Diaper Report 1/15/22

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This Diaper Report is personal – and anecdotal – but from what I have been able to gather and based on what I and people close to me seem to be experiencing – there may well be something going around.

But it’s not the ‘Rona, moronicon or otherwise.

I’ve not been sick – in terms of coughs, sniffles or worse – throughout this sickness. Neither has my girlfriend. Neither have friends of ours, all of us never having “practiced” any of the aberrant rituals associated with the Cult of Sickness Abiding. We don’t wear the Face Diaper. We haven’t locked ourselves away in the basement, to hide from the putative plague.

But over the past six or so months – interestingly coincident with the “spread” of the “vaccines” – all of us have experienced an unusual feeling intermittently “off.”

A kind of vague,low-grade vertigo, a sense of “lag,” if that makes any sense. Nothing incapacitating or remotely close to being so.

Just  . . . not quite right. It comes – and it goes.

And it came just recently – over the past several months. Never before, at the height of the cases! the cases! back in the summer of 2020 (it seems like much longer ago than that because it feels as though this weaponization of hypochondria has been going on forever) did any of us feel “off.”

Now we do.


Initially, I thought it was just me – and maybe due to my own strange practices, which include rising in the middle of the night to work while drinking at least a pot of coffee before I eat anything. But then others in my circle began to report feeling similarly, intermittently. And these feelings seemed to come – and go – according to how close and how long one stayed within proximity of “vaccinated” people.

It may all be in my head. But all of our heads? The same off feeling of “offness,” intermittently? Evidence accumulates it may not be in our heads. Certainly, it is possible I and others in my circle are collectively feeling fatigued – the result of having to deal with the Cult of Sickness Abiding. It wears on one, the constant – the daily – having to see the Face Diapered zombies, an external world gone insane. It tends to drive one insane. How long can one live in an insane asylum without becoming an inmate in more than just the bodily sense?

And yet, it’s very strange.

Never before in my life have I felt intermittently “off” like this.

Some believe these feelings are caused by what is styled shedding by the “vaccinated” – of some toxic thing, which gets picked up by the not-“vaccinated,” via inhalation or touch. Supposedly, work has been done on developing “vaccines” that can be transmitted – without being “vaccinated,” in the traditional way. Apparently, this shedding has been admitted to – by the drug makers (and pushers) themselves.

Physical proximity seems to be the key.

The crazy thing, in these crazy times, is that if this is true then we – the not-“vaccinated” – have good reason to lock ourselves down, to anti-socially distance ourselves from those who have been “vaccinated.”

The very thing the people terrified of getting sick accused the healthy of being the source waters of could now be the thing the sick are spreading to the healthy.

The wearying thing is, we’re all on our own as there is no sound way to know – or rather, to know whom to trust – because practically everything emanating from what were in former times more-or-less reliable sources of reasonably accurate information is now outright disinformation. Going to see the doctor-who-does-not-practice medicine to get medical advice is like going to Lehman Brothers for financial advice.

You’re a sucker if you do – but where does that leave you?

The entire medical apparat has been corrupted by money, politics and corporatization – all of them etiolations of the same basic thing.

Once upon a time, doctors practiced medicine and the money they earned was an incidental part of their practice. My allergist grandfather and general practitioner father were under no pressure from a centralized “health” apparat as far as how they ministered to their patients. What occurred within the exam room – which was a room in their homes, where their practices were located – was between patient and doctor. There were no government-health-maintenance-organization-corporation middle men.

Drugs were not sold on TV. Most people – not counting Elvis – weren’t taking prescription drugs. There were no “drug reps” peddling drugs to doctors to peddle to their patients.

Doctors could afford to practice without bending knee to the companies that made these drugs and who today send reps to buy doctors with lunches and drinks at fancy restaurants.

They had a nurse-receptionist, perhaps. Not a whole office full of DMV-clone health insurance paper-pushers. There was a semblance, at least, of public-interest oversight at the federal level, if only by dint of the fact that, pre HMO (thanks, Tricky Dick) the federal government was a remote presence in the examination room. Medicine was in those days practiced mostly by doctors rather than politicians and “health care” bureaucrats such as the doctor-who-has-never-practiced medicine.

The medicinal hard-sell was all-but-unknown, in part because it was a more humane era and also, perhaps, because there was no power to  vivify it, as now abounds. You could, accordingly, more or less trust what you were told – as opposed to being told what you’ll do.

Now, we’re very much on our own – in terms of more than just our health. We are obliged to ferret out the truth, ourselves – and act accordingly. Trust what you know and do not trust just because someone says so. Particularly someone who has a vested interest that runs contrary to your own.

. . .

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  1. If anyone is feeling worse than usual, maybe the devils are putting poison in our food? Mainly fast food, etc. I bet all you people that get sick are eating toxic food (not organic), and/or your water is polluted with chemicals, also the dairy products nowadays are NOT what they used to be — they’re full of chemicals/toxins so that makes you all clogged up & snotty … and you call that a “cold” but it’s probably mainly due to the dairy products. So, if you injest any of those things, then you have no business blaming your ails on “germs”. Also, if there was no big scam going on, you would never even think much about germs. Anyways. That’s just my ideas, hope it helps.

    Stay alive, resist as much as you can, survive because sooner or later we will organize.
    God made us and we have a soul, we have free will and we deserve power and control.

  2. I don’t think that the media was ever really trustworthy, In this country or any other. I just think it’s more obvious today because there are many more voices on the internet keeping tabs on them, which is a good thing. But If you look back at what the media had to say at the time about the First World War, the Spanish American war, even the Vietnam war, much of it was all lies at the time, and we can see in hindsight that it was lies. But because there was so little to go on for the average person back then there was no one who could oppose the narratives put fourth by the newspapers and the later the radio and TV, about everything. I think that the best way to look at it is that we live in a fortunate time, where the truth is less certain, as it should be. Doubt, and not certainty, as Socrates told us long ago is the foundation of wisdom. It’s the people who never have any doubt who you always have to watch out for.

    • FYI:

      There were plenty of anti-war movements/protests during the Vietnam conflict. Lots of sabotage nobody was supposed to know anything about.

      “Two major incidents occurred in July 1972 that had significant impact on the Navy’s ability to carry out its mission. A fire aboard the carrier U.S.S. Forrestal based in Norfolk burned the admiral’s quarters and extensively damaged the ship’s radar communication system, resulting in more than $7 million in damage. It was the largest single act of sabotage in naval history.[35] Later that month sabotage struck the carrier U.S.S. Ranger based in California. A few days before the ship’s scheduled departure for Vietnam, a paint scraper and two 12-inch bolts were dropped into one of the ship’s engine reduction gears. This caused major damage and a three and a half month delay in the ship’s sailing.”


      A bomb was detonated in the US Capitol in the Senate Wing in 1972. I think that is the correct year.

      The war ended simply because soldiers made damn sure it did.

      The lies didn’t have a chance.

  3. Brandon is going to send free tests for Covid to everyone. I suggest ordering as many as you can, they are “free” and using them as is appropriate.

  4. Deep delusions from the pharma whisperers of the New York Slimes

    Halting Progress and Happy Accidents: How mRNA Vaccines Were Made

    The stunning [sic] Covid vaccines manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drew upon long-buried discoveries made in the hopes of ending past epidemics.

    … /…

    Dr Barney Graham was in his home office on the afternoon of Nov. 8 [2019] when he got a call about the results of the [mRNA] study: 95 percent efficacy, far better than anyone had dared to hope.

    “It works!” he told his wife. Two of his grandchildren, 5 and 13, approached his office desk and hugged him from the front. His wife and son hugged him from the back. And the virologist began to sob.


    Oy … doubtless ol’ Joe Goebbels sobbed for joy too, after the stunning [sic] success of the Nuremberg rally.

