Diaper Report 8/29/20

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Resistance to tyranny can take many forms. One form is to abide by the law. As opposed to the orders – styled “guidelines” – issued by Gesundheistfuhrers such as Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia, who have appointed themselves dictators in perpetuity.

But the law is still   . . . the law.

And the law is that people who cannot safely wear a Face Diaper (which is everyone, since Diapers are dangerous to everyone’s mental as well as physical health) are not obliged to wear one. Sadly, many businesses have chosen to snuggle up close to the Gesundheitsfuhrer by ignoring the law – in favor of the orders – because they fear the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s wrath.

But not all businesses are such Good Germans.

A few have been bold enough to post signs of their owns – next to the signs about Face Diapers muss sein that the Gesundheitsfuhrers have forced them to post – chiefly as an intimidation tactic, with which most businesses are poltroonishly complicit.

But not this business.

It is a chiropractor’s office that has a different sign on the door – which advises that the Undiapered who venture within will be assumed to have a health reason for not wearing a Diaper – e.g., they’re not sick in the head – and out of respect for the Fourth Amendment (imagine that!) as well as other actual laws pertaining to gesund – and privacy – the practice “will not ask you what your medical condition is and will assume that is why why you are not complying” with the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s “order.”

This is how it’s done.

Or at least, one way it’s done.

Abide by the law – especially when it contradicts the “orders” of a power-lusting politicians whose lawful authority to simply issue orders has the ring of Commandant Klink – except it’s not very funny.

Many businesses are of course terrified of not enforcing the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s orders and out poltroonery have become a kind of Gesundheitsfuhrer auxiliary, enforcing what the Gesundheitsfuhrers lack the legal power to enforce. Cops aren’t going to arrest you – outside of places like Miami – for not Diapering because there’s no statute duly passed by a legislature empowering them to do so but businesses – some of them – will attempt to keep you out or throw you out, in order (so they think) to keep the Gesundheitfuhrers off their backs.

Which is as hilarious as it is tragic.

The Gesundheitsfuhrers they are pathetically trying to placate being the very same ones who shut down their businesses at whim – and will again, if their arrogation of unlimited power is not checked.

As by insisting upon respect for the law.

Which a businesses has a legal obligation to do. If it has backbone enough to do so. It is doubtful a business that abides by the law – ADA, HIPPA law, especially – will be subject to enforceable repercussions . . . provided they have the spine to stand up to the Gesundheitsfuhrers‘ hysterical threats. Which will probably not stand up in court, if it gets to that. And if the courts no longer respect the law, then it is no longer our obligation to obey anything the law or Gesundheitsfuhrers decree, either.

That goes double for “orders.”

This one has the spine – and for that reason, it has my business and more than that, my keyboard and voice and whatever influence I can bring to bear by lauding this business in public and by publicly shaming the businesses which have become virtue-signaling Gesundheitsfuhrer auxiliaries. Like Carl’s, Jr (Hardees, on the East Coast), Sweet Donkey Coffee in Roanoke and Plato’s Closet – also in Roanoke. If you despise collaborationists don’t do business with them. Shun them – as people in liberated France shunned Vichy collaborationists. They are the same type. Willing to throw you under the bus if it will keep them in the good graces of authority.

Cueing Daffy Duck – They’re despicable.

Speaking of which . . .

After imbibing a much-needed dose of sanity, I ventured to Wal-Mart and walked among the not-so-much. Or rather, the submissive. Almost everyone was Diapered – even though Diapering wasn’t being enforced or even asked. No Diaper Dispenser at the door.

And yet, almost all were Diapered – probably because almost everyone was Diapered. The social pressure to Diaper is now as heavy as it once was not to Diaper. Try to remember last year. If you saw someone walking around in public with a Face Diaper on, you probably felt pity as well as wariness. Probably, there is something wrong with that person.

Psychologically – not medically.

Today, Diaper-wearing has been normalized to such a degree that the sight of an Undiapered is regarded as abnormal. And for just that reason, it is socially difficult for many people to not wear a Diaper as it was just a year ago for most people to wear one.

The training has been working.

But not entirely.

