Diaper Report 3/23/21

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Resistance is not futile!

it just takes some balls.

A Virginia restaurant owner who defied the “mandates” – i.e., the lawless decrees – of Gesundheitsfuhrer Ralph Northam that Sickness Kabuki, including the wearing of Facial Diapers, shall be performed by all employees and customers of every privately owned business in the state has won in court.

Because he has balls.

Matt Strickland is the owner of Gourmeltz ’90s Music Bar & Drafthouse in Fredericksburg, VA. He built his restaurant from food truck up and – after fighting for what he thought was his (and our) freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan – assumed he had the freedom to offer food for sale and that people who wanted to buy it would be free to do so.

Or not – as they preferred.

Didn’t that used to be the American way?

Not so, according to Amos n’ Andying Gesundheitsfuhrer Ralph Northam – who assumed, now lookeee here,  the power to “mandate” that every privately owned business must perform sickness kabuki and require customers to perform it as well. Or else. The “or else” being summary revocation of the state’s permission to offer goods and services; i.e., the “business license.”

Strickland was also specifically attacked by the health department – whose permission and favor is also required to remain in business, if you are in the food selling business. Even if there is no evidentiary basis for claims made about unhealthfulness – other than being “noncompliant,” which is an altogether different thing.

No one got sick at Gourmeltz. No one is even alleged to have gotten sick. No one claims Strickland was serving gato tacos. No roaches scampering.

Just faces showing.

If there’s any upside to the tyranny being imposed on Americans in the name of “health” it is that Americans may begin to wonder how it is that Americans are obliged to beg permission of the government – of arrogant busybodies like “Coonman” Northam – to work and to engage in free exchange with other Americans. And then get mulcted by these same busybodies, who – with an effrontery that defies articulation – declared their “work” essential Because ‘Rona  . . . while “mandating” the closure of other people’s unessential livelihoods.

Strickland is one of the few, the proud – the ballsy – who stood up to the “mandates” of Gesundheitsfuhrer Northam. He didn’t close the doors  to his restaurant, which no one who feared catching cold was forced to enter. He did not force his employees to wear a Face Diaper, either. They are free to wear one if they wish to – and if they are not comfortable working around others who do not wear one, they are free to leave.

That is – it was – America.

Until the Gesundheitsfuhrers seized the power to “mandate” – and most Americans bent knee, installed their Facial Diaper and waited for further instructions.

Strickland decided to follow his own. As was once characteristic of Americans, before they lost their balls.

He not only kept his doors open and left it up to employees and patrons alike to decide for themselves whether to Diaper – and whether to enter – he refused to be cowed by the threat and acts of the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s minions, who tried to shut his restaurant down by revoking his permission slip to be in business.

Gesundheitsfuhrer Northam then sicced Attorney General Mark Herring on Strickland – but in a cloud-parting moment of good tidings, a Virginia court has sided with Strickland, denying the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s faucian claims – nothing more – that being open and Diapers Optional constitutes a threat to public health.

Sorry Charlie. It doesn’t.

Judge Ricardo Rigual stated that Gesundheitsfuhrer Northam “failed to clearly demonstrate the factors necessary to grant a temporary injunction (i.e., to shutter Strickland’s restaurant by force). This means that – for now at least – Strickland does not have to worry about being Hut! Hut! Hutted! by the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s sickness shock troops.

“I’m not afraid of the state, I’m not afraid of the federal government,” Strickland said. “I spent most of my adult life fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have no problem coming home and fighting here in Virginia.”

Other business owners should be afraid – of the consequences of genuflecting before the Gesundheitsfuhrers, as all too many have been doing. Of not having balls.

They should consider that by bending knee, they are asking for more kicks in the place where their balls used to be.

Instead, they should grow a pair – and make it clear they have had enough, as Strickland has.

If enough of them did so – it would probably only take 20 percent of them – the “mandates” of the Gesundheitsfuhrers would become unenforceable, which would encourage more businesses to defy the “mandates” and before you know it, life would resume normality and Sickness Kabuki would revert to being the bizarre performance art of the mentally disturbed.

. . . 

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  1. Az DIaper Update:

    I drove past multiple supermarkets today, and found 2 Fry’s stores without “Diaper Muss Sein!” signs, including the one I frequented most during the Diaper Reign.

    So, to those of you curious about how things look post-mandate: Still 95% adherence to the Holy Vestment. Everyone is still in diapers. There were very few without. Quite depressing.

    I will call my gym soon to hear what they’re doing. Should they still require the diaper, I will likely switch to Mountainside Fitness, who fought gym closures, and now came out loud-and-proud, announcing they wouldn’t require diapers or anti-social distancing.

    • Gym: Sounds to be a tepid “No, you don’t need a mask if you stay 6 feet away from people.” 😀
      Good enough for me.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      That is still good news. Congrats, AZ for seeing the light. Here in VA I don’t see the mask mandate ever being removed. I think the Dems suffer from some sick fetish. The bungalow in FL is looking better everyday. I am heading down in May and see if I can scope the place out.

      • Hey Raider Girl!

        The democrats here are fuming, include Kate Gallego, mayor of Phoenix, still citing non-existent science and decrying Ducey for this move. She and Tucson’s mayor may try to fight through court litigation, but they’ll have to face the music sometime.

