Diaper Report 12/11/21

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Something like normalcy appears to have settled in – in the sense that abnormacy has been normalized. The wearing of Chin Speedos (also known as Face Diapers) is now a routine sight, which is something many of us would have never imagined we’d be seeing, routinely.

Of course, many of us never imagined we’d be routinely seeing derelicts dropping deuces on public sidewalks, either.

But this is America, after all.

Or was.

About a third of the population in my part of Virginia – the Roanoke area, in the southwest corner of the state – continues to “mask,” as the wearing of Chin Speedos/Face Diapers is styled by those who refuse to see even though they are required almost nowhere and have not been for months. There are a few perfunctory signs here and there. But the wearing is now mostly by choice, which makes it possible to see just how many disturbed (as opposed to obedient) people walk among us.

It’s still a lot – and that by itself is unsettling.

To see every third or fourth person wearing a “mask” is worse than seeing a brown wet spot on every third or fourth behind because a person who cannot control his bowels usually has a physical problem beyond his control and so it cannot be helped.

One feels sorry for him.

He is also usually not someone who thinks – who insists – that his condition applies to others. Much less that others are obliged to “practice” incontinence mitigation, for his sake.

And so for that reason, we do not despise him.

Still, there is some good news to report about the lingering of “masking,” even if it is a third or so of the population that continues to think – to believe – that walking around with their face looking like the crotch of a European beach Guido is a matter of public health.

We appear to have reached a kind of stasis – or point of equilibrium. The people who still “mask” are likely to “mask,” forever. They are attached – literally – to their “masks.” Physically – because psychologically. They might as well have them tattooed on their faces (it would be just as effective a health measure).

But the militancy appears to have tamped down markedly. The “masked’ go about their business and we go about ours, each leaving the other alone. Their eyes don’t boggle when they see our faces. At least, not in my area. They just walk past – as we walk past them.

This, of course, is how it should have been from the beginning. People should always be free to wear whatever they want to wear, especially  as regards the symbols of their faith. Few are bothered – and no one should be – by the sight of an orthodox Jew wearing a yarmulke while shopping. It only becomes a problem when the orthodox insist upon orthodoxy – that others adopt their faith as opposed to respecting the right of the orthodox to practice his.

The problem, of course, is  that the leaders of this new faith needed everyone to practice it. So as to give the appearance, at least, of widespread faith. This was accomplished by “mandating” the “mask” – which is to this religion what the yarmulke is to the orthodox Jew, with the additional element of forced conversion.

What’s interesting about that – for those who’ve experienced it – perhaps having grown up in it  – is that it is sometimes hard to lose that religion. The rituals – and the trappings, in particular. They become routine, a part of normal life. Especially when they are “practiced” by people in your close circle, such as family members – who apply pressure to at least feign faith, for the sake of keeping the peace.

It is why many people go to church on Sunday – even though they are indifferently faithful. They “believe,” perhaps – but in a milqueast manner, enough so that they are willing to go to church every Sunday and to describe themselves as “Christian.”

So it appears to be with the Disciples of the Church of Corona, Omicron Variant. They still believe, too – but not with the insistent, enthusiastic fervency of a new religion. It is mostly pro forma now. A catechism one says, rites one performs – because one has always said them and performed them and it would feel strange to stop doing either.

Even though it has only been two years since this religion swept the country – the world – it has already lost much of its original fire and brimstone. It is getting hard to spread the bad news – perhaps because more and people no longer believe it.

Possibly because the “devil” posited  (by actual devils, ironically enough) hasn’t delivered. The bodies aren’t – and never have – stacked up like cordwood. The young are fine and so is practically everyone else.

It is hard not to see that.

After awhile, people stop believing the bad news. Some,of course, may still “believe” – but without the End Times immediacy that breeds dangerous fervency. Old Scratch is down there – somewhere – but what’s on TeeVee tonight?

. . .

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  1. This has driven seemingly rational people to behave like raving Howie Mandels with 5 gallon buckets of sanitizer, gloves, and face diapers. Double boosted of course.

    That got me thinking if anyone has seen Howie Mandell during this, or has he entered a hyperbaric chamber to permanently remove himself from possible contagion spread by human?

    This stuff is fun when its not sickening, disheartening, or plain crazy. They use to be able to hide. Now we can see there crazy out in the open!

    I just want to look at one and yell out a really loud “BOOO” with a big smile on my face.

    • “Nobody will be vaccinated by force, the government has said, but those who refuse the shot will have to pay a initial fine of 600 euros ($670), which can then increase to 3,600 euros ($4,000) if not settled.”

      The fine is force. Don’t comply and they issue a fine. Don’t pay the fine they increase it. Still don’t pay? Then they what? Could be more financial steps but eventually it’s backed up with force.

      • All too true, Brent.

        I once had a painfully lengthy and circular argument with a young woman–a physician–who insisted that “the government would never kill anyone just for not paying their taxes.”

        I explained, in as many different iterations as I was capable of formulating, that people are arrested routinely for “tax evasion” and that an arrest necessarily entails the genuine threat of lethal force, and that any who resisted arrest would be (and occasionally are) killed.

        She would simply reply to every interaction with an iteration of: “Yeah, but that’s for resisting arrest, not for not paying taxes! Nobody has EVER been killed for not paying taxes!”

        This blind spot, where procedural distinctions completely and irreversibly obscure the principles of reality, demonstrates the wicked genius of all the government’s “hidden” coercions: taxes, licensing, inflation. Much like a cat will ALWAYS mistake a moving string for prey, being blind to the nearby hand of the wiggler…the human animal will ALWAYS follow commands from the hierarchical social structure on their own terms, and remain constitutionally blind to the lethal force that pervades every encounter with the “government.”

        • Yes. Thats very much like CrimeStop. Generations of threat and fear produce that adaptive response.

          Newspeak word, and one of the central pillars of Ingsoc. Crimestop refers to the ability to stop short of any thought that might be heretical or unorthodox before it is even thought, as if by instinct. It is the ability to misunderstand analogies, fail to perceive logical errors, and be repelled or bored by any train of thought or conversation that might be inimical to Ingsoc. Of course, this process is not unique to Ingsoc, and has been and still is applied by most religious and political extremists.

          Crimestop is not stupidity, or at least not natural stupidity. It is the ability to deliberately retard one’s own intelligence, and, of course, to forget the process of doing it by doublethink.”

  2. The more this covidian cult goes on the more it resembles the people who worshiped the bomb, the alpha-omega device in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”. They all wore masks too.

    • anon 1

      someone just said the mask signifies the boot on the face…….tell people….nice boot….or how’s the boot today? if you explain they will explode on you.

    • anon 1

      Is covid a wailing wall?

      Someone said if you built a wailing wall with spikes sticking out of it people would pay a lot to take a running leap into it.

      One opinion is people like fear, anxiety and pressure, the covid hoax brought them lots of it, is that why some people enjoy it?.
      The 24/7 fear porn made lots of people sick = more fake covid cases.
      People who had no life like being part of the cult, now they belong to something, it gives their life meaning. Another 30% have a life, hate the cult, they are the purebloods.

      Maybe the covid/reset/globalist planners figured everybody is self destruct, an accident going somewhere to happen, this just speeds it up, the globalists think they are the new olympian gods so they decide when you are exterminated.

