No Cash for Your “Clunker”

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At least the Obama-era “cash for clunkers” program was voluntary.

People were paid to have their older vehicles – these were characterized as “clunkers” to make it seem as though they were on their last legs and ready for the scrapyard anyhow – destroyed in order to “stimulate” demand for new cars. In fact these old cars had a lot of life left in them, as evidenced by the requirement that to qualify for the cash, the “clunker” had to have been recently licensed and registered – and that meant capable of passing both state safety and emissions tests, absent which the owner could not get or renew registration in most states.

In other words, the program targeted operable cars – not cars that were sitting on cinder blocks in the backyard.

The destroyed cars were merely older cars.

It is the difference between being an “asymptomatic spreader” and someone who is actually sick.

An entire generation of older cars were destroyed, which had the intended effect of denying an inexpensive first car to a rising generation of young Americans, who could not afford a new car.

But at least the destruction was voluntary. No one was forced to hand over a functionally sound older car – in order to force them to buy a new car.

Or out of cars, if they could not afford a new one.

Well, get ready for No Cash for Your “Clunker.” This time, the government won’t even pay you a few bucks to destroy your older car. They’ll just take it – and destroy it. If you can afford a new car – which will mean a new EV as that is all you’ll be able to buy – then they’ll allow you to drive.

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, so it would have seemed if – four years ago – you’d have told people the government would try to force everyone to wear a “mask” and submit to a jab full of strange drugs they were assured were “safe and effective” that proved to be neither.

We know just how crazy things can get.

And they already are, in Europe. Over there, they’ve got something called the End of Life Vehicles Directive and it’s all about ending the lives of vehicles the EU apparatchiks don’t want Europeans to drive.

Guess which ones those are.

If you guessed older, paid for and not electric you guessed right.

The EOLVD encompasses “New rules for the design and end-of-life management of vehicles (that) aim to protect the environment, decarbonise production and reduce raw material dependencies, benefiting EU industries.”

These rules have apparently just been expanded to include a scrappage requirement – it’s not voluntary – for older cars that do not meet EU inspection requirements, which are similar to the state safety and emissions requirements that cars must pass in most states here in America in order to get (or renew) their registration/tags, without which they may not be legally used on public (that is, government-controlled) roads. But at least the government doesn’t seize the cars that don’t pass these inspections.


In the EU, they will.

If an older car doesn’t pass inspection, after two years of noncompliance, the governments of EU countries consider them “waste” and subject to seizure/scrappage. The former owner doesn’t even get a check in forced-exchange for his “clunker.”

He gets to walk.

Now, the take-home point here is that this business is not likely to be confined to over there because climate communism is a worldwide business. General Secretary Klaus Schwab and his politburo – the forces that have bought operational control over the government of the EU as well as the federal government of the United States (and many states as well; viz California and Schwabite minion Gavin Newsome) are determined to use green to impose red. That this intention ought to be obvious by now hardly needs mention.

The Schwabites have literally told us their intentions (viz, the WEF’s “call” for “end to private car ownership”).

How do you suppose they intend to achieve this?

One arm of the pincer is to force off the new car market any vehicle that isn’t an electric vehicle; this is a process already well under way to the point of being almost a fait accompli.

But so long as people who do not want an EV – or who cannot afford an EV – have cars they do want and can afford, lots of people will elect not to buy an EV. Enter the other arm of the pincer, which is already pinching the Europeans. If they can’t get you to voluntarily buy an electric vehicle, they’ll force you out of your old vehicle by characterizing it as a “clunker” and forcing you to scrap it – and they’ll do that by imposing “safety” and”emissions” inspection requirements that are either too difficult or too expensive to comply with. When your “old clunker” is no longer compliant, it becomes waste – and we all know what happens to that.

It goes in the trash.

Which – ironically – is just where the Schwabites belong. Or perhaps somewhere even more appropriate than that.

. . .

