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The real sickness making the rounds isn’t physical. Most people recover from colds. Those afflicted with severe mental illness, on the other hand, often need years of therapy.

Many never recover.

A particularly sick example of what’s been going around etiolates in the person of Barry Mehler, who is the founder and director the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism (of course he is) at Ferris State University, in Michigan.

He made the news the other day by posting a video of himself wearing a Chin Speedo while also wearing a helmet, like an astronaut – double-plus-good protection against the cold he lives in dread of getting. All that was missing was the oxygen backpack.

What wasn’t missing was the effusion of profanity-speckled insane rage toward the “vectors of disease” – he refers here to his students – whom he “doesn’t want to be anywhere near” and so “keep your fucking distance.”

It’s hear-warming to read of such affection so articulately expressed by a teacher for his for students, whose parents probably spent exorbitant sums to have their children taught about “academic racism”  . . .  by a man like Mehler.

“I work in a paid f**king union job and no limber-dick c**ksucker of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my classes. Because I’m a f**king tenured professor,” he said. “So if you want to go to complain to your dean, f**k you, go ahead, I’m retiring at the end of this year and I couldn’t give a flying f**k any longer.

A schizoid homeless person pushing a shopping cart full of debris and screaming at passers-by. Only this one sits behind a desk – in front of a computer – berating paying customers.

The Agora, it isn’t.

I is a college student – once a popular T shirt slogan that was funny on account of the obvious absurdity – is now the fulsome scurvy truth only it’s the professor who “is.” Hysteric. Ignorant. Profane.


If you won’t expose your grandpa to a possible infection with Covid, then stay the f**k away from me. If you don’t give a s**t whether grandpa lives or dies, by all means come to class.”

But wait. Doesn’t that helmet – and that Chin Speedo – keep him safe? If not, why does he wear them? For the same reason the schizoid homeless person can often be seen wearing the same – or similar.

Both being very ill, indeed.

This isn’t the problem, however. Or rather, it is the lesser problem. It is one thing to have badly gimped-in-the-head people on the loose rather than in  . . . institutions.

That is merely a logistics problem. How to house them all.

The much worse problem is that these very ill people – there are millions of them on the loose – regard themselves as completely sane, which they do because they’ve been told they are by the “health” experts at CNN and MSNBC. By doctors – of manufactured mass insanity – such as he-who-does-not-practice-medicine but plays the part on TeeVee. These confirm the lunatic in his lunacy, a thing which hasn’t been seen on a mass scale since those wonderful searchlight-lit rallies held at Nuremburg, all those years ago.

Those crazies thought they weren’t,  either. Wir folgen Der Fuhrer! 

The question, then, is – what do we who aren’t insane do? How do we “stop the spread” of this insanity? How do we contain it? The crazies-who-think-they’re-not aren’t just going to go away. They are out there. Nursing their elaborating psychosis, waiting for the green light to be given to act out against those whom they are convinced with the infallible certainty of the deranged are “just vectors of disease” – and who, therefore, present a mortal threat to their physical health as well as their psychological “health,” as it were.

That is to say, their badly gimped peace of mind – which remains held hostage by a perpetual sense of panic that will never abate because it was never real, to begin with. How do you treat someone who is terrified of the Bogey Man? You can tell him there is no such thing as the Bogey Man; you can show him there’s no Bogey Man under the bed. You can provide him with a night-lite and a bedtime story.

He will still dread the Bogey Man.

And – strangely enough – become that very thing, for real.

For us, the sane. Who have reason to dread the presence of these “disease vectors,” of insanity. Who number in the millions. Who are not safely tucked away in padded rooms, where their illness can be treated and – far more important – is acknowledged to be the illness of our times.

. . .

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        • Derek Prince talking about getting rid of demons, one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03 in the video…

          Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed. The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

          This is a pretty interesting video.


    • Some say the vaccines are full of mind control parasites and or nanobots and or 5g neural interfaces. Being that ive known some people pre/post vax it certainly would explain the changes. I had antivax antimask coworkers who got vaxxed and now act as missionaries of their vax company. Taunting me about how their repeated covid infections are mild and they can fly to California and go to bars & restaurants

    • The Dreaded Vaccine Zombie Apocalypse: Raging Mask Karens, Personality Changes, Violent Behavior and Animalistic Lower Brain Stem Lunacy

      These leftist/communists are getting more brain damaged daily from their extermination injections and getting more dangerous, watch out…

      It looks like getting the extermination injection is inviting the demon of death into your body, how stupid is that?