      The globalist/satanists see us as useless eaters, an invasive species, so a cull is a zero loss, net gain, plus more real estate for them and they will own everything.

  3. At the risk of going too far off topic, but on a related note:

    One thing that has struck me since COVID came on the scene is that the Orange Man and his administration wantonly squandered tremendous political capital in its wake. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take much needed action, and the public will to take these actions was at an all time zenith, so the general population would have at least condoned, if not supported them, because COVID. What were those actions?

    We should have sealed and secured our borders indefinitely, up to and including stationing military personnel on the borders, and authorizing them to use force against anyone attempting to cross them illegally.

    We should have curtailed legal immigration, with exceptions for high-level scientists, for example.

    We should have stationed checkpoints for legal border crossings á la Ellis Island, where legal entrants are screened for disease and those who are suspected of being sick is quarantined and sent back if they don’t get better after two weeks.

    We should have pulled out troops out of not only Iraq and Afghanistan, but also South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, et. al. We should have redeployed them to securing our borders and handling the medical response, such as building field hospitals and transporting supplies.

    We should have taken measures to reduce our economic dependence on other countries, especially for critical goods like food, medicines, and medical supplies. This is especially true of China, which is where many disease outbreaks originate.

    We should have made reforms to our health care system, of which decoupling health insurance from employment, deregulating health care, and curtailing the excesses of for-profit health care are key.

    We should have held Big Agriculture and Big Food accountable for lacing out food with trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, which lead to obesity. We’ll pay a few bucks more if it means not becoming Jabba The Hutt.

    But we didn’t.

    And that is why the Orange Man is such a disappointment, and why one can’t claim that he was a wannabe dictator. He had the perfect shot — and he blew it.

    • Remember that the democrats had painted Orange man as wanna be dictator, racist, etc. This put him in a lose-lose situation.
      He could do something which would result in “Look he’s being the racist dictator we always said he wanted to be” or he could do little to nothing and get the result of complaints he didn’t do enough. It was a political trap. It’s almost as if the entire thing was generated to close a trap that had been set over almost four years’ time.

      As far as the medical system, the food, etc Trump doesn’t even know these topics. The only person who ran for president who both has a clue and is on the right side of it would be Ron Paul. Trump doesn’t have a clue about such things. Deep knowledge of many subjects isn’t his thing.

    • Bryce, do you have any idea how many rice bowls that would break? I totally agree that such should have been done. But its simply not possible. Why? Systemic corruption. Both sides of our one party state benefit from open borders. The democrats get ever more people, who become dependent on government and its “services”. The GOP gets cheap labor for their corporate masters. As for the Sick Care system, there are trillions involved in that racket.

      Between the insurance mafia, and the government they are making gigantic profits. Not to mention the MIC benefits from endless war. That’s why we still have troops in hundreds of bases spread around the world. No one would be allowed to interfere with that. Not to mention any real attempt that was made, would result in those who actually own the country crashing the market and collapsing the economy. As much as I’m disappointed in the Bad Old Orange Man, one has to be realistic with ones expectations. Power corrupts, and the Deep State at this point has almost absolute power.

  4. We’re getting a winter storm that is dumping snow in the sierras. On the local news last night they showed the typical traffic jam on the interstate with some light hearted families who got out of their cars to play in the snow. One of the videos showed a kid wearing a mask as he threw a snowball. Guessing these were probably bay area people still heavy into mask wearing. Its saddest to see the kids. I wonder what kind of future leaders this generation will produce, having spent their childhoods indoctrinated with covid policies.

  5. This has been an interesting time working as a federal contractor. Before the judge in Georgia halted the insane federal contractor mandate, the pure blood contractors where I work had to self test once a week, and upload their test form to HR. This lasted exactly one week before the judge killed the mandate. I overheard my boss talking to another boss a few weeks ago, and there were over 300 contractors who refused to be jabbed. No way they can fire 300 contractors, and expect to function. All of these contractors have security clearances, and you can’t find some Joe Blow on the street with one of those. I did not hear of one single contractor having his/her exemption disapproved. My boss put in for a medical one since he had the Rona last year, and his doctor was actually smart enough to recommend not to get the jab since bad things can happen when you get the jab after having had Rona. Well, bad things happen with the jab whether you’ve had Rona or not as we all know.

    Pretty normal here in Florida. You still see the freaks wearing their diapers in stores and such. Maybe 30% at the most. The poor store workers are forced to wear the diaper it seems, although there are some stores that are 100% diaper free. It seems all the doctors offices force the wearing of the diaper, but the nursing home my grandmother is in does not. There, you have to take one of those rapid Rona tests, and after 15 minutes they bring her outside for a visit. No visitors allowed inside. No big deal.

    May this insanity end soon….

  6. Dramatic, moving testimony from nurse Collette Martin at a Dec 6, 2021 oversight hearing of the Louisiana House Committee on Health and Welfare [transcribed from video]:

    ‘I’ve spoken to our chief medicine managers and other nurses on why we’re not recording to VAERS, and the most common response is, “WHAT IS VAERS?”‘

    ‘I also have been told that VAERS isn’t the best indication of vaccine side effects. Well if that’s the case, WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING AT?’

    ‘Our children are not even at risk for this. As of now we have more children that have died from the covid vaccine than from covid itself.’

    ‘When I look back on this in 20 to 30 years, I have to know that I did everything I could. WHAT SIDE OF HISTORY WILL YOU BE ON? I have to know this madness has to stop.’


    This hearing was in response to DemonRat governor John Bel Edwards’ proposal to add covid vaccines to the required immunization schedule for school children.

    The committee voted 13-2 to OPPOSE the rule.

    But in typical lawless leftist fashion, Edwards said he intends to override legislative rejection and move forward with adding the vaccine to the state immunization schedule. [Source: Bill Feig, theadvocate.com, Dec 6, 2021]

    Having lived in Baton Rouge, I don’t believe the conservative-leaning people of Louisiana are going to tolerate having fake vaccines forcibly administered to innocent kids by a democidal, demagogue DemonRat.

    • Hi Jim,

      This woman’s attitude makes sense to me, assuming the premises of reasonableness, empathy and the once-assumed human reflex to be cautious about imposing risks on others. I think to myself: Are people like Edwards actually psychotic? They must be. At best (worst) they are people who are so mentally ill they actually do believe that what they are doing is “right.” That by doing it, they are being cautious about risk imposition; i.e., they see the “unvaxxed” as imposing risks on others – though this position is so intellectually lazy it the person who hews to it – if they hew to it genuinely – must be that lazy. Or that stupid.

      The last alternative is none of the above. It is that people like Edwards – politicians and such – are bought or compromised and do what they do under duress or because they are being paid to do it.

    • anon 1

      crucifying children = sick leftist/communist/satanists

      the globalist/communist/satanic cult

      some people see this 7 billion cull as a satanic sacrifice similar to a crucifixion:
      (maybe the demons in the cult believe they will get karma credits from the devil for a good deed)?

      corona means crown, spikes (spike proteins) are like the thorns in the crown, (crown of thorns jesus),

      so when you get the extermination injection it is like being hoisted onto the cross, but it will probably take longer to die. you might be lucky or in a leftist district and get the placebo, but by the 3rd, 6th, 12th injection they will get you.
      the nazi needle is great you can selectively exterminate select people/groups at different steps in your agenda.

      you let your child be crucified?

