Diaper Report: 12/04/2023

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Seinfeld used to say, who are these people? How about what’s wrong with these people?

People such as Mandy Cohen – chosen by the Biden Thing to replace Rochelle Walensky as what Hermann Goring styled Der Reichsspritzenmeister (he was referring to Hitler’s chief quack, Theo Morrell, who was notorious for injecting the Fuhrer with a variety of drugs that were neither safe nor effective).

But at least Morrell only injected Hitler – who was willing.

Cohen (like her predecessor) wants to inject everyone and with drugs she has got to know are similar to the ones concocted by Hitler’s  Reichsspritzenmeister. A CNN article quotes Cohen as saying it “remains important for Americans to get vaccinated, since there are now vaccines against all three of these respiratory illnesses.”

She refers here to “COVID,” the flu (the latter probably being the same thing as the former) and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

And the new drugs are just as effective as the ones that preceded them.

This time, however, an encouragingly large cohort of Americans no longer trust “the science,” having been duped into participating in an experiment that didn’t turn out so well. No doubt they are leery about the safe part, too.

So it’s not surprising that the new Reichsspritzenmeister is doing her best to amp up the hysteria necessary to return things to the new abnormal. “Should a person get sick, it’s also critical to be tested,” CNN quotes her as saying. You can almost hear it, can’t you?

The cases! The cases!

Yes, indeed. It is “critical” to “be tested” when you get the sniffles because you never know. And of course, neither do the tests – which are are infamously inaccurate in that just about every “case” is positive.

Cohen is also counting bodies – “1,000 ever week,” she says (with a gleam in her eye, per Don Henley’s classic hit, Dirty Laundry) and “15,000 hospitalizations,” too! “Covid is still the respiratory virus that is putting the most number of folks in the hospital and taking their lives,” she says. 

She does not say how many of these “folks” (interesting etymological pandering to what people such as the Reichsspritzenmeister no doubt consider to be rubes) are elderly and in the hospital because they’re old. Or because they’re sick – with something else – and died with rather than of “COVID.” As an 87-year-old man who died of old age died with prostate cancer. The latter didn’t kill him.

Time did.

But the Reichsspritzenmeister won’t acknowledge such facts because they’d make her audience less afraid and so less likely to be wanting the drugs she’s being paid to push. Very much of a piece with the war that Nimarata Haley is being paid to push on behalf of Boeing, et al.

But her pushing isn’t working. The latest “vaccines” prescribed by the Reichsspritzenmeister are languishing in their vials. CNN says “only about 16 percent of adults and 6 percent of children have gotten the new COVID 9 vaccine, rates that the CDC has said are lower than it would like to see.” 

Most Americans aren’t taking the drugs being pushed on them this time.

But it’s not because (as one article asserts) they no longer fear “COVID,” although that is entirely rational since “COVID” was never more than a minor threat to something on the order of 99.8 percent of the otherwise healthy and not elderly population. Rather, they are rationally skeptical of the motives of people such as the Reichsspritzenmeister who have established that they are deliberately dishonest and thus malicious. People who continue to lie to people about something that they know isn’t safe or effective being just exactly that.

Even the Orange Man has (finally) walked back some of his prior enthusiasm for the drugs that didn’t “save millions of lives”  – but probably for political reasons as his base encompasses the Control Group that refused to take the drugs the first time around and for that reason remains healthy as well as even more skeptical of the drugs being pushed by the Reichsspritzenmeister.

But they’re not done yet.

Just in time for the next selection, a new Mystery Bug has appeared on the scene. They are calling it White Lung Syndrome and it’s beginning to feel a lot like late 2019 again. There’s a “wave” in China, they say. And a “spike” in Europe.

Already, there are cases here, too.

Interestingly, many of the latter appear to be kids this time – the ones who were least likely to experience anything more serious than the sniffles if they caught “COVID” but who were nevertheless the age group that was most “masked” because they had the least choice. Almost every school forced them to wear a “mask” and that may be precisely why they are now coming down with this new mystery bug, which may have been festering in their lungs on account of their not being able to exhale without a barrier that kept the bug in their lungs.

No one can say for sure about that, yet. But what’s absolutely for sure is that people such as the Reichsspritzenmeister haven’t given up pushing the drugs they’re paid to push and from that point-of-view, the more sickness, the merrier.

Especially when it’s a selection year.

. . .

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  1. I did not know there’s even such a thing as a, “duck-billed singer’s mask”. Super creepy looking.

    …”Anyway, before the second rehearsal (last Sunday) the producer sent out an email saying that many people were down with the flu and would not be attending. Then she added that the rest of us, who aren’t sick, should wear a duck-billed singer’s mask, as it was the “least we could do for each other.”

    I thought she was joking.

    Of the 30 or so people who attended the rehearsal, about 25 took her seriously.” …


    • Hi Helot,

      Excellent article; it sums it all up powerfully. I doubt the people who kicked me out of the coffee shop will ever apologize for doing that. And I will never forgive them for it, either.

      • Eric, you should confront them about it now. I’d be very curious to know what their reaction would be, especially the owner. Do they apologize? Do they make excuses?

        Not confronting them seems wrong. Don’t let them off the hook.