    How low can the Lügenpresse go, as they glorify and humanize self-serving sociopaths?

    Even budgies vomit, when the NYT is thrust under their perch as bird cage liner.

  5. I haven’t experienced any lethargy etc. that can’t be attributed to normal (for lack of a better term) SAD.

    It is harder to stay active these days due to weather, and there is no sun after work when I can be outside.

    But I also live alone, and my workplace is pushing “extreme social distancing.”

    I’m not especially worried about it.

    I did talk to a coworker (my workplace is ~60% vaxxed, per the last official report I saw) who let his wife talk him into the vaxx early on, and now he regrets it. He also reported that his son got let go for refusing to take it, but got a much better job soon after.

    There is hope out there, you just gotta look…

  6. Derived from Lew Rockwell / Joseph Mercola. [Bombshell Admission, The Covid Tests Don’t Work]

    From the earliest days of the COVID pandemic, the PCR test has been a source of unrelenting controversy, with experts repeatedly pointing out that it’s not a valid diagnostic and produces inordinate amounts of false positives.

    Importantly, a PCR test cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles. This is why it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. As explained by Dr. Lee Merritt in her August 2020 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness1 lecture, media and public health officials appear to have purposefully conflated “cases” or positive tests with the actual illness in order to create the appearance of a pandemic.

    Furthermore, a PCR test cannot confirm that SARS-CoV-2 is the causative agent for clinical symptoms as the test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens. This from the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for his work

    There is no test that can “confirm” covid original, delta or omicron… (Fact)

    The fact is that the virus has not been isolated, purified, sequenced or proven to cause the disease covid 19.

    So,,, if the PCR cannot determine infection and the virus has not been proven to exist. Logic asks, how did they come up with a ‘vaccine’? Answer: They didn’t.

    The injections are to reduce population,,, and increase disease,,, already this year there is a 40% increase in deaths of all types.

    Since this injection cuts up the veins,,, destroys the immune system,,, allows a plethora of cancers to form,,, causes clots, strokes etc and is sensitive to radio frequencies it is easy for them to blame these problems on other issues. The one thing they cannot hide is the increase in deaths and disease of healthy young people. 40% is huge.

    Some clot shots come in 3 dosages,,, if memory serves 30, 50 and 100 ml. They also mixed in vials of saline,,, all to confuse and detour anyone investigating. So some die immediately,,, some the next few days,,, some months later. Many at first just get sick,,, they will likely die later.
    The boosters are 100ml. We don’t know their potency. Probably mixed to keep the confusion and fear ongoing.

    The mask issue is intended to keep the ‘pandemic’ foremost in mind. Everyone you see masked reminds you and others of the killer virus. The entire thing is a divisional psyop. You can tell its a psyop because no alternative views from credible doctors and scientists are allowed. Also the fact that everything that has been said has turned out to be a lie but the psyop wheel just keeps turning no matter any proof that emerges.

    What most likely have is a cold (a coronavirus). A mild cold will make you feel offish. If you have gas/kerosene/wood heaters the smell will sometimes make you a little ill. And it could be psychosomatic. Day in and Day our all you hear today is the symptoms of ‘covid’ Everything online is now covid… type in knee covid or headache covid you will get hundreds of hits to re-enforce you have ‘covid’.

    The hospitals and doctors are completely bought off. This is really sad.

    The center for Medicare and Medicaid is waiving patient rights! They can DNR you whenever they want.

    Hospitals get a payment if you offer a free Covid test in the emergency Room.

    They get a boost payment if you have a diagnosis of Covid

    They get another boost payment if you are admitted with covid.

    They get another boost payment if you go on remdesivir. (Fauci killer)

    They get another bonus payment if you are put on a mechanical ventilator.

    And yet another 20% bonus if the diagnosis on your death certificate says Covid even though you may not have died from Covid.

    Even bonus payments for Coronors are available. Yaaa! That completes the circle.

    So I don’t recommend going to a hospital for the flu.

    First they’ll inject you – this will really make you sick
    Next they’ll pipe in remdesivir. A one year Ebola study using Remdesivir was stopped after 6 months because it was killing too many people.
    Next comes the ventilator. Over 90% die on a ventilator from their lungs being blown out.
    Finally they pull the plug and you go to the cooler while they cart in the next victim.

    This is only a small part of the scam. It may seem unreal so I please, check each item yourself to verify.

  7. Another sad but interesting thing my daughter told me today – she was saying “why would someone buy a Christmas mask, they cant wear it after christmas and they will probably loose it by next year”
    Whats shocking is that she genuinely thinks masks are a normal thing and her mind fully expects them to be worn next year…. and cant blame her, in her 9 year life over 20% has been occupied by this bullshit now…. I do try to keep her sane by never wearing one, but it is an uphill struggle when everyone around you and her does 😛 Infact some children in school even do (even though its not required for them).

    • Hi, Nasir,
      I have no children ,but was thinking about this yesterday (habituation of children to “mask” wearing). In my opinion, this is evil, maybe more evil than the jab for healthy children. A child of 5 or 6 who has been forced to hide his/her face since infancy will have a twisted view of reality, IMO.

      Various tyrants have said, “Give me your children for five years, and they are mine forever.”

      • Your comments reminded me of this video I saw, ‘Generation Z chick discovers confiscatory taxation…’


        An article completing her sentence after she says, “A Dollar is 100 pennies”… would make for a good financial bit about the life of two Dollar bills, or some such, the part that sadly relates to younger people today is, a lot of them might be saying, “Just forget it” and accept it all. Or, once a spark lights…? Idk.

      • Turtle,

        I have no children either. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing—so the hypothetical Publiettes don’t have to deal with this crapola—or a bad thing, since I don’t have the opportunity if trying to raise them right. It is what it is.

        Maybe when it’s all over (or at least closer to over), or maybe never. When I was younger I wanted to have a lot of them, now I’m not so sure any more.

    • Morning, Nasir!

      When I see a kid wearing one of those… things it makes me sick and sad. I have no children myself but I cannot fathom the depth of the viciousness of habituating kids to hypochondria in perpetuity. Others have already observed that, just two years ago, a parent who did this to a kid would be regarded as an abusive parent. Now abuse has been normalized.

    • Hi Nasir, this is why I, like you, continue to resist. Thus far, the only times in 2 years I have worn a diaper were when a family member was held hostage in a hospital for 12 days, and when working in a medical office recently (dr was OK with no diaper, but other staff went hysterical so tried to keep the peace – for now – but that will be changing soon). Other job I am one of two (the other is 18 years old) who do not do the diaper. It is a customer service type job and even those customers who are diapering seem friendly to (or perhaps encouraged by?) freefacers. One customer and his buddy (also 18 years old) were freefacing and I happened to know them…both talked like they had some sense and of course the freefacing was very encouraging to me. There’s hope for the next generation, but we must remain strong…they are looking to us.

      I have had to miss 2 funerals of family members of a longtime “friend” (people who I have known all of my life, as well) who claims to hate the diaper, yet somehow both funerals had “masks mandatory” in the obit, so I didn’t go. Friend had audacity to say they missed me…

    • We live near a school and the mask conditioned kids are commonly seen wearing them while walking and biking home after school. Makes one wonder what type of future leaders they will become.

    • Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed. The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

      the cabal control group at the top are an occult communist satanic cult they are pedophiles and believe in slavery

      The Ritual Wearing of the Mask

      forcing their slaves to wear masks makes sense:
      ” in the Bible has to do with shutting the mouth as one undergoes a secret religious initiation. Again, it’s: “the idea of silence, imposed by initiation into religious rites.”

      Masking has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals.
      Among other things, the wearing of the mask over one’s mouth is a token of submission…a gesture of your willingness to be subject to others who are not your usual Sovereign.