    • Good morning, Nasir!

      Well, it was… until I saw that. Of course, the singin’ libs are all overweight… they care so much about their health, they demand you wear a “mask.” But heaven forbid we “ask” them to lose 30 pounds.

      • Or heaven forbid we “ask” companies like Kellogg’s, General Mills, KraftHeinz, ConAgra, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola to stop feeding us so much sugar and trans fats…Or “ask” health care conglomerates to have some backup capacity for emergencies…just saying.

        • Bryce, in a free market economy, one wouldn’t need to ask. Companies would adapt or perish. Its been known for quite some time that sugar and HFC are bad for you. But its a huge market, with billions in profits to be made.

          This is the short version.

          Not to mention that Sick Care in the US is a VERY profitable racket. On the order of Trillions. Yes, trillions, with a T. With the focus on treating the symptoms, not the underlying cause, its a great repeat business model.
          With the usual results one would expect from a command economy.

          • anon 1

            re: sick care

            somebody just described cancer treatment (cutting, burning, poisoning), as cruel, barbaric, torture, that is a good description of the effects of the extermination injection,

            a cancer diagnosis is close to a death sentence, people freak out after hearing that, an alternate theory is disease usually follows a trauma, starts with the mind/brain, so after the diagnosis they get worse.

            I am not a fan of allopathic cut, burn, poison, medical care, alternate treatments sound more appealing, but rockefeller has tried hard to ban, demonize all alternate treatments.

      • Nunz, what the hell did they expect? They made that school an idiotic “gun free zone”, and then howled when some psycho killed a lot of defenseless people. Trying that in some of the schools in Texas and other sane locations would have a rather different out come. They have armed and trained teachers all over those schools. Notice I said *trained*? These Progs are not just idiots, they are dangerous.

  7. Feeling shit today…. had a shady (but pretty tasty) Chinese takeaway last night…. Its seems like this dodgy Chinese takeaway has made me feel worse than this bug from China…. 😛 now what a vaccine for dodgy Chinese food mandated on everyone?!

    • Been there/done that, my friend!

      I also have a weakness for shit Chinese food. I know of only one cure: Cold turkey. Don’t even drive by such a joint, if you can help it. Hope you feel better soon!

      • THanks – yes I always say that after I have it, but you know – you forget eventually and after a couple months you’re back doing the same thing you know you will regret!!

    • Nasir, the problem with the Chinese Food Vaccine is that you need another injection an hour later…..

      I’m wondering what UK-ized Chinese food is like. Americanized Chinese food sucks, IMO- but if you can find real Chinky food (Generally, only if you know where to go in the biggest cities) it can be awesome- especially if it’s of the Hunan or Szechuan variety!

      Hope ya feel better.

      • Nunzio, I suspect its about the same, possibly worse ! A chinese friend of mine once took me to a proper Chinese place in china town where he eats with is friends. It wasnt anything like what we eat ! he warned me beforehand though !! Yeh we dont get as far as looking if its Hunan or Scechuan – because most likely a Bengali cook is making it in the back end anyways, especially around London !!

  8. Headline in the NYT:

    South Africa’s President Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

    President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is fully vaccinated, was displaying mild symptoms as new cases are rising …


    How many times … yeah, how many times … I said, how many times will the utter uselessness of so-called vaccines in stopping the spread have to be demonstrated, before someone in authority finally BLOWS THE WHISTLE on this lethal, criminal hoax?

    We’ve known this for an unassailable fact since the infamous July 4th Provincetown incident, in which 74% of hundreds of ‘cases’ were ‘fully vaccinated’ — to NO EFFECT.

    But the mighty Wurlitzer of sponsored disinfo plays on, pumping out the absurd, discredited myth that so-vaccines have something to do with stopping the spread or protecting others.

    Lies … all lies … BRAZEN LIES.

    Smash the vaccinazis.

    • Vietnamese-American writer Linh Dinh, in a post at unz.com:

      ‘In Vietnam, only 35 people died from Covid in 12 months before “vaccines” were introduced.

      ‘In the eight months since, 27,600 have perished. Last week, three teens were killed immediately after their second Pfizer shot. A hundred and twenty ended up in the hospital.’

      Go figure …

    • Booster maff:

      ‘“Two doses are not effective enough,” Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of Israel’s Public Heath Services, said.

      On the other hand, the Sheba study found that the booster dose does increase the ability of the vaccine to work against Omicron by about 100-fold, meaning that there is “significant protection,” Dr Gili Regev Yochay, head of epidemiology at Sheba Hospital, said.

      “It is lower than the neutralizing ability against the Delta – about four times lower. But it is very optimistic.”



      Those who got the two-dose Pfizer regimen now have ZERO protection.

      A third booster dose increases their zero protection by a hundred times, to some tiny decimal percentage.

      But it’s still four times lower than before.

      That’s a lot of maff to convey a concept expressed by four letters: FAIL.

      Who were the mad-scientist jackasses who formulated this worthless crock of shit?

      • They’re so into this delusion they can’t see how they contradict themselves, or how they have to twist into a pretzel to explain away what’s right in front of their eyes (I refuse to believe they can’t see it for what it is). If only Asch had a follow up experiment. I really want a psychologist to explain this to me – they’re literally making shit up to conform, not to group/peer pressure, but to a phantom delusion.

      • anon 1

        When you lose your integrity and morality like so many woke MDs/DOs when they accepted EVERYTHING these left wing researchers said without ANY INDEPENDENT confirmation from reliable sources….I mean not paid in full by China and Faucci grants….then you have NO SOUL and will sell your own children into servitude and THE JAB.
        These providers should not just be condemned they MUST lose their license to practice for they will sell out their patients once again if a Biden/Obama type ever gets back into office.
        Like the purposeful changing of climate change data to make their claim these same providers/researchers will do the same once again given the chance. This is WHY nothing can be trusted from them again….and the current same researchers/providers will falsify anything not to allow the truth to come out…

  9. Coercing injections on U.S.military personnel, with threats of discharge and disciplinary action, is now a greater priority than maintaining force readiness, cohesion and morale. What else do you need to know about the current status of today’s American Woke services folks? ——It would not surprise me that orders have been issued for mandatory mask wearing when confronting an enemy.

    • One would think that the bioweapon “covid” could be used against the enemy, following the twisted logic of the times, hence NO masks. But I agree that even when “covid” could be used against the enemy (haha), “masking” will trump all.

  10. Eric,

    I also noticed this here in the UK. Been about 2.5 weeks since theres official indoor mask wearing mandates in the UK. But despite not wearing one on trains (where there is actually a penalty) or inside shops, nobody really cared…. though unfortunately people are broadly copying, they are’nt bothering me…. which as you say im fine with.

    Unfortunately however the media has really gone up in fear mongering with this new “moronic” variant…. despite the fact that over a month since its been discovered- nobody has died from it. ie its less bad than the flu….

    • That was indeed odd. He didn’t say who was doing the burning, either, which leaves it open to interpretation as far as whose “side” he is on.

  11. My observation in Northern California is that the religious zealots are in the cities, and the country folk have rejected it from the beginning.

