Diaper Report: 12/6/2022

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Some of you may recall Gourmeltz – the Fredericksburg, VA restaurant that refused to close its doors or “mask” its customers during the height of Sickness Psychosis two years ago. It just got Hut! Hut! Hutted! by armed government workers – because its owner, Matt Strickland, continued to serve customers after the state had revoked his ABC license as punishment for not “masking” his customers.

Strickland appealed and enforcement was held in abeyance – until just now.

A half-dozen AGWs descended on Gourmeltz the other day over the ABC license issue, which is an entirely bogus issue in that the only reason Strickland’s ABC license was suspended in the first place was because he refused to play Sickness Kabuki. It had nothing to do with alcohol – and everything to do with obedience.

Even after the fact.

In spite of the fact that Strickland – and everyone else who refused to play Kabuki – was right about the imbecility and the evil of Kabuki.

Strickland was among the few business owners who refused to play along, for his own sake as well as the sake of everyone else. For being a stand-up guy, in January of 2021, the Virginia Department of Health suspended Gourmeltz’ health permit. That “case” was eventually dropped, but the Virginia Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control picked up the baton. On Nov. 14, Strickland’s ABC license was suspended for 90 days, after a court ruled that he had “violated the state’s COVID-19 emergency restrictions at the height of the pandemic.”

Which is like saying Colonel Mustard did it in the library with a candlestick.

Actually, it is something worse. Because unlike Colonel Mustard – who is a fictitious character – Matt Strickland is a flesh-and-blood man, whose lifeblood (his business) is being attacked for no other reason than his resistance to tyranny.

He did not open his restaurant without the required licenses. He simply refused to close it on the orders of tyrants, on the basis of their say-so only. No law was passed requiring business owners to close their doors at the barked command of a “health” bureaucrat elected by no one. No law was passed requiring anyone to wear a “mask” as a condition of being allowed to patronize a restaurant.

Instead an “emergency” was declared – and “health” bureaucrats empowered. Decrees were issued – and enforced.

Going on three years hence, almost all of the “emergency” decrees have been lifted (though the “emergency” itself will likely never be declared over) but heroes like Strickland are still being punished by the armed-and-badged order-followers who risibly like to think of themselves as “heroes.”

But it is people who do not mindlessly follow orders who are actually heroic. It takes courage to say No – especially to armed-and-badged order-enforcers such as the ones that descended upon Gourmeltz.

Strickland had everything to lose by saying No – unlike the “heroes” who paid him a visit who are well-paid by the state to follow orders and enforce them. 

“So what are you all doing?” Strickland asks one well-fed AGW, who can barely fit within his Tacticool body armor, paid for by the wealth stolen from people like Strickland and everyone else who earns an honest living. As opposed to those who take their living.

The badged mongoloid gapes like the mongoloid tax-feeder it is.

“How do you feel,” Strickland continues, “about coming to shut down a man’s business for not following COVID mandates?”

“Just doing my job,” replies another automaton – who looks as if he’d like to put a bullet in Strickland’s head for having the audacity to challenge his Authority.

Strickland tries to shame the thugs he’s legally helpless to resist. “Not only did (the COVID mandates) not do anything (in terms of people’s health) they also have been found to be detrimental to the community,” all of which is entirely correct.

“We’re not here to discuss that,” the order-enforcing mongoloid replies.

“Everyone one of you,” Strickland tells them, “is part of the problem. You’re the reason we’re in the situation we’re in. So many people were ‘just doing their job.’ ” Just as they “did their job” in Germany, during the late unpleasantness there.


If more people had said No – and refused to do their jobs – the country would never have gotten into the mess it’s become.

“There’s no excuse. I have no idea how any of you guys can live with yourselves.”

Indeed, again.

. . .

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    • Oops, Peggy Hall’s interview with Matt Strickland will be live on her Healthy American You Tube page at 8 pm Eastern Time tonight.

  1. The WEF Isn’t A Cabal, It’s A Cult

    When you consider the positioning and branding of the WEF, with their certitude and paternalism, it all makes a lot more sense when viewed as a cult instead of a cabal. Cultists know all, they have the inside track – and most importantly, they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right.

    techno-utopianism was ultimately a Luciferian construct. Not necessarily literally Lucifer, but that the aspiration to “usurp God” was Luciferian in character …..the wef cultists see themselves as the new gods….

    Elitism is of the essence here; only powerful spiritual adepts and Luciferian masters deserve to occupy the higher realms and to enjoy the the benefits found only there.” the elites think they are at a higher level then the useless eaters on the bottom….

    “Davos Man”, because the entire elite ontology (or what passes for it) rests upon radical material reductionism.
    And materialism, at its core, is pure nihilism.
    There is no spirit. We have no souls. There is only matter, and lower humans are merely “hackable animals”……the useless eaters are animals, only good for lab experiments

    Participants in a cabal will abandon it the moment it ceases to serve their interests… but cultists will double-down. They will burn themselves alive and eat their children. They are ideological berserkers…..the wef is a cult……

    The Party at Davos is under the impression that they are the vanguard of neo-Darwinist evolution – when it’s looking instead like they are functionaries of a larger morphic field that is distinctly Luciferian or Ahrimanic in character. This field encapsulates transhumanism, techno-Marxism, technocracy and social credit.


    • Anon, The WEF is just another beard for the Cabal…just like the UN and the WHO, et al. The matrix that hides the true rulers of this world behind a facade of political-humanitarian[sic] “legitimacy”.

  2. Off topic, but love the rebuttal to why I should mask at Dr’s and Blood Labs being “Think of the immuno-compromised person, be a nice guy and wear it to protect them, you’re not in there long anyway.”