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  1. I wonder what the plan is for someone’s ’66 Porsche 357, or a classic 50’s Benz or a ’66 XKE.
    I have a feeling this plan is going run headfirst into a wall.

  2. Eric,

    I did a little probing around the EU’s website, and it looks like this abomination is a proposal-for now, anyway. It’s not yet law; it’s not gone into effect. After the Dutch farmers protests from earlier this year; after the yellow vest protests in France; I don’t know if the Europeans will take this lying down.

    • Hi Marky,
      Hopefully the EU technocrats are starting to feel the heat over some of the their more ludicrous proposals. The Dutch farmers protest led to the election of Geert Wilder, which leads me to believe there’s a chance of more pushback from some of the other countries as the people finally see what’s in store for them.

      • Hi Mike,

        I agree. Once people understand that this is an existential threat and not just another new rule or regulation to deal with, perhaps the game will finally be on.

  3. No cash for your clunker? What?

    Oh, I get it, the clowns on Capitol Hill are the clunkers.

    The sooner they are gone, the better.

    Good riddance.

    At least it’s a good analogy. har

  4. Once again the people who claim to care about the environment and the use of resources want to force functional things into the waste stream and force them to be replaced with expensive new things that won’t last as long.

    There has been this century long attack at the lower end of the market for everything. Making stuff unaffordable. And who complains the most about things being unaffordable? The very people who demand regulation after scheme that drives prices ever higher. The useful idiots.

    All this while NGO having class get more wealthy and powerful. Then the useful idiots complain about wealth concentration.

  5. There’s something awesome happening in the gearhead circles right now; people are fabricating their own parts to keep old cars running. With massive improvements in terms of price and quality, we can 3D print metal parts, CNC machines are affordable enough for amateurs to buy, and it’s cost effective to do really small runs of parts (like 20).

    As time goes on, and new cars regress relative to what came before, it’s going to be possible to keep old cars running, as long as rust doesn’t eat the unibody on unibody cars. There will be more demand for aftermarket parts, and amateurs will make them, because there’s now a lot of expertise making parts for desirable, older cars (Lotus, Porsche, etc.) People will start making parts for Fords and Hondas.

    • Only a matter of time until the “shade tree manufacturer” exceeds factory original quality and engineer better solutions than the guys who had to answer to the accounting department. When your part has your name on it, not just Ford or Delco, you tend to care a little more about quality control. And when your reputation is what sells your product, better is better than new.

      • I’m keeping my Lotus alive using only shade tree manufacturer parts at this point, and they are all better than the originals (except the engine, which is Toyota).

    • I’ve been doing that for years, and 3d printing has been a boon. The things I’ve found that kill a restoration are curved glass- windshields and backs primarily. Everything else, metal, plastic, rubber, there is a way- especially if you’re not hung up on absolute originality.

      Anybody know of a source or option for glass- especially for 50’s-70’s cars?

      • Some years back one of the cable shows needed a no longer available windshield, they ended up at a shop in, pretty sure, California that would take your old glass and test fit it to another windshield till they found a curve contour match then cut to the outline needed for your app.

    • Even sixty years ago little specialties were in the works. A friend of mine, who was a machinist by trade, made exact reproductions of the bumper bolts for Model As. I think there was a whole network of A owners who had connections like that. Electronics are going to be the bugger.

      • I think we’ll see retired programmers start to tinker with open source ECMs and other electronics. Maybe they had a better idea but the management wanted to hang on to the old tried and true code, for example. Now that they’re retired they can roll their own. There’s nothing inherently difficult about writing subroutines for controlling motors, it’s pretty basic stuff. Not to mention there’s an entire industry built around performance improvement chipping and racing that could shift pretty easily to more basic tuning to keep cars running. Might not be as sexy as winning at the track, but if it helps people keep their cars, that might be more profitable in the long run.

