Diaper Report 4/6/22

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In the iconic 1999 Bruce Willis movie, Sixth Sense, a psychiatrist (played by Willis) counsels a child who says he can see dead people. In fact, Willis is the dead person the boy sees.

I see zombies. Living (sort of) people who are still walking around with a “mask” on their faces. Without being made to. In the absence of any “mandates” to. In the presence of nine-to-one not wearing one and sometimes, more than that. Wearing them outside. Alone, in their cars.

I want to ask them why they see the need to continue wearing them.

One assumes these people have been “vaccinated.” Probably several times by now. Anyone wants the shots has had plenty of time and opportunity to get them. Given that, why do they continue to wear the “mask”? Isn’t it like wearing a life preserver after you get off the boat, onto dry land?

Does it not say something about their faith in the “vaccines”?

I’d like to ask one of them, but I refrain because it is generally not wise to approach zombies. They sometimes bite.

What will it take to get these zombies to un-zombie? It is among the great questions of our time – almost as important to divine an answer to as the why it is in the interests of Americans to support a war with nuclear-armed Russia over Keeeeeeeeev. A less important question being, has Chicken Kiev been renamed on menus?

Like Beijing Duck?

Back to the “masks.” It is doubtful they will ever disappear – for at least as long as it is safe for them to appear in public without risking public ridicule.

In the past, it was not considered nice to make fun of people with an obvious disturbance of the mind. This included even men who wore dresses, because in those days (which wasn’t so many days ago, when you stop to think about it) most of the few men who did wear dresses did not affect the pose that they actually were women, much less demand they be acknowledged as such. And so, most were left in peace – as was right and proper.

Same went for the mumbling – sometimes, shouting – schizophrenics one sometimes encountered at traffic lights, armed with squeegees. Or over whom it was necessary to step in order to proceed down the sidewalk. These were regarded as afflicted people and there but for the grace of God go I.

But these afflicted are different. Chiefly because they do not consider themselves so and also because they are still many. There are millions of them still on the loose and many of them are also mumbling behind their “masks” – about the non-Zombies they see all around them.

They are able to get away with this because we allow it to pass without comment. Without the necessary derision it requires to render the wearing of a “mask” in public something shameful and embarrassing, of a piece with the wearing of a Nazi armband and the having of a wet brown stain on the backside of one’s pants.

The two things together conveying, on the one hand, the affirmation/support for a mass psychosis that summoned a degree of authoritarianism never before seen in Western, heretofore generally civilized, countries such as the United States and the loathsomeness of those who cheered it on as fervently as the assembled mob at a Reichspartietag in Nuremberg.

Such people are deserving of healthy ridicule – not for their sake, but for ours. To purge this country of tolerance for the attempted normalization of pathological behavior. To make it clear that pathological behavior will not pass without comment. That if you want to behave like a belligerent, in-our-faces freak, expect to be treated like a freak.

The failure to do so has resulted in more than just “masking.”  It has furthered along other, just as dangerous pathologies – including this business of tolerating the presence of men with penises who insist they have ovaries because they feel they do in women’s locker rooms and on women’s sports teams. These freaks also need a healthy shouting down – once again, for our sakes.

For our sanity.

If it is done, then the freaks will go back to the sideshow where they belong; the zombies will retreat to the dark recesses of freeway overpasses and dank basements – and we’ll be able to see a normal world, again.

So, gather up the courage to say something. To snicker. To bleat, even. Let them know that you know.

And that you aren’t going to let them get away with it.

. . .

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  1. Masks are part of a satanic ritual…..

    How do like our new antichrist satanist leaders so far?

    The control group at the top of the world pyramid of power are satanists, they are deep into the occult, this is very dangerous, you will end up possessed with demons.

    These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

    The new olympians, the guardians, that is what the globalist/satanist/one world government trash call themselves, the new gods.

    politicians are controlled by this control group at the top, they are satanists, the politicians are now possessed

    need to hire this priest

    a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been h..an,,,,,ge…..d, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.


    • I watched the vid – not only does Freeland look very jumpy and overstimulated (demonic?), her “mask” also seems to be moving, as if she is talking with (for?) Trudeau.

      Creepy, indeed. I, too, believe this entire scamdemic is spiritual warfare.

  2. ‘It is only a matter of time before Uncle Joe must resign.’ — Raider Girl

    Very likely, and very important.

    In the 1972 election, Richard Nixon beat George McGovern by a crushing 520 to 17 electoral votes.

    Yet after the first oil shock in 1973 which sent the economy sprawling into the worst recession since the 1930s, Nixon’s armor collapsed.

    A minor burglary by Nixon’s plumbers turned into a major cover-up scandal. With the economy bad and inflation raging, even Nixon’s own party turned against him.

    It’s all happening again. The D party faces annihilation. Hunter S Biden’s “laptop from hell” requires Joe to be defenestrated, probably after corruptly pardoning Hunter, James and possibly even himself.

    Goodbye Joe, you old hair sniffer. See ya at the glue factory …

    • Hi Jim,

      The thing that pisses me off is that he should have never made it to the Presidency. That the average American is so stupid and could not see (or chose not to see) that Joe did not have his marbles but decided to vote for him anyway. Oh, I am aware there was “help” in the background making sure the votes were tabulated “correctly”, but it should have never even have come to this. Even before appearing dazed and confused Biden had a 47-year-old past of zero accomplishments. He had a history of gaffes and making poor decisions from everything to taxes to foreign policy. And still a large portion of Americans put an aging, Alzheimer’s afflicted, unaccomplished career politician into the most powerful position in the land. Why? Because the motto was “anybody but Trump.”

      This country has proven one thing…anybody can be President, even those that aren’t aware they are.

      • ‘anybody can be President, even those that aren’t aware they are’ — Raider Girl

        As you know, a couple of weeks ago I identified as president of the United States for a day, and ordered a 21 BB gun salute at Madeleine Albright’s funeral.

        Here’s hoping your presidential term will be more dramatic and spectacular and heartfelt than mine.

        We were lost in the fair on the highland
        Goodbye Joe (Goodbye Joe)
        With the sky and the deer on the highland
        Goodbye Joe
        Time is full of changes
        And now you’ve got to go

        — Laura Nyro, Goodbye Joe

        • Hi Jim,

          My 24 hours as President would consist of touring the White House, but not the rooms that the public can see…the fun ones. The underground tunnels, the secret doorways, the White House basement, etc. The rest of my time would be sitting in the Oval Office going line by line over the budget until the damn thing actually balanced. I would require a meeting with the Ways and Means Committee and ream them out for their horrible, inept tax policy as the White House Chef kept bringing me tea and chocolate almond croissants.