      But there’s more. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, mask-wearing is:
      “A form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being.”

      In other words, the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation — a human alchemy, if you will — from one role to another. From one manner of being, to another.

      Wearing the mask is a powerful occult symbol indicating your submission to another power
      The entire point of occult ritual mask-wearing is to hammer home to your subconsciousness — until it becomes completely true in your daily life — the idea that things are no longer the same, and will never be the same again.

      Masks hasten the suppression of ego to help facilitate the death of the old identity before the identification with, and the manifestation of, a new identity.

      • the entire imaginary corona virus crisis is one giant occult satanic cult religious ritual from start to finish, divided up into four mini-rituals, each with the distinct occult purpose of initiation and transformation of the world and its people into a new global order, run by our satanic leaders….

        So, let’s start by examining the four distinct, but interrelated, occult rituals that make up this massive global occult ritual initiation ceremony:

        Ritual Mask-Wearing
        Ritual Hand-Washing
        Ritual “Social Distancing”
        Ritual Lockdowns

        hand washing
        Hand washing is the occult ritualistic symbol of rejection.
        When you fall for the hand-washing ritual, you’re symbolically washing away your old life,

        The “Social Distancing” Ritual
        there’s no more widely used occult number in the world than the number “six.” As you know, the antichrist’s very number is “six hundred, three score and six,” or 6-6-6.
        The powers-that-be assure us that if we’ll all walk six feet apart, we won’t catch coronavirus. Do you really need me to explain why that’s a bunch of hogwash?
        Are you not aware that there are already MILLIONS of viruses in every breath of air you take? No matter where you walk, those viruses are there – somewhere between 1.6 million to 40 million viruses in every cubic meter of air we pass through as we walk.

        The Ritual of Lockdowns and “Social Isolation”
        “Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.”
        That’s what we’re being told, anyway. Yet a recent study of NY area hospitals demonstrates that a whopping 66% of all coronavirus hospitalizations have been among people who wore masks, washed their hands, practiced six feet of separation, and stayed home.
        In other words, the vast majority of the hospitalizations were among people who followed the rules, prompting the Daily Mail to ask in a headline news article, “Does lockdown even work?”
        The global occult ritual of lockdowns symbolize isolation from everything normal so you can be “purified” from your old ways…surrender your former status to the new order…sacrifice your very self to the new order…and finally, willingly submit to the new order through obedience to it. And this will go on until the “new you” evolves like a Phoenix from the drama and trauma, straight into the new reality.
        With not a whit of science in support, Social Distancing which is a mutually exclusive phrase since there is nothing social about enforced distancing from other humans, has been attributed to a CIA protocol in use since the 1950’s to break a prisoner’s resistance or a teenage science project.
        In any case, SD has proven a great way to erode an individual’s normal need for social contact, to effectively starve the brain function of human interaction and comparable to other emotionally unhealthy deprivations. As former Vietnam POW John McCain related “It crushes your spirit more effectively than any other form of mistreatment.”
        Rules 3 and 44 of the Nelson Mandela Rules warn of being cut off from the outside world and prohibits more than two weeks of isolation as cruel and inhumane treatment.

        • Solitary confinement:

          One of the prisoners states that long periods of isolation has made him suspicious and uncomfortable around *all* *other* *humans* if he is subsequently forced to be around them.

          Do the Powers That Should Not Be really want large numbers of paranoid, hostile, and *WELL* *ARMED* citizens at large in this country? Of course not (particularly the “well armed” part of it). Hence the push for “gun control,” (actually, firearms confiscation).

          Everybody look what’s goin’ ’round….
          Because whatever goes around, comes around.

        • social distancing……..

          In any case, SD has proven a great way to erode an individual’s normal need for social contact, to effectively starve the brain function of human interaction and comparable to other emotionally unhealthy deprivations. As former Vietnam POW John McCain related “It crushes your spirit more effectively than any other form of mistreatment.”
          Rules 3 and 44 of the Nelson Mandela Rules warn of being cut off from the outside world and prohibits more than two weeks of isolation as cruel and inhumane treatment.

          it is obvious the monsters running this are satanists….

          hire this priest…..

          a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.

  8. Eric – one of the biggest casualties of this whole thing are health professionals. Once a highly respected pillar of society – I can see people seeing them as no more than a dodgy lawyer once this thing blows over. Personally, I suspect we will end up in a health system like back in Pakistan or even Germany where you have say a medical system with a bunch of freelance homeopaths or naturopaths and many looking to food supplements to cure ailments. Already seeing this in terms of the crazy demand in food supplements – the guy I get my stuff from is going nuts with orders !

    • Hi Nasir, and Happy New Year!

      I’ve been avoiding Diaper Reports and such lately. It has to be bad for one’s health to be mad about this stuff all the time, so I have been concentrating on my flight simulator and the part-time gig I have as our church’s bookkeeper (many tasks this time of year to keep us and our workers out of trouble with the thieves at the IRS).

      You are spot-on. This fiasco has nuked whatever lukewarm confidence I had in mainstream medicine before 2020. Until last week, I had not been to the doctor since December 2019. I have been searching for an independent physician with a brain but haven’t been able to find one close to home. I’ve been feeling like crap for the better part of a year (weak, light-headed), so I finally broke down and responded to one of the emails from our local medical mega-conglomerate pestering me about a checkup. Last time I had lab work done it showed elevated blood sugar but normal A1C, so they told me just to eat healthy and not worry about it. But I’ve been feeling so much worse that I feared I might be trending toward diabetes and not know it.

      I knew the “non-profit” had a strict mask rule, but I walked right past the station where everyone else was dutifully picking them up, planning to plead ignorance if confronted. When I checked in, the woman handed me one, but I did not put it on. When I was called in, the nurse was as nice as she could be. We had a friendly conversation about normal things as she checked my blood pressure and such. The diaper stayed wadded up in my hand. I was getting the feeling that they had been told not to press the issue, and that they all secretly know how useless these rags are.

      After the usual long wait, the doctor came in. I’ve known this guy for around 25 years. His kids and my daughter played soccer together when they were little. When his adopted son killed himself a few years ago, I sent him a sympathy card with a long handwritten note. He has always been warm, funny, and easy-going.

      The first thing he asked me was whether I had had a flu shot.
      “Can we give you that today?”
      “I think I’ll pass, thank you.”
      Then of course: “Have you had your covid vaccine?”
      “My, aren’t we spunky today? You really should get that. Since you haven’t, you’re going to have to put your mask on.”
      “You do know that these things don’t work, right?”
      “Yeah, but since you haven’t been vaccinated, now you’re going to have to wear it while you’re in here.”

      So he was admitting that masking is a silly superstition, but ordering me to wear the filthy thing anyway as punishment for not getting the shot. The way his attitude changed was like a door slamming. From that point on he was cold and his answers to my health questions were short and condescending. As soon as he left the room I took the disgusting thing off.

      Then to the lab downstairs. The blood drawer was just as nice as the nurse: perky, making small talk, and ignoring the mask in my hand. All was well until one of her co-workers stuck her head in to tell her about something and noticed that I didn’t have it on. “Sir, would you please put your mask on? We have four people out sick already!” Since the poor ignorant woman was nice about it, I decided just to comply so I could get out of there without a fight.

      The whole time I was in this rather large doctors’ building, I didn’t see a single person who didn’t have the required mesh nebulizer strapped to his or her face, thereby converting the built-up spit inside to aerosols with every exhaled breath. I’m lucky not to have caught anything from them. A couple of days later I got the test results online, and they looked nearly identical to two years ago, actually slightly better on some counts. The nice nurse called the next day to discuss them, as is their practice. The recommendation was the same: Eat smart, don’t go crazy with sweets, and come back in a year.