    • Poll Finds Close To Half Of Democratic Voters Want COVID Internment Camps For The Unvaxx’d

      from zh comments…..

      If given the opportunity, they would make us dig our own mass graves, then line us up and execute us and our families

      They, who you refer to, control the entire $850 billion / year military machine. They pay technicians handsomely to fly drones with missiles on them to shoot at anyone they say so.

      The ‘truth’ contained in this poll was first revealed by Hiltery when she smeared Trump supporters as ‘Irredeemable Deploreables’. Those words said EVERYTHING about how ‘tolerant’ demonrats are. She might of just as well said, ‘march them into the gas chambers’ because that’s really what she and all demonrats believe about anyone that actively opposes their satanic agenda.

      People wonder how nazi supporter supported nazis.
      Literally repeating it right now, History really does repeat itself.
      Psychopaths rally 70% of the Herd.( Traditionally followers/low ranking tribe members) against a smaller tribe of free thinking individual beings and kill/murder them.

    • Twenty-nine percent of Democratic voters would support temporarily removing parents’ custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.”

  1. I think that this old man wants to be remembered somehow, and being that hes a brainwashed idiot with an unexciting class that has no positive qualities and people just go through it for credits, the combination of social media & Coronavirus inspired him to do an insane rant that is shared widely.

    He truely won some internets

  2. I read a while back this person, a virologist or researcher one of the two. He said everyone who got the jab would be dead in 2 years. I notice that people who are famous have died only days after the jab. If everyone that died soon after the jab I have the feeling the numbers would be staggering.

    • There are multiple formulas and other factors. Oddly enough by Sacraficing a few famous people on camera while saying safe & effective, civic duty etc, its a power play.

      The book of revelation describes a beast wearing many crowns & horns being ridden by a Harlot. Corona =crown. The Coronavirus fits that disruption. People worship the crowned beast by sacraficing business, health, by purifying through face masks, isolation, hand sanitizing, room sanitizing, and “vaccines” are their communion. All businesses have to be blessed by the church of Coronavirus. Must enforce church rules. They can only get their science from their priests, and they cannot listen to heretics who try to weaken their faith with their doctrines that run contrary to the church of Coronavirus. They get sick and say why god have you smited me, I am boosted!! I wear my mask!! I isolate 6 days a week!! I go on missions to preach the masking and vaccines to the heritics!! smite those unvaccinated heritics.

  3. It gives Karens of both sexes some meaning this COV-LARP and all they need are some uniforms and some batons or other weapons to really get the purging going.
    A society with a completely destroyed higher education system has no future so there is no need to fear the plandemic.

    “Do we tolerate these people?”

    Justin Trudeau regarding the “unvaccinated” in Canada.

  4. This is what happens when we ban smoking and nationalize health care.

    Everything you do becomes everybody else’s business.

    Unfortunately, the cure would seem to be rounding up all of the busybodies, marching them onto an ice floe, and setting them adrift. Or, perhaps, wait for the eleventeenth jab to do them all in.

  5. For many of those taking the Vax it’s ALL in. They can’t give it back or have another chance. What’s done is done, so they are fully pulling for their team. Anytime a prominent non-vaxxer dies ‘with covid’ it’s a cause for celebration especially in the MSM. Anything TPTB can do to force the vax is AOK with them because they may have screwed themselves and want everyone screwed. To them life is about everyone being equal regardless of personal choices made. That’s what they were taught. Life must be made to be fair.
    I have some bad news for anyone who thinks this way. Life will be painful be painful for you.

    • Anytime a prominent non-vaxxer dies ‘with covid’ it’s a cause for celebration especially in the MSM………………….

      that just proves this…

      Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed.

      The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious death cult now, and all the leftist/communists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

      • bankster/nwo/un/wef/ccp/.0001% satanist/nazi theocracy
        Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery,pedophilia, transhumanism and fake science.

        wef runs the new bankster/nwo/wef/ccp/.0001% one world government being put in place worldwide right now, this will be your new government. the cv19 hoax is a cover, excuse, trap, to put it in place. covid cult: an occult satanic death cult run by fanatics.

        some wef history

        the World Economic Forum was co-founded by Maurice Strong, who was the main promoter of the climate change movement.
        the much more exclusive World Forum of 300 which was created by Maurice Strong in 1982 and was co-founded with Klaus Schwab as his assistant.