          I would then sign an Executive Order to shut down the DOL, the IRS, the EPA, and the DOE.

          I could do a lot more, but I only have 24 hours.

          • If you find a hard drive with the initials “J. E.” on it, floating around down in the dunge…cellar, could you just toss it into the Potomac?

            • Tsk, tsk, Mr. Clinton. I thought a Rhodes Scholar would be intelligent enough to destroy evidence, not keep it lying around. Are you sure Hillary hasn’t BleachedBit it already?

              • Hillary was…’occupied’….with other matters (And the only thing she bleachbits is her hair). Things get a little disorderly down in the cellar sometimes, and things get ‘lost’ (And not just virginity). I found a can of Billy Beer down there once.

                • LOL. Billy Beer!

                  It had to part of Rosalynn’s stash. I am pretty sure she would invite over Betty Ford, and they would binge in the White House basement while Jimmy was traveling overseas. Rumor has it that the first rave parties started there. 😉

                • Hi Nunz,

                  I miss Billy Carter; he was just an old hick (like me). Yeah, he sold “Billy Beer.” That can be abided. At least he was selling something other than influence….

                  • Haha, exactly, Eric! Today, Billy Beer would be subsidized. And hey, Ol’ Billy was downright aristocratic compared to Slick Willy’s half-brother….. (or even Slick Willy…)

      • Yes, RG, Biden’s decline just over the course of the campaign was shocking – and so obvious. He always has been an idiot. Now he’s an idiot with dementia and access to the nuclear launch codes.

    • There is a constant accession of governmental authority and power. It works inevitably toward the disadvantage of the only sort of man who is really worth hell room, to wit, the man who practises some useful trade in a competent manner, makes a decent living at it, pays his own way, and asks only to be let alone.

      Mencken, H.L.. Minority Report . Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

  3. Risk your life for a lousy T-shirt:

    ‘A fourth shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine increased protection against viral infection for only four to seven weeks, according to a massive study published Tuesday.

    ‘The study included 1.25 million people age 60 and over in Israel who received their fourth dose between January and March. Israel uses only the Pfizer vaccine.

    ‘People who got the fourth dose were half as likely to test positive for COVID-19 four weeks later when compared to people who only had three doses, according to the study.

    ‘But by the eighth week, the groups were almost equally likely to catch COVID-19, researchers found.’


    But wait, there’s more!

    On Jan 25, 2022 — three weeks into Israel’s fourth shot campaign — the country set what appears to be the world record for WORST EVER daily case rate: an astounding 10,968 cases per million per day. [source: ourworldindata.org]

    By contrast, the highest daily case rate in the US on Jan 15, 2022 was 2,426 per million — less than a fourth of Israel’s blowout public health meltdown.

    When shot #4 produces the worst case rate in the world by a very long shot, it suggests severe collective brain damage when responsible adults fail to scream, “STOP! JUST FREAKING STOP!”

    • Isn’t it amazing Jim, that with each new shot the effectiveness decreases substantially? Almost like the vax is killing the immune system jab by jab.

        • Hi RS,

          Sanity usually returns when death is at the door. The mind becomes clearer and one usually sees things as they are and not how they want them to be.

    • I recently saw online somewhere that video of De Blasio, holding and chomping on what appeared to be THE WORST looking hamburger and fries saying, over/through a mouthful, “so when you go to get your shot, think of this!” All happy, excited and smiling.

      “Think of this…” and looking at the garbage he was holding will echo in my mind for the rest of my life. It looked to me to be about the quality of a elementary school cafeteria in a low-income district. Or maybe from a carnival roach coach or street cart.

      Even when they were offering $100, I was floored. For god’s sake is that the extent to which people value their lives??

      I was thinking (half-heartedly), “make it a million and we’ll talk”. Pay off my house. Buy me a six-digit gazzoline engine super car, etc, etc. Because I value my life but and at 57 maybe a million would offset the likelihood of getting dead from experimental gene therapy.

      But of course, I would never do that and “they” would never offer. But ok, if people that value their lives so cheaply, I’m not gonna be heartbroken when their super-bad risk taking (of the shot) ends it “before it’s time”.

      Maybe, according to Darwin, it *is* these people’s “time”?

  4. House speaker Nancy Pestilosi caught covid, we learn today.

    She’s ‘vaxxed and boosted,’ of course.

    So why did her triple shots fail?

    It ain’t a vaccine if you still get infected.

    • Again, reported to have no symptoms. Sundance mentioned something about her tiff with China over her upcoming trip to Taiwan. Now maybe that’s been scotched. It disturbs me to no end to watch how this fake “one virus” story takes on more and different political aspects that they will not hesitate to use against us, just like they have done and are doing in China. It must be resisted at the basic premise.

        • As far as what I’ve read, she has no symptoms. She just “tested positive.” Imagine the power this has given the Deep State controllers. The shenanigans it could run cover for. I predict they will use it against Brandon. I’ve always had a suspicion Obama’s probably coming back in some capacity. To “unite” the country and “heal” racial divisions, or sumpin’. But the gloves will come off instead. Notice he’s back on the scene and a still a good 20 years younger than Old Joe.

          • That is why we have Huntergate, A. Even the liberal media has picked up the football and is running with it. It is only a matter of time before Uncle Joe must resign.

              • Hi Eric,

                Yes, I saw Tucker’s segment on it, as well as Decoy Voice did a Vlog on it. It’s pretty bad and it makes our country look weak.

                • Morning, RG –

                  I think this business is part and parcel of the ongoing effort to demoralize the country – and it’s working. Biden is our Tsar Nicholas – with dementia. A cuck-type “man” out of his depth, led by forces that mean us harm.

            • Then what? Cameltoe was picked as the ultimate insurance policy to avoid this very thing. If you think the demented, pants-shitting pervert is bad… Or Nancy (Bella) Lugosi as next in line? No, it’s this crew until 2024, if we make it that far. And even in 2024 – Orange Ass part deux?? We must also disabuse ourselves of any notion that Team R is going to come in and save the day by next January. Mittens, Lindsey, and the Turtle aren’t going anywhere.

              Caligula put a horse in the Senate – we can put AOC there for many of the same reasons, and expect the same outcomes. It’s been a good run, but now it’s just a question of where is the bottom and when will we hit it.

              • Hi BAC,

                Kamala will do exactly as Obama and Party tell her to do. I don’t see Biden making it until 2024 (even if doesn’t resign the guy is not in good shape).

