to remember just what you said – about 95 percent being shitheads. Many still are. They will be, again. I think it is important to not forget this.

      • It is also interesting that these people still become angry when they encounter someone that they recall was an antivaxxer. Even now 3 years later they still become irate! I am curious to know if they are still getting boosters.

        • Hi RS,

          It could be a case of people who are angry NOT at those who’ve been telling them lies about COVID & the mRNA “vaccines”, but at people who’ve told the TRUTH about COVID & the jabs and got it RIGHT. I thought 2020 was the strangest year of my life, but the years since then have had their own level of strange. Heck, there are people who STILL believe whatever corporate media & the government says, are on COVID jab #10, and who’ll vote for Joe Biden AGAIN despite 3 years of him being the WORST President in our lifetimes.

        • Morning, RS!

          I think they’re resentful rather than irate. It annoys them that we “got away” with not getting the “vaccine” they took.

          • Hi Eric,

            These people who took the “vaccine” were probably also the same ones who bleated “My body, my choice!” for years when it came to abortion, but got angry when people used that slogan to decline getting vaxxed. These people have unwittingly exposed themselves as being some of the biggest phonies ever when they advocated mandatory COVID jabs for all. Their excuse for COVID jab mandates was that pregnancy wasn’t contagious unlike the dreaded ‘Rona, but even that argument crumbled when it became obvious the “vaccines” neither prevented infection NOR stopped the spread.

            • Absolutely, John –

              Total hypocrites. The worst sort, too. Mean, petty – and aggressive. A person who constantly talks about how sinful it is to fornicate who is caught fornicating is indeed a hypocrite. But at least his hypocrisy is contained. He sullies himself; those who fornicate with him sully themselves. But he does not force his fornicating and hypocrisy on unwilling others.

              The Left – and that’s who we’re talking about – is of course not so much hypocritical as cynical. The Left pretends to support (or not support) something so long as it furthers Leftism. When it no longer does, then the Left no longer supports it. Or stops supporting what it had supported, as for example free speech.

              • Eric,

                Yet another example of hypocrisy from the Left is their ignoring REAL pollution or environmental damage such as the recent spill of methylene chloride from Pfizer into a river in Michigan, last year’s train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the endless wars of 20+ years from the government, children in 3rd world countries slaving away at mining for lithium, EVs, creating lab grown meat, use of glyphosate, use of private jets from elitists such as John Kerry & Bill Gates, and the removal of the Klamath dam in Northern California. They don’t say SQUAT about those issues, but they WILL say that people who drive gas vehicles, run a small farm, eat meat & real food, use a gas stove, etc., are the problem. The Establishment is likely quite happy with these people being useful idiots for their propaganda and agenda.

    • Hi RG,

      Considering that NO politician or bureaucrat who has committed a crime during the COVID nonsense has been held accountable thus far, they likely WILL try this crap again, be it for “Climate Emergency”, “Disease X”, “World War III”, or something else. Will people push back this time if and when these criminals try this crap AGAIN? Time will tell.

    • Well RG, I’m not so much angry as sad. It was a great lens through which to see truth. All the women in my family except one sister and including my wife of 30 years chose to treat me as a stubborn fool and wear the damned symbol in defiance of me. So mostly sad and looking for answers such as what to do about such a betrayal. Because it surely was such.

      • Hi Ernie,

        It was definitely a betrayal. My entire family played the mask game except the kids and I. I remember when my nephew went skydiving for his 21st birthday. The airfield would not allow my husband, our teenagers, and, myself, through because we refused to put on their cloak of virtue to watch people jump from planes OUTSIDE! We got back in our car, drove to the outside of the gate, and sat down at the picnic benches that people could pull over and watch from the highway. We had a much better spot anyway. Because, we refused to wear masks nobody would come near us so we had all three picnic benches to ourselves. 🙂

        I remember during the summer of 2020 (I think it was around June, Father’s Day weekend) the four of us drove to Harris’s Crab House in Maryland (I no longer feel the need to protect the guilty) to eat steamed crabs. Two hours, one way. I actually called ahead and the girl that answered said we would not need a mask if we ate outside. I was fine with that. Nope, when we get there they actually had people manning the deck. You had to wear a mask to walk on the outside platform to get to the picnic tables that butted against the river. I wasn’t going to do…we got back in the car and drove home. My husband proclaimed he must love me a lot to drive four hours round trip for no beer and no crabs. I have not gone back since and never will. I will be the first to admit I am a PITA, but I am principled PITA.