    • If we’re lucky, America may very well become the next Cuba, as in the car culture. I would LOVE to see large sedans or SUVs with equally large (or BIGGER) diesel engines shoehorned in them! But not TOO big, though, or else the torque would probably snap the frame like a twig! 😂

  6. People need to understand that the West is a totalitarian dictatorship and you have no rights. Governments are starting to figure out that they don’t need to care about the optics when they are guaranteed to get favorable press.

    Why bother with the pretense of “paying” you for your old car in paper fiat money when they can just confiscate it and you have no recourse?

    Why bother to get a warrant — or read the address correctly on the warrant if they do actually have one — when the cops can kick in your door and shoot you with an assault rifle and face no consequences if you’re innocent?

    Why bother with the pretense of free speech when the FBI is embedded in Twitter and Facebook? Why bother with the pretense of privacy when the Feds have been tracking and storing every single phone call and every single internet page for over 20 years?

    Why bother with the pretense that you have “gun rights” when you have to get FBI approval to buy a gun?

    Why bother with the pretense of voting — if you vote for the “wrong” candidate they will arrest him and charge him with 91 bogus felonies for questioning the rigged election results.

  7. Being old has it’s benefits, this is a hill I’m willing to die on for the remainder of my time here on earth. I will not give up my IC cars or gas appliances/furnace for the psychopaths agenda; if it comes to that – molon labe, motherf**ers.

    • That’ll make their day. They love killing folks. When you’re dead the news will make you out some anti-social loon that hates the planet. Your friends and neighbors will say you have been acting a bit strange lately. Up late at night working on your illegal car.
      The cops will be high fiveing it down at the pub laughing at how you twitched and jerked as each of the thirty five rounds hit you.

      • Yes, we should just bend over you know since the odds are against us.

        Look, they will probably win, but will they come out unscathed? I’d like to give them something to think about next time they go out to do it again. You are free to hand them your keys and tell them thank you for your service all you want.

      • We outnumber them by a ridiculous margin and be aware that they are cowards who shit their pants and run in the face of determined opposite. Even if not they will start running put of enforcers pretty fast and have trouble finding new ones.
        Of course Dickhead Durbin thinks he has a solution. That will work as well as it deserves to.

        Bring it on you bastards

      • This is Carl’s way of saying “take no shit, give no quarter”

        Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat an enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war. Pleasant as it sounds; it is a fallacy that must be exposed: War is such a dangerous business that the mistakes which come from kindness are the very worst.

        Carl von Clausewitz

  8. The Biden Thing will likely try such a thing here, especially if the Thing is re-(s)elected next year, though to get people to comply they might run a HEAVY propaganda campaign like the government and establishment media did with the “pandemic” & the experimental mRNA jabs since they successfully used propaganda about COVID & the “vaccines” to get many people to comply with nonsensical diktats and lining up to take experimental pharma products that to this day still have too many unknowns, but have already caused countless people to have permanent injury or even “Died suddenly”. Instead of “Pandemic of the unvaccinated!”, the Biden regime & the media might run narratives like “Trumpers driving dirty cars!” or “Climate Emergency of dirty cars!”

    It has become increasingly obvious since 2021 that Joe Biden isn’t REALLY the President. The REAL President is likely someone who is ALL IN with the globalist/ technocratic agenda being pushed by the WEF, the UN, AND the WHO, and there needs to be MASS refusal among the public to comply with whatever diktats these authoritarians try to decree. I’m reminded of a campaign fmr First Lady Nancy Reagan had 40 years ago called “Just say no!”, but this time instead of saying “No!” to drugs, it should be “No!” to these psychopaths looking to DESTROY our lives for the sake of THEM having perpetual power & control over our lives.

    • Thing is, they thinned out the ranks of the gullible and the servile. Leaving behind a bunch of pissed-off noncompliant people. And a bunch who were compliant but who recognized that they made a mistake, and are also pissed off and won’t make the same mistake twice.

