Latest Radio: Tom Woods Show 1/14/22

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Here’s the audio of my chat the other day with my friend Tom Woods – whom many of you already know. I always enjoy talking with Tom and hope you enjoy partaking!

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  1. Wow, Eric! You have done a lot interviews lately! Always enjoy listening to them. I first found out about you from a Tom Woods interview several years ago and have been hooked since.

    The current state of the automotive press is in the sewer (and has been for several years) as far as any objective commentary is concerned. I’m glad there is at least one site I can go to for auto news and critical commentary!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I like Woods, and I agree with pretty much all his political positions, but I can’t but help taking issue with what I would call his “applied philosophy” in an aside he makes in this episode.

    He allows that he intends to buy a car up-front for his daughter’s use, only to “have her make the payments directly to him.” He characterizes this as “helping her out.”

    To me, this is emblematic of the autistic individualism that makes libertarianism, ultimately, disastrously counterproductive. The mentality is an all-too-common sign of the in-group callousness that has doomed middle-class white Americans, when considered in light of 1.) the pathological “out-group altruism” built into the social structure; and 2.) the incorrigible in-group altruism and nepotism of all ethnic groups, besides whites.

    Woods here, as many parents do, is “hazing” his daughter with “tough love” and “teaching her the value of a dollar” by making her pay for her own car at age 18, in the middle of an economic collapse that he makes his living chronicling for his audience, when he could clearly afford to simply have mercy and buy her a goddamn crappy vehicle. Moreover, it is almost certain that his daughter will be unable to procure employment without accepting a gene-altering clot-shot, and won’t even be able to get any higher education (of any value) without accepting the open-ended battery of toxic injections. So, to pay him for the car he insists she needs, she will be forced to risk a “vaxxident” (including, potentially, sterility). The mordantly comical irony is that his “tough-love-for-her-own-good” stinginess might be the very thing that forever truncates his own genetic legacy. Hey, but at least she didn’t get “lazy” by getting a “free ride,” amirite?

    Like many libertarians and paleoconservatives, Woods is stuck in the mentality-of-abundance befitting a nuclear-family patriarch circa 1960. As if in hypnosis, he rails daily into his web-mic about the government-orchestrated demolition of the productive economy, but then in his private life he switches into multi-generational habits that are predicated on a pollyanna normalcy bias. This is done to the sorry detriment of his own flesh-and-blood, who never asked to be brought into this world, only to be forced to “make her own way” from the arbitrary age-threshold of 18 (set by the government, I might add).

    This mentally turgid inability to adjust one’s familial behavioral norms in order to protect one’s young in chaotic, catastrophic, and fluid circumstances, is a big psychological factor in why whites are being orderly liquidated by other groups, who adopt a much more communal mentality. White parents like Woods here treat their own children at “arm’s length” like business adversaries, rather than as the helpless naifs they are. I’m sure he has some philosophical rationalization regarding proverbial grasshoppers and ants, but the fact is, his kid is going to be lucky to barely survive on Only-Fans webcam contributions until age 30 (when she’ll no longer be fit-for-purpose)…and he’ll be charging her rent to live in the basement where she puts on her show.

    Rather than teaming up with the rest of the world to charge his poor kid “existence rent,” he should be begging her forgiveness for subjecting her to the nightmare that is post-millennial coming-of-age.

    Have a heart, Tom. Just buy her the fucking car. That won’t make you a “socialist”.

    • I don’t agree with your every word but by and large you are on point here. My family had a very pure libertarian/capitalistic business that was my livelihood for more than 10 years. During that time, I saw the “rules of the game” in the autistic way you describe Mr. Woods’s views. Immediately in March 2020, though, my wife and biz partner and I knew our way of life was over and we were personally under serious attack. They literally wanted to and to this day want to kill us and our family. Fortunately, our immediate and extended family are partially of Slovak origin and had seen this movie before in the communist takeover of what was then Czechoslovakia. Although circumstances were different there then, as a defensive measure, they connected their assets with our biz acumen in order to shelter all from the tests, diapers, and needles. We trade for our own account, so to speak. When others ask if we will contract with them to do the work we do for family, we say “it’s family, not a business.” We recognize the nature of this situation.

    • Well said, FP!

      I’m amazed that a seemingly self-aware guy like Woods is oblivious to the situation we’re facing. Does he really expect her to pay him back with her measly Pureblood earnings?