        Prince Charles hired Schwab to run the WEF.

        The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.

        schwab runs the wef his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

        World Forum leaves a blind spot to the alien agenda in the the creation of the plan, the blind spot also leaves out Dr Muller, creator of the UNESCO programs and the Common Core education system.

        Muller and Strong created of the United Nations University at Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur,

        Maurice Strong was creator of Agenda 21 along with his buddies Prince Phillip and Charles and Ted Turner. Persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear, and pain to surrender themselves, their egos to the collective consciousness.

        The blind spot leaves out the involvement of Nazi German Vril psychics who were involved
        at the Maurice Strong Baca Grande hippie commune where Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil just prior to presenting the plans to the first World Forum in 1982 in Vail Colorado.

        We don’t associate Eugenics with David Rockefeller, like we do with Hitler, but it was actually the Rockefeller Foundation that first did the research,
        their groundbreaking 1930 work on Eugenics, an idea that became so popular in Europe Hitler monetized it domestically to justify global domination.

        Beginning in 1930 the Rockefeller Foundation provided financial support to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, which later inspired and conducted eugenics experiments in the Third Reich.

        Rockefeller got his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more terrible since, now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing vaccnes, all based on the germ theory. Rockefeller, the AMA and Big Pharma are now all key aspects of the NWO (New World Order),

        The nazis adopted it and promoted it. “The infection theories (germ theory) were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich nazis. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this gerrm theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.”
        now we have the allopathic germ theory nazi medicine used exclusively worldwide and big pharma is the most profitable business on the planet, thanks to pasteur, rockefeller and flexner.

        now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult,with the new covid religion theocracy and it’s ayatollahs.

        the modern monetary system is based on keynesian beliefs.

        Keynes is heralded as the guiding light of the New Deal (and, as such defended by modern “Green New Dealers” and Great Reset technocrats wishing to impose a top-down system of governance onto the world),

        This will be seen clearly in 1) his devotion to the theories of Thomas Malthus, 2) his promotion of eugenics as a science of racial purification and population control, and 3) his general devotion to World Government as a leading member of the Fabian Society. The fabians bringing communism to all western countries.

        Depopulation: The provable reality was that Indian famines were coordinated tools of population control by the Malthusian elite of the British establishment who considered “war, famine and disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak.
        read again: “disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak. now the great reset wants to use poisonous injections for depopulation.

        Thomas Malthus (a British East India Company economist) stated in his famous 1799 Essay on Population:
        “The power of population is so superior to the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.” gates wants to use vaccines.

        “We should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.” today: herding the useless eaters into large cities.

        In his May 2, 1914 lecture Population, Keynes argued that government should “mould law and custom deliberately to bring about that density of population which there ought to be” and that “there would be more happiness in the world if the population of it were to be diminished.”
        now the gates led nwo/ccp/wef globalists are saying after great depopulation reset you will own nothing and be happier.

        Hitler himself was not only a devout eugenicist (whose racial purification policies emerged through the funding of the Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations as well as British establishment), but was also a devout Malthusian saying:

        “The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.”
        now gates is saying the same thing, depopulation is good.

        After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the environmental movement, transhumanist movement, including the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

        cv19 religion/climate change/depopulation agenda………it sounds a bit like The church of euthanasia: The church of euthanasia “devoted to restoring the balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth. “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself”

        the climate change/global warming hoax is an excuse for a cull. the satanists will do it with their cull of useless eaters, they already warned you of the depopulation agenda, there was silence, that is implied consent, the cull progresses.
        Get this: the two top psychos that are administrators for the banksters, gates and soros, have no education, they are morons.

        The psychos running the planet: Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur.
        Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil just prior to presenting the plans to the first World Forum in 1982 in Vail Colorado.
        the pope is part of this cult.

        The government/church/medical system is just a huge occult satanic death cult now

  6. Why does it seem like most of these crazy commies wear thick plastic eyeglass frames? It’s like they put on “anti-they live” glasses and all they see around them is booga booga rAcIsM and tHe PaTrIaRcHy! They worship “the experts” and “the authority.” They fight the system by being hardcore conformists. One of my relatives is a vegan leftist lady, wears thick plastic eyeglass frames, rants about the patriarchy, owns cats, yet has only hired or guilted men into repairing her home, cars and plowing her driveway. Gets no help from the sisterhood. Cun’t figure her out?!