    I am nearing the point of beginning to verbally shame parents who diaper their poor children in public, breathing heavily on a playground especially. It’s so disgusting but I actually think the parents think that my silence equals some kind of approval or respect, hard to say what, as if they are the Pharisee looking all miserable because he’s fasting in public and wanting everyone else to see how holy he is. Maybe that’s what the diapered passengerless driver is thinking to themselves as I stare dumbfounded through their window at the stoplight.

  12. anon 1

    “When Science Mixes With Politics, All We Get Is Politics…”

    Censorship of actual science has been heavy-handed, both by Democrats and by their big-tech acolytes.

    Epidemiologists, virologists and physicians who do not toe the party line regarding COVID have been intimidated and silenced.

    Science that cannot be openly questioned is not science, since the heart and soul of science is to scrutinize every claim from every angle.

    If we are to be told that we must follow the science, then scientists must explain to us the inductive reasoning that was applied to exclude members of Congress, and their staffs and a long list of other special people exempt from the COVID restrictions they imposed on the rest of us.

    If scientists are to decry those of us who doubt their word, then they must equally decry the policy of distributing unvaccinated, untested illegal aliens to every state, while denying entry to legal travelers.

    To decry only the skeptics, while ignoring the egregious anti-science of many politicians, does nothing to engender trust in the institutions of science. It does the opposite.

    Pre-woked Science used to be theories and models that were backed by reams of data and were vigorously debated and defended. If it failed or a better theory or model or new data was researched or proposed – it replaced the old one.
    Post-woked Science is now a concensus of the anointed with the proper woked opinion. No dissent will be tolerated. No other data will be even researched or explored or discussed.

    • anon 1

      zh comments

      The mixing of science and politics started with Darwin and Marx. It’s why commies have no problem with genocide – to them, people are just another type of animal. It’s no different to them than slaughtering cattle.

      I think many scientists have been abused by the deliberate politicisation of their studies. There are MANY that call out the lies surrounding Covid (and MMGW) but they are either silenced, ignored or threatened in some way to keep ‘quiet’ and allow the corruption of their ‘trade’.

      Most of the blame lies with the media. They have assisted in the corruption and pushed a political agenda to the detriment of EVERYONE and laid their ‘profession’ open to justifiable claims of DELIBERATE FRAUD.
      It would take only ONE respectable media outlet (yeah….name me one!) to start the exposure and collapse rolling.

      Science helped pull us out of the Dark Ages.
      Covid hysteria, and politicizing science, is sending us back.
      Bleeding patients with leeches would be less harmful than mask mandates, injections.

      When they started insisting upon jabbing children who have zero chance of dying from COVID, they went from demonstrably stupid to demonstrably evil.

      1. Politics and politicians are inherently corrupt and are often outright criminals.
      2. Government-funded science and scientists serve the politicians providing the funding.
      Therefore, government-funded science and scientists are inherently corrupt and often outright criminals. For proof of that look no further than the COVID (Canceling Out Very Inconvenient Democracies)-9/11 Plandemic and the Anthropogenic Global Warming / Global Warming / Climate Change hoax.

      Pre-woked Science used to be theories and models that were backed by reams of data and were vigorously debated and defended. If it failed or a better theory or model or new data was researched or proposed – it replaced the old one.
      Post-woked Science is now a concensus of the anointed with the proper woked opinion. No dissent will be tolerated. No other data will be even researched or explored or discussed.

      When politics enters anything it gets ruined Education, Health care, Not just science, history too.

      Science is now little more than politics in drag with heavy makeup

      They used to give lobotomy’s to mentally ill patients in the name of science. now it is extermination injections

      Actually SCIENCE! is the bigger whoor. Politicians pay scientists and their laboratories grant monies derived from taxation. Else they couldn’t SCIENCE!.
      Pavlov says those SCIENCE! guys will salivate every time they see green, naturally. Well-trained, they are, and they dare not bite the hands that give them their green.
      scientists = corrupt criminals bought off by the globalist/satanist government and you trust one word they say? fauci is the most corrupt and the richest. but people believe/comply with their hoax covid mandates, end up crippled/dead = stupid/insane

      Science is proof by experiment. Logic and science reject any consensus opinion as proof of anything.

      If you cannot question it, then it is a religion.

      There can be no experiment with children because a minuscule number can contract the virus, or not science.

      The mass vaccination experiment showed the vaccine can neither prevent infection with Covid, nor does it prevent transmission of Covid, or the vaccine is useless.

      Gates, Fauci, etc had been saying for years that they were going to control global population using vaccines………IMHO people who took this vaccine committed suicide

      Politics has never been about anything else than psychopaths drunk on power justifying to themselves to seize even more power.

      • anon 1

        zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make the vaccines (extermination injections), then the mrna injection/extermination shot is released, again with no controlled experiments.

        ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

        What this means that all these mandates etc. are based on fake science, there is no science backing them, just fraud, which makes them illegal, they should all be stopped today, there is no rule of law left so it probably won’t happen.

        Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate zhang yongzhen’s results.
        nobody seems to know or care, they are making billions of dollars off this scam.


        • OMG. So stupid. Nowadays everything is usually about 1,000 times worse than you think it could possibly be. You think the worst… and the truth is it’s usually 1,000 times worse. And you can’t even believe it — it’s so outrageously ridiculous… yet there it is.

      • Science became politicized when the atom bomb and V2 were developed. Before that weapons were basically mechanical engineering problems, no theroitical physics needed. Once govenments realized they could influence the direction of basic research to their end it was game-on. Now most research teams have grant writers on staff, so that they can properly explain their plans to maximize funding. Back when I lived in State College I learned a lot about the Military/Industrial/Educational complex. That’s one of the foundamental reasons why I’m a libertarian today.


  13. Eric, there is one areas omitted from your article that remains persistent in its ritual:

    First, employees at almost all kinds of establishments are still required to wear them and it seems that will be forever.

    To me, it connotes two disturbing things:

    1) employees are beneath the customers, since it is optional for customers, and
    2) they are filth and must show “respect” and “concern” for those who choose to enter

    The gig economy has been a huge outgrowth of this mess, and I have to believe at least in part that people are seeking alternatives to wearing a mask all fuckin day long for the meager pay offered at traditional employment venues.

    Second, another laugher is a vaccination site I walk past several times of the week. The vaccinators and their victims must wear the conformity rag as a bow-down ritual. If the vaccinator is presumably vaccinated, how could they possibly have a disease to transmit to the victim? nd thus, what is the purpose of either person wearing the rag? I’ve repeatedly considered walking in and mocking everyone, but it will surely result in an arrest on trumped up charges.

    • anon 1

      a great comment from ?

      I don’t care if you believe Covid is the most deadly thing since the black plague. I’ll give you data that shows that it isn’t, and try to show you as much truth as possible. But, you are free to believe what you want to believe.

      I don’t care that you want to wear a mask, stay six feet away from people, and spray down your own mail. You are free to do so. I’ll present you with data that shows it is pointless, and ask you to provide data that backs up your point of view.

      I also don’t care if you want to take one of the vaccines. If you claim it is safe, effective, and free. I’ll give you the data that says it isn’t. If you still believe in it, fine. You are free to get jabbed as many time as you want.

      Don’t you dare claim you have the right to force me to do any of those things. You do not.

      You claim the right to force me to do all of those things, wear a mask, distance, not go to work, and be vaccinated. Why?

