Diaper Report 12/29/2022

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“There is no study in the world,” says Dr. Ashish Jha, who is the Biden Thing’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, that “masks work that well.”

But wear them anyhow – all the time.

“When you wear a mask,” he says, “you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting the people around you. It is absolutely the responsible thing to do to keep those mask mandates in place.”


Whatever you were just sipping just spilt all over the keyboard, probably.

How do “there is no study in the world that shows masks work that well” (the fact is there’s no study that shows they “work” at all) and “you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting the people around you” by wearing the damned things go together?

Either there is cause – and effect. Or there is wishing there were and – worse – continuing to insist there is, even in the face of serial evidence there isn’t. A graduate of the Dunning-Kruger School of Mechanical Engineering insists that engines will run well when run with Wesson oil in the crankcase. There are no studies that support this contention and an abundance of evidence that running an engine with Wesson oil in the crankcase doesn’t “work that well.” But nevermind that. You must continue to run your car’s engine with Wesson oil in the sump because the “expert” continues to insist it is the “responsible thing to do.”

What the doctor – witch doctor is more like it – is saying is that pretending to do something  is worth doing if it makes you feel as though you are doing something that “works.” On the same principle, Haitian witch doctors prick rough effigies of their enemies with pins.

And it is more than just that, for the Haitian witch doctor can only cast spells, mumble incantations – and stick pins in effigies of his enemies.

The likes of Dr. Jha can mandate.

Not only can but wants to. He just said so. Not because he believes “masks work,” which he admits on the one hand they do not – but because it is “the responsible thing to do.” By which he means – as the Toothless Man in Deliverance put it – just do it.

And for essentially the same reason.

The Toothless man wasn’t so much bent on sodomy and sexual gratification but rather upon humiliating his victims. In that sense, what proceeded “worked” very well. Ned Beatty was made to “squeal like a pig” by giving his tormentor a “ride.”

It is precisely the same with the things innocuously styled “masks.”


They work extremely well – if the metric defining that is the humiliation of the victim forced to place one over his face. Because by doing so, the person is being made to show not merely that he has submitted to a degrading idiocy but – the ultimate degradation – that those who made him submit to it have succeeded in making him appear to agree with it.

This being even worse than Ned Beatty’s infamous “ride.”

There can be no other explanation to account for the ongoing insistence by the likes of Jha – and Fauci – that “it is the responsible thing to do to keep those mask mandates in place.”


If they do not “work that well” then what other explanation  can there be for the ongoing insistence that it is “responsible” not only to wear them but to “mandate” the wearing of them? The only explanation that makes any sense is that Jha and his kind are Toothless Men. Not in the superficial sense. They have teeth, for instance. And they wear clean clothes, too. They speak proper English. They themselves do not cradle rifles in their arms nor brandish Bowie knives.

But are they not – in their mindset – bent on the same thing?

Ned did not want to go for a “ride.” Nor to be made to “squeal like a pig.” But the “ride” – and the squealing – were very much necessary, from the standpoint of the Toothless Man, to make Ned understand who was boss and even more to the point, who was not. And also what the boss thought about Ned.

“Masks” show us what Jha, Fauci and all of the other Toothless Men – and women – think of us. They regard our refusal to “squeal” as a kind of affront. It is why they are determined to make us squeal, if they can.

The only other possible explanation is that doctors such as Jha and Fauci are quacks. Graduates of the Dunning-Kruger School of Medicine. For what sort of doctor would urge the continued doing of something that “no study in the world” shows “works that well”?

And what sort of patients would we be to continue listening to – much less obeying – such quacks?


. . .

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  1. ‘The Dirty Dozen: […]’

    … “The sense of powerlessness, vulnerability, helplessness, hopelessness we felt, that they caused. In many instances with malice, with no care for our human suffering. They MUST pay!

    No amnesty!” …


    ‘Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice’ – by Margaret Anna Alice

    “The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake.
    Holodomor was not a mistake.
    The Final Solution was not a mistake.
    The Great Leap Forward was not a mistake.
    The Killing Fields were not a mistake.

    Name your genocide—it was not a mistake.
    That includes the Great Democide of the 2020s.
    To imply otherwise is to give Them the out they are seeking.

    It was not botched.
    It was not bungled.
    It was not a blunder.

    It was not incompetence.
    It was not lack of knowledge.
    It was not spontaneous mass hysteria.