        And yes, it’s the sick fetish of control. They LOVE it. Free people thinking for themselves is their holy water, and it sizzles their flesh when we get a sprinkling of liberty.

        Sad about Virginia. Maybe Florida is the better ticket. Or, come check out Az! We need more liberty-minded people here to keep the balance against the communist influx from Ca, etc. …Though hopefully they understand why they fled.

    • I like this guy. I’m not big on Italian food, but I’d eat there. He also reminds me of the Highlander a bit. “Newsom! There can be only one.”

  2. Victory!


    “…No county, city or town may make or issue any order, rule or regulation that conflicts with or is in addition to this policy, directives or intent of this or any other Executive Order relating to the COVID-19 public health emergency, or any other order, rule or regulation that was not in place as of March 11, 2020. This includes but is not limited to mandated use of FACE COVERINGS.”

    Though “[Businesses] still maintain the right to institute and enforce policies…including the use of face coverings”.

    But they’ll no longer have the back of Big Brother!

    • Excellent news!

      Things are improving… which makes it even more important to not let up an inch. Ridicule everything having to do with Diapers; shoot down every unfounded assertion made by sickness psychotics. Above all, insist on normalcy!

      • Living in a blue state that still has diaper mandates can be very depressing. However…yesterday went out to deliver some Easter gifts for some elderly folks. Two adults and two teens on the outing. I have been talking with the other parent about the diapering, and he is against it, but has to at times for work. We had the teens do most of the deliveries, but when we got to one of the last ones, he asked me if I wanted to go in with him. Of course, signs on the door requiring masks. We walked in anyway, uncovered (of course). I think he was happy and relieved. Went to the lady’s door to deliver, she opened door unmasked (I would hope so), chatted for a few minutes, then left. No issues. Then went to get fast food, and again signs on the door. No one else in the restaurant. I was starting to order my food when masked mgr told us “you need to wear masks until you sit down”. I finished my order then sat at table. He did at that point put something over his face, but clearly he is starting to warm up to the idea of not doing it at all.

        Slowly making progress, one person at a time…pairing up with someone who is interested in testing the waters can help them to make the leap.

        • Anon,

          Whatever gets it done. I, unfortunately, nearly always had to go it alone. My GF went a time or two to face the world undiapered, but by far the majority of my barefacedness I experienced quite alone, usually the only person in the store or business.

    • Interesting that so much recent covid loosening is being attributed to vaccination levels. For vaccines that, for what has been reported to date, don’t stop transmission. I’ve heard several different people the past week remark how now that they have their vaccine they are going out more, and will finally get together with family.

      Let’s take what we can get, certainly. But clearly this was the plan all along. The question still remains – what’s in these vaccines and what will they cause down the road. Not sure if anyone saw this, but U. Michigan just published a paper showing that flu vaccines seem to work against covid, an observation the authors could not explain. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

      • BAC,

        Regarding the vaccines, whatever the case regarding transmission, they will have their cake and yet it consume. That is, whether or not it works or prevents anything, it DOES, and you need to get it, though you still can never quite let your guard down, and our overlords reserve the “right” to revoke our freedoms whenever they want.

        Though we know that’s BS. Perhaps these vaccine experiments are somewhat efficacious, hard to say, but most “case” curves were on the plummet before any significant vaccine administration occurred, as it was in AZ.

        As for flu vaccines working against COVID… Hmmm indeed! My first thoughts are, either there is some uncanny morphological similarity between some flu viruses and SARS-CoV-2, which allows flu vaccine generated antibodies to bind it, or perhaps those antibodies bind some other target, OR, maybe (and usually this is a small miracle) the flu vaccines worked against the FLU, which was mistaken for COVID… But I haven’t read the study. Interesting, though.

        • Hi Badnon

          Here’s the study:

          It occurred to me a long time ago that we have no idea what primers are being used in the PCR tests. Are they to sars-cov2? Another coronavirus? Flu? The companies doing the test will never tell us. They could use primers for anything, gin up a DNA band, and voila – a case! Call Johns Hopkins!

          Flu viruses are paramyxoviruses. They have little in common structurally and genetically with coronaviruses. Flu vaccines are unlikely to offer cross protection. Somethings fishy.

          Since flu has all but disappeared, since PCR primers could be used for anything, including flu, and since the flu vaccine in some cases apparently works some protective effect, it’s inescapable that a bunch of flu cases have been rebranded as covid.

          What if, like Sars1 and Mers, which burned out and disappeared as quickly as they started, covid did the same thing and burned out by last summer? What could they possibly replace it with to generate cases?

          This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Viruses are not as clever as this one is made out to be. So much is just off here.

  3. Not a surprise. Anyone who knows politicians knew that back when they said “there will be no covid passports”, that was a clear warning that the covid passports were coming.

    No shot, no passport, no mask. If living like a human for me is made impossible, imagine how I am going to feel about the compliant and their masters.

    Keep pushing. See what happens. If I am barred from using it……. do I care if it burns?


    • Hi Handler,

      Well, that soured my coffee … what a pathetic spectacle. An effeminate poltroon warbling about how ecstatic he is to be a compliant, fully jabbed sheep. This is why America is dying.

      • wow dude – seriously seriously – though the world has reached such a sad state I cant even tell if thats real or a joke !!