      If your mask works, then me not wearing a mask has no effect on you. If standing six feet away prevents The Virus™ from spreading, then it won’t spread to you. If the vaccine works, then me not getting it has no bearing on your own personal health. My personal decision has no effect on your life. Just as your decision has no effect on mine.

      The only way my decision to not wear a mask, or be vaccinated can have an effect on you, is if your measures of prevention do not work. In order for you to be infected by me, if I was infected, if you are wearing a mask that prevents infection. Is if your mask does not prevent infection. If it doesn’t prevent anything, then what is the point of it?

      If your vaccine does not protect you from me, then it is completely pointless.

      Is that why everyone must do it? Because if one person doesn’t play along, it proves that everything done to us for two years was for absolutely nothing?

      I believe that is the truth. Everything done was pointless for health, but served a great purpose of advancing the totalitarian state and consolidating power.

      I ask again. If your measures work, what do you have to fear from someone who doesn’t abide by them? I’ve asked numerous people that question who believe wholeheartedly in Covid, and they can’t answer it. Other than saying that by not abiding you are a danger to those that do.

      The exact definition of insanity. Answering a question with a statement that causes the question to be asked again.

      • For real. I also personally know extremely intelligent and articulate people who believe this and also cannot explain specifically why the unvaccinated are a danger. They tend to simply restate the policies. Every day now is just another mind bleep for me.

        • anon 1

          make their leftist head explode……point this out to them…..

          The exact definition of insanity. Answering a question with a statement that causes the question to be asked again…..they are insane….

          a fist fight might follow….
          leftists are insane here is proof…..

        • RS, intelligence is no shield against hysteria/belief. Fear strikes at the reptile brain, far below the level of the intellect. I’ve also know some very intelligent people, who are still fear locked by all of the fear porn that was spread by the Ministry of Truth (mass/social media). The best you can do is stay away from such people. Perhaps in time they will wake up. Until then they are a danger to themselves, and anyone around them.

          What should concern all of us, is the psychological damage that’s been done to countless people. Especially the children. Not to mention the ever mounting evidence that the vaxxed are in for many, many health problems going forward.

  14. A brother of a neighbor has recently been hospitalized due to “covid”. He is struggling with an enlarged heart, blood clots and pneumonia. He is young middle age and was healthy before being struck down. I don’t know the vax status, but this is Michigan and I believe the percentage of vaxxed is pretty high.

    Also, I-75 traffic was unusually busy early this Sunday morning, and the Detroit International Airport was jammed with people. Maybe this indicates that people are tired of living in isolation and fear all the time? Or maybe they just want to celebrate Christmas like normal and aren’t listening to Fauxci anymore.

    • Hi Snap,

      I’m sorry to hear about this – it’d be interesting to find out (if possible) whether this person was Jabbed as the symptoms you describe seem to jibe more with the Jab than the ‘Rona.

      • Hi Eric, if I get another opportunity, I’m going to find out. The only reason I refrained from asking is that this is a new neighbor friend, very worried about her brother, and I didn’t want to ask too many uncomfortable questions.

  15. Yeah Eric, you’re right about there being a lessened emphasis on the wearing of the facial crotch rag. Oh well, can’t have too much of this so Alakazam! here comes the next scariant straight from the lower regions of darkest Africa, apparently unstoppable now since its been “reported” high and low from every corner of our planet. Probably got caught up in the jet stream, clinging to the silvery wings of globe circling carbon belchers. I think it even caught up to me a couple of days ago as I was leaving one of our local watering holes. Turned a corner and almost collided with two of my old drinking buds, was so startled I blurted out Oh! Mike!..Ron!

  16. I have a local gas station that has returned to normal. No plexiglass, no signs, nothing. Almost no one wears a diaper. However, there was one lady who came in masked, took it off after seeing she was the only one, and proceeded to look at the store’s merchandise. She kept holding it in her hand as if it was her security blanket and couldnt let go. She ended up walking out without buying anything. Im betting standing in line like pre-2019 people was just too much stress.

  17. If you haven’t seen this article, you might want to read through it. It’s not long:


    If that doctor is correct, masking results in long term injury. I’ve always suspected as much. You see, the one “intake” of your body that occurs every second of every day is that of breathing. Also, it’s the intake where if choked will quickly result in your death.

    Secondarily (in importance) is the intake of water. Thirdly is the intake of food.

    If you have health in mind, you need as clean and free flowing air as possible. You want clean/unadulterated water and food free of toxins to greatest extent possible.

    There just is no “insignificant” amount of restriction of air. If that doctor is correct, and I believe she is, the practice of masking is more pathogenic and of greater concern for most people than the corona virus itself. And will certainly have longer consequences.

    • anon 1

      changing definitions… vaccinated, vaccine, cases, immune, pandemic,

      Trust, as gay and many other words have been perverted so as to make the original meaning end, while the new perverted meaning is accepted. The bolsheviks did the same thing with the Russian language, and it has taken over 100 years to recover, and that is not a full recovery even now. now it is being done to the english language….

  18. Time for a little Vipassana.

    We’re all Tibetans under Chinese rule now, we’re all indigenous Australians ostracized and penalized for staying alive, we’re all indigenous North Americans and South Americans to be genocided via vaccination madness, we’re all untermenschen living lives not worth living. We’re the new Gypsies, the new filthy Jews, the new pariahs in need of some kind of re-education. Renegades to be ruthlessly hunted down.

    Off to The Pale and the extermination FEMA camps.

    There is a gulag for you, if you are among the unvaccinated, you’re there now.








    F’em all. Farqing iceholes.

  19. I got a haircut the other day and the stylist was a snotty, coughing, runny mess. Although I’ve had this bug, I still felt really cringe-y sitting there thinking about those germs landing all over me. But even if there was no covid, I would have felt that way about a regular cold, to be fair. She probably should not have been working, regardless.
    But it got me thinking about how they’re using this to ostracize people. The slightest sniffle, cough or sneeze is room-clearing these days. I don’t want to be someone that ostracizes a person for catching a cold, but I also don’t want to get too close.
    After my hair trim, I took some vitamin c and so far so good. If she had covid, it’s proof my immunity is still good. If it was a regular cold, I still fought it off, I guess.

    • RE: “I don’t want to be someone that ostracizes a person for catching a cold, but I also don’t want to get too close.”

      Yet, in a way, it seems you’ve done just that.

      I’ve been thinking about how to express the ideas that many people are afraid of the Boogieman & only a security blanket will protect them. That either Christianity can teach them not to be fearful, or perhaps reason & logic will?

      I’m not certain there’s a value in spending time to flesh out such thinking. There’s an awful lot of people who’ve decided to let others do their thinking for them, or worse, they’ve perhaps forgotten, or are unaware of a saying, “condemnation, without investigation, is the height of ignorance”.

      Many original Star Trek episodes were about enlightening a population of how the Boogieman wasn’t real & how the priests in white robes with stethoscopes, or their equivalent, weren’t all that.
      As long as there was that underlaying fear… Mass Formation was the result.

      Just thinking out loud. Not sure I’ll continue that. Zero sum game?


      • For years and years I thought the censors that the old sci-fi writers were getting around in shows like The Twilight Zone and the Star Trek TOS were stupid. Now I think they either were regular people or simply did not care because they knew the message wouldn’t be heard.