                Everybody probably needs to start practicing saying “President Harris” and keeping a straight face. I will give credit though. She is at least potty trained and probably doesn’t need to be in bed by 8 PM.

              • Hi BAC,

                Biden is 80 and clearly not in good shape. It has become fairly common in our time to believe that 80 is the new 60. It’s not. Actuarily, he has already exceeded the normal human lifespan. It would not be unnatural were he to pass from natural causes tomorrow. Or simply decline to the point that he cannot function. Based on what I have seen of him, I wager he is in the process of the latter and it’s accelerating. I doubt he will be able to last another almost three years, by which time he will be 82 going on 83.

                Politically, he is dead – and taking down the Woke Left with him. They know this. Just as the Republicans in ’74 knew Nixon had to go. How this will elaborate remains, of course, to be seen. But the hair-plugged grifter’s days are numbered, politically and otherwise.

                As to who will replace him: Remember who we’re dealing with. Harris, as “president,” can select her new VP. It could be anyone she chooses.

                Like Hillary Clinton, for instance.

                • Eric, Kammi Harris would have to have a death wish to pick She who would be Queen. Not that she would have any say in the matter. She is even more of an empty suit than Biden is. Not to mention that who ever is picked would have to be approved by the Senate. Given that even some of her own parties senators hate her, I can’t see that happening. But what ever they do its going to have to be before they lose the house and possibly the senate.

      • But think of how much worse it would have been, if she hadn’t been double vaxxed and boosted!…. (rolls eyes) You know that’s what they are “thinking”…

        • Didn’t Uncle Joe get his booster last Wednesday, the 30th? I may sound like a whack job, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the virus is in the shot. Who was next to the Prez as he was shedding? Now who is sick?

    • I just do not believe that any of the “big names” of either political party in this country (or any in any country TBH), have gotten the real thing. No way. Don Biden, any of his family, Pelosi, Schumer, Fauci, Walensky, you name it.

      Normal people, outside of political super personalities, like myself — we may very get a respiratory virus that takes us out when we get to Pelosi’s age and that won’t be a tragedy. That’s what us normal people used to call “that’s how life works”.

      Shit, I am lucky to be this old with how I lived my young life. How do these 80-90 year old people, that sit on their ass for decades, keep beating this thing??

      They might have the antidote added to their adrenochrome.

      • I seriously agree with you. How does a Nancy Pelosi looking like death warmed over hold down this high powered job and never ever seem to get sick, need surgery or have any of the so called typical afflictions of typical 80 year olds….ditto with klaus schwab and soros. If they were normal people they would likely spend their days lounging around playing cards and going to doctors appointments.

    • Yeah…right. The Repugnantcans were in office when this whole fiasco started- they allowed it happen- and The Donald is going around claiming that he ‘saved 100 million lives by fast-tracking the [clot]shot’.

      Where’s the comeuppance for the Clintons?
      Where is it for Epstein and the whole slew of elected criminals involved with him?

      In reality, they’ll probably erect a statue to St. Fauci, and give the bastard a Nobel Prize, and name schools after him, like they do for that enemy of humanity Lincoln. They’re all in the club. We are the enemy. They’re probably popping boners every time they think of St. Anthony, because he’s done more for them/against us, than just about anyone else. And notice how scum like him are retained by both parties, under multiple administrations.

      I’ve largely given up even reading ‘alternative’ news/blogs these days- most either don’t have a clue, or are peddling intentional BS. (Like perpetrating the old D vs. R narrative- as if there’s a difference).


        How have I still not learned my lesson, that if I just foreber for a few minutes, you’ll sy what needs to be said, better than I would?

          • Which is why I tease you so much Nunz! I can always count on you to darken an otherwise sunny End of Days… 🙂

            But really, matters aren’t quite as dark as our enemies would like to paint them. Unless we get a full on thermonuclear exchange, the various fronts will simply be replaced with new “saviors” and life will continue. But at a much lower quality. Except for the Dynasty and their tools of course. But since they are The Chosen Ones, that’s to be expected.

            Those expecting the GOP types to save them are in for a very unpleasant surprise. Both aspects of the uniparty are owned by the oligarchs. It just depends on which faction is currently in power.

            The Empire is in full on decline. The next six months to a year are going to get really unpleasant. At this point, the Fed has no choice but to crash the market. Once the “wealth effect” is destroyed, the next phase of the cycle will start. As usual, Mises and Rothbard had it right.


            • “Thermonuclear exchange” is just a fake, fantasical narrative, cooked up by Talmudic social engineers to terrify the goyim.

              But trust me, that ain’t “good news”. Instantaneous death for the multitudes thanks to a massive H-bomb would be far more humane than what is actually in store for us…

              (As you yourself suggest…)

            • BJ, I think one’a those ever-threatened thermo-nukular wars would be preferable to the prospect of the tyranny we are entering.

              • No. Unless one is in a deep underground bunker, there is no defense against nukes. Tyranny, of what ever type, can eventually be dealt with. As I’ve endlessly stated, don’t focus on numbers. Attrition warfare is a trap. 1st and 2nd generation warfare is primitive, needlessly destructive, and wasteful. 3rd generation simply shifts the mobility aspect. 4th on the other hand is a game changer. That is one of the reasons that the Empire has lost every war its been in since WWII. Contrary to what some may believe, we aren’t facing some extra dimensional Source of All Evil™ nor some Interstellar Galactic Horror™. What we face are simply very evil human beings, who have all the flaws of any other human. Not to mention many are psychopaths. Which has its own inherent limitations. I’ve no doubt that this is going to get very, VERY ugly. But we’ve seen this movie before.
                Even the Dynasty and its tools have limitations. They are also not the only Players moving pieces around in the shadows. It wouldn’t be the first type that the Dynasty has miscalculated. Don’t give up hope. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

                • “there is no defense against nukes.”

                  Nukes are fake.
                  Unicorn dust.
                  Any analysis that incorporates that narrative as factual is compromised bollocks.

                  “…we aren’t facing some extra dimensional Source of All Evil™ nor some Interstellar Galactic Horror™. What we face are simply very evil human beings, who have all the flaws of any other human.”

                  This. Is why you fail. Your provinciality, presumptuousness, and normalcy bias prevent you from seeing your enemy. So, you keep shadow-boxing against the hobgoblins that the true enemy has phonied up for your benefit, like “thermonuclear war”. This keeps your consciousness at a low level that is incapable of grasping, let alone opposing, the actual attack being levelled against you.

                  I strongly recommend you watch this 1968 half-hour Revelation of the Method from BBC, where they put the whole system on display to mock the masses:


                • Still beats the tyranny and having to abide a society of a few hundred million people who would bring us to this point. Really, either scenario ends the same…it’s just a matter of how and when.