        And im also ashamed to say I googled and found and watched the whole video (theres another 2 mins out there). What can I say – a part of me was thinking as soon as he does go out that fake blond of his will call some alpha over and start banging him….

      • These “men” really disgust me.

        I overheard a couple of betas in Home Depot the other day telling each other how much they love their Camrys.

        There’s also guy in the neighborhood that drives a girly Infiniti sedan with a vanity tag that says DADTAXI.

        In normal times, these guys would have a difficult time getting a girlfriend, let alone reproduce.

    • God of Death. :p BLARRFF.

      Musicals generally make me sick anyway, but this nightmare is beyond the scope.

      The comments say it isn’t a satire, which would have been a small relief.


  4. man – they just announced they will start vaccinating kids in August here in the UK. I think if the sheeple here dont wake up and realise whats happening yet, the west has lost all hope…. and i guess its time for me to leave 😛 😛 😛

    • So, anyone got any plans to do something about this?



  5. Our family ate at Gourmeltz twice, on the way down to NC and on the way back. I got the same thing both times, the “Southern Cookout” sandwich (pulled pork, mac and cheese, carmelized onions minus the cheddar) – it was AWESOME! I spoke with the owner’s wife and told her I had heard about them through the internet and was determined that we would support them! Dropped a tip on the credit card and cash in hand of the server, as well.

    The second time we ate there, an employee asked us how was our food. I said it was delicious and I was sure it tasted even better because it was seasoned with FREEDOM!

  6. What is it with people who have already had covid getting vaccinated? Is this some new category of imbecile? We are literally de-evolving as a species, in real time.

    • Hi BAC,

      It is very difficult for intelligent, reasonable people to understand the imbecile. The feeler. People who do not respect or even understand facts; who never developed their ability to think critically (assuming they had the latent capability). Dealing with such people is like attempting to have a discussion with a shrieking child. Except they are adults and empowered with the franchise.

      • No, they are NOT adults, they are simply physically mature. And that my friend is the problem. They’ve been locked in their childhood by a number of influences specifically aimed at doing just that. Beginning with public education, and continuing on to the final chapter called social media.

      • Yes, yes yes. I am in NYC, the epicenter of scam-demic scams, and there’s this whole class of goody goody White people, the majority in their 20s to early 30s (though they go up well into their 50s), who are in love with themselves for worshipping the Holy Diaper and Needle. They talk a good game on the social media they are addicted to, ranting and raving about us eeeebil Nazi refuseniks and how we are “like, LITERALLY killing people, y’all.” (Note these pretentious Northern brats stealing the language of Southerners they otherwise consider un-persons.) But in real life it’s clear they would sooner die than chance a confrontation with the likes of me, my husband, or any other New Yorker with the good sense to ignore fascist orders.

        Actually…many of these obedient creatures truly do look malformed, and the vast majority appear very unhealthy as they shuffle about, shoulders slumped, eyes trained on the ground. A shocking percentage are obese, some morbidly so. The ones who fancy themselves “counterculture” or rebellious are the biggest hoots, all done up in ill-fitting toddler-grandma garb, flabby flesh resplendent with hideous “art”, yet they obey every order from on high and take pride in being such good little girls and boys for Big Daddy Gubmint. Truly, these are mental toddlers in (great, big) adult bodies.

        It only took me one month into this scam-demic to understand it was all a big psy-op designed by globalists to wrench away more of our freedom. Never wore a diaper outdoors, as the dumbest bints gave themselves hypoxia jogging with masks, the most clueless of b’stards chance heatstroke in the NYC subtropical summer. Shortly thereafter, I also stoped diapering on trains, and haven’t had any hassle, aside from the “I smelled a fart” face of disapproval thrown by the goody goodys. On many a ride, once people see me diaper-less, they, too, remove the holy garment. In the past week, I got most of a train car to do it. And my husband observed some guys mocking a Good Little Girl for diapering in 75-degree weather. So there is hope, even in the epicenter of Faucism, amen.

        • Amen, Fed Up!

          Related: I have been conversing with mu local mafia – we’re the kind that keeps to ourselves; that’s “this thing of ours” – about decentralization as the only practicable solution. More soon…

  7. I am a little worried about something I’m doing next week. We do an annual project at my newspaper called Salute, where we do short stories and photos on local veterans. No real theme, just try to get a variety of folks willing to talk. It sells well.
    A local nursing home activities director emailed and asked if I wanted to talk to a 99-year old female Navy vet who lives there. I’m like: Hell yeah! He said with the plague, we’d probably talk in the chapel or outside if it’s nice. We emailed back and forth with him asking questions about the project and the two of us coming up with a mutually convenient time to meet with her.
    So far, so good.
    Then I got an email from someone else yesterday saying they’ve relaxed some restrictions and I can talk to her in her room if I like … and if I haven’t had a vaccine, “we’ll just do your rapid response test at the front desk.”
    This was the first time any sort of test has been mentioned, rapid response or not.
    I am willing to wear a mask and not touch or get close to the lady. I don’t think masks really work, but that’s not a fight you can win in a nursing home. Staff generally wear them there anyway, even pre-COVID insanity. But I am not willing to be tested. I have managed to get through this whole fiasco without doing it and I’m not starting now when it’s almost over. My coworker said she thought the rapid response test was a saliva test, not the nose-mining swab thing. So it sounds painless and easy, but what if it shows positive? They will tattle on me to the state and then I’m screwed, listed on the books as one of the disease-ridden.
    I’ve decided I’m going to show up as scheduled at the nursing home, but if a test is brought up, I am not doing it. I will politely decline and leave. But I’m hoping they will just forget about testing or maybe it was a mistake or something. I am also not revealing my “vaccination status” to anyone, now or ever.