        But in the years leading up to 2020 they did destroy every major sci-fi franchise, each within its classic original state had messages that would allow people to see some piece of what was going on. There’s little reason for me to believe it was not intentional at some level.

    • Hi Amy,

      I think even the most stalwart among us have been infected to some degree by this. It is very difficult to not have that thought crop up, unbidden, when someone in your vicinity coughs.

      What if . . . ?

      But (per Frank Herbert as put forth in his novel, Dune) fear is the mind killer. We must not allow ourselves to become animals – who cannot suppress fear, who respond to fear. Only we – humans – can over-ride the fear, when it wells up. This is a big part of what makes us human rather than just animals.

      It’s ok to feel fear. It is important not to give in to it.

      Sickness is a normal part of life. Most of the time, for most of us, sickness is a temporary inconvenience. It is important to keep this mind. We feel bad for a while but then we feel better. We recover. A few days in bed is not the end of the world. They just want us to believe it is.

    • Frankly, I’m surprised by some of the reactions below but I get their point. However, there is a clear difference between ostracizing people that *might* spread something regardless of whether they have it or not versus somebody that clearly has something going on.

      I’m not “afraid” or fear the freaking sewer but I surely don’t elect to swim in it.

      People that are clearly symptomatic really should not knowingly expose others to their illness. Stay home for a couple of days.

      You did not “ostracize” that person as was immediately claimed here. Based on your story, you completed the transaction and took action to protect yourself. That sounds perfect to me.

      You might want to consider vitamin D/K2 drops as well as vitamin C. There are also anti-viral nasal and throat sprays available over the counter which I’ve used when I felt a “tickle” back/up there and worked spectacularly for me!

      But to the broader point, you were not advocating to lock anyone down. To force anyone to do anything! Yet the responses here kind of implied that you were.

      There is a clear difference and I dare say does touch on the libertarian NAP. Stay your sick ass home for a couple days especially if your job exposes you to people on a regular basis.

      The consequences of not doing so, not only knowingly exposes others to illness, but results in government using cases like that to justify over-reaction and overreach to the degree of insanity as we’ve seen over the corona hoax.

      • It’s easy to say, “Stay home for a couple of days.” Problem is, unlike many in the white collar world with generous sick leave, millions, perhaps billions, of blue collar workers, such as the hairstylist, do not have that generous option.

        Usually, in my experience, companies grant two days of sick leave, take three days & you need a Dr.’s excuse or you’re fired!

        Colds & flus last about 7-14 days, businesses would go out of business if they had to let employees stay home for the length of a cold or flu, perhaps twice a season. Never mind the employee most often cannot afford to take that much time off. Poverty is a better route than coming to work sick?

        It used to be, it was considered a good work ethic to work through a cold or flu. The TeeVee commercials for big pharma cold & flu meds highlighted this work ethic endlessly. I suppose things are viewed differently in the white collar office world? Why is that?

        It appeared you’re saying that coming to work with a cold or flu is somehow a violation of the libertarian NAP, if so, imho that’s borderline absurd.

        Working while sick is not a violation of the N.A.P., it’s a virtue. The thinking that it is not seems to be a very recent change brought on by the safety cult.
        In your particular case with Larry, perhaps he’s saving his sick days for when he’s *really* sick? Who knows?
        It does not seem like he’s being irresponsible, or treating other people like shit. That’s your perception & who is to say that your idea of doing ‘the right thing’ is just that? See above about work ethic.

        Lastly, I modified the word, “ostracize” with the phrase, “in a way”. Which is true.

    • In fact, for the sake of conversation and healthy libertarian debate, I’m going to double down on what I’m saying. Please correct my incorrect assertions or premises herein.

      The boss at work, his name rhymes with Larry, and has earned the nickname “Typhoid [L]arry” because on numerous occasions this guy, that does nothing apart from *talk* at work has come into the office hacking, coughing, sweating, nose blowing, obviously and completely sick.

      Over the 14+ years I have worked for this guy, I have caught whatever the hell he brought to the office *numerous* times! I can’t say “I’m gonna work from home because THE BOSS is sick as a dog.” So I got it. Fine.

      My wife is a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese herbology. I stay home, she gives me herbs, I take Gan Mao Ling, Antiphologistic, Vitamin D/K2 and SIT MY ASS at home for a week or whatever. Once I’m able to get out of bed, I work from home until I believe that I am clear because I’m not a fucking asshole.

      So, no I don’t tell HR. No I don’t demand the he or anyone else has to be coercively injected or masked. I don’t demand that he even do the right thing or even follow the NAP. I just deal with it and yes it pisses me off.

      I would have to sit in meetings with this guy. My office is two doors down. We share the same kitchen that he slimes up. It’s fucken gross. It’s irresponsible. It’s treating other people like shit. That guy could just sit his ass at home, dial in to whatever and do his same job in that manner.

      I “arm” myself with good health. With supplements. With healthy food and exercise as often as I can do it. I don’t *demand* anyone do anything but what the hell is wrong with expecting people to voluntarily do the right, non-aggressive thing, here?

      Please, explain it to me.

    • Amy, it could be a sinus thing. There seems to be this thing that runs in my family, which seems to have found me as of the last few years: We sneeze a lot- many times in a row (My mother, in her 90’s, a year or two ago, sneezed 17 times in a row!) and tend to produce a lot of snot…and have runny noses, and have to blow a lot.

      I’m sure when I go to the store these days, and am sneezing (into my hanky, of course) and blowing, people likely assume that I have the Plague…but the ironic thing is, I (and my thusly afflicted relatives) tend to never get sick- I think because our sinuses are constantly effectively being flushed!

      Of course, looking at someone, you never know if they are sick, or if it is a sinus thing….. (I’ve always tended to avoid going to indoor public places on the rare occasions when I am actually sick though.)

      • PS. The one person who has her sinus thing “treated” by the medical establishment…she’s the one who is always sick, has vertigo, gets hay fever (In NYC!), etc.!

  20. Napoleon once said, “As for me, I have tasted authority and I will not give it up.” That right there is why we’re still in this mess.

  21. ‘But the militancy appears to have tamped down markedly.’ — eric

    Concerning masks, yes. For sure. But as for the Needle, the masks have come off (so to speak) to reveal the naked face of absolute despotism.

    For those who recall the Dire Straits song ‘Money for Nothing’ on the Brothers in Arms album (1985):

    By Martin @ zamizdat.info

    Look at them yo-yos, that’s the way you do it
    You jab them plenty with the mRNA
    It ain’t workin’, but that’s the way you do it
    Money for nothin’ and your (biometric) chips for free

    So what if it ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    Lemme tell ya them guys are dumb
    Maybe cause your sister to lose all her hair
    Maybe you drop dead for all we care

    We got to install holocaust ovens
    Custom pharma deliveries
    We got to move these refrigerated …
    We got to move these killer vaccines

    See the Big Guy in the Oval office?
    Yeah buddy he’s in our tent
    That little dotard got a presidential airplane
    That little dotard he gets 10 percent

    We got to install holocaust ovens
    Custom pharma deliveries
    We got to move these refrigerated …
    We got to move these killer vaccines

    I’m glad I learned to play with viruses
    I’m glad I learned that people are dumb
    Look at that mama, she got it stickin’ in her irises
    We could have some fun

    And Tony’s up there, what’s that? Buy-in noises?
    Bangin’ out the mandates like a chimpanzee
    So what if they ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    Get your money for nothin’, get your (biometric) chips for free

    We got to install holocaust ovens
    Custom pharma deliveries
    We got to move these refrigerated …
    We got to move these killer vaccines

    Listen up

    I want my—I want my—I want my mRNA

    I want my—I want my—I want my mRNA

    [Repeat until The End….of the world]

  22. anon 1

    How do you like your masking, lockdowns, loss of freedoms and A1, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections so far?