    Fuck that, that’s how they’ll get you to re-comply, by stating you did it there, so why not here? I ain’t sick, I don’t think them being halfway across the room with me raw dogging the air is gonna make their cancers or other diseases worse. I ain’t killing Grandma or the littlest cancer patient by walking into a place and keeping away from them undiapered, and I wonder what they’re doing when they’re not at the medical establishments, like do they go out and how often are they diapered up.

    Also, they want us masked there to keep us sick, its a racket, plain and simple. Masks make people breathe in crap which get sick, then the Quack rights a prescription for some new medicine that masks the current symptoms while creating new ones, you go back in diapered up getting more sick, and the cycle continues, doubled, tripled, etc.. depending on your jab status.

    • Hi Zane,

      Yup. The false premise is this idea that we must accept being treated as presumptively sick. As presumptive “spreaders” of sickness. This is both despicable as well as horribly dangerous in that it establishes a precedent in fact and psychologically that it is ok to demand that people be treated as presumptively guilty of . . . whatever.

      Own a gun? Well, you might use it to kill someone. Give it up – for the sake of other people’s “safety.”

      We need you to take an AIDs “vaccine.” But I’m not gay! Well, you might decide to have gay sex…

      • Happened to go to a Lab Corp yesterday where this happened, had to drop something off. Karen the NPC behind the counter went off like a broken alarm about wearing a mask, not relenting, though neither did I.

        I got fired up, and besides, if you wanna play their game, “CDC said it’s no longer mandatory”, but as I said above, it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

        Unfortunately, I was helping my mother out that day, where she goes bleeding heart about the whole “Think of the cancer patients and stuff”, like we weren’t all sitting in waiting rooms with the immuno-compromised for decades prior. She’s the classic “Politically Conservative/Socially Liberal” types, so it was an unstoppable force meets an immovable object in terms of the debate, though she relented later once she calmed down herself.

        I’m now looking for Holistic clinics and stuff, since tired of the Big Pharma Whores pushin’ their Pimp Daddy’s drugs onto us.

  3. If I was the owner of that joint I might call 911, and demand my county sheriff come out and handle this trespass. I’d be like “Ive got someone out here impersonating lawful authority. Im in fear for my life, come quick before I feel more threatened.

  4. Well for one thing, the GeStaPo were MUCH nattier dressers- and their MO was more obvious and honest. The current US enforcers are generally much more arrogant and ill mannered, and frequently physical slobs, often sexual degenerates (bull dykes, e.g.), dressed often in ill fitting battle fatigues or rumpled blue or khaki costumes. By contrast a purely heterosexual man in a sharp, well cut black uniform with its gleaming totenkopf insignia and runes, is a picture of respectability.

  5. The fact that most believe the fake virus actually exists will allow most to be immune to unconstitutional and unlawful edicts. They’ll just counter with I made a mistake, no fraud involved, and go about their merry way or I did what I had to do with the information available.
    Without the fake virus none of what they did/are doing/will do would be possible. Recently a news flash came out that a whistle blower in Chyna said the virus escaped the lab. Just more convincing bs for the gullible cattle just in case things start going badly for them. Few to none of the perps will be punished. If anything thy will be rewarded! So no crying when they go Scott free.

  6. more funding for the leftist/communist/nazis……..

    FTX Crypto Fraudsters Targeted Poor Black Neighborhoods In PR-Lobbying Effort

    The episode is a cautionary tale about how powerful financial interests use progressive social justice ideology to advance their business interests at the expense of the communities they claim to be helping.

    Bankman-Fried was the second largest donor to both President Joe Biden in 2020 and to Democrats in 2022, after George Soros.

    The money laundering circle was: Democrats vote to send funds to Ukraine, Ukraine invests in FTX, FTX cryptocurrency was funneled back to the same Democrats

    Blacks should know by now that when progressive social good-doers show up to help them, the Blacks end up holding an empty bag.

    back door donations to Democrats .

    Clever scheme . You have to hand it to them . and they promised $1 Billion more for Democrats .

    How else were pensions in Canada going to funnel money to Democrats .

    They needed an “investment ” , the Liberal word for corruption .

    Ontario Teachers fund lost millions , but did they really lose it or was it a high risk donation?

    Not a peep out of them . No due diligence . Just blend it in and hide it .


    • Coffeezilla interviewed SBF sam bankman-fried of the FTX scandal….

      Its bad when a youtuber is doing more journalism than the New York Times. Coffeezilla is keeping real journalism alive right here on YouTube

      It’s incredible how quickly he goes from genius wiz kid to incompetent buffoon the second he actually gets asked detailed questions

      It’s so awkward to listen to him struggle to respond to pretty basic questions.


  7. Up until a month ago, I was pretty confident that these government goons and their bosses were going to get their comeuppance. Now it’s just grim acceptance that we aren’t free men anymore and that a majority of Americans prefer it that way as long as they get their Doordash and Masked Singer. They don’t mind the tyranny and servitude so long as it’s their favorite color jersey holding the whip.

    We aren’t going to vote our way out of this.

    • RE: “We aren’t going to vote our way out of this.”

      The alternative then, is summed up here, not sure about how well his other added 12 points flesh out:

      ‘What Americans Must Do to Stop the Great Reset’

      Live Not by Lies
      Buy Local
      Bank Local
      Support Local Farms
      Be Vocal
      Run for Local Government
      Demand That Your State Pass Laws Against ESG Scores
      Make Responsible Spending a Key Issue for Politicians
      Organize Anti-Great Reset Groups
      Buy Property and Diversify
      Make the Great Reset a Litmus Test for Politicians

      […] the following actions need to be taken immediately by any political leader, military personnel, or civilian who can make them happen:…


      Anyway, I keep thinking about DC Miami’s take from below, I got to agree, I’m not seeing any shreds of fear on the part of our overlords:

      “I laugh when people say, “they’re speeding things up because they’re SCARED.” The people who say this are fuckin cracked. NO, they’re speeding things up because they know there is NO ORGANIZED RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER, so why go slowly??!!”