      So, here I sit, no better off than before. But now I’ve spoiled (ever so slightly) my perfect record of diaper-non-compliance. They have been pestering me by email and recorded phone messages to complete a survey about my visit. My wife said “Just let it go,” and I think I will. There is no sense in trying to reason with a monolith that brainlessly repeats “We’re following CDC guidelines!”

      • Hi Roland,
        I can definitely relate. Until a couple of months ago, I had not once ever put on the filthy and dehumanizing rag, either. During the past two years, we had sold a house, bought 3 cars (and returned 2 to the dealers 🙂 ), signed for a loan at the bank, went to the dentist every 6 months, even drove to FL to visit my ailing father in hospital (and, despite the mask capo stationed at the entrance, was able to evade it even then). My son is following in my footsteps, ignoring the cardboard signs that have once again gone up in storefronts. I’m proud of him.

        It is disappointing but don’t despair. Even your initial resistance makes a difference, putting a chink in the armor of the monolith.

        • Thanks, Anon. Luckily, my dentist’s office has been quite sensible. Even at the height of the initial mask frenzy, when the town had a mandate in place, they did not require me to use one. We even had a good laugh about how useless they are. I thought: Maybe they’re on my side or maybe they’re just practicing “The customer is always right.” Either way, they’ve earned my loyalty.

          • Hi Roland, Happy new year to you as well, and hope you had a good Christmas. Glad you’re doing well, and fighting to not put on the rag !!

            I too have had a couple times when I had to put the bastard thing on, most recently when I went to get my daughters glasses. but here is the thing – the security guy at the supermarket is smart enough to know it does nothing – yet when you go to a medical establishment, you HAVE to put them on. Its worse in the UK because the nurses are even more militant with the religion than the doctors. I suspect its the so called “medical professionals” Eric Cartmen-ian way of saying “Respect My Authority” as they too have deep down inside realised they have fucked up, and many lesser educated people are figuring out what they never got by simply watching a stoned comedian meathead like Joe Rogan talk about it on a podcast !!!

    • Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed.

      The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

      Why would anyone have any respect for a doctor working for and enabling, cheer leading these satanists with their cull?

  9. I am 99.999 percent sure I had COVID in Feb 2020. Make that 100 percent sure. I have been reticent to “get tested” simply because I don’t want to be on any of those databases, though I might be already. Sometime around spring 2021 I noticed feeling a little off. It was a kind of dullness. My system felt slightly inflamed, though it wasn’t really noticable. I wasn’t expressing symptoms other than elevated stress levels and maybe a slight sniffle. It coincided with my coworker next to me getting the jab. Do I believe hat there is vaccine shedding? Yes, for sure. I just know I felt slightly off for at least three months. Fortunately, my immune system is taking care of me, so I’m not worried about it. I just take my vitamins, try and get sleep and hope for the best. I’m not afraid of these brain dead idiots. The immune system that God gave me is > than vaccine shedders.

  10. Went to an indoor track meet at one of our state supported institutions of higher education. I coach, had athletes racing. The institution had mask requiring notes everywhere. Most people masked up. I did not. Not one person said a word to me. Most people don’t care but are afraid to be different. I spoke with many folks (the ones I could recognize with masks) No issues. My runners did not mask. Gotta breathe to run specifically if you want to run fast. In my opinion this is gonna die soon one way or another.

    • Wow Slick
      Have you been hiding under a rock for the past two years?
      Regardless of the commenters perception this Covidiot nonsense has more gaping holes than Swiss cheese. Yikes you must be that asshole viktor who brought me to the airport via Uber and later complained on a comment about my face diaper not covering my nose 👎
      Semper Fi punk

    • The evidence is purely circumstantial at this point (as it must be due to the novelty and short time span of the quaxxine regime). But to expect the self-proclaimed “science” establishment to provide any evidence of the deleterious effects of their poisoned needles would be naive, or as you put it, “utter tripe.”

  11. So I’m at a local hospital annex standing outside the ladies’ room waiting for my terminally ill wife to finish up. Naturally I won’t wear a fear mask. Elderly folks do their mall walkin’ there cuz the local mall is overrun with amish youth that terrorize patrons. Two mall walkers would make snarky remarks to me every time they’d pass. They don’t know who they’re fucking with. I’d hit them with equally snarky facts & retorts. e.g. ‘you’re not wearing a mask’ would yield ‘you’re goddamn right I’m not’. ‘I guess you can’t read’ would yield ‘no habla lemming’.

    Two people who 3 years ago would give the appearance of being nice grandparent types are now irascible nazis.

    We go to this hospital annex twice a week & have done so for nearly a year. Not once have I wore a fear mask and not once has anyone said anything until Granma & Grandpa Ratched decided they couldn’t mind their own business.

    • It was nice to read your comment, Mike. In that, you got backbone, in spite of everything. Quite admirable & … I guess, fills a virtual void I have. I only wish some of the people I know older than I were half as much as you appear to be.

      Also, “the local mall is overrun with amish youth that terrorize patrons”? Ha! I have difficulty imagining such. All the ones near here seem quite tame. But, I suppose it’s possible, I just can’t easily imagine it. As if, Opie were a gangster?

  12. A couple of thoughts here…

    “Once upon a time, doctors practiced medicine and the money they earned was an incidental part of their practice.”

    Doctors still practice “medicine,” and that’s the problem. They should practice health. A doctor of medicine is exactly what it says. It’s someone who gives you medicine for whatever you think is wrong with you. Rarely do they cure their patients. Rarely do they prescribe diet or supplements. They give you whatever big pharma drug they think will mask your symptoms.

    As far as the masks and shots…

    I generally disassociate myself from anyone who gets the shot. Friends I’ve had for years have been put out of my life. My father is dead, but when my mother got it, I didn’t talk to her for 6 months. If you get the shot, there’s no hope for you. I really want nothing to do with you. If you’re willing to sell yourself out for a fake pandemic, you don’t deserve my friendship, but you do deserve what you get.

    I generally refuse to wear a mask. I had to wear one when my dog got hurt, in order to get him into a hospital, and I had some follow-up medical stuff I needed done where I had to wear one. If I’m walking into a business that requires one, I have one in my pocket until I’m confronted. If someone tells me I have to wear one, I apologize and put it on as I leave.

    I’ve been traveling this country for the last year. The main states I stayed in were Utah, South Dakota, Alabama, and Florida. I quickly left Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri, because the cities I was near had mask mandates. I’m in Florida now. I’ve seen more idiots here wearing masks than in Utah, SD, and Alabama combined. Most wearing them, I assume, are yankee tourists, and I wish they’d go home.

    There is no pandemic. There never was any pandemic. There was no excess death in 2020, when compared to either 2018 or 2019. It’s a scam, and a bunch of people fell for it. I fell for it at first, but quickly realized it was fake.


    Don’t fall for it. Don’t take HCQ, don’t take ivermectin, and certainly don’t take any mRNA vaccine.

    There is no pandemic.


    Also, stop clicking mainstream stories about the “pandemic.”

    You don’t need any alternative treatment. It doesn’t matter where the virus came from. I don’t care if Fauci created it in his basement. It’s a cold virus. It’s not deadly, and chasing down origin conspiracies just plays into their “pandemic” narrative.

    There is no pandemic.

    • There is no pandemic and I haven’t taken any synthetic compound to ward off any viral load. All natural stuff maybe compounded into a tablet or something like that. For me, it’s chiropractic adjustments, supplementation and moderation in my diet. The fact that ivermectin and HCQ have been so villified in the media tells me that they are effective for people at risk or who are experiencing a viral load heavier than their body can handle. It’s probably not a good idea to take it as a prophylactic.