  7. A report from the front. Extensive travel the past couple weeks.
    In my deep blue eastern coastal state but semi-rural red county, 50-50 masking. 10% crazy, 30% aren’t paying attention and seem the happiest.
    In a deep blue western city, majority crazy with 20% trying to live through it. in these nut states rural areas 20-30% masking, and the happy who aren’t paying attention are trying to get out to greener pastures to the east of them.
    In my interior western red-red state, zero masking, zero talk about it, all happiest. Even with some signs on corporate stores ‘must mask’, no one is except the workers. It is soooo refreshing for the soul.
    ohhh, the airlines are lost, with some double down crazy, but most just trying to do the min. BS to get through the crazy (I try hard to use them). The ones that fired the smart ones are struggling bad.

  8. Not to worry,,, the crazies that did not get the placebos will be disabled or dead within a few years. All we have to worry about is staying clear of the medical nazis.

  9. Where is Nurse Ratched when you need her the most?

    Have Elon launch Barry on a solo trip to Mars and that’ll be the end of the idiot. Planet distancing is too close. har

    Something, anything.

  10. Amongst other issues is that face diapers don’t filter properly if you have any facial hair. A rubber or foam type seal at the edge along with being properly fitted and then tested at least annually. If your life depends on this type of equipment you know that kind of stuff. It appears that he doesn’t know this, so does he even know what he is teaching or is he just another nutjob in academia? Academic racism, yep NUTJOB………

  11. So he’s 75 and worried about Corona…why doesn’t he just quit *right now*, not “end of the semester”? Last I checked, tenured professors made pretty decent incomes — does he need the money that bad that he’ll risk being around “vectors of disease” for four or five more months? Or does he just have a passion for teaching “Academic Racism”? 🙄

    “There’s no benefit to coming to class…” well, you yourself said it, dude…LOL 😁

  12. I have commented here, and stated weekly, Americans are physically & mentally weak.

    Covid has just exposed it for all to see.

    What can be done?
    This is the result of 100 years of slow drip influence out of the educational establishment, propped up by the great depression, WWII & Vietnam war.
    This will not be undone until circumstances create a bad enough situation that these people are weeded out, either by nature or their own realizations.

  13. How do you treat someone who is terrified of the Bogey Man?

    I have an employee who is terrified of the Bogey Man. Double jabbed, still masks, etc.

    I don’t know if I got through, but I met up with him last week and it was the day the info came down from Project Veritas about Fauci and DARPA. I just happened to look down and read it at the same time I was right next to him. My excitement and happiness that Fauci was busted didn’t stop me from sharing why I was happy. The look on his face when I said Fauci was busted for lying and was the cause of the “pandemic” was priceless.

  14. MSNBC, Mostly Snotty Non-Sense By Chicks (Hat tip Dr. Savage) again says unvaxxed people should be denied care and or charged moar.

    Let me get this straight, My wife and I declined (free) shots from .Gov, which probably cost thousands per dose. We got sick, got better, all on our own, twice, all without leaving any footprints in the sand of their precious health care system. Because of this we are to be denied care going forward, or charged moar. What an upside down, light is dark world we live in. Its almost time to perform a late term abortion on the Gynocracy, in the interest of saving the lives of future mothers.

  15. Speaking of gov’t school teachers as rabid sickness cultists… The following link notes in a roundabout fashion exactly how the Feds get local school districts to mandate masks via acceptance of Fed $. It’s all about the money.

    This quote jumps out about Fedgov’s beef with AZ… “But Arizona’s two school programs use the federal money to “impose conditions on participating in or accepting a service that undermine efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and discourage compliance with evidence-based solutions for stopping the spread of COVID-19,” the letter said.”

    Lotsa talk about “stopping the spread” yet from what I see schools and their staffs literally up to their eyeballs in masks and other BS have many people out sick because they are dealing with “it” a.k.a cold & flu season. So no spread is being stopped. Yet the lies continue unabated. Follow the money.

  16. Lots of these wack job types running around in “higher” ed, they seem drawn to it. Of course many aren’t quite that obnoxious but still cause plenty of damage to society. But once the almost ironclad tenure is granted, they basically can bite the hand that feeds them and get away with it. Some “students” are even defending him!!!