        • Hi Philo,

          Why confront them? What good will come of it? He was a customer. They didn’t treat him well. He is now not a customer.

          I took the opposite approach then Donkey Coffee, but if one of my clients confronted me about me about my business and me not obliging by “government protocol” and they left, that is their choice. Would I have changed anything I did? No. The coffee shop wouldn’t have changed the way they reacted either.

          If enough people did what Eric chose to do and stop frequenting the business then they would feel it in their revenue. They may (or may not) make a change.

          Sometimes, one has make a stand, but we do not always need to get in the face of others that do not share our views. There is enough anger in the world. Let the past stay in the past. Going in there three years later just makes one look crazy.

          • “The coffee shop wouldn’t have changed the way they reacted either.”

            You can’t know that for certain. They may apologize and gain Eric back as a customer. Eric may gain re-entry into his favorite coffee spot.

            There are a lot of potential positives to be gained.

    • The truth was out there and proclaimed for anyone who was willing to listen or do only a little bit of due diligence. The masses ignored it or denied it. They wanted us canceled or dead for not swimming with their stream. They WILL march to that tune again once it is played. For this reason I. Will. Not. Forgive.

    • My rage for all of those that pushed any aspect of “the pandemic” and even the weak-minded that just went along to get along, remains. I don’t allow it to negatively affect my daily personal mindset, but I will never forgive and I will never forget. When anybody tries to justify or whitewash any of it, I immediately challenge them (viciously if necessary). I will not permit any of it in my presence. I do not give a shit.

      “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.” -Marcus Aurelius

  2. I think, the face diaper wearing has bumped up ~ 1-2% here in Red State rural Eastern Iowa small towns.
    As a sample, I went to two small towns, one with just two gas stations. In that one, there was this 50+ woman I’ve seen clerking at a cool Full Service gas station for the last 3 yrs. I never saw her wear a face diaper,… today, she had one on, and what struck me was how tight it was against her skin.

    What a contrast it was to the Christmas music blaring over the loudspeakers. …Like a white sheet over a corpse?

    I was so … disappointed to see it,… I said nothing.
    I couldn’t look her in the eye. Nor, she, me.
    The exchange at the cash register was so,… lifeless.
    Where, before, it was not.

    On to the next bigger town, one with four or five gas stations. I stopped into a Casey’s gas station, just too see,… what a sigh of relief, not a face diaper wearing idiot in the place, or on the lot, … I almost wanted to hug the young chubby girls working the cash register. …Almost.

    Onward, to the farm supply store,… an old frail man walked out as I walked in, his eyes downcast, never meeting mine, his face diaper was tight against his skin. …Then, another,… then an old woman ahead of me going inside, doing the same. She kept appearing in my line of sight throughout the store, like a ghost, or something. It hadn’t been like this, here. Not in a long long time.

    They all had their face diapers tight against their skin, like I’ve never seen before,… or, noticed, anyway. …None of them making eye contact.

    Once inside the farm supply store, it was nice to see the employees/checkers not wearing the fear badge. Oh, so nice.

    A younger bearded guy was ahead of me in line, he had a Red Ryder BB gun box on the counter & a package of BB’s. I couldn’t help but say something nice, I forgot what exactly. He replied, “He’s been asking for it for a real long time” etc… “The real, Americana”, I thought.

    Onward, to the other farm supply store. The guys working the back desk, the one with the rental tools, with dirt on them, etc… they all looked & acted human.
    I worked my way towards the front of the store to the checkout lane. There were only two lanes in this store. On the left was a 50+ woman sitting down, trying to read the local newspaper, stern of face, numbered with experience from working that lane, … what was that we used to call her face,.. bare? …I can’t recall.

    I glanced over to the lane on the right, the one the older woman was, it was like she was elbowing me to go that way, like she knew I wouldn’t want to, likely how others before me didn’t either,…it was like she barked at me, “Next Lane!”… and, there it was: a young female trainee,… with a solid black face diaper held tightly against her skin. (Why were they all like that today, like there was a suction between their skin & The Mask? Anti-Human?) … I tried to veer back to the left, but the old woman cock-blocked me, or something, and again said, “Next lane” while motioning to the young woman who looked like she’d been bitten by Count Dracula.

    As I approached this twenty-something thin young pale & sickly looking female, I felt this disgust well up inside me, but more-so, a sense of … pity? I’m not sure what.

    Who made this young woman – be, this female – afraid of life & of other human beings? What Monsters did this to her?

    She, alone. At twenty-somthing years old, was not, imho, entirely responsible for her condition. Her, state of mind. Her, state of fear.

    …I couldn’t say much of anything.
    …Nor, could she. Not even, a simple, “Thank You” … just, “Here” as she handed me my change.

    …Sheets been on my mind since.
    …I can’t change the world.
    …The bastards that have. …May they rot in Hell.

    [Pg. 2?]

    • Hi Helot,

      It’s particularly vicious as regards little kids. They were taught fear – of the world, of other people, of invisible bugs – by their own parents. The schools being accessories to this. A whole generation has likely been psychologically damaged, with the effect to be felt for the next 100 years or more.