                  • I am right there with you, Nunz. My disbelief about nukes doesn’t come from a place of optimism, but from a place of pessimism. You see, as I said above, instantaneous mass-death would be far more humane than what the Machine’s minions have in store for us. Just as hogs are bred to live their lives cradle-to-plate in electromechanical prison-labyrinths called “high-density feedlots,” humans are being transitioned into high-density grooming lots, where they will be systematically mutilated, biologically altered, robotized, trained by routine rape, and mind-wiped to be marketed for sex slavery and for labor too hazardous and strenuous to waste real robots on.

                    Stories like “nukes” and “Islamic terror” and “viral pandemic” are just titillating cartoons that serve as the means of corralling the masses with managed fear into accepting their brands and boarding the cattle-cars. The reality of the future, however, is horrifying beyond lay comprehension—so horrific that folks like BJ will cling to the comforts of the quaint little horrors the TeeVee has given them, which are like the kids’ gothic fantasy show “Goosebumps,” compared to the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” of their true fate.

    • Gimme a break….

      Pied Piper sites like Zero Hedge constantly engineer support for the GOP by making up outlandish and fantastic fairy tales about what “Republicans will do” if “we just vote harder”. It’s all bullshit. Good Christ. At this very moment, Fauci is probably in a “bipartisan” orgy, busting a nut on the faces of Mark Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz bukkake-style as they grin ecstatically and beg him to bugger them.

      • Ugh, FP. I just lost my lunch. That was a graphic I did not need to envision.

        I imagine Madison Cawthorn’s story last week about DC orgies and coke snorting was probably pretty accurate. The overseers had to give Madison a strong dressing down to. I am sure poor Madison was probably threatened with suicide if any names of the establishment were released.

      • With apologies to decent folk like Raider Girl, that was actually funny as hell and I couldn’t agree more! 🤣🤣🤣

        My prediction is that yes indeed, there’s gonna be a “red wave”, that people are hanging their hopes and dreams upon. It will come.

        And then… drum roll… watch the jaws drop as nothing significant changes whatsoever. No crimes are punished. The gallows remain unused. Medical tyranny remains in place with no hope of change. Rule by mandate remains firmly in place. The green agenda rolls on — side by side — of the never ending war machine.

        Then the red wave fizzles and the blues come back to continue their destruction of this country after laughing off the “red wave” speed bump.

  5. I had dinner last night with my older friend who is a *low information voter* who dutifully went and got jabbed, then had heart problems within weeks of the second jab, is finally convinced that it was because of the jab he had his health problem. He is finally waking up to what happened and what a mistake he made. I did not rub it in, I told him please…do not take another jab ever again. He agreed.

    Here is something way ahead of its’ time that is now reality:


    • Wow, Hans- at least your friend has enough sense to realize that their problem is a result of the clot shot. A few friends of mine are having such problems- all involving blood clots- though they never had any such problems before in their lives- but they refuse to believe that their problems are from the shots.

      One friend almost died recently. He was sick as a dog; went to the hospi’l, where they kept him for 3 days. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him…so sent him home. A week later, gasping for breath, he goes to another hospi’l….turns out, he had a pulmonary embolism- a HUGE blood clot that was not only preventing his lung from working, but was also pressing on his heart, causing it to not be able to function properly (His heart rate was up to 150!)- Had to have the medical industry’s most touted product: Surgery- and now is doing O-K. Doctor said if hadn’t gone to the second hospi’l when he had, he would have died.

      But it had nothing to do with the shots, ya know 😉 It’s just a co-inky-dink. Thus saith CNN.

      • I have friends who are cardiologists. This is very common now – they are surgically removing massive clots from major blood vessels. They know why, but cannot say anything to the patient about that or out the door they go. To perpetuate this, however, seems like malpractice. How does it benefit a patient to intentionally withhold information about their health? The whole medical profession is discrediting themselves in real time. If they lie by omission here, then where else do they peddle bullshit and why should we trust them on anything?

        • Hi BAC,

          They will not say anything because it goes against the welfare of their own industry. These doctors (and their peers) coaxed, influenced, and pressured patients into getting these shots promoting their “safety and effectiveness”.

          They know if they confess, they are tanning their own hides. Not only will they feel the anger from their patients who will not trust anything they say and most likely will seek advice elsewhere (costing them revenue), but they will feel it in lawsuits, increased malpractice premiums, etc.

          Most doctors do not promote the wellbeing of their clients, just their own.

          Personally, I hope they rot in hell.

          • Hi RG

            All true. But I would add that much of medicine has gone corporate. Many small practices have been subsumed (mostly because of financial or bureaucratic necessity) into large corporate hospital conglomerates. All of which produce a “company line” that all must parrot or lose the affiliation. In this morass are doctors who know the truth here, and do not promote these poisons. But they dare not speak up. And perhaps worse, many dare not try to dissuade a patient or provide true informed consent, and will just inject because the patient wants it, regardless of need or risk. In either case, these doctors knowingly perpetuate the evil – as you say, they are concerned only with preserving their self interests (paycheck) and not in preserving lives. In a just world, they would be held to account. In our world, they are held to accounting.

            • You are right, BAC.

              The corporations have bought out the private practices. My 80-year-old “female” doctor (a guy) decided to retire this year. I have been seeing him for 27 years. The practice was small: him, one nurse (his wife), and an office manager. It was personal service, and he was old school.

              If I needed a mammogram he wrote me a note to the radiologist, needed Vitamin D levels checked wrote me a note to visit the labs, etc. I had one doctor for all of my needs. He is the last of the private practices in the whole town. The rest are large practices with to five to seven doctors and even more overseers watching the books.

              I won’t go. I am not jumping through a bunch of hoops and seeing one doctor for this and another one for that. I guess I am going to start doing a lot more self-diagnosing. If it can’t be cured with turmeric or vodka I am screwed.

  6. I got a nastygram the other day from my employer –insisting that I get tested bc I refused the clot shot. “But I work from home. Who am I gonna ‘infect’?”


    My professional world consists of engineers and scientists. It still amazes me such intelligent, data driven brainiacs would fall hook, line, and sinker for the fraud.

    • A coworker once made a statement that engineers never mature beyond a middle school level. He said, think about it…if you disagree with them they sulk and get angry. They never grow to accept that they don’t have all the answers. We’re supposed to just shut up and accept what their superior intellect says.

      Fast forward to the days of the COVIDIAN cult. The engineers that now hold positions of power are telling us we’re all going to die if we don’t wear the rag and get jabbed. We call bullshit, and they sulk, get angry…and go full authoritarian.