    The planning occurred in plain sight.
    The planning is still occurring in plain sight.

    The philanthropaths bought The $cience™.
    The modelers projected the lies.
    The testers concocted the crisis.
    The NGOs leased the academics.
    The $cientists fabricated the findings.
    The mouthpieces spewed the talking points.

    The organizations declared the emergency.
    The governments erected the walls.
    The departments rewrote the rules.
    The governors quashed the rights.
    The politicians passed the laws.
    The bankers installed the control grid.

    The stooges laundered the money.
    The DoD placed the orders.
    The corporations fulfilled the contracts.
    The regulators approved the solution.
    The laws shielded the contractors.
    The agencies ignored the signals.

    The behemoths consolidated the media.
    The psychologists crafted the messaging.
    The propagandists chanted the slogans.
    The fact-chokers smeared the dissidents.
    The censors silenced the questioners.
    The jackboots stomped the dissenters.

    The tyrants summoned.
    The puppeteers jerked.
    The puppets danced.
    The colluders implemented.
    The doctors ordered.
    The hospitals administered.

    The menticiders scripted.
    The bamboozled bleated.
    The totalitarianized bullied.
    The Covidians tattled.
    The parents surrendered.
    The good citizens believed … and forgot.

    This was calculated.
    This was formulated.
    This was focus-grouped.
    This was articulated.
    This was manufactured.
    This was falsified.
    This was coerced.
    This was inflicted.
    This was denied.

    We were terrorized.
    We were isolated.
    We were gaslit.

    We were dehumanized.
    We were wounded.
    We were killed.

    Don’t let them get away with it.
    Don’t let them get away with it.
    Don’t let them get away with it.”

    • I clicked through to the embedded New Yorker piece. Wow. The “People’s CDC”. Actual communists who think not wanting to wear face diapers is rayciss. On the bright side, this is where the very small number of renamed flu scammers seem to have coalesced. It’s doubtful they will have any influence on anything.

  2. A bit off topic, but a good piece nonetheless from the Rutherford Institute……The government has effectively launched a war against the people and civil liberties over the past few years…….Will 2023 see a doubling down of what we’ve been forced to endure? I hope not, but unfortunately the authoritarianism and tyranny we’ve seen just since COVID could get worse in the new year…..


  3. The TSA, irradiating passengers to see their genitalia, and gate rape/boob squeezing also don’t stop terrrrrrrists (who hate us for our freedoms). But they haven’t reversed course on that. Because to reverse course on any of the myriad of absurdities promulgated by the US government would be to break down the illusion of omnipotence and God-like powers; that they – like King Canute – can control even the tide by magical decrees.

    • King Canute commanded the tides to make a point that he was wise enough to know that he couldn’t and needed to demonstrate that fact to his court.

      These idiots think the reason why he couldn’t was because he didn’t print enough money.

  4. It was obvious in March 2020 that the operational paradigm of The Faucist Regime was, “sit down, shut up and do what you’re told”

    Any time that attitude rears its head you know it’s time for decapitation.

    • Mark,

      At the beginning, Tony Fauci actually told the truth when he said in a March 2020 interview with 60 Minutes that wearing a mask didn’t work, though it might “Make you feel better”. But for whatever reason, he ultimately went on to say that EVERYONE had to wear masks, and even to suggesting that people wear at least TWO masks! There also came a point where he had the gall to say that people who were worried about the assault on human rights should “Shut up and do what they’re told.” And then of course, after the rollout of the COVID jabs, he went all over Big Media and told the lies about how the “vaccines” prevented infection and stopped COVID’s spread. While I’m glad he’s stepping down as NIAID head, I’ve read that future replacements under consideration include Peter Hotez.

  5. fauci…the science…lol

    fauci has publicy stated believing in and spreading ideas exactly that have the same level of scientific proof as……. the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying

    The field of virology is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science

    Jung had some weird ideas…freud warned him…if you talk about fairies at the bottom of the garden we will loser all credibility

    maybe freud was wrong….allopathic medicine has been doing that for over 100 years

    the Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud movie


  6. In my opinion, and I could provide a dozen bullet points to support my conclusion, the US is in the midst of a fundamental transformation to Marxism. The biggest symptoms are censorship, prosecution of political opponents and January 6 political prisoners. That story is SO much bigger than masks. It’s time to drop the mask obsession and go after bigger targets.