    • Biden is a loyal servant of the donor class. Always has been. Whatever they want done Biden will do it. Sure he’s probably a John Gill like in Star Trek now but what makes it work is that not having any moral grounding and doing as the donor class wants is nothing new for Biden. The real problem is the millions of useful idiots that have accepted the globalist control agenda while thinking they are fighting the man.

      • The difference with the real life currently imitating “Star Trek” art is that our John Gill isn’t simply drugged into submission.

        Things that make you say “Hmmm” — I haven’t seen “Patterns of Force” in the “Star Trek” rotation on MeTV on Saturday nights for a while.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          That’s weird about MeTV. Right now though they’re airing episodes of “Star Trek” from season 1, so who knows if they will air “Patterns of Force” or skip it when they get to season 2, which had that particular episode. On the other hand, months ago, when MeTV was airing the final few episodes of “The Beverly Hillbillies”, they cut out a scene from one episode that had a Confederate flag.

  9. In Japan, the “Shaken” (車検) inspection process leads to older cars being dumped on the international market because it is too expensive to bring them into compliance. Looks like the EU is looking east again.

    I read a blog post recently that basically said the EU and China are pushing for the end of fossil fuels because they’re jealous of the countries that have access to them, especially oil and natural gas. They need to level the playing field by outlawing energy. Remember that the reason France turned to nuclear power for their electricity (and indirectly, rail transport), was because they didn’t have access to colonial oil fields like the Brits had in the Middle East. When Iran fell their bet paid off in a big way.

    • “EU and China are pushing for the end of fossil fuels because they’re jealous of the countries that have access to them, especially oil and natural gas. They need to level the playing field by outlawing energy.”

      This makes perfect sense.

      • First of all, let’s get rid of the term “fossil fuels”.
        Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons are “abiotic”.
        Hydrocarbon products are constantly being created deep within the earth by yet-unknown processes well below the layers that contain fossils. Keep in mind that hydrocarbons migrate upward and pass through “fossil layers” picking up remnants of “fossil” material; hence, the present-day scientists’ stupid mistaken assumption that hydrocarbons are derived from “fossils”.
        Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits well below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
        As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
        “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited dishonest concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
        Follow the money.
        Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons have done more to advance civilization than any other influence. It is the discovery, creation and utilization of ENERGY that propels civilizations upward and onward.
        We have more oil underneath our feet than the rest of the world. In fact, we became energy independent under Trump. That trend was reversed with the Biden regime.
        For a good treatise on abiotic oil, please google L. Fletcher Prouty. He is a scientist who gives a good explanation of “abiotic oil”.

        • It is the discovery, creation and utilization of ENERGY that propels civilizations upward and onward.

          That’s the motive right there for the entire CO2 nonsense. CO2 emissions are a proxy for energy usage, so reduced CO2 emissions means reduced energy usage, which means less freedom and less civilization for people at large. The hysteria itself is only a means to make people go along with the nefarious agenda, even to the point that many people will actively choose to reduce their freedoms and their standard of living in the belief that this makes them decent, responsible human beings.

          • “…even to the point that many people will actively choose to reduce their freedoms and their standard of living in the belief that this makes them decent, responsible human beings.”

            Someone on this forum asked a similar question, but do most people really HATE themselves THAT MUCH?!

        • Oh, I’ve gone down that hole a few times. Can’t say there’s strong evidence for any theory as to how the stuff got there. But I know that where there’s natural gas, there’s radon. And radon is a byproduct of nuclear fission. So if there’s some source of carbon in the ground, and a concentration of nuclear material, there’s probably a lot of excess hydrogen being created too. Then again, we only know about the current shape and state of the Earth. And assuming that Pangea was the first iteration of the Earth’s crust is just as unlikely as the seven continents have always been here. Plate tectonics didn’t just spontaneously begin with the beginning of life, the planet has been in the Goldilocks zone for most of its existence.