      • Helot, the things you mention are indeed important to do, but those things indicate we CAN’T stop the great reset. They are merely ways to sidestep it a bit. It forces us to reset our lives, which means they won because we must scurry around to avoid the flames of the fire. No, they must be hit in the mouth and be told this is not happening. Prevent, rather than adjust and compensate for it.

        • Yep, DC, even on the local level, we can’t do anything because those around us have been preprogrammed to uphold the model of government and economics which they’ve been taught from childhood. That, and the fact that they’ll never give up the ‘funding’, entitlements, subsidies, ‘protections’ and programs they’ve come to rely on. Even Ron and Rand Paul play[ed] into that game, because it is impossible to survive in elected office if one doesn’t. Even if politics were the answer, one can’t change politics until they first changed society- and that’s not going to happen because those who inhabit the true positions of real power in this world have erected a gargantuan system which has and continues to change society in the opposite direction. Who was that Russian KGB guy who explained how this is done by such tactics as destroying morality and the family through the acceptance of perversion and faggotry/promiscuity/porn-O-graphy, etc. ? Also, via the disintegration of faith in traditional institutions by corrupting those institutions, etc. and the widespread distribution of propaganda via entertainment, news, etc.).

          At this point, all we can do is to try to save ourselves by geographical and intellectual avoidance. What assails us is so great that it has even destroyed Christianity. It’
          s naive to think that a few scattered people at the bottom of the pile are going to be able to change so great a force which has been in operation for over a century. Yeah…they may get some ‘conservative’ elected…but we’ve seen how that works…it just preserves the system and makes the saner half of the population more accepting and less diligent.

  8. Hey Eric,
    Completely off topic, but….

    Check out this vid! Strange Features & Quirks of 1971 AMC Ambassador

    You may already know about that stuff, but I didn’t- WoW! Those cars were made so simply, cost effectively, and durably…had a ‘manual’ A/C that works great today (Very weird- never knew they had ones like this!)…man, it’s a shame AMC is no longer with us! (Well…then there was the Pacer…so maybe they deserved to die!).

    Very interesting stuff. (I feel like I’m channeling Jason Flinders!)

    • Hi Nunz!

      Yup! I love AMCs for exactly such reasons. A friend of mine owned a Pacer. It was a very strange, very interesting car. I really miss cars like that. Reviewing them would be so much fun!

      • Eric, you know too, the thing I love about AMCs is that they were different! I mean, even back in the 70’s, Chevy’s, Fords, Chrudlers….they all basically had the same features and standard controls and all….but the AMCs were somewhat more unique.

        Man, I can’t remember the last time I saw a Pacer in real life! Or even an Eagle!

        • Not too long ago, a Pacer was spotted in a shopping center parking lot. The young people who milled around the asked many questions, some who thought that it was a new car. They asked when it would be in production.

    • Nunzio,
      International Harvester was another. They more or less invented the SUV, some 50 years ago or so, with the Scout. Long before there was a big market for them. A victim of their own timing.

      • Good point, John! I remember when I was a kid, a friend’s older brother had bought a brand-new Scout. First time I ever rode in an “SUV”- c. 1976. I always forget about them for some reason.

        Then again…wait! What about the Willys Wagon? c.1949.

  9. Those cops are gay. All cops are gay. Soul-diers too, and all order-follower. Eric have you ever seen Mark Passio’s presentations on the cops called “The cult of ultimate evil” or his shows on them? https://whatonearthishappening.com/videos if not.

    Wanna hear something totally retarded and hilarious? In Chyna, after some rioting and throwing a bunch of barricades at the cops and ripping up covaids testing stations (mandatory daily in many places STILL), Xi Jinping backed down and said ok no problem, everything opens up next year, no more tests.

    Shenzhen Daily (English language puff propaganda outlet) then ran a story “Fighting Against COVID Misinformation.” Instead of the usual horseshit it ACTUALLY SAID things like:

    Due to the reopening, some people cling to the old ways thinking they were made safer. Actually, Omicron variant is not very dangerous. 90% of the cases are asymptomatic, very few people go to the hospital, no one has died. It’s actually not that bad. Just don’t go outside if you’re feeling sick and we’ll all be good.

    THAT (that covaids is actually scary dangerous) was the misinformation. It’s just so fucking retarded but also kinda funny too?

    • Hi Michael,

      One of the longest-running battles I’ve been fighting is with conservative friends who defend “law enforcement.” I point out that the very term ought to alarm them. “Law enforcement”? They have that in China. Is that a good thing? What happened to peace officer? Why is it one almost never hears that term anymore? Could it be because keeping the peace is not what “law enforcement” is about?

      • Eric,
        Here it comes again:
        Every government on the planet is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. They cannot function without that authority.
        You have outstanding parking tickets. A cop runs your plates, and pulls you over. You successfully resist initial effort to arrest you. They now have authority to shoot you. Over a parking ticket.
        Without armed goons, Hitler was a not very good comedian with a funny mustache.

        • Actually the Nazis knocked on the door before gaining entry.
          Tell that to today’s steroid-addled, adrenaline soaked SWAT teams.

        • Exactly. That very simple logic escapes most people. They can’t let themselves understand it as it causes too much cognitive dissonance with their brain washing.

  10. How come Joe Biden doesn’t wear a mask anymore? Depends does the job, don’t need no stinkin’ mask. har

    Frickin’ phony, get a clue.