  3. How about WHO do they think they are? It’s hard to surpass the insanity of so called “sovereign countries” abiding by some self-appointed world “health” organization. Just goes to show “globalism” prevails.

  4. I wonder if kids (and most of us adults for that matter) are getting sick because they spent a lot of the last few years not getting exposed to enough germs to keep their immune system functioning properly.

    There seems to be a point where avoiding all germs is unhealthy. It’s like preparing for a marathon by sitting on the couch.

    And yeah, the Orange Man needs to go. But I’ll hold my nose if he’s nominated.

    At this point, nothing surprises me.

  5. More FDA criminality:

    ‘A recent preprint paper by Speicher et al analysed batches of the monovalent and bivalent mRNA vaccines in Canada. The authors found “the presence of billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose in these vaccines. Using fluorometry all vaccines exceed the guidelines for residual DNA set by FDA and WHO of 10 nanograms/dose.”

    ‘Speicher et al also reported finding fragments of DNA larger than 200 base pairs which also exceeds FDA guidelines.

    ‘The FDA insists that it “stands behind its findings of quality, safety, and efficacy for the mRNA vaccines.”

    “While concerns have been raised previously as theoretical issues, available scientific evidence supports the conclusion that the minute amounts of residual DNA do not cause cancer, or changes to a person’s genetic code,” added the FDA.

    ‘The FDA would not provide the “available scientific evidence” to support its claim.’


    Two words, FDA: Nuremberg trials. Your poisonous covid shots killed 675,000 Americans, and ten million worldwide. That’s a crime against humanity.

  6. Every single person on this earth needs to become an apostate, commit apostasy.

    It’s the only hope. You need to be Obi Wan Kenobi. You can do it!

    Jews? Go all apostate!

    Muslims? Apostasy is your best chance for survival.

    Communists? There is no apostasy, do it anyways.

    Leftists? Apostasy is an opportunity to solve problems, the solution.

    Christians? The original Apostles!

    Thank you Jesus.

    Satan is right where he belongs.

    Time to heal, the only choice.

    God, if there is a God, does not want to kill you. Wants you to stay alive, doesn’t hope that you do die.

    Noah was 950 years old when he finally croaked. Can’t live forever. Kissinger found out a hard fact of life. Nothing lasts forever.

    Happens to everybody. Even to the godless Jews, the animals that they are and have become.

    Hate their sins, not them. The Jews can stop anytime, now is the time.

    Hamas are dupes, obviously.

    • Kissinger’s long life can be attributed to the “adrenochrome treatments” the he and many other jewish “movers and shakers” still take advantage of.
      For those who are unaware, adrenochrome harvesting procedures take blood from gentile children under extreme duress induced by torture and inject it into lecherous old individuals, primarily jews who use it as a life-extending “treatment”. The extreme torture aspect is needed to raise adrenaline levels in the blood before it is removed from the child.
      This vile procedure is actually a good description of the “blood sacrifices” that have been practiced by jews throughout history. Before the advent of modern science, gentile child victims of these horrendous procedures usually died from the procedure. Today’s blood transfusion techniques make it possible for these child victims to live and eventually outgrow the need for their blood once they reach puberty. They are then used as sex slaves and worse, organ transplant “donors”. Israel has a thriving illegal “organ transplant trade” from past adrenochrome child victims to Palestinians that the IDF maims and murders. It is well-known in Palestinian circles that when Palestinian bodies are returned to their relatives, there are suture marks where organs have been removed.
      Jewish “blood sacrifice” is real and is being practiced to this very day…

      • From a National Institute of Health abstract:
        “The effects of adrenochrome and epinephrine were investigated in cultured human umbilical arterial endothelial cells. The cells were exposed to either adrenochrome or epinephrine at levels of 50 and 200 microM, respectively, up to 24 hrs. At 3, 5, 7 and 24 hrs of the designed harvesting time …”
        Boldface by me. Are these the length of the torture sessions?
        From a Texas Medical Center article:
        “FDA Commissioner (((Scott Gottlieb, M.D.))), spoke out last month about establishments that claim to use the liquid form for blood from young donors to treat a variety of age-related conditions, including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and post-traumatic stress disorder.”
        From the BBC:
        “Because the super-wealthy are now pumping themselves with the blood of young people in an attempt to prevent themselves from ageing. Over 100 people have participated in a clinical trial at a San Francisco start-up offering blood transfusions for older patients. Each procedure costs $8,000 (£6,200) and sees the patient injected with two and a half litres of plasma – the liquid element of blood that remains after other cells have been removed – taken from young people. The procedure is being offered as an experimental attempt at rejuvenating the elderly. The median age of the patients is 60 years. (((Jesse Karmazin))), 32, a Stanford-trained scientist who founded the US clinic, told The Sunday Times that the initial results from his patients had been encouraging.
        And yet countless other articles suggest that this is a “Qanon conspiracy theory.” Sounds real to me.

    • HM,
      Heaven Forbid!!!

      I thought it was -(covid /sars 2.0/%*# bad guy stolen election variant) !! Thanks for Clarifying!….

      Heck I could have had an antiquated vax just polluting my blood/brain barrier for early selection year hysteria AND NOT BEING safe or effective.