When you see an Undiapered today, it is almost axiomatic that you have found an ally in the fight against insanity. There is very little guesswork. Very little risk in approaching a total stranger and saying hello and thank god I’m not the only sane person left in the country! This usually triggers a smile – which you can see – and a conversation, which is a tonic.

For both.

I spoke with one very nice Undiapered lady for about 20 minutes; she doesn’t live far away and that is good because here’s another ally and just the sight of us Undiapered standing there – not dying or even sniffling – may have given just that little nudge to some of the Diapered milling about to rethink this business .  ..  just maybe.

I have made several new friends courtesy of Sickness Psychosis – that’s you, CJM! and Greg, too! – than I have lost on account of it. Better friends, I think – because these are people who don’t cave in to fear or do as ordered by CNN.

This is how we win.

I type this, Undiapered, in defiance of the sign in front of Barnes & Noble – which I ignored and walked right by. I could almost hear the sign scream. But no one said a thing.

This is how we win.

By mocking this pathetic clown show, as the mediabear guys have been doing.

By doing our own thing, Undiapered – among the Undiapered – until Diapering is recognized for the pathological training gear it is.

And Diapers are thrown in the trash, where they belong.

. . .

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  1. I went to a local business last week to take a photo of the owners, two women who run a printing and logo’ed apparel business. We had interviewed them as part of our “shop local” feature story.
    So since I am setting foot inside another person’s business at my own request, I put the diaper on. First I talked a young man at the frontdesk who had no diaper. He got the owner for me. She came out, also no diaper and asked “Do you shake hands?” and held hers out.
    Hell, yeah, lady and THANKS!
    Since I can read the room with the best of them, I pulled my hated farcemask off, took the photos, chatted a few minutes and left.
    Ahh, normalcy.

    • Hi Amy,

      This is excellent – the part about the Diapers off. I suspect there are lots of people who are beginning to hate them incandescently. This should be leveraged. It is beyond time the sane stopped acceding to the insane.

  2. My local walmart, which I only go to because I’ve got a prescription with them, closed off the entrance closest to the pharmacy. The open entrance has a crowd control gate and a big sandwich board sign about masking, as well as other “helpful tips” to avoid this germ, which I guess are for those among us who reside in caves. When I went there the other day, some fat, pimply kid was on sentry duty. His purpose, I gather, is to give you the stink-eye as you walk in and make sure you’re wearing the diaper, although many walked in without one and there was no feedback. I guess that kid won’t get employee of the month.
    About 1/4 of the people inside the store were not covered. No one said anything.
    I was told these cattle gates were to monitor the numbers allowed to go inside the store, but that seems to have been tossed aside now. No one is counting shoppers anymore in Indiana. They could open the other entrance and take down the cattle gates, but other than that, my local walmart is not too bad (well, it’s bad in there, but not because of this.) They are attempting some non-confrontational pressuring, but no one is actually approaching anyone.

  3. This past weekend my brother and I were sitting diaperless at the bar in a local restaurant waiting to be seated. I’m here in Florida.
    I was thinking how stupid this diaper thing is and asked the bartender if she could make a new mixed drink and call it “THE VIRUS OF DEATH!” You know, something like a shot of vodka, shot of rum, shot of… and add orange juice etc. I thought it would be a great statement for the sane people at a bar to loudly request a shot of it then survive. At the very least they could have a shot or two and declare they have tested positive!
    This virus BS deserves all the ridicule you can give it.

    • Hi Anon,

      Don’t trade with Joe, then. Almost none of us would put up with a “Niggers not allowed” sign in front of a store. Why do so many put up with “Undiapered Not allowed”?

  4. I went everywhere diaperless this past weekend. Kroger, bank, Lowes (x2), convenience store, and local hobby shop. Shockingly, everywhere I went, out of all the people that I saw, I was THE ONLY diaperless person in the stores! THE ONLY ONE! It’s literally shocking that everyone is masked up this late in the game. Today at work was the first time that anyone has confronted me about not being diapered. I told the guy why I wasn’t wearing one and he crawled away like the filthy gutless ass kisser that he is. I’m glad that it happened because it’s good practice for the next ass kissing spineless fucktard that asks me about it.