        • RG: You did the right thing holding your ground. You’re not a PITA at all. You demonstrated to everybody around you (most importantly your kids) what it looks like to actually be principled. That’s a pretty rare trait these days.

        • Yep. I have places like that which are on my permanent ban list. Sprouts Supermarket, Outback Steakhouse, Fiesta Supermarket are just a few places that either lied, or blocked me from entering their establishments for not wearing a mask.

          One thing that got me was seeing these asshole people who would enter a restaurant with masks on and never take it off. Or the ones that would walk through the restaurant with their mask on and then take the stupid ting off to stuff their got damned faces.

          I can’t get the sight of these douche nuggets out of my head.

          Only the fear of getting arrested prevented me from hitting these cows in the head with a chair.

          I will never forget it.

        • That is great! The stories are endless and all so wild. Walking past people outdoors who seeing your unmasked face crossed the street! You may have also experienced this wild inconsistency from your family. Not needing to wear a mask while eating. What??! They said I had to wear a mask in their house due to not wanting to get the vax, but relaxed the rule at the dinner table. After a long meal unmasked, once it ended I had to mask up right away.

    • Ditto times 2, RG. And then do not forget, several years later, those who took the jabs (especially the movie and famous singers) were blaming people like you, me, Eric, and all the other un-jabbed, because THEY got sick from the vaccine. But somehow it was OUR fault? If anything, it just reinforced in my mind that I made the best decision I could ever make. I have never regretted not taking the jab, but I know of many co-workers who took the shot, and deeply regret it now, and it is sad, because they can never un-do what they did. What helped get me through, was going through the grocery store without a mask on (being the rare one), and then seeing another, unmasked shopper. The silent nod he or she would give to me was a godsend…and let me know I was not alone in a world of lunatics. This reminds me of the short clip from Robin Williams…after his 2007 Kuwait stand-up…when the call for the flag to be lowered came near the end. He said he felt like he was the “…only sane human in a town where everyone was possessed”. How true. Here is the clip just for grins… And it was neat how Williams looped the interruption right into his monologue… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD9QAAEfQEA

    • I remember two RN telling me it was complete BS in mid 2020.
      I remember having to move to Reno for 18 months as people in this beautiful but phd infested OR town became unbearbly brainwashed.
      I remember warning polarized dumb downs to not participate in the obviously set up trap aka J6.
      I remember begging stupid ga ga people to avoid death jabs.
      I remember belly laughing at insane masked morons in 2022.

      We try to do our best. . .

      Forgive dumb animals but never forget their ignorance.

  11. “His eating habits constitute no threat to people who aren’t fat and don’t eat too much.”

    Ahhh…but “his eating habits” DO harm others. Obesity has major consequences as to Cost To Society and access to the Health Care [sic] System. Obesity forces too many limited medical resources to be allocated to this self-inflicted disease.

    Not only that, think of all the unnecessary farming that must be done to feed these pigs. If people didn’t eat so much we could reduce humanity’s impact on Earth Mother Gaia via the food production sector. Think of all the farting cows that could be eliminated if Ollie Overweight didn’t eat so much.

    It’s high time we put a stop to all this over eating. If we don’t we will destroy the planet and not have enough hospital space for Vegans when they fall off their pedestal of superiority.


    • I don’t think any farming is required to feed them. If they ate actual food, instead of ultra processed poison, they wouldn’t be so fat.

    • [Ahhh…but “his eating habits” DO harm others. Obesity has major consequences as to Cost To Society…]

      That was what they used to eliminate smoking and then went on from there. Americans are so worried about the cost of medical but have little concern about their military running around the planet prosecuting wars or providing the materials to others to war. soon this same entity manned by millions of illegals may be used to attack American citizens that disagree with the commie/fascist crap.


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