      Folks, can you actually believe these jerk-offs are going to pull this crap AGAIN!


      • Deplorable Filth!

        How dare you question USA health officials!…May you starve to death in a safe space…Ahole..(i.e. homo sapien anatomical gastro intestinal exit point)….

        For the record .. I will now reject your Toxic Male micro aggression…

        And order my triple bacon cheeseburger with bigger fries…and Of Course!…

        Diet soda.


  7. Holiday cheer:

    “We are out of money — and nearly out of time,” wrote the Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young to Congressional leaders in a letter made public Monday. There are a mere few weeks left before the US must stop giving money to Ukraine. Young warned that the sudden end to aid will “kneecap” Ukraine on the battlefield.

    ‘President Biden has been seeking a whopping $106 billion aid package chiefly for Ukraine and Israel. But budget director Young says the proverbial writing is on the wall amid GOP resistance.’ — FT, via ZH

    Neither Ukraine nor Israel deserves a penny of US aid for their useless wars. We can shut these leeches down and hang them out to dry.

  8. “Very much of a piece with the war that Nimarata Haley is being paid to push on behalf of Boeing, et al.”

    Is Nimrata really pushing a war on behalf of “Boeing, et al?” (After all, Boeing makes far more civilian passenger planes than they do military planes).

    Or is she being paid by AIPAC and the ADL to pus a war on behalf of BIBI, et al?

    Who, exactly, is being mentioned in this article? Mandy COHEN? Rochelle WALENSKY?

    I agree, they SHOULD be compared to Nazis, because they are a clique of self-serving control freaks just like the Nazis.

    Nazis wanted Germany to be an Aryan ethnostate; Zionists want Israel to be a Jewish ethnostate.

    Nazis wanted “living space” in Eastern Europe; Jews want “living space” in the West Bank and Golan (and now Gaza, that is the plan).

    Nazis thought they were the “master race”; Jews think they are “God’s Chosen People.”

    Nazis killed women and children and flattened civilian homes; the IDF kills women and children and flattens civilian homes.

    Nazis put Jews into ghettoes and camps; Gaza and the West Bank are basically Arab ghettoes and camps.

    The Gestapo ruthlessly killed enemies of the state; the Mossad ruthlessly kills enemies of the state.

    The main difference is that the U.S. taxpayer paid to defeat one group, and is paying to support the other.

    • The Jews that was Gods chosen (Abrahamic) are long gone. This new bunch are Kahzarian and picked up the religion so the Muslims and Christians would leave them alone. However they found the religion was to their liking as it interpretated Caucasians and other races as inferior useful idiots.

      The Philadelphia furniture sales man Benzion Milekowski now known as Benjamin Netanyahu is a perfect example of how the Kahzars work. Most are simply con men. And apparently they are very good at it as they have the entire world bowing to them.

      • How do you know this?: “The Jews that was Gods chosen (Abrahamic) are long gone.”

        Where’s your proof?

        …You guys & your relentless Jew bashing, you’re 10-times worse than Anon & his Sovereign Admiralty Law sheet. …It’s Very tiresome.

    • Nikki Nimrata Haley received $1,000,000.00 from the jews to prop up her family’s (failing) business in exchange for support of the slaughter of Palestinians.
      Two Michigan congressional aspirants were offered $20,000,000.00 EACH by jewish interests (ADL, etc.) to run against Rashida Tlaib, Michigan’s present-day congressperson.
      They both refused the shekels, so far…

  9. When asked if she had any regrets, if I recall, from the ZH article she said something along the lines of, ‘I feel like we did this in a very inclusive manner.’

    No one cares about your feelings you stupid broad. No apologies, no remorse, not even the slightest bit of contrition. This Skanky bitch thinks all is OK and should be forgiven. Covid was handled in a manner that would make the PC gods proud, and that, is ALL that matters.

    Where is the loyal opposition from the weakling Rs? How did they even let an incompetent hack like this get approved to such a position?

    When we were kids things were so much different. This sociopath, even with special person status attached to her name would have been lucky to keep a job as a school librarian or nurse.

  10. Keep in mind that the congresscritters exempted themselves and their minions from the requirement to take the “clot shot”.
    Those who got “jabbed” in public got saline and not “the real deal”…

  11. Eric wrote: “Even the Orange Man has (finally) walked back some of his prior enthusiasm for the drugs that didn’t “save millions of lives” – but probably for political reasons as his base encompasses the Control Group that refused to take the drugs the first time around…”

    Until Trump repents for his statements regarding injection safety and efficacy, and stops spreading the lies that he’s saved millions of lives with his jabs, he does not get any of my support. He’s delusional and refuses to admit he was wrong. Looks like I’ll be sitting out the next election. Strangely, so many of those who wouldn’t take the poison still support him. Stockholm Syndrome?

      • Trump is a money grubbing grifter cunt i cannot stand the sight of the prick. We will not be voting our way out of this mess. Head faggot here in commie Kanada says no one is entitled to defend themselves just call the AGE s. As fucking if.

    • Pretty much. I’m not hanging out this election season. I’m holding my nose and voting for the asshole. I don’t like him, but I despise the constant fucking the Biden Administration is giving us.