      If what my coworker is even partially true, engineers are born tyrants. They relish the chance to club us low-IQ muggles over the head when we call out their bullshit.

    • Mike, intelligence is no shield against religion. Most of the typical professional class (even in the STEM fields) has been completely indoctrinated into the Cult. Especially those that have been through university in the last 10 to 15 years. But its not all bad. I know for a fact that there are still honest scientists, physicians and decent people out and about. You just have to be part of the right communities to see that. But at least now we can see at a glance, who the unstable Cultists are.

  7. Perhaps it may be a better idea to leave them be. It’s better to know who is involved in what. Much like the censoring of real racists. I prefer to know who those real racists are. And I’m not talking about the “racists” made out of whole cloth by the Snowflake Social Justice Wokesters. If its made uncomfortable for them, they will hide, not change.

    • The problem with the WEF’s vision is it is impossible to implement. Sure, they will get millions (maybe even a few billion) to go along with it, but the larger something becomes it is futile to control it. There are too many ways to work around it. This is why empires never succeed for very long. Because not everybody is going to take a knee. Not everyone is going to listen.

      Look at every science fiction movie that Hollyweird creates – The Matrix, The Hunger Games, Divergent, V for Vendetta, etc. Each movie’s plot is somebody not playing along with the narrative, reusing to participate, and causing a ruckus. That is human nature. One can threaten it, bribe it, cajole it, but they will not change it.

  8. Meh. I don’t really care anymore. I now see diaperers the same way I do hat wearers. Some wear them, some don’t. Some guys wear hats because it’s a part of their identity. Like the kid in high school that wore a Sonny Crockett jacket every freaking day. Some wear them because they’re ashamed of their balding heads. Some wear them for the same reason Linus clung to his blanket; it’s a security hat.

    Most of my hair left many years ago, but I’m secure enough to not give a shit. The only time I wear a hat is when it makes sense to do so. To avoid painful sunburn on the scalp when I’m going to be outside for a while, or to keep warm when it’s brutal cold outside.

    But if someone wants to wear their hat, sunglasses, or diaper during every waking hour for even ridiculous reasons, so be it. I’m happy to live and let live.

    • Cool analogy, Anon- but ya left out the best part: The mask wearers are akin to someone wearing a yellow hardhat- everywhere, all the time. In fact, that wouldn’t even be as bad, because at least a hardhat actually can protect one when in a situation where one might need protecting.

      Wait…wait! The masks are more like someone wearing Mickey Mouse ears, all the time, not because they like Mickey Mouse….but because the government mandated the wearing of Mickey Mouse ears for a time and convinced people the wearing of the ears would protect them from deadly cheese or something….and people not only obeyed such a ridiculous decree…but continue to perpetuate the behavior even when not required to.

  9. Yeehaw:

    ‘Attorney General Merrick Garland tested positive for Covid just hours after a news conference with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and other top Biden administration officials.’

    Please die, y’all.

    • No one is dying of a fake virus. This idiot doesn’t even have the sniffles. Please stop making this something it isn’t.

  10. Say something, snicker, or bleat – but why and to what end? These latent diapering fools are all-in on this, many of them are (and were) mentally disturbed, and all of them are vaccinated and likely suffering from brain fog, ischemic stroke effects, and other assorted symptoms of dead gray matter. Some of them hold violent tendencies with a healthy dose of sanctimony. You can’t bring them back to reality with facts or discussion, nor by shaming them or mocking them. Like a chattering bum in NYC, it is best to ignore them and never engage with them. My policy is to treat them like I would a pile of dog shit on the sidewalk – carefully avoid contact.

    • I’ve about the same notion, BAC.

      Esp this, “You can’t bring them back to reality with facts or discussion, nor by shaming them or mocking them”

      …Just wish, some of ’em weren’t family.

      Oh, & ya left out the, ‘easy to go into a rage’ or, ‘lash out’ symptom. There’s that, too.
      It’s easy to mistake it for TDS. I think, it’s altogether different. Who knows, though.

    • BAC’
      You are Spot On with your observations!
      Unfortunately, you are are speaking to the choir.
      Great And Accurate comment on our present state of affairs…..
      Now if only the Covidiots would pull their heads out of their asses….
      One can always hope.

  11. There are still a few freaks left, but not to worry. I’m starting to hear of evidence that the shots are inducing a form of AIDS through immune suppression.

    If true & widespread, all the maskers will be gone in time.

  12. Man London is still full of Maskholes… you cant imagine, at least 20- 30%. many even walking alone outside by the river wearing a face nappy…. WTF…. A friend told me the media has been ratcheting up the “cases cases” here again so maybe the sheep are afraid. I have no idea because well I cant remember the last time I read the news on a mainstream website….

    • Same here in Boston, already hyping the latest omicron abcdxyz variant; these people are mentally ill, will never recover. I just want to be left alone.

    • Things seem quite a bit, ah, fugazy over your way, Nasir.

      After June 30 2022

      the European Council has amended resolution 2361 and no longer objects to compulsory vaccination.

      As of July 1 2022 the EU has announced the legislation for the mandatory EU COVID 19 Certificates that deprive you of all freedoms if you do not have a QR covid certificate. If there is a majority of member states signing the legislation, compulsory vaccination will be introduced.

      at the end of 2022/2023 there will be a digital currency.
      The EU will impose a digital ID on every EU citizen. (The Dutch already have this and are already referring to the EU version on the digld.nl website)
      All ATMs will be replaced by QR code ATMs in the near future, Belgium is already installing them full swing.
      If these QR code machines are integrated, cash can no longer be withdrawn from banks and/or elsewhere.
      The EU aims to make cash completely worthless within 18 months.
      The EU resolution permanently deprives every person of their physical integrity.


    • Just because they haven’t disclosed it yet, doesn’t mean they didn’t already do it.

      I think it’s pretty obvious that that was one of the objectives of the mass “Covid testing”.

  13. Hello all! I’ve got one for you I hope you’ll like.

    Here where I live in Connecticut you still see diapered individuals. But what I saw yesterday was the stupidest example of virtue signaling I’ve seen yet.

    I went in to one of my local supermarkets (undiapered, of course.. thankfully no mandates either) and proceeded to browse for bargains ( thanks FJB). As I looked around I noticed one woman with a t-shirt on with an American flag waving and some words including the word “Shots”. I walked away to a different area. This freak followed me and, as I turned around, she was there and I then could read the full shirt. It proudly stated “I Got My Two Shots” up top, and below the flag “And I Got My Booster”. And, naturally, she had on an N95 “duck” mask. I walked past her and, as I did, I looked at her, rolled my eyes and shook my head. I WANTED to rip wind to see if she could get a whiff of it through her emotional security device, but I had none to expell!