          Either way, the stuff’s a lot more plentiful than anyone thought. Even before the Texas wildcatter days it was thought that Drake’s wells in PA were going to be tapped out in a few decades and that was going to be it. It helped that limiting oil supplies kept it expensive, which was in everyone’s best interest. I think when the big fields in the Middle East and in the Gulf of Mexico were discovered that pretty much put an end to the running out of oil myth. It took Opec getting pissed off at Nixon (and Israel) to change everyone’s mind. But that backfired for them in the long run, leading to more exploration and discovery of even more oil. Now the only way to limit production is to scare everyone into outlawing it.

        • Leigh Price was a petroleum chemist, and also a geologist. Studied oil formations, deposits. Did so by analyzing drill core samples. It’s a PDF and is 250 plus pages long, read it all.

          Probably the most important work and study in the oil industry, known the world over and the core samples provided a lot of answers via Price’s work. Have read at WUWT that Leigh Price is greatly missed.

          You will learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

    • Everyone knows the “Shaken” is a jobs/industry subsidy program. There’s no moralizing about the environment or the usual virtue signalling about it. It’s designed to keep people employed and make the corporations money.

      And in Japan for those who have space there are car hoarders and such just like anywhere else with some freedom. A car may be forced off the road but not to the breakers. But that’s another thing, unlike with western control freaks the cars get exported to other markets where they can live out their useful lives. The western control freaks are exceedingly wasteful. They don’t care about the environment, they care about power. One ‘save the environment’ scheme after the next is about buying new stuff.

      I still remember when the news media learned that flood cars and other cast offs from the USA were being sent to Africa where people bought them. They were aghast. Babbling about African buyers being ripped off and unsafe cars and other nonsense. Only trouble was the buyers knew what they were buying and the low price is what they needed. They had become skilled at fixing whatever woes the cars had well enough too. Sounded like a win for all parties to me, which is probably why the whole system worked. Of course the do-gooder control freaks want it ended.

  10. This is easy to circumvent; just dismantle (aka ‘scrap’) the car in to its constituent parts (or something approximating that) and put it in storage (protected from ‘the elements’). Later, post SHTF or when sanity prevails, the car is re-assembled and we’re back to the good ol’ days.

    PS: This is what we do in my locale when ‘credit providers’ (shylocks) target a car/motorcycle for confiscation.

    • Then your “Gladys Kravitz” neighbor will turn you in for storing the vehicle in pieces in your backyard, which will be a violation of some HOA regulation if not law.

      I’d estimate about half of the white population in the US and Western Europe see a role model in Rolf Gruber, the little snot with the whistle in “The Sound of Music”. They proudly wore the armbands -er- masks during the pandemic kabuki and lived for a chance to watch that neighbor with the bad lawn loaded into a boxcar and replaced in the house with more reasonable people, which they were denied.

      The enemy is everywhere. Watching. Waiting.

      • I thought of, “Gladys Kravitz”, (the Karens?) while reading this bit:

        …”Flabbergasted, the general hastened from St Petersburg to warn the Tsar of approaching catastrophe. However, on arrival at the Court, Wrangel was shocked to see that 80% of the Romanov women, most of whom he knew, were wearing a red ribbon. Their ribbons testified to sympathy for the very forces who later would murder these Romanov women.

        Today, our élites too, sport a ribbon – not red, but a Rainbow one.

        None of these commentators forecast a Romanov outcome (yet). But they are warning that the civic landscape in America is shifting dramatically fast:”…

      • Indeed Roscoe,
        Amerika has turned into East Berlin, where everyone is spying on their neighbors and ratting them out to the Stasi.

      • Hello Roscoe, I guess I’ll have to ‘deal with the situation’ as and when it arises as suggested by Mike In Boston above. I realise as I get older, I give no @!#& about what other people think how I should live my life. I don’t remember signing a contract with anyone giving them ‘authority’ to decide how I live my life. They didn’t bring me in to this world and I will neither live nor exit on their terms. If push comes to shove, I will make it a point that they’ll not enjoy whatever they deem ‘comfortable’ and ‘enjoyable’ the same way they deny me my pleasures and idiosyncrasies, at least the “Gladys Kravitz” ilk in my vicinity, even if it entails guerilla tactics.