      • If the 2020 outcome was determined by fraud, why should we expect 2024 to produce any other outcome? And even if the rotten tangerine somehow pulls it off, what should we anticipate changing, other than a psychological feeling that at least it’s not Biden’s wimpledick up our ass? Trump fostered and enabled every Covid tyranny in 2020, and set the stage for every one that followed in 2021 and beyond. No repentance, just loud platitudes.

      • “I’m holding my nose and voting for the asshole.”

        They won’t allow him to win. In fact it’s a safe bet that there will be a number of states where they won’t even allow him to be on the ballot because of the bogus “indictments” he is facing and the bogus “convictions” they will surely get prior to the election.

        The fix was in back in 2016.

      • Don’t forget, bipartisan is really just a euphemism for ‘double penetration’ and both parties are 100% guilty of it.

        Voting just gives grown adults the perception of control, no different that a toy steering wheel a child plays with as his parents drive down the road.

        If I don’t have a right to tell you have to live and what to do with your property, and you don’t have a right to tell me how to live and what I can do with my property, then neither does some 3rd party govern-ment worker running around in a custom LARPing.

        Until people fully comprehend and agree with the above statement, they’re going to be screwing us forever. STOP VOTING and giving these criminals any semblance of legitimacy.

      • Hi swamp,

        I can’t take Trump seriously. The guy isn’t even willing to debate. The RNC continues to be a joke. Why are they holding these debates? To audition for Veep or to brag they are in second place? We have two old men (Trump and Biden) who refuse to discuss their records or any new ideas. The rest of this is for show. We pretend we are Constitutional Republic, but the choices have already been made for us.

        The outcome is already known, we are just foolish enough to believe we have a say in it.

        • I agree, RG –

          It’s become an obvious clown show now. Yet I know a number of people who are basking in the Orange Glow. One believes in something called “devolution.” It is this idiot-insane idea that Trump is still the real president – or in control of the military – and the past three years have been an elaborate chess game designed to “get the enemy to reveal their true colors.” When I hear this stuff, I reach for the Captain Morgan…

        • The worldwide control group’s political arm is the freemasons….trump and brandon are both freemasons…two choices…same gang…lol….

  12. ‘Very much of a piece with the war that Nimarata Haley is being paid to push on behalf of Boeing, et al.’ — eric

    Veteran journo Chris Hedges spells out precisely what Nimirata Haley stands for, since the Lügenpresse will not:

    ‘Nothing is off limits. Hospitals. Mosques. Churches. Homes. Apartment blocks. Refugee camps. Schools. Universities. Media offices. Banks. Sewer systems. Telecommunications infrastructure. Water treatment plants. Libraries. Wheat mills. Bakeries. Markets. Entire neighborhoods.

    ‘Israel’s intent is to destroy Gaza’s infrastructure and daily kill or wound hundreds of Palestinians. Gaza is to become a wasteland, a dead zone that will be incapable of sustaining life.’


  13. The pit bull-like determination to keep disease-obsessed hypochondria front and center in everyone’s minds couldn’t be more obvious. It seems they have no ability whatsoever to know when their tactics are no longer working. With the exception of the rarest of the rare (the forever-mask freaks), they are now almost entirely ignored by the public masses. Normally, someone so determined to manipulate people would just quietly stop, but not these people.

    At the same time, they are now unleashing a new disease so that the masks, which they kept smoldering under the surface, can be rationalized back into the mainstream, particularly for kids, because turning them into mask wearers early will keep them that way for life. It thrills the powers to no end to see us de-faced. De-facing property is a crime, but de-facing humans is celebrated.

    The needles, that’s another matter. That is straight-up murder and they figure the easy ones will just take themselves out, while the others will hopefully degrade and humiliate themselves through masks.

    I said in the beginning they would never let go of this, because it was done with a plan and a purpose. It’s clear I knew what I was talking about (despite being laughed at by many). The trigger words (COVID, variant, superspreader, denier, etc.), which are part of the new vernacular, were designed to create a new line of thinking toward disease – a form of worship and homage.

    • I saw a man an woman in the grocery store yesterday. It looked like an 80 year old mother with her 55 year old son. Both had masks, full plastic face shields and rubber gloves. They were trying to get some assistance from employees, but nobody could understand what they were saying because their voices were so muffled. They just wandered around the store like zombies. No doubt there’s some mental illness running through that family.

  14. RE: “But they’re not done yet.”

    Interestingly enough, there’s this clue:

    …”As stated directly in DeSantis “no vax” bill, the government of Florida can now issue an order for an individual:

    “… to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.””…


    • Hi helot,

      I have found Natural News (and Mike Adams) to be full of shit (pardon my French).

      The wording that is being quoted from above (and that is not even correct) is from an EO that DeSantis signed on 3/23/2020 (EO 20-80).

      The “no vax” Florida bill actually fines employers for establishing vaccine mandates and not allowing exemptions to be made.


      I did not agree with EO 20-80 and EO 20-51, but realize that governors (and most of the public) were zombies back then. Even Kristi Noem in SD (who had the most lenient of lockdowns) still ignored personal freedom in the name of “safety”.