      • You guys raise a good point –

        Several of my friends with kids in that age range (late teens) are in the same position. One has a daughter in nursing school who – horrendously – took the Jab. Another has a son who works in the family contracting business – so he’s ok. But many are in a bind not of their own making and deserve whatever can be done to help them out.

        • The thing is, eric, that the Machine currently assimilating the human race has insinuated itself into every point of leverage that all governments and mercantile predators have had over plebs since time immemorial, piggy-backing on every exploitative program and upping the ante a billion percent. Since humans have long been alienated from their natural habitat (to the point we don’t even know what that habitat was!), we are all obliged to labor at the tender mercies of government and corporations just to earn meager keep, and be permitted to exist in a world not our own. (That is, It’s Their World; we’re just living in it. And They set the terms.)

          Right now, any means of survival with even a modicum of independence is being systematically phased out, so that only crony-corporations will remain after the lockdown-liquidation. Those globalist consolidated corporate cartel has overwhelming (“adhesion-contract”) bargaining power to set terms of employment, no matter how degrading, exploitative, and straight-up inhuman.

          Woods seems blind to this conspicuous, still-unfolding public policy, which is currently being implemented with merciless efficiency. Therefore, he is setting terms on his own daughter’s coming-of-age that effectively serve her right up to the carnivorous technocratic abattoir on a plastic platter. Forcing her to get a job, just to survive, is tantamount to him directly and personally requiring her to get injected…over and over and over until she dies (or worse). Masks, testing, and the whole nine yards go without saying too.

          The illusion of the world that normie Americans thought they lived in evaporated in 2020, never to return. The fact that Woods apparently didn’t get the memo is frustrating and disturbing in the extreme.

          People need to be circling the wagons and protecting their families against a ruthless siege by the Forces of Evil (no exaggeration), but instead they’re just sending their own kids into a bloodbath-in-progress to “make their own way” as if it’s 1960 post-war Boomerica. It’s like a mama bird pushing her hatchling out of the nest during a tornado.

          I have known since the liquidation began in 2020 that my own parents and in-laws couldn’t be counted on for shit. But that’s because they’re run-of-the-mill TeeVee-programmed normies who worship the government. If I told them we needed help because I was fired for not taking the shot, their response would be: “You didn’t take the shot?!?!? Ewwww! Get away from me!!!!!!! Cooootieeeeees!!!!! They’re garbage, and accordingly useless if not outright detrimental.

          Woods, though, really should know better. The fact that he would throw his daughter into the deep end of a shark tank and say “sink or swim, sweetie” is disheartening and frankly baffling.

          • Hi FP,

            I think RG makes some excellent points- buttressed for me by my own circle, several of whom have teenagers who are expected (and helped) to become independent adults by becoming independent adults. My old college buddy, for instance. His kid is 15 – and driving his own truck (which he bought) and using it to earn his own money. This kid knows how to weld; can handle himself better than many grown men. I think the difference in perspective is country vs. city. Country people grow up this way, by and large. City people – suburban people – do not.

            • “the difference … is country vs. city”

              In large part yes I agree.
              Now, did it sound at all like Woods’s daughter was a welding ace? Tractor-pull champ?

              Sure didn’t sound at all like that to me. Sounds to me like she’s a born-and-bred college-degree-and-desk-job drone. Which is now not just a dead-end, but a hopscotch-court straight into digital slavery.

    • Sorry, I agree with Woods approach. My father bought a brand new car for me when I turned 17. Since I was underage and did not have credit I made the auto payments to him. I was a senior in high school and was responsible for my own insurance and fuel, as well.

      I began working at 14. I worked for my father’s business as a secretary. I prepared invoices and ordered parts. My father did the same for each of my sisters. It showed us responsibility and that nothing is free in the world. I left home at 19 when I rented my first apartment with some guy I met in high school. I since married him.

      The ultimate sacrifice my parents did make for us…pay for our college. My sisters and I never had to start out in the world with $50k, $100k in debt that we struggle to pay on for the next 20 years. My parents were tough, but the daughters they raised became independent women who have the ability to hold down a job. We also realize nothing is ours without hard work.

      Kids today are weak. Mom and Dad buy the car, the clothes, the cell phone and we wonder why kids are still living with them at 30. In previous generations responsibility was something that an individual took pride in. Most of us learned when we left home there was no coming back. We learned to stand on our two feet and make due with what we had. Mom and Dad had an obligation to keep a roof over our head and feed and clothe us…after 18 years of age you were an adult and the burden of those necessities was on you.