    Hey, I know, kill more people, doesn’t matter where. Make it another school shooting. What the hell? Might as well!

    Ukraine is getting old, get it over with. Putin can nuke DC anytime he wants, the new Dr. Strangelove in action, action figure Vladimir Putin mint on the card. lol

    Get over it.

  11. I’m just a skosh surprised no one has mentioned the “accidental” shooting murder of a purported 23 yr old hero by (surprise!) another purported 23 yr old hero down Florida way just a day or two ago.

    I first heard about it yesterday while skimming thru the news headlines which didn’t give details. Naturally curiosity made me notice further down the webpage yet another headline that read, “Florida police-chief releases video statement on accidental homicide” or such.

    I generally don’t give these shootings another thought but since it involved two of our finest I thought I’d view the good chief’s statement to learn what happened. The video was about 4-1/2 min. long. Since this shooting accident had very recently occurred I (stupidly) had assumed Chief Piggy would give us some details. After all, what did this buffoon think the public wanted to hear under the circumstances? Well I didn’t get very far into the big pig’s interview because after hearing this moron go on & on about how wonderful this guy was, how valuable & honored he was, etc, etc I just couldn’t take it any more.

    I got details later that day and I hereby label this shooting “Alec Baldwin II” as it was the exact same cloned incident. The brainless cop pointed the gun at the other guy and pulled the trigger thinking his piece wasn’t loaded! Oops!

  12. The purpose of licensing is not customer safety.
    The purpose of licensing businesses is to reduce competition, create barriers to entry, and force compliance with what government and industry leaders decide.

    • RE: “The purpose of licensing […] and force compliance with what government and industry leaders decide.”

      Ain’t that The Truth!

      I thought I bought, “a license” to hunt waterfowl this year, turns out, it was incomplete, ‘er sumtin’? There’s now, Extra strings attached, which I wasn’t aware of.

      ‘They’ changed/added to the laws, I guess, and now I’m getting threatening letters in the mail from the state ’cause I didn’t go online & tell our overlords how many and what kind of birds I may or may not have shot.

      I guess my first mistake was giving ‘them’ any money in the first place.
      …Won’t be doing that again.

      [I pay taxes for this stuff, the land management of the State & such, but ya gotta be an extra special-payer to take advantage of what you pay for. …Funny, how that works out.]

      I wonder if they’re going to raid me/fine me if I ignore their bully-ass demands.

      …Fun times.

    • BrentP,
      Regulation ALWAYS favors the well entrenched existing business.
      50 years ago or so, I was working on a job for a very successful union mechanical contractor. Why he decided to converse with a 20 year old plumber is beyond me, but what he said was, “I gave $5000 dollars to the Democrat party. It was the best investment I ever made.”

    • Well for one thing, the GeStaPo were MUCH nattier dressers- and their MO was more obvious and honest. The current US enforcers are generally much more arrogant and ill mannered, and frequently physical slobs, often sexual degenerates (bull dykes, e.g.), dressed often in ill fitting battle fatigues or rumpled blue or khaki costumes. By contrast a purely heterosexual man in a sharp, well cut black uniform with its gleaming totenkopf insignia and runes, is a picture of respectability.

  13. A dangerous slippery slope that has already been crossed is that of police officers being trained to regard the average citizen as the “enemy”.
    Every military in the world depersonalizes (dehumanizes) the “enemy”. In a war footing this is a necessary part of combat–getting ordinarily non-violent people to attack the enemy without regard to his humanity.
    Problems arise when these tactics are used by civilian police departments. Although military veterans can make excellent police officers, this “depersonalization” training that they received in the military is not reversed. In fact, in most police departments, this is seen as a “plus”. This results in unnecessary citizen “casualties” often with tragic results.
    Add to that, the “israeli model” of policing is the norm for almost every American police department, trainers being sent to israel to “see how its done”, practicing on Palestinians. True “peacekeeping” has been replaced with “command and control” where the citizenry is “commanded” (ordered) to perform (comply) for the enforcers. Not good…
    In fact, in America, “we are all Palestinians now…

    • In particular, I have a *HUGE* problem with *civilian* police referring to their fellow citizens as “civilians.” To me, the antonym of “civilian” is “military,” which implies these *CIVILIAN* police regard themselves as the military, IOW an occupying army. In that case, we citizens have a patriotic duty to resist, by any means possible, said occupying army. That would include sabotage and assassination, among other tactics.

      BTW, has anyone noticed the civilian police uniforms now tend to black, rather than blue? How long before we see der Totenkopf as standard uniform decoration? Not long, I’ll bet. Hoping I am wrong.

      Sidebar: I grew up in a military town. The contrast between MPs and civilian po-leece was stark. The MPs were fit, disciplined, and squared away. The civilian po-leece, more often than not, were slobs, who inspired little or no “respect.” Just sayin’…

    • anarchyst,
      “Every military in the world depersonalizes (dehumanizes) the “enemy”.
      In WWII, it was discovered that a small percentage of US soldiers were doing all the shooting and killing (probably sociopaths). People have a genetic aversion to killing people. Which is why on the rifle range, the military went from bulls eye targets to silhouettes. To get recruits accustomed to the idea of shooting a human shape. The downfall of many snipers has been the fact they could see their target’s eyes.

  14. This is the perfect illustration of what we are facing – low IQ, mildly retarded clowns in costumes who are just “doing their jobs.” Destroying the community, destroying the culture, destroying people’s lives, destroying what others spent their lifetime building. Their paycheck is all that matters to them. They are too stupid to think through all of the consequences and downstream effects that will result, even on them and their families. As has been said a number of times on this site – these pinheads will happily march us down the hallways and into the camps, and will happily put a bullet in the back of our heads – because muh job and muh paycheck. These costumed goons are nothing but automatons, devoid of empathy, devoid of decency, devoid of humanity, and devoid of discernment. May they reap the whirlwind.