      Neither of these Florida EO’s are in effect and Natural News need to stop pushing fear onto the public.

    • With DeSantis it gets much much worse.
      While in israel, DeSantis signed bills that criminalize ANY criticism of israel, defining such criticism as “hate crimes” and “anti-semitism” which will be enforced by the newly expanded “hate crime” legislation that he signed into law while in israel.
      Vulnerable school children are required to attend services at “holocaustianity temples”, presently known as “holocaust™ museums”. Such attendance (brainwashing) is mandatory and is codified into Florida state law. Where is the “separation of church and state” crowd on this?
      Let’s not forget that in order to do business with or procure a contract with the state of Florida (and in 35 other states), one must sign a statement disavowing support for any BDS movement against israel.
      DeSantis may have done good during the covid plandemic, but his kowtowing to and slavish support of israel is problematic and borders on treason.
      Signing bills into law while in a foreign country shows who the real “boss” is. Hint: It ain’t DeSantis.

      • The first “victim” of DeSantis “hate crime” law is a Floridian who was given 30 days in jail for “littering”. He was passing out flyers which supported the Palestinian cause and criticized the genocide that is taking place.
        30 days in jail for exercising one’s First Amendment rights??

            • This is abominable, Anarchyst –

              Not the views of the man – though they are also that. But the illegalizing of his right to hold them and to say/write and distribute them. It is abominable because once the principle is established, it will be expanded. Today, the neo-Nazi jerk. Tomorrow, the person defending liberty against tyranny – which is just what’s on the line here.

              Moreover: If people are worried about “hate” speech then the worst thing they could do would be to suppress it as it only makes the “hate” speech seem more credible.

            • He was convicted for “littering” and sentenced to 30 days in jail. He has filed an appeal asserting that the application of this law to his flyers violates the 1st Amendment. Here’s the statute:

              (4) DUMPING LITTER PROHIBITED.—Unless otherwise authorized by law or permit, it is unlawful for any person to dump litter in any manner or amount in or on any of the following areas:
              (a) Any public highway, road, street, alley, or thoroughfare, including any portion of the right-of-way thereof, or any other public lands, except in containers or areas lawfully provided therefor. When any litter is thrown or discarded from a motor vehicle, the operator or owner of the motor vehicle, or both, are in violation of this section.
              (b) Any freshwater lake, river, canal, or stream or tidal or coastal water of the state, including canals. When any litter is thrown or discarded from a boat, the operator or owner of the boat, or both, are in violation of this section.
              (c) Any water control district property or canal right-of-way, unless the district board of directors or the district manager or his or her designee has given prior consent. When any litter is thrown or discarded from a boat, the operator or owner of the boat, or both, are in violation of this section.
              (d) Any private property, unless the owner has given prior consent and unless the dumping of such litter by such person will not cause a public nuisance or otherwise be in violation of any other state or local law, rule, or regulation.

              • Both of these incidents occurred back in early March of 2023 (with charges being filed in early April). DeSantis did not sign that bill in Israel until April 27th. The law appears to have taken effect on May 1, 2023. Because it’s a criminal law it can’t apply retroactively (ex post facto).

                Of course, we know why the pamphleteer was charged with and convicted of “littering,” because they did not like the content of his pamphlets. There’s no question that this is a thinly-veiled punishment for his non-approved political speech, which is in violation of the 1st Amendment.

                Here’s the police affidavit:

                On Saturday, March 11, 2023, the crime of littering occurred at 315 City of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida. 35th St and in the Beginning at 1522 hours, West Palm Beach Police dispatch received more than 15 calls of a suspicious U-Haul pick-up truck discarding antisemitic, propaganda, and/or gun control papers in baggies weighed by “rat poisoning” or “rabbit food”. The U-Haul with attached Arizona license plate AL85003 was occupied by four white males. One caller reported
                baggies were scattered down the entire street. Another caller believed her home was targeted because it was a church before her home. Another caller reported she walked four blocks and collected 52 plastic bags which were believed to contain poison. Dispatch continued to update the officers on the whereabouts of the U-Haul as provided
                by callers. A resident provided officers with three short cellphone videos recorded while driving
                behind the U-Haul and landline with a 911 operator. The videos captured four men in the bed of the U-Haul casually throwing the baggies towards homes. Some of the weighed baggies containing papers were observed landing on the street. The resident advised he followed the U-Haul for approximately 15 minutes. Uniformed officers driving unmarked vehicles located and surveilled the U-Haul. Officers
                witnessed all four males in the bed of the truck throwing baggies weighed by pellets containing miscellaneous papers into private yards, the public sidewalks, and streets as the driver drove in no specific pattern, between the 400 and 500 blocks of 27th St and 36th Street. Officers maintained continual surveillance of the U-Haul as it travelled
                southbound and came to rest at the Wells Fargo parking lot at 303 Banyan Boulevard. Officers then witnessed the driver of the U-Haul and one occupant commit pedestrian violations and were cited accordingly. Subsequently, all five U-Haul occupants were detained and cited for littering as they were observed acting in concert, littering
                and/or operating the U-Haul truck from which they were littering from. The U-Haul driver was identified as David Kim (pedestrian and littering citation), the occupants were identified as Nicholas Bysheim (pedestrian and littering citation), Jon Minadeo II (littering citation), Jeffrey Kidder (littering citation), and Brian Hulliger (littering
                citation). Officers did not observe baggies containing pellets and paper in plain view in the
                U-Haul while parked at 303 Banyan Boulevard. It was later learned that a vehicle registered to Kim was booted for parking in the closed bank parking lot by a private booting company. Thus, it is believed that the occupants littered all the baggies before returning to Kim’s vehicle. During a two day investigation, officers obtained 22 sworn statements from private residents who advised they did not give permission for anyone to litter on their private property. Residents advised that the baggies containing the papers and pellets were unwanted and caused a nuisance to the neighborhood. Officers and residents collected over 275 baggies from private property, the sidewalks and streets which weighed (including evidence packaging) 27.0 pounds. Based on the aforementioned facts to include the multiple dispatch calls for service, sworn witness statements and officer observations coupled with the total weight of the littered bags exceeding 15 pounds, probable cause exists to charge Jon Minadeo II with
                Littering, FSS 403.413 (4) (a) and 403.413 (4) (c) punishable by the criminal charge E 403.413 (6) (b). Due to an unintentional officer error, the littering citations were returned to the * police station from the Clerk of Court. Due to the probable cause developed above,
                e littering citations will not be re-issued.