    Looks like Ferris State has granted his wish, and is on “leave”. I am sure he is collecting his full paycheck though. Unfortunately, for the taxpayers of Michigan its a public school so it’s tax dollars paying for this d-bag. I am guessing he will never set foot in a classroom again (and that’s probably a good thing), and will be allowed to “retire” (quietly if he can keep his mouth shut) this summer without any loss of retirement pay (also paid for by taxpayers).

    What he “teaches” is the icing on the cake. A “subject” that doesn’t have a place in an real university in the first place. He is the poster child of what is wrong with higher ed.

    When it comes down to it, he is a lazy a** guy who wants to get paid well for doing nothing. And he will get it too, as he will get paid the rest of his life in “retirement”. Guessing he has been there four or more decades.

    On a side note, tenure is starting to filter down to high schools.

  17. For sure there are some crazies and psycos out there spurred on by the pandemic, especially in government and academia. I don’t, however, buy into the idea of a mass psychosis, not yet anyway. It’s too easy, and I think it dehumanizes the other side, leading to further division and pushing the end of the scamdemic further away. Rather, I like to think these are merely scared people clinging to their tribe for comfort, being fed bad information by Chief Fauci. Those individuals are thinking irrational, but we can’t be labeling all of them as crazy.

      • I did imply this man truly is crazy and deluded. But I think the bulk of the covid camp is more people who either do what they do out of habit or the idea they need to be “doing something” and just have bad information. I would venture to say that only 10% of them are Branch Covidians (most of them in coastal areas, which I know you are uncomfortably close to).

        Of course, I’m in the rural upper Midwest, so I may be living in a bubble of sanity. Take me with a grain of salt.

    • People used to understand that mental sickness was both real and highly contagious. Then the academics got ahold of it and pushed the idea that the insane are mostly harmless and can be medicated an allowed to run around and expose themselves to others.

      We’re at that point in our understanding again- between Covid neuroses and transgender delusions, if it isn’t treated to some reality, it spreads and infects more of those with weak immune systems.

        • why the fu…k….k are people listening to the ccp?

          what confuses me is why the western press is all following the same narrative as Forbes, which is now owned by a Chinese media holding company. Is this all really just about China wanting to advance a New World Order agenda, and working in a coordinated fashion together with captured western legacy media and their transnational fund overlords?

          It’s important to recall that the United States and over 100 countries initiated lockdowns exclusively because of the “data” that was being transmitted out of Wuhan.

          It was faulty, unchallenged Chinese data, repeated by authoritative figures like Fauci (all fauci does is repeat ccp lies, he will make billions of dollars), and his colleagues, that convinced the world to undergo lockdowns and embrace early, aggressive ventilation of patients, among other botched, unscientific treatment and mitigation measures.

          zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections.

          The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

          Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

          • Hi Anon,

            It may well be that the Chinese bought their win – rather than won it in an overt war. Financed by us – the American consumer, who has been buying made-in-China merchandise since China was granted MFN status under Clintigula, back in the ’90s.

            • Yes invasion of the communists…

              biden, = ccp

              a US intelligence report that China offered to pay non-state actors in Afghanistan to attack American forces, according to Axios, citing two senior administration officials.

              China’s state apparatchik clandestinely baited the family members of the Obama-era vice president and secretary of state into joint business ventures in order to surreptitiously influence the trade and economic policies of the US government favoring China’s geo-economic interests spanning the globe.

              “Hunter Biden partnered with the Chinese state. Entire investment partnership is Chinese state money from social security fund to China Development Bank. It is actually a subsidiary of the Bank of China. This is not remotely anything less than a Chinese state-funded play.

              “Though the entire size of the fund cannot be reconstructed, the Taiwanese co-founder who is now detained in China, reports it to be NOT $1-1.5 billion but $6.5 billion. This would make Hunters stake worth at a minimum at least $50 million if he was to sell it.

              “The believed Godfather arranging Hunter’s business ventures is a gentleman named Yang Jiechi. He is currently the CCP Director of Foreign Affairs leading strategist for America, Politburo member, one of the most powerful men in China, and Chinese President Xi Jingpin’s confidant.

              “He met regularly with Joe Biden during his stint as Chinese ambassador the US when Biden chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Later he was Minister of Foreign Affairs when the investment partnership was made official in 2013.

              “Hunter Biden’s 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment partnership was set-up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions which are tasked with garnering influence with foreign leaders during Yang’s tenure as Foreign Minister.

              “Hunter’s BHR stake (purchased for $400,000) is now likely be worth approx. $50 million (fees and capital appreciation based on BHR’s $6.5 billion AUM as stated by Michael Lin).