    Who is to blame?
    A crooked scientist working with the globalist/ccp/communist/satanist/gang cult.

    zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make the vaccines (extermination injections), then the mrna injection/extermination shot is released, again with no controlled experiments.

    ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

    I wonder if he was paid one billion dollars too like they offered Aleksandr Lukashenko ?

    What this means that all these mandates etc. are based on fake science, there is no science backing them, just fraud, which makes them illegal, they should all be stopped today, there is no rule of law left so it probably won’t happen.

    Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate zhang yongzhen’s results.
    nobody seems to know or care, they are making billions of dollars off this scam.

    NOTE: this is anti science pseudo science. the whole covid 19 narrative is 100% lies, fraud, put out by the leftist/communist/government, repeating zhang yongzhen’s lies (leftists/communists run the government, ….. they lie 24/7 and just stuff up so this is normal),

    The governments in canada, australia, england, new zealand, U.S. have been infiltrated by the ccp/communists, everything they say is 100% ccp/globalist/satanist/cult agenda lies..

    zhang yongzhen’s fraud discussed, revealed…


  23. The thing I’m learning about religion is that my belief was never really gone, just that it changed. The cartoon character of God wasn’t the reason for the church, although for many it is good enough. No, the reason why religion exists is becasue it provides a good framework for helping out your fellow man. When socialist governement programs replaced charity through the church, it left a hollow in society. Now religion was left with attracting people for selfish reasons, and the church became corrupt. And otherwise charitable people became resentful as their tithe became tax.

    Calling diaperdom a religion isn’t correct. One could call it a cult, but it is much more like a virtual commune, as the only reason for its existance is for the satisfaction of the members of the commune.

    • I would call it more of an obsession, compulsion, or addiction. Fear produces endorphins, which are psychoactive substances the body produces, and can be addictive. Intensive exercise also produces them, called the “runners high”.

  24. Up here it’s up to each city/town whether you’re supposed to wear a face diaper; naturally all the ultra libtard towns (mine included) insist on it but I do most of my shopping where they’re not “required” and yet still 75% or more wear them. On my last trip to the grocery store I got dirty looks from a diapered fatty that would definitely require two seats on Southwest-wonder if they still have that policy. I almost burst out laughing but I think some of these people will wear face diapers for the rest of their lives. Sadly that’s not living, it’s merely existing.

  25. Regarding the Jab:
    I ran a comparison; from the inception of full vaccination (12/15/20) to (11/26/21) the CDC as recorded at VAERS 19,532 deaths from the vaccine. Rough average of 1775 deaths per month.

    The Korean War killed 33,686 Service Men in about 37 months of conflict (6/25/50 to 7/27/53). That averages roughly 910 deaths per month.

    The vaccines are killing at a rate greater than the carnage of the Korean War which was a bloody war. Assuming the same average of 1775 for 37 months, we’ll have 65,675 people (Americans) dead from an experimental vaccine. As most of us on this website are aware VAERS is severely under reported and the death toll is much greater.

    This is evil to continue this vaccine and evil to even suggest this be given to children.

    I think Eric is right in that we have had some complacency set in and people are getting over the mask fear porn that has been placed 24/7 for 2-years. In my opinion the Omicron Ceti-III Version of the Delta now defunct Corona is not creating the fear porn Fauci was hoping nor are people joining the colony as expected.

  26. I went to a doctor’s office yesterday for a little GI issue I’ve been having. I was the only one undiapered, but no one said anything about it.

    Maybe they’re done with fighting bare-facers because they know its futile, but I have this idea that perhaps they’re just being perfunctory about their former religious fervor, and know that the Diaper is just a symbol of a dying cult. They just don’t have it in them to admit they were wrong.

  27. The militancy, as you put it, is merely being held back due to the cowardice revealed by 1) being outnumbered and 2) not being backed up by official enforcers. They are still on a slow simmer of hate. You can find them online in the comment sections of news articles having to do with mask mandates.

  28. Fool me once, shame of you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    I can’t remember how many years ago now, maybe 40, I was watching some Sunday morning television where the evangelicals spout their devout faith.

    I was tuned into a channel that had Jimmy Swaggart preaching his own special fire and brimstone. Condemning debauchery is a favorite sermon topic. har

    I’ll never forget the words he said: “You’re no good, a disgrace, you should be ashamed of yourself, you should commit suicide.” Maybe it was ‘kill yourself’, can’t remember exactly, but I do remember Jimmy speaking words to that effect, maybe not verbatim, but close. Not long afterwards he was caught with a prostitute at a motel down South somewhere. Jimmy was jonesin’ for some carnal knowledge.

    Why should Jimmy be denied some fun once in a while? It’s okay to be a hypocrite as long as it is fun! A fall from grace, nobody cares, Jimmy is forgiven. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

    Indulgences for me, but not for thee. You must follow my rules, I won’t, so there.

    That’s the shtick.

    Nancy, Chuck, Joe, Kamala, Hillary, Ihlan, all are cut from the same cloth. Trump too, all the same. All holier-than-thou. Phonies one and all who are completely out of touch.

    Do as I say, not as I do, that’s what they all say.

    Sit down, shut up, pay your taxes, stay in your pew and listen. Makes you wanna puke.

  29. Face diapers are on the uptick here in CT, even seeing more and more solo drivers wearing them and people outside wearing them while walking dogs. I still get looks on account of my facial nudity, but no one really says anything. Left a bookstore two weeks ago as the manager kept putting a box of blue paper diapers in my personal space and insisting I join her cult.

    I understand NY state is going back to full-on diapers required, even though most of the dumbasses that inhabit that shithole are double vaccinated and boostered. It wears the diaper whenever it’s told unless it gets the hose again.

    Count yourself lucky if you only encounter 1 out of 3 or 4; it’s the inverse and growing here in the northeast. Because Moronic.

    • BAC that is good news. In a couple of years, there will likely be far fewer dumbasses in NY due to their devotion to the lethal injection. Mask=Love for the Lethal Injection=Fewer Dumbasses.

      • Hi Eric

        But the fervency remains. I just tried to log on to my “Nextdoor” account and see that they have “disabled” it for “violations of community standards.” Funny how these platforms claim to be an open and neighborly forum while hiding behind “community standards” when “unpopular” opinions and arguments are made. If an argument cannot be refuted by a logical and reasoned response, they must resort to silencing the arguer- telling him to “shut up.”

        I’d made several comments on various threads regarding the Virus Scam, the Public Fool System, and the blatant THEFT through “Eminent Domain” of a peaceful and gorgeously-landscaped Catholic religious retreat (the Espousal Center in Waltham, MA) to build a “high school,” yet another hideous ziggurat to the Public Fool System. The once stunningly beautiful and peaceful site now resembles a series of open-pit mining stopes in West Virginia. They’ve been blasting daily since around March 2021.