  15. I saw a commercial on TV the other day for a new RSV vaccine from Pfizer for pregnant women. Shockingly (sarcasm), it was approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC for pregnant women, though these corrupt regulatory agencies likely prefer using the woke term “Pregnant people”.

  16. The diapers, needles, QR codes, hatred, and discrimination are still smoldering. They aren’t gone and need only the right nudge to come back in full force. Remember that.

    • BAC,

      Absolutely Correct!! Cell phones and the social messaging garbage has rendered the average..idiotic fist pumping
      “USA, USA, Exceptionalism” citizen’s memory to about 20 minutes!
      UH OH…cue lights, camera….propagandists …….


      Krap, and I have to go back to the New England Stupidity region to see family..

      I thought Ivy League Colleges were Smart??

  17. Murder by Death has a Christmas album worth the listen.

    Forget about Covid and RSV, always been around, will never be gone.

    It’s December, it’s Christmas the entire month.

    I don’t care if it might be all just a tall tale, Christmas gives hope.

    Hope is a gift worth giving.

  18. RE: “Cohen (like her predecessor) wants to inject everyone”

    I only read a small blurb about the Mandy Cohen hearing. I didn’t exactly make the connection at the time – the significance – when the politician told her she should’ve been a saleswoman, and she smiled in response. …The, “Deceiver’s Smirk” perhaps?

    ‘New Self-Amplifying Vaccines Present Crazy Unpredictable Dangers’

    …”The next generation of RNA-based injections will contain self-amplifying RNA (saRNA).

    If the term “self-amplifying RNA” sounds frightening, it should.”…


    I was reflecting how many people said those who masked up & got The Shot were hypnotized. Makes me wonder: are we at that point where the hypnotist snaps his fingers after saying, “and you won’t remember Any of this. 3… 2… 1.”

    Or, sum such?

    • Hi Helot,

      Remember when we had politicians, media figures, and public health bureaucrats claiming that the COVID “vaccines” stopped transmission of the virus until it became too obvious that was a LIE? Last year, there was a Pfizer executive at a hearing in Europe who ADMITTED that they never tested their vaccines to see if it stopped transmission, claiming they had to “Move at the speed of science”. What lies do you think might be concocted about these self amplifying RNA shots?

    • Frightening indeed. Even with today’s vakseens, we are all vaccinated. It’s just a matter of degree. I see it as follows:

      First Degree Vaccinated: You were injected

      Second Degree Vaccinated: You had intimate contact with a first degree vaccinated person

      Third Degree Vaccinated: You had casual contact with a first or second degree vaccinated person, such as being in a meeting room with such people. Virtually no one can say they haven’t been in such encounters.

      These were designed to shed/spread. No one has been spared. If you think you have been, you’re fooling yourself.

      Now for the next gen, you will have even less chance of escaping it.

      • We’re all fucked in the end.

        I think it matters most what you allow others to do to you. In a material sense, as well as a moral/philosophical/religious sense.

        My gf doesn’t agree with me on the vaxxes (maybe she will in time). But she respects my position. That’s really all I can ask for, and more than I’m likely to get.

      • Saw an article stating the PTB are trying to get beef cattle “vaccinated” with some mRNA shot, probably to get at all of us unvaxxed serfs through the food supply. Might have to become a vegan to avoid it unless they’ve figured out how to get it into plants as well.

        • Hi Mike,

          Being a vegan sounds like a terrible way to live one’s life. I highly doubt the tofu will be spared. 😉 Cows, pigs, and chickens are not going to be picky where they strew their fecal matter…some will be on top of plants, in the fertilizer that grows said plants, the rivers and creeks that irrigate said plants, etc.

          Don’t lose sleep over it. The end game for every single one of us is the same. One day even Soros and Gates will walk the Yellow Brick Road to the Underworld.