    COVID virtual signaling at best…it never ends.

      • Hi Raider!
        Ha! Unfortunately, no. I think this woman was wearing this t-shirt because she considered herself a PATRIOT for following Fauci and all his dictates. People like her are a lost cause.

  14. In my small town it’s probably down to about 5% masked. Mostly it’s the blacks who want to make sure everyone knows they are democrat. And old people who take the evening news as gospel. And homeless who are batshit crazy.

    Go into the city about 15 miles down the road and it’s worse. Freaks all over. Good for a laugh (or a cry).

    • I say this with only sympathy and compassion, so please don’t take it as one of those typical racist, flung “jokes”.

      The lamentable fact is that black people are often saddled with deep and emotionally-crippling complexes of insecurity and dysmorphia as a result of being cruelly subjected to an alien society where they fall so far afield of “ideals of beauty”. Often this manifests as severe self-loathing and chronic, inescapable shame, which can then build into outright rage. (No group is immune to falling prey to this complex, of course, but there can be a tragic synergistic effect with black people’s additional difficulties in meeting traditional standards on other, behavioral, dimensions. Again, I’m saying this out of compassion, and not to denigrate anyone. No one is responsible for their own genetic heritage, just like no one is responsible for being born in the first place.)

      Anyway, this is my belabored way of saying that I think black people, on average, like wearing masks more than whites not as a signal of being a Democrat, but because it is a now-acceptable means of self-effacing, and hiding an exquisitely-painful source of shame, much like someone might desperately hide a scar, or a birthmark. Sort of how Halloween give people a chance to negate their true identities to assume a persona more exciting or liberating, the masks now allow people who are ashamed of their faces to assume a new (sort of neutral, but sort of futuristic and martial) persona, to “Live-Action-Role-Play” through their otherwise punitive lives.

      • Attitudes like this are why we fail.

        Yes like all living creatures on this planet, black people are at the day’s end responsible for their genetic heritage.

        No, blacks are not now being “cruelly subjected to an alien culture.” They are a protected class, and their culture is being forced into our faces.

        In case no one has noticed, White peeps are the new niggers relegated to the back of the bus, so to speak.

        • First off, there is no “we”.

          Second, there is no “day’s end”.

          Third, how on Earth is anyone “responsible for their genetic heritage”? This is utterly incoherent. We are all thrust into this hellscape world without consent. I might entertain that humans are morally responsible for their actions—but not for their genes. That’s just cruel and heartless.

          Fourth, yes, blacks are indeed lost in an “alien culture” not of their making. Sure, they may be used as scapegoats, mascots, and cats’ paws, but none of that is of their making, either. That is as if an assassin put a venomous viper in your bed, and you blamed the snake. It’s dumb.

          Fifth, it’s obvious you completely missed my point, which was strictly about the observed preference among blacks for masks, compared to whites. (Asians are basically inseparably wedded to their masks, now, btw.) You used my tentative and nuanced statement about how maybe we should sympathize with a certain mindset that’s out there in the world, and you use it as an excuse to spew misdirected racist resentment at poor people who are frankly the LEAST of your antagonists.

          Finally, I’m not saying that whites aren’t now discriminated against with unique ruthlessness. That’s not hard to “notice”. I was simply offering an alternative account for mask-preference among blacks, other than the political “Democrats’ virtue signal,” which frankly I don’t think blacks give a damn about, or would even understand if you explained it to them.

          Mack, let me offer this: you are allowed to have a heart, even while you are in distress and opression. Schopenhauer tells us, critically, that all of us are on Death Row together. This is a reason to take PITY on others in pain, because their pain is the same as yours, even if its sources are multifarious.

  15. I don’t really care if someone wears a mask. Some may have legitimate reasons for masking, they may be sick or immune compromised from the vax. As for the true zombies, I don’t give a shit about them and won’t waste my time and energy on fools. The popular culture has devolved into a dystopian nightmare and is not redeemable. Separate and rebuild.

    I’ll respect their choice to mask as long as they respect my choice not to mask or vax. If not, well then that’s a different story isn’t it.

    “Be nice, until it’s time not to be nice.” Dalton

    • The thing is, when the law was on their side, did they leave us alone or did they want us ridiculed and punished for not complying to their mandates?

      • The law was never on their side. But the mob was. And countless tin-badged dictators- small men given the chance to be large, knowing it was a lie and their moment in the sun was limited and fleeting.

    • **” Some may have legitimate reasons for masking, “**

      Unless it’s Halloween, what legitimate reason is there for wearing a mask which is incapable of protecting one from any airborne pathogens?

      It’s like saying that people may have had a legitimate reason for opening their windows during a tornado warning in the 1970’s when the National Weather [dis]Service used to promote the notion that “opening windows would help equalize the pressure inside your house, and lesson the damage in the event of a tornado”- which of course was complete BS, and is now ridiculed for being so……

      • Well, if I want to make a cash withdrawal from someplace where I don’t personally have any money, a mask might come in right handy pilgrim…

        Or more likely if I want to have some anonymity from their surveillance. Though that’s become unlikely with gait recognition and pattern matching and smart phone surveillance.

      • I don’t know, maybe they got bad acne or bad breath, who knows, who cares. As long as they don’t bother me, these pathetic virtue signalling turds can walk around in a giant condom. I just don’t give a damn, they’re just not worth the aggravation. Now if they’re assholes looking for confrontation, I’ll be happy to oblige. Otherwise I’m willing to live and let live. With economic collapse, starvation and nuclear Armageddon looming, mask zombies are dystopia light.

        • Exactly Griff. If they’d just leave US alone, I couldn’t care less what they do or don’t do….i.e they don’t need a legitimate reason or a reason, period. Hmmm…maybe we should give the pricks a tsaste of their own medicine!

      • ‘What legitimate reason is there for wearing a mask which is incapable of protecting one from any airborne pathogens?’ — nunzio

        In Japan, people wear masks on the subway when they have colds or the flu — a custom that long predates the pandemic.

        Whether it’s effective, I don’t know.

        But it’s not a political statement, as it might be here. In Asia, mask wearing only signifies “I’ve got the sniffles, so I’m trying to protect the rest of you from my sneezes.”