      • I have heard sunshine, or vitamin D, in combination with zinc, vitamin C, and that brown mushroom supplement (that I can’t think of the name of) works. Basically the same stuff you’d take for any cold virus.

        • that brown mushroom supplement… psilocybin? (snicker)

          But yes, all you need comes from nature. Vitamin supplements are a good idea just because modern farming leaves some stuff out that belongs and puts some stuff in that doesn’t. I gobble vitamin C because I have learned it helps keep me healthy through long dark winters.

  13. No need to even think about this illness as there is a known and even updated cure for many illnesses, but specifically the coof, and that is chlorine dioxide. This is the refined and more stable version of Jim Humble’s discovery MMS. This is simply an oxidative input which cannot be defeated by adaption from viruses, bacteria, parasites. and fungus. See Andreas Kalker’s website and work.
    I have used MMS for years, and for the last 4 months CDS(Chlorine Dioxide). I give it to friends and Family. Take it at the first sign of Flu/Cold/Illness and it will defeat it. One 4oz $11-$27 bottle will last a family for years.
    Basically supplements the immune system. Ask Dr Felchie he will definitely recommend it over the patented products Big Farma gives him a slice of to increase his $10mil net worth. A sterling public servant-just ask him.

  14. I want to add this again – with hopes that readers can chime in. I feel it’s very important to talk about.

    Is there a “common denominator” between everyone feeling the “fog?”

    Some things to get us started:
    1. Is it only un-jabbed people? Or do jabbed folks feel foggy too?
    2. Location? Cold or warm? Northern hemisphere or Southern?
    3. Important: Is anyone taking IVM or HCQ too? Where did you obtain it from? You never know – sickos can do anything – especially if you buy pills from un-vetted sources.
    4. Isolated from society, or do you shop and mingle fearlessly?
    5. (feel free to add others)

  15. In my neck of the woods, mRNA vaccines are not in use at all. Everyone around me (almost without exception) has been double-vaxxed with a traditional attenuated-virus vaccine. Yet I’ve been noticing the same symptoms of fatigue and ‘offness’ for a couple of months now.

  16. Me and my siblings and their spouses are not getting the jab. We advised mom, all of us, not to get the jab. She did. When she told me, I told her not to get the second jab, yet she did. Second jab, she didn’t tell me knowing I would be upset.

    She showed up at Christmas sick, coughing, hacking, etc. Blaming it on”bronchitis”. We all know why she is sick.

    Sure enough, around NYD, some sniffles showed up, a little cough and runny nose. I upped my vitamin intake and got over it pretty quick. To me, it was a common cold and since I quit smoking tobacco 8 years ago, I don’t get sick from colds much anymore.

    However; I have a coworker, unjabbed last I heard but was willing to get jabbed because of a doctor’s recommendation, has been out of work for 2 weeks now. Fatigue and fever being his two symptoms. Had family in from the left coast over the holidays. Tested positive for Covid recently. Cannot see doc due to positive result. I have to figure shedding relatives did him in.

  17. The lady that cuts my hair told me she’s been having vertigo spells lately.

    She’s un-jabbed and has a lot of jabbed clients…..

    • A time, or two or three, a couple of the face diapered cashiers in the checkout lines acted like they were having vertigo, they’d lean on the cash register and hold on tight,… one even motioned to me & said, “Push those down here”… taking one or two steps and reaching three feet on the conveyer belt was too much for them.

      Also, a vaxxed person I know of got diagnosed with vertigo.
      That guy hasn’t been doing so good & he’s not obese.

  18. For the past few days until Friday I was feeling down, tired and basically out of sorts. I chalked it up to being 53 years old in January. But then Friday morning the coffee smelled very strong and for the entire day I seemed to have a heightened sense of smells, intense food flavors, and generally felt like I had a skinny dip in the fountain of youth. My gut tells me otherwise, but perhaps I had the deadly Omicron variant? Loss of taste and smell are indicators, but I never actually lost the senses, perhaps they were slightly muted. If it mattered I would go get tested but really at this point it would just be for days off work more than anything.

    As for the medical industry, the problem I see with it is that they had some success and it’s all gone to their heads. The doctors go down the rabbit hole of trying to save everyone, price be dammed. Well, that doesn’t help when the bill comes, so right away someone is looking for answers. All those paper pushers are making sure to dot every I and cross every T just in case the insurance thugs drop by for a visit, or the malpractice lawyer comes across a new mark. If they’d just be honest in their abilities and people would set their expectations realistically a lot of that overhead could go away. But now they all think they are Doctor Kildare and they’re trained to have super-inflated egos.

      • RE: the Snake People

        I watched Conan The Barbarian the other night.
        I wasn’t sure I’d be able to. (The whole, Arnold is a clueless anti-Liberty Marxist bit & all that.)

        Watching Darth Vader & his henchmen of The Snake People summon young girls to step off to their death, I couldn’t help but think of the parallels with today & the oxygen robbing face diapers & the urge of people to get The Clot Shot.

        One of the best lines ever…”Do you want to live forever!?”

        Why, yes. … Yes, they do.

        It’s totally, super-weirdly ironic The Covid Cult are doing the opposite of that path & don’t (or, won’t?) even know it.

  19. Eric – Same here – your descriptions, as well as others reporting similar “feels,” seems about right. Figuring out what it can be is the hard part.

    Could be shedding.

    Maybe it could be the effects of the “con?” Just our immune system?

    Not sure – but it certainly seems like it’s doing something to the mental state. Brain damage? They probably want smart people dumbed down like everyone else – or at least debilitated to some degree.

    But something inside me thinks that would be way too wicked a thing for humans to do to other humans.

    For now, I’ll chalk it up to seasonal changes. Maybe when the weather is more cheery things will improve.

    Another thing to try – is perhaps staying completely away from the vaxxed zombies for a couple weeks to see if that works too.

    • Forgot to add some important points!

      Is there a “common denominator” between everyone feeling the “fog?”

      Some things to get us started:
      1. Is it only un-jabbed people? Or do jabbed folks feel foggy too?
      2. Location? Cold or warm? Northern hemisphere or Southern?
      3. Important: Is anyone taking IVM or HCQ too? Where did you obtain it from? You never know – sickos can do anything – especially if you buy pills from un-vetted sources.
      4. Isolated from society, or do you shop and mingle fearlessly?
      5. (feel free to add others)

  20. As I mentioned previously, I get a light headache in the presence of a known-jabbed (at least two examples). It may depend on the type of jab, because I do not get the condition when exposed to other known-jabbed. It could also depend on whether my exposure to a known-jabbed is indoors or outdoors. Never get it outdoors.

    This week I checked several places.

    Zogmart was 97% mask.
    Kroger was 85%. When entering Kroger I immediately got this light headache, halfway through got a slightly runny nose, got throat irritation. This all stopped when I left the store. Kroger was the most densely populated, a potential explanation.
    Price Cutter was 50%. The only one that didn’t make their employees mask.
    Lowes was 50%.
    Giant Eagle was 90%.

  21. I don’t totally discount the possibility that mudbloods are exuding environmental toxins.

    However, bear in mind that in many places, including Los Angeles, and even Joshua Tree Nat’l Park where I camped several weeks ago, are being obnubilated with unprecedentedly thick blankets of chemtrails.

    Also, I don’t totally write-off the ill effects of the 5G radiation we are increasingly bathed in.

    Rest assured, basic existence is going to keep feeling weirder and weirder throughout the mounting liquidation process, until we are all floating through an uneasy bad dream toward unperceived mortal dangers, and there is no way to differentiate reality from illusion.

    • Come on people quit with 5G & chemtrail conspiracy theories. The proper terminology is “microwave based active denial” “cloud seeding” “chaff” and “atmospheric aerosol dispersion”.