              “Joe Biden’s foreign policy stance towards China (formerly hawkish), turned positive despite China’s country’s rising geopolitical assertiveness.”

              In addition, China is alleged to practice “debt-trap diplomacy” for buying entire governments through extending financial grants and loans, and what better way to buy the rival government of the United States than by financing the Biden campaign through

              bestowing financial largesse on the Biden and John Kerry families and other prominent former officials of the Obama-Biden administration.

              In an exclusive report for the Breitbart New on October 16, Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner allege that newly obtained emails from a former business associate of Hunter Biden’s inner-circle reveal that Hunter and his colleagues used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to peddle influence to potential Chinese clients and investors—including securing a private, off-the-books meeting with the former vice president.

              “On November 5, 2011, one of Archer’s business contacts forwarded him an email teasing an opportunity to gain ‘potentially outstanding new clients’ by helping to arrange White House meetings for a group of Chinese executives and government officials.

              “The group was the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and the delegation included Chinese billionaires, Chinese Communist Party loyalists, and at least one ‘respected diplomat’ from Beijing. Despite its benign name, CEC has been called ‘a second foreign ministry’ for the People’s Republic of China—a communist government that closely controls most businesses in its country. CEC was established in 2006 by a group of businessmen and Chinese government diplomats.

              “CEC’s leadership boasts numerous senior members of the Chinese Communist Party, including Wang Zhongyu (vice chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee and deputy secretary of the Party group), Ma Weihua (director of multiple Chinese Communist Party offices), and Jiang Xipei (member of the Chinese Communist Party and representative of the 16th National Congress), among others.

              “‘I know it is political season and people are hesitant but a group like this does not come along every day,’ an intermediary named Mohamed A. Khashoggi wrote on behalf of the CEC to an associate of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. ‘A tour of the white house and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great.’

              “The gross income of the CEC members’ companies allegedly ‘totaled more than renminbi 1.5 trillion, together accounting for roughly 4% of China’s GDP.’ The overture to Hunter Biden’s associates described the Chinese CEC members variously as ‘industrial elites,’ ‘highly influential,’ and among ‘the most important private sector individuals in China today,’ dubbed as the China Inc.

              “Hunter Biden and Devon Archer apparently delivered for the Chinese Communist Party-connected industrial elites within ten days … ATTENTION: The Obama-Biden administration archives reveal that this Chinese delegation did indeed visit the White House on November 14, 2011, and enjoyed high-level access.

              “The visitor logs list Jeff Zients, the deputy director of Obama’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), as the host of the CEC delegation. Obama had tasked Zients with restructuring and ultimately consolidating the various export-import agencies under the Commerce Department—an effort in which the Chinese delegation would have a keen interest.”

              Schweizer suggests that the meeting may have opened the door for Hunter and Devon Archer down the road—as just two years later they formed the Chinese government-funded Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) investment fund which saw Chinese money pour into it for investments in CEC-linked businesses.

              During the last decade, all the manufacturing has outsourced to China, Chinese entrepreneurs are stealing American jobs and the American working classes are finding it hard to make ends meet, yet neoliberal Democrats are dogmatically sticking with market fundamentalism of globalization and free trade.

              Trump withdrawing the United States from multilateral treaties, restructuring trade agreements, bringing investments and employments back to the US and initiating a trade war against China are a silent revolution against neoliberal ideals of globalization and free trade of which China is the new beneficiary with its strong manufacturing base and massive export potential.

              Thus, it was only natural for the Chinese government to try to oust Trump from the presidency with all available means, including providing financial support to his neoliberal Democratic rivals, favoring globalization and free trade,

              • Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank With Connection to Chinese Government Before Election
                December 2, 2020

                Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government, according to filings

                An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election.

                The investigation centers on Staple Street Capital, which acquired Dominion Voting Systems in 2018.

                Dominion Voting Systems operates voting machines in 28 states and has been accused by President Trump and his supporters of being involved in deleting millions of votes for Trump in addition to switching votes to Biden on election night.

                “On Oct 8, 2020, Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amount of $400,000,000 with the Sales Compensation Recipient identified as UBS Securities,” states the investigation, which also notes that another payment of $200,000,000 was received in December 2014.

                “UBS Securities is a Swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report.