    • Dealt with one earlier today, though this NPC was at Labcorp.

      I went to drop off a specimen sample, and all Karen the NPC could go on about was “Please wear your mask”, like fuck off bitch, I’ll be in and out after I use your stupid log in computer to sign this shit in.

      They’re the reason I don’t go to Doctors or do labwork, it’s basically ’23, the Scamdemics not only over, but it’s beyond proven that none of their bullshit methods worked, and if you want to speak their language, the CDC says I don’t have to comply anyway. I just hope to find Indie labs and Holistic Dr’s who don’t require masks, it’s far too late to even entertain their bullshit, and not worth the aggravation with dealing with these dain-bread NPC’s

      • Hi Zane,

        I especially bristle at “please wear your mask.” What? I don’t own one of the filthy things – and don’t want one. Take your “mask” – and shove it up your ass.

        • Mornin’ Eric!

          It’s sad that masking has become so normalized that the general public seems to regard it the same way they do taxes- as if it is somehow a moral obligation, and (more distressingly) “If I have to do it, then so do you; and if you don’t, I’ll help them make sure that you do, or see that you are punished”, to wit:

          A few months ago my mother was in the hospi’l. I managed to resist the sentry’s demand that I wear a mask to enter. I then encountered a relative who was ‘complying’ and who was visibly jealous of the fact that I was not made to comply. She even grumbled “Nunz doesn’t have to wear a mask!”. Very reminiscent of how the average ‘citizen’ may complain about paying taxes, but will gladly as a member of jury vote to cage you if you dare “cheat” on yours- “Who is he that he is so special that he thinks he doesn’t have to pay the tax?! If I have to pay, why shouldn’t he?!”. As if WE were the ones robbing them. They take their anger out on us, instead of those who oppress both they and us!

          A few interesting observations:
          Virtually ALL of the nurses and doctors had ‘their’ masks down around their neck; a few didn’t even make the pretense- i.e. they didn’t even have a mask- and yet the entry-sentry was making it hard for me to enter and telling me I’d be kicked out if I did not don a mask…..

          And…. Said relative who was masked, is virtually ALWAYS sick (Even long before the scamdemic)- Every. Single. Year, multiple instances of the flu, colds and various other ailments- so many I can not even keep track- and yet she knows darn well (as she has known me all of her life) that I am virtually never sick…..but yet it bothered her that she “had to comply” (and she is by no means a timid woman- she could have easily and loudly resisted) simply because I got to retain my freedom and dignity. She didn’t seem to care that none of the doctors and nurses were masked.

          I think the above portends what we can expect as civil liberties erode even more. Rather than people havinbg had enough and joining us, they will instead be the ones who resent us (as opposed to the ones who oppress them) and rat on us merely because we had the sense to prepare and position ourselves, and the fortitude to resist.

  15. People continue to look at me weirdly when I tell them we will all eventually be rounded up, shot, and have our remains incinerated. Does anyone on this forum think they will “stop here” with the kind of shit Eric just wrote about? If you do, you have a lot of historical lessons to learn. They’re already implementing the early beta rollouts of climate lockdowns. I am really feeling a sense of doom.

    • Hi DC,

      I would be more concerned with the already rolled out digital dollar. They don’t need to shoot us; they will already control us by the time the official rollout occurs in July. It is far more likely that we will turn the guns on ourselves.

      • Hey RG.

        Trust me, I’m well aware of the Digital ID, CBDCs, etc. as control tools. But that is to enslave the remaining ones.

        They intend to wipe many of us out, the majority, through forced medication (lethal injections), roundups, newly engineered diseases, medical murder, starvation, freezing, impoverishment, etc.

        I laugh when people say, “they’re speeding things up because they’re SCARED.” The people who say this are fuckin cracked. NO, they’re speeding things up because they know there is NO ORGANIZED RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER, so why go slowly??!! They must be wondering why they went to slowly when this has been so easy. They are in private rooms laughing their guts into hernias over the fact that we didn’t resist a fuckin thing they’ve shoved up our asses. Now they have their eyes clear on the finish line, and they will finish us in more ways than one.

        • RE:DC Miami December 6, 2022 At 4:12 pm

          Organized resistance has never been necessary, only resistance. The work of the last 110+ years has been to breakdown the ability to resist and the idea to resist. 50 years ago there would have been no organized resistance, but there would have been resistance. Covidian law was test to see how much resistance remained. The answer is, not much. Enough that resisters can be singled out and dealt with.

          • Brent, I only agree with you to a point. The opposition in this case is far too organized, for decades, and includes heads of state, hidden globalist institutions, big banking, big media, big politics, big tech, big med, big EVERYTHING – all in collusion. A lone guy walking into a store unmasked or refusing an employer mandated vakseen isn’t gonna amount to anything, or people going on web forums saying “this is bullshit” will do nothing. This is too well funded, and too well organized to be overcome with random resistance. Look what happened to the Chinks. It took a massive uprising for them to decrease the tyranny by a few percentage points, basically a pressure valve release to give a small token victory to the cattle over there, but nothing will fundamentally change. They’ll claim cases and deaths are back on the rise, making tyranny “necessary.”

        • DC Miami,

          The reason that TPTB are speeding things up is because we’re in the middle of another fourth turning. Strauss & Howe, the men who coined the term “Millennial”, wrote a book about 30 years ago entitled “The Fourth Turning”. Every 80 years or so, our society undergoes an upheaval; this upheaval can consist of war, an economic disaster, or all the above. Strauss & Howe observed this pattern after studying 500 years worth of history. The pattern is this: every 80 years (i.e. four generations), the culture and its institutions become so corrupt that the people scrap them and start over.