    • Hi Amy,

      I wouldn’t do the rapid test either. Why even be on the radar? I sound like a conspiracy nut, don’t I? Still conspiracy nut or not, no way, no how, no go. See if you could meet with her outside. I think the rapid test can either with a nose swab or a mouth swab.

      Will she do Zoom or a telephone call? Maybe you can see each other without really seeing each other.

      • Hi RG,

        One of the many things that baffles me about Sickness Psychosis is this business of “getting tested” when you’re not sick, don’t have any symptoms. Oh,I know… you might be “asymptomatic.” Jesus! If – prior to the weaponization of hypochondria – a person went in to get tested for the flu when he wasn’t sick, had no symptoms, that person would have been referred to a psychiatrist… to treat their hypochondria.

        • Hi Eric,

          My problem is I automatically expect ulterior motives. We don’t want testing to be considered a norm. Testing to go into a facility, testing to attend a sporting event, testing to get on an airplane – where does it end? I agree with you. Testing people who are not suffering from illness is ridiculous.

          • Of course there are ulterior motives, and testing is already, and will become, a requirement for many recreational activities such as sporting events and travel. But it’s going to get weirder – there is several billion dollar slush fund buried in the most recent stimulus bill to do sequencing on test samples. The stated purpose is so they know what variants are floating around and where. But what else will they be sequencing and logging? Or is it just Quest and LabCorps turn at the government money tit?

            • Hi BAC,

              I have no doubt there is money to be made from this, but why should Joe Public be cooperative?

              When they ask to test us our answer should be a big fat “No” or a more magnified “Go to Hell.”

              It won’t be just Quest and Labcorp having access to our results. I think we would be foolish to believe our government is serving us for the common good.

              • Morning, RG!

                A few years ago, I almost did one of those ancestry things where you provide a DNA sample and they give you a report about where your genetic ancestors hailed from, etc. Then I thought about it some more and realized that I’d be voluntarily giving them my DNA and they would then be able to sell or give out information about me to the insurance mafia (is he prone to heart disease?) or the government (which could then add that to their loathsome database about me) and so I decided Hell No!

            • Hi BAC,

              I believe they – the insurance mafia, specifically – wants mandatory testing so as to dun the victim more precisely. Your DNA indicates an inherited tendency toward heart disease, for instance. So you pay more. Or they can use that as the basis for restricting what you are allowed to do – such as buy and eat red meat, for instance.

              Better enjoy that ribeye while you still can.

      • If you’re a conspiracy nut, so am I and so is my husband. I told him this story and he immediately said don’t do it. I am hoping for an outside meeting. It’s the 31st so it should be nice out. Outside would make better photos too.
        To address BAD’s below comment about what would the state do, the answer is: I don’t know. I’ve read about other states imposing mandatory quarantine, fitting people with ankle bracelets and fines and arrests for positive testing people who refuse to be made pariahs. I’ve not heard of that in Indiana, but I don’t want to take the chance of any kind of singling out or drawing attention to myself. These people are frickin insane and it’s best to just avoid them.
        I have thought about forging a card. My nutcase cousin has one, as do my dad and step mom. I’m sure could get a hold of one and employ the photoshop program here at work and make a good copy. But I shouldn’t have to in a “free country,” right? LOL, right.

        • Amy,

          I see, yeah, I’ve heard of this or that. In Az, nothing happens that I know of, state-wise. I would, as I said, get a 2-week vacation, which would let me use some of my abundant sick time.

          The only benefit, I thought, might be to know you’re well, get an errant positive test (which probably isn’t too difficult!) and then get your “passport” without any shop-work.

          But the truth is, that’s all a bunch of Gestapo BS and we should just be resisting that with everything we have, rather than forging “ze papers”.

          Good luck with whatever you choose.

        • Hubby may be onto something. Even if you test negative what are they doing with it? Do they immediately throw the swab away, do they send it to the CDC, is it going to a lab?

          I am as wary of the COVID testing as I am when everyone around me was signing up for 23 and Me a few years back. The government loves free DNA.

          The Black Market is going to have a heyday with these cards. I can just imagine the price that people will pay to get one.

    • Amy,

      I’m curious. What will the state do? Will you get a mandatory 2-week “vacation”? The bright side might be that you can claim immunity from now on, should you need to. Though, of course, we should fervently resist efforts to classify people in this way, it might be something to think about.

    • Regarding vaccine status, just forge one of the vaccine cards whose images are posted all over the place by proud lab rats. See, there are warnings all over the place to not show your vaccine card online so that refuseniks, who are to be cut off from life, can’t go all Gattaca. The advantage here is that ain’t no one gonna verify you because they assume everyone wants this injectable kool aid.

      What we really need is a network of pill mill-type doctors who will give our vaccine to a pineapple but afford us one of the coveted status cards and a spot in the official database. Where are the doctor Saul Goodmans?