        • Yeah, Jim,
          In Japan, it’s a different thing. Though I doubt it’s effective, it is a sign of the politeness of the Japs, rather than a political statement, virtue signal, or desire to protect one’s self. Would that Americans were so civilized…. I know decades ago when I used to ride the subway daily in NYC, I used to get sick at least twice a year- whereas normally, I might get a cold or something maybe once or twice a decade.

      • Nunzio, why would they need to have a “legitimate” reason for wearing one of those silly masks? Its a choice. Making people wear masks, or making them not wear masks are just the opposite side of the same lack of choice. Taking peoples choices away is wrong. It may well be a bad/poor/ill informed choice, but its still the individuals choice. That naturally flows from our most basic principle; You own yourself. Personal responsibility also flows from that. You own the consequences of your choices. That’s why I was never a member of the Crusade. While I can understand Eric’s position, I disagree with its application. Those types also tend to be unstable. Thus its useful that they self identify. As for taunting them, why would I wish to do that? The fact that they are wearing one tells me they are a badly frightened, unstable person. I don’t want the consequences of being forced to deal with their instability. Better to just keep an eye on them, but other wise ignore them.

        • Hi BJ,

          Ordinarily, I’d agree with everything you’ve written. But this is not an ordinary time. An attempt is being made to normalize pathological abnormality. This is not about abiding quirks/strangeness – different strokes. Or even sympathy for disturbed people. As I wrote in the Report, these people are members of an aggressive cult. They are not merely people who want to wear a “mask.” They want everyone else to wear one – forever. They would vote for a law – or “mandate” to require it. They would have us Jabbed and tagged. That they are scared carries no weight with me. So were the Germans who supported you-know-who. That “mask” is the symbol of a tyranny no less dangerous, in principle, than the armband. People who wear those deserve jeers, too.

          • Eric, I suspect we will never agree on this point. If you really want to understand the tactics involved in these types of psych ops, and why they are so effective, I suggest reading a book by Edward Bernays titled Propaganda. He was one of the fathers of modern propaganda/marketing and also one of the more evil people of the early 20th century. Once this type of hysteria gets started, it simply can’t be stopped, short of mass bloodshed. They have to burn themselves out. We are already seeing that. It has been rightly said that humans go insane in groups, and only regain their sanity one by one. I wish it was other wise, but that’s the reality. As a student of history, you have no doubt noticed that yourself.

            But the way, I’m not getting notice of new posts again. It looks like that old config problem has popped up again.

            • Hi BJ,

              Yup; I’ve read Bernays. I understand the methods. It doesn’t change my views regarding people who continue to “sieg heil” even after their “Fuhrer” has been exposed. That’s what I meant about the people who continue to “mask.”

              I understand being fooled; I have been fooled many times myself. So have we all. The issue is whether we learn from it.

        • I agree, BJ- it’s a choice- and one does not need a reason- legitimate or otherwise- to justify a choice that they freely make. But that doesn’t invalidate the fact that there is no legitimate reason for the choice of wearing a mask. People can wear one if they want…I don’t care- as long as they don’t try to force me to wear one- just as they can wear Mickey Mouse ears if they want to…but the wearing of the ears or the mask is simply a choice or preference. There is no ‘legitimate’ reason to wear Mickey Mouse ears..just as there is no legitimate reason to wear a mask (unless you are doing autobody work or something which generates dust).

          Just to clarify: I didn’t say that people need a legitimate reason to justify their choice..just rather that there is no legitimate reason.

        • “Making people wear masks, or making them not wear masks are just the opposite side of the same lack of choice. ”

          Not quite. Up until the ‘vid (and still is legally speaking) my state HAS a law that one cannot wear a mask EXCEPT for Halloween and private parties. My state and a few others had a little problem with people wearing masks and lynching people of color in the mostly peaceful manner possible back in the day. In order to get the problem under control, a law was made so that if you want “to Klan”, you gotta show your face. It’s amazing how the “crime” seemed to diminish overnight with the removal of masks (and Klan membership). And it is not lost on me and many others that the criminals of today looting stores, being violent, breaking into vehicles, etc. all love their masks.

          • JumpR Kabel, I wondered if someone would drag the Klan into this. If nit wits want to wander around in their wives bed sheets, they should be free to do so. That having been said, if their *actions* initiate force or fraud, bed sheets make really poor body armor… 🙂 As for what the various gangs of thieves and murderers “allow”, that’s very much like the pot calling the kettle black. Their thugs have been hiding their faces in their raids for a very long time.

            • “That having been said, if their *actions* initiate force or fraud, bed sheets make really poor body armor… 🙂 ”

              Not very skool’d on history are ya? No need for body armor when gun control in the USA has always been about disarming minorities.

              • Oh I’m quite familiar with that history. Its not only been about minorities. The general trend in many areas was to disarm everyone but the gangs thugs.
                That’s why the 2nd amendment is such an unusual addition to a countries founding documents. The idea of natural law has always fascinated me. There are only two classes in this regard. People and property. And people are NEVER to be considered property, or its time to start shooting those who practice it. One of our most basic principles is self ownership. Slavery was an abomination. But if you remember it was the democrats who based an entire system on owning other people. Speaking of history some of the first black members of congress happened to be republicans. By the way, I do believe in gun control. That’s why I use both hands… 🙂

    • Some people have “legitimate reason” to wear a tinfoil hat, too.

      It’s called “being insane.”

      These people are to be pitied, perhaps. Coaxed along into saner behavior, if possible. But not emulated.

    • That, “80+% at Kroger […] also in the parking lot” is a bit perplexing to me. Just a hop & a skip away here in Iowa, every trip I make to town – everywhere – it’s never more than ~ 2% wearing face diapers, anywhere. Often, it’s Zero.

      I wonder what the big diff is? Are you in or near a big Blue city? I never really thought of Michiganders being all that different from Iowans. Guess, not.

      I heard about someone in Illinoise (now, they Are quite often different from Iowans) who has a cold, or vaids, or who-knows-what, hacking & coughing all over the place and wears a face diaper so they don’t, “spread it”. …Do they take that thing home & wash it everyday, or put on a new one? … Nope.

    • One more thing that is so strange and why I believe all tv news is pure propaganda. Even news outlets like Fox are not reporting what is going on in China. What other reason could it be to flat out across the board make no mention of a major news story.

  16. ‘Science,’ comrades:

    ‘On March 3, Weeping Walensky gave a presentation to medical students at Washington University during which she admitted that she had learned about the Pfizer shot’s effectiveness from CNN.

    CNN’s report, in turn, was based on a press release from Pfizer, which stated that the jab was 95% effective. Walensky was not told, she said, that the shots might lose effectiveness over time (and a short amount of time, at that).