    • Same here, Pappa –

      While we were at the back-snapper’s office talking – Undiapered – with the nice woman at the desk (also Undiapered) another woman came in – a patient, I assume – very Diapered… who practically recoiled from us like Dracula from a crucifix. This will not be treated easily or quickly.

    • It’s the same here in Fargo, ND. I’m hopeful for change but it seems like everyone wears the mask (even though the Gov hasn’t ordered it), and they just go about business as usual. Most businesses require it and I’ve been thrown out of several for not wearing one.

  5. Yes the information is sadly absent on the official masking posters sent by the government to the businesses. And when I and my buddy tried to reach my county Health Department individually we could not even get a call back. Thinking about printing up official looking posters with exceptions and distributing them to the local businesses.
    Here is, direct from the CDC the latest numbers for the deaths so far for just the virus alone-9210. Yes out of the the 156000 “deaths” 9200+/- were only and exclusively from the virus. The average co-morbidity (contributing factors) was 2.6. All this pain for 9000 deaths. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm?fbclid=IwAR2-muRM3tB3uBdbTrmKwH1NdaBx6PpZo2kxotNwkUXlnbZXCwSRP2OmqsI

  6. I live near the border between two counties, one with a mask-mandate and one without. Both counties have a Publix, which is where I do most of my grocery shopping. Publix has a store-wide policy of displaying signs that say “mask required” but at least recently they haven’t done anything in either county to enforce the policy.

    Usually I shop at the Publix in the county that has the mask mandate, and they have about a 99% compliance rate, with me usually being the only one who doesn’t wear a mask. But yesterday I went shopping in the Publix with the “mask-required” signs but without a mandate by the county. At least 20% of the customers were not wearing masks. There is a big difference between being the only person in the store without a mask, and being one of the twenty percent. As the only non-mask-wearer, you can never be sure that there won’t be an enforcement effort against you, either by a county-enforcer, a store employee, or another customer. But when there are twenty percent non-mask-wearers, the burden of enforcement becomes too much for the enforcers, and you can be virtually certain that you don’t have anything to worry about.

    I hypothesize the following:

    1) In cases where there is only a store policy and no government mandate, there will always be at least 20% who don’t mind being a member of a minority and won’t wear a mask. There is an even greater percentage of people who would not wear a mask if there were no store policy requiring it.

    2) When the percentage of non-compliers reaches 20%, it is not feasible to enforce compliance. Although 20% is more than sufficient to prevent enforcement, the actual percentage required is probably even less.

    So, to be successful in defeating mask-mandates, you don’t have to have everyone’s participation, just 20% is plenty. And you don’t even need to convince anyone, because there are already at least 20% who reject masks. All you have to do is to encourage some of the people who already don’t want to wear a mask, to go one step further and just not wear them. I think one of the best ways to do that is by setting an example by not wearing a mask yourself, just as many in this forum are already doing.

  7. Let’s add insult to injury (and that’s way, way understating it).
    Headline: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses
    Link: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/shock-report-week-cdc-quietly-updated-covid-19-numbers-9210-americans-died-covid-19-alone-rest-serious-illnesses/
    You can trust what’s written in the article or you can follow the links to the CDC COVID update page and read for yourself.
    CDC quote found under subheading ‘Comorbidities’: “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

    Assuming a round number of 330,000,000 for the US population, the COVID-19 death rate is 2.79 out of 100000. Your over all chance of dying from COVID-19 is 1 in 35830.

    It gets better. From the data provided in Table 2 on the CDC update page, if you exclude deaths in health care and nursing care settings, that is you are healthy-ish, then the death rate is 3 per 100000. You read that right! Three per million! Your odds of dying from COVID in this case are 1 in 337300.

    And since the COVID only death rate was not specified for non-health care settings, I assumed the 6% rate applied. In actuality, it doesn’t. That rate would pretty much be ZERO! So the actual odds for a healthy person to contract and die of COVID is 1 in infinity.

    In other words the so called disease does not exist. It was a hoax from the get go. The tell was the occurrence of “Event 201”. Hmmm. Where have we seen that before? If memory serves me, but I am getting to be an old fogey, I think it has something to do with the numbers 9 and 11.

    Enough for now. My tin foil hat is on too tight and is giving me a headache.