    • Amy,

      My whole family got tested, all tested positive all were sick. I was sick and still refused to get tested. I did what i always do with the flu. I also was over it in about 72 hours total with tamiflu and my usual vitamins. Wife refused the tamiflu and it lingered in her for over 2 weeks. Kids had it the easiest

    • Hi Amy,

      I think it’s wise to not take the test – for just the reasons you’ve laid out. These tests are highly unreliable and – if you “test positive” – they will absolutely narc you out to the government as a plague carrier who may have to be quarantined and other such.

      PS: I wouldn’t Face Diaper, either. Not even to see my mother in the “care” facility. These bastards are not going to succeed in leveraging my family – or anything else – to get me to submit to their degrading rituals.

      • This is why I absolutely 100% have forbidden my family from taking a test so far during this scamdemic. I told them if they were sick enough to seek actual medical care, then sure, get a test, but if it’s just to play along with the narrative, no freaking way. The stakes for this family are just too high and w’re not going to contribute to the inflated numbers and panic.

        My oldest son has twice been put on “quarantine” and sent home from school this year because he was in the same room with someone else who was “positive”. Both times the school offered to cut his sentence short if he’d just get tested. Nope. He can just stay home for the full 10 days.

        • Same here. All three of my kids have been sent home several times because they were in close proximity to some kid who “tested positive”. They love it. They are always hoping to be quarantined. They said when someone gets quarantined and sent home, the other kids in class cheer for them like they won the lottery.

          Interestingly, there have been no children hospitalized or made dead due to the Rona. Weird, huh? It’s as if it’s all some sort of theatrical performance to keep parents scared.

    • These “tests” are not tests of infection of sickness.
      No good can come from getting tested without other symptoms of being sick.

      If I take a sample of your nose or mouth & find dust, strep, or food; that doesn’t mean you are infected with any of these. It simply means I found these things.

      In America, it means you are an infectious pariah

    • As a libertarian, it is my hope that your rejection of convid testing, masking, and associated theatrics prevent you from writing some banal hagiography of a 99 year old who fought or supported the fighting in the so-called but deviously engineered “good war” of WWII that might be used to promote or condone such behavior by your countrymen today.

      • Maybe thinking back the old Navy vet will re-appraise things and remark something like this: “You know, they scared the living be-Jesus out of us so much over that WWII thing that we gladly let the Government withhold income taxes from our paychecks! They said it was temporary and called it a ‘Victory Tax’. Reminds me of ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve’. Maybe the Rockefellers and Morgans were no more trustworthy than Gates and Buffet?”

      • Amen, Zek…

        I tread carefully on this one – veterans, etc. – because I know many were (are) well-intended if misguided. But – you’re right – I don’t cheerlead for what, in the cold light of truth, is the use of what Kissinger accurately styled dumb animals to fight not for freedom but for the interest of those who control the government.

        What is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq being obvious examples of this. Also Vietnam and Korea. WWII was a war that was made by a prior war that was made by governments, too. The U.S. government, specifically. Wilson – and those pulling his strings – to be even more specific. There was no “threat” to the United States presented by the war in Europe between the Kaiser’s Germany and the Triple Entente. The warring parties had reached a military stalemate and had nearly exhausted each other. A brokered peace among them would have ensued. Had Wilson not thrown in American “boys” to defeat Germany and her allies – for the sake of munitions profiteers and financial speculators in Wall Street and the UK. A brutal peace was then imposed on defeated Germany, seeding the ground for Herr Hitler – whose name would have otherwise been unknown to history, in all probability.

        So while I have sympathy for those who “served” because most did so believing they were “fighting for freedom” I do not celebrate them, because I know better.

        • Likewise I don’t celebrate them either, but I will excuse those that were propagandized into “service” by the extremely limited sources of information before there was an internet. There’s no excuse for those who had a far broader knowledge base after the internet was available. Of course the ever accelerating tech censorship is circling us right back to limited sources again. “Ignorance is knowledge” and all that.

        • Excellent summary, Eric. Schools should throw away their American history books and have the kids read your middle paragraph instead.

          • Thanks for the kind words, Roland!

            And: Anyone interested in some hard truths about “the military” should read Marine Major General Smedley Butler’s short book on the subject.

            • Is it less than 280 characters? Nobody reads more than 280 characters these days.

              Besides, he was white. Obviously a racist and to be ignored.


  8. This vid had me in tears laughing. This : https://twitter.com/FrankHassleYT/status/1372970466462330883
    and this: https://twitter.com/FrankHassleYT/status/1371991030946529283

    Another one had me crying was “Walmart N Word Headshot” (I thought some of it was too mean and just picking on people, but the intro and first few minutes were golden if you’re SO SICK of all the sacred cows and stereotypes and fucking rules about what you can and cannot say/do. All broken in the first couple of minutes.

    After watching this video and many others, yesterday at the shopping mall, I wasn’t nervous AT ALL. Most people are cowardly little bitch NPCs who want nothing to do with a real fight. Treat them with complete contempt if they dare say anything to you, fighting for your FREEDOM. How fucking dare they. Or at least have some fun. Call them retarded, little slave cowards, feminized, sissified little fags or chodes.