        • Just be aware that “Gladys Kravitz” takes many forms. In Florida, “Gladys” was, in my direct experience, young-ish military retirees hoping to get a 10X return from their last real estate purchases using the off-base housing allowance benefits.

          Biden recently expanded the benefits dramatically, a bribe to the lower ranks to keep their mouths shut and fall in line as the Pentagon shuffles along behind the President towards nuclear war.

      • I met a Jewish woman about 20 years ago now, she was at Auschwitz, she was just a child. She said her mother’s words, “Potatoes, if we only had some potatoes, we’d be rich.” She is still alive. They petitioned Hitler to return to the Stuttgart region from Ukraine. A gentle soul, to my knowledge.

        The Russians moved in, extirpated the farm family, took the farm, refugees.

        When the displaced souls were released from the boxcars, they went to look for any kind of food. Every garden had been scoured, she said.

        A now long gone Hitler Yute that made it to America, walked out of East Germany surreptitiously, along with a friend back then, also had a conversation with his friend, witnessed the Russian invasion. His grandmother begged the Russian colonel to not take both the cow and calf, he refused, both were gone.

        The word was: We gotta get outta this place!

        The local butcher and doctor both had cars, confiscated after the Russian Army got there. You just never know.

        You have to rout the louts. More than one story about it all.

        That’s why the Berlin wall fell, in the end, just had to be.

        Pray that Netanyahu finally sees the light.

        He’s in the dark, God will not be all that kind to Bibi.

        Give it a rest, might have to think about it some.

        We can’t excise the Jews from the human race like they are a malignant cancer, have to forgive them for they know not what they do.

        God should smite Netanyahu Barabbas.

        No other choice, really.

        War Pigs by Black Sabbath, go there.

  11. A tactic, pincer moves. Like the jaws of a shark? No cars, on one hand, no money, on the other:

    “…, is it any wonder then that Chase was the first bank to “punish by association?” Make no mistake, debanking is the weaponization of finance for the purpose of social control.

    By debanking me, my CEO, CFO, their spouses and children (actually barring them for life), Chase Bank has given people a foretaste of how central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and social credit scores will be used to control us.

    If you’re found to be even loosely associated with a “dissenter,” the rug that is your financial life will be pulled from under your feet. The desired rest is for people to police each other and shun anyone who doesn’t go along with the official narrative.”…

    • Hi helot, All commercial banks are in trouble due to their exposure to derivatives. It’s only a matter of time before they seek a bailout from the Fed. Credit unions are safer as they are not for profit and do not carry derivatives on their books.

      • 1) Too big NOT to fail is a thing

        2) I don’t think there will be any bailouts this time, the Fed is struggling to keep itself and fedgov afloat.

        3) Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. Go long on popcorn.

      • What I’ve heard is that Credit Unions are a lot like the old Saving’s and Loans from decades ago: To mean mostly retail products for individuals and businesses. (Car loans, home loans, business loans, etc.) So when those start to default, that will put a big pinch on those guys. Of course, they have other investments too, hopefully sound.

    • Chase has long been involved with liberal causes and politicians. If memory serves, they run the EBT cards which supplanted actual paper in the Food Stamp program.

    • Back in the day… They would kill Buffalo from trains going from city to city. When a buffalo fell the others would just continue eating.

      Covid shots debilitated and killed many. Obviously governments were involved and still are. Now they’re shooting up babies yet parents still stand in line to get their children the kill vax. Many a child will die and/or be sterilized.

      Climate Change aka Global Warming zealots want to reduce CO2 and spray poisonous crap into the atmosphere to cool the planet. If successful both will reduce plant life which will reduce animal life by limiting food and a means to warm ourselves. Many millions of animals and humans will die.