    “The Pfizer press release … became CDC pandemic policy … [Y]ou rarely get such direct evidence of a corporation influencing federal policy by laundering their press release through media outlets like CNN.”


    When Republican-led Congressional committees start investigating next January, the smoking gun will be finding memos within Big Pharma documenting their advance knowledge that the touted 95% efficacy of covid injections would fade to zero within months.

    If Big Pharma knew that, the ‘95% efficacy’ claims were a gigantic fraud upon the government and the public.

    Sue them to their knees, then club them to the bloodied concrete floor of their cell.

    • “Sue them”?

      They can’t be sued, in large part because of Walensky’s advocacy. Indeed, new mandates and more rounds of mandatory sludge are coming swiftly down the pike even as you and I type. The executives and bureaucrats responsible for the whole thing aren’t getting put in “cells“—they’re getting promotions, bonuses, new contracts, and awards. Indeed, when they’re ready to roll out a big new “booster” campaign, the way you’ll know is that mask mandates will start being reintroduced, and “cases! cases! cases!” will start “going up”.

      Walensky isn’t making an “admission” and she certainly isn’t contrite. She’s bragging. Mocking the goyim by shoving in their faces that they were all manipulated in the chintziest, most brazen way possible, even while that gangster’s potion continues to work its magick in their blood and heart tissue. The failure of the masses to respond with outrage is taken as consent and ratification…which is frankly understandable and reasonable!

      This is the way the cryptocracy works: they tell you the truth while continuing to act in keeping with the now-forgotten lie. Whipsawed by cognitive dissonance, the battered, sheeplike goyim just go blank and await instruction. Having no memory or coherence of independent thought, the goyim are completely at the mercy of the sinister Kabbal.

      • Rochelle hoists herself on her own petard, guaranteed. Then she would run fast to an outhouse if there were no toilets available. The facts of life don’t budge.

        She cannot escape her basic instincts, her human nature. Her body consists of organs that allow her to remain alive, one of which is her brain. She should use it, never too late. It’s going to help her a lot, free her mind from the complete brainwashing she has suckered for.

        It can happen, Rochelle can actually become a sentient human being, it is her choice.

  17. The freaks need a healthy shouting down, but everyone is waiting for white males to do the shouting. The problem right now is that white males are tired of doing that job, and no one else wants to step up and be labelled “The Devil”.

    In the case of the freak setting the NCAA “female” swim records, if the real women on the UPenn swim team or the other schools didn’t want to step up and be heard, why is it anyone else’s responsibility?

    • Hi Roscoe,

      I’ll lead the way! Just the other day, while on the gym floor, I saw a Diaper-wearer walking up the stairs to the second level. I look at it and – loudly – made the sheep sound. Several people saw me and heard me. The Diaper Freak did, too. But it didn’t react to the sound of its own . . . sound.

      • I would very much like to have seen this interaction!

        On some deep level, persistent maskholes know that cowardice is not a virtue, notwithstanding the psychotronic matrix signalling to them that it is. I for one think you are doing that freak a spiritual favor by evoking a deep shame-response that is otherwise shielded by layer upon layer of artificial behavioral programming and social enabling. The discordant note of that “baa”-sound is the clanging alarm clock to dispel the hypnoidal symphony of illusion that the monkeys are all sleep-dancing to. Shame the freaks, eric. Shame the freaks.

      • Ummmm, excuse me? Don’t you belong to a “judgement free” gym?

        Ha. I see an occasional member at my gym still wearing a mask. The perplexing thing is that about half the time it’s below the chin, even when he’s very close to others.

        It’s also been my recent experience that masking is still almost universal for Asian-Americans.

        • Heck no, Mister!

          I work out at Crunch – formerly Golds. Mostly, it’s a meathead kind of joint – which I like. Lift, leave. That’s it. But there are some hipster-Diaper types there, who attend the Zumba classes upstairs…

          • I like Crunch but as a female who has gotten pretty fit in the last year am still relegated to the loser section of the gym. The selfie taking meatheads own the best machines. Guess im gonna have to find a smaller outta the way place cause I need to train harder now. Oh well reality bites i guess there are worse problems o have and crunch worked for a while!

            • Hi Rebecca,

              At my Crunch in Roanoke, the meatheads are usually by the free weights. Most seem pretty normal and are just there to lift – and leave. There are some hugely inconsiderate ones, though – of both sexes. One couple sometimes hogs both flat benches. There are only two of them. Rather than work out together on one bench, these two will take up two – and take their ever-loving time. Five minutes in between sets and they will do seven or eight sets; sometimes more. I stagger at people such as this.

              Like Dr. Lector, I find discourtesy unspeakable.

              • Or the gym could buy more of certain seemingly relatively inexpensive small pieces of equipment! I would buy more of the benches couple fans and abdominal dip exercisers for our Crunch. But never mind me and my whiny complaints lol!! It’s always something right.

                • I asked the owner (whom I know) about that… she told me that she has no say over the floor layout, which is dictated by Crunch. It’s a franchise….

    • Time for atlas to shrugg and quit patching this fetid mess. They’re all strong, independent and courageous so now it’s the sheeples turn to keep the lights on. I’m done. I fix my sh*t and divorce myself from this mess as much as possible. They wanted it, they got it. I can live a primative or even feral existence, they can’t.

      Ridicule and monkeywrenching on the brave new world always welcome of course.

      • Amen brother. When they need something I have, they will either pay through the nose for it, or when they try to just take it I get to administer immediate frontier justice. Very soon what they will need from me is food and tools. I’m thinking an ounce of silver for a potato sounds about right.

      • Amen, Nut!
        I live out here on 27+ acres, and have trees and land and shelter and tools, etc. I can live quite nicely- and I notice virtually no change for the worse (but some for the better) the more I divorce myself from their system. They’ll have to come physically stop me- and the only way they’ll do that is by putting me in the ground- And while they may do that, I’ll at least make it hard for them, and be sure to make the cost very high. They take out one…they’ll lose four or six in the process.

  18. Im here in Dallas, still see maskholes, though not as much as back home (Dirty Jerz)

    If it never ends, at least we know who’s batshit crazy who’d otherwise hide it well prior to “taking their mask off”

    • I was in Dallas a few weeks ago for a week. I saw masks at the Asian shopping/dining cluster in Carrollton but not in many other places.

      The Texas Supreme Court is sitting on several cases in which the Justices will decide where the authority lies to impose mask rules. If the Justices rule in favor of the County “Judge” (for those of you unfamiliar with Texas, think Mayor of a county), masks will return in Austin and San Antonio at a minimum IMHO, possibly through the election.


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