  9. This is not a diaper report, but another freedom being dissolved:


    It is almost on cue. The police do not even have a motive yet. It has not even been 24 hours, but the message is “We are coming for your assault weapons.”

    It bad enough trying to fight the masklings, now we need to fight for the weaponry. I don’t even think Stalin had an easy of a time overturning the Russian government as the Dems have had for destroying the USSA.

    • This might be the spark that lights the powder keg. Although now that this guy has been identified you may see this particular story disapear fast since it doesn’t fit the correct narrative.

      • Hi Antilles,

        It is giving the government the excuse that they need to pass the legislation that they want. The focus will never be that this guy suffered from delusions and believed people were following him, but that he used an AR 15 to kill ten people in a grocery store. It should have nothing to do if a gun was the weapon of choice, but should be about this man being a sick individual who killed innocent people. I don’t care if he did it with a pipe bomb, a semi, a gun, or a crossbow. I am tired of the government punishing all of us for the crimes of the insane few.

        • This is part of the USA being too big and should not be run out of DC.

          I don’t live within 2,000 miles of Boulder. I don’t care what happens there and should not be subject to rules made due to Colorado activities. Same for Georgia.

          Might as well make rules for me based on what happens in Canada

          • Indeed. I’m no fan of Grover Norquist, but he did make a rather memorable comment on the size of government, “I have no problem with government, as long as it’s small enough to drown in the bathtub”. If the largest political unit was one’s State, If it got too far out of line one could exercise the only truly valid votes that can’t be defrauded, and don’t render democracy equal to gang rape. Your feet, and your wallet. Which I imagine is why one of the effects of the “great reset” is to eliminate those votes.

    • RG,

      Yes, of course, and in Colorado, where they’ve already passed the “Universal Background Check” and “10-round maximum laws”. Bollocks.

      • So, he was already breaking the law by having a weapon that’s magazine usually holds on average about 30 rounds and then of course, murder has always been illegal.

        This should be a pretty easy court case. He is brought up on charges, a grand jury is called, probable cause is pretty much guaranteed, a trial of his peers finds him guilty, and a firing squad is brought in around 6 AM Monday morning. Unfortunately, this will take years as it makes it way through the courts and CO removed the death penalty in July of last year. I guess our tax dollars will go toward feeding, clothing, and housing the killer for another sixty years. 🙁

        • RG,

          Yes, he was clearly focused on following the law.

          And, it’s interesting how often, it seems, AGWs blast dogs, errant targets and unarmed people, but the goddamned (alleged) mass-shooter psychopath makes it out with a mere leg wound. “Merely a flesh wound!”

          Go figure. :p …Though maybe I shouldn’t be so critical.

      • I just read he bought the gun legally on the March 16.

        See? All guns must be banned because even ‘reasonable’ gun laws don’t work! (nothing to do with the crazy person, it was THE GUNS doing, thought the ammo was considered an accomplice.)

        • Curious that the gutters of the streets weren’t running full of blood back in the early 1900s when anyone could mail order a Thompson Submachine Gun and all the magazines and ammunition one pleased along with it. And could carry around and use any psychoactive drugs they pleased, if I’m not mistaken. Even after full auto weapons were banned from such sale, one could still buy any other firearm by mail order. Until JFK was murdered. Because Oswald bought a rifle that way and then proceeded NOT to kill anybody with it. After which such mail order sales were outlawed.

        • Somehow this guy, supposedly on the fbi’s radar is able to waltz in and pass an “extensive” according to colorodo, background check yet i know people who feel bad harming the paper targets they use for practice who get flagged and delayed for buying a single shot bolt action .22.

          I guess the fbi is too busy covering for hunter & hildabeast, investigating garage door pulls, and harrassing anyone and everyone who is a registered republican that was within 500 miles of the capital building on 1/6 to care about such trivial things as terrorism.

    • Hi RG, I hope your day is going well, aside from that report.
      I’m in favor of an assault weapons ban – for guys who can’t walk up airplane steps without tripping three times. They could hurt somebody.

      • Hi Roland,

        Personally, my day is going pretty well except I am neglecting a number of tax returns on my desk waiting for my undivided attention. 😉

        Tsk, tsk believing Joe tripped on this own. We all know it was very windy even the Commie Psaki said she almost fell over it was so breezy.

        Unfortunately, I don’t believe we have seen the last of these shootings. I have a feeling it is the first of many to come. We look weak as a country and foreign leaders and tribes are going to make us pay for it.

          • My opinion only: it is absolutely pointless and the reason why is one, most of the states are not going to push back their due dates (because they need the revenue funds). Virginia has an annual return date of May 1st of each year. So if you are a tax accountant in VA you still have to get everything completed by the state’s due date, so the 17th of May is irrelevant except for allowing taxpayers an extra 30 days to come up with federal funds (if applicable). The second reason that the May 17th due date is a joke is that the first quarter estimated tax payments are still due on April 15th, not May 17th. Estimated tax payments are usually determined by the previous year’s taxable income so if you are a taxpayer (and pay estimated tax payments) you still need to have some idea of what your final numbers will be. At that point you might as well complete the return in its entirety.