  7. Seen in this light, everything – including, “There is no study in the world,” – makes complete sense:

    ‘Crisis Is the Norm in Domestic War, but This Country and the World Are in Crisis by Design’

    …”The very fact that most all countries worldwide are working and cooperating simultaneously as partners, should scare the hell out of any with eyes to see. […]

    crisis after crisis. Domestic terrorism (war against Americans) at the hands of this government and its controllers has become more covert, more concealed, and more directed toward only the goal of totally destroying this society in favor of totalitarian technocratic globalism. […]

    Beware” …


  8. From the UK rapper Zuby:
    ‘20 Things I’ve Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The “Pandemic”
    1. Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right.
    2. At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies, which will emerge under the right conditions.
    3. Fear of death is only rivaled by the fear of social disapproval. The latter could be stronger.
    4. Propaganda is just as effective in the modern day as it was 100 years ago. Access to limitless information has not made the average person any wiser.
    5. Anything and everything can and will be politicized by the media, government, and those who trust them.
    6. Many politicians and large corporations will gladly sacrifice human lives if it is conducive to their political and financial aspirations.
    7. Most people believe the government acts in the best interests of the people. Even many who are vocal critics of the government.
    8. Once they have made up their mind, most people would rather to commit to being wrong, than admit they were wrong.
    9. Humans can be trained and conditioned quickly and relatively easily to significantly alter their behaviors — for better or worse.
    10. When sufficiently frightened, most people will not only accept authoritarianism, but demand it.
    11. People who are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative.
    12. Most people value safety and security more than freedom and liberty, even if said “safety” is merely an illusion.
    13. Hedonic adaptation occurs in both directions, and once inertia sets in, it is difficult to get people back to “normal.”
    14. A significant % of people thoroughly enjoy being subjugated.
    15. “The Science” has evolved into a secular pseudo-religion for millions of people in the West. This religion has little to do with science itself.
    16. Most people care more about looking like they are doing the right thing, rather than actually doing the right thing.
    17. Politics, the media, science, and the healthcare industries are all corrupt, to varying degrees. Scientists and doctors can be bought as easily as politicians.
    18. If you make people comfortable enough, they will not revolt. You can keep millions docile as you strip their rights, by giving them money, food, and entertainment.
    19. Modern people are overly complacent and lack vigilance when it comes to defending their own freedoms from government overreach.
    20. It’s easier to fool a person than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    • Hans Gruber,
      “If you make people comfortable enough, they will not revolt”
      No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand………….
      The trouble with revolution is that most of the time, they don’t result in improvement.
      “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

      • Exactly. Whenever I hear a younger person saying something along the lines of ‘We need to rise up and take back our government!’ and the are basically implying the cartridge box. “Ok, what then?” I reply. “Do you have a plan for altering our government systems? the Constitution?” Otherwise it will be the same old thing, just with different people, who are just as, or will be soon corrupt.

        Rising up is all well and good, but there has to be ‘an after’. Otherwise, as you said. Meet the new Boss.

        • Manse,

          Even if there is such a plan, there is no guarantee that

          1) any such uprising would be successful


          2) any aspect of said plan would be implemented.

          Also worth noting that

          3) A successful uprising would most likely involve foreign aid and support. The most likely/obvious sources of support would be Russia or China. In the event of a successful uprising, they might want some kind of concessions in return, afterwards.

          Things to consider.

          Revolutions are messy.

        • Manse Jolly,
          Government is bound to its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. It cannot function without it. This does not attract sane people. It DOES attract socio/psychopaths. Which is why governments all eventually become saturated with them. The longer they are around, the worse they get. And it doesn’t take long for it to manifest. Speech opposed to the government was outlawed before the ink was dry on the US Constitution.

      • John,

        “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” We certainly saw that in New York state after Andrew Cuomo stepped down as Governor last year and Kathy Hochul took over. And in Oregon, its new Queen to be, Tina Kotek, will likely be another example of that if not WORSE than soon to be Ex-Queen Kate Brown.

  9. That’s govco in a nutshell -“ we know it doesn’t work but we don’t care, do it because we say so”. I hadn’t seen that statement till just now, thanks Eric, I’m sure the MSM will do their best to never let it be widespread.

    • Mike,

      I’m sure the MSM will try their best to keep Jha’s statement hidden, as it would destroy their fear porn campaign about a “tripledemic” and how EVERYONE needs to “mask up” again.