      Normies have compartmentalized cognitive dissonance. will make fun of you & not listen about chemtrails, but everyone knows that the military dumps aluminum dust for radar related reasons, that NGOs test atmospheric aerosols, and they know about cloud seeding. Ive had arguments with my dad about weather modification, but my dad denied it exists. So I showed him the website for a weather modification company and he said “oh well cloud seeding has been around since ww2, that isnt weather modification or chemtrails” show me “weather modification” & “chemtrails”. So we were having a pointless argument based on his cognitive dissonance.

      Microwave active denial systems are well known and you can watch a documentary about some different types of systems. Its the same range of frequencies and same technology as 5G, but a Normie cant connect the concepts.

      And really that is the issue. People cant connect plainly obvious concepts. They can study history, but cant see that what is going on today is quite a similar progression of events to the past. They can see manipulation and domestic abuse, they know about cults, but not that the exact same strategies are being used by the government to enslave them to a sickness cult.

      But get this: the “vaccine passports” are necessary because the vaccine trials are actually testing 12+ different gene editing formulas in different concentrations and combinations.

      The nasal swab used for Pcr tests damages the olefactory barrier to the brain making you succeptible to losing a sense of smell, and also brain infections. The regular testing that unvaxxed workers go through makes them more succeptible to brain infections. The use of masks also increases infection risk.

      • “The nasal swab used for Pcr tests damages the olefactory barrier to the brain making you succeptible to losing a sense of smell, and also brain infections. The regular testing that unvaxxed workers go through makes them more succeptible to brain infections. The use of masks also increases infection risk.”

        Yes. That’s why I have stayed away from the testing PCR or otherwise. In addition, who knows what they are actually testing. A though came into my mind today that the testing protocol could be used to further rig the COVID numbers and also to be able to determine whether someone has been vaccinated in a hospital setting. When the care plans are spit out by computer, I am pretty sure that unvaxxed individuals will die of medical malpractice or something else. (Some not all, of course. They won’t let us destroy the entire narrative.) while vaxxed people will recieve slightly better care.

        The whole thing reeks of the biggest scam mankind has faced to date.

  22. Hi Eric,

    Since about mid-summer 2021, I’ve had a persistent runny-nose/stuffy-head that usually pops up in the mornings, then dissipates for the most part in the afternoon and evening. I had some AC problems in the summer and had a few days where it was hot and humid in the house; the nasal issues started shortly after, so I chalked it up to breathing in so much humid air. But it’s continued off-and-on for about six months — of course, nasal congestion is hardly a rare thing, but I didn’t seem to have it this *often* before. Also right about the time I started feeling it, was about when numerous people in my office were bragging about being “fully vaccinated”. (Of course these same people have now been “testing positive” and missing work.) Can I *prove* the vaxes of others have anything to do with how I feel? No, and I don’t know if I ever could….but like yourself, I just feel like something “isn’t quite right”. 🤔

    • I’m with you. Since all this crap started, I noticed a slight reduction in my energy level and also an increase in upper respioratory inflammation. It only lasts for a few minutes, but yes, I don’t know the cause

  23. Another thing to consider is the “weather whiplash” you are probably experiencing in VA. Mild days interspersed with intense cold/ice/snow storms generated by patented processes using ionosphere heaters and ice nucleation chemicals a.k.a geoengineering. Sometimes you can “taste” the surfactants in the air like today as they are ginning up another freak-o-storm.

    • Yep.
      Here in L.A., all week the forecast was sun all weekend.

      But then on Thursday, we got utterly blanketed in chemtrails. I was trying to enjoy some backyard sun, reading David Icke’s latest on a patio lounger, but it felt like my nostrils and throat were being coated in chalk, and my eyes were irritated. The robot aircraft just puffed and puffed above, back and forth, back and forth…

      Today: freak rain.

      • Yes, this^
        One of the latest storms, the one which hit the Interstate out East, it left a layer of ice on top of the snow here. The ice was different, it cut the pads on the paws of my husky. Another person with a different breed had the same thing happen, said it never happened before.

        I have been in all kinds of snow & ice with dogs here, never once had cut pads. Not that it can’t happen, just never saw it happen here.

        Felt like crap for quite some time after that system went through. No energy.

        I wonder if they added something different to the coal fly ash mixture? Who knows?


          • The dog healed quickly.
            I imagine the dog thought it was only terrible not be let outside more than ten feet for a week or so.
            The dog certainly didn’t lack energy when the time finally came to go for a run. …But, now that I think about it, there’s been some times when the dog seemed to lay around and sleep just a little too much this Winter. Hmmm. I wonder.

            • My brothers dog has gotten all fat, week and lumpy this last year. She used to be fit and fast. And now she can’t even jump in a car. Makes me think some environmental thing going on.

  24. For me it certainly is a feeling of slight anxiety mixed with a general sense of constant piss-off in watching what is going on. Maybe the saying that *going bankrupt is slow at first, then all of a sudden.*. We’re in the *all of sudden* phase. Look at the dissonance in our culture that we would never contemplated accepting as normal a few years ago:

    Locking down an entire economy as large as the USA, telling healthy people to stay home and not work;
    Spying on a presidential campaign is OK as long as it was the guys with R around their label;
    Telling people to get a jab of some concoction made under some emergency procedure and trusting the government it was done safely and works;
    Neighbors turning in neighbors;
    Fear of a disease not much greater than that common cold;
    A bad guy who had high political connections is found hanging in his jail cell and we’re supposed to accept and move along;
    The bad guy’s wife and and partner in crime who should be singing like Ethyl Merman on those high political connections for a lighter sentence, is likely to get a lighter sentence for keeping her month shut;
    FBI is a political Gestapo working for anyone with the D in their label;
    Normal police are not normal anymore but thugs all on a fishing expedition to get someone, anyone;

    Kinda of like the matrix when Neo knew something was wrong with the world but couldn’t know until he saw the innerworkings of the machine controlling him.

        • There was one (or at least a photoshop) in the early Obama years that was marked “hope”, “change”, and “yes we can”. A fellow student showed me the picture. That’s kind of where I got the idea.

      • Heh. I 3d print mine. Usually they are labeled The Liberty Tooth on one side and Molon Labe on the other, but I’ve done several variants. A couple weeks ago I did one labeled “The Lethal Injector” and “Try to Prick Me!”. I may have to add the “Safe,Effective,LetsGoBrandon” on the selector- it’s perfectly legal to label the positions- just don’t drill the hole and get caught!

  25. Eric, Same feelings here and in my household – “off” and lethargic – even as I write this. Can’t do my usual workout and everything seems to take much more effort than usual.

    We apparently live in a country of guinea pigs/lab rats, run by psychopaths.

    • Damn, Liberty. I don’t know if it’s just the time of year or what, but there seem to be a litany of similar experiences here, just on this page.

      • Any medical symptoms presented on this website are surely more reliable than any “official” pronouncements. Kudos to Eric!

  26. I am having pretty much the same symptoms. It started as a mild cold around New Years then got more flu-like. It got better but now its bad again today. I can’t really describe it beyond just “feeling like shit.” I fatigue really easy, have no appetite, I’m spaced out and still have a runny nose.
    I figured I picked up the moronicron in south Florida. But I don’t know. We don’t have many tests where I live and I’m not sure I’d get one if we did.
    I am not jabbed, but I don’t have regrets about that. I had the commie flu in 2020, one of the early adopters, and my immunity protected me all through 2021. But something else is going on now. Either omicron (or whatever this is) is so different that natural immunity no longer works or some other, new mad-scientist crap is happening. I am pissed off, though. It would be one thing if this was a natural occurance but I just keep feeling like someone dud something to me. I’m bitchy as hell right now. But I don’t do sick very well anyway.