            My client returns will be completed by May 1st, the majority will be done by April 15th. I have no desire to extend it out. Last year was a rare event. This year we knew what we were up against. I would just like Congress to stop making changes to the tax code in the midst of the tax year that taxpayers are filing for. Two weeks ago Congress added an exemption of $10,200 in unemployment benefits to anyone that made under $150K in 2020. Any taxpayer that qualifies now has to sit and wait for the IRS to update the 2020 tax software to make this change, which prolongs everyone’s agony (not just the preparers).

            Sorry. I can go on a bit of a tangent discussing taxes. 🙂

            • Raider,

              I hate taxes and tax time, not only because it reminds me I’m being continuously robbed, but because it gives me an annual attempt to perjure myself by filling out federal paperwork erroneously.

              I couldn’t do what you, which I imagine is CPA work, if my Batman detective skills still function, simply because of paranoia, haha.

              Which brings up the question of why you have to file for taxes at all, because you COULD inadvertently (or not) incriminate yourself. Thus, your 5th Amendment rights are violated, are they not?

              Of course, I know they can because they have big guys with guns and so forth, but theoretically?..

              • You have excellent Spidey Sense, BaDnOn.

                Honestly, the 5th Amendment hasn’t even crossed my mind when it comes to what I do. It has occurred to me on other things, but not my occupation.

                The thing with tax law is it can interpreted in any number of ways by any number of people. A taxpayer can give their tax docs to four different preparers and get four various amounts. Some accountants are very conservative when it comes to income and deductions, others are very liberal. You must the follow the law, but that law is very gray, most times.

                • Morning Raider!

                  I’ll keep doing what I do, and try not to worry about it, then. After all, ambiguous laws never hurt anyone. 😉

              • The 5th amendment violation inherent in a tax return is the spark that sent Irwin Schiff on his journey to expose at least personal income tax has no legal foundation at all. It’s just a thing the Psychopaths In Charge want, and the courts hand them, law be damned.

                • John K.,

                  I’ll have to research this Irwin Schiff. I’ve before heard the argument that the 16 Amendment was never properly ratified and therefore isn’t valid, but never attempted to validate that claim.
                  Not that it would matter, like you’re saying.

  10. One thing driving be absolutely nuts – any time you call someone about something, which will require NO physical contact (say car insurance company) – before it was just the annoying recording and options. NOW theres a whole new story about covid, what the company is doing for covid, how sorry they feel for people who got covid, what to do if you get covid…. im like dumb bastard WTF do I care what you think about covid !!!

  11. I encountered a female sheep in the grocery store last weekend that had a T-shirt that read “KEEP CALM AND TRUST GOD”. While wearing a face diaper. Oh the irony.

    Also, I cringe when I see big burly obviously patriotic men with a flag colored face diaper.

    In both instances, faith is being placed in the wrong institutions.

  12. I am currently in the beginning stages of a legal dispute with our local city government over the Covidoom propaganda plastered on the electronic billboard outside of our local event center.

    Stuff like “Wear a mask” and “stay away from other people” and my favorite: “Don’t listen to rumors, only go to trusted sources of information, which just so happens to be these government websites.”

    My complaint isn’t that the city owns an electronic billboard and uses it for political purposes. My complaint is that the city also has a “sign ordinance” that prohibits anyone else from owning and posting similar billboards. So there is no way for a private citizen to rebut what the city has to say. You just have to drive past the Diaper propaganda every day and endure the humiliation, much like in Cuba or North Korea or the USSR.

    Right now it’s just heated emails going back and forth between me and the city staff, but I’ve told them I’m willing to sue and I might just have to get a First Amendment attorney to send them a nice friendly letter to get my point across.

    I have no doubt that these people really do think they are the good guys, but it needs to be explained to them that they are still just government thugs.

  13. ‘Even if there is no evidentiary basis for claims made about unhealthfulness – other than being “noncompliant,” which is an altogether different thing.’ — EP

    Disgustingly, 36 states apply to the same principle to drivers licenses. Your license can be revoked for unpaid tickets, court debts and child support, even though driving competence is not in question. It’s simply a strong-arm harassment tactic.

    Predictably, those worst affected are wage slaves who continue driving to work while suspended. Eventually they get caught and more unpayable fines and penalties are piled on.

    A campaign called Free to Drive is working to end debt-based license suspensions.


    Hundreds of billions of cash showering down onto states from Washington vitiates statists’ claims that hardball collection tactics are justified by states ‘needing’ the money.

    Right now, states and municipalities are so filthy rich, they haven’t even fully decided what to do with all the loot. Parks, pools, palaces — the sky’s the limit. And there’s more on the way, promises old Corn Pop.

    So maybe, as one small compensating benefit for wrecking our childrens’ future, they could stop oppressing people by yanking licenses for reasons that are not pertinent to driving competence.

  14. I guess the only part of the story that has be down a bit is the fact of the “’90s Music Bar”. Of course, I love much of the music from the ’90s, but the fact that it has become like a “’50s Cafe”, which were common in my youth, is somewhat distressing.

    • Thankfully Doo-Wop rarely assaults our ears any more.

      Though old Corn Pop probably still spins them platters, when he can figure out how to work the record player.