    • Yep. I saw this as well. It was my hunch from day one that it was all a hoax. Now that the facts are out there and admitted by the government, I want to know when people are going to jail for this fraud. The psychosis, despair and economic destruction caused by it is beyond words.

      • It’s just like when they admitted to starting the fire at the Davidian compound in Waco and when they were found guilty of shooting Randy Weaver’s kid in the back from a helicopter. Nothing happens to the criminal thugs in government. They are never held accountable. This will be the same.

        Jail sentences are for the mundanes.

      • Hi Mister,

        We face this difficulty: What is considered to be “fact” and “real” by the herd masses is what CNN and the official organs say is “fact” and “real.” So long as they say nothing about the truth, it does not matter.

        • This is the sad truth, unfortunately. Government schools have zombified the masses. They go through more than a decade of their formative years being told what to do and what to think by governmental “authorities.” School is then replaced by mass-media propaganda, which is also (shall we say) “guided” by the government. With that said, it does feel like the tide has shifted a bit in our favor over the past week or two. I’m a bit more encouraged.

          I’ve been considering getting a bullhorn and going on an public “education” (read shaming) campaign targeting specific mask wearers. I’m not sure whether this might be counterproductive though. I’m not a mean-spirited person, but good god, ignorance just abounds!

    • I noticed our local news isn’t reporting the “cases” and deaths anymore, just cumulative totals since last March (Gee, I wonder why..). Looks like the bug is burning itself out & herd immunity is at hand. Can’t let the brainwashed idiots in on this little gem of info..

  8. What’s wrong with America? Yesterday tens of thousands filled the streets in Berlin, London, and Israel protesting the “oh shit we’re all gonna die” edicts. It took a while for Youtube to get a handle on properly censoring video of these protests. What a glorious sight, to see tens of thousands without masks, and shoulder to shoulder, for ten or more hours. By the way, the only major “news” channel that showed the protests, or even mentioned them, was Bloomberg, who took down video of the protests later on. Let us hope that the trend of “but that’s what they’re doing in Europe” excuse that the American socialists often put forth continues, in this particular case.

    • I’ve also seen coverage on One America News Network (OANN). HUGE crowds in many different nations, but since it doesn’t fit the Progs and their Globalist masters Narrative, its obviously not news… Our beloved Google Over Lords have been having a fit, trying to stay ahead of the people changing videos faster than their auto system can adapt. ^^ As for in side of the Empire, we could lose a city, and if it wasn’t coveraged by CNN, it would be “fake news” to most of the Useful Idiots.

  9. Eric,
    Re. “…And Diapers are thrown in the gutter, where they belong.”

    Hopefully someone finds this anecdote amusing, useful, or truly sad…

    Went to Mt. Rushmore (SD, a free state).
    There are two gift shops, one at the entance, one down a level, by the amphitheater.

    The lower level shop did not require/enforce masks (again SD, a free state, alllows you the choice). Perhaps half of the tourists were diapered there, but by their own choice.

    I went to the upper shop to see what trinkets they had that were different. But, lo! That shop required diapers… and provided them for the gullible. (Needless to say, I have no idea what they sell.)

    Interesting to note, you will find used diapers littering the grounds at the monument. Not just around the shop, but a good walk away too. All exactly the same as those handed out at the mandatory mask shop. Wonder where they came from?🤔

    Makes me wonder, are these masked idiots also the self same lib-tards that “love ” the environment soooo much, and care about everyone’s saaaafety too? If so, how does throwing “contaminated, disease filled” masks on the ground (for others to pick up, thereby “spreading disease”) help either cause, “slowing the spread” OR “environmental justice”?

    Still waiting for “the Squad”, AOC in particular, to weigh in on this.

    Have people truly stopped caring about anything beautiful, such as nature, or freedom?

  10. Walmart here in BC.

    Took a friend who is willing to diaper to shop at Walmart yesterday. I need something they sell much cheaper than anywhere else and she was willing to pick it up for me. Not happy about giving them my money but I am frugal enough to do so for $50 saving.

    So I got to sit in the parking lot for about an hour watching the herd.

    People driving in masked, alone.

    People coming out, adjusting their masks with hands that had just been touching everything “contaminated” in the store.