    • Hey Amy,

      That all sucks, and I hope you get well quite soon. I have a mystery illness, too, but I’m not a complete stranger to those. I figure mine might have been triggered by my bout with the ‘Rona a couple months ago. Possibly another virus or my immune system run amok.

      From what I’ve seen in the people around me, it seems omicron is able to somewhat evade natural immunity, particularly if you were infected by the original virus. It has mutated enough that it’s nowhere near as dangerous, but some people still have an unpleasant time. I’m trying to stay the hell away from it, or any other colds or flus at this time. My system is entirely banjaxed at this time, and I don’t need anything else.

  27. My sinuses have been bothering me for a few days. Stuffiness followed by slow, irritating drip. I’ve had Sinus issues most of life (53) mostly with abrupt change of weather. To my shame I got injected with J & J one in all last May, no sickness in at least 4 years. I now blame any discomforts on that shot and the shots of others around me. So, maybe I should get a booster of poison? 🙄

  28. I have felt a fair amount of brain fog, lack of concentration, and lack of ambition the past couple of years myself. I don’t think it has anything to do with the vaxxed shedding spike proteins or any other physiological cause, though.

    I think it’s being overwhelmed by stress from the sheer insaninty that’s been taking place in our society — the vaxx mandates, the masking, the “lockdowns,” the election. The government REALLY IS “out to get you.” The government can take your job if you’re not vaxxed, arrest you for buying groceries unmasked, prevent you from flying unless you are searched by TSA and masked. You can be accosted by any stranger at any time, or denied access to a business without a “vaxx passport.” You can get arrested for having a fake vaxx card.

    Add to that incessant propaganda, the fact that the stock market is a Ponzi scheme ready to collapse, interest rates are zero, inflation is galloping along at a 40-year high, the election was probably rigged, last year’s race riots, arson, and looting, and the FBI ruthlessely hunting down pro-Trump protesters while letting the Antifa off scot free.

    And they actually had troops in the streets of Washington and armed checkpoints, for fuck’s sake!!!

    It’s really hard to process all of this and try to figure out how you’re going to succeed and prosper and enjoy yourself. The answer is that you’re probably not going to, and this creates an underlying level of constant stress that is debilitating. It’s difficult to be of good cheer and sharp mind when you feel like a modern-day Sisyphus.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally got the time and motivation to complete a large and complex repair job on one of my cars, and when I was able to lock myself in my garage for three straight days and focus only on the job I had no such brain fog and felt perfectly sharp.

  29. Brilliant writing, as usual. Thank you.

    My grandmother refused to see doctors. I thought she was nutty, but she lived to be over 100, taught me a valuable lesson. I avoid all pharmaceuticals & jabs, haven’t seen a doc since 2017. No need – not in the wuflu/hypochondria cult.

    • They used to say when the doctors went on strike the death rate dropped. In one country the doctor was paid to keep you healthy, if you got sick he didn’t get paid.

    • The Myth Of Contagion, a discussion with T.C. Fry

      Fry talks about doctors as drug/vaccine pushers, (these drug pushers have been raised to the level of a holy priest) the origins of modern allopathic medicine, in the beginning, 2500 years ago, it was fighting demons inside people that they say made them sick, now they are fighting an evil virus in people using poisonous drugs made from oil and dangerous vaccines.

      It is the same good/evil narrative. Purebloods should be careful they have been demonized as evil filled. The government/medical system/church is a huge communist satanic cult now.


  30. We know that Dr. Fauci is a weasel, we also know he is not repentant, keeps doing the same foul deeds and has no remorse. I dunno, but it all looks very suspect.

    If found guilty of crimes against humanity, I recommend the Roman punishment of placing the culprit in leather sack with a monkey, a dog, a rooster, and a snake, and then thrown into the river.

    “Anyone who killed his father, mother, or another relative was subjected to the “punishment of the sack” (poena cullei in Latin). This allegedly involved the criminal being sewn into a leather sack together with four animals – a snake, a monkey, a rooster, and a dog – then being thrown into a river.”

    Sounds cruel and unusual, it can be, nobody will object.

    Probably more of a threat than an actual punishment executed.

  31. Just the facts, ma’am … today, Our World in Data shows vax-passported France at a ‘case’ rate of 4,367 per million per day. Lockdown-bound Australia clocks in at 4,169 per million, while quadruple-vaxxed and vax-passported Israel racks up 3,933 per million.

    Meanwhile, the partially-free US is at 2,363 per million, while the UK (whose ‘case’ rate is now declining) has receded to 1.836 per million. Chart:


    You don’t need no PhD in Signal Processing to grok the simple message of this chart: extreme [anti]social measures in France, Australia and Israel to fight the virus didn’t accomplish jack shit … and conceivably even worsened their plight, compared to freer nations.

    Just the facts …

    • If they are killing you with some environmental poison, 5G, DDT or whatever, they blame it on an imaginary virus so they won’t get sued, (there always seems to be insurance fraud) then big pharma makes more money selling vaccines and drugs as the cure. This is important right now because insurance companies won’t insure 5G suppliers.

      Making up new diseases/viruses is profitable too, then big pharma can sell you more drugs, vaccines, even force you to take them.

      Vaccines are handy, it is a way to get things (new technology or poison for a cull) into the public’s body, by force if mandated.

      Medical complex, big pharma, killing machine? Someone said it is a branch of the military, so it makes sense.

      • A1
        While watching Rat Patrol reruns on TV a Pharma commercial came on and I think I have ASS (Active Sphincter Sydrome…with occasional “bad breath “) and urged me to ask my doctor whether Fartuvia was right for me!
        Hey I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck so I listened to all that “fast talking “ advisory stuff at the end so okay….

        30% of all patients suffer an agonizing death akin to Stonefish envenomation within 6 hours of first dose…

        And my likelihood of suffering a heart attack, stroke and kidney failure is guaranteed within 2 years .

        But But….. I want to “do more “ to prevent embarrassing social situations!!!


  32. “Care”
    a term of art used by the medical industry to convey the (often mistaken) impression that the titans and practitioners of that industry have concern for the fate of its raw material, i.e. the general public

    To paraphrase a Jefferson Airplane song from long ago,
    “Medicine is a business, so send your sons and daughters.”

    … and then we can go to America:

    Fact is, there are only three states of physical existence:
    1. Feeling well (healthy)
    2. Feeling poorly (ill)
    3. Dead

    The normal state of existence for all living organisms is health, i.e. Number One.
    The medical industry only makes money of of those with a bad case of “Number Two” (pun intentional). So, in order to increase sales and profits, it is in their corporate interests to convince people they are “sick,” and require medical intervention, a.k.a. “care.”

    My conclusion? Do your best to look out for Number One.

  33. I’m glad you put it into words. I’ve been having what you had since I got corona back in 2020. I thought of it as brain fog, but that never felt like the right term. It is exactly as you describe it. It feels like there is air where a little grey matter should be, another way I can put it is (bear with me) reality feels more movie-like and less real. Perhaps academia should make themselves useful and investigate this!

  34. I don’t know enough about shedding to know it it’s legit or shit, but over the last year I find myself feeling like I’m coming down with a sickness in the morning. Then by lunch I’m right as rain.

    I do get occasional “weird” feeling while driving that I’m not really driving – not able to focus properly, just going through the motions.

    • Hi Dan,

      One particular grocery store I visit a few times a month I always leave with a sore throat. I don’t have a sore throat when I get there, but by the time I check out I do.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the amount of disinfectant that is being used in stores, restaurants, office buildings, etc. is causing us all ill effects. The reason that I say this is when grocery shopping early Monday morning (around 6:30) an employee of the store was walking around the display cases in the meat department and spraying some type of chemical. My guess it is probably similar to Lysol. Our bodies are not made to absorb these types of chemicals nor to live in a completely germ-free environment. That is why I avoid hand sanitizer like the plague. A bar of soap is the best cleanser we can use.