  10. In one of Dr. Fauci’s “studies”, the 1918 “flu pandemic” in which millions perished, it was determined that the deaths were caused by pneumonia, NOT the “flu virus”. It was also stated that the use of “face diapers” (masks) was a contributing factor in the prevalence of pneumonia at that time. Face diaper wearers were being buried by those who did not wear face diapers.
    Don’t wear a face diaper. Breathing in your own exhalations is dangerous.
    As was the case in 1918, toe 2020 covid “plandemic” originated in the USA at Fort Detrick Maryland, and was brought to China with a “trade delegation”.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same…

    • 95% agreement from here. Re-inhaling part of one’s exhalations isn’t always dangerous. I offer myself as evidence. In the engineering job from which I retired, we built imaging radiometers for weather satellites. The exposed optics had to be kept clean, and cleaner-than-clean, because scattered light in radiometric imaging is no bueno. Light-scatterers included dust emanating from clothing, shed hairs (including those from beards, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., and droplets of saliva produced by speech. So, in the clean rooms, we wore clean-room suits which covered us from head to toe, with only our eyes exposed. I put in a great many full days thus arrayed, as well as even more partial days. Never hurt me at all. Not even mentally, because there was a legitimate reason for it. A pain in the butt, yes, because doing physical work in a “bunny suit” is a hot and sweaty business. I don’t think any of us enjoyed it. But, as far as I know, no one suffered any physical harm.

      That said, I was (and am) healthy. People with asthma or other respiratory issues … I don’t know. The face-covered routine might not have been good for them.

      The Maskie Regime is quite dangerous, though, for the reasons that Eric (and others) cite. Depersonalization, the humiliation of conforming to idiocy when everyone KNOWS it’s idiocy, giving the Toothless Guy a “ride,” complying with orders barked out by power-crazed and entirely specious “authorities” … it’s not only dangerous, it’s deadly. Spiritually and psychologically.

  11. Last night I got the annual “Merry Christmas” text from The One That Got Away. In years past this would usually send me in to a little funk for a day or so. But during Fauchi’s reign of terror she was all in on the public health kabuki, wearing fashionable matching masks, sanitizing at the entrance to buildings, the whole thing. She got the COVID early on while traveling, but apparently didn’t understand natural immunity, or maybe was just trying to fit in. She had her moments of clarity, but then would fall back on blaming non-compliant people for the spread.

    I’m still not sure if I dodged a bullet or she could have come around to the right way of thinking.

    • ‘I’m still not sure if I dodged a bullet’ — Ready Kilowatt

      Nor am I sure whether I dodged a knife. This week at Walmart I was mesmerized by a shapely twenty-something in olive green cargo pants at the checkout queue.

      A black strap stretched provocatively across the back of her thigh, from just under the crotch to the broad arc of her haunch. In the leather scabbard affixed to it resided a hefty hunting knife, its bone handle nearly grazing her downstretched palm.

      Eyeing her dark mane, my mottled mind conceived a potent advance: “Is that your castration knife?”

      But – alas – discretion prevailed over valour, and her shiny shiv stayed sheathed.

  12. I don’t want revenge, I want justice.

    There will be no more wearing of a mask because somebody said to wear one.

    There will be no amnesty either.

    Anyone hearing what they say, whoever they are, and then listening to follow orders and mandates, is not in their right mind.

    Fauci et al will be appropriately tried and judged, then will have to face the verdict. They are all guilty.

    My thinking is they want to vaccinate everybody alive just to see how many people do die.

    Franco Harris died, he advocated vaccines, was vaccinated, then all of a sudden, he’s dead.

    It doesn’t have to stop, it is going to stop.

    “Hey you, go on, go on and let me be, quit hollerin at me, quit hollerin’ at me.” – John Prine, Quit Hollerin’ At Me

  13. What a huge contrast, the response to The Plandemic vs. the 1980’s.

    ‘The 1980s on Trial’

    “Before iPhones and the internet and Twitter and outrage culture, there was an understanding that beneath the veneer of civilization was something wild, dangerous, and joyful.” …


    Dr. Ashish Jha & his ilk & all those who are falling for this Plandemic crap,… want to crush: critical thought, risk, joy, freedom, liberty, cultures… etc.
    I can’t even express the rest. …They, ‘want to’

  14. What insanity. That’s going to be news though to those who BELIEVED that filthy face diapers were some sort of magic amulet that offered protection against the dreaded ‘Rona. What’s that clown Ashish Jha going to do next, insist that getting the new booster, which doesn’t seem to work that well either, is the “Responsible thing to do”? Last I read, less than 15% of vaxxed people eligible for the bivalent booster have received it, so hopefully more and more people are waking up to the fraud. However, corrupt public health bureaucrats are STILL URGING people to “Get vaccinated and/ or boosted right away!” despite countless studies indicating that “getting vaccinated” makes one MORE likely to get sick.