    Saw two people walking through the parking lot pull down their masks to sneeze without covering their face with anything. Pretty sure that was instinctive behavior they would do in the store too, rendering masking pointless, even if it worked.

    We truly live in a moronocracy.

    • The good news here in SW Florida is that the diapers are coming off, slow but sure. The bad news is that they are being replaced with those clear face shields. Moronocracy is a good word, Anonymous! As ineffective as the dirty diapers are, I have to imagine the shields are even less so. The only upside to them is that since I’m hard of hearing, it’s easier to figure out what people are saying when I can see their lips.

    • YUP, I said it in one of my prior posts — if someone has to sneeze, they’re not even going to do it in the mask LOL, they’re going to take the mask off LOL. OMG. Total Madness.

  11. I was just taking a walk around my apartment complex. Saw one car, diapered driver alone in it, and every time I see that I say out loud, “Get that stupid f!#%&ng thing off your face!” On the way back in from my walk, a lady in a van pulled in and parked by another building. She had the diaper around her chin, not over her nose and mouth, and I surmise that she was delivering Instacart or something (she was calling the customer when I walked up, so I’m guessing that’s what it was). I walked over to her and thanked her for pulling it down over her chin, and how stupid it looks when people wear them over their breathing holes while driving alone. She laughed and agreed. I didn’t give her grief because I figure if she was working, then she’s probably obliged to wear the stupid thing while making the delivery. I know, that’s your line in the sand, that you’d quit if you were forced into it (and I have), but some people can’t quit, so I cut her some slack.

  12. This reminds me of the days at the end of the 55 mph national speed limit before it was raised to 65 on rural interstate highways, a group of us would run down the highway at triple digits. The roads weren’t jammed 24/7 due to neglect and having reached peak capacity. This happened more than once, I would fall in behind a Mercedes, BMW or a Porsche and haul ass.

    We stood out like sore thumbs for a bit. Always scared of being pulled, but nevertheless, we overcame. At least one of us (me) was very active in trying to get this nonsense repealed. And, we did. I don’t know exactly how or why. The public at large was apathetic and largely compliant. It took a 10 mph bump in the speed limit (to 65) and another 6 years (1993) before the average highway speed reached what was being recorded in 1973, before the 55 mph speed limit took effect.

    In my own way, what I am saying is that the same thing COULD happen with diapering. It may take us years, but there is some resistance building.

    The question is, will it reach critical mass (which 55 really didn’t) and will we have the good luck that lead to the final repeal of the NMSL. I don’t know.

    Ten years ago, the TSA began subjecting fliers to the ultimate humiliation of being forced to assume a weird position in a X-ray type box that strip searches the victim or to be subjected to an invasive and intrusive patdown by former Wendy’s employees. I thought for sure that the backlash would get momentum. Apathy took over and 10 years later, we are still playing security theater the sick overlords.

    Could this be the final straw for them? I don’t know Time will tell. Resistance is definitely building, but will it be enough?

    • The 55mph NMSL was never really complied with. Most people ignored it. However those who complied were obnoxious about it and ruined lane discipline. That slowed everyone down. Furthermore the compliance numbers were more fictional than the covid19 death count. That’s why the 65mph rural interstate concession was made. It was an attempt not to be entirely in a fictional universe with regards to what they were doing. By the time it was repealed there was no longer any reality with it. Even in the 1990s the speed kills types in the driving newsgroups weren’t even calling for 55mph.

      With the TSA most resisters dramatically cut back their flying. The problem was the great herds didn’t.

      • >With the TSA most resisters dramatically cut back their flying. The problem was the great herds didn’t.

        …or they shelled out $$$ for programs like TSA Precheck and Global Entry that bypass the Pr0n-o-Vision scanners in favor of plain old metal detectors. They also have shorter lines, so you waste less time on Security Theater. I think it says something, though, that you can buy your way out of having your naughty bits scanned or groped, and what it says isn’t good.

        • Hi Scott,

          That’s true, in re the TSA and “precheck,” etc. But no matter how much you pay, you still get to play. No more just being dropped off at the airport 15 minutes before departure and getting on board without being hassled by the Heimatsicherheitsdeinst. I haven’t flown since 2016 and never will again.