      Maybe a little smoke but no fire. Anyone complaining will be carted off to prison just like the guy in New Zealand that leaked the stats proving without a doubt that government(s) knew the shot was a killer.
      And like the Buffalo, the rest just keep on eating. Incredible.

      • Out here in the rural Southeast, that fire is going to burn pretty hot. All of us have long semiauto rifles. Most of us are ex-military and excellent shots. I think it’ll likely be like AFG. The government will control the cities and ‘burbs, but out here, the juice won’t be worth the squeeze as folks out here go full Taliban/Viet Cong/Francis Marion on the gubmint folks.

        I never thought it’d happen, but I’m shocked that our ruling class hates the very people it rules and seeks our replacement by a more compliant cohort. It’s demonic.

        • Hi Dr. –

          I was speaking (off air) with my friend Bryan Hyde earlier today about this. About the importance of those on our side standing up for one another, as the men of the founding generation did. We cannot do this each on our own. It will require pledging ourselves, our honor and perhaps our lives, if need be. I am prepared to do all of these things. Not because I am looking for a fight – far from it. I would do almost anything to avoid it. Except become a slave.

        • “I never thought it’d happen, but I’m shocked that our ruling class hates the very people it rules and seeks our replacement by a more compliant cohort. It’s demonic.”

          Ah, but that’s the rub. This country was set up as a sort of disciplined anarchy with government granted only limited and well delineated privileges. We rule ourselves- it’s not a democracy, and you don’t get a vote. Elected officials are simply management which we can change when they get uppity.

          But there have always been folks who believe they have a right to rule. Because they’re better than us- because they think so- because they set up games with their own rules and so accumulate all god’s wealth for their own purposes- mostly to keep it from us.

          They have to be reintroduced to reality on a regular basis. Put another way, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

          • They can think that all they want, but they are still dangerous to themselves and others. In a sane world they would be institutionalized.

            • Build a wall…around greater D.C.

              Label it “Rest Home for the Senile and Criminally Insane.”

              Do the same to 50 state capitals.

              Problem = solved (mostly).

        • They won’t get into a large scale shooting match.

          Starvation and disease is what they’ll use to scrub out the more “hesitant” rural areas. Always have and always will crush defensive zones.

          • It’s hard to starve out the countryside, that’s where the food comes from.

            Disease…that’s an interesting one. You probably think I’m going to talk about the ‘Rona. Well I’m not.

            Have you noticed that drs and hospitals in rural areas have been drying up at an accelerated rate since Obamacare?



            I still think they have their work cut out for them.

  12. ‘An entire generation of older cars were destroyed.’ — eric

    Obama’s automotive genocide, as it were — ugly, to be sure, but not as reprehensible as a genocide of people. [U.N. Says Israel’s Intense Bombing Leaves Gazans With Few Places to Go, euphemizes the New York Slimes this morning.]

    Imagine sealing the land borders of NYC, then pounding the city to rubble with missiles fired from N.J., Westchester and Long Island. “Intense Bombing Leaves New Yorkers With Few Places to Go,” etc.

    But I digress. As Bastiat wrote in ‘What is Seen and What is Not Seen’ (1850), ‘if the shopkeeper had not had a broken window to replace, he would, perhaps, have replaced his old shoes, or added another book to his library. In short, he would have employed his six francs in some way, which this accident has prevented.’

    Cash for Clunkers was visible destruction. Vast subsidies for EeeVees, charging stations and battery plants conceal invisible destruction. This ostentatious malinvestment crowds out useful investments that never happened — roads, schools, buildings — while running up government debt to levels that darken our future.

    Clowngress is our misfortune.

  13. Bastards!!! Everything I own is reasonably well maintained and will pass a safety inspection. The old ones will pass an emissions inspection no problem; the ancient ones probably not but would you spend thousands on emissions parts that are either unavailable or impossible to find for 50 year old plus vehicles that are driven less than 500 miles a year?