          We’ve had fourth turnings in our history. The first one was the Revolutionary War. The second was our Civil war, which was about 80 years after the Revolution. 80 years after our Civil War came the Great Depression and WWII. Guess what? We’re about 80 years past WWII! Strauss & Howe say that we entered the present fourth turning during the financial crash of 2007-2008, and that it will end in 2029 or so. Ever wonder why the year 2030 pops up so often? THAT’S why!

          Anyway, TPTB know this; they know that we’re in the middle of a fourth turning. So, what they’re trying to do is basically manipulate the forces of history to make things come out the way they want; they’re using the current fourth turning to usher in what Klaus Schwab and his merry little band, the WEF, call The Great Reset. Hence, we have UN Agenda 2030, and other globalist initiatives also have 2030 as an objective for reaching their goals. 2030 is barely 7 years away. So yeah, the globalists have to pick up the pace. The fact that we’re in the middle of a fourth turning explains WHY…

        • I don’t think this is true. There was a lot of resistance. This is why the USA wasn’t Australia or New Zealand. I think there will be even more resistance when they try it again. People are waking up. In some ways I think you might be correct though. Only two governors opposed masking and lockdowns. DeSantis and Noem. With DeSantis actually doing the first two weeks before pushing back. It would have been a big deal if the feds when in with the military to put enforce lockdowns and masking but it might have succeeded. When Abbott say nothing bad happening to DeSantis and Noem he brought Texas out and it was all over. I live in red county WA where we have been fighting corrupt democrats for a long time. It was largely normal the whole time. Nobody trusts the feds or Olympia where I live. One good thing about living in liberal WA is the state isn’t too populated and all the crazies live in the Seattle to Olympia range. We are used to communists telling us how to run our lives and were already used to ignoring them. So it wasn’t that big of a deal. I did wander into Seattle during the height of the madness to see it for myself. I just had to see it. I honestly couldn’t believe it myself. Nearly 100 percent mask compliance even outside. Even in the parks. LOL. Plexiglass up everywhere inside buildings. I went into one restaurant in the U district that had plexiglass set up around all the tables! This was one of the only times I ever wore a mask. It was worth it just to see the insanity.

  16. I love Gourmeltz and have gone many times over the last couple of years. It was one of the few places one could find any sanctuary during COVID. They have delicious tater tots, and their chicken and waffles cannot be beat. I have continued to patronize his business and have donated in helping with his attorney fees.

    A few items have been left out though.

    One, Matt is a former Army ranger. He was also part of Blackwater’s Counter Assault Team in Afghanistan and Iraq. I know the militia and police are frowned upon on this site. In my opinion, there are good apples and bad apples. I realize not everyone shares that sentiment.
    The policemen that raided Mr. Strickland’s place “following orders” are bad apples. I am sure some of the things Mr. Strickland did in the Middle East were also bad. Has anyone jumped off the bandwagon yet? Anyone divided on Mr. Strickland’s firm stance on ignoring COVID restrictions and his prior military record? Should we judge a person by their past or their present?

    Two, Mr. Strickland is running for Virginia Senate. Obviously, someone higher up believes he is a threat, or they feel they need to avenge their own ego. I noticed we don’t seem to be instituting blame on the actual person in government that signed the notice for the police to raid Gourmeltz? Who was that? This raid also provides additional name recognition for Matt and will likely help him in gaining additional supporters. Will Mr. Strickland talk about his military career? Yep.

    I am not dogging Mr. Strickland, the police, or anyone else, but we all practice hypocrisy. We all do (myself included). Our pasts create our futures. They make us the people we are and will become. I am not ready to bar someone for what they did and maybe Mr. Strickland’s time in the army made him a better person. I can appreciate the stance that he took during COVID and calling out the BS that surrounded us. I also appreciate he and his family for allowing us an establishment of sanity during a hellish time in history. Do we celebrate him for what he is doing today or judge him by his past?

    There are no heroes, just humans. I am still going for the tater tots they just won’t be accompanied by a beer. 🙁

    • Anyone wondering why we have become the country that we have become I would highly suggest reading the comments section of the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star that details Mr. Strickland’s raid. Sad, very sad.

    • Hi RG

      This isn’t about what Strickland did as a soldier – that is between him and God. This is about a bunch of faceless bureaucrats exacting revenge through their professional goon squad. And the cowardly punks “just doing their job.” There are no good apples in their line of work, only bullshit narratives and platitudes, and ghosts of a bygone era. The old days of your neighbor being a policeman in a blue tie are gone – replaced by ninja gear and a military mentality. Every one of them will shoot you in the head if ordered to do so or if otherwise so motivated. So-called good apples included. I judge these raiders on the merits of who and what they are today – stupid order followers with a license to kill. Until they repent of this, they should stand condemned.

        • Rather than all of us being hypocrites, I would say we all, at one time, didn’t know certain truths until we were told. If you get shown the light and learn and change going forward, your past can be forgiven (within reason, obviously). I think a good example of that was the late congressman Walter Jones from NC. He was the one who pushed to rename French fries “freedom fries” in the Congressional cafeteria in a delirious push for war in Iraq. Subsequently, though, after discussions with fellow Congressman Ron Paul, he saw the error of his ways and became a fierce opponent of the US’s imperial wars of aggression. He even publicly apologized for his past support of those wars and was a board member of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

        • RG,
          Armed goons are the very foundation of the Psychopaths In Charge program. Whatever support or participation one has lent to it, is support of it, whether past or present. He cannot be trusted any more than a “doctor” can be..