  15. Excellent story. If i get down that way i will have to give this patriot some business. Jersistan report, had a Boy Scout event this weekend, outside, in the woods, mandated diapers for all with the caveat except when eating or drinking. So naturally it was evident what adults were finished with this bs, they sat there and drank coffee and water the whole time and never wore a diaper. Too bad it was probably only like 15%. Me and my boys gave 0 f&cks didn’t wear a diaper the entire time. The boys were too busy building fires, learning lashings and putting up tents to spend much time eating or drinking. I hate having to be as my wife puts it, difficult, but this is one thing i need to take a stand on. I was fully prepared to walk away if told to diaper but nothing was ever said. There will never be diaper wearing from my family outside in the fresh air. And the only diaper wearing indoors is when absolutely forced against our will like Physical therapy, i need full use of my shoulder again.

    • Our family went to NC this past weekend. When we made the hotel reservations the employee told us “masks are required.” When we got there, there were several hotel properties, all of which had masks required signs everywhere. One hotel even had another sign about how the local police have agreed to remove “trespassers.” Laid low at first, although I never wore a mask. The following morning went to get breakfast (which is now very limited in the hotel), and didn’t wear a mask, the server said nothing. Noticed that every store has signs, but one sporting goods store had no customers and most employees barefaced. We must persist!! Signs have no power.

      • Hi Anon,

        If only these businesses weren’t so timorous. They post the signs – and pretend (many of them) to believe in the ‘Rona Religion – but many don’t actually enforce the Kabuki. If only they’d grow a pair and take down the signs. It would only take about 20 percent of them to make this as unenforceable as Prohibition.

        • I think that is why we see on the teevee and internet videos of people being “taken down” for not wearing a mask. The lady in BB&T in TX seemed a little scripted to me. I don’t trust any of it. I believe the purpose is to strike fear and ambivalence into those who would dare to exercise their right to breathe (and live) freely!

          It’s all a psyop. I am determined to ignore it and live free.

      • Living in NC, this has been my experience, especially lately. The signs have increased exponentially but all the other stuff, employees hectoring you, announcements on the PA, etc. have ceased. I’ve had nothing but polite and courteous treatment shopping unmasked lately but I’m usually the only one so it’s all still kind of otherworldly.

  16. Great, great article, Eric. Two of my favorite dudes…Strickland and Media Bear. The Fredericksburg restaurant holds a place in my heart because it is near my hometown. Strickland is a fighter and he is taking on the big boys. I am sure it never crossed his mind serving overseas that he would actually lose more freedoms on his own turf. I give him kudos for standing up to the system. I try to do my part by stopping in and buying lunch when I am in town.

    Also, accolades to Media Bear who addresses our deteriorating freedoms through humor, satire, and the showing of blatant hypocrisy to what our government is doing. We should all realize the media propaganda machine is in full force when such videos such as “Stick Me Baby One More Time” are deleted from YT.

    I just wish more Americans would wake up.

    • Guten Morgen, RG!

      Yeah, these Media Bear fellows are hilarious. I love in these videos how the people notice Dr. Clown, and you hear the “Alert!” sound effect from Metal Gear. Truly is priceless, as the man said.

  17. Hi Eric:

    Just a quick editing note: “They should consider that by bending knee, they are asking for more kicks in the place where there [should be their] balls used to be.”

    Also, I like your phrase “faucian claims,” which of course means sophistry.

  18. A reminder that only about 5% of the populace thought the Revolution was a good idea …and that’s all it took for this thing we call America to get off the ground and soar …

    Thru this whole supposed “Pandemic” I’ve only worn a mask in a few places (like the DMV, Dr office and courthouse) with no problems from businesses.

    5% folks … just stand up and refuse the kabuki theater …

  19. In fact, such defiance may encourage sane people with actual minds that work to realize that the entire notion of getting “permission” from some parasite to produce a product or service is absurd on its face. The one providing what people need or want at an acceptable level of quality at a price they are willing and able to pay is the public servant, the one demanding its cut with a threat of violence, not so much. I’ve read that “mask burning” parties are becoming a thing. Which has modified by reaction to masking insistence. In stead of turning around and walking out, take the proffered mask first, THEN turn around and walk out, and set fire to it immediately once outside.

    • This is why the ptb won’t suffer defiance. Because once the snowball effect begins there will be no stopping it. And the ptb want American’s to beleive that without them we would all be dead and dying from the sickness or evil businesses that want to kill us. I did a tour once of a whiskey distillery in Nashvillle area. Back in the day when you had no regulations there were some unscrupulous distillers that caused blindness and death in some of their customers( where the phrase blind drunk comes from). Anyways, distillers learned quickly to refine their processes because you don’t stay in business too long by killing and blinding your customers. And they didn’t need a govt mandate or unelected health department tyrants to modify their process.

    • John,

      The first point should most urgently be the goal of local freedom advocates in every city and town. This debacle has shown just how recklessly and capriciously “business licenses” could be used as a weapon, not that we weren’t aware before, with the AGWs who come to shut down lemonade stands and so forth. But recently, it has reached a new level of Gestapo. It’s time for “business licenses”, and truly most, if not all, government issued “licenses” to GO!

    • Hi John,
      Or in Ron Swanson fashion, throw it in the trash and say, “I’ll have another.” Throw that one in the trash too. Repeat until the diaper-pusher asks you what the problem is. Then say, “I want to make sure nobody ever has to wear those filthy things.”

      • Or perhaps take it outside, burn it, and come back for another. If one has time, rinse and repeat until they don’t have anymore, of give up and let you in.


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