      I am sick of hearing that these babies are unable to stand on their own because today is harder than it was for us. That’s BS. Each generation has its own hell. My father’s generation were drafted and shipped over to Vietnam when they turned 18. My grandfathers generation were flying bombers and running on Normandy’s beaches hoping to make it to their 19th birthday.

      There are still a million places to work and attend school without getting a shot. Yeah, you won’t be able to work at Citibank, but who wants to. When we make excuses and convince people that they are victims is it any surprise that we are in the clusterfuck we are in? Weak kids grow up to be weak adults.

      Tom, congrats for showing your daughter nothing is handed to someone. I bet she grows up to be a productive adult.

      • Morning, RG!

        There is much to what you’ve written. I also think it’s sound policy for a teen – boy or girl – to learn to deal with a piece-of-crap car. How to handle a break-down. How to drive a car that isn’t easy to drive. It helps one learn how to drive – and how to deal. One of the saddest things I’ve seen lately is this (I think it is) Subaru commercial that shows a young guy unable to deal with a flat tire. He calls for trusty roadside assistance…

        • Hi Eric,

          I believe both men and women should know how to change a flat tire and their own oil, but I don’t believe everybody needs to learn on a piece of crap vehicle. Piece of craps vehicles breakdown leaving people (and teenagers) stranded alongside snowbanks, nighttime streets, interstate highways, and in the middle of nowhere. Why would we want to put our children in something that wasn’t safe for them to drive? I wouldn’t want to put my mother in something that wasn’t reliable for her. It doesn’t have to be new, but it should be something that provides a solid transmission, a decent battery, four sturdy wheels, brakes that will stop, and enough steel to be protected during an impact.

          • Hi RG,

            My ’69 VW Type IV wagon was the ideal college car! We didn’t quite overlap, but you may have seen it at GMU… Home Depot Green, with lots of dents. It was mostly reliable but sometimes, you had to kick it (literally, to get the Bosch EFI to work). I have stories about that car I would never be able to tell if I had been driving a “reliable” and “safe” car!

            Fun times – when you’re young and can deal. So that when you’re older… you know how to deal.

      • I don’t get the fuss over this. It is a Woods family decision.

        But I always love to hear how people think others should live their life.

      • RG,
        The fact that you think the same approach is appropriate in 2022 as in 1922 (or whenever you were 17) is exactly the kind of autistic, rigid mindlessness I’m criticizing.

        “There are still a million places to work and attend school without getting a shot.”

        No there aren’t. Wake up, hon.

        “When we make excuses and convince people that they are victims is it any surprise that we are in the clusterfuck we are in? Weak kids grow up to be weak adults.”

        Haha wow. We have all been literal imprisoned captives for two years, and you want these kids to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” Good lord, such unthinking cruelty toward your own flesh and blood. They ARE victims. And SO ARE YOU. Wake up and take pity on these poor kids. They are in for a BAD fucking time for their entire shitlives.

        “Tom, congrats for showing your daughter nothing is handed to someone. I bet she grows up to be a productive adult.”

        Bleccccch. Nothing is handed to anyone…except unasked-for bodily existence in this shit world, where you have to pay rent, taxes, bills, and endless labor just to exist. Yeah, why not subject helpless kids to this hells cape Earth, just to teach them “life lessons” to their own material detriment. Such unthinking cruelty. Leave these poor kids alone. They have nothing but misery and exploitation ahead of them, at the hands of the government and the technocratic control grid that they will be enslaved to. The least you can do as parents is not team up with the wicked, exploitative superstructure against them.

        • FP,

          I tried reading your post, but I couldn’t get past the constant Waah, Sob Sob, Sniff Sniff, Waah.

          Yes, the little darlings have to flood their trying days texting and surfing the web as Mommy and Daddy continue to foot the bill. They can sulk and resent Mommy and Daddy for bringing them into this big nasty world as they create their next TikTok video on their Apple 13 Pro from their princess laden bedrooms with a belly full of food. The hardship!

          Newsflash FP – None of us had a choice. Some of us made the best of it trying to find enjoyment within life’s hills and valleys, while others find the need to throw a constant pity party.

          Exactly, how do you think one saves civilization from obliteration and rebuilds society if we don’t teach the next generation “life lessons”, a strong code of ethics, and productivity? The answer is we don’t save it. But maybe that is what you want. It sure sounds like it. Keep believing that you are a puppet and have no control over your own destiny. Keep telling others that their life has no purpose, and they might as put the gun to their head and just be done with it. What miserable thinking and a miserable existence to be remembered by.


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