          • That is yet again to show how small minded you are. You could buy a Cessna 190 for fairly cheap if you bought gold in Y2k. It would haul a good amount of your crap if you left your car behind and just stowed a motorcycle such as your Kaw. I don’t know about you but a radial engine is nice sounding. Some guys make a tent for under the wing so camping is pretty ok. Tie downs are a must in the case of a passing storm, but the rest is fairly idyllic unless you have incontinence problems.
            Use a strip next to a clean river and bring some bar soap and you will be fine. If you are luckier than me, you might find naked ladies in the river.

            • Vision out the front is pretty bad when on the ground. Maybe a camera and a popup screen would keep you from tailwalking the thing to get a small view of what is ahead on the ground. Cheap oil is ok if it is changed often.

            • Hi Erie,

              I’d love to own an airplane. But it’s beyond my means at the moment – and the government has stifled the fun out of it. I have the same aversion for bureaucracy that Dracula had for garlic. I like that I can still just get on my bike and go, without even thinking about where I’m going or when I’ll be back.

              And for dirt cheap, too.

              A Cessna 190 in decent/FAA airworthy shape probably costs $40k or more. A ’70s UJM in excellent costs $3k or so. No FAA breathing on me about maintenance, either!

  13. I read this week about how Delta Airlines is proudly braying about their No-Fly List comprised of heretics who didn’t abide their no exceptions diaper decree. Other airlines are doing the same thing. Can you imagine a saner time when any business would turn down paying customers, much less brag about it? Then we have United Airlines announcing they will soon layoff thousands of pilots. Because no one’s flying, because few want to deal with yet another layer of hassle. And so these airlines, in their customer-shunning arrogance, have the balls to ask for and receive billions of taxpayer bailout money. Take away their government cheese and watch the diaper requirement fly fly away.

  14. I was so sure that the people would take their masks off when July came around (under the assumption that it would be too hot for them to breathe). Boy was I wrong! They did the exact opposite and actually *increased* their diaper wearing! It’s summer, cold and flu season is over, and no one is walking around sniffling and sneezing. Yet only 1% of Walmart shoppers aren’t wearing masks. Simply stupefying.

    • The later weeks of July are right when they cranked up the Fear Machine to previously unheard-of levels, with multiple grocery stores suddenly requiring oxygen restrictors in perfect lockstep with each other, plus a sudden blast of even-more-overheated rhetoric from the media. I seem to recall, as someone with the Reddit app on their phone, that that was right about when they started running push notifications from r/coronavirus to everyone’s phone even if you weren’t subscribed to it and told the app about 15 times to turn off notifications from there. I notice they haven’t been doing that over the last few days; I’m not sure if they just stopped or if they took me off the list after I started downvoting everything in sight while calling out TPTB in comments.

      • That’s a good point. I guess the media figured they had to turn the propaganda machine up to 11 in order to keep the hysteria going. But like someone said, “A true pandemic doesn’t need to be advertised.”

        • Hi Jim,

          You make an excellent point in re “A true pandemic doesn’t need to be advertised.” Just so. If this were even half the “crises” being portrayed by the media, most people would not need to ordered to stay home. They’d be wearing N100 respirators – not dirty old bandanas. The bodies would be stacked up so high they’d be impossible to not see – as in Black Death times.

          Instead, we have a kind of virtual crisis – one purveyed by TeeVee. And people equate what they hear the TeeVee say with physical facts.

        • People don’t advertise their vanity in an emergency. The fact that you see designer masks everywhere is the tell. If this were a true “pandemic”, people would be desperate to get ahold of whatever mask that worked, regardless of what it looked like.

        • Jim.

          Absolutely correct. Called this out as a scamdemic about 2- 3 weeks into it.

          The whole thing looked like a re-wind of the nuclear scare of the cold war, AIDS, and Y2K to me. It’s not hard to notice the media is reliably more often wrong than right, either purposeful or accidental. Several somebodys asked me “how are you so sure it’s a scam? What if ______.” My response was “It’s all we hear about all day every day, but never see any actual real world evidence.”
          The TV and computer screen is the real world in some people’s eyes. Hence the blind mass compliance we see.


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