    • RG, a “good apple” would never tolerate the things they are taught while being trained- Things like using crafty words and phrases to trick the average person into ‘compliance’ in situations where they are under no such obligation to do so; how to use lies to entrap the innocent; to do unconscionable things; etc. and they would not tolerate the culture of these organizations in which they are expected to always ‘support’ their ‘brethren’, even if it means lying, destroying evidence, covering for them, etc. -which if they don’t do they will be ostracized and not supported when in ‘dangerous situations’, and even framed in order to get rid of them.

      Make no mistake about it, no one with a conscience can be a pig or ‘troop’ today. Anyone who is not fully onboard and supportive will be gotten rid of, and no one with a conscience can see the evils their ‘brethren’ perpetrate and follow the orders they are given.

      This is why they like to get their ‘recruits’ when they are young, or from other such organizations. They are purposely put in situations where the conscience of a good man would be tested, amnd then reassured that they are ‘doing it for the greater good’. And since most from the lower echelons of society who seek to wield power over others do so to gain the ‘respect and admiration’ that wielding the power of life and death while largely being above the law brings, or are outright sadists, most have no problem accepting whatever they are taught, and following whatever orders they are given, because it is all about THEM.

      A good person who seeks to uphold justice would walk out of training on day one. That reminds me of an article I read a few years ago in which 8 recruits walked out of training [I believe it was] in Houston, saying that they wanted to be pigs because they wanted to help the community and uphold justice, but that what they were being told at the academy clearly had nothing to do with that, but rather just the opposite.

      To say that there are good apples is to say that there were good apples among Hitler’s SS. It is impossible to be good and not further evil when in the command of evil people/working for an evil organization. The “good” ones are those who just follow orders and don’t add their own evils on top of the evils that just following orders brings.

      There are bad apples, and worse apples…no good apples.

    • **”Matt is a former Army ranger. He was also part of Blackwater’s Counter Assault Team in Afghanistan and Iraq.”**

      As repugnant as the assault on this business was, I can’t help but to fell a little better knowing that a little ironic justice may’ve been served by doing it ‘one of their own’. He who lives by the sword shall die be destroyed by the sword. ‘

    • Thats pretty funny. About the bad apples and good apples. As some one with a lots of apple trees. I always found that in time, all the apples become bad apples.

    • All humans are capable of evil. I would need to hear more about him. Did he join Blackwater because he was still poor and broke after military service? Did he go down that road because he believed the propaganda in his educational system and the media? Does he still support the “global war on terrorism” after being there? Everybody has to make their way in the word. The recorded history of humanity is a large battle for dominance and control. There is almost no truth in the media’s portrayal about history. The people benefitting from wars and deciding on actions to take are protected from bad outcome of those decisions while men like Stickland sacrifice their bodies and sometimes their lives. I see wars and fighting as being part of the human experience. That doesn’t mean you engage in killing civilians, capturing and torturing your opponents, or knowingly getting involved in wars for dominance and control. I was in the military myself. I don’t believe I even engaged in any overtly evil act. I also never was paid well and left the service with little in my pocket. Strickland was probably paid well by blackwater. Maybe how he started his business. I’m not going to judge him though. I don’t know what path brought him to leaving blackwater and buying a restaurant. Maybe he isn’t in agreement with the war on terror at this point and decided to get out.

      • Goldhoarder,
        What the hell difference does any of that make? Anyone can do good under favorable circumstances, when it is easy to do so. It is usually only under adversity that a person’s true character is revealed…and from what we’ve been seeing lately, it doesn’t seem to take but a speck of adversity to (or even none at all) to bring out Mr. Hyde.

        If someone kills you daughter/sister/mother, are you going to ask “Oh, did he have a rough childhood?”.

        In the case of someone who signs up to do things which before even doing them it becomes apparent that they are being used for the purposes of evil, one must make the choice of whether to look the other way and take the easy route of society’s accolades, material rewards, and no punishment in this life [And then do what they must to soothe their conscience] or they must stand for morality and principle and refuse to do evil, even if it means they will be viewed negatively by the masses; lose rewards and benefits, and even suffer punishment at the hands of those whom they were intending to serve- But that is what separates the men from the boys and the good from the bad, and the only thing which restrains the plans of tyrants and the spread of evil. Unfortunately, there are only ever very few men who take the latter path.

  17. Guy should have quit SELLING alcohol, and just GIVE away a drink or pitcher of beer if requested

    Growing up in PA, the state supposedly didn’t issue new permits, waiting list was years long, so a few pizza places gave pitchers of beer away with your order, I’m sure they were charging a few extra bucks for their food

    This went on for years at the places I’m remembering, don’t know if they were ever hassled for it or not

    • ‘Guy should have quit SELLING alcohol, and just GIVE away a drink or pitcher of beer if requested.’ — AZChris

      That’s the dodge that was used in DeeCee (maybe still is) when cannabis was decriminalized but not legalized.

      For $40 you buy some worthless trinket, and get an eighth of weed as a ‘free gift.’

      ‘Plausible deniability’ — if it works for ‘Joe Biden,’ why not for us?

    • AZchris that’s also how PA “gentlemen’s clubs” get away with the entertainment showing off more than legal in a bar that sells alcohol. You get free beer on the outdoor deck and then can carry it in to the auditorium.

  18. Good God, man, pensions are at stake! The AGW have their priorities, and condos in Florida on the golf course don’t come cheap.

  19. ‘Matt Strickland continued to serve customers after the state had revoked his ABC license.’ — Eric

    One is reminded of NJ Weedman, who got arrested in 2016 and successfully fought the charges.