                The overall owners of UBS Securities Co LTD are;

                – Beijing Guoxiang (33%)
                – UBS (24.99%)
                – Guangdong Comm. Group [zh] (14.01%)
                – China Guodian (14%)
                – COFCO Group (14%)

                Aside from UBS, the other four owners of UBS Securities are all Communist Chinese front groups.

                Beijing Guoxiang is a state owned asset.

                Guangdong Comm. Group 100% stakeholder is the Guangdong Provincial Government.

                China Guodian is state owned enterprise administered for the SASAC for the state Council

                COFCO Group is a state owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC.

                SASAC The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) is a special commission of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Council.

                The revelation that Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government via UBS Securities will bolster claims by Trump supporters that foreign actors working on behalf of Communist China may have sought to meddle in the presidential election to help Joe Biden.

                • Did the communists take over Canada too?

                  Here is one opinion……….

                  Nortel was the most powerful internet company in the world, handling 70% of the worlds internet traffic. They were the jewel of the tech world, and they were Canadian.

                  Starting in 2004, Nortel began being infiltrated by the Communist Government of China. Using all of the Intellectual Property stolen from Nortel, Huawei was born. Hauwei proceeded to bid against every Nortel opportunity, and using their own technology, by 2009, Nortel was bankrupt.

                  Canada was the global leader in technology. Now those billions of dollars and ultimately 100’s of 1000’s of high paid, highly skilled employees, along with world leading Canadian technology, now belonged to China.

                  Shortly after the bankruptcy of Nortel, in 2010, The director of CSIS, TEN YEARS AGO, in an unprecedented move, came on CBC News and warned us that our government is being infiltrated by hostile foreign nations.

                  From the very top, our Government has been completely infiltrated by the Communist Government of China. These senior officials are either directly complicit in the motives of China, or are direct agents of the Chinese Government and Communist Party.

                  Justin Trudeau has sent $100’s of Millions of dollars to China. Under the guise of “climate change” and “women’s health”.

                  When the United States backed out of their membership with the World Health Organization (WHO), Justin Trudeau stepped up and committed the United States near $1 Billion commitment. The WHO is a Communist China controlled organization.

                  when money is “sent out” some of it comes back. people in control handing out money can make a lot of money. check offshore accounts.

                  The Communist Government of China either owns via subsidiaries or by influence, massive chunks of our media

                  Ask yourself how Canada has spiralled to a $1.2 Trillion dollar debt – owned by, you guessed it, Communist China. Ask yourself why a significant portion of that $1.2T debt was sent to China under the guise of “climate change” or “women’s health”, and now we also owe China that money, plus interest, within our debt. Ask yourself why Canada sold all of our gold and gold mines to Communist China.

  18. This guy has some chutzpah, teachers have one of the best rackets going. Full time pay for part time work, summer off, all the school vacations off, etc. They get to sleep in on snow days while my co-workers and I are out restoring power in a blizzard. Nice work if you can get it.

      • They get paid to mindfuck the young and impressionable. I once worked with a girl who was a sub teacher while attending classes to teach full time. She tried to debate me on why communism was a superior form of government. She was only 21 but already fat and ugly with body mutilation. Chiefly disturbing was one of those bull ring piercings through the middle of her nose. Claimed to be a lesbian yet couldn’t stop flirting with me. These people are bonkers.

  19. A very fundamental COVID thing is that before the WHO changed the definition in 2008, COVID would not qualify as a pandemic. Now, dandruff would qualify if it was infectious.

  20. Our CA county has a gov imposed mask mandate. It has finally got me annoyed to see mask wearers. I am pretty live and let live but at this point it seems like we have all had more than enough time to learn these things do not work. The encouraging thing is that this is not being enforced in most places so there is also more and more resistance. On average almost half the people show up maskless at the post office, in banks, every grocery store. Now with the Supreme Court’s decision the pressure of being faced with an injection mandate to keep your job has been relieved for many. I feel a momentum coming on. With more and more vaxxed people getting infected I am hearing less pro vax chat in my office, which I use as a litmus test for the greater world. So maybe the true psychos like this professor are in the throes of their final rage as reality unfolds before their eyes….

  21. I went to youtube to skip the video & read the comments.

    “Comments are turned off. Learn more.”

    Yeah, I’ll tell ya what I learned: he’s not so crazy after all. He fully realizes that the comments would be overwhelmingly critical and deservedly comical. “Dr.” Mehler is little more than a thin skinned prick, and a bully, and a nazi.

    Never heard of Ferris State but from here on out if it will always be associated with the tenured professor. Good for a chuckle.