    As for the potential for corrupt, power mad politicians to reimpose mask mandates, there needs to be MASSIVE pushback against any attempts to do so; otherwise they will likely try to impose vaxx mandates on ALL citizens as well, including children after the CDC’s vote a few months ago to add the COVID jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule.

  15. ‘A graduate of the Dunning-Kruger School of Mechanical Engineering’ — eric

    Dear old DKU — it’s the ONLY choice for a higher edumacation, after one graduates from Communist Martyrs High School.

    The syllabus includes an ample dose of Dostoevski, trained as military engineer. Mr D decided to become a scribbler after designing a fort which (it was pointed out) had no doors.

    And the rest is history. DKU! DKU! DKU!

  16. How many people will panic in the next go around? Does it feel like Groundhog Day yet?


    I admire Gates and the WHO’s sense of humor: SEERS: a person who is supposed to be able, through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds.

    Can one be a seer if they are the one conducting the course of events?

    Everyone party like it is December 2019, because here we go again…


    FYI: Apparently, many of the Chinese, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, have decided to hightail it to Italy. Watch the weeks ahead as cases explode throughout Europe. Of course, the USSA is doing all she can…wide open Southern border, but thankfully we are now requiring the Chinese (who arrive via air travel) to have a negative PCR test 48 hours before arrival. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    How many times does Peter get to cry wolf? I will be curious how many Americans “will stand their ground” this time? My guess? Not too many.

    • I recently watched a short documentary about The Milgram Shock Experiment. We all know the story, that test subjects would administer what they thought were lethal electric shocks to an unseen person as long as the “authority” told them to do so. The filmaker showed the footage of the test subject asking the authority figure if they were willing to take responsibly for the outcome (the “just following orders” justification). But in the last few seconds, almost forgotten was a line about 50% of the test subjects adminstered the shocks. So we only are presented with half the story. I’d like to see footage of the other 50%, who refused to follow instructions.

      • To Ready Kilowatt

        No one thought they were lethal shocks
        They were convinced the shocks were painful/ dangerous BUT NOT LETHAL.

        Social psychologist Stanley Milgram researched the effect of authority on obedience. He concluded people obey either out of fear or out of a desire to appear cooperative–even when acting against their own better judgment and desires.

    • “Apparently, many of the Chinese, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, have decided to hightail it to Italy. Watch the weeks ahead as cases explode throughout Europe.”

      Chinese New Year (CNY) is the largest annual human migration in the world.

      This public holiday results in seven days off of work for employees (as a public holiday, Chinese people will get January 21-27, 2023 off), though celebrations can last for more than two weeks.

      It has been a long tradition for Chinese people to return home from work or study and to enjoy a reunion dinner with their families on New Year’s Eve.

      Chinese people living in Italy (331,000 live there) often go back to China for Chinese New Year, and can bring back diseases to Italy.

      Bringing back Covid19 to Italy was bad news
      Bringing back Omicron to Italy is no big deal

      Omicron is a coronavirus common cold with the same extremely low infection fatality rate as other common colds.

  17. After seeing a guy blowing snow with a nappy on his face I realized we we’re doomed. At least Ned fought back, the normies not so much. Maybe in the first weeks this could be excused, not now though.

    PS- the Garage 54 YouTube channel has some vids dealing with running engines with cooking oil or gasoline in the crank case, doesn’t end well.

    • Actually blowing snow with a face covering on makes a great deal of sense. If it’s really cold, the air will be really dry and the retained moisture is easier on your lungs and lips (though it chaps your face). It also prevents icicle formation on mustaches and keeps snow chunks out of your nose hair. But wearing a mask as an amulet against viral contagion is the height of damnfoolishness.

  18. So they know what we know, and they don’t care that we know they know what we know. This has been the operating principal of the entire “pandemic” psyop, and all other psyops as well. “Real truth be damned, only our “truth” matters.”


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