    Ever since, he’s openly sold weed and sometimes shrooms in Trenton, NJ, long before legal dispensaries were approved. The cops and prosecutors just don’t want to mess with him, partly because he’s politically prominent (once was on the statewide ballot as a third party governor candidate).

    Now drug warriors are all sorry for their half century of oppression, and offering dispensary license preferences for people with previous convictions.

    But sadly, we’re a long way from turning the tide against fanatical maskinazis and vaccinazis, such that they are on the defensive, not decent citizens like ourselves.

  20. Despite countless studies showing that face diapers are completely useless against respiratory viruses like Sars-COV-2, INCLUDING N95 masks, public health bureaucrats and authoritarians are itching to FORCE the masses back into face diapers. It’s almost as if they want to emulate China and have endless control of the masses.

    Lockdowns were also completely ineffective, though it did make it possible for large corporations such as Amazon to make record profits at the height of the “pandemic” while KILLING countless small businesses, though those who’ve implemented ineffective lockdowns and mandates have NEVER apologized to those whose lives they’ve destroyed, and will no doubt try to implement CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS at some point, as they’ve become drunk with power.

  21. That video was powerful. Wow. The petty vindictiveness of the State being enforced by banality of evil-ers on full display. The owner’s illusions about what he thought he fought for in the military and what the AGW costumes mean disintegrating right in front of him. Should be required viewing for all thin blue liners and thanks for your service types.

  22. ‘Climate Change is the new human sacrifice’

    “The High Priests of Public Health decided that if anyone died for lack of cancer screenings, a drug overdose, or suicide, that was OK. As long as you didn’t die of COVID.

    If your kids lost two years on their social and educational development, if your business closed, if your entire life was turned upside down, that was fine too.

    Everyone was expected to sacrifice for the greater good.

    Everyone, of course, except for the politicians.” …


    ‘Depopulation and Democide at Every Turn: This Is the Planned Future You Have Voluntarily Accepted’

    “Every avenue possible will be used to affect mass democide, thereby bringing about a vast depopulation event blamed on a myriad of causes. While all the causes of death will be related, they will be intentionally separated in order to fool the populations into accepting this lie and their inevitable fate. This is why understanding the big picture instead of just all of its more minor parts; understanding the true intent of the ruling ‘elites’ and their pawns in government, is so vital.” …


    ‘An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You’

    “The good news is people around the world are starting to realize what’s happening. As explained by legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek (video above), the reason there are now mass protests around Europe is because they’re realizing that the COVID vaccine passport system rolled out in Europe is a control system that has no expiration date. They’re realizing it’s meant to be permanent, and that it will be expanded.”…


    Yes, “it is people who do not mindlessly follow orders who are heroic.”

  23. Thugs, all of them.

    Part of the solution could lie with liberty-minded small business owners. They could collectively shun them. For example, when uniformed cops comes into a restaurant for lunch, just don’t serve them. They’ll eventually leave. Society could have a real impact on this if they would ostracize these fuckers. Make them pay a heavy social price for wearing that thug uniform. Unfortunately, society is full of boot lickers (and maskers, vaxxers, tax snitches, karens, etc.).

    • A general strike would be a great idea, if only there were enough fed up people willing to do it. Just don’t see that happening, sadly.

    • There is much angst and derision against those who “disrespect” police officers, especially from the “mainstream media” and others. From time to time, there are incidents noted where young people are criticized for “disrespecting police officers” by refusing to serve them or other actions.
      The “mainstream media” almost automatically takes the side of the police officers, almost always not going into detail the reasons for the “disrespect”.
      Let’s look at some of the reasons police officers might be “disrespected” by young people:
      –Many police officers “target” and harass young people, teenagers, “just because they can”. In fact, some police officers get “enjoyment” out of harassing young people.
      –Young people are easy targets, especially those who are new to driving, and are easy “marks”. Quite often, police officers “target” those young people who work in restaurants, fast-food places, and other retail establishments, especially those who work at night, or have “odd shift hours”.
      –Many times, police officers target the same young people repeatedly because “they know who they are”, also “just because they can”.
      –In the grand scheme of things, a “ticket” issued to a young person can mean the loss of a weeks’ pay, or more. Targeting and ticketing the same young people repeatedly garners no respect for police as well. In most cases, “friendly advice” (without a ticket issued) at a traffic stop is enough to encourage good behavior.
      Some time ago, young workers in a Texas restaurant were criticized for refusing to serve their local police officers. Now “for the rest of the story”–
      These young workers were constantly being harassed by these police officers, unlawful traffic stops, untoward disrespectful behavior by these police officers against these young restaurant workers, and other harassment directed at these young people by these police officers “just because they can”.
      When disrespectful behavior by police officers (and others) is meted out to anyone, especially young people, the urge to “fight back” is present. Thankfully, most young people are smart enough not to openly defy police officers, as police “have all the power”.
      These young restaurant workers “fought back” the only way they could—by refusing service.
      Message to police officers. Your own behavior is essential in gaining respect, especially when dealing with young people. RESPECT is earned, NOT given as a result of your position. Good behavior on your part WILL gain you respect.

  24. This brings to mind the utter and complete fallacy of the supposed “obligation to not follow illegal orders” (etc). Or the equal fallacy of the oath to defend the Constitution.

    Both of which are apparently only valid when used by the state to repress people that don’t follow their agenda. Otherwise, neither principle is upheld in any case that goes against the establishment agenda.

    These fuckers would murder babies on live TV if that’s what “just doing my job” meant. And, unless it interfered with the agenda, they’d have the blessing and praise of the establishment for doing so.

    I read somewhere the other day, the average number of dogs shot by these “heroes”. Clearly the enforcers are beyond “not right in the head” but the idea that they’d ever not follow any order because of the above fallacious “principles” has been proven false for all time.


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