        Lefties claim to worship Gaia- when I responded to the hypocrisy in a comment thread on the topic, I was immediately attacked for “not living in that neighborhood.” He said in his comment, “Oy vey.” I responded that the principles involved are independent of time and place.

        In this same thread, numerous neighbors in the area were complaining of the noise and damage to “their” houses/foundations from the constant blasting. They wanted to get the “city,” that is, other tax slaves, to reimburse them for this damage. I responded that the government has absolutely no business running a “school system” and called out the hypocrisy of professing their love for Gaia while condoning this rape of the local landscape “for the children.” The site now resembles the surface of the Moon. ANYTHING, “for the children.”
        Lefties are truly laser-focused on power. They don’t give a tinker’s damn about the “environment, despite their claims to the contrary. I’m unable to conceive of ANYTHING as quintessentially UGLY as the Welfare/Warfare State in all its manifestations, both physical and conceptual.

        “Lefties” claim to worship Gaia- I called
        attention to their hypocrisy. I guess
        processing all these young people into
        obedient and willing taxpayers trumps
        any concern about the environmental
        devastation of essentially creating an
        open-pit mine on the site. The wildlife has been evicted from the site and all
        trees/plants are gone. But no useful
        GOODS like copper/gold or other
        minerals will come from THIS mine- only
        BADS, like thoroughly-indoctrinated
        Sheeple who will demand even more of
        the same. Sheeple who will dutifully line up for Slow Slaughter through the Holy Needle.

        I see the sullen coffles of single-digit children, dutifully diapered, waiting for the yellow busses to take them to their daily incarceration in the various Mind Laundries around the area. The fervency of this “COVID Cult” has merely subsided temporarily- just like a portion of a building under demolition being rocked back and forth until it gives way.

        The stifling of dissent is truly the handmaiden of Tyranny!

        May you and all have a great

        • Wow. When nextdoor came out, I knew it was another tyrannical censor platform because my local sheriff endorsed it. The creeps want all us peasants in their platforms so they can stifle us and stop the truth from being told, plus they want us all inefficient and not doing anything — they want us all to think that they are the bosses and let them decide everything. The devils in this world are training the children to be willing victims. The children need to know God made them and they are a soul, and that they deserve freedom, power, and control over their own lives. There should be massive protests outside all schools — ruin their entire day, at least once a month, hand out flyers to the kids. We need to save the children! They’re sacred, and they are the future, yet we’re all just letting them be abused and getting their minds wrecked, plus the brain-damage injections too. Ma – don!!!

    • BAC thanks for the Head’s up!

      I was about to head up and visit my Covidiot ridden family in CT

      Now I’ll just skip it and head back to the Dominican Republic to continue searching out cool hilly farmland about 5 miles from the Ocean.

  30. Americans are gullible. There is no end to the number of people who will believe anything. That’s why scams are so successful.

    Masks, et al fulfill a desire some have to always feel “safe” and often convey that desire onto others as demands for their safety. e.g. Motorcycle helmet demands by those who do not ride.

    Often they claim a “societal obligation”. There is no such thing. One can’t owe society anything, unless one can choose not to be part of society – which you can’t.
    All that is owed is to not infringe on the rights of another. Sorry to the safety Nazis but there is no right in nature to not get sick.

      • Nunz, I’ve been seeing that error more myself. Some times it can take seven or eight tries for it to finally go through. Something on the back end filter system is randomly FUBAR’ed. Given this is word press, its more likely after one of their infinite updates/patches.

    • Well, that worked- so here’s what I wanted to say….

      Eggsactly, Dan- And the only reason there appears to be some relaxing of the muzzling in some areas, is because the scared little mice assume that most of those around them have been jabbed- which is likely true to one degree or another, depending on where one is.

      Let us not think that seeing fewer maskoids is a sign that the bullshit is waning; It is not. What is happening is that, just as with terrorism theater, the psy-op has become normalized and just accepted with malaise, if not fervency, so that even if people really don’t ‘believe’ and aren’t pro-active, the majority will just go along when asked/required to do so.

      And in fact, since a lot of these ‘tards really are jabbed, and doubly and tripley so, what we are seeing is likely not an awakening to the nature of the scam, but rather more of a sign that more people have so accepted the scam that they have allowed their very genes to be edited, and now think that they are protected from the boogeyman- who has now relocated from Iraq/Afghanistan to Wuhan, China…… (In reality, he resides in DC and Hollywood!)


    • anon 1

      globalist/communist/satanist depopulation agenda:

      Who is first in the cull?

      They killed the oldest first, next they want to kill all the old people, they are hard to reprogram, not used to a one world globalist/communist/satanist government, will push back, won’t give up their property, won’t submit, they will cause many problems.

      The globalist/communist/satanist want to go from 7.5 billion down to 500 million, mostly chinese. If they kill everybody over five years old they might get their number. This is agenda 2030, so by 2030 the 5 year olds will be 14, about the oldest the globalist/satanist/pedophiles like.

      That way they get a clean start, all history wiped out, the end of mankind as you knew it, their great reset, they can experiment on the 500 million left, turn them into transhuman slaves.

      So all the whites and other ethnic groups will be exterminated, all the people over 5 years old are doomed, will be exterminated, all the leftist useful idiots that helped the communist/globalist/satanists in their cull be exterminated like vermin.

      All the stupid, moron vaxxed, the mask wearers, the idiots that went along so they could travel, will be exterminated and even worse, they dragged the unvaxxed resistors down with them into the grave.

      Tell the vaxxed, the mask wearers, the idiots that went along so they could travel, all the media, doctors, politicians, enforcers, anyone helping, cooperating they are dragging everyone else and their own families into the grave. They think the globalist/communist/satanist will let them survive, but they will be exterminated.

      Push back now your days are numbered.

      • Hi Anon,

        It may not be as bad as all that. But it is pretty bad. Even if billions – or millions – do not die, billions have been psychologically and economically maimed by this operation and god-knows-how-many actually killed/maimed. It is no small thing. Our liberty is everything.

        I agree. Push back, now.


        • Hi Eric

          If you point this out to the people cooperating with the cull you will probably get a strange reaction……why beat around the bush though?

          All the stupid, moron vaxxed, the mask wearers, the idiots that went along with this so they could travel, will be exterminated, it didn’t help them and even worse, they dragged the unvaxxed resistors, children and grandma, down with them into the grave.

  31. Someone in our church was trying to implement masking, staying out of the building, etc., earlier this year. When I called him out on this, he said to me, quite angrily, that he knew several people who “died of covid.” My response was: “How do you know they died of covid?”


    He was basing all of his actions (and their ramifications on the rest of us) on something for which he had no proof, and still doesn’t. Fortunately, he saw the light enough to stop the nonsense. He still says he knows people who have “died of covid,” though. It is hard to let go, as you point out.

  32. The true believers in masking are victims of the willful destruction of our economic, social, and mental health imposed upon us by certain Psychopaths In Charge, in league with the Medical Industrial Complex which includes Pharma. in their case, their mental and possibly some social health.
    I wonder how long before Omicron is declared a “conspiracy theory” for not following CDC and FDA guidelines, by not killing a single person yet? I strongly suspect that it’s not for lack of trying to come up with one or more. Given the evil involved, actually murdering someone(s) who tested with Omicron is not out of the question.


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