    That said just look at what they want to do in the UK: forcing heat pumps and smart appliances on people that are getting poorer by the day.

    • Turn on your heat pump when wind is blowing to meet net zero target, Government pleads

      ‘[Smart appliances] enable consumers to shift their electricity usage to times when it is less costly for the energy system. For example, running a heat pump when renewable generation is most abundant.’ — The Telegraph

      For truth enhancement, replace ‘enable’ with ‘force’ — consumers will have no role in this time-shifting.

      In the rural U.S., water pump windmills were ubiquitous from the 1850s to the 1930s, when rural electrification made them redundant.

      Smart appliances, though they are pitched as high-tech, actually will pitch our living standards back to the 19th century and before. No wind or sun today? Freeze in the dark, serf.

      • “For example, running a heat pump when renewable generation is most abundant.’ — The Telegraph”

        Yep. Just wait until demand is low…until EVERYONE ELSE does the same!

    • Hi Landru. The vehicles you have will pass the current emissions standards, but they won’t pass if they change it to zero emissions or something close to it. That’s all they have to do, presto change-o, new rules and you’re out of compliance. We all like to talk a big game, especially through the anonymity of the inter webs, but I will say that this will be where I finally draw a line. Anybody tries to take my car from me and there will be shooting. Sure, in the end I’ll probably lose, but I will not go down without that fight. If enough of us fight back, maybe the enforcers will decide that going home safe at night is more important than getting shot at every day.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        I pledge myself to do the same. Not because I am a hero or a tough guy – but because I will not be a slave. They come for my Trans-Am (or even my old truck) and there will be consequences.

      • I will not yield the contents of my garages to the “authorities,” whose dictates are illegal and tyrannical. It sucks that the Constitution, that I once revered and swore an oath to defend, is nothing more than a toothless old piece of paper. When the breakup comes, we will have to devise a better way of organizing our central government so things don’t get this ridiculous again.

        And Klaus Schwab and his acolytes need to be shot into the sun. So many people who demand that we bend the knee to their delusions of godhood deserve the same fate.

        I’m largely libertarian, but I think a right-wing figure like Pinochet and his one-way helicopter rides could clean out a lot of this demonic vermin who will never listen to reason and never stop trying to dominate the rest of us. You notice the panty-waist types still whine about Pinochet, but Chile has never been more prosperous since his reign.

        • “we will have to devise a better way of organizing our central government so things don’t get this ridiculous again. ”

          That’s what the founders thought…. and now we have the most tyrannical government ever to exist.

          The only good government is no government. And yes,,, the road will still be built.

          • The problem has been dismantling of the society that could function without government. The on-going destruction of high trust society. It’s all been rather intentional. Turning people into endless children that need to be monitored by adults. They’ve even changed being ‘adult’ to the masses into something equal to being an obedient child.

            • Indeed, Brent –

              It’s why I rant about “assistance” technology so often. It’s both degrading – and infantilizing. Basic skills such as parallel parking no longer taught nor proficiency expected. “Pro” trailer back-up “assist.” For people who are amateurs in that they never learned how to back up a trailer. And for that reason probably ought not to be driving a truck with one hitched to it.

              Endless, ever-expanding retard-making.

        • Yes. The US is a heck of a lot bigger than any of the European countries by far….in rural and semi-rural areas this won’t be feasible. And then there are the mid-western and red states that will refuse to enforce such diktats.

      • I am starting to think this EV push / ICE outlawing may be the straw that will break the camel’s back. If allowed, it will affect ALL working class people and their ability to make a living. It will affect rural areas even more so. Maybe this will be the tipping point and people will fight. I don’t want to fight. I’d rather just see mass non-compliance. But if I must, I’m ready to defend what I’ve worked for my whole life. Some things are worth dying for.

        • Philo, it will never happen in rural America. They will drive their side by sides if need be. The cities are gone. The challenge will be with the suburbs and what ‘drivers’ and ‘authorities’ will do or not.


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