      Unfortunately, the crazies want everything sterilized even if it is dangerous for our nervous and respiratory systems.

      • Astute hypothesis, RG. Or perhaps that store is like Whole Foods here, wherein they scent the air heavily with what smells to be a mixture of lavender and dog food.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          It wouldn’t be so bad if it was all-natural dog food and fresh grown lavender. 🙂 I would feel more confident if they just burned sage through the store. They think spraying everything down with Lysol will fix it.

          The ingredients in Lysol: Active Ingredients: Alkyl (50% C14, 40% C12, 10% C16). Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Saccharintae (0.10%), Ethanol (58%). Other Ingredients (41.90%). Total (100%).

          Ethanol makes up the largest percentage. The same ethanol that causes liver damage and heart problems. We walk from store to store inhaling this crap and we wonder why we feel fuzzy.

          How have you been feeling? Any improvement?

          • What’s the shit that’s added to every gallon of gasoline we buy and burn? Every gas pump even has a sticker stating, “minimum 10% ethanol”. Mandated by our overlords.
            I’ll say it again, it’s the toxins we injest that make us sick, not each other.

          • RG,

            Hey now, go easy on the ethanol. It’s one of the chemicals that makes life worth living. The rest of that isn’t for human consumption, however. Some unholy combination of coal derivatives and ammonia.

            And I wouldn’t say I’ve much improved. I’ve kept the reflux mostly at bay, however. The cause of the stomach sensitivity and the daily horror of my existence these days remains active, unfortunately, and I have over a week ’til I get to see my naturopath doctor. :p

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I am hoping your naturopath doctor will be able to find out what is wrong. Have you ever tried reflexology? I usually get it done a few times a year with my massages. It does seem to help if you have certain body parts that are causing aggravation.

              • Hey Raider,

                I’m afraid I had a bad night and things are much worse this morning. It’s terrible. This does appear to be a repeat of a reoccurring long-term illness that last afflicted me to this degree almost 8 years ago. Not only is there shortness of breath at times, but the lungs/airways are feeling a little inflamed now, too. Possible autoimmune disorder. It might improve a bit as the day goes on, but I could be in this situation for months. There’s no telling. It’s horrifying and very scary.

                • Hi BaDnOn,

                  Very sorry to hear this; the only things I can think of that have helped me in the past are:

                  Doubling water intake (to encourage pee’ing out whatever’s in you).
                  Megadose of vitamin C 2-3 times per day.
                  Some good source vitamin D and zinc, if available.

                  A really hot, long shower (or – better – steam sauna).

                  Please keep us all posted – hoping it passes soon.

                  • Thanks, Eric. I wish it were that easy. Like you, I’ve taken pride in taking care of myself with lots of exercise, eating properly, keeping the mind sharp as well as body…

                    Thus I feel betrayed with this condition. I’ll certainly keep you posted. If I make a breakthrough in diagnosis and/or treatment, I will make it a personal quest to help others who experience anything similar.

              • Addendum: I probably already said this, but after this last more extreme occurrence (2014) my hypothesis was this condition was caused by the Epstein Barr virus, and began treating it as such when I would begin to feel any symptoms. This approach seemed to work, until this time. Also, I tested negative for EBV infection this time, though I used a qPCR test, and the other times I used antibody tests, which indicated active infection.

                So I don’t know. I do know that it sucks, and wish neither I, nor anyone else, would have to go through anything like this.

                • One more suggestion comes to mind: have you ever tried taking bentonite clay? It comes in powder and tablet form. It is available at health food stores. There are different types of detox clays, some ingestible some not. Bentonite is ingestible and helps with not only general detox of heavy metals, for example, but also has bonus health benefits such as relief from restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, etc. Just an idea you may want to investigate.

                • Hi Badnon – sorry to hear of your illness – hope all gets better soon and you can get back to your normal life. Best Regards,

  35. Presstitutes in Houston are shocked that a renegade doctor continues defiantly to practice medicine:

    Mary Talley Bowden, an ear, nose and throat specialist who runs a private practice in River Oaks, resigned in November from Houston Methodist shortly after the hospital revoked her privileges for “spreading dangerous misinformation” and sharing “harmful” personal and political opinions about the coronavirus vaccine and treatments.

    Months later, Bowden has not ceased such posts. She still tweets in support of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin as a treatment for the coronavirus, despite warnings from public health officials advising people not to take it.

    On Monday, however, she tweeted “I can think of no medically valid reason for anyone to get the vaccine now,” later celebrating the fact that Twitter had not suspended her account for sharing such information.

    Bowden currently operates out of Breathe MD off of Kirby Dr., where she prefers to employ members who are unvaccinated.


    What a shocking indictment. [/sarc] Bowden ticks every box for extremism, in terms of today’s rigid vaccinazi orthodoxy. The article openly advocates revoking her medical license.

    Fortunately for frayed-collar scribblers conducting private pogroms such as this in the Lügenpresse, you don’t need no license to practice sleazeball yellow ‘journalism.’

  36. Eric,

    The vaccinated are indeed “shedding” spike exosomes as a by product of mRNA transfection or DNA translation. Some by exhalation and contact.

    I have too find the research paper and post.

  37. ‘A kind of vague, low-grade vertigo, a sense of “lag,” if that makes any sense.’ — eric

    Tuesday morning, trail crew, hiking up the mild grade of a dirt forest road … I was suddenly fighting to place one foot in front of another, as if both feet were encased in concrete.

    After a few minutes the feeling passed. Never had that happen before. If not for seven others walking alongside, I might have just sat down in the road.

  38. The effects of living in a bath of EM radiation are basically unknown. I can’t say I notice a difference from years ago but that is the whole point of boiling the frog slowly. I do feel very good whenever I spend hours outside without any device. And it’s worth keeping in mind that “tin foil hat” was coined by Julian Huxley in a story in which it saves the protagonist from falling under influence of mind control.

  39. I’ve been feeling “off” for two years. I’ve changed jobs twice during the pandemic, one change voluntary, the other not.

    Since I work in IT, nothing really changes except the time of the morning status meeting and the name on the paycheck, even if the nature of the position is different.

    The learning curve of this kind of work is steep sitting at home, and with the most recent change, I had hoped to be back in an office five days a week.

    Then came Omicron insanity.

  40. I haven’t noticed this yet but I avoid getting to close to the blunt skulls and their religious facial talismans. From what you say; could this be a lack of strong sunshine as it seemed to appear with fall weather or maybe just the bad auroras emitted by the blunt skulls. Maybe check with any Amish you know as they don’t use TV or Radio (or electricity either) to see if they noticed this also. Good luck; if all else fails my understanding is a hot sauna and a roll in the snow afterwords is quite invigorating and should help.

    PS- Galt’s Gulch is sounding better all the time…

  41. Yes so weird that you and your gf have experienced this because this happened to me this week! I went to the gym for a couple hours on Wed evening for a good hard workout. The gym has been kinda empty lately with people getting omicron but that night they all were back and the gym floor was packed with people. That night I felt intermittent stabbing pains right where my heart is located. That has never happened before and I don’t have any heart issues. They continued the next morning until around noon when they finally went away and have not returned. I went back to the gym yesterday morning and it was pretty empty. I have heard several people now mention they plan to get boosted because of omicron (ironically several of them had just recovered from it which made no sense to me to get boosted at that point) and wonder now if that is what may have caused this.

  42. Eric, perhaps there is an average limit on how long one can tolerate pure insanity and the denial of truth before one experiences a physical response to it. Our critical thinking, those of us still capable, has been under constant assault. A lot of mental pressure, and the mind runs the body. Or, your suspicion may be correct. The most dangerous vaccines in history designed to spread like a virus.


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