  22. “If you don’t give a s**t whether grandpa lives or dies, by all means come to class.”

    All of my ancestors have passed except for my mother who is now passed the normal life expectancy in the USA. She may life another 10 years as did my grandmother, her mother, but she is a liberal lunatic and has elected to take the poison gene therapy and has other complicating factors as well.

    Nowadays, I am the age of grandpa. I have not had the poison gene therapy and I refuse it. Not only that but I am very against every single stupid thing that people have been doing to avoid catching this cold.

    Especially on behalf of others (e.g., grandpa) and those of which (AFAIK) have never been asked if we/they would like anyone to do any such thing. Of course the “on behalf of” is essentially a liberal lie and excuse for doing what they want to do.

    I’ve never met anyone my age or older that has any worries about dying of a cold. I’d never even heard of any such concern before this hysterical nonsense.

    I am insulted that anyone would be, never mind such an awful ass (as this professor), but they would *demand* that young people with their lives ahead of them do what the professor and his fellow lunatics want (i.e., not what old people want) on the behalf of people my age.

    It’s all a lie and always has been. These people are profoundly schizophrenic/psychotic and all it took was the government lying about a cold to bring it to the surface.

    • Being myself a grandpa, I would NEVER encourage my grandchildren to sacrifice living on behalf of my health. Nor my son and daughter in law for that matter.

  23. Boomers gotta boomer. They all saw that TED talk where Ray Kurzwel told them if they live (at the time) another 20 years (until 2030… which is why all the climate stuff is set to happen in 2030), they could upload themselves into the Matrix and live forever. Or maybe the medical industrial complex would figure out how to keep you alive forever. For a monthly fee of course. They’re not about to let a weaponized virus take them down now, not when they’re so close they can see the finish line.

    These people are insane, of course. Eternal life sounds like a nighmare of ever-accellerating time, memories never having a chance to form, nostalgia overwhelming any desire for new or novel experiences. Meanwhile accidents kill everyone who matters to you. And of course there will be accidents that kill you too, even if you wear ridiculous headgear.


  24. ‘Because I’m a f**king tenured professor.’ — Barry Mehler

    That’s the pure entitlement of impunity talking. He can be as nasty as he wants to be.

    Nevertheless, some market discipline still exists. Any student with a lick of sense will shun taking a class from this arrogant old windbag.

    Some parents may even encourage their kids to transfer elsewhere, given the apparent bottom-of-the-barrel quality of faculty at Ferris Bueller State.

    Likewise, offended alumni can withhold donations. NYU won’t get a frickin’ penny from me, thanks to its aggressive vaccinazi regime, with mandatory ‘boosters.’

    Fortunately, the coming depression is going to wipe a third of colleges off the map. Good riddance to them and their ‘Barry Mehler’ tenured professors, who at least should be able to spell correctly on their cardboard begging signs.

    • Oh, they’ll get bailouts and more Chinese students to make up the losses. And of course there’s the “free college for all” proposals that are part of the Democratic party vote-purchase platform, because ruining K-12 education didn’t do enough damage.

    • Most universities are already funded by taxpayers. Most schools are no longer dependent on donations from alumni. The worst schools don’t even get 10% of their income from private donations anymore. That’s why they get away with this crazy.

    • You have to get the horses and cows out of the barns when all the barns are on fire and burning to the ground.

      You have to pity the poor pathetic lost soul.

      Grandmas would bitch slap the dumbass for hours. lol

      How can you blame the brainwashed fake professor? Bueller?

      It’s not Barry’s fault, it is his fault that he bought into the propaganda hook, line and sinker, not my fault to be so stupid.

      The fault lies at the feet of the purveyors of the nonsensical pandemic, Fauci, Gates, Biden, Nancy, every last one of them. You have to include Trump the Dunce too, by golly.

      All up for trial for crimes against humanity, doesn’t matter how it gets done, Nuremberg trial the bejesus out of them. It might drive them insane, which is the goal, they’re all nuts to begin with, so it is worth driving them to total psychological diffusion where they are wards of the state, they’ll be in the nuthouse sooner than you think. Nancy muttering gibberish all day long is a definite possibility. She’ll have a bib for her drool. I’m serious.

      A note to Barry the Brainless: “It is understanding that allows people like us to tolerate person like yourself.” – Ferris Bueller aka Abe Froman, in Ferris Buellers Day Off


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