          Buy local if you can. Usually your smaller local farms are less likely to cater to the whims of the USDA. They are as distrustful about the establishment as we are. In the meantime, no salad is going to substitute for the taste of a grilled Ribeye with a bourbon glaze. Life is too short to eat like a rabbit. 🙂

        • I have my doubts that’ll work


          Simple. We ingest foreign DNA, and all types of foreign RNA, all the time. Every time you eat a steak, or a salad, or whatever.

          It goes through a different system and gets broken down.

          My semi-edumacated guess is it’s not ideal, but probably fine. If you want to worry about it, look at what the people who are getting the saline injections are eating and start there. They might poison us, but they certainly aren’t interested in poisoning themselves.

          That, and what RG said.

        • RE: “unless they’ve figured out how to get it into plants as well.”

          From what I’ve read, they have.

          …Too dog-gone tired to look up the URL.

          Anyway, this sure was sumthin’:

          “They might poison us, but they certainly aren’t interested in poisoning themselves.”

          …I dunno. Maybe, third eye blind?
          They eat a sheet Ton of stuff which might classify as poison, …and, They. Don’t. Care!

  19. In addition to studies indicating that the more COVID jabs one got the more likely they were to get sick with the dreaded ‘Rona, now there’s a new study out showing that people who dutifully wore face diapers were also MORE likely to get sick with the dreaded ‘Rona. There’s also evidence showing that these draconian lockdowns had a negative impact on mental health. And yet, it appears the establishment wants to do this crap all over again, right in the middle of another Presidential campaign, except this time, to KEEP a senile, corrupt old man in office as opposed to getting rid of someone THEY didn’t like the last time this COVID crap was foisted on the masses……


  20. Eric,

    David Knight’s been pointing out that, whenever someone has pneumonia, that their lungs appear white on X-rays; even the more minor form of walking pneumonia appears white on X-rays. IOW, TPTB are REBRANDING something that’s a common occurrence.

    • The disease has been around since 1890 according to Helena, a site I visit from time to time.

      [“Also called Mycoplasma pneumonia, this mild respiratory illness has been around for years and was named in 1944 as atypical because; 1. Symptoms can last longer, 2. People are not as sick, 3. It does not respond to antibiotics. For those with a poor immune system, it can sometimes cause a lung infection requiring hospital intervention.” – Helena]


    • In my neck of Dixie “white lung” was for the folks who worked in the cotton gins & textile mills. Very fine bits of lint were inhaled daily & wouldn’t get purged with mucous / coughing.

      I went Christmas shopping Saturday. Even on a cold rainy Saturday (before the Tide rolled over Georgia), all the stores were crowded with shoppers. Guessing the normal to masked moron ratio as 99:1.

      As far as the clot shots, I only know of one lady who’s had the latest “vaccine”. She’s scarred of her own shadow because her hubby has had a liver transplant. I like her so cautiously avoid the subject of “how can such a gifted engineer be so gullible?”.

      • From what I have seen and heard among my crowd, the more intelligent and educated people have fallen big time for the safe and effective words. It is the lower classes and the less intelligent who are the most reluctant to believe what govs and pharma companies say and do.

  21. There is no objective truth only your truth and my truth. Thats what all the euphemisms and backwards definitions and kooky phrases are about. Getting people to use their language and accept their premises. Those who control the language control the thoughts and ideas and its the Lefts language and their ideas. At least people are still reacting to what they need in life and what they don’t need. They need gas cars and they don’t need vaccines. The narrative being pushed will continue to get pushed because it isn’t about the truth. If the truth does not fit the narrative it is simply disregarded because it doesn’t matter.

  22. ‘Mandy Cohen (like her predecessor) wants to inject everyone with drugs she has got to know are similar to the ones concocted by Hitler’s Reichsspritzenmeister.’ — eric

    Wait — stop the presses.

    Something big – really big – happened on November 30: the embargo expired on a November 9 data leak from a whistleblower within the New Zealand Ministry of Health. The leak consisted of 4 million individual records of vaccine doses and their aftermath. It is the first such mass release of individual records worldwide.

    Steve Kirsch applied a cohort time-series analysis already in use by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS). It shows that “overall, the mRNA vaccines led to the premature death of more than 1 person per 1,000 doses on average over all doses. That means an estimated 675,000 Americans were killed by the covid vaccines.


    Kirsch went on to post an anonymized version of the 4 million records on his server, so that anyone can download it and analyze it themselves.

    Yesterday, the leaker was police-raided in New Zealand. But it is too late for Big Pharma and its co-opted government sponsors: the data is out there; it conclusively shows that covid vaccines caused a 26% rise in mortality, meaning about ten million people killed worldwide.

    The debate is over: covid vaccines are the worst public health disaster in history. Those who produced, distributed and mandated them committed mass murder.

    Three implications for Congress:

    1. PREP Act immunity for covid vaccine makers must be repealed, so vaccine victims can obtain justice.

    2. The FDA must revoke approval of covid vaccines and withdraw them from the market.

    3. Hearings are needed to ascertain how the FDA abjectly failed to protect the public by licensing the most unsafe, lethal medication in history.


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